Power of Veto Ceremony results “These boys want me out”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tyler did not use the Veto Nominations hold.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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10:47 am Nicole and Dani
Da’Vonne comes in says she just asked Tyler if he would use he veto and he said no.
Dani – after this you me and Christmas we need to start being best friends again
Dani – I feel like she really liked me.. you know how she is she likes the camaraderie and stuff.
Dani – I’m sick of hanging out with so many people.
Nicole – the last season I played I didn’t want to hang out with Victor and now that I’m here that’s all I want to do
Dani – you didn’t like him at all?
Nicole – yeah.. just give me one day to hang out with him in here.
Dani – you always liked hanging out didn’t you?
Nicole – I did. I liked hanging out with him. Corey was really weird about it so I had to be really careful
Dani – he was weird with you hanging out with VIC?
Nicole – ohh yeah. Even after the show he was like..
Dani – ohh because Vic liked you
Nicole – after the show I wasn’t allowed to talk to him
Dani – that’s really weird..

Dani whispers something that is hard to hear.. “I’ll be honest with you… doesn’t have a shot” (Think she was talking about Da’vonne)
Nicole – without making us look desperate
Dani – not just that without us going against people I am not willing to do that. People being Cody and Stuff.
Nicole – COdy wanted her out but he let Bayleigh go. If we push it again.
Dani – he’s wanted her out for a really long time

11:05 am Nicole and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – these boys want me out
Nicole – why though
Da’Vonne – there’s something with David and Tyler. these boys want me out
N – doesn’t make sense to me at all.. like.. I would think they want Kevin out and not you. I’m going to talk to them and i’ll let you know.
N – ohh my gosh.. so stressful. We’ll have fun this week regardless..
Da’Vonne – I’m going to have lotsa lotsa fun ..

11:18 am Christmas tells Tyler and Cody that Memphis may have told Kevin he’s safe this week.

12:04 pm Feeds go to pound puppies

1:04 pm Feeds back..

Tyler didn’t use the veto Christmas didn’t use her power and now it is expired.

1:38 pm Da’Vonne and Kevin
Da’Vonne – I know people that are watching this supporting me are like Da’Vonne don’t give up fight ..
Da’Vonne – I’m not just going to roll over and die.. but I’m not kissing a$$.. I’m not..
Dani joins them.
Da’Vonne – you look pretty in this orange.
Kevin complains about sucking and not being a good Representative of LGBTQIAZ+
Dani says Kaycee is if not the best one of the best female players to play this game
Kevin – she won against a DUDE.. finals it’s hard to beat..
They talk about Cody playing two sides of the house Nicole/Dani/Enzo/Tyler
Da’Vonne says things are going to get ugly.
Kevin – I hope Nicole doesn’t get burnt twice she’s going to get roasted.

Da’Vonne – On my previous seasons people feel in love with me because of how real and raw I was.. how I was unapologetic Da’Vonne and relatable.
Da’Vonne – I had people writing me letters saying Da’Vonne you helped me find my voice. you encouraged me to stand up to my bullies. you encouraged me to find my inner strength
Kevin – one of those letters came from me..
they laugh
Da’Vonne – I come in this season and I do the complete opposite and it’s draining.. draining me.. How can I stand up and preach don’t be afraid to have a voice.. and I come in her and put a muzzle on mine.
Da’Vonne – I’m drained acting like I’m part of the peasantry while the royal kingdom.. like I’m sick (we all are)
Da’Vonne – me with this mask it was only a matter of time before it falls off.. what really pissed me off is Memphis with this whole plan.
Kevin – It’s so insulating
Da’Vonne – this was a terrible plan
Kevin – and I get it you guys have to play along but it’s all insulating
Kevin – ohh thank you oh my god you’re saying there’s a chance .. oh my god (impersonating)
Da’Vonne – I had made a vow I am not talking to him no more.. I’m not campaigning i’m not talking to any of y’all because all you guys do is take that and make it a joke.
Da’Vonne- I saw how you guys made fun of Keesha, how you guys make fun of him (Kevin), I saw how you guys made fun of Janelle, Kaysar.. how they made fun of everybody.. they shitted on Ian for playing the game. I watched it. they’re not doing that to me.. F*** them.
Da’Vonne – they are going to look really bad.
Kevin – it’s not a good look you guys are in power and you shit on people.. It’s not a good look.. it’s like laughing in the storage room at people just trying to get by.
Da’Vonne – if when I’m out. You’re probably going in the double (Kevin) and I think you are right behind (Dani). David has surpassed you on the scale.
Da’Vonne says Kevin needs to win HOH and protect Dani and Nicole
Da’Vonne – Enzo is going to be Enzo’d because Hayden and Lane will be sitting in the final 2 if y’all let them.

