“say whatever you have to say Sindy.. throw us under the bus.. me and Bruno are enemy number 1”

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Ika and Dre in the morning

Ika talking about Bruno and Kevin trying to get Dillon to put her up. Ika says she saw Sindy bawling late last night. Ika adds Dillon was with her. Sindy left for the Diary room and told Ika he felt bad. Saying that Kevin, Sindy and Bruno are saying that Ika is playing him.
Dre points out it doesn’t matter they didn’t have the votes.
Ika – I said to him.. listen I want to win HOH so bad just to prove to you
Ika – I’m so sure of him it bothers me he’s not so sure

Sindy and Kevin
Sindy says she talked to Dillon last night. He told her she’s nominated becuase she put him up during the double. Sindy didn’t buy it tol him there’s more to it.
Sindy explained to him that she put him up because she knew him and Ika would have the votes to stay. Is she put Ika up she would really gun for her. Sindy thought Dillon would forgive her.

Sindy – I’m like she’s going to gun for you no matter what..
Sindy adds that Dillon is telling her Jackie is the target.
Sindy’s birthday is on Thursday.
Dillon told her he knows Kevin and Bruno are trying to play him. Sindy said to him Kevin and Bruno were the ones fighting for him to stay when Emily and Dillon were on the block.

Sindy says she hasn’t talked to Ika, Dre, Demetres or William yet.
Kevin – say whatever you have to stay Sindy.. throw us under the bus
Sindy – I don’t want to throw you under the bus
Kevin – you’re going to have to, we’re the enemy … me and Bruno are enemy number 1
Kevin says if the other side thinks she’ll come after kevin and Bruno they might keep her.
Kevin – you have my full permission .. at this point in the game I trust you so much
Sindy – you know I’ll come back to you
Sindy – I need you guys to hang out with Jackie all the time.
Kevin agrees says he’ll spend all the time with Jackie.

Sindy adds that she was trying to explain to Dillon the only reason Ika and Co. is so close to him now is because he’s HOH. If he wasn’t HOH they wouldn’t spend any time with him.
Kevin – say whatever you have to to stay.
Kevin leaves..

Sindy is asking Big brother for a secret veto or twist to save her.. “Please BB Gods.. I don’t know what to do I’m scared”

Kevin having a coffee by himself
Kevin – I can build my game from the rock bottom now
Kevin says his senses were right last week it wasn’t him they wanted to backdoor it was Bruno
Kevin says Bruno’s the target over him, “I want to fight theses people so bad”

12:55pm Dre and IKA backyard couch (Lots of chit chat in the video some sass towards Jackie)
Ika says the goal with Jackie is to “spill some tea”
Ika says if she had won during the double she would have put up Bruno and Neda.
Dre – I’m wondering if the tea she is spilling is the real tea.. (Jackie)
Ika tells Dre if she goes William will go right to Kevin.
Dre disagrees says he’ll trust them even less.
Ika points out that William only spends time with Kevin and Dre.
Dre says the Duo, Kevin/Bruno stresses William out. If Bruno is gone William will attached to Kevin if Bruno stays William will stay close to Ika.
Ika calls the remaining Vets “Slimy” says she hates them all.

12:57pm Bruno and William Hot Tub Couch (First 17 minutes isn’t heavy in game talk just talk about the show in general)
Talk about what happened to Neda and how it wasn’t justified. William says he would be in a depression if that happened to him.
(17 minutes in)
Bruno – who were they telling you our targets were
William – Ika and Demetres was saying to you to get rid of us.. Dre and I
Bruno nodes, “From the start”
Bruno lays it out that that Neda, Bruno, Kevin, Ika, Demetres. Kevin wasn’t going to do it though.
Bruno – that was the whole thing that’s what Neda was trying to tell you guys.. that’s why I’m surprised you guys are friends after that.
William says they were saying they were playing both side.
Bruno – that’s not the truth
William – I’m surprised to be honest.

Bruno – Ika swore on her kids life .. I’ll be honest with you.. I’ll be straight, why not. If I don’t win HOH next week I’m going home.
Bruno – I would rather see you or Dre win than Ika/Demetres I’ll tell you right now
Bruno – If I win you’re not my target .. or Dre.
Ika – She swore on her kids life than me, Sindy, Demetres and her.. she was like I want 1 of us 4 to win this game. She swore on her kids life.. to me right to my face.
Bruno – we never said final 4 and she swore on her kids life yet she turned her back on us.
William – really
Bruno – dead serious man..
Bruno again points out Ika/Demetres wanted him to get Dre/William out and they wanted Dre/William to get Bruno/Kevin out.
William agrees.
Bruno – I’ll tell you everything you need to know.. I’m done.. I’ll save the rest for next week.. If I don’t win HOH i’m done.

