POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 19-15-47-982
7pm – – 7:30pm Kitchen – Day asks James why am I a threat!? I haven’t won one damn competition. James says I don’t know. Davonne says she is going to go talk to Paulie. James tells Davonne to stay cool. She heads up to the HOH room. Paulie asks do you want to be a part of something epic?! Frank comes up here and says there’s a bigger snake in the grass. I am thinking they’re trying to pin everything on you. And make me think that Tiffany isn’t the target. Paul says they think I’m in with them. Just before Frank came up here and sucked his (paulie) balls. Paulie says yeah .. the left one and then the right one. Pual says they told me everything. Paulie says proposition .. I go in front of everyone… f**k you, f**k you ..they tried to turn everything against Day. And now they showed all their f**king cards. So vote Tiffany out this week and then next week if its a team thing and I’m safe motherf**ker but after that I get to come after you and Bridgette.

Paulie says there’s an alternative plan. It requires some acting. Who is going to be the one that informs her .. I think Corey should because Corey getting cornered … he doesn’t like it. And they’re feeding Corey .. you know if you pull yourself down Day is the next target. I say you f**king flip out on them. Type sh*t! I come in and f**king back it. Oh wait even better plan I back Day. Being like I’m trying to know what the f**king information is. And then he is like F**K you Day .. you trying to backdoor me and I’m on the outside of your alliance. They think that she (Z) is cool and will flip sides. And she goes and is like I don’t know about Paulie. She can go to them and be like you know what I didn’t want to believe it. But I don’t feel safe with Paulie. He seems like he has a temper. Paulie says I’m not a good actor… I’ll laugh. Honestly when Tiff comes up here to have a conversation with me I will be like Na .. I don’t want you here. Paulie says its up to you .. we can be subtle about it. Day says na turn it up! Paulie says or I could wait until Tiffany comes up here and then I could go down and be like F**K YOU FRANK TIFFANY TOLD ME EVERYTHING!! NOW I’M COMING AFTER YOU!! Paulie says I think they think Corey is weak and that’s why they’re hammering him hard. At the end of the day we stay strong. Whoever gets paranoid in this situation.. Day says if you’re paranoid about .. that makes me wonder if I can trust you. Frank says he was saying there’s a bigger snake in the grass .. and I should have been like no you’re the bigger snake!!!! He is trying to turn us against each other. Corey joins them. DaVonne says that Frank keeps saying its time to make a big move! B***K you make a big move!! Paul tells Corey about their plan to throw a fake show.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 19-24-22-638
7:25pm – 7:40pm Bedroom – Frank, Corey Bridgette and Tiffany. Frank says she wants to play big and she wants to play dirty! Frank says its great that they’re telling him not to use it. They’re scared. Bridgette asks who? Frank says probably Day and Nicole. Paul joins them. Frank asks Paul if he is down with the clown? Paul says yeah I’m down! I’m PISSED! They’ve been playing me and lying to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 19-00-51-088

7:45pm Bathroom – Natalie say that Paul is a little spy. James says he plays both sides of the house. You have to watch out for that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 19-58-28-036
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7:50pm – 8:05pm HOH room – DaVonne, Paulie, Zakiyah and Paul. Paulie says I’m going after Frank! I’m going after Frank! He trying to hurt too many of my peoples. I think they’ll also try and corner Michelle. If they haven’t already. Da asks is she stable enough? Paulie says she’s stable. She likes relishing in it. Da says she is petrified of Frank. Paulie says just be like you know he (Frank) would have to go through an army to win out individual HOH comps. Da says that’s my baby, I’ve had to comfort her many a nights. Paulie says I’m not saying I can beat everyone but I can beat you (Tiff). I’ll says that to Frank too. I get into street fights. I get into fights with multiple attackers on me! I’m fine by myself! DaVonne says Tiff is not witty… That speech.. I helped her with that for an hour in the havenot room .. and she still messed it up. Paul joins them and tells them about the conversation he had with Frank and Tiffany. He was making fun of you. (Paulie) About you saying you were bred for this. Paulie says maybe I said I was bred for this but at least I don’t do that fake a$$ wrestling sh*t that your daddy did!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 20-20-52-117

8:35pm Paulie tells Paul and Corey week put me up next to Frank and I’ll battle him. If he comes down put Bridgette up and she goes home. I’m not scared! I’ll battle him mono e mono.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 20-32-18-496

8:40pm Storage room – Paul and Frank. Paul tells Frank they’re sacred. Is Corey going to use it. I want to say that Paulie trusts me but he doesn’t tell me any big information. Frank asks did he mention anything about me? Paul says no not while I was up there but I don’t think he really trusts me which is why he wouldn’t say anything like that around me. Frank says I don’t think he liked me coming at him like that. I’m a competition beast BRA! Paul says I haven’t seen you win. Frank says I won two roadkills. Frank says going into next week we could do some work!
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Paulie head to the bedrooms to look for James to see if he wanted some pizza. Frank tells him James is a havenot BRO!

