Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Those f**kers got lucky! Fake Double Eviction!”

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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8:45am The house guests are waking up for the day. Out in the hot tub room. Kelsey tells Jared you guys (Cassandra & Jared) have to make up. Jared says I don’t care, we have to make up every day. We’re in a group of caddy people and she’s being caddy. (Cassandra) Jared says I don’t care what she does. You need to make face with Maddy. She would like to be your friend. Kelsey says now she wants to be my friend. I do feel kind of bad for Maddy because she is miserable right now.

Outside the high roller room – Cassandra and Kelsey are talking about Maddy. Kelsey says if she’s mean to you don’t be mean just keep being nicer. Cassandra says I have been nice. If you ever see me being sassy just tell me. Kelsey says Jared is just trying to help you. Cass says its Jared’s way or the highway. I’m sick of it. Cass says Jared needs to get over last week. He needs a reality check! I’m not sinking to her level. I’m not even going to argue with him because he will never see it from our side. Kelsey says maybe you guys just need to take time away today. Just understand he is looking out for your best interest. Cass says its disrespectful. He will never see where I am coming from, or you. Kelsey says one of us needs to win HOH next week because if one of them win, we’ll be going up.

9:30am Hot Tub – Maddy, Mitch and Ramsey are talking. Maddy asks Mitch if he has a plan in motion? Mitch says not really but I have some ideas. Maddy says you have a 3 vote head start. Mitch says they have a 5 vote head start. Right now there’s no point in even talking to the brothers because they’re afraid they’ll go up. Mitch says they think they have Joel and after this week they will. Maddy says f**k no, I’m going to talk to him. Those f**Kers got lucky. Fake double eviction. Mitch says part of the game.

Kelsey says that they (brothers) haven’t been on the block once and its what like week 6. They’re such powerful players and somehow they’re flying under the radar. Kelsey says the Brothers and Cassandra are selfish players. She says last week she saw them talking to Dallas saying Raul & Jared in every conversation. Kelsey says her main target would be the Brothers. She says she can’t trust them and thinks they would definitely target Jared. Kelsey says coming back in knowing the info about Mitch she was planning to work with him for a few weeks but after Raul spilled the beans it made this week’s move happen. Kelsey tells Raul that someone from the audience had shouted to Loveita “Don’t trust the Brothers”. Raul yells Oh my god!!

10:30am Hot Tub room – Kelsey tells Jared that she’s decided if she wins HOH next week she is going to put up Cass and the bothers. Jared says I would do that too. Kelsey says and obviously the brothers would be the target. Jared says that Cass proved to me that Cass is not a leader or a follower.

11:10am – 12:23pm Big Brother tells the house guests to go to the HOH room for a lock down and then blocks the feeds.

Power Of Veto Ceremony Results:

Jared did not use the veto. Mitch & Joel remain on the block for eviction.

12:23pm Hot Tub room – Raul tells Jared and Kelsey it pisses me off that he said those words. I have never said something like that to him. Jared says I don’t think I would ever talk to him again if I were you. I’ve been giving him (Mitch) my true friendship. Jared says it just goes to show you that everything that Kelsey told us is true. I think we all wanted to believe that it wasn’t true but it is true ..1000%! Raul says I feel dumb for giving him my friendship! Jared says don’t worry we’ll get him out this week. Kelsey says we better. He is going to with every fibre in his being if we don’t get him out. Jared says I’m not scared if he stays then we just keep playing ball. My heart was pounding and my heart dropped to the floor. Kelsey says mine was too. After it was done I was like that was crazy! He didn’t want to take the four of us till the end. It was all a lie. He’s lying! (Mitch said in his POV Ceremony speech that he did want to take Raul, Kelsey and Jared to the final 4) Kelsey and Jared agree this is going to be a stressful week.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-04 09-24-21-008

12:40pm Mitch talks to Ramsey after the POV ceremony. Mitch says the will win this game. And watch they’ll work on Joel now. If they have Joel they have their fourth. That’s why I was with them. Four person probability is just so high. Ramsey says they have Cass, they have the brothers, they have options. There is definitely going to be a line drawn after this week. Mitch says hopefully its against them. I’ve never seen a triple threat before. I know the brothers have seen the show and know how far showmances get. If we can get to be a 6-4 vote then I will remain their target. I’m willing to be their target if it means I get to stay another week.