Da’Vonne says last week should have gone smooth. She asks maybe her and Tyler are working together and that is why.
Da’Vonne – that’s how it looks.. either you are okay with Ian being sacrificed because you are working with Tyler or your allies f**ed you
Ian – I was not okay with either one of them. (Kevin, Ian going)
Dani – Tyler, Screwed you and me for no reason
Da’Vonne goes on about not giving Enzo/Tyler/Cody the satisfaction of her campaigning.
Da’Vonne – I might not even talk to David.

Da’Vonne says if by Wednesday night she feels she’s going she’ll download a lot of information to Dani. “get prepared”

2:05 pm Tyler and Cody
BRO BRO .. BRO.. YO YO.. That’s why you needed to win the veto it allowed me to have those conversations.. yo
Tyler – if I used the veto Day would be Dani and Nicole’s warrior.

2:11 pm Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da’Vonne – I know i’m out the door but I want to ask you one final time and I want you to be honest with me Nicole.
Da’Vonne – this vote.
Nicole – I did what I told you
Da’Vonne – you voted to keep Ian
N – yeah
Da’Vonne – Okay.. i’m only asking.. take the game out of it just me and Nicole talking I don’t want to look like sh1t for bashing David.. I’m talking about the outside world we have to worry about our community as well. I don’t want to be bashing him and be wrong
N – yeah I know.. I definitely kept Ian. I’m sure what David’s thins was .. whatever.. I’m going to talk to him
Da’Vonne – about it
N – yeah
They talk about Da’Vonnes speech apparently it got Cody offended. Da’Vonne goes on about how campaigning explains her reasons typed out above.
After Da’Vonne leaves..
Nicole alone – I’m going to tell her just have to find the right time..

3:01 pm Christmas and Memphis
Christmas – her speech confirmed COdy and Dani are the two she didn’t call out
They talk about who Da’Vonne called out.. Memphis – she said three people
Christmas – I’m telling your 100% i’m certain the three girls had an alliance since day one maybe even pre
Memphis – maybe.. I mean we’re about to nip it in the bud
Christmas – Enzo sees it too
Memphis – we don’t have to convince Enxzo of sh1t

Memphis says they have to talk with Enzo to be on the same page going into the double
Christmas – he’s open to suggestions .. Nicole is going to GUN for the first HOH in the double. It’s going to be quesitons so we need to be studying

2:12 pm Enzo and Christmas
Christmas – Nicole has been in the Dr so many times.. she’s not winning anything. Have you been studying?
Enzo says he does pretty good on his season..
Christmas – Nicole is sharp, Dani is sharp.. Da’Vonne thank god she’s leaving. I don’t know how Kevin is.. I’ve been studying I think I’m okay
Enzo – Cody is good with questions
Christmas – I feel safe with him this week
Enzo – you’re not going anywhere f** that.. I need you in this house end to end..
Christmas – now that we have Memphis we’re MONSTERS having a three person alliance
Enzo – we have to protect Memphis
Christmas – he’s the biggest target in the house right now
Enzo – I love running finding sh1t and coming back
Christmas – we have comics coming back
Enzo – there’s only 6 of us in the POV’s, we’re strong you, me and Memphis one of us is winning the POV.
Christmas says Da’Vonne still doesn’t know Nicole flipped that vote.
Christmas – what can happen is.. we let her know that Da’Vonne knows.
Enzo – Nicole?
Christmas – Da’Vonne thinks Nicole voted ian to stay which is why Da’Vonne doesn’t trust David
Christmas – If we let Nicole know or in the next day or to she found out that Nicole was lying about it she would be shook before the competition
Enzo – ohh .. that’s a good idea too .
they talk about how close Dani was to winning the Veto because she wanted it to use it on Da’Vonne.

3:19 pm Dani and Nicole
They’re talking about the seasons schedule. will there be 2 doubles or a double and a shortened week.
Nicole – all I was trying to do was cover my fault
Dani – it was a great game move what we did great.. then it turned into something else
Nicole – nobody will see it as a game move.. it’s personal at this point
Dani – when you say nobody who are you saying? Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David?
Nicole thinks everyone in the world “in here and out there”
Nicole – why didn’t we think about this it didn’t even come to mind
Dani says Da’Vonne tried to get David evicted “TWICE TWICE”
Nicole – I thought it was already broke.
Nicole – whats the plan
Dani – she’s going there’s no way around it.. I haven’t talked to anyone .. She’s going home
Dani – Christmas is pissed at her to.. she’s like feeling that she called her out .. I’m not think that she did
Nicole agrees says what she got from it is “Christmas got out of it because she was manipulated by the boys”
Nicole – we got to make sure Day doesn’t call him out on Thursday
Dani – that’s the goal

