Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Everyone needs to stop sucking on her t!t”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-14 08-15-19-849
By the Pool – Loveita says I want to puke right now. Dallas says don’t stress about it. It was just an idea. Don’t think they’re not going to finish what they started. This gives you the chance to hit them right back in the chin. I’m a lot less intimidated without the alpha male still here on that side. Loveita says whoever is here next week would have the same opportunity. Dallas tells Loveita that if she wants to keep it the same he won’t use it but we could wipe them out next week. We could do Jared this week and Raul the next. Loveita says she needs to go talk to Joel.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-14 08-00-30-330
HOH room – Ramsey and Loveita do a prayer. Ramsey says that Jared, Kelsey and Raul aren’t scared to go after what they want to happen. Loveita asks what do you what to happen? Ramsey says I want Cassandra gone. Loveita says I want that too. She says she doesn’t think Dallas will use the veto. Ramsey asks Joel what he thinks. Joel says that he doesn’t know where Christine’s head is at. Loveita asks Ramsey to leave. Loveita says that she wants Cassandra to leave because she is stirring the pot. She is snaky and lies to people. Cassandra can’t be trusted. Between you and me we are safe on all fronts. Why keep someone who can’t be trusted. Mitch joins them. Loveita says if the nominations stay the say you, you and me are okay for at least next week. Mitch says I just hope there isn’t some kind of twist where she comes back into the game because she would think I betrayed her the most. Loveita tells Joel if he wants to put his one vote to keep Cassandra then you can do that. Joel says I don’t want to put myself out there because everyone would know it was me.

10:20am – 11:40am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony. Tim says you have to work out what her currency is. Cassandra says power. Tim says no its no corrupt power. They discuss how Dallas couldn’t use it. Tim says she is banking on not pissing Jared off because she probably made a deal to make him safe. Cassandra says she just wants to have fun. Tim says he wants to play with Cassandra’s moon boot while he can…. because you might not be here after Thursday. Tim then tells her he’s joking. Cassandra says everyone needs to stop sucking on her t!t! She has no power now. If I win HOH I’m going after her. Imagine if there’s a double eviction this week and we get rid of her.

Power Of Veto: Was not used

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-14 08-47-36-536
In the HOH room – Nikki suggests that Tim and her work with Loveita. Loveita is worried about Tim campaigning for Cassandra. She says she needs to go talk to TIm.

Storage room – Dallas tells Ramsey that he hummed and hawed about it but just couldn’t be sure who Loveita would have put up. She could have put up you or Maddy. Cassandra is going to stay this week. Ramsey says if that happens I am going to be livid! Dallas thinks Mitch will vote to keep Cassandra. Ramsey tells Dallas that Mitch thinks for himself.

12pm Hot Tub room – Tim says she just needs to know that if you’re taken out, Dallas will have free range. Tim says that Kelsey is the reason Cassandra is targeted this week. Tim tells Cassandra that he thinks she can convince Loveita for you to stay. Maybe its not even worth it. Cassandra says maybe I’ll just work on Nikki. Tim tells Cassandra to tell Loveita that you make faces because you’re awkward and don’t know what to do. Tim counts the votes and says that Cassandra has Jared, Kelsey, Raul, Mitch and Joel. He says that Christine has Dallas, Maddy Ramsey, Nick/PHil, and maybe Nikki. Cassandra heads inside. Phil and Ramsey come out to get in the hot tub. Tim says that Loveita is so smart and no one realizes it. She is setting herself up for next week to have a choice. Tim leaves.

Havenot room – Loveita says that she hasn’t really talked to Joel but thinks he is going to vote for Cassandra to stay. He normally votes with me. I just need to bring him up to speed. Mitch agrees. Loveita says Christine would have no problem putting me up if she won HOH. So technically I shouldn’t care. Joel joins them. Loveita tells him that she asked Dallas not to use the veto. He wanted to use it. Loveita tells Mitch and Joel that she only trusts them. Loveita says I am committed to you guys and going forward we need to have a game plan. Mitch says he’s committed. Mitch says we could work with Tim and Nikki but just not share everything with them. Mitch says we need to come together but appear to be in the middle.

In the kitchen – Christine tells Dallas that he should have used it to force Loveita’s hand. Dallas says he was thinking about it. Christine says she’s going to talk to Loveita later because she’s kind of looking at me funny.

12:20pm Backyard – Jared tells Kelsey we need to win HOH this week. We can’t leave it up to anyone else. Cassandra joins them. Jared says that she views her as Hitler but she can stay. (I think he’s talking about Christine) Jared tells Cassandra that she needs to work on the brothers. That’s your job.

12:25pm Hot Tub – Ramsey asks Phil where is vote is? Phil says I want Cassandra out. Its best for my game. I like Loveita says I want to show her I do support her nominations and ultimate target. I think Christine isn’t a threat. Ramsey says who cares if you have blood on your hands its about minimizing it. Phil says I have no reason to commit to anyone at this point. I have good relationships with you and Jared. Phil says if Mitch makes it too far it would be very hard to get him out. This is the first week I’ve noticed he has held back in conversations with me so I don’t know if he’s solidified things with someone.

