Caleb “why are you talking to yourself?” Frankie “I’m doing my veto speech because you put my on the block a$$hole!”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 09-59-22-568

9:30am – 10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Frankie and Caleb are in the kitchen awaking up. Victoria taking a shower. The house guests are getting ready for the power of veto ceremony that will be happening today. Caleb goes into the bathroom and talks in one of his voices asking what Victoria and Cody were doing last night. I woke up and found shaving cream all over the place. Frankie says its called flirting. Caleb says Victoria were you flirting!? Cody says where I’m from that’s not what I call flirting. Caleb says he’s going to talk in this voice for all his interviews. Caleb says I like how I can pull off so many looks. I can look like a G and pull off a country boy look. Frankie takes a shower in the HOH room. Caleb asks why are you talking to yourself? Frankie says I’m doing my veto speech because you put my on the block a$$hole!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 10-04-36-095

10:30am – 10:40am In the fire room – Victoria climbs on to Derrick bed and starts talking to him. He tells her to go to her bed in case someone comes in and sees them. Victoria I saw what he did with the whole Hayden thing.. he twists words and is very dramatic. He will twist his words to say or do anything. The fact that he said are you two attached again… Derrick says we just can’t be seen talking alone in rooms. Just be careful. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You can’t fix it by saying more that will only make it worse. I don’t want him to say that Victoria is starting sh*t with everyone.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 10-31-51-854

Caleb shows Frankie I have a vein the size of this in his neck. He shows him and says its bigger than the vein in my britches. Victoria asks Caleb something and then she calls him a liar. Caleb says the last person that called me that you would have to dig up. Frankie says he murdered the last person that called him lesbian.

UP in the HOH – Caleb tells Derrick that getting out Frankie guarantees us final 4 and 3. Derrick talks to Caleb about how the veto this week means everything. The HOH means nothing other than you’re in the final 3. Caleb says I don’t think if Cody won veto he would take Victoria and I know you wouldn’t. Derrick says no not after how she’s been treating me.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 10-45-56-960

10:50am – 11am Victoria is practicing her HOH speech with Caleb in the bathroom. Frankie is out in the backyard practicing his speech. “If you use the veto on me Derrick will be the replacement nominee.. which is great because he is a really good father figure and husband .. and a general good guy ..there’s that.. basically he’s never been on the block before so use it on me.” Crushed it!

11am Derrick is asking if he should wear a hat. Caleb tells him to wear it.. it looks good. Derrick says Frankie said not to. Caleb says dude, take advice from me. Derrick says he’s gay! They have better style.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 11-04-13-989

11:10am Frankie tells Victoria that he noticed Jocasta lightly wrote her name on the bathroom stall door. So that basically point to her as the one that crossed your name out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-14 11-11-51-564

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Team Survivor in 10 Days!!

Simon and Dawg please do not show me Derrick in the shower again…. With Schmuctoria watching… I want to THROW up!


Frankie is the one taking a shower in the HOH.


I think frankie knows his goose is cooked.I want some action…I wonder if he will tell Caleb everything not that he would believe him..but it would give him something to think about.I don’t like any of the houseguests left at least last year I liked Macrae after Amanda left.


Too bad that’s Frankie in the shower and Victoria isn’t in there.

Cackling Hyena

I think “Survivor in 10 days!!” is referring to past posts when Victoria asked Derrick how her social game is. There are OBB fans (like me) who are behind in reading the posts.


Frankie will win


if derek was smart he would take Victoria and cody to final 3 and throw the hoh to cody or victoria knowing both are gunna take him and that way he wont have to make any tough decisons and in the very very very very very very very slim chance victoria wins it he knows he won 500 thousand and iif cody wins it he still wins lol p.s frankie better get booed louder than christine smh


I bet they won’t have the general public in the audience, only staff and other CBS employees who’ll give Frankie a standing ovation. He’ll say “I’m loved”

Lawon's Special Power

Of course it won’t be the public. It took 16 seasons to FINALLY get a boo like Christine had and that was only because it was double eviction and CBS didn’t realize how much the viewers dislike all who are left.

They won’t let that happen again and they sure won’t let that happen to Frankie and Derrick because AG doesn’t want her pets to be sad.

