Power of Veto Ceremony Results “6 Vs 3 .. I’ve seen worst odds.. not that bad… it’s bad”

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Sindy nominated

Conversations Before POV Ceremony
The feeds were blocked for most of the day.

Morning wake up Demetres, Ika and Dre
They believe that sindy is going up.

This flashed on the feeds.

12:15pm Dre and Dillon HOH
Dillon says Kevin and Bruno have been playing him the entire Season. They know the ship is sinking and they know they’ve lost Jackie. Dillon says he would Rather Ika in the game over Bruno, Sindy, Kevin. Dre agrees points out that Ika is a number for them.
Dre tries to get Bruno nominated.

Feeds off 5 hours for unknown reasons

6:39pm Karen, Dre and Ika
Karen going on that Kevin and Sindy never talk game to her.

Karen – do they honestly think I’m the dumbest person on earth? They must all take me for the biggest fool. Dre – I don’t know why they do that though. Karen – But I don’t think anybody else is as stupid as me in here. They think that I don’t even realize I’m playing a game. Dre – at least they talk to you. Ask me who talks to me? No one talks to me Karen. Karen – tell me. Who talks to you? Dre – you, Ika and Dillon. Karen – Will. Dre – yeah he talks to me but not game. Karen – never talks game? But he doesn’t talk game with Kevin either. Dre – he doesn’t talk game. Karen – up until Thursday Bruno has had a few conversations with me but never like the amount that this last four days. Sindy .. honest to god she has not talked to me since week 1. When she talked to me in week 1 it was pretty much all about her. All about her season. Or all about her and someone else in her season. Ika – Sindy only talks about herself. Karen – Kevin has never talked game. Karen I just want them to do the ceremony.

6:44pm Sindy and Bruno
Talking about if they have the votes to evict Ika.
Sindy asks if they can get William’s vote. Bruno doesn’t think so, does’t think William will go against Dre.
Sindy – what’s the whole point of Kevin having this relationship with William if we can’t use it.

Conversations After POV Ceremony

10:15pm Bruno and Jackie Hot Tub
Bruno – He just gotta win.. send them home that’s it
Jackie says talking to Ika is going to awkward. Bruno tells her Sindy is the target they’re voting her out.
Bruno – she’s up there to go home
Bruno – 6 Vs 3 .. I’ve seen worst odds.. not that bad… it’s bad

Jackie leaves.. Dillon is now with him.
Bruno tells him Ika doesn’t like him says Ika is a good talker. Points out Sindy’s decision to nominate him was Ika’s doing.
Dillon – I don’t like being HOH that wasn’t fun at all.
Dillon tells him if he had nominate Ika Jackie would have gone home.
Bruno disagrees says 100% Ika would have gone
Dillon says Demetre, Dre, William and Karen would have voted out Karen.
Bruno – if you would have told Karen
Dillon – I did..
Bruno – if we don’t have the votes now how are we going to get the votes… there just going to pick us off
Dillon says they need to put Demetres and Ika up.
Bruno – next week they’re all aplaying.. you’re not playing the decks against us
Bruno says if he had won the HOH he would have done it but he let Dillon win it so he could see his girl.
Dillon – I should have put Ika and Demetres right off the bat .. I don’t know what I was thinking
Bruno tells him it’s all good he’s not upset they just have to move forward.

10:28pm Kevin and Jackie
Kevin – that is not what I was hoping for.. I pushed so hard for Ika.. I did. I don’t know what they told them. Welcome to the bottom Jackie..
Jackie – Okay, no no no… welcome to the bottom Kevin. I’ve already been here. They laugh Jackie says she’s been in the bottom for awhile. Kevin – its nice to be here. Thank you for allowing me in your club. F**k! We’ll have to try some stuff but I think they’re just going to get rid of Sindy to be honest.. I really do. Jackie – do you think Ika would vote her out? Kevin – yeah. Jackie – I’m sick of this pawn game.

Karen and William
Karen tells him the only way Kevin and Bruno can keep Sindy is with William’s vote.
William says he won’t do it.