Dani – maybe I can talk to Tyler and have him sit down with Day and be like.. at the last minute be like I just want you to know David and I have had a final 2 or something.. I feel like he would do it.
Nicole – then she’ll call him (David) out
Dani – I don’t freaking know man
Nicole – that will make her mad
Dani – you can’t get mad at people for playing the game.
Nicole says they have to make sure it’s unanimous.
Dani – it will be

Nicole – I just can’t have her asking me this every day (Da’Vonne about the Ian vote)
Nicole – she doesn’t trust me that’s fine..
Dani – he’s adamant about it and also she doesn’t want to look stupid saying things that aren’t true. I’ve said it a million times one of everyone’s biggest fear is looking freaking stupid on this show.. nobody wants to look stupid
Nicole – She’s not going to look stupid
Nicole – she did make me feel like they weren’t close (David and Day) I never thought she would feel betrayed
Dani says they will say their peace on their goodbye messages. If they get to jury house they will talk to Da’Vonne about it in private (she’s going to be PISSED)
Dani – it got way out of hand

Dani – I think she’s going to blow up a lot of people’s games she doesn’t care anymore. She’s already accepted in her mind. She’s literally going to destroy everybody
Dani – she said the only people she cares about is you, me, Kevin. thats it
Nicole – great, today?
Dani – mmmhmmm
Dani – I have fought my butt this whole season to protect her.. I know I have.
Dani goes on about how she protected Da’Vonne all season even COdy would put out she’s getting to close.
Dani – it was never malicious we know that everyone knows that… every one

4:11 pm David and Kevin
Talking about the veto player picks
Kevin – did you talk to her why she didn’t chose you?
David – it’s obvious
Kevin – Okay
David – think of all the conversations we had.. her perspective of my game who I am working with and..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back.
David – in my eyes she trusted someone that flipped the vote. what I’m seeing is she chose someone that flipped and is maneuvering and manipulated this game to this point.
David – that’s why people are yelling at this house they were looking like what the f*** (there was another wall yeller today)

5:00 pm Workouts and Kevin’s bad reads

5:30 pm Memphis and Christmas
Memphis – I’m good enough with Kevin that I don’t have to promise him sh1t
Christmas – Kevin?
Memphis – David
Christmas says she’s trying to line it up that David takes the shot at the people they want him to take a shot at, “Over a Cody and Enzo”
Christmas goes on about how after Da’Vonnes speech she said to David “welcome to your first call out”
Memphis adds that Da’Vonne buried herself with that speech.
Memphis points out that Da’vonne had a chance but not after that speech, ‘Why do people do that?”
Memphis tells her to feed David the “Dani, Nicole Day thing”
Memphis says they need to keep Enzo off Davids list. says the one person that is on the list id Cody.
Memphis – feed him some information about Dani and he might bite.
Memphis says Enzo did mention putting up Kevin and DAvid but he also mentioned Nicole and Dani.
Christmas says if Kevin goes Enzo will go after the girls. “that’s really good for us”
Memphis – how is Cody feeling. I can’t help to think that he was somehow a part of that.. he’s not loyal to it. I do find it hard to believe he wasn’t. He was just playing it out to see how it rolled out.
Memphis wonders if after Kevin leaves who does COdy put up on the second half of the double.

5:46 pm Christmas and David
Christmas – so how did your first roast feel
Christmas – don’t think i’m here to entrap you I’m here because theirs some information that will benefit both of us. With that I kinda want to extend an olive branch like we saw. I think that if we play this right we can be final 8 if we play it right.
Christmas – I want to take a leap of faith
Christmas – theirs a double coming up and those are stressful.. I love chaos..
Christmas – I don’t know how you feel but I want to be top 8
Christmas – she called out Cody, Memphis, me and you.
David – she didn’t call out Dani Nicole.
Christmas asks who he will put up during the double.
David – Dani took a shot at me and her whole thing got messed up..
Christmas – this week Dani’s plan to win the veto and save Da’Vonne.. it backfired..
They pinky swear to not talk about this to other people..
Feeds cut.. when we’re back..
Christmas – these girls are pissed.. they’re pissed.
David thinks Memphis is leaning to wanting Da’Vonne out. Christmas agrees.
They talk about David not being picked to play in the veto. Christmas says both Dani and Nicole gunned for the veto”you know they were told to throw it”
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Christmas says she’s willing to set Da’Vonne straight about Nicole’s Ian vote in her goodbye message.
David – you know the moment I knew I was set up.. we were playing backgammon .. as I was winning she gave me advice.. the advice that she gave I took it but she came back and almost won. It almost led to her beating me.

Christmas says she doesn’t want to be known “as the girl that takes girls out”.

6:20 pm Nicole and Sh1tmas playing backgammon
Nicole – I feel like i’m going to start bleeding.. I totally missed my period.. But maybe it’s coming now..
chit chat about candies. Nicole tells Tyler to try the red ones.
Nicole – they taste just like Swedish fish I feel like I have to poop now.

