Monte “I probably didn’t give America what they wanted, they probably wanted to see me slap him.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:10pm – 1:03pm Backyard – Alyssa and Monte suntanning and chatting about their outside lives, Amazing Race, etc. Montes – I think this season has been awfully entertaining. And maybe we’re biased because we’re in it but at the same time I can’t think of half of the sh*t that happened here that happened last year. Alyssa – I know. Monte – not even a quarter. Its just so much stuff. I think we’re giving the people what they want. Alyssa – I think so too. Monte – plenty of drama, plenty of shock factor, twists.. there hasn’t been any .. well Daniel kind of exploding on me was something but I probably didn’t give America what they wanted, they probably wanted to see me slap him or something. Alyssa – Daniel .. shut your mouth! Oh my god yeah he was out of pocket. Monte – he is 35 years old and acts very much like a child. Alyssa – and he is 8 years older than you.. and you’re way more mature than he would ever be and that is freaking crazy. Yeah there wasn’t a lot of yelling fights but I think that everything else kind of made up for it. Monte – yeah, I think so. Alyssa – which is funny.. I wonder who they (Production) thought would be in arguments and stuff? We’ll watch it back and maybe there were more arguments that we didn’t see. Monte – yeah there weren’t screaming matches but Daniel seemed to be at the centre of most of these. Alyssa – yeah. Monte – I’m sure there was a lot of sh*t talking of other people. I still think we gave good entertainment. Alyssa – I think this was the first time there was a showmance and not in the same alliance ever in big brother .. and also I think this is the first time a showmance voted someone out also in the showmance. Monte – really? Alyssa – yeah, they’re usually up there together or if they’re not the other person saves them. Monte – yeah, I mean I’ve only seen 6 seasons. Alyssa – But it was the circumstances.. I also want to make it clear that I am not some big brother savage like Joseph made me out to be. Monte – yeah he was definitely pumping that. Alyssa – yeah he told Turner and Kyle that I was gunning for them. I am like what?! That is so absurd! Monte – yeah he was in my ear about the same thing.

1:05pm – 1:30pm Backyard – Alyssa and Turner
Alyssa – Brittany is so annoying me. I am so over her. Turner – yeah she is buggin’ me big time! Alyssa – she just went to the DR. She is just so much and so manipulative and such a liar and I just don’t want her to be here anymore. Turner – neither do I. Alyssa – and she is pinning me to go home this week. Like how do I not go home this week. Turner – she wants me to go home this week. Alyssa – she is?! Turner – she wants Monte to put me up. She is begging Monte to put me up. Alyssa – OKAY… She said to me .. Alyssa, I can’t promise you anything. And I was like I am not asking you to promise me anything. We just have to see what the nominations are and then I will tell you if you’re safe or not basically. Basically if you were up I would be safe… and if Taylor was up I would not be safe. Turner – yeah. Alyssa – But Monte is not going to put you up. There is no way. Turner – yeah I know. That’s what he said. He said you are not going up. Alyssa – yeah he told me that too. I was like okay good. Then he is super close with Taylor .. this is my pitch .. I love Taylor and I would never say anything bad about her personally but she stays and wins HOH.. more than likely she is going to go after you. You leave somehow… then Taylor, Brittany, Monte final 3. Taylor is brining Brittany. Brittany is bringing Taylor. Monte ..BYE. Taylor stays Monte get Brittany out.. Monte goes final 2 with Taylor. Taylor can write the best speech in two days.. imagine the speech she could write having the entire summer to prepare for it. Turner – that’s FACTS! Alyssa – she would have survived the block 5 times! She’s got an HOH .. she could win another one. She has everybody’s votes. Everyone loves an underdog. Me.. I am dog sh*t. I would have to win multiple things and like Michael said I have been dragged along this entire game and Zing-bot called me dead weight and useless so I feel like I am easier for him to beat. Plus, I want Brittany out of this house. If Brittany had won this week .. she doesn’t go after Taylor ..she goes after you guys. If Brittany wins next week she goes after you guys and is happy if she gets me out. Is this a good pitch?! Turner – I think its a good pitch. Alyssa – I don’t want to go home. Just want Brittany to go home. Brittany joins them and the conversation ends.

1:55pm Pool – Turner and Monte.
Turner and Monte talk about the coming weeks. Turner – more dogs in the fight make it easier. Even if Taylor wins the first one .. one of us have to win the second one. Whoever wins veto is the person voting. And whoever wins HOH is the person that is safe. We just need one of us to win either of those but if we have an extra element .. someone who is a harder competition to take away from us winning one of those because as long as we win one we’re fine. But throwing in an extra element might make it difficult for us to win one. Monte – yeah. I guess my ideal was that Brittany is the main target for next week. Then whether Taylor or Alyssa is here .. reducing the likely hood that she is safe makes the most sense. I see what you’re saying .. its really a matter of us winning the veto. If one of us wins the veto then we’re fine. Turner – because the veto is the most important thing next week. And HOH ..even if Taylor won doesn’t put us in a better or worse spot. Its the same thing.. its better if one of us win HOH. If she wins HOH, we still need to win veto .. it just adds an extra competitor to needing to win veto.

3:16pm Backyard – Monte working out. Alyssa sleeping. Brittany eating.

