“Karen.. you gotta forget week 1 you gotta forget week 2 it’s a total different game”

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Bruno – what do you think of the veto this week
Karen – its a wild card.. us four could go up..
Karen says even though Bruno and Kevin made a deal with Dillon they still could go up. Of Course she’s claiming to be a target and so is Sindy.
Bruno mentions that Ika is also an option. He doesn’t think Karen will go up.
Karen – I think he’s confused he’s not talking to me much.
Bruno says the best bet “and I’m being real” is Ika.

Karen says Dillon might think Bruno, Kevin, Sindy, Ika and Demetres are allies.
Bruno says no they are not
Karen – then why did Neda just out it
Bruno – because sh’e was trying to safe her ass

Karen – you, Sindy and Kevin are a threesome
Bruno – look at Ika and Neda they were in the same season too and they went head to head.
Bruno points out the pairs in the house Ika/Demetres, William/Dre

Bruno – Ika and Dre are very close.. they got in that Fight and now they’re friends again.
Bruno – Karen I promise you.. Ika and Dre are close, William and Dre are close, Demetres and Ika are close.. those four are tied in because of Ika
Bruno – we have a chance to put her up and get her out
Karen – do you think Dillon trust you and Kevin
Bruno – I hope so because I’m not against him
Karen says Kevin, Dillon, Bruno and Sindy are a strong group of four
Karen brings up week 1 wise guys alliance with Mark, Dillon, Bruno, Kevin and Dallas.
Bruno – Karen.. you gotta forget week 1 you gotta forget week 2 it’s a total different game

Karen says she doesn’t trust Kevin for 1 second, “He’s got to go”
Karen – he was saying to tell me the other day he’s putting me up
Bruno – I promise you he’s not going after you
Karen says during the William HOH Jackie would have been the replacement and Kevin not using the veto was a bad move.
Bruno disagrees.

Bruno continues to stress that the other four is so strong. They can win competitions.
Karen says Jackie and Kevin Martin never talk game to her. Adds that Sindy really doesn’t talk to her neither.
Karen – do you trust Sindy .. you’re with her a lot
Bruno – honestly Karen who amd I with the most in this house real talk..
Karen – Kevin MArtin the bible boy
Bruno says it’s her he spend most his time with KAren
Adds that she needs to give up on her Kevin hate.
Karen says she’ll never stop.
Karen – you’re right they all need to go
Karen adds that Ika is working 3 different angles.
Bruno – Ika is very manipulative
Karen – but Jackie wins Comps
Bruno – she’s won that one HOH
Bruno stresses that Demetres can win competitions, “That’s a dangerous couple and there’s finally a chance to break them up.. you’ll probably not get another chance”
Karen asks what if Kevin, Sindy and Bruno get power next week, “Who goes on the block”
Bruno – Demetres follows Ika next week.
They can all talk about who will be the pawn.
Bruno says Demetres is way stronger a player than Dillon.
Bruno has to keep reminding Karen to forget what happened week 1

Karen calls Kevin “Bible boy” says she liked him during his season.
Karen calls Bruno out for having a final 2 with Kevin and a final 3 with Sindy. She jokes that Bruno has a final 2 with Jackie and Demetres.

Karen still going on about getting Kevin out. Stressing that Kevin will cut Bruno at final 3 because he knows he won’t win against him, “You got to cut that fat”
Karen says Kevin and Sindy are sneaky like cats.

Dre and Ika Chit chat
They talk about being the poorest in a rich neighborhood.
Dre – surround yourself with stupid people they bring yourself down
Ika – my neighborhood so wealthy
Dre says she’s always proud when she sees a black person in a wealthy neighborhood
Ika – I feel so poor in it

2:35pm Dillon and Demetres Hot Tub
Didn’t hear any game talk.