12:50pm By the pool table. Mitch talks to Maddy. Maddy says for you to say they are fake that was perfect because they literally are fake with everyone in the house. Mitch says they are not afraid to lie. If I get HOH I will say yes you are going up. Minimize your lies. Maddy says Kelsey and Jared want me and Ramsey to trust them so much. Mitch says because they want to pit you against the brothers. Mitch tells Maddy to watch how hard they work Joel now because they know they need him after this week. Joel will go to who is in power.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-04 09-51-48-882

Kelsey is complaining about Mitch’s POV speech and how everything he said wasn’t true. Cassandra says don’t worry about it. We’re all voting him out anyway. It was the complete opposite of the Mitch we’ve seen before. It was kind of scary. Like you’re going to be like a doctor and cut us out of here. (Mitch called them the cancer of the house)

1:20pm Storage room – Jared tells Nikki that he had no idea Mitch could be so malicious and lash out like that. Rude things are said. At the end of the day its just a game. He called us cancer and I take offence to that because there are a lot of people that suffer from cancer. Its just a game. Don’t pass judgement on him because he lashed out. Next Tim complains that the TV’s don’t work and Cass complains that she doesn’t get enough TV time. They think they’re now going to show Cass on the TV all the time. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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I’m glad the house is finally seeing the Mitch we have been watching for 39 days.


Yeah, Mitch the mastermind. It’s too bad it had to be such a twist to open their eyes. Cudos to you Mitch!


Love would have come into the game and played with Jared and clan so nobody should be to upset that Kelsey came in. The only difference is Love would not have put up Joel. This stupid twist screwed Mitch over so bad. BBC always seems to get it wrong in the timing of their “twists”. This is the week that I would have rather seen Mitch and the next person saved. Love, just so wanted to be with the “cool” group. Can’t wait for Canada to be HOH … Jared is so up ………. but will they vote him out? What’s with that?


Please give concrete examples that support the idea of Loveita wanting to be part of the “cool kids”(gag) group? She put them (Kelsey) up week one? She subsequently hid from them the majority of her stay? Loveita liked Joel, Nikki, and Mitch.. even Ramsey…so nope don’t see it. We won’t ever know how she would have played if she was voted in but I can bet it would have changed the house dynamics (drama and equal playing field) and things may not have flopped as hard as they are right now. Anyway there’s still some time left, here’s to hoping things pick up..lol


Cass was in the pantry with Raul and Kelsey saying how could Mitch say things he said in his POV speech and went to the pink room to tell Tim how amazing Mitch’s speech was and Tim agreed. lol


What a stupid move for BB,those three are going to rule the house,I don’t think it was fair for anyone going back in there with so much information on the house guests,they have screwed everyone’s game except those three,can’t stand them.Oh by the way thanks to the brothers for taking Jarad off the block last week,stupid move.


So Mitch is already on the campaign trail. And what is Joel doing? Sitting back and looking weak. The time to look weak on the block has passed. What hope does Joel actually have? If he told Maddy and Ramsey that Mitch wanted Dallas and Maddy on the block instead of Kelsey and Raul during his hoh, would it help? If he told Tim Mitch has been working on a plan to get rid of Tim would it help (the back door plan)? Who knows, because he’ll probably just sit back and let Mitch talk while he does nothing. Joel will be a victim of the growing anti-3headmonster sentiment, just as Dallas was a victim of a Nikki and Tim argument.