5pm – 6:54pm HOH room – Taylor, Monte & Brittany.
Brittany – I just wanted to touch base and I figured if it would be cool if all of us talk. I know Taylor and I had a talk about things. And I was curious where your head was at Monte since we talked yesterday morning. So yesterday morning I know I kind of hit you with a lot in terms of right after the veto and what not. I was like okay let me sit back and kind of process what I was hearing from you and throw that back at you and see if that aligns. And share some ideas that Taylor and I were thinking that I think we could share moving forward in this game. What I heard was that you’re really thinking future forward what makes sense for you in this game. And taking into consideration some of those lapses in communication and trust that you and I particularly have had this past week. And recognizing that both those things need to coincide together and that there is a huge element … and a huge element of trust would be put into all three of us but namely you and I in terms of if you were to put Turner up as a replacement and what that would mean for next week. I was like what can I mess with in terms of the levers so that the risk on your goes down. Say you do put up Turner.. Taylor and I would be the two votes and he would leave. No blood on your hands in terms of that except that you did put him up so it would be that. For next week that would leave me, Taylor and Alyssa playing HOH. And what if I was like coming in next week and was like Monte you’re out. That is not the game I want to play but I understand that could be a fear. What if right now we were able to establish.. like if you (Taylor) were to win HOH .. you would put me and Alyssa up. You (Monte) would be the deciding vote. And if I were to win HOH I would put Taylor and Alyssa up. You were the deciding vote. We establish that right now and we shake on it. Then it comes down to veto. If I was to win veto, yes you would go up but I would promise you that I would vote Alyssa out and you would stay. The only scenario we worry about is if Alyssa wins veto. Monte – which is highly unlikely. Brittany – highly unlikely. Turner is a strong competitor. So it it is us it would be us working together to get out instead the weakest last link (Alyssa). Its just how much easier it could be to get to the final 3. I trust you and I would much rather be on the block knowing that my game would be in your hands. As in you trusted me with this, I trusted you with that. And if you Monte were to screw me over I could leave this game with my head held high.. at least I trusted the people I was working with… and then I got played as apposed to how it could play out next week if Turner was here. Taylor reiterates what Brittany said about who would go up next week. Brittany – it would just be really nice to say that I trust you and you trust me and it checks out. Monte – I feel very confident that at this point in making a deal with Turner that he would vote to keep Taylor and that even if he didn’t you would vote to keep Taylor. And I have never done anything to you guys to feel like you couldn’t trust me and at this point I would do what I needed to do to make sure we’re all here because I truly feel like I need all four of us here next week. I do understand what you guys are offering and I will consider it. And Brittany our conversation yesterday was not very helpful because you had mentioned like look Monte at the end of the day if you put up Turner or if you put up Taylor that is all going to be considered in the vote next week. To me that sounds very much like a threat so that does not rub me the right way. Brittany – I am sorry. Monte – and I do not feel like I need to be talked to that way when I have done nothing to create any mistrust. And these are just things that I have to consider when extending my trust. There is no reason to mistrust me. In all this is either a way to prove my trust or its something that will make me do something to expose myself and my game next week .. to someone who did not communicate very well with me last week. Its hard for me to establish trust when I am hearing two different things on two different days. Brittany – I don’t remember that. All I remember is what I experienced. Monte – okay, lets erase that.. lets talk about a bigger topic.. why in the hell did you and Michael not tell me and Taylor about Kyle during the week of big brochella? Like why wait until Michael wins the power of veto? Assuming he is going to take you down for the block and knowing that a replacement nominee is in jeopardy. Why was that kept siloed with you and Michael instead of sharing it with Taylor and I? This seems along the same trend of there are certain things you share with these people and there are certain things that you don’t. Brittany – a lot of this was during Taylors HOH right before Dyre Fest. After a couple days Michael and I discussed that and I now know that this was the second time Kyle has discussed it. It felt very out of character and out of left field and I wanted to gut check before I said anything out loud. Then we went straight into Big Brochella. It seemed like it would look a certain way no matter when we said it. Brittany – can I ask you one question Monte .. do you trust me or not? Or is it just too far gone? Monte – at this point it might be. There has just been irreversible damage and that conversation we had yesterday was the most frustrating conversation I have had with anyone in this house since I’ve been in the house. To get threatened and then blamed for not sharing information. Taylor – the fact of the matter is .. both of you are here next week. And I have done everything that I can to unit the two of you and I can super glue this triangle together. I am sad, I have done what I can but both of you are here next week. I trust both of you when you say you will keep me here. Next week is a power grab to secure safety. Its not the three of us as a unit.

Brittany – I was not aware that we were not good to this extent. I hate that it was perceived as a threat. That was not my intention and I am so sorry. I should have thought that through and how that would sound from your perspective. I understand how that totally came off the wrong way and now that I know .. and how our trust level was here and not here. I can’t even beging to apologize. I feel like such a bozo. Monte – I never questioned anything about your game but you continued to question mine when all of my actions have not lead to believe anything otherwise… all of those actions compound in my mind to a belief that you do not trust me. And there it is.. simple as that. Brittany – I feel like he was lying about me and I didn’t feel like I could talk to you about that because I didn’t know those lies existed. He is going to be able to go to you sooner if I don’t know the lies that are being told about me. He is the common denominator. Monte – If someone is spreading falsehoods about why do you see no need to address them. Brittany – its very clear to me based on his past actions and now this that he is targeting me. There is not coming back from that. Its adding fuel to the fire. I thought that we were at a better level. I would be more than willing to have that conversation but I don’t know that would help anything.

7:23pm HOH room – Monte and Alyssa.
Monte – She (Brittany) wanted me to extend my trust with her this week and next week and I just pretty much laid out why I can’t do that very bluntly because I just can’t BS anymore with her about where I stand with trust with her. Its just been a long history of her not telling me things. Monte goes through all the point of why he doesn’t trust Brittany (see above convo with Brittany). Alyssa – After tomorrow we can have many conversations and just talk and feel things out. I will never say anything bad about Taylor but I will definitely give you reasons that I hope you hear me out on why I should stay too. Monte – 100% I respect your right to fight and to try to stay here. Alyssa – we shall chat this week. I appreciate it.

7:35pm – 7:52pm HOH room – Monte and Turner.
Monte fill Turner in on the conversation he has with Brittany above. Monte – she was trying to push for me to put you up. And I just told her from a logical perspective there is no chance I am doing that.. what the hell would I be doing then.. putting my game in your hands?! F**k no! Taylor would prefer to not be on the block and understandably so! The conversation was just long because she just kept going on and on. She tried to blame it on how she had a cider.. Turner – oh Brittany!? Monte – if anything alcohol is the truth juice. Turner – I guaranteed if Taylor wins HOH the noms will be me and Brittany so as long as Brittany doesn’t win veto we should be fine. Monte – yeah and then we’re solid. Veto is essential. Turner – as long as Brittany wins neither (HOH/POV) we are straight.

8:04pm Big Brother gives the house guests alcohol.

8:45pm – 9:37pm The house guests are hanging out by the hammock chatting about random things and drinking the wine. Taylor – someone gives you the look.. is it lets get out of here? Or lets find a place here? Alyssa – no, lets get out of here.. ..find a place here what kind of a girl do you think I am!? (Havenot room.. lol) I have never in my life been that horny that I need to have it right then and there. (Back bedroom, other bedroom, etc..) Maybe somewhere nice! Taylor – I agree. Somewhere nice for me was the backsteps of Lincoln Memorial. Alyssa – that is kind of fun but also… mmmmm..

10:15pm – 11:10pm Backyard – Monte, Taylor, Turner and Alyssa.
Alyssa – was it a showmance? Taylor – you tell me? Turner – you and Kyle? Alyssa – yeah. Turner – you were romantic on the show. Monte – sounds like a showmance. Taylor – mine was a fauxmance. Alyssa – romantic .. him saying he will vote me out and me saying oh my god I wrote a poem for him. Monte – you wrote a poem? Alyssa – I was in my room for like hours .. because he wanted me to share my poetry so I was like I will write a poem for him. Then I was in the DR saying I wrote this poem but it was like the same day that he was probably like .. like he hadn’t talked to me in a week… Him saying he would vote me out and then it cuts to me saying I wrote this poem. Taylor – remember that day when we were talking leftovers and Kyle was like guys I know I am team leftovers but I really like Alyssa and would really like to hold onto that a little bit longer. Alyssa – A little bit longer .. BULLSH*T BYE! Taylor – Alyssa!? Alyssa – Sorry! Not Sorry! BYE! I expect like Jessica and Cody vibes like you would die for me …and he wouldn’t die for me so I wouldn’t die for you either than. Taylor – he was also told nearly every day that you wanted to vote him out. Alyssa – I wish he would have asked. Ask me.. big f**king deal!! I’m a nice person. Turner – but from our perspective you also had Jasmine in your corner and if something gets out about Kyle being concerned about something.. and then Jasmine makes it a big deal.. and then the whole other side of the house freaks out. Alyssa – fair enough. I understand. But big L reason why I probably won’t date him .. wouldn’t die for me.. doesn’t matter to me. Taylor – what was your reaction when I won the wall? Alyssa – it was light hearted. I promise. I was happy for you but it did last a very long time (Kyle embracing Taylor after she won the wall).. and I was like OKAY?! Moving on! I am not a mean person. I can promise you that. I am a very jealous person.