Kevin tells Bruno the pitch he is going to give to Dillon to try and get him to put up Ika. Kevin – dude, you get along really well with Dre. Like Dillon and Dre get along really well but as long as Ika is here that relationship won’t be 100%. If Ika goes that frees up the mind of Dre, William.. like these are relationships you’re going to benefit with. As long as Ika is here, she is the queen of the game. She is the best chance to win. So that’s the pitch dude. Bruno – yo, that’s good man. Kevin – hopefully I can sell it well. Bruno – that’s fu*king good. Kevin – there’s just a lot of things .. I think using the heart strings of Emily .. because he LOVES Emily.. just be like dude Demetres laughed at Emily’s deal right after. Like dude you can’t just let them get away with this. Bruno – we have to use that .. that’s huge Kev. Kevin – I’m really going to sell it. And if Ika and Demetres are here I’m just going to confront them. Like you two are my targets… enough’s enough. Bruno – yeah because if Ika doesn’t go this week she HAS to go next week. Kevin – the last time I played I went home around now and I didn’t get to play the second half. This time I just want it… and I want to turn it up! And I want to go hard! Bruno – F**k yeah, and I’m at that point dude. Kevin – there’s no more passive. We’re the underdogs dude, we have to pull something out. Bruno – we have to …we have so much working against us. Kevin – work on that relationship with Karen. Bruno – I am.

Karen and Ika talking about getting Sindy nominated.

Ika – a bunch of movies happening right here.. I’ll tell you the scene. Karen – okay, tell me. Lets hear it. Ika – so right now in the big brother canada 5 house… we have .. things are happening. Karen – okay lets hear it. Ika – we have the head of household, the gentle giant. The gentle giant, who’s loyal to a fault to the wrong people in the house. Karen – that’s true. This guy right here. Is the biggest traitor. Karen – that’s true. Ika – and he reels people in with his nice guy act. Karen – I told him that today. Ika – what did you say? Karen – I said Bruno, come on! He said no no Karen you’ve got it all wrong. I said Bruno I’ve got a kid just like you. Just suck people in with that charm and get whatever you want. Do you think he’s listening to them? Because he only has the choices… you, me and Sindy. Ika – I think its me and Sindy. I don’t think he’s going to put me and you up. Karen – I haven’t been able to talk to him today. There’s no doubt they’re working him to death. Ika – I do feel bad for him, that’s why I’m not saying anything to him. Karen – Bruno and Kevin says nothing. Sindy lays low and Jackie is running around like a squirrel. I can’t stand she’s back in .. it drives me nuts. Ika – I know. They are more dangerous though. Karen – oh 100%. It needs to be Sindy, Kevin, Bruno, Jackie. Or any order that they need to go. He will not put up Bruno and Kevin though.. he will not do it. I’ve tried, trust me. I told him today .. if Kevin gets to the end with you.. he will cut you Bruno because he knows you’ll win. Ika – I don’t know why you’re telling him sh*t like that .. he’ll just tell. Karen – I don’t give a sh*t! I’m a target for these idiots anyway.. I’m going to try and take them out before they take me out. I can’t stand that they think I’m an idiot.

Kevin martin talking to Dillon trying to get Ika up
Dillon does say he’s putting Ika up.

