Derrick “It boils my blood! Distrust and disloyalty! We should just blind side him & send him out in his shorts.”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 14-05-37-750

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2pm – 2:20pm Caleb and Derrick are out in the backyard setting up a pool game but realize its too hot. Derrick says you know he (Frankie) is just trying to give you reasons to keep him over me and Cody. Caleb says I know it ain’t happening. Derrick says watch he’s going to come out here in a minute. Derrick says I know he’s going to say I can’t beat you in the end. And I’ll be like then I’ll get 50K. Frankie joins them. Derrick and Caleb head inside. Derrick says it boils my blood! Caleb says it does me too. Distrust and disloyalty! We should just blind side him and send him out in his shorts. Cody already wants to blind side him any ways. Let him sit there in his shorts and a t-shirt with Julie. Caleb says he said to me that me putting my on the block was not trust and loyalty. Derrick says he said that to you .. a US soldier! You must have wanted to crack him in the face. Caleb says and I said to him it wasn’t when he put me on the block either. I just want you, me and Cody in the finale. I can bank on getting America’s Player. Derrick says he is going to look like a clown on TV for bashing me .. talking about me being a good friend and father. I haven’t been on the block because I don’t play the game he plays. He is going to say everything he can about me and Cody. He is setting himself up for final 2 or 3 but he ain’t going to be there. He has nothing bad to say about me that’s why he’s saying good stuff. If I get smoked in the end by you I would be okay with it. Caleb says my biggest fear is him going to jury and getting America’s Fave. Derrick says I promise you we are sending him home. We made a deal keep us off the block and we’ll win veto and send him home. We’re not breaking that. Caleb says Frankie want’s to sit down with the four of us. Derrick says if he’s throwing Cody under the bus we won’t tell him. If you don’t give respect you don’t get respect. Caleb says I would rather not send him out like that. Derrick says we’ll talk to Cody but if he’s talking sh*t about us I don’t want to give him the opportunity to throw you or me under the bus to each other.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 14-07-41-003

2:40pm – 2:50pm Caleb and Victoria are talking about how the final week will play out. After their talk Victoria goes and tells Derrick that he thinks he has Caleb’s vote in the end because he was just saying how you have never talked bad about him. Caleb joins them and the conversation ends. Caleb tells Derrick we just need to win HOH because I don’t know what Cody would do. Derrick says careful he’s in the next room. Derrick says we just have to get to Wednesday. Frankie scares the sh*t out of me .. he isn’t going to be respectful. But I don’t care he doesn’t have my vote and I know I don’t have his vote. Caleb says we just need to win the HOH & veto next week to decide.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 14-46-38-469

BB16 2014-09-14 14-57-30-295

2:55pm FIREROOM Caleb, Derrick, Victoria and Frankie
HAving a mind numbing conversation about french dressing and japanese dressing.

BB16 2014-09-14 15-06-39-936

3:01pm Photobooth time
Beast-mode says he can’t wait to get “Sleeved up”
Frankie says he’s posted 1 thousand images and got 5 million likes on instagram. Caleb has posted 2K images.
Cody and Derrick checking out the girls on the #BBSelfie photos (See image) . Cody likes the brunette Beast Mode likes the blonde, ‘She’s a country Girl;”
(Simon here.. I’m convinced the first attractive girl that grabs onto Beast mode when he gets out of the house will have a engagement ring by the end of the week.)

BB16 2014-09-14 15-06-30-931

BB16 2014-09-14 15-39-50-360

3:40pm Kitchen Derrick and Cody teasing each other. Derick doesn’t drink Coffee says it’s bad for you. “You become dependent, It’s a drug”
Cody – “Who told you that..
Derrick – A book .. it’s a scientific fact
Cody – A book told you that.

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Bye Frankie!

Yes please, blindside his a$$!! He deserve it! Frankie getting blindsided and booed and Donny getting AFP will be a dream come true!!


Can Frankie AFP if his sisters little fan base votes for him? Or is it done by America’s vote or the jury?… I think if its American,Donny has it in the bag!!!!


The way Franky thinks I would not be surprise if he believes he wining everything. Plus I waiting to see Franky face when he gets evicted.


