Big Brother Canada 4 April 3 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, DAllas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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Ready for BB18 even more now…..


Is it just me, or does it look like Mitch is subtly pulling a Maddy on Raul (the new Ramsey?). the almost cuddling body position on the couch? when did they EVER do that before Mitch went on the block?


So Kelsey, clearly, influenced by Love comes in a different person, but what she fails to realize is that her alliance WASN’T going to be any different. Raul was still not going to have a clue, and Jared was still going to be pig headed. Right off the bat, Raul blows their cover. They’re doomed. So all of this week was a waste. They brought the wrong person back. Not surprising since it certainly appears that Mitch and Joel are the only two with any sense of the game in the house. Say what you will about the Bros, they are SO toned down compared to everyone else in the house. Looks like Tim is finally starting to clue in to what the rest of the house guests think of him, and to his shocker it’s not just Nikki that is perceived as irrelevant. If anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, Mitch can. Sorry Joel. But it all depends on how much Kelsey and Jared hate him this week and whether the rest of the house goes along with it.


Raul’s got a little crush happening…and his thinking is coming from the wrong direction

Maddys boyfriend

I’m done with this bitch.


Glad to see Kelsey back but the entire house should hit themselves in the arse for allowing it….

Go Kelsey…


everyone sucks

Good grief eh

I’m so disappointed that Loveita’s paranoia has led to Mitch being on the block. It’s too bad that people (in this case Raul) aren’t able to see the big picture. Mitch isn’t his enemy, at least not at the moment.


I think Mitch is the smartest one in there and most likely to win the game, so I think it’s a smart move to get him out


I’m sorry Kelsey, but wtf? You can not seriously think the brothers and Cass are with you, Jared, and Raul until final 5. They have been floating just the same as Mitch and Joel up till this point, and will turn on anyone to further their game. @_@ This is the absolute perfect time to get rid of the brothers who ARE going to win HOH very soon, and turn on you, Jared, and Raul so fast you’ll think what Mitch did was just being cute.

Screw entertaining and fun (I mean not wanting to get rid of Tim because he’s fun? Are you kidding?). I’d ensure I was in a house full of Maddy’s if it meant my chances of winning 500k were greatly increased. I just don’t see how getting rid of Mitch benefits T3W at all? There are so many other people in the house who will come after them unless they plan to alternate winning HOH every week.

If Mitch does go this week, it’ll be a shame, but if he manages to survive this week then he seriously deserves to win. And if noms stay the same, I’ll happily see Joel to see what other kinds of machinations Mitch can cook up.

Surprisingly I see Ramsey in the best position in the house. Even if he’s up against Maddy it sounds like people will vote for him to stay. T3W will definitely want to hold onto him, and Phil and Cass will be pawing at him as well (but Ramsey can’t stand Cass as of now). As of now I see Ramsey going to at least final 6 if not farther.


feeds r boring….no game talk. Unless u count mitch flirting and guilting raul (who as of now has no power as jared won pov and he ain’t taking snitch off the block).


Mitch has to go before the troops go after the third wheel.
He is the catalyst in this BB4.
Knock him out and its a Free For All
a lot say “I Give Up on BB”
but we all come back to see
its the Game


So Maddy and Ramsey are kissing now. Guess he couldn’t hold back any longer.


I’m going to say a little prayer for Mitch tonight, but as far as I see it Mitch definitely still has a chance to stay this week even if the Veto isn’t used.

Option 1) Mitch aligns with Tim. These two are probably the most dangerous HG at this point in time. They’ve been eyeing each other for awhile now, and have been in what can best be described as a cold war. If these two paired up it’d be like a Derrick/Andy and Dr. Will alliance. If Mitch is able to convince Tim to keep him then Cassandra’s and the Brother’s vote will not be too difficult to gain either. Mitch can also emotionally appeal to Maddy and Ramsey that he worked his butt off last week to ensure that Maddy stayed in he game and they really owe him one. Nikki’s vote for Mitch to stay is all but guaranteed. That alone gives Mitch 6 votes to stay with the only two people voting against him being Kelsey and Jared. (For those that are not fans of T3W alliance making a run to final 3 this is probably a favored Option).

