“Terrible Comp for us.. who knows maybe we can get him to use it… maybe there’s a twist this week”

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Text will be light today but I’ll keep posting feed snippets of the important conversations. They’re going back and forth what to do it’ll drive you mad. 😉

10:20am Bruno and Kevin

Going over the Power of Veto Competition last night.
Kevin – Terrible Comp for us.. who knows maybe we can get him to use it… maybe there’s a twist this week there’s lots of Play

Bruno thinks he’s ht target because of how Ika/Demetres blocked him during the Competition (Something to do with the buzzing).
Kevin doesn’t think so.
Bruno says if he goes out this week he’ll be working for him in the Jury house.
Bruno adds if one of them go they won’t be in the worst position because know they’ll be alone. The rest of the house is filled with Trio’s and pairs.
Kevin thinks he’s the target because he has William.

Kevin, Ika and Demetres
Ika says Dre is straight against putting Karen up she wants Kevin or Bruno gone.
Ika wonders why William never built trust between Kevin and Dre.
Ika – they want you gone
Ika adds if William doesn’t use the veto on Kevin he’s going home.
Kevin – let me stay in this house and I’ll fight for you

Dre, Ika and Demetres
Dre saying that she will tell William not to use the veto.

Kevin and William
Kevin – If Bruno goes I have you
Kevin says Dillon, Karen and Jackie have better connections with Bruno that is why Ika and Demetres want him to stay.
William says he would feel so bad if Kevin or Dre went home this week.
William adds that Dre would understand if he used the veto on Kevin.

Kevin and William Blue Room
William says everyone thinks Dre is running his game.

Ika and Demetres decide their best play right now is to make sure the veto isn’t used.

2:00pm Dillon and Ika Bathroom

Kevin & William.
William – I think that if I do use the POV on you people will be more pissed at me like Karen, Dillon & Jackie. Kevin – they’re going to be more pissed at me and I’m going to go after them. William – Dre thinks that she can convince more people to keep you. Kevin – Dre, I don’t think so. I just don’t think so. So she wants to keep me? William – yeah she wants to keep you. Kevin – should I talk to her? William – she wants to talk to us. Kevin – that’s awesome. William you won’t become a target, I’m that target in front of you. You could use 7 POV’s and they would still target me first. Kevin – if I’m up there with Bruno.. I am done. I’m toast. He is already hanging out with that group. Kevin – I don’t think you using the veto will make you a target. We’re down to eight people. I love that Dre’s fighting for my side. That makes me feel good. The only way to ensue I stay is for that veto to be used. Kevin – if I stay in this game, every group will go after me first. Bruno will blend back into the background. He’s a better player like that. I stick out like a sore thumb. Kevin – so does Dre want to talk to us together? William – yes. If I was in your place would you use the veto on me? Kevin – yes. Like you can’t let me go out of this game. Because a lot of the relationships are fake and shallow .. we have a genuine relationship. You know in your heart, I will be your player. I will fight for you till the end. Who do you spend your time with.. Dre & Kevin. I am your player in this game if you keep me. Bruno is nothing for you in this game.

Ika & Dre HOH room.
Ika – he said I appreciate it but I believe her because she told me the truth like you. How you talk to him is how I talk to him. Dre – but I was mean. Ika – I know but he likes it because he likes honesty. He was like – and to prove my loyalty I will not push William to use that veto anymore. I’ll put my trust in you guys. I’ll trust that you guys will keep me safe. Dre – who is he going to go after. Ika – he said if he stays he is going to work with me, you, William, Demetres. He says he’ll go after them. So we’re kind of in the middle of two alliances. You, me and Demetres are. That’s probably only a 1 week thing though. Dre – I know he says he likes real stuff bla bla bla .. but if he gets the chance.. Ika – he’ll take us out. Dre – he’ll go after me because I’m whats preventing William from doing certain things. So why would you go for Ika & Demetres when you could go for Dre and someone else. Ika – he’s not going to take you out right now though. Dre – okay lets go week by week. Ika – we can’t think long term. Next week he will not put you up. He appreciated the talk. He trusts us to keep him and he will not campaign for William to use the veto anymore. Dre – I was mean to both of them though. I said I don’t like you. Ika – that’s what people in this house appreciate. Ika & Dre talk about Karen not liking them. Ika – she just doesn’t like us because she sees us talking to Kevin and Bruno. Dre – can she go? Ika – she can go! Dillon joined us on day whatever.. and we have kept him safe and did not put him up on the block. ..but he is not a great team player. He’s just not… he has his own ideas of what he wants to do. Me, you and Demetres actually sit and talk about options. I like a small circle. William we can protect him for as long as we can.

