Enzo “I’m going to be like.. you’ll find out Thursday if you’re here or not.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tyler did not use the Veto Nominations hold.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Backyard. Nicole and Christmas.
Nicole – I feel bad but it was a game move and it worked. Christmas – it worked. it did what we needed it to do. Nicole – but he is telling everyone that it was me. I guess.. that is what Dani said. Dani and DaVonne are telling me that he is telling everyone that I flipped. Christmas – well he knows it wasn’t him. Nicole – exactly, but how does he know it wasn’t Kevin or Day .. you know what I mean. IF he puts me up I will be so mad. Christmas – I don’t know if I would pin point you. Nicole – because I am the only other one. Christmas – I mean we have such a great group. We have so much protection and honestly his odds of winning are next to none. Nicole – I know. Christmas – do you have your plan for the double? Nicole – yeah put the two up that is left (David/Kevin/Day). Christmas – and if you or I get the second one (HOH in the double) then it will just be that one. I hope they don’t win .. the problem is that it will be the last two pawns that we have. Nicole – I know. Christmas – which is good because if one of them is a really good competitor that wins so that works in our favor to make sure we send home… Nicole – MMmmhhmmm. Christmas – we would just have to make sure he stays off .. like not even as a pawn .. until its absolutely forced because we don’t have any other options. Christmas – I haven’t played for jury management. Nicole – I didn’t play for jury management last time either .. because if you do that sometimes you out play yourself and overplay. They’re either going to respect the move or they’re not. I mean she will NEVER EVER vote for me after she finds out I lied to her face about this. I can’t throw six of you under the bus. I never thought covering a vote would cause this much turmoil. All’s I did was change the way she thought I was voting. I did nothing more.. nothing less.

7:25pm Backyard.
Enzo – I am just going to be like .. you’ll find out Thursday if you’re here or not. Memphis – so that whole thing.. Like when you do sh*t like that then you look back on the game .. you regret doing sh*t like that. Enzo – and you know that Julie Chen is going to call her out on that. You played this game three times .. what happened. Tyler – this is the same place that she got out last time. Ezno – no one week more and she is done. This is it! She got to see Zingbot. at least.

8:48pm Bedroom. Day and Nicole.
Day – I would love to stay and keep playing. But I think I’m in the head space of if I stay .. great! But if I don’t.. I am okay.


David starts a fire in the kitchen..

9:15pm Bedroom. Day and Kevin.
Day – I asked Nicole if she felt like this would be a doubel and she said yup! Kevin – oh yeah.. if you stay what is your strategy. Day – to win. In a double? Cody and Tyler! Immediately! One of you will be leaving the big brother house.. 100%! Kevin – I feel like I would probably do Cody & Memphis because one of them will probably win veto. Day – and then throw up Tyler? Kevin – yeah. Day – that is smart. But what if Tyler is picked to play in the veto, wins then saves Cody. That’s why you have to put them up together so that they’re fighting for themselves. Kevin – then Memphis goes.

9:43pm Bathroom. Dani, Christmas and Nicole.
Dani neotocites that David is using the same oil that was from the fire pot that got sprayed with the fire extinguisher. He is using the same oil ..he just poured it from a bigger pot. Nicole tells production – he is using the same oil. Everyone is going to get sick. Dani – help him! He just put it in a clean pot. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:50pm – 11:20pm Bedroom. Cody, Enzo and Tyler.
Cody – I want us to f**king reel him (David) in. Reel David in! Tyler – once Day goes we can. Cody – but if you wanted to reel him in .. the right play would be to send Kevin.. because they are tight .. DaVonne is not tight with him. Tyler – but I think that he is so distracted my trying to be tight with Day. Cody – yeah right.. I agree with that as well. Like he is always trying to prove himself to David. He is super tight with Kevin. So we almost have to play both sides of that because if you say something to David he will tell Kevin. If you say something to Kevin .. I don’t think he will reciprocate it. But like we’re going to need f**king pawns.. to have up on the block to f**king smack somebody. Tyler shakes his head. Cody – you’ll just throw two people straight up? Like you’ll throw Dani and somebody else up? Tyler – not next week. Cody – not next week but the week after. Well yeah .. what the f**k else.. right. Tyler – I want to win the one after the next one. Cody – for the double and you win the one after .. oh sh*t! Tyler – I need to or I am getting popped up there. Cody – 100% I am going to up there next to you. And then I think you’ll (Enzo) be the third one. Enzo – against who!? Whos the HOH!? Cody – I don’t know if Christmas would actually. Tyler – no. Enzo – no. Tyler – do you think he (David) would? Enzo – I think David is going after Memphis!? Cody – I don’t know if he would go after Memphis or Dani. Tyler – I think we could reel Christmas in. Enzo – there are definitely phases.. after this phase we are definitely targets for people. Tyler – after this week three people tie it. Cody – I have no problem going after Dani. Enzo – Me neither. I love her. She is funny as f**k and would chill with her after but in this game she is messy! Tyler – the gardener (Dani planting seeds). Enzo – the good thing is .. Christmas is not feeling her (Dani).