Kevin – are you still wrestling with tomorrow a little bit? Dillon – no, not really. I think, do you think Ika is better? Kevin – I was going to come and talk to you about that. I think its a GREAT chance to take a shot at Ika… for your game. Like I think its a great, great shot. So Ika and Demetres made you a deal? Dillon – yeah. Kevin – is it next week if you win? I think its bullsh*t. Dillon – she swore on her kids. Kevin – she swore on her kids? All I know is on the heavy rotation challenge .. it was Emily & Demetres were the last ones up there .. Emily made a deal for safety right? Dillon – yup. Kevin – because I was working with them and the six. After Demetres got his HOH .. that night we met up together and he laughed about it. He was like I’m going to vote to evict whoever but with these nominations I’m going to put Emily up. Like he laughed about the deal after. Dillon – huh! Huh.. Kevin – yeah it was right there by the hot tub. Kevin – I don’t know man… whoever you put up is going to go home. Like you have the votes on your side. I just think Ika is in such a great spot in this game right now. And if her and Demetres win … it might be you up there and me beside you so that I can’t use the veto on you. Or Bruno up there. … Like they said Jackie right? Dillon – yup. Kevin – can you see them going after Jackie next? Dillon – only because her and Ika have a feud. Kevin – but Jackie is a little bit by herself right now. Like if they win the HOH next week.. I don’t think they’re going to go after Jackie. Like they’ll say whatever they want right now. Dillon – I know. That’s why I figured it would be me and somebody until she said that. Kevin – they will not go after Jackie. They’re all talk right now. An hour after Demetres won HOH.. he laughed about it. Like the deal meant nothing to him. Like I worked with these people for the first half of the game.. they’re poison dude. After you got your HOH room .. I watched who left first.. Ika & Demetres. When we did the boxing challenge who was the first one to sit down. She does not like you. I’m just terrified of her. I’ve played the first few weeks with her and Demetres and from what I’ve seen the deals they make are poison. But if you put up Ika this week.. we send her home. I win next week and put up Demetre and send him home right after her. They just have so many connects on that side of the house. Dillon – yup, that’s what I’ve been thinking myself. Kevin – either way .. if you go with Sindy I totally support you. You have my vote. You have the balls right now .. like who ever you put up, will go home. Sindy next week will go after Demetres. If we ask her. Right now if you rank everyone from 1 – 10 .. she is number 1. Dillon – I want to do what is best for my game .. like I’m leaning more towards Ika. Dilon – I’m thinking more and more I will put her up. Kevin – you have my support.

Feeds have been down for most of Monday I have some conversations from the morning. I don’t know when feeds come back.

Conversations Before POV Ceremony Monday

Morning wake up Demetres, Ika and Dre
They believe that sindy is going up.

This flashed on the feeds.

12:15pm Dre and Dillon HOH
Dillon says Kevin and Bruno have been playing him the entire Season. They know the ship is sinking and they know theyโ€™ve lost Jackie. Dillon says he would Rather Ika in the game over Bruno, Sindy, Kevin. Dre agrees points out that Ika is a number for them.
Dre tries to get Bruno nominated.

Feeds still down 9:51pm

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Why we love Ika!

So everyone keeps saying they don’t understand why Ika gets so much love from fans because she’s an evil bitch (she is but I fucking love her anyway).

But I realise why we love her, its because in every single vote she has been the major swing vote, she could have saved Dallas, Cassandra and Gary. Although she didn’t do it, we’ve seen on the feeds and the episodes that she has been talking about it and considering it. Which for fans is awesome because he don’t want to see our favourites go home. Therefore its easier to like Ika because she’s always considering flipping the game. Whereas you can’t like Neda and Bruno etc because they always 100% set on sending home people like Gary, which really makes for boring feeds and boring television.

Therefore Ika is loved because she’s always contemplating flipping the game, and she did achieve it by getting Neda backdoored.

Guy From Canada

I would sort of agree on that point. The reason I was on team Ika over Neda was because Ika is creating personal relationships while Neda wasted her immunity to create those relationships. Ika became the swing vote because of that, and convinced Cindy with an S to get Neda out because of it. Neda did not play smart, and that’s why I support Ika over Neda. Yes they are both mean girls, but there is no sweet girl this season (Emily maybe?) to root for like the heathers and pages in the past.


About Ika ! Fans love a bitch and drama PERIOD !! Neda was soooooooooo boring she could barely smile. Anyways if any of you watch BBUK Helen Woods won the game cause she was a mean nasty Bitch and that’s why she won the FANS in UK voted for her ! Just like Rachel in BBUS HUGE fan base cause she was also a bitch and won a lot of comps. People like drama.


Helen also had a big advantage by winning a pass directly to the final on day 2.


Who do you think will win
Who do you want to win
Who do you not want to win
At this point in the game


– Besides Sindy, Who should Dillion nominate?