Cackling Hyena

I have to say I absolutely love your screenname. It brings some happy memories. The ghosts of BB past. Now if someone else uses the handle “Straight Shooter” then it would cure my boredom for this season. I find myself reading the things that happened in BBCan2.

Lawon's Special Power

Haha. Thanks. I almost went with Nakomis’ Sixth Finger (In reference to her infamous 6 finger plan) but I thought…that might sound too dirty….lol


I think you’re right. They are going to let their golden boy get boo’d.


I meant they are NOT going to let him be boo’d.


It won’t be a live show, so that’s a good bet.


Neda BBCAN2 learned that that is not how to be F2. Derrick and her games are similar, and the only way they can possibly be F2 is taking themselves there by themselves. Chances are high Victoria would take Derrick, but it’s on the fence if Cody would

however, Cody and Derrick plan is to get Caleb out next. he can’t play HOH, and he would have to be the veto winner, and chances are he won’t win the veto.


if Frankie gets boos he will probably think its because they evicted him and America is upset freakin moron


You are probably right! He really thinks highly of himself. It reminds me a spoiled child thinking everything’s about them.


Not really…Cody I think would probably take Victoria knowing he has a better chance of winning 500k. Obviously Derrick would keep his word on taking Cody to the final 2 knowing he’ll win over Cody. Victoria would take Derrick final 2


Derrick has to start making some decisions, and doing some winning. Going up in front of the jury and saying ..”hey, I was behind all the evictions , and I didn’t need to win any comps, because I controlled everything”, I think he will have a hard time of proving it. Cody, Frankie, and Caleb all think they pretty much controlled everything, or it was a joint effort. His not getting any blood on his hands could backfire on him, the jury could see him as a coward. {Which basically he is} I think the people in the jury have no respect for any of them, their trashing the house showed that.
If Derrick takes Victoria, he stands a big chance of losing. Victoria has been on the block more then anyone else, and technically she does have some wins, Plus the jury is bitter, and I doubt if Frankie, and Caleb going into the jury is going to sweeten it up.
Cody is a member of the Hitmen,, he has far more wins then Derrick, he is better liked, and Derrick better realize that Cody wants the money.
The only thing they have going for them, the Jury has to vote for somebody. I am glad I am not in the Jury, the thought of voting for any of them turns my stomach.


Frankie won’t get booed because it’s not a live show! :-((


I thought I had changed my mind about Caleb, thank goodness I didn’t! And enough of Frankie’s “building schools in Africa” crap. What about our own country that has it’s own educational needs? It would make sense if he had a philanthropic background but he does not.

I hunk Derrick should just get the check now. He is clearly the only one to have a PLAN and stick to it. He seems to be the only one emotionally mature enough to handle the stresses that come with winning a large amount of money.

Let’s get this show over with!


I’d realy like you to start freaking out openly again Frankie, Please and Thanks!

F*** off, Love,


How does one make someone as delusional as Caleb? Ya know, in case I want to make an army of giant fruit loop dinguses (dingi?).


My guess is inbreeding.


I think that Caleb grew up in a poor family….He is so gaga over anything having to do with money….and in his mind 500K is Ba=zillions…He has never been around money…Hell he talked about 5k for a month when he gave up veto to take it….so early in game….And I don’t know about him being delutional…he just seems inable to lie….don’t know if he is slow….or just very honest.


I think Caleb is super nieve, and he has visions of grandeur. He is a narcicist. I kinda feel sorry for him. Derrick is by far the best player and the most mature.


After listening to him talk about how his brothers treated him when he was little I’m convinced it’s a case of too many concussions.


Ugh I want Caleb to go just because I can’t stand reading about his conversations. And I use “conversation” lightly since it’s just him talking about himself.

I’m sorry Dawg and Simon, I’m sure it’s worse having to listen to it.

Banana Nose

…and the winner of..America’s..ugliest…stupidest…worst actress as leading role of Virgin…is….Vicblob.


I would prefer to give the money to Iggy the dog then to give it to Victoria.


At this point I don’t think it matters who Derrick takes to the end because he’ll win anyway. That’s why this whole season has become boring, predictable and anticlimactic–even though I like the house guests more than last season.