Ika, Dre, Demetres, William in the HOH room.
Ika – whats worse? Using the veto or having me angry at you? Not using it or having me angry at you? WHICH ONE?! William – You, You, You! No I know. Ika – you want these eyes? You do not want the wrath of Ika! Do not use that veto! William – I’m going to use it to punch you though. Ika – no we’ll keep him… we won’t vote him out. William – why do you want to keep him though… do you think that he will not go after you after that? Ika – I think he will be less bitter. And I feel like he is closer to you and if he does win you’ll say – please save my queen! .. and her knight! Demetres – not only that Bruno doesn’t remember anything that we do for him. Ika – I don’t feel like either Bruno or Kevin like me.. but I feel like Kevin would be great full if we kept him and Bruno would’t care. Demetres – I don’t think its as good for his (Kevin’s) game to come after us next week. Ika – because he’s a target and we’re a target. People are already talking about you… Williams won 3 competitions .. bla bla bla. If we take out the target .. then it leaves targets (Ika, Dre, Demetres, William). William – no I know. Ika – if you trust me and don’t use it .. I’ll honor it and I will give you my vote, I promise. When I’m angry at you you’ll know it, when I’m happy with you, you’ll know it. I wouldn’t lie to you.. I will keep him. If you honor it, I will keep him. I don’t want to put Demetres in a position where he has to get more blood on his hands.

Karen and Dillon

They think I’m fucking stupid but i know what’s going on.. She’s working for Jury votes.. Dre
Karen says if William uses the veto it’ll fuck up his game.

Karen – Jackie is so out she thinks she’s in
Karen says Dre is working both sides, “that side Ika and Supposedly us.. She’s getting jury votes”
Karen says the rest of the players are f****G dirty she only trusts Dillon

William and Dillon
Dillon asks him flat out if he uses it.
William – I would love to use it because it’s Kevin but I don’t think i’ll use it..

Bruno and Kevin
Kevin says probably Karen going up if veto is played.
Bruno counts the votes.. Dillon votes for Karen. Kevin and Ika vote for Bruno.
Dre, William and Jackie vote for Karen.
Kevin says he’s not using the veto.
Bruno – if I go I’ll set you up, If I don’t win I want you to win.
Bruno – so shitty.. I thought our pitch was good..
Bruno – the problem is Dre is in the middle of everything.. I think she controls Ika more than Ika controls her.
Bruno – how the fu** is anyone getting rid of Dre.. she has William, Demetres, Ika..

Bruno says they have no numbers, Sindy really screwed them.
Kevin says his campaigning is going to be really clean.

Dre and Jackie
They’re talking about getting Demetres or Ika out next. Dre tells Jackie she wants to take out Kevin, Bruno Ika and Demetres. Demetres is good at winning competitions but Ika is good at convincing people.