9pm HOH room – Paulie and Corey are talking. Paulie sasy I know she doesn’t like Frank but for game purposes she might need him. Corey says lets keep our cool with Frank. Paulie says yeah Paul wants me to blow up on Frank. Corey says Frank likes us. Paulie says right now I don’t want to do that. Right now if he’s in this game he can take out targets we want out like taking out Day. Paul joins them. Corey says so the only people that can’t get HOH next week are Bridgette and Frank. Paulie says once Frank is gone we’ll have a clear path to the finals. Paulie says I’ll keep Z close. You (Corey) keep Nicole close and you (Paul). Paul says I’m trying to keep Michelle close ..trying. Paulie says throw a couple votes to Day and the rest to Tiffany. Corey asks why? Paul says because if all the votes go to Tiff then Frank won’t trust any of us but if I vote for Day then I can tell him I was the other vote.

9:15pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Frank. Frank says I feel good not a 100% but we still have 5 days. We might not even try and talk game tomorrow .. like just let it sink in. The more they push him not to use it the more he will be pushed over to our side. Tiffany comments on how Corey hasn’t been hanging out with Nicole all day. He keeps it up here. (Focused on the game)
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 21-19-39-276
9:35pm Hammock – Nicole, Z and DaVonne are talking. Nicole is talking about how bad she feels . Nicole says you can just tell when someone looks at you different. I can’t help but play with my heart with you guys. Michelle joins them. Nicole says I will try to talk to him. Tiffany is a little turd. Paulie & Corey join them. Michelle says I want to poke some jabs at Tiffany.

9:50pm Nicole asks Corey if they can talk. Nicole says I don’t want you to be mad at me. Corey says I’m not mad at you. Nicole says I was just balling in the diary room. Corey says I’m not mad. Nicole says its not what I meant. (She said it would have been better if Paulie won the veto.) Corey says he heard something else from Frank too. He said on day two that you and him swore on a top two deal. Nicole says nope. It didn’t happen. (She did make a final two deal with Frank.) Nicole tells Corey I have your back. I would never ever vote you out or say anything bad about you. Nicole says I know I hurt your feelings and I’m sorry. I was happy that you won. Nicole says best case scenario Day goes up. Corey says she is going up. Tiff won the roadkill.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-16 21-45-46-878

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this why the safe rule should be dropped now!


plus who ever on the block should able to vote to!imagine what how paul vote would gone last week because tiffany-bronte would voted against each other to


plus i think teams should need reliagnment into 2 team of 6 or 4 teams of 3!

Sunny Dee

i actually thought they were going to do this after the first week, split Nicole’s team up and add one to each team, would mess up the dynamics of the team, and the add ons would feel out of place there. but i guess with the stupid ‘everyone on the team is safe’ twist, that wouldn’t leave enough potential noms. right now, as someone mentioned, the fact all the other teams have less than 4, but the winner team has 4, means a roadkill winner pretty much has to cannibalize their own team in some situations.

funny paulie doesn’t believe frank, even tho frank is absolutely right about Day lol. I really do want to see her on the block, no one else, i want her vote taken away basically. i doubt if she would be voted out because others are still going to view Tiffany’s meltdown as undesireable, versus what they already know about Day’s shenanigans.

frank the tank

or 3 team of 4


no more teams!!!