6:50 pm Feeds yo

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Oh, that first picture of Nicole really enhances the coin slots in her nose.

Simon/Dawg you really work overtime to provide us with the (chef’s kiss) perfect visuals.

Sheila Schepp

She reminds me of one of the residents of Whoville ( The Grinch with Jim Carey). Like maybe a grown up version of Cindylou Who

vicki thatcher

Makes it hard for me to breath through my normal sized nostrils when I see Nicole. She should have taken her winnings and had her nostrils enlarged. She would not sound so whiny and nasaly then.

Fraggle Rock bottom

I’m perplexed why Coins hasn’t contacted the Botched team to get her arse on that show. Dr. Nassif calling Coins……I could just hear Coins now, Dr Nass, people keep trying to put coins into my nose and expecting a prize to appear when I get anywhere near horizontal. I just can’t deal…..Plus I’m losing my online presence as I’ve been cancelled so I gotta get this fixed pronto doc.


She needs to get her teeth fixed too while she’s at it.

Lynn Wheeler

Now I get the coin slot nickname, she seems more nasaly now, idk if that’s possible though.
I get this is a game, but Davonne came to her as a human about the Ian vote, knowing she’s already leaving, and Nicole still lied.
Totally inhumane

Golden Gate Granny

I wouldn’t have come clean either… they’re still in the game. Coins is dumb, but not THAT dumb. Da’Vonne sure is somethin’.

The Beef

Here’s the thing though Granny. Nicole will pay a heavier price when Day finds out from someone else, which she will if Nicole doesn’t come clean before she gets evicted, either through good by messages, or Ian will tell her when she gets to the jury house. You’re right they’re still in the game, but she’s got to find a way to tell her before she goes on Thursday, or Day will NEVER forgive her, and she may not still, knowing how Day holds grudges. She’s already shown she cannot separate game from personal, but the best chance to get any kind of personal forgiveness from her is to tell her personally.

It’s a sticky wicket for sure, and frankly I’m not sure how I’d handle it if I were Nicole.

Golden Gate Granny

Heya Beef! Did you get the smooches I left you yesterday? (Covid free of course!!! lol) If not, sending more. Thank you for your clarity and patience yesterday, much appreciated. xoxo

Today’s Daily Roulette Convo Landing: ~9/21 2:14:10pm PDT CAMS 3/4~

Xmess & Enzo are discussing how Nicole is so easily shook. (I’d missed this because this is when Da was telling Nicole she wanted the truth outta her before she goes bashing David on CAMS 1 & 2) They’re hatching a plan to use this Nicole’s vote lying scheming against her right before the HOH comp so she’s “easily shook.”

Ohhh myyyy, that was a good random roulette stop convo I’d missed. So, they wanna ‘Nancy Kerrigan’ Nicole emotionally before the upcoming HOH comp now. Damnnnn, that Xmess is a schemey, backstabby, hamster. Smartly, Enzo just plays along with everyone with his “Yaaa!” and “Yo!” responses (READ: internally he’s either thinking A) Yo, fuck that noise coming out of your face, dummy or B) Hmmm… good thinking, gonna water THAT seed without any REAL commitments until I think about that more, yo!) and connects dots BEFORE any moves by him are made. He’s way up on my props list this time around for good impulse control.

My thoughts keep going to post-BB Nicole too. Nicole’s gonna have the worst post-BB time she’s ever had upon her re-entry to society. Whatever. Her consequences to bear. Who cares what Da thinks to, unless it’s for a potential (soooo unlikely) vote? She’ll pander-nice to Da in a GBM and Ian did look authentically relieved his ousting was via good gaming. I don’t think she’ll crack outside the DR on this move, while in the house, unless… she is outed by the cutthroat BFF *vurp* that is Dani… if they get in a fight. Dani’s kryptonite is her impulsivity when slighted, real or perceived. She goes for the most blood. We all know/knew mean girls like these.

But, Nic’s NOT making it to F2 anyway, so she can just keep on being the silly lil superficial girl she is in the game. Hopefully in the jury soon. Dani is first on my kill list currently.

But, I want them next to each other on the block, full week pressure, both blow the veto, max venom spewed, Dani ousted, the works.*

***Never piss off your Grannies, folks. *wink*

The Beef

Got the smooches and thank you! 😉


Happy to help point out why she’s got the nickname. 😉


There is no way DaVonne will leave this week.

No way.

Golden Gate Granny

Accept it. It’s gonna happen.


and when it does, I’m gonna laugh my hind end off.

Tyler on Top

To the joy of all of us.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Based on several of “Lars” posts, I think she might be that OBB Japanese troll, what’s her name again?

Meow Meow


Fraggle Rock bottom

Ah yes of course, I was subconsciously deleting her from my memory to free up some space and reduce clutter.