Do you think there will be a player returning? Do you think it will be Neda. (I guess I do because it seems to me production likes to push for drama. (in my opinion they “suggested” to Maddy put up Loveita, who ended up sequestered with her enemy Kelsey.) Neda or Ika (if she’s voted out) would cause the most upheaval. I could see Neda coming back and targeting Ika&Sindy and maybe making #2 like Gary and season 4 Kelsey.


Yes, I would like to know if Tibs has any catnip ratings for the house guests ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you think Tibs would be biased and give Jackie a 1 or 2 catnip cause she’s a ginger like him? ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Simon, question for me is, do you notice a shift between what they show on the feeds and what they save for the televised show? I’m watching the show now and seems there is a lot more good stuff on tonites show than what we have seen on the feeds – which are down a hell of a lot! This season is sure looking up now, in spite of all the faves gone don’t you think?


Yes, that is so and its a downer for the live feeders. On the upside, bbcan seems to be leaning toward the original concept of the show this season. There are less twists and the game is being played more like it was originally intended – by the players and not by production. The comps are grittier too, the last one reminds me of a BB US where they were in a glass cage all night and tempted to let go of their buttons. That was an old season, maybe you know the one.
If bbcan keeps this up, this could be one of their best seasons imo.


It always bothers me when failed despots call themselves underdogs. Bruno and Kevin have been on the winning end of every decision in the game until the double eviction, and suddenly we’re supposed to think they’ve been scraping by in fear for their lives since they walked into the house?
I feel pity for Sindy, but only because her potential nomination is due to Kevin and Bruno. If they hadn’t thrown the hoh comp, she would have been in no danger.
I’m starting to think Bruno is beginning to suffer the same myopia he did in season three. He became blinded to the moving parts in the game due to his sarah’s a snake obsession. He’s been creating an enemy for a couple of weeks in his hopes to send Ika packing. If he’d instead kept two ears open and one mouth closed, and solidified the 6 and 5 arrangement (maybe even pacifying Ika and Demetres that the newbies Bruno was grooming could be a target as well as the ones Ika was grooming… he could have misted her for weeks). I think he’s failing to be flexible. I think his inflexibility is his failing, and it’s showing to the rest of the house.


Is there any chance Dillion puts up Bruno?


Dillon should put up Ika


Only way is if Bruno does something against Dillon before nominations. Otherwise Dillon is too afraid of his potential image problems as a public figure if he were to break his word.

sunny dee

totally agree, especially on the sarah is a snake basically tanked his game. he made the same mistakes here, except ika is his main target instead of sticking with the alliance and getting to the end game. if he hadn’t done what he did, neda might still be there. neda is also gone due to ika sticking with her alliance then finding out half her alliance was stabbing her in the back.


Do you think bruno and Kevin take Karen’s gaming seriously?


How did you guys get into this whole live feeds website?


This question is a reach but do you know why Bruno doesn’t wear his wedding ring on his finger?? I think it’s on a necklace…


Who cares


I always see people mentions pairs: ika/Demetres and William/Dre but what about Kevin and Bruno? Is no one counting them as a pair?


Agreed, and why are people not freaking out enough that three of them were on the same season!


Ika COULD have been a swing vote, she wasn’t though. she at the end of the day, backed out of saving every fan favorite. I agree with the commenter, Ika is a fan fav because she’s messy and loud. She’s as mean as Neda supposedly was this season, only thing different is that Neda rolled her eyes and got the people she didn’t like out and Ika just created drama, which I guess makes for a good show, a good game, not so much.

It would suck though if either IkA or Sindy are taken out. With Neda and Gary gone, there’d be no one else to root for. ??


I’d rather Dillon put Kevin up. His game play just annoy me – this season as well as his original season. The feeders know his show edit is “a emperor with no clothes on” reality.

Dillon should just man-up and do it. Kevin dropped out of the round anyways before they finalized the deal (with William, Bruno and Dre still in the HoH competition). If they cry fowl, they really don’t have a leg to stand on, and Dillon should just own it anyways if he wants a chance of winning.