The Roach Coach

Don’t forget to watch BB on Friday Night!
I’m certain Julie will announce the end of teams on Thurs or most likely Friday, luckily….


buy why not let play out like survivor let newvie pick there teams


Last of teams after Friday no. More roadkill we really can see play goodbye frank Ole buddy sorry but ya played too fast against your own you cannibal lecterns m. F. Er. Time for a dance with destiny tiff out this week I believe it’ll be one comp with glen Jose victor bronte tiff all competing and. I hope last standing is Jose lol omg his so deluded and out there i gotta see one more time. Think an endurance / lucky result may be to make it funny interesting and so outcome can be manipulated, oh please. More manipulation its half of fun watching stress levels. Jockey the mice till there woozy then frank the jerk face slap your granny moron I was just kidding ha ha. Can leave house finally


with 13 people left


I’m so embarrassed that I was team paulie for the first couple of weeks. The sole purpose of continuing to watch bb is too witness his demise!

An ornery mouse

Amen. Paulie’s extraordinary d-baggishness has really come to the forefront….. HOH-itis to the extreme.

I really think teams and RK will be done come this Thursday….. so I’ll be pulling hard for a Frank or Bridgette HOH so that we can then watch Paulie’s crew squirm and scramble to throw each other under the bus.


this why the safe rule should be dropped!frank just ruin every1 game now!


Man mine too. I don’t even care what happens anymore, just waiting patiently for Paulie to get knocked off his high horse.


I’m so with you on that! Paulie wouldn’t even listen to one word that Corey tried to say to him about Day. He just talks and talks and everyone must listen to him and how he has it planned for the rest of the season to go.


Dearest Paulie- Talk less….smile more.
Geniuses lower your voices you stay out of trouble you double your choices.

Quote from Hamilton.


Pauline has turned into a bigger a-hole than Jozea! Who does this guy think he is? He’s making himself a bigger target and the punk a$$ b!tch Paul needs to go! They both look like little punks.


This idiot Paulie calling himself a street fighter. LMAO!

Someone remind him he is a midget.


Now Pauline is talking about Frank’s dad Sycho Syd! The wrestling might be fake but Syd would beat the sh$t out that kid. That’s wrong talking about someone’s family. Nobody says anything to Paulie about how incestual his dad acts with all the kissing they’ve shown him doing with him and his brother. Wearing a wife beater like an idiot!


Wouldn’t it be grand if after the vote out Tiffany, by some miracle she wins the buyback and comes right back in:) paulie would lose his sh*t lmao!! Oh plz say it’s so!!


That would be too good! Lmfao having Tiffany back and Frank still there.
Have Derrick or Cody done any interviews this year? I’d love to hear what they think about Paulie’s game and his talking, talking, talking…….
I don’t think hit men do that.


I agree 100000% I was team Frank/Paulie in the beginning, but then I was team Paulie and wanted Frank out. But now I am team Frank/Tiff and want Day, Paulie, Paul the snake, & Michelle out!! Paul is trying to play “Andy’s game”, playing BOTH sides of the house. I liked Paul until he started doing that. James is playing the same game he played last season and he and Nichole are onto Paul. At this point I would love it if Tiff came back into the house and was given a special power and she could get Paulie or Day out.

Aunt Cunt

If Cory comes off the block smart move would be to put Nicole up as replacement.


I don’t think it will matter this week as everyone seems set on Tiff BUT I would love to see Nicole on the block because no matter what anyone says to her she will freaking, whining and crying all week. Just payback for her mean girl streak she has been having lately.


Much like Andy/Shelly, I admire how much work Paul is putting into his rat/snake game, the guy has emerged from the outskirts of Week 1 into probably the most dangerous player in the house….but much like the other two I grow more excited about it eventually blowing up in his face (if it ever does).


Hahaha I was trying to remember Andy’s name when watching feeds tonight, bc Paul is doing the entire rat thing, like he did! Paul is impressing me, for catching on and playing both sides, as he is! During his season, I really disliked Andy, but I think that he played a great rat game and deserved to win.


Really Paulie you are going after Frank? my God I am just totally shocked what a surprising new strategy…I bet a ton of people watching the feeds just about fell out of their chairs hearing you say you are going after Frank….this dude is pathetic seriously !!!

frank the tank

this why the safe nered be dropped im galad frank the tank exposed game now!

frank the tank

got exposed!

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

You don’t have the feeds do you? He got exposed over a week ago you nit.


ok comment til the nit part. Not everyone has the feeds or Simon and Dawg might not be appreciated so much. BTW, if you do decide to get the feeds be sure to do it through this site!


stream to watch here from canada


I think Paulie and Cory might could poor piss out of a boot, if the directions were on the hill. I could be wrong though.


Paulie definitely has a Napolian complex.


The arrogance and self absorption of those suspenders paired with white shorts. He looks like a failed Village People wannabe.