William says Ika doesn’t talk to him, she really only talks to Dre/Demetres.
William says Dre is in the middle between Ika and him, the connector.

William and Dre Blue Room (Lots in french)
William reporting back to Dre about the conversation with Bruno. Says Ika swore on her kids’ life for a final four between Bruno, Demetres, Ika, Sindy.

Sindy and Kevin bathroom
Sindy crying…
Kevin asks if she’s talked to Ika/Demetres.
Sindy says no “I don’t even know how to start the conversation.. I don’t know if I want to”
Kevin – Of Course you want to
Sindy – I don’t know where their head is at.. I don’t know what to do.
Kevin – you have to start with Ika
Sindy – and say what.. she barely spent time with me this week, she did it on purpose.
Sindy is unsure that Dre/William will even make their own decisions or if they have to convene with Ika/Demetres first.

Kevin – they’ll vote together as a block
Kevin adds if Bruno and Him start to campaign for Sindy it’ll make it worse, “we’re the enemies.. if we want you to stay they’ll take you out”
Bruno comes in they have a season 3 hug

Bruno gives Sindy a kiss on the forehead, “I love you guys.. You guys are my rocks”
Sindy starts to cry..
Kevin – it’s a tough week

Kevin gives her a kiss on the cheek..
Bruno – you’re our girl you know that..
Bruno – we’re a team
Bruno says he’s talked to William today.. gives a summary about how Ika swore on her kids about the final 4 between Ika, Demetres, Bruno and Sindy.
Sindy nodes.
Bruno tells Sindy to sell Ika out, “She’s selling you out”
Sindy – I know I have to
Bruno – Ika/Demetres are the reason you’re up there
Sindy – I know
Sindy mentions that Ika swears on her kids a lot.
Bruno gives them a pep talk saying he fought so hard for Dillon not to put her up, he’s in a bad position but will keep fighting for their alliance.
Kevin – I fought really hard too
Bruno – it’s do or die.. Sindy we got to make a play..
Bruno – this is the tightest bond in this house
Kevin – by far
Bruno – by far

Kevin says he can’t see Dre and William flipping on Ika and Demetres this week.

Jackie Bruno and Kevin Have nots

Bruno and Karen Hot Tub Couch
Chit chat..

William and Sindy Bathroom
Sindy going over the “Big Meeting” between Bruno, Neda, Sindy, Ika, Demetres, Kevin before the Dillon/Emily vote
Sindy says during that meeting Ika made it clear if they voted out Dillon that was going against William and Dre and she was concerned it would draw a line.
Ika wanted them to try and convince William and Dre they didn’t have the votes to evict Dillon.
Sindy says the fight between NEda and Ika was when should they draw the line between the two groups. Ika wanted to keep playing the middle saying that she would be able to “report Back”
Sindy says the battle between Ika and Neda was who was the leader of the group.
Sindy – I trusted Ika more than Neda

Sindy presents more evidence of Ika playing both sides, says she would even go as far as saying she would put Dre and William up. Adds it was right after the double eviction when they were all in the room together. Ika was going on about putting Dre/William up. After the HOH Ika started to talk to Dre/William again, saying I’m sorry.
William – Really she said that
Sindy – yes then the next day when you guys didn’t win (HOH) She’s like OK.. that’s when she started being nice back to you and Dre..

Sindy says Ika would go up to her and say Dre like her but doesn’t like Kevin and Bruo. When Sindy asked if she should talk to Dre Ika would say no don’t talk to Dre otherwise they’ll know I talk to you.
Sindy – I thought I was working with Ika/Demetres and you guys..
Sindy adds that Ika pushed for her to go on the block, “I had her back this entire time and she knew that.. ”
Sindy – She was like Sindy I swear on my kids i’ll never backstab you, I’ll never put you on the block.. I will always fight for you .
William – ok
Sindy points out that Ika gets close to everyone that is alone and she’s convinced if Sindy leaves Ika will convince Jackie to put Dre/Will up. Adds this is the same thing she did with Karen after Gary left.