Did you see my post from yesterday? I called this was going to happen (the eventually outing of Nic’s vote) you wait it’s going to happen before Day leaves one way or another & I’m going to enjoy watching Dani & Nic deal with the fallout.

The fact Dani thinks she can get Tyler to tell Day that David/Ty have a F2 to cover her ass is hilarious. I hope it happens on Thurs morning so Day lambasts both Dani/Nic in her speech so the house realizes those 2 have to go (selfish b/c I want Tyler to get a leg up over those 2 b/c if it doesn’t happen Ty will be targeted before them).

Golden Gate Granny

OMG YESSS! We need an alliance name sistah! (Kidding… haha;-) How hard would it be for you to link me to all your STELLAR “Warning: Long Read” comments, here? (Something tells me you’ve got ’em) I had the last three W: LR links compiled on a doc for easy reference, and of course, my computer updated itself and I lost the comment location linky dinks I’d compiled. Auto-save was defaulted at off. D’oh/WTF?! New computers suck, I don’t care what anyone says.

Lightbulb moment: I’m 99% certain I commented on that post too. Did that get lost in the update re-boot too, I wonder? My dumbass probably didn’t click on “post comment.” *facepalm*


tbh – I used your link (LOL) to put in that previous post to the one I did a day ago. I wasn’t sure how to link with it going directly to my post.

We’ll have to come up with an alliance name — I agree 🙂

Golden Gate Granny

I’ll re-dig for us. It’s too soon to start cleaning all the smoke and ash I have in my house floor to ceiling AGAIN (beyond the basics, of course) and I’m allowing myself to just… play for a bit without shame. Ha.

Keep a look-out. And have a great night! xo ~Sam

The Beef

I have a name! Golden Gate Thunder! What you think?

Sheila Schepp

Well it’s because she can’t shut her mouth. I mean if she would just stop telling everyone what’s she’s doing she would get away with it. These people are not going to cover for her. They will burn her down so she doesn’t get any jury votes. And why isn’t “America” or America’s favorite player involved this time? This season is truly the worst.

Stanley meet Gloria



I hope so, I despise her.


Snooze season.

Worst season ever!


But you keep reading and watching lol


Cause I am a fan. Just cause a season sucks in a sports league doesn’t mean your not fan.


Not even close to the worst. It should have a good ending though since the people left can legitimately win comps. People always complain about dragging floaters and getting out the good players early, well this season, they are getting out the floaters and poor players leaving the competent players to fight it out in the end.


yeah, i’d say this season ranks in the top 5 of the last ten seasons (more a slight for those seasons than praise for this one). it definitely seems off to a slow start, but i think the finish is going to be nuts. just two more weeks until the floaters are gone.


I definitely disagree and I think most of us who have watched since season 1 would agree for the most part.

Top worst for me…on paper top 3 forsure for lots. You need to keep in mind this was titled an “allstar” season, not a regular season, or a season with a twist, the expectations are high in every aspect: gameplay, strategy and the best contestants since and after bb7 (First Allstars).

It’s a huge letdown and to say the end will be good is true, but the whole game should of been good if not great.

The Beef

I agree with Dale that things are going to start picking up now that people who were all members of the huge alliance are going to have to start going after each other. The only caveat I have is I hope they don’t start agreeing on “one” to target each week, as that would be weak and as boring as what we’ve been watching. I kind of hope it breaks up into two or three small groups, or something like that so we see some real action and maneuvering. Some real cut throat play. I could get into that after this snooze fest we’ve had so far.


That’s exactly what they will do, except for Memphis who is the most rogue out of them all.


It’s about to get ugly in the house if DaVonne finds out she’s the target.

Barney Rubble

She will just blame it on David.

Pat Stonitsch

does anyone know when the finale is? I need to do my work schedule!!

Golden Gate Granny

I heard Dani, Cody & Ian in a convo say it was Wed. Oct. 28th and jotted it down. I haven’t seen anything official though. Hope that helps.


Let’s hope for the first-ever triple eviction so the Committee can start turning on each other already. Unless David or Kevin win HOH, we need to just skip the next three weeks.

Stanley meet Gloria

Canada BB 5 and 6 had triple evictions. Quite the wild night both times. Imagine voting to evict someone then playing two full weeks of BB all in just 60 minutes.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Yes, the lazyboy way of doing things. BBCAN likes to take shortcuts, but they have soooo much protentional. For starters, they can replace the host Sideshow Bob and also the casting director or whatever they are called….And get a staff that aren’t scared of their own shadows. BB Australia filmed through Covid (pre-taped) without anyone crying all the way home to mommy cause they weelly scared…..


What the fuck are you talking about? Don’t insult Canada and its people.


