Power of Veto Ceremony results “Why would Demetres put me up over Jackie.. because Bruno is staying”

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William used his secret Veto to remove Kevin from the block.

Karen and Dillon after Noms
Karen is pissed.. “Who plotted this”
Dillon – I don’t think this was plotted
Dillon says Bruno is going to stay
Karen doesn’t think so says that Jackie, William, Kevin and Dre are together.
Karen – You, Demetres and Ika just screwed up your game doing this to me..
Dillon – I didn’t do anything to you.. I didn’t know about this
Dillon thinks Kevin had the veto.
Karen – why would Demetres put me up over Jackie.. because Bruno is staying
Karen going on and on that she’s the target and Ika, Demetres, Dillon are screwed.

Karen tells Dillon he’s getting played by Dre, “I’m not stupid”
Karen says there was a secret power of veto and she told them all and they all laughed at her.

Ika and Demetres in the storage room.
Ika says it’s either William, Kevin or jackie that had the veto.

Dillon, Kevin and Bruno
Kevin says he did not know about the secret veto. Bruno says he’s only got 1 vote and that’s Kevin.
Kevin tells Dillon that he was always loyal to him. The only reason he didn’t use the veto to save Dillon/Emily was that they were going to put Bruno up.
Kevin goes on about how they fought to Keep Dillon that week. Ika and her side were all celebrating when Dillon was Giving up.
Kevin – I don’t know how we became the enemy against you

Dre, William, Jackie Bathroom after Noms
Jackie saying she didn’t have the secret power of veto. Thinks it only makes sense that it was Kevin or Bruno.
Dre says it was Kevin.

Ika saying they wanted Bruno gone all along. Demetres says it might have been Jackie he’s seen her walking around the house looking for stuff.

Karen is imploding..

Hot Tub area William, Karen, Kevin
Karen calling Kevin stupid.
Kevin – Don’t call me stupid Karen
Kevin – I’ve never taken attack about your personal character Karen..
Karen – Delusional
Kevin – Never.. I respect people in this house.. don’t call me stupid though
Karen – I’m rubbing Kevin Martin the wrong way..
Kevin – being called f***G stupid doesn’t rub anyone the right way..
Karen – it was all for fun KEVIN.. don’t get hyper sensitive now..

Kevin tells her they are against each other doesn’t mean she has to attack his Character.
Karen going on that Kevin is playing the victim.
Karen says she has a different opinion than him “Get the f*** over it”
Karen – you asked .. that’s a victim status.. I never attacked you

Hot Tub area William, Karen, Kevin
Kevin asks Karen if their final 2 is still on
Karen freaks out..
Karen calling Kevin a arrogant F*** prick goes

Bruno and Karen
Karen has lost her mind.

6:32pm Karen and Bruno
Karen officially has lost her mind she’s saying what happened to her is a instant eviction.

Karen – someone must have had enough trust in Kevin to tell him they had it or to make some kind of deals … but here’s the catch … the catch to this whole thing is that when it got used that person would not have been in jeopardy. So the HOH would have to know that you cannot put this person up. So they must have inside information or they were part of it. When they used it, they were safe. Bruno – I don’t know. You’re thinking that maybe Demetres knows? Karen – maybe or maybe he was told he cannot nominate this person. Bruno – or maybe the person that used it if they went up on the block they would be safe on Thursday. Karen – you know what’s going to happen on Thursday .. they’re going to stand up and save you and I will definitely go to jury. Bruno – just relax a little bit. Karen – say it was Jackie and if she got put on there… then what happened was she would have been able to say nope, my secret power of veto gives me two .. I save myself that means you go home. You get what I’m saying? Oh yeah that’s what it is. Now I’ve got it figured out. Okay good, I feel better. She has the power to save one more person now. If you didn’t feel good before now you should feel “doubley” safe.

Bruno – Everyone is connected. Everyone is pretending to be friends with everyone. The problem is they don’t pretend to be my friend and I don’t pretend to be their friend. They all pretend to be each others friend. Karen – they don’t pretend to be my friend. This is a game. These people aren’t my friends. I’ll have nothing to do with them. They are not my friends, I have never forgot that. When Bruce sent that message to me it was like code… you don’t know him but .. when he said don’t let them get to you. He knows what’s going on. They’re all lying which he knows I know. Its who do you trust more. Or who puts more doubt in peoples minds. Its not that you lie or I lie, its that the other person lies so bad that … but when they get out and watch the tapes they’re going to know how bad they were. I get the satisfaction out of that. Its like well I told you, you dumb sh*t. Jackie has acted continuously fake to all these people but she has turned on them over and over again and vice versa. She thinks she was saved because people like her.