Frankie is an actor, he will come out like it was part of his plan to give the win to one of the peasants left in the house; like with the rewind, it was the worst thing for his game, yet he pulled the HOH key off, threw it on the table and said “Take it,” like he was so happy to have his week of game play ruined. Really Frankie we did not fall for it. I just really hope his “Boo’s” are much LOUDER than Christine’s.


Well, I’m still not convinced that America’s Vote counts towards anything other than what the Have Nots get to eat, but yea, Donny being as popular as he is will get AFP.


I have been waiting since week two for this pink haired pos to get his due. Can’t find one admirable trait about him. Any grown man that behaves like a 5 year old girl in a princess dress with a sexual fetish should never be cast into public view.


If AFP stands for America’s Favorite Player, I would vote for Derrick because he manipulated everyone in the house. If AFP stands for America’s Favorite Person, I would vote for Donny. He brought a warmth and kindness to this season.

Cough, Derrick!

Derrick is winning BB, so I’m voting for Donny for AFP. My Favorite Player. Entertaining, Interesting, Full of surprises, Played hard and has a Heart of Gold.


Will it be a live audience on Tuesday? If not then we will not have the pleasure of hearing the audience booing Frankie


Do I think the audience going to boo Franky….hopefully so. When the show first came I used to say “Franky and Derrick to the final two “. Right now the way Franky been acting myself want Derrick to win with Cody or Victoria in second place. Then Donny wins American Favorite Player.


I wonder if CBS will play a tape of cheers when he comes out so it will not seem like the audience is completely against him, he is their protected darling after all, he has had the best edits. If you don’t watch live feeds or BB After Dark, you won’t see how arrogant he is.


Will there be a live audience? I only wonder because if they go to the trouble to block the feeds so there isn’t a leak, what would stop an audience member from leaking the results before it airs tomorrow?

The audience

From what I can tell, the audience and eviction will be taped. The audience will be either CBS staff and such or a controlled one. Even if they boo it’ll never make the show and be edited out. It’s all about image now.


I can’t understand all the hate for Frankie. He’s played a very strategic game and has won a ton of comps. He’s played the game the most of anybody. It’s a shame that this Reset was a ploy to make his HOH non existent. It’s a shame that CBS would let one of the best players get voted out, because of this twist, which is stupid.


I totally agree. I can understand why some people might find his personality annoying, but the attacks on his character are ridiculous. It’s mainly just a vocal few on this site though. He gets a lot of love and support on Twitter.

This Might Be Why

Amongst other lesser comments and actions, this was the most egregious.

Be truthful

Frankie never used the word “rape” and what he did say is, by definition, a consensual act. (Also, to those who are attributing the “blood” remark to Frankie, tell the truth….it was Caleb who said that, and is everyone forgetting that Derrick laughed along with them? Frankie’s not my favorite person, but if you’re going to slam someone, at least be truthful and also don’t blame a person for someone else s remarks.


Excuse me have you been watching the same big brother. If someone said the vile things he said about
Victoria about one of my daughters or sister or mother he would never ever get my vote. Rape is rape
it is not a joking matter….should never be condoned………


But why are you only singling out Frankie? Everyone who watched the feeds knows that Derrick was almost as bad. He even simulated having the zingbot having forced sex with Victoria. AND he’s a cop too! You Frankie haters are so blind by your hate that you only pick out the things that reinforce your won biases.
Yeah, Frankie can be a real as& but so can Derrick. I think that Derricks treatment of women has been horrendous. He does things to the women on the cast and talks about the women on the cast in a way that goes way beyond any strategic game move. Someone else said that BB brings out the real type of character that people are and I agree based on what we have seen from both Frankie and from Derrick. You lose all credibility when you gloss over and excuse Derricks behavior and only criticize Frankie. Sure, Frankie is a flamboyant and bigger target but the irony is that all you are being blinded and manipulated by Derrick, just like the houseguests. by so focusing on Frankies OBVIOUS bad behavior and missing and diminishing Derricks equally bad although less OBVIOUS behavior.
Put your critical thinking hats on boys and girls and stop acting like the houseguests who only see what is obvious.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


Frankie has played a good game, but not good enough. He is (and has been) the biggest threat in that house for awhile. This is there 2nd best chance to get him out. They won’t get a 3rd.