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping.

7:30 am Sleeping YO

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Check out where the BB neighbor is going to be.. In the backyard
comment image

Golden Gate Granny

This could be fun! Move in a trashy trailer with some LOUD trashy people, doing mean trashy things ALL. Night/s. LONG. Oops… I’m dream typing out loud again. *self pinch*


11:50 AM feeds went to pound puppies hmmm…
1:54 PM feeds still down YO..
2:44 PM feeds still down YO..
3:47 PM feeds return..

Golden Gate Granny

Hmmm. Hmmm. Yo. 😉

Golden Gate Granny

***I often flashback once or twice a day, just looking for shenanigans or funny convos. Here’s last night’s funny find (but dangerous stupid to do to a combat vet). These dumb girls have been obsessed with Xmess & Nicole’s sleepwalking habits sooo they bring Cody to the HN room and…

~MON 9/21 11:49pm PDT Cams 3/4~


Who do you think it will be? My thoughts was maybe Josh since he missed out on the show itself


And he can be quite obnoxious.


I don’t understand the picture….what am I missing. I know “someone” was moving in next door but the screen shot looks like the back yard????

Dakota Barb

Good-bye Da, but don’t you worry you will soon be joined by your ‘friends’ Dani (the super B****) and Coinslot (the plyable crybaby)! Once again the girls have played to insure the boys win! BTW Nicole hope you enjoy being in the jury house with Ian!!!

Houka Inumuta

Actually Memphis is leaving next followed by Tyler

Dakota Barb

Not happening!!!


you really think david is winning the next hoh? even if he did, i think he’d put up dani/nicole. still a good shot veto gets used and memphis gets backdoored though (but seems more likely they just vote out dani, so she’d need to take herself off the block to get memphis evicted).

Game fan

Maybe kevin would convice him to put cody or tyler next to Memphis

Golden Gate Granny

Your aspirations to always be so wrong is so accurate it’s hilarious.

Gecko Mafia

You need to work on your diss game. That was Lamo!!!!


David trying to burn the BB22 house down to put the season out of its misery.

Cody reading the instructions for the fire extinguisher (probably looking for directions from Derrick) while Memphis grabbed it and got the job done.

NicHoles whiny voice

Good thing they’re not white or they would probably kill everyone in the house and eat their sex organs. Most likely after admitting to having children with their siblings and then later marrying those children because their religion says it’s okay to marry underage kids who are related to you. You know how white people do lol.



Miss Impression

Let it burn!Finally something to root for.

Houka Inumuta

I guess only English works here. I guess I have to type the message in Romaji then since this website doesn’t support Japanese language.

Tyler wa bakayarou desu!!!!

Guy From Canada

Litterally can light boiling water on fire. That’s a certain type of special….but I don’t think its a good thing


he was making french fries, it was oil, he put in too many fries, it overflowed

Golden Gate Granny

It was oil, not water. He was deep frying french fries. ***Always slowly add 2nd round of ANY deep fry foods kiddies. AND, NOOO to water anywhere near a grease fire, unless the goal is to really blow shit up. Smother or extinguishers only.


Salt works on oil fires. Lots of it! As told to me by the firemen who showed up to my house when I had a grease fire. Smoke filled the house, and my golden retriever was suddenly a black lab. I was 18.