I think Tyler and Dani might jump the gun and let one of them float. But I agree the next week will be a snooze

Golden Gate Granny

Really Da’Vonne? I wanted to root for you so much. You have shot your own damn feet so many times. Stop blaming every one else and your victim, poor me, shirt you’re wearing today “Literally Everything Hurts” is pathetic.

You gots to go girl. You suck at this game.

The guy

They all do… None of them played a great game and are literally doing the same thing they did last season


Yes, it’s a repeat. Exactly the same.


yep, and with the exception of tyler all the runner ups are too stupid to realize that they got carried to the end because they were easy to beat, they weren’t some great player who then got robbed.


Dani has.


she’s so much worse this time over last time……hope we don’t see her make a comeback!


She’ll end up on The Challenge again.

Meow Meow

She would be perfect for The Bad Girls Club.

Fraggle Rock bottom

She didn’t want to return to The Challenge, because she was too good for that and “didn’t want to get sucked into the Challenge bubble”. Translation: the producers have her there for a specific reason, just like BB and that’s for her to continue making a complete arse of herself in front of America. She huffs and puffs after hanging on a ledge after 10 secs. Her phenomenal physical prowess combined with her absolute brilliant EQ guarantees she ain’t coming close to winning anything on The Challenge….


She is nothing but talk. She should have been gone.


Take into consideration, based on what we have seen just this year, that the diary room can let whomever they want have the right information. Some ppl may look better than others because Allison wants them to have the right information. I don’t believe it is about some ppl being smarter. I think it is some ppl are getting additional information to make them look smarter in the game. You know it’s true or Nicole wouldn’t have been crying about lost sponsors or about how they were treating Iran.

Golden Gate Granny

True. True. Though Nicole’s pickle was a bit different than production favoritism in her situation though. That was a legal “Oh shit, we have to handle this” situation with Nicole’s sponsors and they (CBS) had to tell her who she can’t speak of in the house any more (they shouldn’t have told her why, but their $$$, their show, their dumb decisions). They all pulled their authorizations of mention. Which is a big reason for all the stars we get on the feeds.

Much like when they’re singing (that’s Cody this year… he needs to get a fine by BB already. [They actually do that too.] He ALWAYS makes us get feed kill stars ’cause he just won’t stop singing & humming. *shakes fist at him*) or talking about someone, or wearing licensed clothes, etc., who hasn’t authorized their mention. Lots of official legalese permissions are involved and it costs CBS buttloads of moolah without them.

That’s why we never hear the juicy, awful, stories with names, they’re taught to say “my ex” “my old boss” “my old friend” etc.

***I had to check out today when Da was putting the thumbscrews to Nozz about coming clean on her Ian vote lie before she “Starts bashing on David” because she doesn’t want to “Look like shit.” Did she really believe Nozz would “spill the tea?!” Would she? No. Dumbass. I am soooo beyond over her.


I wanted to root for her on her first season but then she pulled a ray from ghostbusters when Steve asked her to form an alliance with him and I was happy she was an early boot.

Her second season I hoped she’d learned from her basic mistake, but nope and then she ended up on jury to my disappointment.

This season I was bummed to see her considering how flagrantly bad she’s been at the game in the past. Once again she plays horribly, and once again I’m disappointed to see her last long enough to still make jury

Bye Davone

Agree Gran! She thinks she is someone to look up to. Blaming others always. She divided herself and Foute’H2O. Hopefully we’ll never ever see that ugly mug again.


Agree … beyond frustrating. Ugh


What we are missing is the fact these people are all stars! They are playing the game at such a high level it’s incomprehensible to us. We can’t possibly understand the incredible skill they have at this game so it just looks like drunken idiots trying to play Jenga.

Golden Gate Granny

LOL @ the drunken idiots Jenga mental image.


Anything to brighten this season.


Tyler and Cody seem like the only two playing the game. I’d put Nicole at a distant third. People in another thread seemed to disagree, but who else is playing better than her? Enzo, Memphis, Xmas, Dani, day, David, and Kevin are all playing a worse game than her and that is not a high bar to clear


By playing a great game you mean being in an all white alliance and all the minorities and different people on the outside yes they’re playing an excellent game. Can’t wait until they have to turn on each other.

SJW Tears

Would you want Bay, Day, Kevin or David in your alliance? They are not good players and it has nothing to do with race.


ty would be open to working with bay, day, and david (probably not kevin), but they’re too bad at the game to work with. cody’s game is just pre-orchestrated by derrick but at least it’s something. nicole seems to be just realizing that that alliance was to help cody, not her (though at least she’s realizing it). the rest in the house don’t have anything even resembling game.


So now all the minorities are terrible players because they were not included in the 30 person alliance where they got picked off for doing exactly what dani and nicole does…oh ok


Stupid people come in all colors, do you know what I mean?