William – Jackie thought it would be Ika on the block? Karen – yeah, they all did. William – really? Karen – yeah, they all thought he was putting her up. William – I thought it would be Sindy. Karen – its not a big surprise .. it could have only been me, Ika or Sindy. Sindy just put him up. William – yeah, its not really a surprise. Karen – I don’t trust Jackie. Kevin’s maybe going to say something to you. They need your vote to keep Sindy… but don’t do it. You’ve got to vote with us. William – MMMhhmmm.. I don’t want a trio in the house.

Bruno and Kevin Hot Tub
Kevin – they’re going to vote out Sindy, right? I throw out a sympathy vote. I throw Sindy a sympathy vote. You vote with them. So its what 6 – 1? Then after the vote I say F**K YOU BRUNO! And I say that’s bullsh*t. I run to William and I spend the next 3 days with William and I don’t talk to you at all. And I say season 3 we had a plan that we were never going to vote against each other. Bruno lied to me and then flipped with you guys to make me the target… and I just don’t hang out with you for 3 days. Maybe then if they win they put me and Jackie up or you and Jackie up. That’s the only shot we have to not get nominated together. Bruno – f**k yeah. Kevin – its just a long shot plan that I’ve been thinking of. You know. Bruno – yeah we could do it… I just don’t know if they would buy it. Kevin – they probably wouldn’t but if they win… Bruno – I think regardless they’re all in it together… and they just want to put you and me up. Realistically we just have to win it .. its do or die. Kevin – yeah .. I’m just thinking if it could give us a 5% chance or something to not go up together, you know? Like what are the cracks in that group? Ika, Demetres, William, Dre.. The strongest 4. Karen.. Bruno – Karen is just a number and they’re going to carry her all the way to the end. She is never going home. Kevin – Ika and Demetres will turn on Dre and William and will take Karen. Bruno – yes. I think Dre and William will do the same. Karen is just a number. She thinks she’s playing the game. She’s not playing the game. She’s just a number. She doesn’t have to worry about anything. IS she smart or not? Bruno – I think she’s smart but she doesn’t have to do anything. No one is targeting her. Nobody, everyone brings her in as a number. Everyone wants her sitting beside them in the final 2. She’s playing a $25,000 game right now. Kevin – I truly think that Sindy is just dead in the game right now. There is nothing we can do. Those 4 control the votes. Thank god he didn’t go back on his deal with me and you… and he could have. Bruno – Jackie thinks she’s a target. Kevin – no, not a chance.

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BB Circus Show

YES! Sindy with an S
the S stands for STUPID.


A little bit of sweet redemption for Neda so she can say “I told you so!!” 🙂


#nastyneda. ika and dre and william should keep sindy

This season sucks

Oh yay. It is the Ika hour now. Don’t call it bb canada. Call it bb ika. This is a tragedy.


Ok so I’m happy that Ika isnt nominated and I agree she had the votes to stay.

But I dont understand at all why Dillon nominated Sindy if he considers himself part of the Bruno, Kevin, Sindy, Jackie alliance. Sindy is clearly a better competitor than Jackie and a much bigger threat to keep in the game. I understand nominating Sindy to keep Ika and her side happy and therefore keep himself safe if they get HOH, but I think losing Jackie would be better for their alliance, so he could have easily nominated Karen or Ika, and Jackie would have been sent home.


He does not consider himself part of that alliance. His trust with them went south after last week when Kevin did not use the POV on him or Emily. He is with Dre and Ika now.


Dillon is in the Newbie alliance. Mission: get the vets out. Ika last.


Dillon doesn’t want to be in an alliance with Bruno Sindy or Kevin is why he did what he put up Sindy


I think the boxer took one to many jabs to the head ! IKa and all her fake ass parts (weave , lashes and boobs ) need to hit the trail ! Can’t handle watching her nastiness any longer !


She is playing a pretty good game though. I wanted Cindy with an S to win this season but I have to give it to IKA, she had her way for the last 3 HOH.

I just hope there is a way to save Sindy. Come on Sindy, maybe time to start messing with Ika’s man.


Lol! No. What show are you watching???
Ika only got her way last week (by getting rid of Neda)

Ika didn’t want Dallas and Cassandra to go up.
Plus, The 6 started to fracture after everyone nominated Dre and Gary instead of Emily and Dillon.