LOL @ the golden retriever.


Baking soda does the trick too.


Dani’s biggest mistake in this game was she did not put up Enzo to get Tyler out in her HOH. Tyler is her biggest threat because he is a comp beast.

Game fan

Memphis would of put her up this week for breaking the committee.


I think she would have beaten Memphis in POV (with Tyler out).


This season is so boring. I keep waiting for a shakeup that never comes. If whoever wins next week sticks to the alliance lines, they deserve to be sent to jury.


“I keep waiting for a shakeup”

It will come at ~8.

BBAS2 baby

How can you set water on fire????

Victor's side kick

That was not water it was cooking oil. If you put water in boiling oil it will erupt in a violent manner and overflow from the pot. That was not what happened in the BB house. He just messed up to cause it. Cody once again affirmed his stupidity.

Golden Gate Granny

…affirmed Cody’s OWN stupidity by almost spraying water on the grease fire. (just to be clear)


OMGosh, I can’t read what Nicole says without nasally whining in my head “but he is telling everyone that it was me!” BUT it WAS You, Nicole. Just like DANI — you DID talk about getting rid of DAY. Tyler, didn’t. What scares me about Dani, is that I think she believes her lies.

Oh hate watching can be fun. You have to give up any hope for a good season and just HATE watch these terrible, horrible, no-good, morally corrupt people.


Why do u watch big brother? If u can’t handle people lying? That is literally the game…. stop going after people’s character for playing the game. Guess u never played poker either


Bobby….what in flaming hell does poker have to do with lying? You have a poker face, you dont say “I have a straight flush you cant beat it so may as well fold” to the other players.


But you can mind fuck someone if you’re reping a flush and a possible flush is there on a turn. Then, you may talk that you picked it up, especially if you’re holding the ace of that suit, and your bet looks legitimate.

*Very rarely someone would rep a straight flush, it’s the highest hand depending on how high it goes(Royal flush), and you only can pick up most value if anyone made Ace high flush, or made a full house(but that usually would happen on a river otherwise they didn’t protect their hand) Double gaper straight flushes are the most difficult to read especially if you let a big blind see the flop for free. Always make people pay to see, poker 101.

All this may sound Greek to you if you never played poker and can’t comprehend Bobby’s analogy.

Paul’s Beard

The world is so full of vitriol and you just add to it.

Golden Gate Granny

I think you misinterpreted her. Or I did? My take is she is enjoying HATE watching, much like after a bad day I enjoy listening to loud, angry, hate music.

***I personally look for the funny moments in this hot mess of a season. And, there are LOADS. I truly was going to vote Janie for AFP, but Enzo has given me so many unexpected (dead pan poker faced) belly laughs… I will reward him for keeping his funny on and me rolling with laughter.


We agree on so much & I do agree with you about Enzo but here’s the thing…

While Enzo has played a stellar social game he’s been one of the protected. Look how hard Cody had to work during Dani’s HOH just so Enzo didn’t go on the block and Enzo had no clue he was in that much jeopardy. In fact, he got angry at Ty for trying to warn both Enzo/Cody it could happen which is why Cody kicked into gear to get Ian up.

I know that’s not the ‘essence of AFP’ –the humor and entertainment aspect of the season is. BUT… bear with me on this. As the players get deeper in the game they get more money which substantially increases for the top 5 which Enzo is sure to hit (likely F3 is my guess). The irony of course is Janie was also F3 in her first two appearances on BB.

I’m still leaning toward Janie winning AFP although depending on how the season plays out I could shift to Enzo or Tyler especially if Ty continues to play as he’s been lately but gets ousted by the pregame crew.