Sorry, BB is not a comp based game. There is little safety in winning comps (unlike Survivor). You get chances to save yourself, but a bit of bad luck and…

The best way to keep yourself safe is to get into a powerful alliance, win when you need to and talk a good social game. Frankie (and to a lesser degree BMC) over played his hand. He just HAD to win both HOH and POV last week.He wanted the power to do just what he is trying to do now. “I saved you, now you HAVE to save me!”

The “buh-in” twist was similar to other twists in past seasons (see coup de etat) but instead of America voting to give the power to some one, they let the players decide. Pushing the “buh-in” did not guarantee that Frankie would go. He could have won HOH and/or POV again assuring his safety.

Bobbie Franklin

If you notice it’s people who don’t like gay men, they always bring up his sexuality always when talking shit about him. I don’t count them they are just haters and don’t want another gay man to win. I’m not saying that I’d blame them for back dooring Frankie it’s a game and strategically they need to get rid of him in order to have a better chance to win. I also noticed people were saying that Big Brother is fixing the game so Frankie wins and yet this was after they had hit that Gold Button and the game was rewinded thereby taking Frankie off as HOH and when they played over again I wonder who won? Oh yeah it wasn’t Frankie and yet the game is fixed for him. People LOVE conspiracy it seems there are many people with mental issues that love to cling to that bullshit. Oh well they have to live with themselves.


Pleeeaaaasssseee…playing the gay card is not going to change the fact that Frankie has made the most vile and disgusting comments in the house…gang raping Victoria, calling Nicole a dirty we condom, making vile fun of Jocasta looks after she comforted him and spoke kind words about his grandfather’s passing to the house…People dislike Frankie for crap like that. So take your gay card and shove it up your a$$…no one cares about that.

Stop making excuses

I watch the feeds all the time. Lots of their behavior is bad. Frankies is more obviously bad and in some way, is more overt.
Anyone on these boards that does not think that there are a good 25-30% of posters (maybe more) who are anti-gay and are openly bigoted on their comments here, does not read these posts and does not look at the number of thumbs up to clearly bigoted, anti -gay posts with inflammatory anti-gay language.
So, don’t try to shop that crap around here that there is not anti-gay bigotry on here. There is. There was a post a while ago where the poster stated he didn’t care if he was being politically correct and then went on a four paragraph diatribe about gay people and that post got over 100 thumbs up. The post had NOTHING to do with game and was all about anti-gay hate.
That being said, I do not care for Frankie, I think he has played an ok game and his behavior has been beyond what I consider approrpriate on many levels. BUT, there is a built in anti-gay bias on here, as well as in society in general, so it should come as no surprise that some posters on this site are posting because they hate gays in addition to hating Frankie. That is not to say that all posters who hate Frankie hate gays, but like I said above, a good 25-30% of the posters on here are anti-gay based on the content of certain postings and the number of thumbs up those solely anti-gay (NOT anti-Frankie) postings get.


Respectfully Bobby, you obviously haven’t been watching After Dark or the feeds. CBS HAS to edit 90% of what Frankie says because it’s too vile for prime time. It has nothing to do with being gay. As a matter of fact, it’s he, himself that is using his sexual preference as an excuse for his disgusting “humor”. You certainly have a right to your opinion, but the sheer tone of your post makes me conclude that you haven’t witnessed enough of his true nature. And just to be clear, for the first couple of weeks I was impressed by him. He’s ruined any respect I used to have. He does have a certain amount of talent, but I think he’s tossed all that out the window.

Bobbie Franklin

If you notice it’s people who don’t like gay men, they always bring up his sexuality always when talking shit about him. I don’t count them they are just haters and don’t want another gay man to win. I’m not saying that I don’t blame them for back dooring Frankie it’s a game and strategically they need to get rid of him in order to have a better chance to win. I also noticed people were saying that Big Brother is fixing the game so Frankie wins and yet this was after they had hit that Gold Button and the game was rewinded thereby taking Frankie off as HOH and when they played over again I wonder who won? Oh yeah it wasn’t Frankie and yet the game is fixed for him. People LOVE conspiracy it seems there are many people with mental issues that love to cling to that bullshit. Oh well they have to live with themselves.

Capt Obvious

Bobbie Franklin:
Are you done or are you gonna post that a couple more times???