Bruno Kevin and Sindy
Sindy going over her conversation with William.
Kevin – keep throwing her under the bus (Ika)

William and Dre Blue Room All french

Dre and William Bathroom All French

Kevin and Dillon HOH
Kevin says he’s always cared about Dillon in this game. Kevin says “they” Ika/Demetres/Dre/William were high fiving when they though Dillon was going home last week.
Dillon says they wouldn’t have the votes to take out Ika.
Kevin – they are truly going to use you for 1 or 2 weeks..
adds they’ll use Dillon to help take out Kevin/Bruno then they’ll cut him loose.
Kevin – when people are with you in your high moments.. it’s bullshit
Kevin says when people are at their lowest and people come to them then you know it’s true. Points out that is what Kevin did for Dillon last week.
Dillon – honestly Kev.. you should have used the veto
Kevin – I really wanted to put it around your neck but I thin there was a bigger plan to take out Bruno
Dillon – Sindy going home isn’t the worst thing ever..
Dillon says he knows Ika/Demetres/Dre/William are only talking to him because he won HOH.
Kevin says the other side’s plan is to take Karen right to the end. They’ll cut Dillon after Bruno/Kevin leave.

Karen and Ika Red Room

Ika Dre and Karen

Karen – what they’re going to try and do is they’re going to get in Dillon’s ear more. William, Dre, Bruno, Kevin. They think they’re going to go William, Dre, Bruno Kevin. Dre – they won’t come to me. Dre – I don’t see why they would think I would save Sindy. Karen – it would have been better for us had Emily come down, Jackie gone up.. and she gone home. She is going to keep being a problem for us. Bruno, Kevin and Jackie are not the

10:00pm Ika and Demetres

Ika – I just think if she (Jackie) stays she might go back to them. Demetres – who would you rather back with them .. her or Sindy? Ika – that’s true. Sindy kind of showed her true colours. Demetres – I would rather have Sindy gone anyways …even if she does go with them. Ika – yeah. Demetres – because I know that Bruno, Sindy and Kevin are tight. Now if it’s Bruno, Kevin and Jackie floating around.. whatever. Sindy is just as smart as Jackie and she is way more physical. And it’s F**KING Sindy. Demetres – it sucks that we’re dragging her (Jackie) along. That gets me every year. Demetres – this week could have been rough .. we just got out of it. Ika – next week if we don’t win we’re not getting out of it.

Karen – its nice to be scared isn’t it? Demetres – he would be in big f**king trouble if we win HOH. Karen – when we win HOH. When we win HOH. Not if, when. We just got to do what we do and dig in. I just hope the advantage is an advantage for me because we only need to beat Jackie, Bruno, Kevin. Ika – they’re strong competitors. Karen – I know but they’re also all coming off slop. Demetres – that’s true, that helps. Demetres leaves. Karen asks Ika – do you get any funny feelings from Dre? Ika – she hung out in the room all day to day with Sindy, Bruno and Will. I’m not quite sure if Kevin was there as well. Karen – they’re working on her. I’m watching. I’m watching everything. Ika – they have not said a word to me. Karen – not one word to me. Ika – I think they’re saying lets not campaign ..whoever stays can join us and we’ll take them out. Karen – so they literally don’t care? Karen – we have to believe that Dre will stay with us. I said to her today – you’re voting Sindy out. She said something that made me think a little suspect… she said I don’t see an advantage in keeping Sindy over Jackie at this point. I thought so if they make a point, then you could see. And Jackie has been trying to talk to her … but you know what happens to the people that Jackie gets close to (they get evicted)… always. Ika – what does Dillon think? Karen – he thinks Dre will stay with us. And he thinks the same as we do .. that we get it to the 6 and then it’s fair game.

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I feel bad for Sindy and I hope she gets to stay. Neda is going to verbally abuse her for her first week of jury, and constantly remind her how she messed up, ugh.


Sindy is such a moron lol. Wins double eviction and ends up putting her own allies on the block. This is who they brought back?


Sindy with an S, the S stands for STUPID.
Remember her original season? She was too stupid to check the bathroom before running her mouth which ended up getting her evicted, then she comes back and gets her showmance evicted!


Ika remains winning. It’s a bit hilarious that she got Sindy to backdoor Neda and one week later, on her birthday, Sindy will be joining Neda as the 2nd jury member. Didn’t work out for Sindy, but it sure did for Ika. Now she has Demetres, Dre, Karen and even Dillon and Jackie working for her and surely William wouldn’t put her up, either.

sunny dee

neda got herself up there, had she been sincere about the 6, along with bruno, sindy wouldn’t have even thought about it. instead neda sits there outing the 6, just to get back at ika, when all it did was expose them all. made her unsafe for sindy as well. all either bruno or neda had to do at this stage of the game was stick to the 6 and forget about the devious shenanigans of undermining 2 of their own alliance. they could have had their 6 and add a couple for voting numbers but instead neda wants to pick away at it far too soon. and this is what happens, her own alliance takes the shot when they had the chance, just to remove her instability.