I’d put Dani in the mix — not saying her game isn’t messy (IT IS) but she’s playing at least. Nicole is basically doing her typical game play of hiding behind shields, being nice to everyone (especially jurors) and b/c she’s in the alliances with big dogs she gets feedback from them.

The plan for the vote with Ian was orchestrated by Dani, Cody & input from Tyler. In fact, Tyler was what made it work b/c he pulled David aside prior to live show (in front of everyone), thanked him in front of everyone after Ian was voted out & then confirmed to Kev/Day that it was David who voted for him. None of that was developed by Nic.

The only thing I see Nic do is cry/point at targets (Janelle/Kaysar) & whine when things don’t go her way (Ian). If she was a GOOD player she would’ve been able to construct a plan to convince Cody to keep Ian.

OR she’s siddling up to people to get in good. For example – have you noticed how suddenly she’s working Kev, David, Xmas, Mem, Ty in more conversations? That’s b/c they are now in jury & she needs their votes & not to be targeted by them. That’s something a good player has done the entire show. For example Tyler & Enzo have talked to everyone since the first week.


yeah. nicole has very good jury management. something players like memphis and dani are deeply lacking. i may be giving dani less credit than she deserves but her interactions with da and ty are really bad strategy. ty knows she’s gonna take a shot at him, and her interactions with da just serve to ensure da doesn’t vote for dani when she gets to jury. manipulating people is part of the game, but you still need their vote. dani is failing on that front hard and can’t seem to piece together that she needs someone as unlikable as her to go to the end with if she wants to make it work (why evel dick took her to the end with him). all she’s doing with da is buying herself safety in the unlikely event da wins hoh, but she’s screwing herself on jury in the process.


Da’Vonne – On my previous seasons people feel in love with me because of how real and raw I was.. how I was unapologetic Da’Vonne and relatable.

Get to steppin! I will love watching you walk out the door.


I wish it was pre-jury, so we can see the immediate reaction when Day founds out it was Slots Vegas that voted Ian out and not David. But eventually they will show the jury replay of it.


Great pic of Nicole’s nose Simon!…………… A.K.A the place where Q-Tips fear to tread

Britney Fan

Way to go Tyler. Memphis doesn’t know what is good for him.

Barney Rubble

Does anyone know if Kevin is getting close to a record for being on the block?

Game fan

Only if he stays.. Natalie in his season
Was nominated 4 times (5 including the final 3) and without being saved by veto even once . Jordan was nominated 4 times as well i think. Maybe janelle got more ?

Barney Rubble

Thanks Game Fan

expecting nothing

nah not yet, Spencer was on the block 9 times his season but i think Victoria holds the record with 10 times. two of the worst players ever, kept in the game because they sucked. both got 3rd place.


Spencer from season 15 was nominated eight times to go on the block, nine times if you count the final three. He only escaped sitting on the block on eviction night one time, when he won veto.

Barney Rubble

This really is a great week. I hope Day gets evicted but getting either one of them out of the house is a plus. I can’t wait until it is Dani’s turn to go and I hope it is a blindside.



Thanks for that 1:38 PM conversation update between Day and Kevin. Day is so fake and Kevin is clueless but I did get a big kick out of how much Day loves herself.


more than anyone except her kid!

Fessi's Telletubby

Is it too late for Nicole to get a refund on that nose job? That is a real shame because besides that beak she is a good looking woman.


I am saying how does she breathe lol

Bye Davone

If we can’t have thumbs down……..please give us emojis!!

Terry Brown

I used to like Nicole F but I guess she is showing her true colors now. Can’t believe she doesn’t just own up to what she did and is letting David take the blame. Her, Shitmas and Memphis need to go disgusting behavior by all especially Shitmas thinking she is so special and how dare Davonne choose her to her to be a have not.

Cue the Violins

Someone needs a hankie.


Bye Day, hope those chips fall off your shoulders as you are walking out the door.


Stopped watching and cancelled all upcoming recordings when Janelle left. I see now I made the right decision.


its confirmed…..Dani has lost her mind!

My 2 cents

Agreed! Saying she’s worked her butt off the whole season to save Da’ when she was the one who started the whole dumpster fire that got us here! Gurl, pleaze!

Starry night

Cody and Kevin say “like” in almost every sentence. Like…so annoying!!

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Anybody,Kevin’s statement”LGBTQIAZ+”,I get LGBTQ,but what is the rest of this IAZ+,acronym for?


Omg. Give me a small break! Why do they feel they have to represent. That was their whole problem. They focused on what color and/or sexual orientation they are instead of playing with others.


I agree, most of us don’t care either way. I think they just want to feel special.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Thanks Simon. I did not know that a person could have all of these options to be who they identify as.I think that I will be a B.R.A.D.P.I.T.T. for the future!


All the sudden I’m getting a craven for Alphabet soup. I wonder why?