I agree, Frankie is annoying, but really people, Victoria staying while a player who has won this many competitions walks. I think Derrick has played a very wise game, but his manipulation of Victoria and carrying her really bothers me. If he takes her to the final two, then I hope she beats his devious ass.


finally a serious comment about the game. In addition, from the beginning he has played this game hard!I think that’s why people are so upset. He is definitely earn that spot.

How long till BB17 ???

Frankie Follow the exit sign ————–> JuryHouse that hates You as much as America

As for the rest of these idiots It’s like choosing if You would rather swallow cyanide or sulfuric acid. There is just no way to get behind ANY of these flaky BB wannabees

Dirt Road

It’s easy to get behind Frankie, but he never calls you the next day.

Kathie from Canada

Hoping Donny has a few good lines for Frankie like he did for Christine! He has a super sense of humour and is free to express it in the jury house!


How’s this for a scenario this week…
Frankie gets evicted.
Cody wins HOH and nominates Caleb and Victoria.
Caleb wins the POV and Derrick is the only remaining replacement nominee.
Caleb votes to evict Derrick. (Unfortunately, I can’t see him doing that).

Basically, I can’t come up with a scenario where Derrick doesn’t make it to final thee.


Maybe he wouldn’t make it to the final 3 if Victotia won HOH, put of Caleb & Cody then Caleb won veto and Derrick went up leaving Caleb with the final vote…would he choose Cody or Derrick? That’s the closest I can think of Derrick possibly being in danger otherwise your right he will DEFINATELY be in th final 3!


I like any scenario where Derrick gets voted out before final 2. That would actually save this season from predictablitliy and moreover, would make the jury vote interesting as all hell.

Derrick is good BUT I hate him anyways

That is all.

Oh yeah I forgot…. FIRST!


You’re not first you froot loop Dingus!

Bob Superfan

Ugh, all the houseguests just suck.

not sure

why people don’t give derrick full credit. sure, its a sad group, but that is not his fault. he has played the game perfectly, and now has control over victoria and caleb, stealing him from frankie. its an impressive display. the way he told victoria it would take skill to help him. he just…he is very good in comparison to what we have seen in terms of a true solo player. cody has not been some savior who kept him safe. its like they aren’t even a pair.


ANY one of us can fool that house of idiots into doing whatever we want.. I’ll give him is due, in a house if idiots who can’t think for themselves Derrick is a Jedi Master. If he can do that with the greats, then he’ll be thought of as such..

Truth Hurts

Sorry ILL WILL, no not anyone of us could fool the cast like Derrick has. Frankie for example (though I despise him) had potential from the beginning and was fully capable of figuring out what Derrick has been up to. Frankie was able to get himself out of a sticky situation by the mere mention of his sister’s name. Though no one would like to admit it, he did manage to get back in the good graces of many by that one move. The people in the house this year are not stupid, Derrick has just found a way to connect to every one of them and prey on their weaknesses in order to get closer/manipulate them into doing what he would like. Also, i dont care if derrick was put in the house with a bunch of children, it’s crazy how he has never been put up once! That in my mind, is one of the greatest accomplishments even before breaking a competition record. In order for not be put up on the block, you need every single person in your back pocket and that is hard to do. I hope he wins, bye.


All the HGs had to do was compare notes ONCE and Derrick’s game would’ve been exposed. Sorry, I’m not impressed or fooled by Derrick’s game, as others are, his game is pretty transparent… Like I said before, when he can do this with players who can actually “think for themselves” then I’ll be impressed. All season long every one of the HGs could not make a move without help/input from others, ever took the time to notice, exactly why voting was always unanimous? None of these people had a backbone and to stir the pot, last time I checked, that’s called “stupidity”.


Derrick FTW! He’s played an excellent, subtle game. If Frankie leaves Tuesday, which it sure seems like he will, I expect Derrick to be a sure winner. Would he be the first BBwinner to win without ever being put up on the block?


No, much everything about Derrick’s game, Dan did it first, and Dan did it better.


EXACTLY, and Dan did it with players who can think for themselves and play their own game….


Jillian in BB Canada 1 was never put on the block, and she won.


He’s a cop, what do you expect? Not impressed with Derrick.


Yah, I bet you he uses that illegal choke hold on all the minorities.




Dink Donk a dumbo.