Vets are done

Ika has lost. So have all the vets. Sindy is going this week. There will be three vets left. Bruno and Kevin are dead man walking. It’s a matter of timing before they are targeting. And once they go it will be Ika’s time, if Bruno and Kevin have not won HOH and gotten her out in the meanwhile. If my some miracle she makes it to final two, there is still a lot of game left to play, but I just do not see a vet winning against a newbie. A vet needs to sit besides another vet to win. I mean just the argument of “hey it was my first time playing the game” will get some traction and other vets who will be in jury, Neda, Sindy Bruno and Kevin will have way too much of an ego to award it to someone who screwed them over.


Ugh now rooting for Kevin and Bruno. NEVER thought this would happen…


Does anyone find it weird that each vet seems to be getting the house experience of their nemesis from their previous season?
Dallas was cut by people he tried to get to trust him by backstabbing an ally. Dallas is the new Maddie.
Cassandra was vilified and ostracized by another social manipulator, and then played out the door by her own allies. Cassandra is the new Loveita.
Gary was left hanging by the people he made deals with after mostly laying around. Gary is the new Andrew from season one.
Neda was hated for being a catty strategic manipulator and some would say a bit bullyish in trying to get her way while controlling the first few weeks of the game. Neda is the new Sabrina.
Sindy protected her alliance, tried to keep the moving parts together while playing both sides, only to be lied to and dumped. Sindy is the new JP.
Kevin and Bruno have been trying to promote themselves as the new Sarah and Brittnee. With the introduction of a possible veto power, that may become even more evident.
Ika is and was her own worst enemy… so unless she gets the Heather treatment of being ousted by her own alliance and saved by her enemies in the game – oh. wait. In a low key way that is what happened this week.
Strange redemption where each of the vets are being shown what it was like on the other side of the game for their nemeses.


I’m not a fan of Ika at all. I think she was such a disaster on her season, nobody paid much attention to her in the beginning. However, just like the rest of the vets Ika will not win the game. If Bruno, Kevin and Sindy are gone leaving Ika as the only vet in the game how long before William, Dillion, Jackie, Dre and Karen turn on her. She’ll have to rely on Demetres (who will have a good shot at physical comps in that group). The easiest option if we were to get to that point would be to take out “Ika the vet”. I’d love to see her go next week so the jury would be Neda, Sunday and Ika!!


Ika is the bomb!!!!


Ika rules!!!
Ika is Queen!!!


Telepathic tweet to Sindy:
Hey, with an S… think about this. You are on the block and your good ally Bruno is telling you to save yourself by tanking the game of a socially perceptive player that has a vote this week. Who benefits from that… you now, or him next week? Time to get off the conga line and realize you wouldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t made your good ally Bruno your voice of reason this week to begin with.
Once you nominated Neda, you should have jumped to Ika and Dre instead of clinging to the idea of the vets while hearing Bruno tank the idea of the vets immediately. Give your head a shake.

sunny dee

bruno plays too hard, and with too many lies that are so easy to dispute that he is digging his own hole. neda did the same thing. but then he did the same thing to sarah in their season, and look where that got him. and her. if anything, bruno seems to be trying to get ika to the end. i mean here he is saying to william about how ika (like he had no part in agreeing to this end game) and him and sindy and demetres to the final 4 or working together, and you have to ask yourself if she did say that, then why isn’t he taking her up on it for a solid 4, rather than scrambling to get william away from ika and on his own team


Omg stop the Ika obsession. She is there because Ika has been rallying up the other side against the six for a while now. What game are you watching ? Sindy lost the game the moment she put Neda on the block. You don’t go against your ally in the game so early and expect to be trusted by people. She was also led to believe she had a relationship with Ika, Dem, Dre and William which is why she did not pull up Dre and Will for double eviction. Then she trusted Ika’s side and the moment she got off power IKA threw her to the curb like she did with Dallas, Cass and Gary. I wouldnt trust Ika at all. Planting doubt about her is the only play she has left now. Hey I turned against my close ally cause I was fooled by Ika but now I see the light. As opposed to turning against the only other closest allies and turning into a Jacquie – someone who will jump ship every week. Take off your Ika cheerleading costume and realize she has no loyalities and will not protect Sindy at all – just like she did not protein Dallas or Cass or Gary or Neda.