Option 2) Mitch continues to guilt trip Raul. He can attempt to present a logical case to Raul, Kelsey, and Jared that it is in their best interest to keep him. Suggest that even if they feel like they can’t trust him that they have other people in the house they can trust even less. In this scenario he needs to convince Jared and Kelsey (as voters) that people like Joel WILL come after them again and they have no idea when an instant eviction or triple eviction could take place. In the same fasion as Option 1) Mitch would appeal to Maddy’s and Ramsey’s since of indebtedness. Mitch would have Nikki, Jared, Kelsey, Maddy, and Ramsey’s votes secured in this scenario. (For those who are fans of T3W alliance dominating the game then this is probably a favored Option).

I was thinking of a few others, but this post is long enough lol.


And its a wrap folks, I’m done with this season, and goodnight 😉


Kelsey sure does spend a lot of time talking about someone she doesn’t like, who is so negative. We see in others what is worst in us……Just sayin’, Kelsey sure isn’t a barrel of laughs.


Looks like necrophilia. Gross, especially with the lighting on Maddy’s pumpkin head.


I really enjoyed watching Jared Kelsey and Raul in the HOH together. I was laughing along with them having fun. It was a good clip!
I don’t mind that Kelsey is back in the house. I feel that Tim and Nikki have gone a little quiet. I don’t feel as bad for Mitch as everyone else does. He was playing both sides and isn’t this why people started to not like Dallas. (game wise). I think they will have another time to get out Mitch and they should get rid of Joel. I don’t think they will have another chance to do so and hes going to slip by and then they will be Farked.
Glad Maddy is in that room blah blah blahing away.

I forgot that Kelsey use to flirt with Phil and maybe this is why he gets on Jared’s nerves. Even though Phil is nice pretty much. Well not to his brother but…..


mitch and joel needed to be nommed week 1 !!!! I cant believe you all have no game sense , its a solid as fuck move


Raul stroking Mitch’s leg in that video… Best of luck to Mitch. I hope he can rally enough votes to stay but I doubt Raul can help him get those votes so he is better off spending his energy elsewhere. Also enjoyed the french conversation between Nick and Joel about slop. Man, I hate that Mitch and Joel are the ones on the block.


I was on the fence about the brothers being French-Canadians but I had no idea that Joel was french-speaking (is he French (Europe) or did he learned it?) and Yes I did enjoy that video as well.


I had high expectations for Ramsey in the begginning of the season, but he’s putting more attention to Maddy than the game. I hope he get HOH next week to redeem himself.


Ok Kelsey so what happened to targeting Tim? Why all this “I want to keep Tim” now? She’s the same as when she left. I hate production!


Ramsey to Mitch: I think Tim’s going to want you to stay in the game because I know Tim sees them (3rdwheel) getting closer together..
Mitch: I’ve worked out.. and I’ll tell everyone about this in the next few days, that I worked out the actual probabilities of everyone winning. There’s a law in math called ‘the law of combined probabilities’ and you can calculate when groups form, their odds of winning in a different way – against you and right now when I’m gone,
Ramsey: Did you study this before you came in or no?
Mitch: I studied it in school
Ramsey: But for this show? or no?
Mitch: No no, I studied it in school cause it’s used like… Biologists or.. evolutionary biologists can use it to understand how systems work when groups form. You know what I mean? Like who is more likely to survive.
Ramsey: You actually might be one of the fucking craziest players in all of BB history!!
Mitch: don’t say anything yet because I don’t want them to freak out, but like, straight up, next round, as a group of three that we KNOW is unbreakable, they have a TEN TIMES more likely chance to win this game than everyone else in the game.
Ramsey: Oh my God!!
Mitch: But I need some jelly beans or something to explain to everyone how the math works.


The house was SO stupid to agree to bring back Kelsey. They’ve recreated the most powerful alliance in the house, and now everyone is – for some reason – clamouring to work with them rather than against them. They’re going to blow through the house, and they’re literally my three most disliked houseguests this year (Raul, Kelsey, Jared.) The game is going to get very boring very quickly… if Kelsey or Raul win HOH next week, the game is going to go downhill really fast. I’m praying Tim or Nicki can pull off an HOH win.