Yeah he’s a cop puts life online at work and helps put drug dealers in jail. Yeah that Derrick is a real loser. Lol. Get a life dude. Don’t hate him because he a cop. True there are bad cops just like there bad people in every other job. But there also a lot of good honest ones.

Audience Booing

does CBS really fill the seats with employee or staff to avoid booing?? i cant wait to hear audience booing franky and then cody (hopefully)

Straight Guy

CBS can fill the audience seats with their employees all they want, they will join in the booing chorus when it comes to the pink haird, blue shortd skank.

Kathie from Canada

I would think that at this point CBS would be pretty comfortable with putting a bit of distance between them and Frankie. I’m sure they have had many complains about his language, his dry humping and overt sexuality, not to mention the fiasco regarding Veronica. They likely didn’t expect him to be the person that he presented throughout the game!

Bobbie Franklin

Frankie will NOT be getting booed and neither will the rest of the players. Christine got booed because of the way she is all over Cody, Married women should NOT be peeking at a guy in a game show while he’s in the shower but she did it was caught on the live feeds and its all on YOUTUBE. She’s not only ugly but a bitch and a skank.


that played right into derricks hand he doesn’t want Frankie having 5 minutes to tell caleb about whats really going on I hate Frankie but I see caleb telling Frankie and Frankie telling caleb everything that he was actual excluded 6 weeks ago they were using him because he was loyality then Frankie say caleb your an idiot and your next but don’t know it and im sure he will make some stuff up to could be exciting if caleb wins veto would be gut wrenching for derrick to get that close and caleb be the only vote and take him out

Ever heard of...

punctuation? Hard to read, man!


2 more days til Frankie get the “boos” he so richly deserves…

Bobbie Franklin

He won’t be getting booed lol.


Well either Derrick is just a brilliant mastermind to never get nominated once, or he is just smarter than almost all of these people (Excluding Donny who figured him out) I’m gonna go with B. Don’t get me wrong I think he played a great game this season, how he so easily manipulated basically everyone; he was literally HoH every week…. But he is no Dan or Dr. Will

As for Caleb, he got somewhat better after Amber left, less stalkerish… But really America’s Player? You are no Zach or Donny.

I really don’t have much to say about Derrick’s minions all season… Except Cody congrats on basically giving Derrick the 500k and Victoria congrats on doing nothing all summer

And lastly Ariana Grande’s brother… One of my least favorite houseguests in all the 16 seasons that I have watched; Have fun in jury, and see ya never!! Literally if I saw you, I would run the other way.


Your least favorite always knows derrick’s a cop. He isn’t that undercover. Plus, he sucks at comps and wouldn’t be anywhere without everyone else. I hope he loses. I know he’s way too excited to tell everyone that he’s a pig. Big whoop Rose.


SUCH A DUMBASS??? “He is no Dr. Will or Dan.” Dr, Will, and Dan were not that great either. DAMN!!! And Derrick definitely isn’t. You are probably one of those dumbasses who were impressed with Dan’s Funeral weren’t you?? PLEASE!!! The HG Stupidity deserves credit. Please learn the difference between really good gameplay, and other peoples’ stupidity. And then say somebody was great. DAMN!!


Someone missed their meds today.

Your argument (rant) is invalid due to a lack of substance. If Dan and Dr. Will weren’t great players, perhaps you’d care to enlighten us with a shortlist of players you thought were great, so that your opinions can also be open to criticism.



Well said. He probably likes Jun. Or thinks all the second place winners should have won.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. EW, I guess you told me didn’t you?? I don’t see your list to be open for criticism either. You ask me to enlighten you, so my opinions are open to criticisms. Well, I explained this many times. When the success of the person, Derrick in this case, depends on the stupidity of the other houseguests, then it is not the so called great players that are great, but the stupidity of the other houseguests. If the houseguests did what the average person of average intelligence would do, then I would not call them stupid, and I would give the so called great players more credit. Frankie getting rid of Zack, Caleb putting up Frankie, no one exposing Derrick are the not actions of what the average person would do. Dan played better in BB10, then BB14, but he gets much more credit for BB14. WHY?? Because of Dan’s Funeral. Didn’t the success of Dan’s funeral depend on the stupidity of Frank?? If you go from having your mind set from evicting to saving, then you are a fool. Dan asked Frank to work with him, right after the funeral. Wouldn’t that be a sign? Hey, I thought you just said goodbye. You just had your funeral. Pure Stupidity. The better players are the ones whose gameplay does not depend on the stupidity of the other players. Evil Dick, Ian, and Janelle, who never won fall under this category. They used common sense, they were smart, not so easily manipulated, won comps, and their gameplay did not depend on super stupidity. How about your list??


