Kevin “He’s [David] a slave to his masters.” Day “Don’t say that ..that isn’t nice!”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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9:22pm Bedroom. Kevin and Day.
Day – what is missing? Kevin – why is my intuition.. Like something is wrong. Memphis’s angle I can understand. I feel like I can go to Memphis and be like I understand what is happening.. I would love for the veto to be used. But I just want to let you know that David kind of said that he heard the plan was to target me and Day. And that everyone was in fact instructed not to throw it and he felt safe the whole time because.. Day – this is perfect! Kevin – and then I’ll be like .. so you were saying that you.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Day – you need to make sure you let him know that you feel a certain way about it because he told you that he wouldn’t put you up. And that Day is sad about it.. not upset .. sad about it because she trusted you. And now she is finding out that you were a part of this big plan to get one of us out. Kevin – David will 100% fight and he will 100% lose my vote. Guaranteed. It will give him a public reason to disobey his alliance. Day – he won’t vote for you anyways. Kevin – he is a slave to his masters. Day – don’t say that ..that isn’t nice. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Day – because of the way he (David) has sabotaged my game .. he will never vote me out of this house. Kevin – because that is how he saves face. Then I go out and he betrays his alliance and you stay. Day – the goal is not to send you out .. the goal is to get him to use the veto. Kevin – if we give him a reason to vote me out then I am literally Kamikazeing. Day – okay. Kevin – because he can be like Kevin exposed my game.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Kevin – we need to convince him to use the veto in a different way. Right off the top of my dome .. we would need an ally. Day – no one would. Kevin – you don’t think Dani.. Day – do what? Kevin – I don’t know .. Have Dani deliver it. Because if it comes from Dani .. David was the .. and then she delivers the message. That way it comes from Dani. Day – I’m confused .. I feel like there is something that you’re leaving out.. why do you assume you have David’s vote. Kevin – I don’t. The problem is with who delivers it. If I deliver it.. it is a red flag. If you deliver it .. its a red flag. You don’t think Dani be the deliverer? Day – no, Tyler doesn’t trust her. It would have to be you but I don’t want to put you in jeopardy. There has to be something else. Kevin – why couldn’t it be Nicole. Day – she would never ..they don’t talk in that capacity. Day – I am .. can I be honest with you.. I am a little upset about the comment you just made. Kevin – what comment? Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:40pm – 9:55pm Backyard. Nicole, Cody, Dani, David, Memphis, Tyler and Enzo are all chatting and drinking. Enzo – Just one more beer?! Nicole gets called into the diary room. Nicole then chugs the rest of her beer.

9:56pm Backyard. The house guests are trying to get Enzo rap. Enzo – no .. I’m not drunk enough yet.

9:57pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

10:18pm The feeds switch to the puppy pound..

12:10am The live feeds return.

HOH room. Memphis and Christmas.
Memphis tells Christmas about his plan about how he told Dani and Nicole to throw the veto competition. Christmas – so that is why Day wasn’t upset when she didn’t win. Memphis – Day knows she is going home. Christmas – she is going to blame Dani and Nicole. Memphis – yeah. Christmas – now I understand.

1:30am – 2:05am Bathroom. Cody and Dani.
Dani – I talked to Memphis today and he really made me mad. Like he is such a cocky little f**king jerk off! This is the second time that he has told me without saying it that he is the best player in the house and that he knows that him and Tyler are going to end up next to each other and at some point it will just be who wins the veto. And like they’re the biggest threats and that everyone else sucks type of thing. Its just annoying when I have to sit there and listen to people that are saying that you suck and you’re trash! Cody -he’s won two HOHs. Dani – that’s what I’m saying you’ve done nothing! Like you’re a shoe in to sit next to. He won two HOHs and a veto. Dani – it is just so annoying. Cody – like what would you have bragged about winning. Dani – and like ohhh you came up with the committee when half of the committee already existed. And then he is telling me that everyone is stupid if they go against the committee before final 6 because .. I know numbers and 1 in 6 .. and he is just going on and on about it .. when two days ago he was telling me that he doesn’t want the committee in the final 6. That he wouldn’t be afraid to take a shot at somebody and now all of a sudden when he doesn’t win something he is fine. Cody – what the f**k is going on. He is like so predictable. Cody comments on how weird it was to not have Ian in the house. Dani and Cody head to bed.

2:13am Bedroom. David, Tyler and Enzo continue to chat about random things. Dani joins them and says that it smells so bad. It smells like beef jerky. David and Enzo – I don’t smell anything. Dani goes to get febreze to clear the room. They all tell BB to turn the lights off so they can go to sleep.

8:20 am Sleeping yo
9:44 am the house is waking up YO. Expect the veto to not be used.

