Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Yeah thanks you just had to be a celebrity!”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

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11:10am – 11:40amBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony. When the live feeds return we learn that as expected Cody did not use the veto on either Frankie or Victoria.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

  • Cody did not use the veto
  • Frankie & Victoria remain on the block

11:50am Frankie says I thought it was good. Caleb says there for a minute I thought you messed up. Frankie says that’s because I’m a good actor. Frankie hugs Cody and then Victoria hugs him. The house guests are talking about how while they were out in the backyard someone yelled BEAST MODE! Caleb says they’re going to keep us locked down because of that! Derrick says yeah thanks you just had to be a celebrity! Frankie asks if Caleb was mast*rb@ting again? Frankie says a good way to get up your activity tracker up. Caleb says I think me and Derrick are the only ones that haven’t done that. Cody says I haven’t either. Frankie says I’ve never done that in my life. Caleb says I’ve cleaned it but never to the point that it went off. I haven’t done what others have done. Derrick says I just hope it works when we get out of here. Derrick tells Frankie that he was just waiting for the bomb to drop in his speech. That was amazing. Frankie says it was acting.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 11-39-20-773

12:15pm – 12:25pm Frankie and Victoria talk about their eviction speeches. Frankie says he is working on getting it faster so its under 30 seconds. He says I have 8 seconds of shout outs with a 20 second speech and 2 seconds for a buffer. Victoria says I need help with mine. Frankie asks if hers is going to have an surprises like last week? Victoria says no. Frankie tells Derrick that last week he helped her with the first part of her speech but not the second part. They start remembering and reciting Zach’s speech.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 12-18-04-732

12:35pm – 1:10pm Caleb comes out of the diary room and comments to Derrick the he had to make sure they didn’t put his step mom’s name in is letter. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Caleb talks about when he gets out he’s going to go out and buy a $1000 worth of jeans. Derrick heads up to the HOH to listen to Caleb’s music. Caleb joins him and Derrick says Dude, no ones beating you when it comes to America’s Favorite. That’s like the fourth person I’ve heard call Beast Mode over the wall. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back Caleb is talking about Frankie. Do you think I am dumb enough to believe you would choose me over Derrick?! Victoria joins them. Derrick says what it comes down to is we’ll have a talk with him by the end of the week. Caleb says I was honest with him and said I would choose you over him. Him coming up to me and touching my butt I am over it! I want to go home! I am tired of playing this game. I want to get back to my life. Caleb says Frankie said he couldn’t understand why I put him up after all he’s done for me. Caleb says he said Derrick has never even thought about putting me up. Caleb says I told him I respect him as a player and he will know if he is going home this week. Derrick tells Victoria .. I know that we aren’t on the best terms right now but I am telling you .. you have my vote this week. He is going home. Just don’t stir up anything with him. Victoria says thank you. Derrick says everything Frankie does if for theatrics. He probably already has his final 2 speech planned. Frankie joins them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 13-01-13-688

1:30pm – 1:40pm In the fire room – Derrick tells Victoria that they aren’t going to tell Frankie yet but we will. Victoria asks why not now. Derrick says because he will run his mouth. You’ve played an excellent social game so do f**k it up in the last 7 days. Just relax. I might go up there because I don’t like them 2 (Caleb & Frankie) being alone. Don’t f**k it up by going up there and telling him (Caleb) he needs to take you. Derrick heads up to the HOH room.

1:30pm – 1:55pm Up in the HOH room – Frankie tells Caleb and Cody I talked today and they are 100% on board with me staying.. for now. I still want to sit down and have the 4 talk about it. I don’t want to be surprised on Wednesday. Frankie says I would respect the I’m a big competitor so get me out but not while Victoria’s still here. We made a pact and all promised to get to the final 4. Caleb says if I was asked to do this again I don’t think I would .. this is hard. Derrick joins them and they chat about random things.

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Cackling Hyena

Goodbye, Pinky!

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria"s Areolas

Pink turd is a better fit!


Now let’s see if CBS allows the audience to boo Frankie. It should be epic if they let loose on him!!!


Tuesday is not a live show, so most likely it will be CBS staff. The feeds will likely go down until after the Wednesday live eviction. We will be robbed of hearing the boos when he leaves as well as the conversations the final four will have about him. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it shouldn’t surprise us if it does.

The Feeds

We’re planning to be off from Monday afternoon and back on after Tuesday’s show. Although some of us think we might be off Tuesday morning and back on after Tuesday’s show. But we’re pretty sure we’ll be back after the taped eviction airs on Tuesday.