In the bedroom – Cassandra tells Dallas she knows he is probably voting for Christine to stay and won’t hold it against him. Dallas says to be honest I am voting for her to stay. It does look like you’re going to stay though. Cassandra says yeah I know.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-14 09-38-09-130

12:50pm Hot tub room – Raul, Jared, Kelsey, Phil, Joel and Ramsey are hanging out chatting about random things. In the havenot room – Nick and Loveita are going on and on about the family videos and questioning what they said – “Not everything is what it seems”

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All talk, no walk. These people are disappointing


yes, same as last year i bet, no big plays till near the end


This is such a dud of a season. I even forgot to watch last nights episode on tv and I don’t even care at this point.
Just look at the polls … Tim and Nikki rank higher than any of the Canadian contestants …
That says a lot about the horrific job that casting did.
Since I actually enjoyed watching BBAU … Tim for the win!
Of course Production won’t allow that. So we’ll get producers choice as the winner
Simon n Dawg … I’ll try to click on more ads when I visit this site since I know your hits must be low. As usual Great job for what you have to work with … Cheers!


Simon or Dawg,
Who does it look like will be going home this week? Cassandra is counting on Mitch & Joel but I thought they were voting for her to go???


If the vote were today, I would be making a guess the Christine would have the support of : Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey, Phil / not Phil, Nikki. I would be making the guess that Cassandra would have the support of: Jared, Kelsey, Raul. I would be on the fence with Tim, Mitch and Joel.
When you look at the basics of what all are saying, and how they are acting the three fence sitters would appear to want to keep Cassandra.
What happens if Cassandra stays?
The Jared alliance maintains strength and number heading into next week.
Loveita no longer trusts Tim and Mitch.
Loveita is free agent closer to the Dallas camp.
Instead of two small groups and a larger number of non-aligned middle ground people, everyone views two sides (whether they are 2 sides or not is irrelevant, each camp will view the ones that voted each way as one side or the other).
Perfect time for production to have a knock out trivia hoh to solidify the one side versus another dynamic since they always seem to want a two sided war and must be livid that everyone hasn’t jumped into camps and stayed there as it is. Especially with only one named alliance in the house so far (but thankfully no stupid hand signal or dance).


wish Christine would leave. Cassandra is kind of funny. Christine bring NOTHING to the table. Always looks pissed off and boring as hell.


Yhats her Big Mother scowl…argghhh!!!


People are so desperate to get to the end of this game…. they forget to actually PLAY the game…. if I was Loveita I would def. want the Jared Kill under my belt for the final speech… if ur to afraid to make a move WTF are u going to say in the end as to why you DESERVE to win the game? people that are driven by fear make me LMFAO I hope this shit blows up in her face next week… I wish BBCAN would stop casting poor people and START casting people who’s main objective is interesting tv …….? thank god for Tim and Nikki this season the casted Canadians are lame sauce as usual… its like a welfare convention in there! but then again… who the F else has 3 months of free time..


You have to make it to the end first to win… It’s literally week 3 in 2 months people won’t remember Jared being this huge threat. Also Loveita would have Kelsey and Raul out for blood. The house probably won’t ‘flip’ on Jared and them for another two weeks depending on how it plays out


I got the feeling Jared was telling Kelsey not to push Loveita to want to keep Cassandra because Loveita thinks Cassandra is Hitler. Just from his hand gestures to Kelsey and then pointing to Cassandra.


did jared seriously compare christine to hitler? talk about stupid things to say


I just saw the last episode and Cassandra is really entertaining and full of personality while Christine is boring, always has a bleak look and kind of annoying…i really hope Christine goes, if Cassandra leaves this early it would be a darn shame.


I’ve seen people blow their hoh before, but never did I see someone blow 2 back to back hoh in the same season. Lovita’s first nominees were out of jealousy and girl rivalry. I don’t think putting Kelsey up was the wrong thing to do, but she went about it completely wrong. You never tell someone week one that they are the target. That was just stupid. And to throw someone like Paige on the block week one was a waste. Page wasn’t a threat to anyone and she may have been the only girl that has watched the show before. I thought I’d hate Cassandra, but I want her to stay. What is up with wiping out the girls? The ones I like are getting picked off and the others are still wasting their energies on each other. Christine is boring and any time I see her she looks bitter and tired. If Lovita didn’t want to take a shot at Jared, Kelsey and Raul, she could have put up Christine, Ramsey, Dallas or even the brothers and nobody would have really cared. Now she has pissed off more people than she needed to, the people that will take her out sooner rather than later will still want to take her out as early as next week if given the chance, and she lost her alliance because she made a mess of the first HOH. She was one of my preseason picks, but that didn’t even last the first week. She has almost zero chance of winning and it is her own doing. I was glad to see her win hoh, but it didn’t last long. This is going to end up all guys with a couple of annoying girls. At least Nikki is fun to watch, Maddie and Christine are boring and not likeable and Kelsey is just that kind of girl that likes to be the center of everything. Cassandra is at least playing the social game with everyone, I hope she stays and I hope anyone but Jared and his threesome win to shake it up. It is going to be pretty boring if we are going to alternate HOH between two people like happened in BBUS last season.

I have tried to resist liking Joel, Mitch, Tim and Nikki, but time and time again they are the only ones that I can like. Mitch and Joel have their heads in the game and are playing the right pace.


christine turned out to be nuerotic & she’s like a broken child trapped in a 47 year olds body like seriousley must be the menopause cuz she feels she deserves the money most tgrowing ppl under the bus thats just sooo weak like ahe needs to go she shoukd be grateful she won 10,000 from the brick instead she complains & she has a strong character get her out pleaseeeeee !!!!