The Beef

LOL – You new around here? Those are Simon/Dawg’s add ons to add a little “spice” to the conversation would be my guess. They do that sometimes.


This is so funny to me. While it’s boring, Janelle and Kaysar literally tried to warn everyone starting week 1 w/ Keesha. They still had a chance week two until that idiot Nicole A. got brain wormed by Clueless Kevin and the scrub squad. Janelle and Kaysar still hustled the following weeks trying to explain to every player that wasn’t in the core alliance that they will be picked off one at a time after they leave. Yet none of these so called allstars saw the writing on the wall and they are all shocked & hurt when their time comes. It’s truly amazing how bad they are at this game, and how truly annoying this season is. Not one of them, even the so called genius Ian, were looking ahead. Forget chess, these people couldn’t can’t even figure out the rules to checkers.


Excellent points!


Well said, this is why I have no sympathy for the uncool kids this season. I think they all deserve what they don’t get. Funny thing is that I don’t care for any of the cool kids either. Right now I’m hoping for either a Tyler or Enzo win.

The Beef

And many of us were screaming this in the comments back during those early weeks, but of course the players can’t read our comments and were “too afraid” to “stick their necks out” and “go against the house”, so just like we said back then, they have all been lead out like sheep and slaughtered, with only Day, Kevin and David remaining in the corral. Now they are munching on alfalfa and waiting on their turn to be killed off, because there’s really nothing they can do about it at this point. Even if they win HOH now, it will give them only a one week reprieve, and then they will be gone. They waited too late. They have no allies left. They are done.

Roisin Dubh

Kayser straight blew up everyone’s game and these dummies stayed on script. Memphis was the only one who read it right.


I hope Day finds out about Nicoles big lie before she gets the boot. Playing nice just to get a vote in the end, not nice.


It is a game that pushes the social norms, it is about deception so unfortunately, in the Big Brother world, they respect Nicole’s kind of play, that is why Ian actually looked happy to find out the truth. Day will know because she will be in jury with Ian. It will probably cost her Day’s vote because Day is playing and emotional game. Big Brother is played with the head and not the heart. Nicole only sees her lies as it effects David’s game, not Day’s game. I think it is lousy that she told Day that she “Owed her” for voting for her in the season Nicole won but she has never had her back, that is where I loose respect for Nicole, Day said in her diary room Nicole was full of it, but since then, she has been blind.

All puff and no stuff

This is my thumbs down on Christmas. Like she has scary ugly oetsonality. She wears her mean with pride. I hope she goes out in flames. What will Nichole do for cash now? She’s burning bridges she didn’t even cross yet. Bros and mean girls. Nice line up

Sheila Schepp

Annnd she’s going to have to pay for her own wedding.


With no sponsors either.

Nicole the Rat Queen

So let me get this straight. I member of the LGBTQ community can make a racially insensitive remark referencing slavery, and is allowed to stay in the house? I smell a double standard and Day should be pissed because that would save her for the week.

Nicole the Rat Queen

BB should have the first ever octuple eviction and fast-forward to the final 2 based on coin flip since no one is unbiased in this country. EXCEPT for coin slot cause her days of making money for being irrelevant should come to an end ASAP


Exactly…maybe Slots can host and split the coins for the flip outta her nostrils.


You know they wont use Christmas’s goodbye message if she tells about Nicole’s vote.

The Beef

I’m thinking this may be true too! If Tyler or Christmas say anything in their messages that may hurt sweet innocent Nicole, they may be forced to re-record them, or else they just may go unseen, so as not to “taint” the jury against the one who Grod obviously holds so near and dear to her heart. Why else spend so much time helping her to rehabilitate her reputation with the public over the past two weeks after what she did? Then she backstabs Ian and DaVonne (Day for the second time in as many seasons), yet I’m betting they STILL protect her from Day seeing those messages. We shall see.


It doesn’t really matter, Ian already knows it was Nicole who flipped and will tell Day as soon as she gets in the jury house. Hiding Xmas’/Tyler’s message will just ensure that the rage won’t be live.

Roisin Dubh

Getting rid of Ian early really worked out good for all of them. If he would’ve made final six and then went, I think he would’ve had a huge influence on that jury.


Any more clues as to who the legendary person will be on Thursday? From this I got a weird feeling that it is Victor


Ewwww…say it ain’t so, please!


It said BB legend not person, it’s most likely Zingbot.

Nicole the Rat Queen

I don’t know how they would do it but the rules of this game need to change because every season is the same now. Big athletic group of strong players pick off the small sick ones until final 4


As stated from feeds: Christmas says she doesn’t want to be known “as the girl that takes girls out”

What!?! Um, who’s going home again? Too late… you keep voting them out. Smh.


She is not working with the girls. She is just a poser for info for the guys.


What did the yell waller say?