In a way, I am glad that there will be no audience when he is evicted. It’ll be that much worse for him. He is an attention whore after all.


Don’t worry they could always boo him when he gets introduced as a jury member during the live finale episode.


Even on the taped eviction shows, they still have a live audience. They do this every year. So there will be the potential for huge amounts of boos!!


I thought it was not live so no Booing for pinky


Depends on what you call live. Won’t be live for TV viewers as they are taping it on Monday to show on the Tuesday night episode but it is going to have a live audience from what I have heard. Wouldn’t be surprised if the audience hand picked with Frankie the one planned to go out.


CBS will fill the audience with staffers who will have strict instructions to applaud only.


They just interpret the boos anyway that makes them carry on with their personal delusions: frankie will just say they are booing the 2 guys who voted him out before they had the agreed upon F4 locked up. or they are booing because their favourite TA guy is being voted out. Or because D and C are continuing to play Big Baby lol

We’ll see, i suppose the sister will try to be in the audience


Simon and Dawg or anyone that knows,
How do I watch BB Canada online for free?
Thank you! 🙂


BB CAN fees have always been free when it was on Slice. They are going to be showing it on Global next season (usually February start date), so I am not sure if the feeds will continue to be free with it going to regular network programming.

Love BB Canada

Go to BB Canada web site and watch it for free. Unlike in the States where you have to pay for it, Canada could always watch it for free.

Derrick's an A$$

I actually dislike Derrick more than I dislike Frankie. Derrick knows that innocent Victoria is in love with him and he uses her emotions to “not let anyone take food out of his kid’s mouth”. Derrick is also a little too much in love with himself. He keeps bragging how he is so good at manipulating the other HGs but he has to see that they are serious idiots. I don’t want to sound mean but it is a fact. Frankie on the other hand just doesn’t have a clue. Frankie does not even realize that people have feelings. Derrick knows all too well and abuses their emotions to his advantage. I really wanted to see Derrick go this week. I am for Caleb or Victoria to win. I hope Victoria doesn’t require therapy after the number Derrick did on her.


I don’t know that I see it that way at all. I actually think Derrick has been very careful drawing the line with Victoria, just not to the point of jeopardizing team Derrick. She’s like a school girl with a crush, but he makes it pretty clear that he looks at her like a little sister even though she might see him as something more. And yes maybe he does use those emotions to his advantage, but that’s kind of the name of the game. But even though he might be playing on those emotions, 1.he shows her more respect than any of the other HG’s show each other and 2. the fact of the matter is he really is the only reason she is still in the game at this point. But because he’s a man and she’s a young girl you see him as the bad guy.

To the Backyard shouter

Now you’ve dunnit!!Why the hell are you enabling Caleb’s monstrosity of an ego and calling out Beastmode , I can just imagine how he will now come back with another hero dream tomorrow, instead of a little boy wanting his autograph, he will be saving a granny and a pregnant lady from a blazing fire whilst they cry “Beastmode , you saved us!!” with tears of joy streaming down. Seriously though, the guy is seriously sick, this is getting to his head , stop it, Derrick said he heard you 4 times allready ( it’s the same guy for sure).


I can decide who I want to win the money because all these houseguest are disgusting

Straight Guy

Drop a big bucket of excrement on the HG and give the 500K to ALS charity. That would be the ultimate bucket challenge.


I’m sure you’ve said the same thing every season.


Bye Frankie, cry at the jury house.

SeeYaNever Frankie

I bet they were complimenting his “acting” just to feed his ego and keep the peace.
I’ll bet it sucked. Now I am starting to feel sorry for the jury. Would love to see his reception in the jury house.

Straight Guy

Will it be acting when Frankie walks out the door with his jaw dragging on the ground?


It’s like Christmas inside of my birthday wrapped in the 4th of July! Bye, Frankie!!!

Straight Guy

Look’s like Caleb’s had lots of action in the shower, but no happy endings.


It’s crazy how bad game moves and a bad personality can change your game completely. If Frankie would have stuck with Zankie he could have become one of the most popular players in BB history. Frankie could have been a newer version of Chilltown but instead choose to betray his only friend and a general bad person. Frankie you and ur pathetic ego really screwed ur whole game over.

How long till BB17 ???

Must see TV Tuesday Night

Frankie leaving the house to a cascade of BOO’s

Based on the last two seasons, What do You think HAS to happen to get BB back on track ?