Kevin and Bruno’s game play seem stale and boring anyways. It just seems reiterated as if they were just going through the motions. I think it’s cuz they have too much of a personal connection of several years that when they interact with anyone else (besides Sindy) it just seems so obviously disingenuous. They don’t even seem to try to mean it or infuse some kind of authenticity.

There’s sometime this hint of ‘valley of the dolls’ automatons repetition vibe to some of their game play interactions that really creep me out / put me off. I don’t like it. I want Kevin gone.

Sindy the S stands for stupid

Sindy is like the turkey that voted for Thanksgiving twice lol


I don’t think it matters who Dillon puts up. As long as its not Bruno or Kevin, i don’t think people are going to actually vote Ika or Sindy out. Why would Dre/Ika/Sindy want to keep Jackie over Ika or Sindy.

Votes for ika to leave:

Votes for Sindy to leave:

I know Ika/Dem said they will vote out Sindy. I have hard time believing it if shes a number for Ika and it gets Jackie out


You are wrong there. Sindy will be voted out. Ika, Dre, Karen & Demetres have all said they are voting out Sindy. Probably William too.


I think Ika/Deme would vote Sindy out if they don’t want to upset Dre – it seems that Dre wants to cut Ika’s other ties, and would gladly vote out Sindy/Bruno/Kevin.

Secondly, Bruno/Kevin are saying they want to go with Dillon’s wishes and vote out Sindy over Jackie. Between Jackie and Sindy, they may see Jackie as someone more willing to take out Ika/Deme and see Sindy as a bit of liability at this point.

With Dre and Kevin influencing him, William may easily be persuaded to also vote out Sindy.
Ika/Deme may not care enough to show their cards and fight too much for Sindy to stay.


Secret Veto??


Oh look, it’s Kevin’s fantasy edit reward.
Come on, we’re all thinking his episode edit is getting further and further from reality… why not give him a buttveto to make the production redeems Kevin’s game scenario complete.


Ika won’t go home if she is on the block. Bruno might if he is the replacement. Kevin won’t if he is next to Jackie. I can’t see Dillon putting Sindy up, so that leaves Dre or William. If Dillon is smart he gets one chance to send Bruno packing.


Is me or Bruno and Kevin are dumb?? Even is Ika is up she’s not going anywhere… Demetres, Dre, Will, Karen will vote for her and For Jackie would be Bruno, Kevin, Sindy so 4-3… Kevin and Bruno… Dumb and Dumber… Playing for the 2nd time bad being so bad such a shame for Big Brother


Bruno and Kevin feel really insecure in the game and are playing really aggressively currently.

They would prefer having even a shot at eliminating Ika/Deme, rather not risk one of their numbers (Sindy). They seem to be optimistically hoping that they can go to work and convince people to vote out Ika if she goes on the block.

They are really showing all of their cards and making the line really clear by doing this. This may be a mis-calculation next week (if say Ika/Deme do go in power).

Proudly bisexual

Seriously, Dillion has breathing issue. He needs to go to the doctor. I feel really scared for him

BB Circus Show

Ikr? It’s like Darth Vader walking around


i really hope sindy leaves this week. She is so dumb it hurts.


these have got to be the worst bb players that have ever played the game…even the vets are clueless, have watched every Canada and U.S seasons but this is by far the worst…if classless Iga wins bbcan should fire the whole production team and start from scratch

Action dan

Sindy backdooring neda was not smart at all. she was on nobodies radar and now she might be going home. All she had to do was lay low and she could make final 5 easy. I think she cant stand not having the attention on her thats why she did that to neda, I hard to root for someone now for me, I think i will root for Karen or Jackie(seriously).


It’s so funny how Bruno and Kevin think they’re playing Dillon …. I just want to see their faces if Dillon nominates one of them as a replacement.. but this secret veto can be a whole game changer ….

sunny dee

sindy with an s is nominated