Kevin & Ika in the bathroom.
Kevin – he asked are you going to go after Ika & Demetres? I said I don’t know Dillon. I said if Karen stays I will probably go after her. I don’t know if you made a truce with him or what? Ika – it was a one week truce. And Dre has been telling him to work with William & Demetres. I think he said that’s not real. Kevin – I think he’s worried. Kevin – he thinks I’m going to be vengeful. Ika – she (Karen) is going crazy. Dre – has to almost trust him more than Dillon.

Dre & Dillon.

Dre – We’re in Big Brother Canada! What did you came here to do!? You came here for the scheming for the lying and the backstabbing. That includes me. You came here for what?! Ok, so we’ll send you home. Its annoying Dillon and then you’re going to say you’re a fan. I’m going to go out and campaign because I really want Bruno out. I’m not even on the block and I’m campaigning for Karen to stay.

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Bruno needs to just sit back this week and let Karen get herself evicted!


Yep Karen is really obnoxious right now

The coreys

What’s the deal… was there a actual secret veto?

If so than it’ll save me time from watching the remainder of the season.

When production medles to the point it changes the game projectory I peace out

The coreys

No need to finish the season then

Producers manipulating play for storyline is old hat.

This all but assures Kevin and Bruno get to the final 2 weeks


Williams such an idiot. Way to play for third place.


OH Man,,,,,, Karen is exploding, and I am loving it……..
Kevin is getting a ear full…..
Kevin , making that final Joke, was Not a good joke,
that’s a passive aggressive jab. He is a Wiesel
I was watching Willie sit there, and you could see
all the body language going on, He is a willie wee
I am frustrated and excited all at once.
Wow , wow wow , what a move.
I just hope my favourites don’t lose with this twist.

Bye Karen

Karen needs to shut her cow mouth up.

Simon senpai pls notice me

This week just got lit.


Hahaha Oh Karen. This is how she reacts. Why didn’t they put Karen up earlier!


I think Karen is great but WOW. Talk about aggressive that blow up in nuts. If a man ever spoke to a woman like that people would lose their minds. She threatened to hit Bruno! This is entertaining but she’s really not doing herself any favors. I hope she figures out its Will and focuses her extreme Mom rage on him lol


BBCAN5 what a joke!!!

C’mon BB19

Team IKA

Are you actually kidding?!?! Why are you watching if you hate it so much?


This week has been entertaining!!!


Karen is lit, I would’ve been like Ika, I almost peed my pants laughing about the way she was calling the season lit & the whole time Karen is sitting there fuming.

It’s funny that Karen thinks Dem put her up there so she would leave, like seriously LMAO How Bruno didn’t laugh at the situation was probably his best game play yet. B/c he knows he’s the target especially with her on the block. But, it behooves him to stay quiet, b/c the more she freaks out the more annoyed people will get (but they will still vote him out).

Oh … on another note, I’m starting to dislike Dre who played all season saying she was honest & all she has done this last week is try to get people to target Ika/Dem. I mean it’s smart b/c she thinks Dillon, Ika & Will will all take her as their F2 if she can get rid of Kevin & Dem (but I don’t like how easily she is fooling everyone). I would have respected her more if she said to Ika I pick this person as my partner for us to bring to F4. Now I know she won’t even be worried about winning HOH…. UNLESS Kevin looks like he might. I’m praying Ika wins HOH so Jackie can tell her Dre is plotting to get them out. Now that would be great tea to spill.


i agree! .. and omg… the day jackie spills all that tea.. omg… u think karen blowup with kevin was crazy?!…if that happened next week.. omg.. the amount of TV gold there’d be in two weeks. So many games would be shuffled… plz plz spill the tea soon jackie!!!! funny how jackie has become the one person who knows the most explosive truth in the house… i’m surprised she’s holing unto it too.. bc that is the wedge to break up demika/ dre/will… i mean…. spill that tea quick!!!