Easy, take a look at BB Australia & UK & steal some of their ideas. Also hire a new producer who realizes that we don’t need immature weasels.
BB AU is really good this year & I honestly like every contestant. Big difference from how I perceived this group.
Oh, & update (or replace) the house.


Is there a site link to see BB Australia? That sounds like that would be a great one to watch. Plus I would love to listen to their accents 🙂

Eure ka!

You don’t fix something that is not broke. Big Brother still consistently dominates the ratings in it’s time slot, so there is no incentive to make changes. When there is incentive, it most likely will be too late.

Kathie from Canada

Keep in mind it is a summer replacement show so there isn’t much in the way of competition. It is also not a particularly expensive thing to put on either. Like the gift that keeps on giving for CBS.


Put Gary Busey in the house. That will liven things up


Cody has actually spoken on the live feeds about masturbating in the house (he said he finally gave in and did it under the covers). And Frankie claims he’s never masturbated in his life? Who are we kidding? I’m not sure I believe the others either (name me a 20 something guy who can go 3 months without ejaculating–and trust that a wet dream is worse than an ejaculation you can control and plan for–if one of them had had a wet dream, we would have seen very specific activity the next morning, rushing to wash their clothes, etc.). So all this posturing about how much they haven’t masturbated (Frankie of course needing to top them by claiming he’s never masturbated in his life–is that supposed to make him a player who gets so much he doesn’t need to? And Caleb claiming he’s stroked it…just never to the point where it went off? Huh? I’m a guy and it’s pretty hard to stop the train once it’s going.) What a tasteless, posturing conversation…


hell when I was that age it was hard to work 8 hours much less 3 months


A lot of them didn’t have to – Victoria was willing to give a ‘hand’ most times. She got Hayden off, Frankie talked about her grinding into him, Zach too; Cody was humped early on in the feeds. Even the girls talked about how she got way too close when cuddling.

frankie sucks

I hope the crowd boos him when he’s evicted


I hope they boo him as well. He NEEDS to go to the Jury House knowing that America did not like him or his antics. He needs to face reality for once in his life. Ariana couldn’t and didn’t help you Boo.

Kathie from Canada

I just hope he doesn’t start running him mouth about being a lock for AFP because of his sister and her teeny bopper troop! He’d have the others bleeding from their ears if he started!

Kathie from Canada

In the jury house I mean. Forgot that minor detail. My bad.


You guys know you will miss him when he is gone. You won’t be able to complain as much.

Straight Guy

Don’t worry Mr Dumbfounded, there’ll be plenty fodder left in the BB house to complain about.

Eure ka!

Get ready to groan…
So you’re going to complain about Derrick? He’s the only “fodder” left in the house.


Nope. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Go cry to Joan G.


Are you new? Of course we will be able to complain!


No, we’re planning on showing the jury house a lot more!


Of course we will, we have Victoria left!


Even the way pinky acts when i should be happy and know hes going annoys the crap out of me


Why are we encouraging beast mode? Please stop, he’s already crazy enough right now :/


Do the houseguests know Tuesday is eviction?


I have not heard anything leading me to believe that they told them that there would be 2 evictions and that one of them would be early


Although I knew it was not likely, it would have been gold for those on the live feeds if Cody had used the POV on Victoria and Caleb had nominated Derrick. It would have been a pure entertainment.

Should BB not pull some kind of lame shenigan that saves Frankie, it seems he will actually leave. However, should he not depart to a booing audience, his bubble will quickly burst. Even if he were to say publicly he does not care what people have said about him, being the self-proclaimed social media mogul that he is (and his narcissism) will compel him to read each…and…every….word.

Wait, what? Confused

I thought the eviction was early this round. If it is, when is that going to take place? If it is not early, sorry, my bad.

Live or memorex?

Even if it’s live they can still edit out boos I bet, like there is a contract to protect Ariana at all costs, hmm, coincidence she is peaking now? Her voice is okay, but hardly superstar, she’ll be yesterday’s news soon doing “where are they now?” shows, being reminded in our minds that she is Frankie’s little sister. His villainess in big brother fame will go on longer than her “career”

Skeery Sheery

Fakie…he expected to utilize BB as a platform to launch himself as a celebrity. He failed. Instead he’s in the midst of receiving a slice of attention through sheer dislike/hate. At this time next year his sister’s CD’s will be in the 50 cent bin at Wal-mart and he will have been forgotten.