Doesn’t the success of any BB player depend on their ability to outwit the other players? And being that everyone likes to claim that this particular cast is dimmer than usual, doesn’t that just make it harder? You know trying to talk logic to people that don’t generally employ common sense.

Joe blow

I’ve never understood the idolaztion for Janelle, sure she was nice enough and easy to look at but what made her gameplay that worthy of remembering? She never won, yet her name keeps coming up as a BB Hall of Famer.


The whole lot of them needs to win nothing. Derrick acting Holier then Thou. He is not an a$$hole, hes a whole a$$. Caleb is cray-cray, Coty is a whiny little bitch, and Vicky is a waste of space. Where did they find these fools? Caleb will lose it when Donny wins AFP. Hope next year they have older people in the house that have some sense.

Eure ka!

Sure, let’s have an all geriatric edition of BB next year. Competition titles can include “Get off my lawn!” and “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”.


Oh no silly, that’s just like this year! Derelict hardly ever gets vertical!


Too funny! I was just talking about that with a friend. She said it should be the grumpiest old people and 1 young one to fetch n carry for them!


I dont understand why they all want Derrick in the final2? He’s going to beat all of the remaining players I’d say Victoria only has a slight chance at beating him.

Kick Derrick out and take Cody he’s just gonna lose to anyone.


I can deff see Derrick winning this game. He has played the game pretty good and has been the puppet master to everyone. Frankie needs to go, he should of gone along time ago. Donnie is gonna get America’s Favorite player. I can see Cody and Derrick being the final 2 this year.


Is derrick the first ever houseguest to never be put on the block?


It’s hard to believe people are still genuinely asking this, and not just trying to sneakily hype Derrick’s game.

For the 1000th time, no, Dan did it better.



Check Wikipedia, Dan was nominated a couple times buddy 🙂


Nick…….I like your posts!


No. Danielle and Jason from season 3 were never nominated as they were the best duo in BB history/


Sort of correct. Jason and Danielle were both “on the block” in the final 3, but neither of them won. Jason was evicted and Danielle got 2nd. She should have won but that was the last year they did not sequester the jury.


I think that Derrick has by far been the most masterful player ever. Granted this was by far the worst most boring season ever but when you had 4 people on the block every week and some weeks 5 and he never was even nominated should prove how well he manipulated this group of imbeciles. Give credit where it is due.


Ahh I hope big brother doesn’t toy with this nom. As decent a competitor he was, I just can’t listen to one more minute of “I’m a star. I’m awesome. Me me me me.” Not that many of the house guest are better. I’m kinda just hoping Victoria wins just to infuriate the rest of em. Random note…I finally realized who Derrick looks like to me, the schnitzel kids on the movie hoodwinked.

Teri B

YES, you are exactly right….he looks EXACTLY like those schnitzel kids! Google it, guys…very funny! Great caricature for Derprick! Good call, Anon!


He looks like a pig… which is befitting both of his profession and his personality.


Caleb is totally clueless. He keeps thinking his is going to AFP and even thinks Frankie might. The clueless cow puttee needs a V8 moment already. Unfortunately, Tuesday is not a live audience so Cow Puttee is not going to get a clue he has no chance of AFP.

Phoenix W

Frankie *could* have a shot at getting AFP unfortunately… His sister is advertising for him and even got Justin Bieber to give Frankie a shout out (on Twitter). All of those crazy teeny boppers may go ahead and vote for Frankie. I think Frankie had just over 700,000 followers yesterday and now he has 841,000.


Hopefully CBS will never have a relative of a “celebrity” on the show again. Great way to ruin AFP results by people who never even watched the season.
Production, stop smoking weed! You are making a good case for keeping it illegal!

just saying...