11:50 am Backyard Chilling
Topic is Pre-2000 music
“Spice Girls” “Paul McCarthy” “Nsync” “Justin Timberlake” “Brittany spears”

12:28 am
Alyssa – Brittany went to be early she said I’m safe bye bitches
Taylor – she said Peace out
They talk about the veto and Brittany screaming “This is for Michael”
Taylor – She really thought that Michael Doing what she did during the eviction was giving her a sign
Alyssa – She still thinks that today
Turner – A sign of what?
Alyssa – everyone was talking shit about you and you were the target and giving her a hint that people were talking shit to save themselves. She doesn’t know what he said to me about her being liar.
Turner – they were both Dragging each other
Alyssa – she thinks it was helpful
Turner – Full on brain washed
Taylor – when you only have one person you really connect with it’s very very hard to believe otherwise. I don’t blame her for seeking the positive

12:46 am Taylor and Turner backyard
They are talking about how Monte, Turner and Taylor have played a Honest least manipulative game this entire season.
Taylor – the closest I’ve gotten to a dishonest game is making that agreement with you and MOnte last night with Brittany assuming that she and I are still as tight as we are.

2:30 am Chit chat..

3:53 am Slumber party in the HOH. (Brittany is downstairs)
8:20 am Zzzzzz

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Monte seems to have caught some of Terrance’s hubris. Waiting for that to catch up with him, too.


Everyone in the house has been flawed. Some more than others. Monte is one of the more mature ones in this season’s House


He may be mature, but he is also incredibly self-righteous. He really is coming off right now as King Monte.

I guess it’s a matter of which particular human flaws are more palatable to any particular observer.


HoHitis is real.


He’s being really uppity, huh?

The Kats Meow

Look at her trying to bat those fake doe eyes at Monte now lolol. She’s a ridiculously bad player, to an almost pathetic extent. If she ends up winning this season, it will be a waste.


Alyssa won’t win even if she’s final two. Juries seem to vote on who they believe *deserves* to win. The only thing Alyssa deserves is Kyle the man baby.
The only reason Alyssa has made it this far is because of the “we can always get Alyssa out later” mentality.


I completely agree. She’s the definition of “float”.

Captain Kirk

A float, and self-acknowledged “piece of dog sh*t”:

“I am dog sh*t. I would have to win multiple things …I have been dragged along this entire game and Zing-bot called me dead weight and useless…”



zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when something interesting happens. Alyssa does look really pretty today! Can just imagine the gritting of the teeth of all homilies out there


We won’t be able to wake you because BB is beyond dumb. All the good players leave and we’re left with losers. I only watched this season after ten away because of Michael! Fortunately we got to see a legend play!


can you please change the rankings? I’d love to see just the people still in the game, not the “favorites” who were voted out…..I honestly don’t care about who America loves! lol

Adult Behaviour

Then ignore it…it’s easy to do.


The best thing to do with BB is Ignore it now that the record breaker is no longer there!


But isn’t that the goal? To get out a huge competitor? Why let Michael just walk away with it. They did that last year, and it was a bore.


There are people staying up late trying to levitate Kyle and Joe. The rankings are as fake as Turner’s promises.


Well said! Turner is scum.

Captain Kirk

And gross too…lol…..who previously acknowledged taking a shower every other day. Wow, how gross. Stinky. Probably lot’s of flees or bed bugs in hair too. He also seemed to run out of paint for his nails.

WHERE does production/casting find these people?

Turner and Terrance being “friends”… lol…..” My boy”….”I got you. I got your back”……LOL


Production probably finds these people at the mall food court.

un autre nom

My read on Turner and Monte’s talk:
He’s jumped the gun on subtly pushing to get rid of Taylor instead of Alyssa.
Read between the lines. Alyssa isn’t considered a competitor. Taylor is. Turner keeps saying an additional element that is a competitor in that Veto. In other words, let’s make a final 3 with Alyssa and dump Taylor, because Alyssa sucks at comps.


Turner can’t push too hard until taylor is officially on the block. My hope is that once she is, he makes his case to Brittany or monte it makes more sense to keep her. I think the pitch makes more sense to brittany but she’s much more stubborn than monte so who knows. Still a few days. Alyssa’s game isn’t over yet

un autre nom

I truly believe Monte is FAR more stubborn that Britt.
Week two. Look at Monte refusing until 12 hours before the eviction to believe that the house will vote against Monte’s wishes. He was campaigning non stop for Pooch to stay and to get rid of Taylor, and was intractable when told he didn’t have numbers, the plan was set. He was told that the moment Pooch went on the block.
There has not been one time in the game where Monte was pliable.
Britt, fear motivated. Monte, control motivated. Which pathology is going to be more stubborn?


Well, it’s the Derrick strategy, make the other players think the plan is their own. Monte seems more willing to listen to others’ plans. Brittany needs to think she came up with the plan herself. It’s kinda why she thinks she’s on more equal footing with Michael than she is. Strategically they made all the same moves, especially all the kyle crap was her plan as much as michael’s, but he won the comps and thus put people on the block so he gets the credit

Ultimately Turner needs to be safe before he does anything or the risk is too high he becomes the target.

Once Taylor is on the block however he basically says to Brittany, monte can’t play in the next hoh. You work with me to get out taylor, we work together to get out monte. It’s pretty much a win-win for both and allows each other to throw each other under the bus if monte does win veto but gives Turner the opportunity to say sorry, you were right, let’s get rid of alyssa if Turner does end up on the block next to her. Current strategy he is screwed sitting next to Taylor

If the Brittany pitch doesn’t work he needs to stress how important winning veto next week is to monte, and he’d be dumb not to want alyssa in that competition (or the final hoh comp)


I doubt this will happen. Turner likes stability and security. It’s very telling that he was so anxious to take out M during DE. He’s not likely to turn on Monte.

The other issue is that Brit can’t be trusted to control her blab urges. She takes that back to Taylor who takes it to Monte, Turner is then the big target for next week.

Esp bc Monte gets so unrelenting with his righteous indignation. That does create a level of intimidation for anyone who thinks to betray him.


I agree turner’s unlikely to do this. I just think it’s what he should do

And Brit’s blabbing is immaterial as long as Turner waits until Taylor’s on the block. Monte doesn’t play in hoh and needs to win veto to do anything about it by which point Turner is next to Alyssa or Brittany and it’s an entirely different conversation where brit’s blabbing barely matters

Captain Kirk

“FACTS” : Monte will vote to protect Taylor (keeping her in the house) before he will vote to keep Turner.

His reasoning? None.
Emotions? Likely.
Kyle Doctrine: Maybe.
Will be based primarily on …..well… get the drift….(based on narratives Monte, Taylor, and Terrance previously engaged in over desired “outcomes” of the game.


Monte’s worth remains to be seen..if he doesn’t evict Turner, he’ll be writing the check for him (Turner).


Agreed. Turner is overplaying and needs to chill out until Taylor is on the block. Monte has already guaranteed he’s safe. So, Turner’s best move is to wait for Monte to nominate Taylor, lay low for another day, and then start pushing for Taylor’s eviction.

Captain Kirk

I would like to see Alyssa win HOH and/or PoV to throw a real monkey wrench at the Monte/Turner/Taylor/Brittany plotting.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

what america wants doesnt matter. you need turner here to have a better chance of going to the finals.


