“Oh my god Kevin if we can get her to self evict”

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11:00am Kevin and Bruno
Bruno – from here you can do good
Kevin – I haven’t given up on you
Bruno – I don’t think we can get the votes.. we’ll have to go with the self evict plan
Kevin – I’ll drive Karen crazy, I can do that..
Bruno – Oh my god Kevin if we can get her to self evict
They laugh that they have to bring Karen back to where she was yesterday.
They agree if there was 1 person they could pull off getting to the end with it would be Karen.
Kevin mentions how Karen is saying she’s a super fan yet is so quit to want to self evict.
Bruno says that Karen told him yesterday that she never liked their talks together.
Bruno laughs – I really enjoyed them
Adds he put in 60 hours of time in Shuswap talk with Karen
Kevin – it was all for nothing..
Kevin – I could get her going in 30 seconds..
Bruno – she’s obsessed
Kevin – I don’t understand What I did to deserve it
Bruno wonders how Karen will do outside of the house. (with the fans etc)
Kevin – it’s not just a game for her
Bruno – she’s been trying out since she was 48
Bruno brings up that yesterday she had “that look in her eyes”
Kevin – I personally have nothing against her
Kevin says William told him more about the veto and the clues. It started with the cleaning task.
Kevin – he was changing the garbage it was in the garbage in the pantry.
Bruno – how does that door work
Kevin – there’s a button on the wall paper

Bruno – they would be crazy to get out Karen..
Kevin – it might be good for Ika and Demetres
Bruno says Ika and Demetres want him out, they talked about it yesterday.
Kevin – Dre doesn’t want you to stay.
Bruno says they could have gone the other way went to Dillon, William and Jackie got the votes but Ika/Demetres already roped in Jackie.
Bruno says because Demetres put up Karen it shows to Jackie there’s trust, “jackie believes them they’ll keep her safe”
Kevin – but their not
Bruno adds that Dre has got Dillon now.
Bruno says right before he leaves he’ll whisper in Dillon’s Ear.. Do not trust Demetres and Ika
Bruno says he told Jackie and Ika they can trust Kevin.

Bruno – Ika, Demetres and Dre will never break apart.. They will take you out first.. and they have William their using
Bruno – Dre has Dillon locked in, Dillon has Karen locked in. Jackie is now stuck to them.
Bruno – Dre is in the best spot, Dre has Dillon, Dre has Ika, Dre has Demetres, Dre has William. To get her out is going to be hard.
Bruno adds even if she’s on the block she has the people that trust her voting to keep her
Bruno – She’ll have to sit beside Ika to get her out.. Even with that.. People will get Ika out, Sheโ€™ll be so hard to get out.. She has the numbers everywhere around her.
Bruno sitting beside Dillon, Ika, Jackie they all go. Maybe beside Karen.
Kevin wonders if Dre could win in a lot of final 2’s
They agree she would.
Bruno points out Demetres, Ika, Dillon, William won’t go after Dre.
Bruno – four out of 8 people will not go after her. She doesn’t have to win shit. even if she’s on the block she has the numbers to stay..
Bruno says they have to set Kevin up for when he leaves.
Kevin says he hasn’t given up on Bruno yet.

11:30am Bruno and Ika Bathroom

Dre telling Jackie she wants to call Ika out on her BS.
Dre says Ika is the “stereotype of the black women” if she ever had a fight with Ika it would get Ugly/disgusting.
Dre doesn’t want 2 black women to fight on TV especially with one of them being Ika.

Dre and Ika talk about Jackie being cursed. Ika – she’s cursed. I’ll be around her but I need protection. Dre – I hear you. Ika – Its weird because Bruno has been campaigning and I was talking to Kevin to feel him out and I was like maybe we should keep Bruno just to see where he was at and the vibe I got from him was he didn’t say it but he was like yeah that would be great. But I got the vibe that he really wants Bruno gone. Dre – really?! Ika – MMMmmHHHhhh.. I think he thinks that Bruno leaving is better for his game because me and Demetres are big targets and he has this protection of me, you, Demetres, William. I think he feels more bitter about that.