Hopefully that won’t happen, but this whole “I am the brother of a world famous star” thing it would be just about right for the fame whore to have his sister stoop that low.
Most of us that matter know who should really win AFP and who could actually use the 25K, but if poor little fakie just has to rely on his sissie to pull a fast one we can still go to Dollars for Donny @ go fund me and chip in a couple of dollars. Maybe his fans can show how much we truly enjoyed his inspiration in the BB house.


Not being mean, but not seeing why Donny has a gofundme page.
The man is not leaving the game homeless nor broke.
AFP or not, he is receiving a full stipend ($1000/week), TA earnings ANDa part on Bold & Beautiful.
He is going home to family, a girlfriend and a job…hell, I can see his town making him mayor.
So not seeing why we should give him a couple of dollars when I don’t even think it’s the money that would make a difference with him.

At the end of Caleb's day....

he is banking on being America’s favorite player……
actually you get the consolation prize of America’s Most Delusional Player…..
sorry!… will need to share that with Frankie.


Next weeks eviction isn’t live, so we probably wont see Frankie get booed (which I am really pissed about), he will have no idea of what America actually thinks of him until he leaves jury house. I do not believe CBS will allow booing of their “audience” (CBS Staff and families), especially since the diva pop star is watching.


hey the booing may happen remember when Frankie joked about 2 of the guys double team raping Victoria at the finals party I didn’t think a lot about something you shouldn’t joke about especially in that house cause you know whats going to happen well it did I just saw on that tmz reports victorias mom and dad are furious and demanding an apology from the grande family also states if that was said about his sister wouldn’t be so funny they also say they are now worried about victorias safety when she leaves the house looks like the family of vic is going to blow this up as much as possible also they are pissed at cbs for it getting on the feeds they block feeds all the time why not this check it out guys

George Carlin

To paraphrase the late, great comedian: Think about how dumb the average person is and then realize that half of all humans are even stupider.
I think of this quote every time Caleb or Cody speak.

Alex C.

If not even Frankie sees Derrick protecting Victoria (he’s been rambling on for a while about a guys’ Final 4) then Derrick does deserves to win. My prediction is that Frankie will go this week, then Caleb or Cody (depending on who will win the next HoH) then Derrick, if he wins the last HOH) will take Victoria in F2 over any of Caleb/Cody and will win, or Cody/Caleb will take Derrick over Victoria in F2 and Derrick wins.


Derelict…..How do I hate thee. Let me count the ways. I hate thee to the depth and breadth and height of this season!
Hate is too strong, more like dislike & disrespect.
One can not be a BB all-star with vocal cords alone.

another name

re: photobooth time
hey simon, I agree that caleb will give an engagement ring within the first week. and he’ll receive a restraining order by the beginning of week two. 🙂

If I were in that house

The farm animal will turn him down.

Caleb's (soon to be deflated) Ego

So I’m really worried about what is going to happen to me when Caleb gets back to the real world and all of his delusions get crushed.
– He is not well liked.
– No one respects him.
– There is no way that he will win America’s Player.
– Survivor, The Amazing Race, BB All stars and The Bachelor are not waiting to call him.
– No singer or band wants him to sing with them or to open for them.
– There are no acting jobs or modeling jobs waiting for him
– The only reason that anyone will follow him on Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else is to mock him.

…….I’m going to get crushed and he may just have a nervous breakdown.


That’s kind of why I am pushing for Caleb to win. He did play an absurdly loyal game, and unlike Derrick, Cody, and Frankie, he’s not a total lost cause. He needs to hit rock bottom and come back to reality, then maybe use some of the prize money educating himself and maybe getting some therapy. Caleb, with a little humility, could still be a huge winner in life, unlike the rest of those guys.

If I were in that house

I would have been ripping Caleb apart every time he started telling one of his completely bogus stories about himself.

Many people have a little bit of embellishment in them, but this ass clown is possibly the biggest wind him up serial bullshit artist I have seen in a long long time.


I love the comment you made Simon about Caleb and being and the engagement ring that was to funny. BB US needs to take a look at how BB AUS does thing it is great compared to this season.

Thx for all your hard work on this site Simon and Dawg


Frankie goes then Derrick goes and then who cares?


I care. Certainly don’t want that Victoria to win. All she is good at is looking at herself in the mirror. Useless with a capital U!