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Miss Impression

The Kevin/Da convo….I can’t….I just can’t anymore….please make it stop….a vow of silence…vote them both out…I don’t care ….just end the misery.


I seriously was cheering for Day when this season began & David. It appeared at first that Bayleigh had done some serious introspection within herself & had grown out of her victim status. But it seems they + Kevin played against themselves harder than the other side & have remained clueless to what’s happening.

Also, explain the dislike against Christmas so much? I really want to understand.


xmas’ first season she was a bully who broke her foot, stayed in the game way too long because her injury made her a non-threat in comps, and basically did every mean-spirited thing paul told her to do. this season she has just as poor judgment in regards to taking others’ mean-spirited advice but thankfully they’re not at paul’s level. she hasn’t made significant changes from her attitude the first time she played which was problematic, and people who remember that season know that it lies underneath. she’s mostly been pretty boring this season, but people know she can get out of line and are preparing themselves.

Just Sayin'

She rammed her car (on purpose) into her ex-boyfriends new girlfriends car, while she was 8 months pregnant…… she is garbage.


People down here in Florida, because of the car rammin incident and how she acted, cannot understand how it was possible for her to get on the show since “Anger Management classes” was one of her court assigned. She has a serious underlying problem which was serious by her behavior.

Just Sayin'

I agree. It’s irresponsible of them to even have her on the show. Everytime she talks about her son Loyal all i can think of is her being preggo and smashing a car on purpose


And… they took her to the police station from the crime scene, but they decided not to arrest her until THREE MONTHS LATER, simply because she was 8 months pregnant at the time.
So let me get this straight…
It wasn’t too dangerous for her to intentionally ram someone’s car TWICE with her SUV while being 8 months pregnant… but it was too dangerous to fingerprint her & then immediately release her on her own recognizance??

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco.

Plenty of haterade here.


Yup! Of people that ram car and possible injure an unborn baby. Yup, hate people like that, that will endanger lives because of jealousy.

Big Sister

Uh, did you see her yelling and clapping her hands and getting in Bay and Day’s spaces and hear her yelling about getting shot by Bay? They restrained themselves and walked away from this crazed behavior. Anywhere else, she might have been picking her belligerent self up off the floor.


They’re just trying so hard and failing so bad. I mean horribly bad! I’m just ready for Thursday to get this over with. I’m just tired of listening to them try to grasp at ANYTHING thinking it will turn their game around. Not happening. They should’ve won HOH or they wouldn’t be in this mess….


Kevin is DEFINITELY gonna spill the beans to Day that she’s being voted out this week.
That boy just can’t keep his trap shut.

Aldria Mann

Kevin keeps running that pink tornado. I guess he will realize a little too late that his mouth will be the detriment of his own game.


Warning: Long post – read

Amateur Hour vs. an All-Star:

Today offered so many examples of who the real All-Star(s) are versus the ones who are just throwing things hoping they’ll stick to the wall.

Day & Kevin came up with this absurd over the top plan to go to Tyler and/or Memphis & blow up David. The plan includes guilting Tyler over Bay, David created the elaborate vote plan & that he won’t stop until Ty is gone. The main issue with this plan is WHY would Kev/Day know about the vote plan to take down Ty if they didn’t vote that way? All it does is reconfirm they were part of the plan.

Plus THAT ^^^ crazy plan only makes Day/Kev look like big time schemers.

Fortunately, a real All-Star (Tyler) convinced Memphis why Day/Kevin need to be split & why Day is the one who needs to go.

This was accomplished through a series of chats where Ty makes Memphis believe this is his (Mem) idea & plants all kinds of seeds about Day/Nic/Dani working together. Xmas parachutes in (tell me Ty didn’t set that up too) as well as Cody to tell Memphis different variations of how Dani is gunning to keep Day. Dani cuts her own throat pushing for the POV to be used on Day and/or to vote out Kevin.

Tyler played this really well b/c Memphis does need to feel like he’s the boss so if you catch each conversation Ty says things to reinforce Memphis dominance and BB mastery like “I’ll say I won’t use the POV but let’s vote out who Memphis wants” & “lets make Kev feel comfortable like you are saving him”. Ty also notes David is on an island & points out with Memphis saving him they can use him to go after the people he wants like Dani is trying to keep Day to go after them.

Memphis eats it up with a spoon & tells Kevin he’s safe, tries to lay it on thick about Ty not doing what he wanted — dumb Memphis — b/c now Kev can use that with David once he stays AND by Memphis telling Kev that Ty is the one who wants Day out it reinforces with Kevin that Ty is the reason he’ll be safe — not Memphis.

