Nikki, Tim and Ramsey Pranking the House Guests! “Who’s j!*z do I have on my a$$!?”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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2:25pm In the storage room – Tim and Nikki are talking about what pranks they can pull on other house guests. Nikki wants to put something brown on the toilet seat. Tim tells her they should put saran wrap on the toilet seat. Ramsey says they already tried that and it didn’t really work. Tim suggests they put Vaseline on the toilet seat. Tim thinks they should put dish soap in the mouthwash. Ramsey brings Nikki a dish with Nutella. Nikki says it looks great. It looks like burning diarrhea. Ramsey says to put BBQ sauce on the pool cue or on door handles. They continue to brainstorm other pranks to pull on the house guests. They head out to do their pranks. Nikki pours dish soap in the mouthwash. They then grab the BBQ sauce and dump out shampoo and fill it up with the BBQ sauce. Tim puts Vaseline on the toilet. Maddy coming into the bathroom and asks did Nikki just bring BBQ sauce into the bathroom. Tim says no. They head outside. Someone asks Nikki why she was taking BBQ sauce into the bathroom. Nikki says I was trying to encourage a bowel movement.

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-14 11-37-13-486

2:45pm Jared goes into the bathroom and finds the Vaseline on the toilet seat. Who?! AWW.. that’s sick!

3pm – 3:15pm Loveita and Kelsey have a girl talk. Kelsey tells Loveita if it comes down to it I would pick Jared over Raul. The feeds switch to Cassandra complaining about how she sat on the toilet and got Vaseline all over her a$$. Tim what is all over my a$$?!! Who’s j*zz do I have on my a$$!?! Christine then cleans the toilet.

3:20pm Kitchen – Cassandra says if I go, I am going to be competing to get back in this house. Christine says so would she and that it would be easy competing against Paige and Sharry.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-14 12-20-34-166

3:45pm Hot Tub room – Phil asks Cassandra what she’s telling people in her campaign. Tim says yeah I wonder if Christine will try and campaign for me. Phil tells Cassandra that they’ve never really talked game. And then I’ve heard you were coming after me. Tim says I never heard her say that. Cassandra says she never said that. Tim says I think people tried to pin that backdoor plan on her. Kelsey, Raul, Dallas and Nikki join them. Tim comments on how if you’re here for the fame then get rid of the people that will be famous so that you’re the spotlight. Tim asks Cassandra what she’ll give him for his vote. Cassandra says if she wins HOH he can have the bed. She’ll make him sandwiches. Tim says but you’re a crap cook. Cassandra says that’s why I said sandwiches. I’ll give you massages. Cassandar says it will either be a 6-5 vote or a 7-4 vote. Tim says I really don’t like Raul. Sorry, I just really do think he’s here to get famous. He needs to work on his act.

Phil says you just can’t stop looking at your man can you? How bad do you want him? Kelsey says well its been a long time. Kelsey says just go to the shower. I would if I was a boy. There’s a long way to go.

4:40pm Big Brother tells the house guests they’re on an indoor lock down.

4:45pm – 4:55pm HOH room – Tim and Loveita. Tim asks how did you think today went? Loveita says good, I don’t really care what happens. Tim says it all depends on what happens next week. Loveita says I think I’m okay. Tim asks what do you think about the votes? Loveita says I don’t care which way it goes I’m just leaving it up to fate. Tim says I don’t know what’s better for my game. I have more fun with Cassandra. But if Jared’s team decides to come after me then that would be bad for my game. (Cassandra) does have the votes if Jared’s side sticks with her. Loveita heads into the bathroom and sees the nutella that Ramsey put on the toilet. Loveita says that’s gross but says she won’t even react. Tim says someone had a blowout! Nikki says that is animal behaviour. Ramsey cleans it up.
Phil asks Loveita if she could put in a good word for him with Nikki. I’m in the friend zone right now. Loveita says some times that’s a good thing. Saying that’s what she looks for in a relationship.

5pm HOH room – Loveita, Nick, Phil and Tim are talking about pranking the house guests. Loveita tells Tim that he should call everyone to the living room and tell them that he and Nikki have been watching them and based on how they’ve treated them they have the power to evict one house guest.

6pm Tim, Joel and Phil get into the pool conducting “mermaid school”. They’re seeing who’s the better mermaid by seeing who can stay under the water longer and who can do more laps without coming up for air.

6pm – 7pm HOH room – Mitch, Raul, Loveita and Maddy are hanging out. Loveita asks do you know who you’re voting for? Raul says I’m going to vote for the majority. I love Cassandra but if its Cassandra then she has to go. Maddy and Raul leave. Loveita says I don’t know who’s staying and who’s going. I think Cassandra’s staying.

7:10pm Nikki is working out.

6:50pm – 7:20pm Hot Tub – Tim, Ramsey and Joel are hanging out. Phil and Tim says we don’t want Jared and Dallas to work together. That would be the worst thing. Phil says they’re not buddy buddy but they could work together. Tim says their girlfriends are not friends. (Kelsey and Maddy) Phil says that people are very paranoid and immature in this house. Tim asks what do you mean? Phil says people get paranoid when you’re having fun, they think you’re working together. Phil tells Tim that there’s another conspiracy theory that the fans are voting what you have to do. Canada’s voted and you.. Tim says have to make a mermaid school? Jared and Dallas join them. They all hope they get alcohol tonight.