No, with Turner there, Monte has lost BB. But somehow he doesn’t seem to realize that. I think his brain fell asleep.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

You realize if Turner goes home Monte can’t play next HOH right? The 3 ladies are for sure wanting to take him out next. He would need win veto and every comp to make it to the final. You need to make it to the finals to have a chance to win. He by no means gets blown out in a jury vote to Turner if they are in the final 2. Turner and Monte final 2 is a better idea than most people would think. Or else there is a good chance neither of them will get there, which would make for a terrible final 2.


It’s a choice for sure. With Turner gone he has a chance to win comps to F2. With Turner there at F2 Monte loses.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

When I think of the Jury, I don’t see how that is not a close vote between Turner and Monte.


Turner has managed to hide his sneakiness to most of the jury. Terrance will advocate for Turner persistently. Turner will wear his usual junky clothes and hair and the message he’ll send to the jury is Give this poor guy the win.

what they don’t know is Turner has amassed a significant amount of money and just bought a Tesla. This fact was online under HG bios. He didn’t dress grunge in the photos online either. This is all pretend. He’s a snake.

He will pull out all the stoppers against Monte to the jury too.

No one there can win against Turner.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

rich or poor. its a game not a charity. if he wins, he earned it.


I agree; but in BB it’s not about who earned it. I’m only saying IMO Monte’s game is better served by getting rid of Turner. If the 2 stand at F2, Turner wins BB. Yes Monte will have to clamor to get there, but with Turner gone he’s got a chance.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

If he does get rid of him, it would serve him best to wait until final 3. Do you really think he will win jury vote vs all 3 of the ladies? Jury’s can be very biased/bitter.


alyssa is a bit of a wild card who can possibly beat turner. jasmine, kyle, and indy all like alyssa better (whether they respect her game enough to vote for her is a different story) and if michael, joe, and/or 1-2 of the houseguests still in the game feels particularly bitter about turner getting them out, that could be enough to tip the scales to alyssa. if alyssa is on jury though, turner should easily have alyssa, kyle, jasmine, indy, and terrance’s votes (plus maybe more).


Why? Three HOHs = 2 HOHs + 1 veto. I think the only vote locked in right now would be Joseph for Monte, probably Jasmine for him, too.


Indy would def vote Monte and Kyle prob too for fear of more labeling for voting Turner (white). Taylor would def vote monte so there’s the win.


It’s true, Monte did not position himself well for the end game.

Against the 3 girls, his odds are good of winning at least one of HOH or veto. But, it is a risk.

I can see where he would prioritize F2, though. He’d rather lose there than go home at 4. Some money and a lot of ego.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

1/4 is not good odds. Not all comps are most athletic, strongest, etc. Endurance comps favor the lighter players. Many are just luck as well with guessing true or false, and so on. Needing to win veto because he can’t play next hoh, then winning out from there is far fetched. Odds not in his favor. I believe Monte is smart enough to realize this and will keep Turner around. Having someone who wants that final 2 with you doubles your chances of sitting in a final 2 chair and guarantees you 2nd place prize, along with a fighting chance to get 1st. No brainer for Monte if you ask me. But time will tell.


Turner will not hold true to his promise. He lies very easily. He’ll turn around and dump Monte out as soon as he can!!

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

cool story. lets see how it plays out.


Cracks me up when they call someone who has won a single competition a “comp beast”. I mean, Brittany has won more than Taylor has.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Especially when they win when there is only a few players left. the chances of winning are way increased from early game.

The Beef

You mean like Monte? Now Britt has done the same, adding a veto to her resume. Nicole F. did the same thing a couple of seasons ago, floating through the whole season, only to “turn it on” at final 5 I think it was and win 2 or 3 comps when the numbers dwindled to make it to final 3. Of course she had her meat shield Cody protecting her as well before then, but he cut her in the end in order to ensure the win, taking Enzo to final 2 (a smart move on his part).

The fact is none of them this season are comp beasts, with the possible exception of Michael, and it’s really not even certain he is, given the rest are such weak competitors. Are you really that great when you’re beating a bunch of losers? He could be, but we really don’t know for sure.

He has the record for veto wins, and it’s his until somebody else beats it. That’s a fact. It’s my opinion that he got it against a weak group of competitors, and we’ve seen that play out in almost every competition this season. Another Name pointed out that the average winning wall comp time was (before this season) I think he said 70 minutes, and some of those times were after people negotiated safety, gave up and jumped down. This years time was 50 minutes with NO negotiated safety and no quiting – at least not the final two going at the end – so 29% shorter than the average winning time. Not to take anything away from Michael, but I just don’t think he had much competition in there at all.

We all thought Joseph and Monte were going to be great competitors. Neither turned out to be really good at all. Monte beating Brit by 9 seconds in the most recent HOH? Not impressive whatsoever, but Taylor quitting is even less impressive. Whoever heard of the woman taking on the part of the Clydesdale and hauling the man to the top of the pole so that he could do the puzzle? Of course, they only had to beat one other team, because Jasmine was “afraid of heights” and “passed out”.

Stellar group of athletes? Not this group. And so far the “mental” comps have been lacking, if you ask me. Maybe they’re holding some back, I don’t know, but when they broke out the “stack the take out container” comp, it just seemed like BB was phoning it in this year competition wise for some reason.

un autre nom

It occurs to me that when I think about game, and write on here about game moves… Alyssa doesn’t really have much of a place in my thoughts. I mean, when judging game, the only thing she’s really done is be a human Air Mattress.
Has she attempted game? Yes. But. Her attempts at game were so early in the season and so centered on mantrap that I don’t even know if I can call them game moves.
Sorry if that offends, but really… name something she has done since week 2 that has propelled her forward in the game through her own volition.

Finding that is about as easy as finding an HOH move that Turner made that was his own move.
That’s what annoys me about Turner’s game. He hasn’t used power to his advantage. He’s been a muppet HOH, doing the bidding of others to benefit them. He never once succeeded in actually getting out HIS intended target. How is that Good game? Turner’s edit is pretty golden. He gets a lot more air time as the foil to Jasmine in D/R… but let’s be real, that’s not game, that’s storyline, so I don’t consider it game. He went from being Pooch’s puppy (even though Pooch wanted to put him to sleep), to being the Pound’s puppy, and now Monte’s puppy. Left to his own devices, he runs 1/2 truths curated for effect around the house faster than anyone else, so becomes the house measure of fact. Think about his hero Paul. Friendship, now think about Turner’s use of Facts. It’s the same thing. To the jury, it would have the same effect. The jury has little respect for him. Against another man, he loses because he’s not an Alpha. Against a woman he has the possibility of losing because he was slimy, and that’s how he left the jury thinking of him: slimy. He is a runner up if the jury has any bitter members. The jury has bitter members where Turner is concerned. Joseph, Michael? Two lawyers versed in making arguments as the more likely to be bitter jurors? I stand by runner up at best. He hasn’t played good game when it comes to jury.