Yes, but sadly you know Ika wouldn’t believe anyone if they said anything negative about Dre. I don’t like Ika because she is arrogant. I am hoping that it will be Dre that gets her out, that would be funny as hell..LOL Ika likes to try and intimidate people with her.. “Do what I want or feel the wrath of Ika!!” like they are supposed to be scared of her. I am looking forward to seeing the look on Ikas’ and Dems faces when they get evicted, it will be priceless..lol.


wow what a cunt eh


Wow! That’s a horrible name.
I bet you’re just awesome ?

Guy From Canada

Um that c word is not cool…..unless you’re a British mobster talking to his mates…..


They are IDIOTS if they keep Karen !! She will slide to the F2 and I will puke if she does. Hope shes on slop this week to lol on the block and slop !! Would be a great week !! Karen please blow up at Dem and Ika before Thursday, then BYE Karen !


like i said goesd back what ive said earlier bb canada
if you put ika and dre if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you put kevin bruno if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-kevin if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you jackie-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you william-ika if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you ika-karen if one the get pov demet screwed over
if you up ika-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you jackie-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you dre-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you william-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you karen-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
if you kevin-dilion if one get pov demet screw over
if you bruno-dillion if one get pov demet screw over
pretty much demet screw himself over


william uses the other pov on karen?


you sleeping?


what r u smoking ?


Somebody call a priest. They need to exorcise that demon out of Karen. Wow. Just wow! She is going to morph into the Hulk by Thursday.


Anyone else seeing a connection between Karen and Audrey. It makes me a little afraid and more than glad I am not in the BBC house.


FRODO… please I don’t think people are even reading your blabbing! I’m sorry to be that guy but please clean up your ideas so people are interested in reading and discussing


So who do y’all think is staying this week ?


unfortunately probably karen


Yeah unfortunately it looks this way. Ika stupidly won’t go against Dre’s wishes. No one’s going to spill the tea about Dre back-stabbing Ika, at least not to save Bruno. Bruno’s not going to get the votes unless something drastic happens…

I really hope something changes and Bruno gets to stay…


Can somebody please explain did William only use one of his vetos ?


They are all a bunch of smiling assassins things just keep shifting in that house from hour to hour and I love it !!!!!! I love this season over all great players even though Bruno and Kevin don’t do much socializing or whatever I just like the way this season is being played out I look forward to watching it each week & the houseguests Are not too annoying its a mix of sweet & spicey, everyone is kinda secretly playing everyone DEMIKA seem to be the only real solid duo bruno Kevin Jackie Dillon and Karen are all playing for themselves for sure…..stilll such a great season overall!! From kicking out Neda to now every week has been entertaining I hope there’s a twist coming up !!


How the heck has Karen not figured out William had the veto!! She’s all about “seeing what’s really happening” but when something happens in front of her eyes she doesn’t get it!! I mean seriously she caught William coming out and when she touched what he had touched Big Brother told her to stop but there was no warning for him!! And he was all giggly when she found him!! How come her husband didn’t code that into the video?!?


Agreed!! What a load of ballooey. Either she is quite DUMB, or all of this is an act to be kept safe to go head to head with Kevin.


Oh the mighty Karen has fallen. Some people weeks ago were against me about Karen, how shes liked and such a good player but I’ve been saying wait a few weeks and look at her now. I won’t miss Karen if she leaves.


Karen is not your typical 50’s something. I wish BB Can and US would cast an older person with class and brains and, instead the older players are always crotchety, overly opinionated, under educated, paranoid, inflexible and weird. I enjoyed Karen at first but now she is exactly all the things she called Kevin – who by the way showed a lot of class and restraint.


Kevin handled Karen well, had a good laugh at the paranoid fool.


Karen is the biggest fuckin child ever. It’s a game, you paranoid freak. Ugh

sunny dee

what’s up with the bear suit and cave, do we know yet?


Karen has got to be the most paranoid person since day one of all the BBs. Now that we know how she reacts when on the block, I hope every HOH puts her up. Its funny as hell to watch her freak out. Her paranoia is entertaining. For a fan, she doesn’t get it. People aren’t going to back door her, people save the back door for players that are actually a threat, which Karen is not. Annoying as hell, yes, but a threat, No! I just want her to keep flipping out and saying stupid shit…but then again, she has been saying stupid shit all along..LOL.