Bruno and Kevin in the Hot Tub
Hot Tub marathon

Karen and Kevin Hot Tub Rational Conversation.

Kevin & Bruno in the storage room. Kevin tells Bruno about the robot hand that came out from the wall in the storage room giving William a clue to the hidden veto. Bruno – that’s sick! That’s so sick! That’s sick! That’s crazy.

Dre and Dillon in the storage room. Dre – okay, listen to me. I don’t think Kevin said half of the things that they said he’s said. This could f**k up my game right now but you know I trust you and I hope you trust me. But I don’t think Kevin said half of the things they’re saying that he said. Right now what is happening is that they’re big targets and they want to make sure if ever you win, you don’t come after them but you go after Kevin. Dillon – right, right. Please just be smart! I know I told you I wouldn’t be able to do it. Dillon – what are you talking about. Dre – I’m going left and right, left and right not knowing what’s happening. I just feel like I don’t what you to do a stupid move and if that costs me my game… okay, I’m going to be out but I just don’t want you to be fooled. Kevin didn’t say half of the things they said he said. Dillon – you don’t think so? Dre – no, I know he didn’t. Dillon – why, why. Dre – because I know. Ika was just in here and she said we had to pull Dillon to tell him Kevin said those things so he comes after them. I know its messing you up. Dillon – are you using me? Dre – I swear, I swear she just told me to pull Dillon in and tell him all these things that Kevin’s been saying so that to make sure he goes after Kevin. I swear. I know you were already going after Kevin but they said that I just felt like you were going to get played again. Dillon – I need you. Dre – I know, but I wouldn’t be able to put them on the block. Dillon – So, I’m supposed to do it but you’re not going to? Dre – I might, I might do it. They’re dangerous. Kevin is freaking dangerous, he’s sneaky. They’re right everything they’re saying about him is right. Dillon – they’re right. Dillon – just sleep on it. Dre – its just more and more I’m seeing how they operate. Kevin did not say half the things that she said he said. She said I was there! I wasn’t there Dillon, I wasn’t there. I wasn’t, I’ll swear to whatever you want me to. If you or I win HOH we have to think about who we would put up.

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I’m gonna miss kevin and bruno <3


Yea, I’m really gonna miss Kevin pretending to be gay all season just to win $100K…. Not. Both these tools have had the worst game play this season. Good riddance.


He’s not “pretending” to be gay. Haven’t you ever met bisexual people? Or someone that realize is attracted to the other sex later in life?

He was genuin with Pilly and he’s really liking William.

I don’t understand why so many people think is doing that for money.


Doubt it! In real life Kevin wouldn’t even look twice at William. If William falls into Kevin’s trap, which it already looks like he has, his game is over!


Lol what’s there to miss they are pretty much wallpapers.


imagine how much better this season would be if we still had dallas and cassandra instead of say Dillion and and Karen..


I like Dre. She’s growing on me.


She’s growing on me too….like a fungus.


I don’t understand all the hate on Dre – she seems like the most genuine out of all players.


There’s talk right now in the live feeds about keeping Bruno. ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s hope yet!!


Yes dre call out ika!


No Jackie needs to tell Ika that Dre has been pushing to get them OUT Ika/Dem ! Ika needs to know Dre is NOT loyal to her.


yessss! Jackie is holding some live ammunition and she needs to let it detonate!


I keep trying to like Dre but she’s such a hypocrite regarding almost everything. I’ll her kudos, though; she’s protected from multiple angles. Dillon won’t put her up next week, Ika won’t put her up next week, William won’t put her up next week, Jackie won’t put her up next week… she’s basically safe right now. My favourites at the moment are Ika, Dillon and The Greek. I like Kevin, too, but his game hasn’t been my favourite this year.


this ika hoh this week!