Speaking of Good game… I guess I won’t be talking about Britt. In terms of knowing what the house dynamic is, and formulating what SHOULD be done… It’s so diametrically opposed to what she actually DOES that it’s comedy. She walked in trying to gather and organize all of the social outcasts in order to come up with a revenge of the nerds storyline. She was the first to realize the boys in the Leftovers were a unit that Michael, Taylor and Britt weren’t part of. She was the first to clock Kyle (long before the reveal she was clocking him for weeks). She was the first to understand that the boys (Monte and Joseph) were using Taylor’s horniness and need for flirtation to get her under their thumb. She was the one that knew Michael was being an absolute moron on his last HOH. Her instinct is good. It’s what she actually does as a game move that is so ridiculously antithetical to forward game momentum. Dynamics she’s good at, realizing she’s considered a social nitwit sketchball by everyone around her, and therefore considered a liar and a fraud… that’s her hugest mistake. The revenge of the nerds thought at the beginning could only work if the socially disenfranchised acknowledged themselves as outcast. None of them did… cue sketchball alert. Really, her antrhopological read was good, her sociological read was fair but not great., her psychological reads were pitiful when considering the motivations of others in relation to her game moves.

Game moves. So… tell me Taylor’s game moves. Not what she talks about, but what she does in the game. Look at her HOH. Shudder. Don’t stare, you may be pulled into the event horizon of that black hole of suckage. She started the game willfully playing guy’s girl and not communicating with the girls. Spooked everyone. She gets bullied… and for the next 8 weeks is given latitude by the fanbase because she was bullied. It got to the point that if she farted, fans would have claimed she had charming farts. She gets into the big alliance, and makes it all about her. If a game move wasn’t in retaliation for her bullying, but for the game benefit of another, she was displeased. If others thought of their own game before protecting and thinking of Taylor, a portion of the fanbase cancelled that houseguest and called them racist colorist or mysoginist devils. She got into a final 3 with Michael and Britt, benefitted greatly from that final 3, but immediately began plotting to get rid of the main reason she stayed in the game: Michael. Please. Michael is the reason the Leftovers succeeded. All those comp wins meant they could steamroll.
So she got into a pseudo shomance negotiated with the diary room as a trojan horse for the fanbase to fawn over. It wasn’t real. Joseph openly discussing the added pay for doing a fauxmance tells us it was a negotiated plan b by the storyline department. Did she use that to her benefit in the game? Nope, she pretty much allowed herself to be subservient to the strategic plans of Joseph for the entire fauxmance run. Her big game move is pushing Monte to get rid of Michael. And she’ll never get game credit for that. Now she’s in a final 3 that doesn’t benefit her, and really by the end of the night won’t be real to any of that 3. She’s followed the season long trend of everyone bending a knee for Monte and allowing him to dictate.

Season long trend is the Monte trend. He is mostly inactive unless he’s bitching about somebody to show his displeasure about them, creating a hate wave that gets that person targeted. He dictates his plan, and if it isn’t followed… that’s the next recipient of social slander in the game. It’s been the case since week one, and week one sets a tone for the season. Monte is the beneficiary of social deferment because Elvis deferred to Monte, and most of the house knew it. He’s riden that wave. In terms of game, He should likely win. In terms of character: he’s got woman issues that are pretty vile, he’s pompous, egotistical, and unwilling to see the point of view of others. I actually dislike the guy on lots of levels.
I get why he’s never expressing his anger in the house: it has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with viewers’ stereotypes. Black guy that expresses anger is called dangerous and threatening and scary. I get that. LIke Turner, almost all of his game with the Leftovers was bullshit. The Pound is what mattered. ANYone still looking at the anti-bullying mission statement needs to go to the week 9 conversations between Monte and Turner to realize that everything about the Leftovers that the fanbase was cheering about was a fabrication and edit choice. So, I remove the social equity sentiment from Monte’s game and still come up with he set or was beneficiary of the season tone, and nobody called him on it or checked him on it, so on paper that makes him the House Alpha.


After reading, trying to read, your post, I’m convinced you are a failed psych or sociology major with a butt load of student loan debt. You obviously picture yourself as some kind of expert in human nature. Probably comes in handy working at McD’s.

un autre nom

Aw, did I did I say somethiing negative about your fave while i was pointing out negatives about everyone? Too bad.
Instead of coming for me personally like a little troll, try to point out what part of my comment you disagree with.
Or don’t and just scroll past me, since you have no respect for me, and your comment has made it quite obvious that I shouldn’t have any respect for you either.

No Name

If you want to play that game,after reading your post I’m convinced you just an asshole.Keep up the constructive comments,they’re very enlightening.


You must be a miserable person.


No need for these comments Polaris. We all appreciate Another names point of view here.

Nicole Lang

Disagree, but don’t hate.


He the owner of McD and just fired you. It’s a discussion where everyone share thoughts and their Perspectives about the game. At least he had something to say

Captain Kirk


I was thinking and anal-lyzing between the lines too.



Hahaha I love your comments so much. Hilarious and always spot on.

No Name

Spot on post.This is why Monte is deserving the win by comparison and will easily beat the others in jury.I hate the type of game he played and have no respect for it.It’s real shitty.Always having to paint someone as the villain for the house target.Making Britt the villain is pathetic,why would anyone fear her rather than want to sit next to here at finals.The question is will Turner make a move against Monte knowing he can’t win against him?I do believe Turner lives on Sesame Street.

Captain Kirk

” Her attempts at game were so early in the season and so centered on mantrap”
She was assuming Kyle was going to win so then she would file for paternity and child support. Your point?
Yeah….i get that. It parallels what she has portrayed on tv. lol

BTW, From where do these people come from? lol

un autre nom

Biggest and Best game lie Britt could do tonight?
Tell Monte that while she was playing ladderball with Turner yesterday, he was telling her that it’s better for their game to keep Alyssa and get rid of Taylor, they’ll talk about it more after the veto ceremony. She is scared (cue tears) to tell Monte because she knows Turner has been in Monte’s ear for a week. But she’s all in on the final three with Monte, and decided if he doesn’t believe her, it’s his game to lose.
Will that occur to her?
WHY this would at least make Monte pause. It takes control of this eviction out of Monte’s hands if Turner is trying to manipulate Britt’s vote. Monte must have control. Monte cannot tolerate the chaos of not having control.

un autre nom

Britt pitches to Monte.
Taylor is present but not adding much.
It’s not a bad pitch, but because Monte wants to see Britt as the shedevil…
I don’t see it doing much.
She points out she wants that final 3. Swears that Taylor or Britt win HOH, then Monte doesn’t touch the block. If they win Veto, they get rid of Alyssa because final 3 with Alyssa is a bit insulting. She mentions there is not one time that Turner has given his word to someone and kept it in this game (accurate, part of why I say he plays slimy).
If Britt had a penis, Monte would consider it. She doesn’t. I doubt he will.
Taylor is being less talkative and letting Britt take the heat (though she is making it known that she isn’t totally trusting that Turner won’t try to flip this vote and get her out).
In essence, Britt may be telling 80% truth in what she’s saying, but Monte already decided Britt tells 0% truth a week ago. It fits his vision of boys winning out better.

un autre nom

Come up with an opinion of your own instead of personally attacking commenters, and maybe i’ll give a damn what you think.


I completely agree!! We’re not here to be personally insulting.

No Name

That was a good deal offered but Monte is not capable on changing his mind.


Polaris, why are you on here? You obviously aren’t even a fan of BB so get off this forum. This is a forum for diehard BB fans, so BYE.