Boy is Sindy ever going to regret nominating Neda, who in return is going to gloat the second Sindy walks through the door of the jury house.


If i was neda, i sure as hell would. Sindy is a moron.


if ika dre and william are smart they would keep sindy .

lol what?

How is it smart to keep a trio from season 3 in the house? Huh Jen? Hmm? Please tell us!!!!


What has thrown Bruno and Kevin’s game into the toilet? They pushed too hard for William to nominate both Emily and Dillon so that they could get Dillon to be their pitbull. They had the option of putting perpetual pawn Jackie up with one of the duo. They got greedy. To add insult to injury, Kevin told Dillon he would use the veto before Ika told Neda the plot. If Kevin hadn’t tried to kiss Dillon’s butt to gain brownie points, the bloom wouldn’t be gone from the rose between Bruno, Kevin and Dillon.
Further, if they’d nominated Jackie instead of Emily, Sindy wouldn’t have felt she was being replaced and dismissed by Neda who was preferring Jackie’s company. If evicted in Emily’s place, Jackie wouldn’t have been on the block in the double, she wouldn’t have won the veto, the chances of Neda still being in the game increase. Sindy would have been less inclined to nominate Neda if Neda had treated Sindy with more dignity. Dillon would have likely gone home. He wouldn’t be hoh this week.
Sindy is on the block now because Bruno and Kevin made a deal and threw the hoh comp. She is being punished for Bruno and Kevin’s more obvious sketchiness. If Sindy had shut down Bruno’s get Ika talk reminding him 4 vets out of 10 players is better than 3 out of ten, then Ika would likely have stayed with the group for the week. Sindy chose to save Ika from the block this week, then fell for Bruno’s Ika’s a snake line. Less passive more agressive response to Bruno, and Sindy would not be in the crosshairs right now.
So: Bruno and Kevin tanked the trust with Dillon, and pushed to hard to eliminate Emily when Jackie would have been an equally good target. Neda’s social defects and preferential treatment were her downfall. But for those she’d still be in the game. Sindy is now targeted because of guilt by association by two members of her alliance that made deals to save themselves, and target someone they could have used as a number this week. But everything goes back to Bruno’s mile a minute panic talk to William last week, and Kevin jumping the gun and telling Dillon he’d save him with the veto. Bruno and Kevin are Sindy’s downfall far more than evicting Neda.


You are definitely right that Kevin and Bruno only looked out for themselves. Before conceding to Dillon, Dre at least asked about Ika’s safety. Kevin and Bruno never did the same thing for Sindy. And someone else already said it but both Kevin and Bruno needed to make REAL connections with the other housemates. Not just for the purpose of the game.


Can’t believe once again Bruno and Kevin Martin escaped the block.


Sindy going home this Week is the best case scenario after Demetres won VETO. They wouldn’t have the votes if Dillon put Bruno on the block, much like Kevin. Leaving Jackie in the game this long is getting dangerous though, because if she ever wins a HoH everyone will need to run and hide. I pray someone wins HoH next week and puts Bruno and William up on the block with the option to back door Kevin.


If Bruno were on the block against Jackie: Dre, Dem, Ika, Karen, Will vote to evict Bruno.
If Kevin were on the block against Jackie: Dre, Dem, Ika, Karen (once she finished dancing) vote to evict Kevin.
Bruno and Kevin are lucky Dillon used keeping his word as a cover story to keep his options open for one more week.


To all those saying sindy shouldn’t have nominated neda… probs not a smart game move but she HAD IT COMING – even on a personal level she was so horrible and most people in that HOH (clearly except Jackie Bruno Kevin) would’ve done it.
She had no chance of staying since her cocky and nastiness came out.


People are saying Sindy should not have put Neda up because it is a bad game move at that time. It upset the balance of power against Sindy. And her S3 alliance. Now Sindy most likely will go home.
your personal biases are irrelevant to the people in the game. A bad move is a bad move.


Did you catch the video of Bruno, Kev and Jackie in the have not room after veto ceremony?


Kevin made it to Final Two vs Karen. Ha!