Anyone else think Derrick needs to shut up about distrust and disloyalty, before he goes down as the biggest hypocrite in Big Brother history? Seriously, when Nichole and Hayden watch this season they are going to crack up over what a loser Derrick really is. He acts so calm, cool, and collected, until someone turns his own game back around on him. It’s like, “how DARE anyone else play this game!”



You do know that mostly everything derrick does is game related even his so called out rage is designed to bond with caleb i highly doubt derrick is really all that out ragged this is merely derrick pumping up caleb so they can send frankie out without any repercussions or giving frankie an opportunity to save himself (not that i think that is a possibility)


You do know that Caleb & Cody are going to clean Derelict’s clock once they find out how deceived and manipulated they have been. Well at least Caleb, Cody will just threaten to. Military men take Honor seriously.


(Simon here.. I’m convinced the first attractive girl that grabs onto Beast mode when he gets out of the house will have a engagement ring by the end of the week.)
Wut? he’s not waiting for Amber?


Caleb says “We should just blind side him and send him out in his shorts,” and in the prior posting, “I’m tired of him coming up and touching my butt.” Finally, Frank’s obnoxious “gameplay” of touching and never letting them have a minute alone is catching up with him. (And I would love to see Frank greet Julie and the crowd (if it’s live) in his little boy blue shorts and a pink tank top.)

Belac evol I

Well I do love Caleb just like I loved Judd. everything seems backwards


Sorry just a random question: did they show Zach and Donny entering the jury house on the show? If yes in which episode? Just catching up but don’t want to watch all the other predictable crap…


They didn’t show them enter the house but they did show them in the jury house they don’t show everyone they usually wait till there is enough people to show them

A Nonny Mouse

I can’t do this anymore, I can’t do this anymore. Listen to these idiots natter on and on about jackshite. Even though I cancelled my feeds I come here to see if I’ve missed anything and … nothing. I’m just going to back away from this.

I feel so sorry for you Dawg and Simon, having to listen to this inane drivel. I really think you both should get some kind of commendation for doing this. Have a couple of stiff ones on me.


Caleb, Cody and Victoria have got to be the three dumbest BB players in the history if the game……and that my friends is why Derrick is where he’s at! It was the perfect storm…..

pants on fire

It must be a running game with everyone not knowing a particular house guests name…once and for all people…it’s Vanessa…get it straight!! 😉


As each day passes Caleb’s ego continues to reach a new height of absurd. The way he is so 100% positive he will gets AFP shows how out of touch/self obsessed he is. I hope he’s not even in the top 3. This convo is ALMOST as bad as Pig Nose thinking he will be on Allstars.


This cast was actually one of a THE BEST as a whole but oh boy did this season take a sharp turn because all the even remotely good people are no longer in the game 🙁 If I could hand pick a top 5 out of everyone I would choose Amber, Donny, Zach, Hayden and Nicole! Then this season would be amazing!


My pig nose husband is gonna win everything!


How delusional is caleb he honestly thinks either he or frankie will win AFP he is crazy


I don’t get how this whole ‘I hate Derrick’ charade is supposed to be helping Derrick or Victoria in any way.
Can somebody help – it makes no sense to me, but then again nothing Victoria does makes sense.

Teri B

Anyone know what they are showing on tonight’s show?


Veto comp? Maybe…..


“Distrust” well he kinda has a reason.

derrick you boil my blood.piggy snout



Seriously, thank gah for spoilers. I wouldn’t have been able to stand the suspense of waiting to see if BMC put Frankie up. No, I mean it. Seriously. It was intense!

Caleb's Piehole

Y’all get the dadgum milk an’ pour it on the dadgum fruit loops while I do some dadgum judee chops on this here dadgum button dadgummit!


Does Victoria not get on anyone else’s nerves? All that screaming like a little girl! Checking herself out in the mirror at every turn? Useless in every single comp? Calls herself a princess when she is butt ugly with that huge nose? Can’t stand watching her! And, please, please don’t let her win 1st or 2nd place. Hope next it will be Frankie, what an egomaniac, fake, creepy narcissist!! Then Vicky. Still think Derrick has played the best game rather than Cody or Caleb. Just not those two losers, Frankie & Vicky!!


A book told you that. Hahaha Cody is too cute in that DUH sort of way.