My top 10 reasons Janelle is still my AFP are:

  1. She never got a true shot to play – she was targeted the minute the game began & only saved W1 b/c of the safety suite.
  2. They’ve even mentioned how the prearranged alliance was laughing at her campaigning (which ticks me off)
  3. Albeit brief – we got to see how two players can be friends & allies and make every conversation must-watch even when not game related. The reunion of Janie & Kaysar brought back so many memories & they just made me happy to watch BB live feeds again which isn’t something I’ve experienced in eons.
  4. Janie demonstrated how you campaign against your BFF without ever throwing him UTB
  5. Moments like Janelle coming out in her star costume & the looks on Nic F & Dani’s faces were priceless.
  6. In the same vein, Jedi Janie showcased how you play the game without an over the top fake display of tears or anger.
  7. She’s been FIRE outside the bubble dropping humorous tweets & retweets.
  8. She auctioned off her signature name necklace worn on the show for $18k and gave it to a children’s charity (do any of the other self-serving narcissistic hamsters even know what charity is?)
  9. It would drive home to the cast & Grodner how much OG BB fans really despise this pregaming BS & new era BB version. Granted, I’m an optimist so I’ll hold out hope for a shift (F3 Ty/Enzo/David… just to piss everyone off?) so that the predetermined F3 of Cody/Nic/Dani & F2 of Cody/Nic doesn’t occur.
  10. Maybe most of all it will REALLY, REALLY, REALLY piss off Nicole, Dani and all the pregamers who ruined it for the fans by targeting Janelle right from the start! Can you imagine how pissed they would be they evicted her W3 & she still wins AFP?

Anyway, just some food for thought.


enzo has really good social game. he did his first season too. his problem is that he gravitates towards comp beasts who are aware of his social game and won’t take him to final 2 when they beat him in the final hoh comp. i think he has a very good shot at top 3. final 2 seems very unlikely.

overall i think janelle and kaysar made a pretty rough game mistake both participating in the first safety suite. one should have sat out so they could have had the one who didn’t participate play week 2. this hole in her game makes me wary to support her afp campaign but i don’t really want to support anyone in the house either and would sooner support nicola or ian.

The Beef

And that’s your choice, but you must understand they were the only two playing that week, and if only ONE played, they would be up against a time standard that no one knew what that standard was. There was a chance that there would be NO winner, and NO safety, so the only way to ensure they both had safety that week was for BOTH of them to play against each other, which eliminated the time standard.

I was also under the impression at the time that if only one played and chose the other as his suite mate that they then “lost” their card to play their own round. I could be wrong about that, but if I’m not, and the plan was to pick each other all along (which of course it was), then they would be stupid NOT to both play. So it just depends on how the rules were, and frankly, I’m not 100% on that.


Yeah Enzo is definitely in the mix — and I’m with you I was one of the few that liked him on his 1st season too. It’s also not difficult to understand why his housemates would prefer to have him around to make them laugh YO instead of whiners, criers, & people who can’t stop talking game 24-7.

Per Janie/Kaysar I did think about that too — but then I wondered if BB would only have the safety suite if 2 people played or if only one was playing if they set some unrealistic goal for the one person to hit.

To me it felt like TPTB forced them to play to match the show segments (where both Janie/Kaysar left Cody’s HOH not feeling very strong they were safe).


i agree with you 100%. IT WAS YOU, and YOU DID SAY IT. and Dani does believe her own lies. I was wondering why tyler was apologizing for being right. Dani has also talked about getting rid of Memphis and Xmas. But i totally agree with you.

Still a BB fan

Hate watch, lol. That is exactly it! I am so tired of being disappointed with this season! Now I am just holding on to how great it will be to see these people turn on each other. I think that will be worth watching!


Can someone answer a question for me?
Do all houseguests record goodbye messages and each evictee are shown each individual’s message? I’m aware that Julie shows a few messages sometimes, on the air to the evictee. But I have wondered if they get to see each of the remaining messages? I would think that a remaining player has a unique opportunity for jury management at that time. Thanks in advance for any and all answers!

Julie Chen

They only see what production wants to frame the narrative. They are obviously cut and chopped.

Game fan

Everyone is recording .
So did Ian recorded for Tyler.
For sure.
I believe , (i don’t know for sure)
They only get to see the goodbye massages that julie shows on air.
They have a video tape of the challenges and ceremonies to see at the jury house but i never saw them watching goodbye messages on the jury house LoL so yeah.. only next to julie


I do believe they get to see all the good bye messages recorded for them. Players may even record messages for the person they plan to keep in case there’s an actual surprise.


They do not show all of them on the show… we get to see the edited version. They do show the houseguests the full unedited goodbye messages from all of the houseguests.