I understand that BB is just a game but when Kevin goads Karen into blowing up that is just a form of bullying and rudeness. He is no better than Neda when she thought she could do and say anything no matter who it hurts. Remember when Neda bullied Sindy?
The woman just got blindsided by being put on the block by her own alliance. What would you do if this happened to you? When Kevin was on the block Karen didn’t go around poking fun at him. It made me so mad when Kevin was laughing with Bruno, Demetre, Ika And William about saying ” are you still my ride or die”. Sure Karen can be a bit of a nutball and doesn’t like Kevin but she has feelings and it was so mean of Kevin to say and do what he did and then continue to laugh and laugh about it . What if this was a relative of his, would Kevin like someone taking pokes at them or how would he like someone taking pokes at him and then finding this action so funny. Watching Kevin laugh so hard at what he said to Karen and then Bruno and him saying they would goad Karen into self-evicting is slimy and heartless for anybody. I hope karma comes back and bites both Bruno and Kevin in the ass by sending both their asses to the jury. Rant over!!!!!!


Umm, I don’t know what show you’re watch but Karen has been awful towards Kevin this entire season when the most Kevin has said about her is “It’s okay. I don’t dislike her.”

This was literally the first time he had finally had enough and decided to throw a jab back, and then you’re calling bully? Huhhh?

Most people would have stuck up for themselves FAR sooner. Even her own kids are on twitter saying that their Mother will look back at this and feel bad for the way she’s treated him and that for some reason Karen feels like he is apart of every negative thing in the house even when he isn’t.


Bullshit and don’t bring her kids into this unless you absolutely know that it is her kids on Twitter ! Obviously a hate for Karen and no compassion .


Karen was the one goading Kevin. Him asking if their final two was still on was AFTER Karen purposely trying to get him worked up and calling him stupid. He had finally had enough and decided to take a jab back. This was also following an entire season of treating him like garbage for no reason I might add.


Karen is the Worst!


I don’t know if you watch the same show as me. Karen is crazy bulling Kevin all the time she hates him. The way she’s managing this nomination is very bad. She’s acting like if everyone are against her. It wasn’t the case until she started her craisinest. Why would Kevin and Bruno use that situation. I saw many times dre and Dillon telling her to keep it quiet. She did the opposite. I would vote her out. She’s out of control. A man would act like this, he would be hated.


Dre or Ray Ray doesn’t have the balls to confront Ika


Talk about spilling the tea, Ika is an idiot. She talks way too much about everything and everyone, gloating, bragging and totally giving away all her moves and exposing her game. What a fool.


Sadly, most of the poeple in the house don’t see it… or are just starting now to realize it.

I was thinking recently that she might be a good player but… her game will blow up in her face soon.

You need to know when to shut up. She doesn’t understand that.

Ian's Beer

Ika hasn’t met a mirror she doesn’t like ๐Ÿ™‚ Her game is going to implode on her, hopefully soon!

Club H.O.H

I think Karen if she stays would be the one to put up Dre if she won HOH and call her out. Dre needs to go. I liked her but seeing her talk like she’s a boss when she hasn’t even won anything or put anyone on the block herself. Sometimes I wish they did a post big brother reunion show after they’ve seen themselves and to see Ika react once she sees Dre for what she really is! Any clues on BBUS? Jason Roy said on a interview be on the look out for something real soon and that was a response to a fan saying she misses seeing him on TV.


Oh PLEASE DRE, do call out IKA – NOT. Dre doesn’t have the balls to call out Ika. She is all talk and no bite, as in her talks with Dillon. Ika is now catching on to Dre and her sly ways and another WAR is brewing inside that House. Ika got her way the first time with Neda and I imagine she will get her way again this time, because William will choose Kevin over Dre all that needs to happen is Dre and kevin on the block together and it’s bye bye Dre !!! Mark my words – Dre started scheming to soon, against Ika and it is going to backfire on her !!!


Strategically, Dre is playing well. She is playing like Maggie, building a fortress around herself.