Your petty, personal insults are unwarranted and unwelcome. Do better.


Watching the HoH competition
In tonight’s episode. Now I know why Taylor was like “Oh HELL NO!”


Tight space in the dark, you have no bearings as you start to go through dead space. Panic thought, Idk if I can find my way out, I am stuck here, I am trapped. Freeze brain, freeze body. Screaming, help get me out, I cannot move for fear I will go in deeper to the dead zone, once I lose touch of the entry walls.

Fear of enclosed spaces is very common, then add in the dark and that is a major trigger.

The rest was doable, in open space.


Call me a misogynist I guess but if those 3 girls make it to final three and then associate with some feminist bullshit (we made the guys target themselves because women are strong) imma hurl


I don’t think Taylor would do that. The other 2, yes..

Not Jason’s Holly

I’m a woman and feel this, too!

un autre nom

Michael comp wins and plan.
Britt thinks his plan is a mistake. The Gentelman’s agreement.
Terrance gone. Turner HOH, sticking to his word it looked like. Monte veto means…Michael betrayed. Michael hail mary’d by bussing Britt… it didn’t work.
Behind the scenes campaigns to be revealed.
Michael leaves without hugs gotcha spot.

Michael has left.
Britt broken. Too far. Messy game played FOR Michael.
Eviction notes D/R
Turner says he wasn’t trying to use LGBT to manipulate. ED. He did. That’s why he made the promise. To manipulate. It was a shared bond to engender trust. come on.
Monte: Oh i respect him, that’s why I had to get him.
Monte is happy. Turner says it wasn’t original plan. ED. It was before feeds went down.

The D/R are from Sat. Given outfits. So.. spin control.
Turner is after Britt. Get Britt out
Michael “i got you” Monte ‘agrees with Britt’.
There’s image clean up going on.
Monte says the gentleman’s agreement is crap.
Turner says everyone needs to be down. THEY HAD THIS TALK BEFORE FEEDS WENT DOWN.
Monte tells Michael. Best player, Says you have to win out if you take me out.
Michael campaigns. Taylor I had your back. Monte’s resume move, take it from him if you want to win.
Taylor and Monte hug and excited.
Alyssa d/r: trashing his ally?
Men’s alliance to the end Michael tells Taylor. She’s still evicting him despite a final 3.
Britt is bussed. Britt is upset with Michael. He was her game.
Britt angry with how he went out.
Alyssa grateful to be here. regroup.
Monte Alyssa and Turner FINAL THREE MADE.
He’s saying Britt is his only bad relationship. Otherwise he’s safe. ED. only been using her to cover your tracks for a week while helping Monte start the hate wagon… why would it be a bad relationship?
Turner is covering for Alyssa. Michael was right about this being OUR RESUME MOVE.
Taylor d/r: doesn’t want to be used. She wants control. She wants to take out Turner.
Britt knows she’s going next. Turner is trying to spin.
Britt d/r she doesn’t buy anything Turner is selling.
Britt prioritized friendship over game. Micheal didn’t.
Britt d/r knows it’s for game they’re still friends (ED. in a different outfit d/r for continuity freaks.. add on after she won veto oops Spoiler).
HOH. INDIVIDUAL TIME COMP. Black Box Haunted House. Horrorfest.
Britt first:
Barricade 6 doors. then hit buzzer.
Britt d/r after Turner.
3 doors down. bathtub beam to get back to door 4. ED. There’s her 10 seconds?
finds alarm before finding sixth board. Hard time barricading door sliding wrong way. ED. There’s her 10 second?
Hits buzzer. 15:24
Monte: Monte is crawl method. collecting all boards before doors. 2 boards in same room for Monte ED. interesting….. as in Odd.
finds alarm. hits buzzer. 15:15
Taylor timed out. 60 minutes. I understand Panic. I also understand it’s a game and there are safety protocols so quitting annoys me.
Alyssa ED. Like a woman asking for help is going to get anything from Alyssa. She finds a few doors relatively quickly. Alysssa can’t find buzzer switch. 22:24
Britt wanted to win this for Michael. 9 seconds is eating her up. Playing without Michael is weird.
Taylor is worried about her decisions.
Alyssa and Monte meet. Flashback to CIDER GATE.
Monte plans Alyssa and Britt noms. HE JUST MADE A FINAL 3 WITH HER?
She didn’t bring that up. It’s a trust builder. He wants her to be his spy.
Monte doesn’t care if Alyssa or Britt go, Alyssa has jury friends.

ED. MONTE NEVER CONSIDERED HIS JURY VOTES ARE THE SAME PEOPLE AS TURNER. Do that math in your head. The votes he is sure he has are also votes for Turner as far as Monte’s parameters about how jury will vote goes.

Episode. Monte and Britt one on one: not her target. He doesn’t trust her.
Monte is trusting Taylor. Monte wants Final 2 with Turner, but feels comfortable with Taylor. Alyssa or Britt who is target and threat at final 2. Monte is not so interested in Turner as a target but snowjobs saying he could be renom IF Taylro wins veto, removes Britt and FORCES the renom.

ON FEEDS DURING THIS EPISODE: Britt’s talk to Monte became Monte telling his view of the FACTS. Keep in mind: his facts are 80% truth filtered throgh a 50/50 truth lie ratio through Turner’s curated retells and never actually taken to Britt before now… so she’s getting the full SANCTIMONY of His reaction to Broken Telephone of mostly factual information. Taylor is livid that she has to trust Turner when Turner still wanted Taylor to leave when she was on the block with Kyle. Monte is telling Britt that he won’t work with her, doesn’t trust her. It’s convenient to hear about the Kyle Turner final 2 now. ED. He’s known for over a week and a half. He didn’t know that Britt knew.

Britt and Alyssa.
Britt has lost trust.
Alyssa we’re getting closer
good luck in veto.
Monte: no trust Britt. Alyssa has jury buds. Taylor has to force me to put up Turner.
Alyssa: sick of being a pawn in everyone’s game.
Britt: damn this week sucks.
Taylor: feel good, I’m going to win veto and we’re going to shake things up.
Turner: My buddy my pal. I’m golden.


I wonder if and how they will show Monte not participating in the Veto Comp

un autre nom

Of course they’ll show it. They’ll bascially show 2 minute warning (meaning they already had half hour, fifteen and five minute warnings, yup they do multiple warnings after feeds go down, a bbcan former houseguest i used to work with told me everyone used to get frustrated with all the warnings, saying let’s just do it), then they’ll show the doors going down and Monte missing the call. In D/R he’ll be cranky, but say they stayed awake too late and he overslept.

un autre nom

Oh, a comedian? Or just a little asshole who doesn’t have an opinion of their own, or the ability to express it, so just attacks other commenters. Yay. Troll.


Don’t listen to that insult. What you right is sharp and fun to read!


Not meaning to be rude, but you don’t understand panic if you think it has anything to do with logical thought regarding safety.

For people who suffer with panic attacks, that is a very harmful and stigmatizing thing to say.

Others do often get annoyed or lose patience with the person who suffers those attacks.

It only adds to the problem.

For sure people at some point need to get help for panic. Yet, those exposures set up patients for success. A manufactured extreme setting with no real life comparability, is not a means to that end.