Day will see all of them in the jury house. Ian has already seen all of them.


I’m replying to you but i’m this might be for the others. I’m not sure they get to see all the goodbye messages. I’m saying that b/c Xmas is planning on outing Nicole’s vote in her goodbye message. That would be messing with the game for someone else. This would be akin to what happened to Danielle Reyes in Season 3 so i’m thinking they won’t get to see full unedited versions. If you’re outing your own game that’s one thing but i don’t think it can be seen as fair if you’re outing someone else’s game…what if you’re lying?


Isn’t it how Josh won his season, with goodbye messages?


Nicole: “All’s I did was not vote the way she thought.” No—you lied to her face…repeatedly.


This is big brother…. lying is the game. Watch something else if u are to weak minded to handle it. Everyone on this forum makes me laugh, u guys probably cry at the poker table when u get bluffed. Oh wait u probably aren’t smart enough to play poker or bb


Is that you Cody? Geez you sure embrace the lying part of the game, sorry for people you know. And again….lying and bluffing in poker are two different things!


“lying and bluffing in poker are two different things”

Please elaborate.


U are an idiot… bluffing is lying and thats why I would take ur money

Paul’s Beard

And again. Go away


Ur just a pansy, go watch teletubbies

Golden Gate Granny

Sheesh. Chrissy was only pointing out the legit stupidity of Nicoins.

Bb 22

You Really need to get over yourself BIG BROTHER it’s a game about lying and deception and sometimes you have to make people think they have power and lie in conversations so you can make a target smaller for yourselves so that you don’t get put in position to be evicted. David was trying to set Dani up by getting all the blood on her hands; Nicole and Dani flipped on them to make them to target, in order to stay loyal and protect their six person alliance.

That was a brilliant lie by Dani and Nicole because it’s causing dissension for kevin, Davonne with David.
David bite himself in the ass when he denied about The disruptor power; fitting only one week later it’s hurting him!

Each and every response it’s obvious that you can’t stand Nicole.
That lie proved That Dani And Nicole deserved to be there this season
Because they flipped that lie on David and destroyed his plan to make him look bad in yet Davonne and kevin still can’t recognize that Nicole told the lie.

If you can’t recognize thats Great game play or that both Dani and Nicole were deserving of being there this season than I don’t know what else to tell you.

The straight stupidity is you not recognizing that Davonne and Bayleigh voted with the house majority for 4 straight weeks with
taking out people that would’ve been their allies! Davonne is in the position she’s in because of herself. She’s lucky to have been in this game till week seven. Let alone getting the undeserved second chances that she never should’ve had.

Golden Gate Granny

Duh, silly. I’m a fan. A “SUPERFAN.” I’ve been watching since Season 1 Ep1. Of course I loveee that they’re there. (We have a show in this shitty year.) And I’m gonna love/hate when they get the boot too. Probably I won’t be happy about the winner. Maybe I will. That’s showbiz baby.

Rage on, ragey. No skin off my nose. *shrug* You don’t like what I have to say? Ignore me. Or rage. Whatever creams your Twinkie.

Bb fan

You have some serious issues granny!!! They have a serious point about Dani and Nicole what they’re saying about that lie. You don’t even know how to judge this show- pretty inept you are as a fan.

The Beef

And as a huge Nicole fan you’re pretty biased. Nicole’s lying has now caught up to her two weeks in a row, and both lies will likely cost her a vote if she makes it to the final 2, as unlikely as that may be. Yes, lying is part of the game, but you have to finesse the lies, and right now Nicole has about as much finesse as a wrecking ball on the end of a crane!

Big Baby

You’re a dirty liar the beef – you ain’t no Nicole fan. Youre the most biased Nicole hater there is whining like a little sissy about how Nicole smoked former houseguest like cigarettes a.k.a. James own words final HOH or about the other things Nicole has done in the house.

Get your Twinkies elsewhere like Granny??
Which is why that post referenced the granny having issues because she talks about creaming your Twinkie which was something you probably enjoyed as well.
Your takes on NICOLE are about as worthless as Donald Trump trying to tell the truth.

You have no idea what you’re talking about because in BB 18 Nicole lied to Davonne last time about wanting her out of the house and still got her vote at the end in the FINAL 2!!!