Was that in response to my analysis that once sindy turned on Neda, she should have sided with the people she actually helped by turning on Neda, instead of the people that were injured by it? Or in response to saying that throwing someone that isn’t on the block under the bus is less effective than trying to win their vote if you are nominated for eviction?
That’s not Ika boosting… that’s logic Sindy should have used for Sindy’s game.


To throwing someone under the block is less effective. It won’t be effective in this case but it is a better shot than trying to get Ika’s vote (which she won’t). Ika has done nothing but backstab people this season as I said in my previous post and there is no chance that she is voting for Sindy to stay, not least of which b/c she can fully claim she got Neda out with Sindy gone.
Also – throwing people under the bus is an effective strategy – just look at how Dan was able to nominate Britney by throwing Ian under the bus. The only thing against Sindy though is that it’s not time for the other side to turn on Ika yet. William – I never know where his head is at in terms of the game. Dre has already decided that Ika is sketchy but she needs her for one more week or two and Karen, well Karen is just in her own la la land against “that effing Kevin Martin”.
Sindy does not have anything to offer to them. When Sindy nominated Neda her game was done. She was not in with the Ika/Dem/Dre/Will foursome which she probably thought she was. Sindy being Sindy was probably also thinking that the Six will only become the Five once Neda was gone.
Also I just do not see Ika as a socially perceptive player. I just don’t. I think her game is too messy. Neda allowed her to play the double agent which was a really bad move. Ika was good at that role because she is a hater and she bonds with people who are hating with her, so obv it was easy for her to bond with people at the bottom. Her first season I thought she was awesome and fierce but she showed this season that she is just miserable. Dre was able to see right through her “social game” and Neda also saw right through her.


Oh… Ika is a wishy washy trainwreck. Don’t get me wrong. She is. But she can see the temperature and social dynamics of a room immediately. Maybe she is able to perceive the oncoming threats because she herself is able to back stab, or maybe she’s just able to read the body language of the other house guests well. She has been aware of the threats against her while they are still able to be neutralized. I don’t think Ika has been playing a good game, she’s oft times been a complete mess, but I do think Ika has been able to read situations and social dynamics very well.
As far as the Sandra Bullock Speed move Sindy is currently employing? Let’s get real. That was Bruno’s idea. Bruno’s idea with full knowledge that Sindy is dead in the water. Bruno’s idea to hand Sindy an anchor instead of a life vest. He knows she’s going to go and is using her to help his game next week by stirring the pot. She’s just trusting him and his style of game play more than herself, and her own style of game play.


My point is that Sindy does not have a clue about what she is doing. I’m not saying it’s a smart move. There are no smart moves in this situation. She put herself in a bind after what she did last week. There is no way Sindhis is staying, not with this cast.
And if I were in her position, I’d rather go down with a vengeance and bring down backstabbers with me than try to align with them.


Yes Bruno’s game by any possible definition benefits far more from sindy staying this week than her leaving. So the idea that he is trying to tank her chances for his own sake makes no sense. Is it more likely to bear fruit next week? Sure, though he relentlessly tried to prevent this situation/renom. But if there was any possible plan to keep her of course that would be better for him. IKa would never believe sindy would turn on brevin. Bruno has played great but how can you account for the u fathomable stupidity of sindy and Dillon tanking their own games in back to back weeks.


“As far as the Sandra Bullock Speed move Sindy is currently employing?”

That made me snort, lol. Thank you for that 😉


Neda is gone. Unless a twist she is jury only. Funny but folks I do not like such as Dre/William become , not only interesting, but will drive the middle game(down to F4). I’m interested when they look at Dem and Ika as a power couple. That’s when things will get interesting.
Complicated by the edit showing a strong bond between Dre and Ika could make thing complicated. Which couple can pull numbers? Karen, Dillon, Jackie are all key votes. Thus “the S” goes tonight. Bruno and Kevin have to scramble and come up with a new strategy. They are the other side of the house that’s getting wiped out IMHO.

What has to happen(but won’t)……….William and Dre need to pull in Bruno/Kevin and go after Demetrius/Ika now as the 3 other are all wild cards IMO. Dre likely talks William out of targeting Ika. My gut tells me Ika and Dre will eventually cut an F2 deal. As of now Jackie gets pulled forward along with Karen. One of these 2 ends up F4 with Dre/Ika and likely Demetrius.
Sounds crazy but I think Karen has a real shot to win the whole thing. I hate the troll but things are lining up in her favour IMHO.