Paulie and Z deserve each other. She is the rudest, laziest, mean spirited person I think I’ve seen in a long time. Ugly to the core on the inside.


Idk, Yappy puppy Paulie and Gossip Girl Corey. Who’d a thunk it at Day 1 – I know I didn’t.


“It was just the caking on the top.” – Michelle



Wow! Paulie talking crap about Frank’s father is an all time low. The wrestling may be ‘fake’ but the injuries are real. The injury Frank’s dad got would have had Paulie crying like a little b**ch. I hated Frank and now I like him a thousand times more than I like Paulie. It takes a real d-bag to make me root for someone I spent an entire season hating in a span of 4 weeks. Paulie is really something special.


Sid vicious would crush that 130 pound little boy

He's gotta go

I was rooting for Paulie and’s disappointing to see how he’s taken on the “dictator” role. Sad, he’s gotta go!


I’m not sure why you liked him to begin with.


simon, you didn;t mention how paulie acted like a little bitch when frank got loud and told him about what tiff said


I need help accessing the live feeds from Canada. I followed the steps and got an American Express prepaid card and I have hidemyass and I went and signed up and it worked I bought the feeds but when I go onto CBS and click Big Brother live feeds it loads them then says restricted in your region even though hidemyass is turned on to the US. Any ideas what I can do to fix this Simon or Dawg?


That happened to me to, had to close other sites and browser then go back direct to the feeds. I also needed an update to my vpn and I was online without the vpn connected, so perhaps browser was holding my real location when i went to feeds. I’m not really sure, but i’ve been getting in okay since then.


Thank you!! It worked!!


Go to settings and clear your history and cookies. Same thing has happened to me and this works.


Them Canadians are stealing the feeds!


Paulie acting like a big shot is the surest way to give Frank the advantage. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut.


Thanks to the always repeating Jeffish, as I watch Paul lying to Frank in the storage room, I keep remember Frank rubbing Paul’s belly as he cried about how he just didn’t like having to lie to people.


I think the real question is WTF is Paulie wearing? Is that suspenders with boxers? Shorts? What the actual f*#k is that? Was it part of Veto comp? Put a damn shirt on!

Fuzzy Num Nm

I still don’t know what kind of game Vaniffaney has to blow up. But, well, ok Not-Corey you and RatPaul go! You go after Frank, go after him hard!

King Friendship

I bet paulie wouldn’t say to Sid’s (Frank’s dad) face that wrestling is fake. I bet he wouldn’t even say it to Frank.
His brother, Cody, probably would say it to both of them… tomorrow. Then somehow forget to say it.


I like how Paulie thinks wrestling being fake (which is honestly the wrong word) is some kind of a secret. Everyone knows Paulie.


the word is scripted. Wrestling is scripted, the injuries and athleticism are real


Is it too soon for the #PrayForDay hashtag? Lol




if I was Tiffany, I’d put up Nicole since Cory won the POV. Nicole is in a dream world and blinded by a man again, she serves no purpose is this game, she is always changing her mind about who to trust every five minutes.

Day is also riding my last nerve, she never won a damn thing when she was on the last time, ran her Damn mouth way too much, now she is back on the show again, and still cannot win anything. She continues to run her mouth way too much, if she is on the block with Tiffany, I think Day might be sent packing, whiny Nicole & sexually confused Cory both want her out.

I will be so happy when the teams are over, it is so sad that we are this far into the season, and I still do not really have someone that I am rooting for. All of them have been very annoying, and once again, James has aligned himself with another woman in the house who can’t win anything. He is playing a sorry game in my opinion this season, he’s too concerned with being with Natalie, Paulie is just as annoying as his brother Cody the wimp, I thin he is afraid of Frank.

Crazy overload

I am sensing deja vu here.
Tiffany/audrey join big alliance.
Big alliance keeps tiffany/audrey on the dark.
Tiffany/audrey become paranoid.
Big alliance questions why tiffany/audrey are being paranoid.
Tiffany/audrey become target.

Paulie's brilliant strategy

“We’ll trade HoH back and forth every week.”

Brilliant! Why has nobody ever thought of that before?!