No money in the world can make a difference to an assured feeling that one is about to die. Motivation is not the issue.

It’s physiologically based from our fight and flight in born responses, then becomes behaviorally reinforced over time.

un autre nom

I understand panic and anxiety. i was recapping live as the episode aired and missed putting the ED. next to my immediate reaction to her quitting. It was gut, and might not have been kind, but it was honest.
I understand that it was callous and not very sympathetic. At that moment I had received a message from a friend with a retweet of a past houseguest sayng you can see some stuff, it’s not as dark as we think, and they tell everyone to act more scared than they are. So I was reacting with that fresh in my mind.

un autre nom

You were not being rude to put me in check, by the way, and I apologize that my off the cuff reaction was offensive.

un autre nom


Here’s the part of the Monte Britt conversation that gets me:
No matter what she said, he’s already made up his mind, made his plan, and that’s that.
That’s been his game the whole game.
Here’s what I don’t respect about the way Monte chose to handle this:
I’ve been saying Monte has issues with women. Case in point: he’s been more mad at Michael and Britt than Kyle. Kyle was still his brother and deserved forgiveness and praise for bravely facing his demons. He later said Kyle fell on the sword with dignity for the rest of the men. He didn’t confront Michael. Oh behind Michael’s back he was mad at Michael and Britt. Didn’t come for Michael with condescension. He went to town on Britt with all of his frustration. So Monte is willing to hold his cool when it’s a man. Monte will be condescending beyond measure when it’s a woman. Not the first time. Look at the Nic and Ameerah situation week 2 that led to the Pound because 2 uppity women didn’t do what he wanted.
Monte is one of those game players that will see any move a man makes as a game move to be respected or fogiven, and any woman doing the exact same thing as a she-devil snake that must be chastised as beneath him and put in her place.
Taylor week 1. Nic and Ameerah week 2-3. Britt week 8-10. Clock the pattern.
Yeah, Britt lies. Yeah, Britt tries to play the game in a way that doesn’t fit Monte’s master plan. Let’s face it: reality is Monte hates that Britt clocked Turner and Monte working together. He says she’s smart to make her a threat to others, but he doesn’t think she’s smart at all. He couldn’t believe that she clocked the obvious social dynamic shift that happened when Dyre fest returned.

It was an hour of beating a dead horse beyond pulp level.
Takeaways: Wouldn’t have mattered WHAT was said in that conversation. Monte already made up his mind long ago, and has been twisting everything for over a week to demonize while praising Turner for doing the 100% exact same thing.

What was an oops by Taylor: asked how Turner knew about the final 3 with Britt and Monte. While Michael was still in the house. Monte told Turner. Monte lies and says not me. Britt genuinely shocked says not me. By later tonight Monte will be asking Turner to tell Taylor it was Britt.
The conversation basically does this: It costs Monte 2 juror votes. If Alyssa or Taylor leave after making a final three each with Monte and Turner… one vote gone. Britt leaves at 4? That conversation was enough of an ‘I’m the man in power, and you are dirt’ HOHITIS speech as I’ve ever heard. Jurors remember that stuff.

Episode revealed Michael told Taylor about the gentleman’s agreement and men vs. women to the end. Michael never told Britt that.


You should publish a book about Big Brother. Like, volumes of the various seasons. You do have lots to say & keep us informed, always appreciated & “facts”. You do have an opinion, which everyone has, and also not agreeable at times. And it should be defended to the death for your right to say it.


I think you’re right about Monte’s view of women and it will be his downfall. He’s sticking with his decision to keep Turner out of bro trust. As if!! There’s no way that Turner can be trusted to reciprocate and Monte’s skewed view will make Turner winner of BB.

Maybe Monte will have an awakening by tomorrow but if not, the writing is on the wall, on mean on the check, for Turner.

un autre nom

I think tonight, Monte telling Taylor in front of the hammock group that her ideal man doesn’t exist because you can only be a man or a bitch not both, combined with Monte saying that women are to blame if a man cheats, and women have to tell their stories (as in metoo) otherwise men don’t know they’ve done anything… solidified my feelings.

He can win, he can lose, whatever happens in the game happens. He’ll still be the guy that made a final 3 with Kyle after knowing what the wall yellers said (before the info reveal), and holds the info. reveal as some catastrophe worse than the subject of the info. he’ll still be the guy that told everyone to trash Taylor with the riot act in their goodbye messages week one so that she learns her place. He’ll still be one of the guys that used anti-bullying as a fake game tool in order to keep his boys alliance on top in numbers. He’s still that guy, and too many people are trying to pretend those things don’t exist.


What I’ve written here are my musings about some of what put people on top of the BB social group; and what put them on the bottom. Weird people yelling at the wall is a clue to public opinion, not more. In this season of the show, the uproar on race is not tied to some noble truth standard in terms of Big Brother; it is a strategic issue tied to the monster of social media, that now drives television and the culture in a wider sense.

Perhaps Big Brother now has to pay close attention to accusations of racial inequity, ever since TV/movie culture in general was called out for the all-white Academy Awards in 2016. In this year’s BB season, the tone was set by the mysterious removal of – Paloma.*. She hit against Taylor hard, immediately, based on Taylor’s ‘beauty queen’ and ‘hanging out with boys’ traits. Taylor put skin color on the discussion table with her vulnerable confessions to Monte about her witness to past experiences: the shade of darkness of skin being a source of judgment and pain. Daniel blamed Taylor for Paloma’s disappearance, lashing out. Meaningful pushback to the continuing pile on against Taylor came when Monte elevated her (and Kyle suggested “The Leftovers”), but Nicole and Daniel foolishly raged at Taylor. (They stuck to Terrance and avoided being perceived as racially motivated) yet fell to the bottom of the house as villains for their aggressive gameplay.

*What happened to Paloma – then Nicole/Daniel – sent the message that bullying of Taylor was perceived as race-based, a ticket out the door quick. Isn’t that why, in part, Michael/Brit knew the Kyle speculations could sink him? The TV culture cannot be seen to be oppressing African American players, so that may be the only unacceptable betrayal – I suppose ostracizing someone on the basis of being gay would too.

Socially, Kyle was never at the bottom, nor Alyssa, perhaps because they are Vanilla? America’s sweethearts; young and sexy and inoffensive: Nice. It’s interesting that Michael got Kyle out because of Kyle’s awkward betrayal of (fans in) TV culture. Kyle’s betrayal of Joe and the using of Alyssa were fine; not Kyle’s thought pattern of non-white v white. Big brother will curate which betrayals are socially acceptable, lol. The youngest, most beautiful players will win. And the groupthink sinks its rotten teeth into Brittany, as the final most socially worthy of its toxic scorn.

And off-topic, as a personal wish, I feel like I want Taylor to win; she’s the best at being a double agent, in my view.


UGH – he’s such a misogynist.

He just told Taylor that a man only needs three things from a woman – sex, food & an ego boost.

I can’t.


Alyssa is 1000% trying to come on to Monte tonight…that wine is really having her make her move now…she’s talked about finding him attractive all week, and combining him and Kyle if she could…but with the alcohol tonight, she’s just letting go, naming Michael B Jordan as a celebrity crush in front of him, saying her type is a personal trainer(what Monte says he is)… saying that even though he says he likes shorter girls, maybe a taller girl(which she would be considered) could be his type…if he met the right one.


i think you’re right!
It’s the only thing she knows how to do.