Laura J

Ika is playing a great game and is entertaining as hell while she does it. Its so nice to see the older players make it to the end for a change (scary that early 30’s is older but this is big brother). It really started to feel like I was watching a bad version of the bachelor in previous seasons. Can’t wait to see the chaos as Ika/Dem/Dre/William finally turn on each other. Love them together but love them more in a grudge match!

lol what?

What game are you watching? Ika has already lost! Shes playing for second place at best!


I don’t know why you have so many down votes because I completely agree that Ika is playing a great game! And she entertains me like crazy, my favourite moment so far is her casting her eviction vote for Neda, it was hilarious!

And I definitely don’t think she’s playing for 2nd place. I think if she can explain her game and show a little bit of empathy in the jury questions, I think she can sway some votes. Just because you are a villain doesn’t mean you havent played the best game. Especially if by some miracle, she gets to the final 2 with demetres, aint no one going to vote for that fool, he is clearly manipulated by Ika and would only be left in the game as a meat shield for Ika.


Ika has won zero comp so far in the game

Guy From Canada

A good player doesn’t need to win comps at this point. In the later game it’s more important because people like Jon, Ashley and Godfrey are examples of players who ramped up their comp wins at the end game, and socially positioned themselves early game.

BB Circus Show

i wouldnt want to sit next to Demetres in the final 2. He survived the block, won 2 hoh’s and a veto, and theres still a lot of game to be played.
Also Dillon has survived the block ,multiple times, won a hoh and a veto, and William is starting to raise his resume also with a veto and hoh.

They really need to start focusing on getting out players who can actually WIN the game, Ika is not going to win at this point!

Club H.O.H

How is Bruno in second on the poll?! Gross. Lol


You obviously don’t understand the game. You probably thought Gary played better than emit lol

Bbcan5 sucks

I feel like the vets they brought back were all just showmen. Gary, cass, ika, sindy, dallas literally all sucked in their seasons. But they were entertaining. They threw a few strategic vets in there and of course they lost their minds working with those imbéciles. Should’ve been an allstars season. I have never cared for loud0, obnoxious, “entertaining” players. I want strategy. I want good gameplay.

Guy From Canada

Ikas comments in the fIrst video Ika and dre sounds like campaigning for jury votes. Ika is really explaining her game, and supports what I have been saying all along here in the Neda and Ika debate. Ika is clearly explaining that she created real relationships and how the others haven’t. Is that Ika being loud or Ika actually planning…..hmmmm…..


I just saw the last episode and I don’t care who wins but I want Ika out…What a vile horrible fake person… FUCK OFF bitch!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, if I ever, as a devoted viewer of BB ever get to this point in my life… please someone, anyone give me a snickers. geesh! How do you describe someone as vile, horrible and fake and then follow that with Fuck Off? lol. c’mon James. there HAS to be something you have gone through in your life that would warrant this reaction. but to cast it on someone on a reality television show playing for money, is a bit…odd. BB15 caused me a lot of distress but I still had to keep things in perspective. Please do the same. That’s free advice to all it applies.


BB17,BB18 James would say “suck it up,its a game”


It’s called “wah was poor Neda! Let me edit this episode to make people feel sorry” If you watched feeds and the previous shows then you’d know Ika was right!


Sindy is so desperate she’s trying to keep her life in the house and she’s just saying anything she doesn’t even make sense when she talks she’s trying to make Ika look bad as desperate times call for desperate measures!! Ika did not point a gun to her head she didn’t have to put up Neda but she did & I think it’s because in her heart she doesn’t really like neda as neda was on a high horse and she was actually very rude to Sindy she even made her cry one time & ika was just more socialbla then neda was Neda could care less about anyone she’s all an act & least ika lets u know how shes really feeling!!!! Dillon put up sindy from something in the past that she did to him and it was his choice to put her up it had nothing to do with ika dillon is not that easily persuaded he knows what he wants & he’s a lot more smarter than you think he could very well be the sleeping giant in the game & win!! I like dillons game because he’s not fake he senses everything but he just doesn’t go on and on about it he knows what he needs to do and he knows how to shut off and just chill in the house !!!!!!! Sindy played a weak game thats y shes on the block!!!! The hole house hated neda she would have gone regaurdless did u hear canada cheeering soooooo hysterically happy when she left trust me nobody liked Neda & Currently ika is the favorite houseguest loved by all & yes Ika has her ratchet ways but in hindsight she’s actually improved she’s a lot more of a better person now I think even Karen told her that & shes is playing a good game so far thats y shes still there & demitrie william & dre love her & seems she has the numbers so u cant hate!!