Just like James said himself about Nicole if you were in that house; You would get smoked like a cigarette son if you played against Nicole. You Got caught red handed by your own words so take that pack of Malboros in your honor blaze them with a blow torch while you’re at it because you would be played, blown to ashes, and Smoked out of the big brother house.


Remember Kevin’s big lie? It got Jeff’s ally out, leading to Jeff’s own eviction. He “Got got”!

Johnny Depth

I wish there was a way to speed up the next 2 weeks…everything already seems set in stone, where is Pandora’s box when you need it *sad face emoji

*I learned my lesson I’ll never beg CBS for another all-star season


CBS only brought “Pandora” to save Rachel Annabelle Riley, and she had a fighting chance once given the opportunity. CBS tied to save Kaitlyn Herman and it was not a good look for them. Besides which who would CBS want to save out of Day/Kevin/David that would benefit the course of the show moving forward? At most it gives them an extra week, Dani did that on her HOH already, and we’re back to square one. If CBS medals too much they might run into legal troubles, Communications Act of 1934

Out of Sequester

As long as Cody, Enzo, and Tyler (two of the three) are in the house, David is their shield to the end. I’m just saying, the guys, sans Memphis, are looking to carry David to the final. Call him clueless all you want, David has placed himself firmly in the catbird seat.


Agreed with u on that! May even have at least a talking point cat bird seat the seat. He was lied on multiple times, called weird and trustworthy, told Day and Ian the truth yet they chose to go right to the jury believing the power clique. Blabbing all that David told them. This not so good of a player is good enough to go further than Ian and Day, get off the block and win a power.
Tyler refused that David backdoor! Yes that punching bag bad playing shield (David) just may make it further than any anticipated!


“David has placed himself firmly in the catbird seat.”

Jordan Schroeder (née Lloyd) is somewhere smiling!


Hes in a good position, but I wouldnt say he placed himself there, he is just an awful, useless player that is not threat thats why they keep him around…like Victoria level useless


Next week is a house flip week… they’re down to two non-alliance members in the house. One of them is a professional floater (Kevin). This next HoH will be won by either David or Kevin. David is most afraid of Memphis and Tyler… He might put up Christmas and Memphis… they will turn on Christmas because nobody actually likes her.

Who knows then next nominations are going to be Cody, Dani, or Nicole. It is stupid to keep Cody in the house for Enzo, Tyler, or Memphis… get him out while you can. The alliance is fake and filled with disposables… This is the Season of Disposables.


That’s why Cody built great relationships with so many players as a blanket up to this point. I really don’t see him getting voted out at this point of the game irrespective to who is sitting next to him. Cody is set up to be clipped only to go to the final 2 with another player at the earliest, but if he mists the other two as Derrick misted him and Victoria, he might be there irrespective. Derrick was so good at BB that, Cody’s game was underrated. He’s proving this season that he is a great player at this game as well.

INB4 all the pre-game crap, just think about the fact that Janelle had one with Nicole F and Dani and look how that worked out. Cody came to play as soon as he stepped inside the house, his very first DR he said he needs to win the first HOH to gauge the house. He was wise to go after Jaysar, and up to this point every “other” potential threat to him or a non number to him has gone home, and he’s been HOH ONCE! Even when Dani blundered with Tyler, he was able to get Nicole’s shield out instead, to strengthen his game. This week Memphis wanted to backdoor David, but Day is a bigger threat to Cody than David is, hence the noms stayed the same and Memphis is content with it and not upset with Cody.

If he’s sitting at the final 2, I just hope CBS doesn’t do to him as they did to Dan on 14, and give him proper amount of time to explain his game. I rather see that, then some bullshit proposal or what Bay thinks about the represatation of BB and the society as a whole, if CBS wants to be more “woke”


Cruella Danill: OMG OMG David is using the same oil that was from the fire pot that got sprayed with the He is using the same oil ..he just poured it from a bigger pot. Oh My gosh I would help him but I just done my nails

Sssscole: production David is using the same oil. pls evict him! Everyone is going to get sick!!!!!

Cruella Danill: – Sssscole pls go and help him!

Sssscole: are the feeds on or off?