Feeds inquiry

Off topic, but does CBS usually discount the feed subscription after a certain time? I’ve never had the feeds, but for the first time in 5 years, I have actually thought about at least using the free trial. Save for the entire team being safe this year, I honestly have not disliked too much of the game. The Roadkill does seem questionable, because its a secret winner , which if tin foil hatters exist, will know production could taint the results. Very real possibility. I just kinda want to see Natalie or James somehow beat the odds and make it to the end. ( Just a personal choice )

Anyway, do they usually do a reduced price after the end of July for example? Surely the price is prorated as time goes by. Money is tight right now.


Same monthly price year round

Michelle eats like a horse

How can the Food Dietician, who claimed to have got upset when she weighed 108 pounds, keep that up, when she is constantly walking around the house with buckets of food in her hand. I remember a storage room episode of her eating blueberries, and she was putting her entire hand in her mouth, eating them as if she hasn’t eaten in a week. From an outside view, and its just an observation, but I wouldn’t be surpised if she has a secret eating disorder. It’s her business, but the fact she claimed to be there to convince the House to her diet, she turns out to be the rare one who gobbles everything up.

Frankie , had them grilling fish every, every, every, every night… now that I think about it in the past.


Wow. Really?!
Your name is offensive to me. What you say about Michelle, is degrading, to her, and just unexceptable.
Eating a handful of blueberries is a natural and logical thing to do.
Michelle seems like a good person and does not deserve this hate and misrepresentation by you.
Do you have a degree in Psychology, to say that you believe that she has an eating disorder?

Just Me

Actually, I completely agree that she may have an eating disorder of a certain degree. The “handful of blueberries” referenced was not just a handful of blueberries- she was sticking her entire hand in her mouth, I was almost convinced she was just going to start chewing on her fingers. And she was inhaling multiple handfuls without much chewing in between. I have struggled with eating disorders since I was a kid and I do think she may have some mild form based on some of the comments she makes, how she eats and how she always looks at her stomach in the mirror.

So odd...

It’s so odd that whoever is in power is the one getting the most hate. Didn’t this group not like Frank last week? And now people are hating on Paulie??

Bryn Mawr Mama

Absolute power corrupts absolutely: it seems that oftentimes when someone becomes HOH, they get visited by the Douche Fairy. This is commonly known as HOH-itis.


It’s that way every year. You should have seen last year when Vanessa went beast mode on everybody. Much gnashing of teeth. Many hatred. So steam coming out of ears.


Now we know why Paulie wants Tiffany out so bad because Derrick told him too. He told Paulie to get rid of Tiffany as soon as possible. The only reason Derrick was good in his season because he was playing with mediocre players.Paulie should play his game and not Derrick’s. He is being Derrick’s puppet just like Cody was. He should of got to know Tiffany first and made his own evaluation on her.


No, I think Paulie has it in his head that he’s one of the hit men.
I think that he thinks that he’s going to do it all better than Cody and Derrick did.
Get out Vanessa (as he constantly talks and talks about Tiffany being her), have girls close, until him and the boys beast all comps and get them out, and have final three Paulie, Corey, and James. To be fair, James has no knowledge of Paulie’s plan.


Paulie are you on your period?


Damn Paulie, if you aren’t the effing champ of life. Getting into solo street fights crushing multiple attackers, wrestling (not wrastling), running long periods of time, being amazing on the soccer field, harnessing your adrenaline, absorbing bullets, climbing tall buildings barehanded with no net, feeding the poor, curing Ebola, rescuing old ladies cats from tall trees, winning HOH comps, looking hot in pixels, defending your BB peeps and doing it all while staying modest and true. You’re the full package.



These people are so tricked up!! They all playing all sides of the House! Loyalty is a joke this season, but when the fireworks happens as a result, it sure makes Good Tv!! Lol

My dream

Dreaming of an endurance comp coming down to James and Paulie and James saying. I got you. Paulie lets James have it and BAM. Welcome to the block Clelli I mean Paulie. One of the best moments last season and wishing for that now.


That won’t happen, cause James was tricked into putting up Clay and Shell I last year. James is horrible at Big Brother for two reasons, he has blind loyalty and is too honest. The first group James got into last year he remained loyal to even when they told him that he and Meg were the targets. From the day he put up Clay and Shell I he talked everyday about how it was a disloyal move and it will make him look bad outside the house. James talked all season about making big moves but never could bring himself to turn on the alliance that told them he was the target. If James was in the room and his whole alliance was talking about getting him out, he would do the same thing he did last year, he would get mad and run and talk shit about them t Natalie and say he was gonna make a big move, then hee would go back to the same group that he just heard say they wanted him out and tell them everything he heard Frank say.