Someone called it like 2 days ago, but here Alyssa is planning to be in Monte’s HOH bed and it’s just barely the end of the weekend lol

Granted along with Taylor and Turner in the room too.

Captain Kirk

“Alyssa is 1000% trying to come on to Monte tonight…that wine is really having her make her move now…she’s talked about finding him attractive all week”
Then Monte might be slapped with paternity and child support papers in the future????…LOL….

un autre nom

Question because it’s subject on feeds in the last fifteen minutes:
They are discussing the timing of the Kyle reveal. How it would have changed things had they known earlier.
As much as production is saying there were no wall yellers this season, we heard Monte talking to Terrance about the Kyle stuff from wall yellers three times.
So, they knew. They knew before Joseph was evicted. The Brochella people knew somehow for Monte to bring it up. The yellers yelling that Kyle was a Liar and that Kyle was Racist (that’s what yeller one and yeller two yelled) was known by everyone if the indoor people and the outdoor people both knew about it. Terrance knew and still pushed to evict Joseph. Turner knew and still pushed to evict Joseph. Alyssa knew and still pushed to evict Joseph.

So what’s the real deal here?

It doesn’t make sense. If everyone in the house knew the content of the yells… the reveal becomes unimportant except as something they HAVE to deal with because it’s brought up on feeds.
So I don’t get it except as a storyline driven plotpoint, because the cat was out of the bag before the reveal by Monte’s own words to Terrance on three occasions last week.

Secondary opinion because I looked at twitter tonight:
You know how studios hire pr and social media influencers in order to push their product? That’s what I believe the spoiler woman is this season. In order to have a source in pre-production casting to know and spoil casting news that had an effect on week one, while also having a source in the feed master control room, a source in the art and manufacture department, and a source in the plot and storyline dept, and a source in the jury house with the handlers while not being an employee or contracted individual for Fly on the wall… hmm. That’s…. so unlikely. Considering this season is still a more limited staff… very unlikely. Notice how the tweets now that she’s spoiled comps and comp winners have gone into the shape the narrative houseguest opinions phase. Twitter doesn’t realize it, but they are being conned by what I believe is a contracted pr influencing spin agent for the program. Just my opinion.


I still think the DR pushed for M and B to reveal the things Kyle said so it could be addressed without mentioning the wall yellers. This could explain why they are angry at the messengers and why the feeds were blocked for so many conversations. They released the article saying no one can get close enough to hear but the houseguests were talking about hearing it.

un autre nom

I’m of the opposite view. I think they didn’t want it revealed at all. the D/R interrupting Michael and Britt when she was pushing for the reveal during Brochella with her returning and agreeing with Michael, who had been in the d/r before their conversation, that they should hold off on the reveal? Suspicious.

It's me

On Sunday’s show, I can’t believe ALL Michael’s campaigning happened during the commercial break.
What were those spots on Michael’s shirts at Julie’s interview? I watched the show again and did not see Just prior to his eviction?


All sleeping in same HOH bed with exception of Brittany. Reasons being:
One: this mean girl main reason is to throw Brittany off her game, make her feel more alone so she can’t focus on upcoming HOH or Veto.
Two: Turner joined bed only if Alyssa and Monte switched end bed spots IMO Turner scored major points with me here because switching the spots without having to say a word as to why. It was obvious Turner didn’t want to disrespect his love Megan Belmonte on TV. That was a bussa major move. Facts.

Tom the Canuck

I think Turner’s girlfriend is too good for him. She should move on.

un autre nom

Last night.
The backyard bash session.
Turner wants to distance himself from Kyle, then talks about Michael and Britt timing of reveal being game, and how they are shit for it.
Let’s remember: Turner elicited promises of safety in the game in order to put Kyle on the block…. and STILL wanted Kyle to stay. Let’s also remember, he knew what the wall yellers yelled and he still wanted a final 2 with Kyle.
Monte is “holding Britt to account” for her actions.
Let’s remember: Monte knew about the wall yeller, so already knew the information. Still made a final three with Kyle, dumped and betrayed and threw under the bus EVERY member of the Brochella four because Monte was always Pound. He was so offended by the information reveal that he was in a final three with Michael last week.
Alyssa isn’t going to see Kyle when the show ends because of the information and his game.
Reminder: Alyssa had sex with Kyle multiple times after the reveal of the information when she knew his game because he’d confessed it.
Taylor, whose entire season has been about vindication for being isolated, shunned and never told about the reasoning until weeks later…. is participating and aiding the other three in making Britt feel isolated, and shunned, and participated in the same mob behavior for over a week until Britt had veto. Guess it’s okay when it’s not her and she’s a participant.
Oh Britt went to bed early. Sure, because most people now knowing they are the house pariah feel just peachy with the group that has made it clear they stand alone. Is she responsible for her game, of course she is. Is her game dirty, of course it is. Is she in part responsible for what has happened to her? Of course she is.
Reminder: So was Taylor. The punishment didn’t fit the crime, but Taylor did ignore the women and try to be a female Alphabro, intimidating the men. Is it okay when it’s a weirdo hyperhypnotoad though? Not in my books. Not about to see any outcry though. It’s more like she’s getting what she deserves. I don’t agree. It’s just as slimy in week 10 as it was in week 1.

What I fear as the effect when Britt wakes up realizing the house had a sleepover:
Taylor no longer has Britt’s vote 100%. Either to stay or in jury.
Turner could swing her now when he couldn’t before because we KNOW she’s got a vindictive side from previous jury talk with Michael. She already said Taylor knows what it feels like to be isolated but has no problem isolating Britt. She took it personally.


I thought it was totally lame how Taylor wimped out of that HOH comp.


it showed more of the ugly side of taylor’s all talk, no game. there’s a part of me that wants that on full display final 2 and watching her sabotage her own game because if she makes final 2 that’s a very likely outcome. but that feels really cringey to watch, so i’d kinda like her booted before that happens.


Something the Producers really messed up on with this is the comp caused Taylor to have (or almost suffer) a panic attack. The REASON: it brought her back to her childhood when her friend was murdered.

I don’t know the specifics of how old she was or the circumstances of what happened but it shook her (she slept in the bathroom that night so she wouldn’t be in a dark room).

Good grief BB24

Does anyone know or recognize the hoodies micheal has worn? Like what brand?

Carlito's Way

Hmmmm…do not like how these house guests are acting. This Brittany bashing and isolating her is not okay. I must admit I have not been a big Brittany fan by any stretch, but I never like to see anyone bashed and banished from everyone else. It is cruel and says a lot about these folks. Taylor of all people should know better. I have tried hard to like Monte and Turner but I had a bad sense about them from the get go. Monte’s hollier-than-thou attitude, making Brittany absolutely grovel at his feet, when he is doing the same as her makes me see him the way I did at the beginning. It is cringe worthy to watch him talk down to her. He is trying to act all nice guy but true colors come through. Turner is just slimy and slippery. I like his personality, but he is smarmy and can be a mean girl too. Alissa – forgetaboutit. She has nothing but her attractiveness and sexuality to offer. No game. Damn you Michael for not taking Turner or Monte out when you could! He would still be here. If only…Michael was the only deserving winner. Cannot find anyone to root for any more. Boo.