These houseguests aren’t great but they’re lightyears ahead of last season, and certainly ahead of the final 5 last year. I LOVE the jury (excluding Christine of course). I only hate Frankie, resent Derrick’s omnicient-like gameplay and dislike Victoria and even then I don’t hate Frankie in the same way I hated Amanda and Aaryn.

Just Curious

So does anyone know if Frankie lost followers on what ever people are suppose to follow him on?

Teri B

From what I read last night, the sister asked the Beibs and his following to get behind (LOL) Fakie, so it looks like he will prob get America’s Favorite, which totally sucks. That’s all I know.


Just another day of nothing happening in the Big Brother house…

I miss Zach. Donny and Nichole too, but mostly Zach.

Victoria, the Warrior Princess

I will just die of happiness if my queen Victoria wins parts 1 and 3 of the final HOH and evicts DerrICK!


This was said ina previous thread but I noticed it in my Copy/Paste Settings and it reminded me

“Cody tells Victoria he is going to wreck her. Victoria asks oh you’re going to wreck me?! Wreck me!?”
This makes me think about all the times I can remember that someone is teasing her or just making a statement and her way of poking fun is repeating their words again and again “A sheetpan? A sheet pan?!” and countless other times.

All Victoria can ever do is reiterate what people say to her it’s a small thing in a way because it just shows that she’s vapid and never has a comeback because she just doesn;t have the bvrain capacity. But also that she is a mindess drone that will often do what she’s told and that is one of the scariest things about humanity, to think that there are a lot of people like her out there has frightening implications.

Eure ka!

Victoria as a synedoche for the great unwashed. Who says Big Brother doesn’t have intellectual and societal value?


I don’t think that word means what – or is spelled like – you think.


What is the big deal about Victoria’s name being x’d out? So – they want her out. I hope Hayden et al make a bigger deal about her rubbing them in bed constantly and giving out free sexual favors.


Why do people talk about Victorias looks….She may not be a super model….but she is not unattractive. I did not think Amber was super model pretty either….just attractive…None of the women this year stood out as anything super model looks wise….Just a normal representation of American women in general….

Eure ka!

Super models would not deign to stoop to the trash heap that is Big Brother. Super models leave Big Brother money as a tip. Okay, slight exaggeration.


I’ll tell you exactly why people talk so much about Victoria’s looks.
1. That’s all Victoria talks about
2. She stares at herself in every mirror she passes
3. The cameras are constantly doing close ups of her as if the people behind them cant believe that someone who looks/acts like her is on the show either
4. Despite the pain and weight of those ridiculous hair extensions , she wears them all day and night because of her vanity
Bottom line, people talk about Victoria because she came on this show believing herself to be some sort of sultry vixen. No one besides Derrick has found her even remotely attractive so the joke is on her. Amber is very pretty as well as a good competitor. Although Amber was aware of her appeal , she didn’t overtly use it to further herself in the game. In other words she would never throw herself at a married man for money like Victoria does.


Can’t wait to see Frankie when the veto isn’t used. His behavior is going to be worse than ever. Doesn’t matter who is in audience when he leaves, that egomaniacal queen will read the message boards. He can’t help himself. And it will be all us homophobes that posted these things. Lol. Lots of gays commenting negatively about him too. He gave all of us a bad representation.


I am enjoying this season. Just watching Derrick play this game! He knows what it is all about What is this weeks schedule?


The big question is can he get up from the couch, hammock, chair or bed long enough to collect the check. All that talking is exhausting and requires A LOT of calories. Any other house and this dudette would already be back on the couch in R.I.


Not that it makes a difference but, being a floater is a strategy in Big Brother. All the other girls this season tried to play the game, and they were evicted. Victoria hasn’t done much, and she has been taken at least to 5th place. To me she has been quite successful. She won a couple of vetos, convinced boys she had turned on Derrick ( kinda) and may have the boys thinking that taking her to final 2….Not bad Victoria…not too shabby.

Eure ka!

Harrison Ford’s a quarter jewish…


Derrick I’d only as good because he is working with clueless airheads.
Frankie only hope (not that I want him to stay) is to blow up TA to Cody and Caleb. Do a tell all so that these clueless idiots can connect the dots. Tell about all the TA missions everything. Just to turn the attention off of him. We need some action in the house and that’s the only way I see it coming is to blow up the house. And at thus point Frankie is the only one that can ignite the house.