I had to shut the feeds off. I just can’t listen to Paul He is so annoying. He thinks he’s so sly and cleaver HE’S A COMPLETE idiot!!! I’m so annoyed right now Between Paul and Paulie I just can’t …guess I’ll go to bed before I get anymore irritated lol nite


I have to change the channel on BBAD when those two are on.


So does anyone realize these girls could have ran w this but at usual hoes like nicole pick dudes over ladies, how the hell they suppose to beat dudes when the real endurance comps start


After watching the feeds tonight I realized that Tater Salad was right, You can’t fix STUPID!


We really need a fresh poll. Paulie is not #2 at this point.


Damn I don’t think I’ve gone from liking a player to despising a player so quickly!!! I hope these people (especially the girls) wise up and evict Paulie’s ass!!!


I’ve done it before, Amanda BB15.


Can someone briefly tell me what just happened ….. and why Paulie is disliked now


Pauline is a 130 pound coward! Fake stuff that your daddy did lol. Fake mafia wannabe. Nicole, meech and Z are clowns. Nicole is one of the worst humans ever to play big brother. Meech and Z run their mouths as well. What a bunch of clowns! Corey should run away from that dysfunction. Plus Paul is a little mini tough guy as well lol. Bunch of clown wanna be tough guys this season. Wake me up when one of these clowns tell frank anything to his face


I really want to be annoyed with James and Natalie but I can’t be. I find myself truly hoping they actually date outside that house because they’re cute together…this is not what BB is for I realize, but they’re easier to watch at this point than Life Champ up in the HOH.

Also James said he and Meg had a falling out? He finally call her out for stringing him along last season? God she was the worst.

I dislike Corey more than Paulie

Hard choice, but at least I could beat up Paulie.


Nicole is the worst liar lol….chest and neck bright red


Well, I like how the dynamics have changed this Week. I still hate Frank – But I think, I hate Paulie even more now.
Whether Corey uses the Veto or not – Tiffany is going home, I believe. IMO I just think the house sees Tiffany to unstable to let her work with Frank for the rest of the Season. – AND why would they all vote DA out or the replacement over Tiffany when they all know what went down last Week except for Frank and Bridgette. Makes no sense. Threats never work anyways in BB it’s always give me something and I will give you something in return !!!! But with Frank, Tiffany and Paulie all I see is one threat after another – It’s getting pretty boring from those 3.
I wonder if team immunity will go away ( break up ) once the returnee comes back into the house ???? That is probably what will happen.
I am really liking James and Natalie. James can see everything that is happening from afar, and people are coming to him with info on their own time. Plus he is on to Paul. – Natalie trusts him, even on the block, which can be an advantage later on down the line. They are laying low, unlike Corey and Nicole / Zak and Paulie / Bridgette and Frank. I expect the James – Nat 2-some to go far with Da to be the 3rd wheel !!!!

So exactly what is going on?

I just got here and I m a bit confused, last time I thought Tiff and Corey are targets and now Day? wot?


I used to like Paulie but not anymore. The game goes to his head. He brags to much. Sad.

Nicole had the chance to come back to BB but prioritize a guy again like she did on her season. She just broke up with Hayden and here she comes, finding another guy. It will blow up her game again. Plus Corey is not into her at all.

Zakiyah is just a ride along girl for Paulie. I’ve watched the live feeds and she is so much about Paulie and what Paulie wants. I don’t think Paulie likes her as much as she does. She is just another Nicole that have her eyes on the guy.

James and Natalie seem they really like each other. But James should be better off without her in the game.

Da’ still talks a lot. We all knew what she was last season. She us just extra careful now. She is the next target after Frank because they found out that she says a lot of things from different people.

Michelle I don’t see her much because she is always in bed.

Frank and Tiff are teaming up with Bridgette.


Paulie has the little big man syndrome, he needs to be brought back to reality

Corey secretly wants Paulie to himself

Corey lusting for Paulie will do whatever Paulie wants . Paulie lusting for Paulie will believe whatever anyone is telling him about anyone if it involve him being the recipient of the butt joke .

Cary Schroff

He seemed like a fun guy with potential for fun feeds, especially his admission that he’d be ‘willing to flirt if necessary’ but he also might have gotten into heated political discussions, and BB is not the place for that.