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Pinocchio Obama

I hope this prank war is just beginning. It makes for some good drama.

BBCan Circus

id rather have BB game drama. Last year had more drama by this point! This is a snooze fest

lol what?

how can Mitch the Snitch be ranked so high?, i swear there’s cheese hidden in that hoh room. he’s the canada version od Andy


You say that like A) everybody else in the house isn’t sharing information too (did you already forget how Ramsey blatantly takes information from one room to another?), and B) Andy was a bad player. Because everyone in BB15 never compared notes on Andy is indicative of their own flaws not Andy’s.

lol what?

Of course players share info, but Mitch the Snitch is running to the power to tattle. Plus you missed the part where he told the hoh that he tells her everything they tell him!


I don’t have the live feeds, I come here and to twitter to catch up on what’s happening in the house. It seemed to me that last night Mitch was feeding the Third Wheel alliance what he’s been getting out of Loveita.

What has he told Loveita about the Third Wheel alliance? I mean besides the obvious fact that they want to keep Cassandra for a number.


Tim always had a bad case of Peter Pan Syndrome. The little boy in him is coming out to play.


If more people had his care-free, fun attitude, rather than judgemental pricks with a stick up their butt, this world would be a much more pleasant place.


We haven;t seen the full Tim show yet. Watching his Aussie BB season (only 6 shows so far) and after 3 days the most HGs were getting tired of him, They started calling it The Tim Show. He is the fun loving guy (with a lot of production help} but he also comes across as selfish, a little passive/aggressive, even mean spirited. It’s all within the game, but most times it isn’t necessary. I am waiting to see how he changes when he is seriously threatened here.


Fair enough… I’ve never seen Tim on previous seasons as I’ve only watched the US and Can version, so maybe we’ll see a personality shift. Right now, though, he’s definitely the most interesting to watch on feeds (for me) as I find his attitude really refreshing and I like to see the houseguests actually have fun between all the bitching and fighting (which, don’t get me wrong, I also love). I quite like the crew of Tim / Phil / Nikki / Cassandra.


Are these pranks an official task? Or is it Tim’s initiative? If Tim’s, I’m fine with it as the HGs are probably getting as bored as the viewers with the lack of game play. ( I understand they can’t talk/play game all the time but some game play on a game show would be nice,) If it an official task, it’s just as lame as the laundry task and the fake date. I think even production is getting bored. Their continuity was off last night during Lovieta’s DR session about who to put up, her hat went from a grey hat to a yellow toque and back to the grey. in what I assumed they wanted to present as a long soul wrenching decision.


loveita the canadian vanessa of hat wearing 24/7


Oh, you mean Vicvapid, ‘glued to the mirror’, crying about her hair ‘falling out’ BS story? Just the mention of that crow makes me sick all over again. She thought she was the last girl standing because she was such a great and gifted player…..


I’m not invested in Cassandra or Christine. Honestly, Both of them remind me of my last position where 90% of the women under 30 behaved like Cassandra, and 90% of the women over 30 behaved like Christine. Listening to them makes me feel serious ptsd. After saying that, I can acknowledge that Cassandra is playing a better game, but getting too comfortable because her game depends on nobody ever comparing notes. Christine’s play the mom game makes me wonder the mom where? Bates Motel?
For the sake of game drama i prefer Cassandra staying. For the sake of who I can tolerate longer, I prefer Christine (mute buttons are our friends, and once muted Christine is just a leopard print bed spread).


I adore Tim. Canada blew me away with the “twists” this year, compared to last. It was ballsy, but has turned out brilliant. The twists last year made me very weary of this next season. I’m so entirely glad they’re going about it another way.


Lovita has blown two HOH in a row. She has put herself in a very bad place, if she had used her head instead of her girl jealousy/paranoid competitive impulses, she had lots of options her first hoh to not make herself a target but she managed to not only waste her hoh getting out Paige, but she was straight up even with Kelsey that she was the target. If she had to put up Paige and Kelsey, she should have said that she put them up because she had to go on first impressions and didn’t get a chance to talk game with them, some vague reason. Sharry got evicted because she blew her HOH up, now she is HOH again, and she has blown it again. If Cassandra leaves, Lovita is a slave vote for Jared’s side until they don’t need her anymore, and if Cassandra stays, she would have a great reason to work against Lovita going forward. The girls that had some game are the ones that are leaving early and we will be left with an arrogant self centered b*tch, a tired and bitter cougar and Maddie who is one of the most annoying people since that blonde girl in season 1. Thank god for Tim and Nikki, they at least are fun to watch. I also am surprisingly liking Joel and Mitch, the rest are pretty boring and dumb at the game. Jared is sitting ok for now, but I don’t see him lasting deep into the game. He has made several fatal errors already, he set himself up in a visible alliance week one, reinforced it week 2 and is making a point of showing what a competition threat he is and it’s only week 3. Hard to root for any of the Canadians, so I will just enjoy Tim and Nikki stirring the pot for a while.


it sounds so miserable, why would you torture yourself ? i guess you need to be a fan of the game!