Cruella Danill: why you asking?

Sssscole: cause if the feeds are on I can fake, I care about david’s well being and any other minority in the house, fake some crying and save the day!!!! perhaps I can change some of my sponsors’ mind


You’re not biases agaist Nicole at ALL


Ahhhh haaaa!!! #LovesIt


Everybody needs to be targeting David at this point as he’s destined to second place. After next week there’s nobody that will be on the block with him that won’t go home.

Roisin Dubh

Nah, Memphis has a hard on for that guy, unless he wins, he gone 2 weeks max

Tammie Davidson

Boy it seems like they are cutting the live feeds to the bare minimum

Roisin Dubh

Whoever paid this year got boned

Roisin Dubh

Please let David win HOH, he’ll put 2 high priced targets up.


In regards to the Dani perpetual lying to the level that she’s starting to think they are truths…

It’s been an ongoing pet peeve of mine how Dani DID say she wanted Bay/Day gone & how Cody/Enzo/Ty all talked about it. Dani denied it when Day/Bay approached her.

She’s very adept at buying her own lies as truths — almost pathologically. I think in Dani’s mind though it’s how things are worded so she finds a way to convince herself that she’s not lying. If you think about it there isn’t one hamster she hasn’t cited as needing to go at some point (even Cody). Tyler coined her “the Gardener” and after her HOH now Cody & Enzo are using that moniker giving me hope Dani has moved ahead of Ty in the pecking order.

The Gardener nickname stems from her constantly planting seeds (or bombs).

A typical spotlight of a few hours in Dani’s BB life would go something like this..

Dani to Xmas: So have you noticed how Enzo is safe with everyone?
Xmas: Yes – everyone likes him
Dani: so he’s like the safest in the house & dangerous to keep around deep into the game
Xmas: yeah I guess he’d be super hard to get out

25 mins later:
Dani to Enzo: So Xmas thinks it’s dangerous to go deep in the game with you b/c you’re so safe with everyone.
Enzo: well that’s BS – she never shuts up
Dani: would you target her in DE
Enzo: I don’t care everyone has to go

A while later:
Dani to Xmas: you need to be careful of Enzo if he wins DE HOH I think he’s coming for you b/c he said your never shut up and it’s annoying him
Xmas: Damn – I thought he was going to go after Kevin/David and maybe backdoor Ty.
Dani: oh – do you think Ty would go that early?
Xmas: well he’s a threat

And 15 mins later:
Dani to Tyler: How close are you to Xmas?
Ty: not very – why?
Dani: well she’s throwing your name out as a backdoor for DE
Ty: what? I thought she was all about the committee going to F6 when the hell did that happen?
Dani: well yeah but at some point everyone will have to turn on each other & haven’t you noticed Memphis & Xmas are super close lately? She’s been up in his HOH all week!
Ty: Well they’re friends right?

An hour later:
Dani to Memphis: So Tyler is super jealous of how close you are to Xmas
Memphis: he pissed me off this week & he needs to go soon maybe even DE
Dani: Yeah – but what if DE is this week & Kev or David win?
Memphis: Well we’ll have to try to influence them & I guess Cody will be a big target but we’ll just have to make sure he’s not

20 mins later:
Dani & Cody: So Memphis was talking about DE & if David or Kev leave they’ll need to be influenced. And then he said something weird about you being the biggest target!

… and on and on and on … lol

Basically – if you catch her convo’s it’s like a fly fishing lesson. She tosses out some bait, waits for some sort of casual comment or agreement in response and then she spins it into the lie with enough pieces of truth tied to it. Since most of her seeds are ‘warning” seeds it works to make the hamster feel safe so they don’t repeat what she says & in the off chance they do reiterate it & that person comes back to question her she’s left enough room to back peddle out of it to make it seem like it was a misunderstanding or the other person is lying. Lately though, (especially since she won HOH last week) she’s been SUPER messy.

The Beef

This is a perfect example of how she works and why I don’t like her. Probably why others think she is great. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I don’t mind a little lying in Big Brother, but when your whole game is based on it, it just feels slimy to me. But that’s just me.

Roisin Dubh

Nobody ran the DE better than Rachel Reilly.