All these little chats result in Kevin backtracking on the dumb blow up plan (smart Kevin). He tells Day he gets the feeling Ty won’t use POV & she is the one staying (smarter Kevin) & when Day keeps pushing their plan Kevin suggests getting Dani or Nicole to be the one to deliver it (SMARTEST Kevin– b/c neither of them will do it & will backtrack from it so hard/fast it will make Day wonder why).

Dani can’t leave well enough alone having already tried to convince Ty to save Day with POV, lobbied both Memphis/Cody to get Ty to use POV on Day &/or to keep her – me thinks thou doth protest too much!

Side notes:

  • Dani is overplaying and I mean OVER PLAYING – she’s coming off as evil (in fairness she is the spawn of Evel Dick).
  • That she would encourage Day to say some of the things they are discussing to make Tyler feel guilty & to pin on David (yikes)
  • Is it just me – or does Dani want Day/Kev to do this so Nic’s vote gets exposed?
  • I kind of hope Kev or Nic talk Day out of doing this b/c it’s going to make her look really bad & she’ll be very embarrassed when the truth comes out.
  • I wonder how David will receive Day doing this to him – he might not be a good BB player but I feel bad for him.
  • Kev backing off the plan just proves as much as there are friendships in the house even his with Day isn’t as strong as his desire to stay & play (& try to win $$$). It is kind of interesting Kev was willing to go BIG on this crazy plan when he thought he’d be the target but now doesn’t want to do anything to save them both (I mean it’s smart – but it’s also telling)
  • I’m not sure who Day will despise more – Dani or Nic.
  • If TPTB don’t make script changes Day will leave 6-1 (David will vote for her)
  • GBM shown will likely be 1) Kev 2) Ty telling her about Commity & Nic’s vote for Ian, & 3) David saying I voted out Ty
  • The big question is will Nic own up to voting out Ian in her GBM?

yeah, tyler’s really an amazing player. derrick trained cody well, but i’m not convinced cody will stick to the script nearing the end which could cost him. next best player is nicole but it’s a pretty big drop off. i just give nicole credit because she knows the power of gbm and realizes that dani’s put her in a bad spot and needs to do something about it (her ability to do something about it still uncertain). dani is tanking her game hard and her eviction in a week or two will hopefully be entertaining.


I gave a thumbs up, then read Nic was the 2nd best player!! Took it back.


I said she’s third, and that just shows you how bad the rest of the house is. Enzo, Memphis, Xmas, Dani, day, David, and Kevin somehow all have worse game than nicole


I agree except I think Enzo and Memphis are better @ playing than Nicole. Like you mentioned about Nicole…I’m not sayin Enzo and Mem r GOOD…I just think they’re better than Nic.

Game fan

nicole admitted to ian in her goodbye massage to him


Nicole, best player??? This stunned me. Does whining, crying, not winning competition, lying to so called best friend in the house, Ian. Make her the next best player?
This is the best “Joke” of the season. Thanks for the laugh, needed it with these so called “All Star” dumpster divers.


I put a thumbs up untl In saw that!! lol


Yes, I’m aware – my point was whether she’d own up to Day in her GBM that she voted out Ian.

Starry night

I agree with everything you said… Even Nicole‘s gameplay. She may annoy people but she does know the game and is very good at strategy.


Thumbs down


Nailed it TT!

Annette Galiazzi



“Expect the Unexpected” and people actually pay for this?


A friend complained to CBS about the feeds going down too often, and far more than they’ve ever done in the past, and not only did they credit back her card, but allowed her to continue to get the feeds for free.

Hopefully, if enough people do the same, it will come down on Grodner for losing their corporation money…
and they don’t take too kindly to employees who effect their bottom line.


Or they could just stop cutting the feeds?

An ornery mouse

I’d probably argue that Day calling David an “Uncle Tom” to his face (on the basis of a false allegation, no less) is worse than Kevin saying that he “is a slave to his masters.”

Neither is great, but it’s a bit hypocritical for Day to come down on Kevin.

Aunt Betty

A slave to his masters is a real life description of some human interactions, calling a Black man an Uncle Tom is a pure and true insult. Day is a hypocrite in so many ways.

C. D.

Both are pure and true insults and both are actual real life descriptions to some human interactions. There ARE some uncle Tom’s as well. Not saying David is one but there are some and they would also be called slaves to their masters as well. So it really depends on who you are saying it too or about and who is doing the saying. This is not David though.


I would love to hear a semi-drunk Enzo rap. That’s got to be better entertainment value than listening to Nicf whining/crying, Cody kissing a$$, Memphis grumbling, Dani complaining, Kevin’s
lala land guessing, …well, you get the gist of it.
Sure do hope Day leaves on Thursday!


I wanna see that, too, but they’ll never show us because of copyright infringement.