Hmmm okay

Oh dear lord. You are trying to impute credit when there is no credit to be given. You are aware that Sindy voted out her showmance her last season? Nay, she led the revolution to take out JP. It was not b/c Ika had a strong social game or b/c Neda had a weak one. This was all b/c Sindy is attracted to words such as tiara.. and BIG MOVES. She thought she was making a big move and playing the game without not even thinking a step ahead. It had nothing to do with anything else.

S for stupid

Yup. Sindy doesnt get that big moves does not equal good moves. She fkd up..again

Guy From Canada

Just like Maddie last season

Does anyone here speak french

Does anyone know what Dre and William are saying? Do they believe what Bruno and Sindy are saying?


sorry….can’t understand them to agree or disagree with you


Dre told William she is already aware of the parts of what Sindy told William that are true because Ika already told her. She points out to William that it’s very strange that after all this time Bruno and Sindy choose today to come up with these grand revelations, and only speak to William about it. She says they are feeling the heat and scrambling to come up with any stories they can to try to take the heat off of them, and split up William and Dre from Ika and Demetres. They agree to keep an eye on what Ika is doing. William still thinks swearing on babies and lying is disgusting if it’s true. They weigh the pros and cons of flipping their vote to keep Sindy. They decide for now that keeping a trio of veterans in the game is too silly, so Sindy has to go. William is still concerned that Ika is perhaps playing them. Dre points out she might be, but so is everyone in the house, and at least they know Ika is not going to put them on the block because she needs them. They agree they don’t want to go to the end with Ika, but they can use her for now. Dre tells William Ika would go after Kevin and Bruno and Karen before she would even think about nominating William, and that William should be working on Kevin because Dre is convinced they would take a shot at her first, and that Bruno would nominate them together. They don’t trust Jackie at all. Note: this is mostly paraphrased encapsulation of two of their conversations today. Synopsis: William has less some trust for Ika now, but he and Dre have decided Bruno is a greater evil than Ika is at this point.


Welcome to Canada which Spain and Portugal ignored, also the Italians who came to late!


Bruno is playing a pathetic game he’s very sneaky and he wants to remain under the radar like he’s the good guy but there’s nothing good about him he’s all game !!!!!! Said it rubbed him the wrong way when Dimitri made that little comment To neda about her only being safe for one hour but they’re forgetting to leave out the fact that neda verbally attacked him prior to that and called him pussy whiped & ikas little puppy so that’s why he said that because he’s not the type of person to just go around starting fights neda was on fire in a bad way shes crazyyy!!!!!!!! Sindy was happy after she had neda put up She even said so herself it was hard but I’m proud of myself for what I did that’s exactly what she said!!! And it was a good strong move she took out one of the biggest targets in the house !!!!!!! Sindy being on the block has nothing to do with anything but Dillon & her and now she’s just playing the sour grapes role!! Sindy could not really decide which side of the house she wanted to be on in the first place she was flipping and flopping so I guess she was a wildcard & ika did not tell dillon to put her up dillon is playing his own hoh things just seem to be working out for ika & maybe that’s because she’s playing a good game !!!!! Kevin & bruno need to go up next they are the shady ones in the house & the only reason they didnt want neda to leave was because she took the heat off of them they could blame her for everything and now they have no shield it has nothing to do with anything else they didn’t really like her either !!! Kevin is going on why did sindy bother winning hoh well same thing you can say why he bothered to win that veto that he never used !!!!!


You must be ika s sister or a family member of hers. You clearly know why Kevin did not use the veto no?


Do you think there will be a returning houseguest ? If yes, from jury or one of the first 5 evicted ?


Cassandra,Cassandra, Cassandra!!!


ika/dem dre/will…. that’s my team!!! People may be bitter but they are giving some great tv! Ika .. love her or hate her.. she has been killing it.. she was one of the first i thought would go..every week i thought she wont make it this time… yet she’s still there… bravo!! She deserves her spot! Bitter brunoville can stay bitter… they were planning on doing the same thing to her, she was just smart to strike first and ppl are bitter about it. She went from the bottom to being on top. Her loyalty became clear half way through…. Dre, demetres….if anyone missed that it’s because they haven’t been watching. i love my four! #Team4 As much as i know they wont take her to final 2 bc of her resume.. she would deserve to win this season! She played a great game! Remember it’s a game…. she kept her ppl with her that she truly trusted and she played it hard. i mean.. her 6 wanted her ass on a platter from ages ago.. half of the other side wanted her ass…. she can’t hide her emotions and she’s a ticking bomb… yet… she’s still there. I say again…that woman has played a great game.