At the end of the day, Mitch is really good strategist for this part of the game and if he doesn’t get evicted he really is the mastermind.


Although I am not a fan of Mich, he was playing a good game, al la the rat Andy (BB15 US), until Loveita blew it up for him. I wonder why she did that. And pretty much the first minute they got into the suite. Was it a case of proving she was maybe one-up on the Kelsey alliance? Or was she hoping to pull info out of Kelsey with that little bomb? Did she do it to help Joel? Whatever the reason she threw someone that was ‘with her’ under the bus. Now Mich’s game is exposed to the whole house due to a production twist. Not sure if I agree with production messing so heavily in game play. Kinda puts a dampener on strategic play. Whats the point of talking to everyone and placing yourself in a good position with everyone when it can all be exposed so blatantly to the rest of the house? You never know who is watching…..


I felt like that too, but then I remembered when BB screwed with Topaz and shared her thoughts with the whole house…the difference is, I didn’t like Topaz, but I like Mitch….I am really not a fan of people who don’t even understand the concept of the game. Doesn’t Raul know that only two people sit in front of the jury, and only one wins BB? He is in a three person alliance, duh.


Kelsey was fake to Loveita in the first days of suite and when she realized Loveita is basically making a plan for her to come back she made her her bff all of the sudden. Let’s just remind ourselves that Kelsey didn’t even know what is a backdoor…such a casting fail…Even if she gets Mitch out she’ll never be the ”BB player”, nor will Raul and Jared just screwed himself over but still has a good chance of getting somewhere


Since the powers that be (TPTB) chose to interfere with the game and that resulted in the two best strategists ending up on the block when their production pet returned (Kelsey) isn’t it only fair that TPTB also try to help Mitch/Joel stay via that jackpot twist?

I’m in shock the house picked Kelsey and this week only showcased how dumb that move was especially with Raul winning HOH & Jared winning POV. Now they are barracaded in the HOH room BFF’s again looking down upon the rest of the lowly house. People forget that during Jared’s HOH reign Cass offered to throw HOH so Sharry & Lovita would end up on slop as well as the block. This feels similar with Raul being petty & putting Joel both on the block and as a have not. He is a bitter, emotional player. The house must be quickly recognizing what a horrible mistake they made.

All Mitch needs to do is convince Jared he was just playing the game but always had their backs first or get Raul to say he’ll keep them in the event of a tie. He will definitely have Nikki, Maddy, Ramsay and the Brothers so he only needs to sway one more vote.

How ironic will it be if the first week Kelsey returns the one player she promised Lovita to protect (Joel) ends up leaving! Also rather interesting to see how mean and aggresive Jared “the supposed nice guy next door” got towards Raul. I mean I get that Raul should have kept his mouth shut but attacking him like that was NOT a good look for Jared.

Well BBCan4 this was a real Cluster F–k … way to ruin a season by making sure your highshool cliche get reunited and one of the only 2 strategists leave it.


I just wanted to say the BB after dark tonight is quite a good one in my opinion. I have watched them all from the beginning and they were mostly ok, but tonight everyone seems a lot more real. 4 people are on slop and they are visibly exhausted from it. Because of that they are really dropping their facade and being quite real.

Give it a go if you’ve never watched it before. It’s available on torrent sites. The episode is 4 apr 2016. Let me know if i’m just drunk of whether I am making some sense.


I really hope Joel convinces Jared to take him off the block. The look on Raul’s face would be priceless.


I am just wondering why Raul was the only person in the HOH competition who used two hands to hold the platform. I am wondering if he cheated or Maddy & Nikki are just dumb. I wonder if there is any way to find out the rules for the competition? Big Brother Canada is not nearly as good as Big Brother USA and that is hard to say being Canadian. BBCan production interferes way too much and the people they choose to go into the house have been subpar at best. You have a couple people who are intelligent and game savvy but then you have a bunch of fillers who were clearly only chosen for their looks.

As for this week I think Mitch is smart enough to get the votes to stay. Joel is too passive to really fight to stay.