Cody is doing a good job of making everyone feel like his number one… much so, that I cant really tell who his number one is……..I wish they would ask him in the DR. I also cant tell if Enzo prefers the trio of Enzo, Cody, Memphis or Enzo, Cody, Tyler…….
On another note……it doesn’t sound like the Zings were very good this year, such a bummer!!

Game fan

Cody would do what is best for his game probably..
I feel like he would take Memphis & tyler out for sure before nic, Danni, enzo. assuming he really managed to get Nicole, danni and enzo all to 4.. which i doubt , i think he is gonna throw the veto .
If they are on the block and he has to vote between them. It depends . He is very close with all this 3 kinda seems like he would keep Nicole . (Unless he can’t get enough votes for her )
for enzo.. I think he is more loyal to ty than memphis.

Feeds Gold

zingbot should have said…

nicole the jerk store called, and they are running out of you…zzzzziiiinnnngggg

Feline Feeling

And then Zingbot calls, “Next game” and trys to insert two quarters into NicFs nostrils.

Jake from state farm

Now that was funny. Zing zing!!


Like her, love her or hate her, Dani came to play


I agree but I think she’s overplaying herself right out the door!


Cody says Memphis is so predictable but I must be missing something. If anything I think Memphis is unpredictable as no one seems to know what he going to do. Or am I missing something?


Help! Am I the only one who is bipolar when it comes to who I want out and who I support?

I hate big alliances. H-A-T-E them… Until they break up and start turning on each other. I hate seeing them decimate their opponents and I normally cheer for the underdog cause they seldom win and always voting for top dog gets boring. So, I have hoped for Day, Kevin and David to stay but the only thing they have done is turn on each other, whine, cry, and tell the big alliance members information. The one time any of them wins a useful power (David) all it does is make me cringe at how he decided to lie about it but couldn’t do that well enough to convince a 2 year old. I sadly have to admit that they have worn down my patience because they didn’t really save themselves, they just cried and delayed the inevitable because they are not winning HOH and aren’t even able to influence anyone who is. Not to mention that seriously pathetic display of when Dayvone lost the hoh again and acted like it was planned. ????

I hate the smug we-run-the-game attitude by the top dogs in the house because I know that the moment their butts are in someone’s crosshairs or someone acts like the game doesn’t revolve around them then they whine and cry worse than Kevin and Day.

-Memphis and Cody never had my support cause I can’t stand how smug they are. Plus the pregame alliance stuff.
-Enzo probably would get my support if he would stop this all guy group crap.
-Tyler almost lost me when he wanted to self evict but when the alliance dies he could easily get me back on his side.
-Ian lost me when he threatened to leave jury if he got evicted.
-Nicole never had me cause the few tries and few guys was far more truthful than she’d admit.
-Sh!tmas never had me because I just don’t like her for I have no idea why other than she triggers something in my personality which retaliates with dislike.
-Dani I dislike because she reminds me of an unfeeling psychopath.
-David would get my support if he ever successfully goes on the offensive attack.

I guess that leaves me with no one lol. Janelle and Kaysar were the only two that I think I would have been proud of if they had been able to stay.

Game fan

Yeah kaysar and jannelle such a great players for running their mouths against most of the house !
Especially kaysar the guy who had never got to jury .. a lot to be froud of him


He didn’t have a lot of options after Cody was HoH. Cody’s pregame alliance was in full effect and as usual in these later seasons most of the outsiders went along with “the house” meaning there weren’t very many folks to rally. It’s hard to flip things when half the cast are idiots willing to wait their turn to get evicted.


Has BB ever had a positive twist power that had to be used on others and not yourself? It seems like those powers they gave really didn’t enrich the game to me. It would have been more interesting if they were forced to use them on someone else.


Sam’s power would allow any contestant a chance at returning. It was automatically used if she didn’t after 3 weeks though.


I’m at the point where I don’t care who wins, I just don’t want Nicole to win. I give most everyone credit for their gameplay and in big brother, Nicole’s gameplay is ok this time around, but I cannot get past what she did to Ian and what is going on with David now because of her.

Golden Gate Granny

***I love catching funny visual production oopsies. ~9/21 12:10:10 am PDT~

Golden Gate Granny

Simon? Not sure why, but my add image icon disappears when I am logged in. Is this normal? No biggie, just asking. =)


Why is ok for the drama queen to call David a cracker and the gay guy talk about slaves but they examine and have to comment on if Memphis said a bad word?


They should let Da stay and split up the alliance. None of the alliance has a mind of their own. They always want to do what someone else tells them to do. If they were smart they let Da stay and go against them in the final. How may competitions has she won. They need to look at that and that will be how they can in the final.


That’s not how this game is played


Nobody wants Day to stay.Not even Rockstar’s daughter.


Bye Felicia!