Dre and Jackie.
Dre – I think that William is not going to use the veto. I don’t know for sure. And I think that whoever leaves between Kevin and Bruno .. we have to figure out a plan so that either the next target is one of the returning players or its Ika and Demetres. Right now, Ika and Demetres are going to win this game because they’re strong competitors. Ika is really good at talking and convincing people of sh*t and they’re going to go to the end. I mean we all want to win but I would just prefer if a new player won. But at the same time I don’t want us to have to show our cards or make it seem that what we’re doing. I feel like Kevin and Bruno went to Ika and said that us five – Karen, Dillon, You, Me, William were all together and all trying to get them out. Which is not necessarily true because thats not what we’re really doing but I think that they really sold it to Ika. I don’t think she doubts me which makes me feel bad but at the same time she played the middle. She played both sides of the house. Unfortunately I am not able to fully trust her anymore. And it really hurts me because I don’t want to back stab anybody but at the same time I am not able to trust her anymore. What I told you was honest. I don’t trust anybody. And I do feel like I’m playing solo unfortunately. Which is fine. And I just have a hard time regaining my trust with her. I feel like if she did it, she might do it again. Its not that I don’t want to be loyal, its that I was already loyal with her. And she was playing both sides of the house and didn’t tell me in time what was happening. I vibe with her, she’s my girl but I just can’t. Jackie – The longer you’re in here the more you learn about the past and the more you see what is actually going on. I am sorry I ever doubted you when you told me you weren’t doing that. The main person that made me believe that was Ika.

Secret Power of Veto Rules

The Secret Power of Veto gives the holder, William, the power to save anyone from the block over two Power of Veto ceremonies. The ceremonies where this power is active are Wednesday April 19th & 26th. This Power of Veto is a SECRET and Big Brother will never reveal who used it. However, William is free to tell people about this secret power once it has been played or should he choose not to use it. This Veto does not give him the power to name the replacement nominee, nor does it give him safety from being named a replacement himself.

Should the secret power of veto be played by William, Big Brother will deliver the news to the houseguests at the end of the Veto ceremony.

The regular Veto is still in play and regular Veto rules apply, this includes William and should he win the Veto he will have two Vetos.

William opted not to use this Secret Power of Veto on Wednesday April 19th – tune to see if he uses it on Wednesday, April 26th

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Please somehow let Dre be evicted!


Can’t wait till BB 19 starts


Bring back Pilar !!! Hey Pili this is Willi… #ackward


I hope BB19 has no returnees and a couple of older people


How convenient that William won the veto power when he already has a secret one! Sad face. Well we all know Kev is coming off the block. There’s no way production hasn’t told Will he has to use it. As for putting Karen up on the block…The votes rest with the newbies really. It’s all about the veto ceremony.


If William is actually convinced by Demika not to use either of his two VETOs, I am going to be so pissed.

They seem to have convinced William to not use the veto so they don’t have to put anyone else up, and then they’ll keep Kevin with their votes by evicting Bruno … ugh

Bruno should stay, I’m sick of seeing Kevin and his limpy game-play annoys the f* out of me.

sunny dee

they are keeping kevin anyway, using veto wont change who goes home


Do you think William can use his secret veto on the replacement nom?

Say William uses Veto, Dre goes up (because Demika are pissed he uses the veto), can he use the secret veto on Dre? How would that work? Would he tell production to only use the secret veto if Dre is the replacement and not to use it if Dre is not nominated?

Just brainstorming~ :>


Simon thanks for this great site


Production needs to save this season they destroyed by making William use both vetos, and Demetre forced to replace both noms


hey thanks for the vids, do you guys know if the veto ceremony is today? or will it be late tomorrow?



Yessssss and let Dre be the one that’s up and out… a little humble pie for her. Ugh the way she’s behind everyone’s back has turned me off of her


you guys think william will use both of his vetos? i hope he does.


It would be hilarious if he used “special veio” and then he was the renom!

Go Ika Go


Duh thats “veto|, sorry
Duh, which way to we go Dillon, which way Duh ???


Dre’s playing all sides… Wow

Emily's revenge on Dillon

Emily gets Dillon back

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Where do Karen learn that langage? She cannot make 2 sentences without the F word. It’s not sexy on a teenager, and worst for a mother of that age that knows she’s on tv. Sorry but I cannot stand her.