Bringing Kelsey or Loveita back into the game is a terribly unfair play by BB. They have done this before and the one reason I do not like BB Canada (yes I am Canadian). Mitch was playing a great game, and although not one of my favourites, I had to appreciate what he was doing. Kelsey, a lame player at best came right back in and has exposed his game and obviously didn’t learn how to play the game any better up to this point. She will stick by Jared till she once again gets evicted, or he wins the game. He already told her, and rightly so, she will not win against him because she has had a 2nd chance to play. She is not trying to align herself with the brothers or anyone else to do the deed against Jared. She plans on getting rid of the brothers next, so there will be no competition for Jared down the line. Every time I have turned on the live feeds I find her in a room with Jared and Raul. Some people never learn.

Big brother lover

The only reason Mitch is on the block is because Raul is an idiot and couldn’t keep his mouth shut. She wanted to play with Mitch for a few weeks.


BB’s interference annoys me. They set it up to have Kelsey return. Mitch was playing an awesome game, I don’t like how they interfere so much to change the outcome of the game. They should have allowed Dallas to choose who returns. Or they should have had Dallas, Loveita and Kelsey battle it out to re-enter the game. Giving it to the HG’s was irritating and predictable.

sunny dee

funny, wasn’t mitch one of the ones who didn’t want loveita back in the house? hard to tell from the show, because they edit it in a way that is opposite to what actually happens, but it seems to me that everyone got on personal feelings to get kelsey back, and ignored the reality that that still added up to 3. i guess mitch did not want kelsey back, as in he wanted her out in order to wedge in closer to raul, which totally worked out as it happens. with kelsey back, and he got pushed out, but kelsey back with the info that he realized loveita also knew, all worked out badly for him.

as a POV speech tho, how does that help him at all. he alerts the other side to know that he was never working with them when they thought he was ?? lol




I’m getting as frustrated with Kelsey’s game logic as I was getting with Loveita’s at times. Yes getting rid of the brothers would be to you and your alliances’s benefit. However, why the the BB gods names would you give them the chance to pull themselves off the block with a potential Veto win? Why not put up two pawns and BD the brothers? I can feel Mitch’s frustration here because I’d be such a logical player. I wouldn’t be heartless, but you do need to steel yourself sometimes to make the moves that are best for your game. Btw, just a little tip, when talking to other players stop saying “the three of us.” Are you trying to make your targets bigger?

I can’t wait to see Mitch’s POV speech, it sounds utterly controversial (cancer talk is a bit extreme). I love that he’s actually playing the game though while meanwhile Joel is still trying to play his victim card. Joel it’s week 6. People no longer care who has polite manners, and looks nonthreatening. Everyone is starting to think about the end of the game, and there’s only a little over a month left. People are about ti start dropping like flies in that house.

Joel only has himself to blame for attempting to align with the absolutely WRONG people (Loveita and Dallas) and making a move against T3W alliance TOO soon. I still don’t understand why the people floating in the middle didn’t juts get rid of the Dallas side of the house and then gang up on the T3W with a heavy numerical advantage.


Lovita and Kelsey spend one week together. Loveita exposes Mitch’s game to Kelsey. Kelsey enters the house and spills the beans to Jared and Raul. Raul calls out Mitch and Mitch ends up on the block. Who is to blame here? BBCAN Production, of course! Had it not been any twist, Mitch would have sat pretty in the game for weeks to came because he knows the ins and outs of the game. But this twists has exposed his game and he is about to be evicted. It reminds me of how Bruno got evicted last year also with the “help” of a twists. Every player should benefit of equal chances, but BB favors some at the expense of others. Sad to watch this . ..


BB’s interference annoys me. They set it up to have Kelsey return. Mitch was playing an awesome game, I don’t like how they interfere so much to change the outcome of the game. They should have allowed Dallas to choose who returns. Or they should have had Dallas, Loveita and Kelsey battle it out to re-enter the game. Giving it to the HG’s was irritating and predictable.

It really annoys me how Loveita threw her alliances under the bus immediately in order to help Kelsey, with whom she fought since the beginning. Why?

BB wanted Kelsey back in the house and developed a plan to return her. I wish they would not interfere so much!!!!!