Ms. Pac

I agree 100%


Do you remember it’s just a game? You have ten posts up praising Ika just in this posting alone…


not all anonymous are the same person.
anonymous is the name given to anyone that leaves the name portion blank.


Again Ika is QUEEN aka BOSS, heheh

Wasabi karaoke party

Somehow nobody is talking about Dre. She’s got the least amount of hate from the house right now. Final 3?
Karen/William/Dre floating on through while the loud power couples target each other.

Will be interesting to see who either Kevin or Bruno gravitate to after the first one goes. But first diamond power of veto shockwave for them two next week. That should be fun.


Sindy needs to realize that she made a very very very big move probably one of the biggest moves of the season as Neda was a huge player & she will be remembered for this forever no matter what happens even if she has to leave she made one of the biggest moves in the game thus far !!!! Her being on the block has nothing to do with that Neda backdoor or Ika or any conspiracy theory, it’s Dillons move alone between them!!! Sindy is just upset about it & i get that it’s her Birthday & all & then having to face Neda but if she can’t handle all if that maybe she should self-evict instead of trying to blame everyone!!!

no name

I personally don’t care who wins or loses but game recognize game. I don t care about any of their personalities. Its Just a game! Relax Canada.
Ika is bbcan best player so far this season its not even close, but that unfortunately will her hurt her chances to win at the end (TOO MANY DAMN HATERS AKA “6”)


During a feed break the house guests did a participaction / sponsor challenge. Presumably it was a step counting challenge Ika’s chatter earlier today with Dre is on the level.
While most of the houseguests ran or took normal gait strides, Karen took fast tiny steps.
Karen won. She received an advantage in the next HOH competition.


Whoever doesn’t like Ika it’s just personal because game wise she’s killllling it!!!!!! She’s smart she knows when to blast off and she knows when to chill she’s learned from her past mistakes so she has come back more better & more wise she has her allies she paired up with someone solid who can actually win comps she shut Neda down & it was epic!!!! Did u hear the audience cheer lije crazy they loved it was soooooo gooood!!! Ika is Canada’s favourite houseguest right now & so clearly she’s doing something right haters gon hate & I hope she wins!!!! At least what you see is what you get with Ika, unlike Neda who was pretty much a smiling assasin being soooo fake with everyone & neda’s social game was weak & fake thank god that little psycho is gone lol IKA can’t hide her emotions for too long I’m not saying that she’s perfect as she doesn’t have a little savage side to her, but she keeps it pretty real & turns out she’s Got Game!!!
I hope its (Ika demetre Dre William) Final 4 !!!


Whoever doesn’t like Ika it’s just personal because game wise she’s killllling it!!!!!! She’s smart she knows when to blast off and she knows when to chill she’s learned from her past mistakes so she has come back more better & more wiser it’s the new & improved ika in a sense (ika part 2) she has good incstincts & some good choices in allies she paired up with, dre is smart William is cool & Demetre is someone solid who can actually win comps!! Ika shut Neda down & it was sooooo epic….did u hear the audience cheer like crazy they loved it was soooooo gooood!!! Ika is Canada’s favourite houseguest right now & so clearly she’s doing something right haters gon hate & I hope she wins!!!! At least what you see is what you get with Ika, unlike Neda who was pretty much a smiling assasin being soooo fake with everyone & neda’s social game was weak & fake thank god that little psycho is gone lol IKA can’t hide her emotions for too long I’m not saying that she’s perfect as she doesn’t have a little savage side to her, but she keeps it pretty real & turns out she’s Got Game!!!
I hope its (Ika demetre Dre William) Final 4 !!!


Sindy was going to get kicked off anyway she was rubbing everybody the wrong way and straight up she’s just stupid !!!!!! so at least she gets to leave with her head high because she made a big huge move by putting up Neda & made Canada so so so happy so she will leave a legend !!!


Do you think their are going to be returning houseguests ? When ?


Ika demetri William & Dre final 4 ?


I might be eat my words…but Ika gets to the end, she is not going to win. She keeps stabbing her allies in the back. One more thing, Sindy now knows she trusted the wrong person. Just saying.