Touche Skerry Sheery 😀


He’ll still have his 12 yr old youtube fanatics LOL. If you comment on one of his videos saying anything negative they attack like sharks to chum. It’s fun to watch them circle. Who knew tweeners could be so vicious LOLOL. I would imagine on eviction day there will be a ton of tweeners sobbing and complaining about how unfair it is that he will no longer be in the house LMAO.


If those 12 year olds have parents who: 1. Care about what their children watch on You Tube, and 2. Have caught ANY of this season of BB….he won’t have that demographic for long.

echo 1

It will be a site to see Frankie walking into the Jury House. How he’ll be received will be the event of the season. With Christine hiding in her room. No one has seen her since she got there LOL When Frankie comes in and gets a non reception or acknowledgement. Will look to find his dark corner of the house and wait out the next 12 days combing his pink crest. Every now and then coming out and asking the house guests do you know who I am !!! LOL

Tuesday Wednesday

Frankie has nothing to worry about getting surprised on Wednesday. Tuesday? Well, that’s another matter.

new to BB 14

Is Calib going to win Americas Favorite?
Derrick seems to think so!!
The people over the wall yelling beast mode seem to think so!!


No he isn’t, that derrick way of softening the blow when caleb goes out next week, that is why derrick will win unless cody takes vichoria


Derrick’s entire game concerning Caleb has been to stroke his ego to get the results he wants. It’s worked perfectly so far. Caleb’s reaction are 100% predictable.

Teri B has another Queston....

If the eviction show is being taped on Monday (tomorrow), do we know when the feeds will see the “aftermath” and have it reported here?

Thanks to anyone!


Teri, my guess is that we’ll be seeing Jeff or fish until after the live show on Wednesday. :((


I’m sorry, I tried really hard to put my feelings for Frankie aside. I really did. I went to the YouTube and watched some of his sisters videos. After about 5 minutes of listening to your average cookie cutter pop “music” I was left with 2 observations.
1. She can’t dance.
2. Her voice grates on me just as bad as her brothers.


Can anybody really sing anymore? These days they use digitizers, echo chambers etc. They could make me sound like Pavarotti. In my opinion this is the worst era ever in the history of music, its unintelligible, can’t tell one group from another ….its almost all Hip Hop and Rap. Music started dying in the 80s.

Joe blow

Can anybody really sing anymore? These days they use digitizers, echo chambers etc. They could make me sound like Pavarotti. In my opinion this is the worst era ever in the history of music, its unintelligible, can’t tell one group from another ….its almost all Hip Hop and Rap. Music started dying in the 80s.


They should have given Derrick the money when he walked in the door ..why have the season at all so boring and predictable ..no big moves played at all…


I just finished watching last night’s BBAD and saw Vapid Vic stroking Cody’s foot while he napped. What’s up with that? I thought she hated him! For a “supposed” virgin she sure knows what to do to turn a man on. Where did she learn all those “tricks”? From watching the Karma Sutra? Pretentious beatch! Virgin my foot!


It was funny when Cody turned to put his head in her lap so she could massage his hair. She put his hood over her hoo hoo but that wasn’t enough for him. He scrambled for a pillow much the same way Caleb did when Frankie put his head in Caleb’s lap..


Hmmm…It’s her version of playing an awesome social game and being a beast in Big Brother (her delusions).


I know this is only a tv show but knowing Frankie is leaving is making me so happy. 🙂 I hope he throughs a fit.

can't wait...

Hate that the feeds will be cut until after Tuesday nights show since the first eviction this week will be a surprise to all of them. If they wait to tell Frankie the eviction may slip right up on them…I just regret that we will miss most of his vitreous and vile actions when this all goes down. I know CBS will show some of it Tuesday night, but not all of what happens…unless that is what the Friday night special is. I know when he realizes that he will not be in the final 4…well, it is going to be fricking awesome!
Did anyone hear the remark he said last night about all of the shaving cream all over the sheets…he said that it reminded him of all the semen on his sheets after an orgy. Really gross!

Whipped Mode Cowpie

I love how Caleb is such a good little lap dog for the pig nosed pig and John Travolt-duh. What a p*ssy.


Finally!!!!! Someone finally said they don’t like it when Frankie touches them. Caleb said ” Him coming up to me and touching my butt, I’m over it. I want to go home”. Someone needs to turn to Frankie and say the next time you grab my ass will be the last time. And then do the Victoria stare at him and if he does it again to anyone, break his face. I’m not for violence but this has happened over and over and he needs to be stopped. Blatant sexual misconduct.


Simon\ Dawg, will they ever do a reunion show like BB Canada, they could put it on Showtime, so the HGs could really air their true feelings