POV Results “Arlie is going to reveal himself during the voting when momzi goes home”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

Kenny won the POV

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1:23Am Heather and Jon

They are commenting on how horrible Rachelle did in the POV competition. Jon wants Heather to try and bring Allison in on the side.

Jon asks her what she will say to Sarah.
Heather is going to say she been talking to everyone in the house and she doesn’t know what to do because Kenny was my main target.

1:30am Momzi and Sarah

Sarah says she will vote whichever way she wants, “Do you have any ideas whos going up”

Heather says the person she was going to put up isn’t a big threat so right now she’s undecided.

Sarah asks why she put up Allison. Heather explains she put Allison

Heather – “Momzi I love you alot.. I know from the beginning you didn’t want the gremlins here.. what upset me is they both threw your name out to go up against Kenny… It surprised me because I thought you were close.

Heather mentions how the gremlins all of a sudden wanted to be her friends. Heather again tell her she doesn’t know what she is doing and she’s not going to be fake to Sarah and tell her she’s safe because right now she’s not sure.

1:35pm Neda and Jon

1:36am Sabrina and Heather
Sabrina wants to know who she is putting up. Heather says she’s going to keep it a secret until right before the POV Ceremony.

Sabrina tells her this game is full of bullshit and she’s not talking bullshit anymore..

1:42pm Rachelle and Heather

Rachelle tells her the best person for her to put up is a strong player like Jon. Heather says she swore on her life she wouldn’t put up Jon and Adel.

Rachelle says other than Jon her second choice to go home this week is Allison. Rachelle totally understands Heather not wanting to go back on her word with Adel and Jon because Rachelle has never gone back on her word. Heather says the person going up may tomorrow is going to be a big decision and if it’s not Rachelle it could be someone she is close to.

Rachelle – OK ..I promise to keep my word to you put up someone I love I’m not going to put you up.


1:47am Adel and Heather

Adel says “Arlie is going to reveal himself during the voting when momzi goes home”
Adel – It’s going to be kenny and the two ruggrats vs all of us

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ahh finally YES KENNY IS SAFE!!!!!! ba ha ha @ JON




I’m not a big fan of Kenny but i’m so glad he won the POV!!! I know everyone wants kenny gone but once big players are gone, the show becomes boring!


Just wondering how a ‘big’ player gets evicted? Know how? They win. So ‘once a big player get evicted’ doesn’t really make sense. Big players don’t get evicted.
Just my theory.


I probably should complete the thought: big players get evicted, of course but not the first few weeks – that’s why they wouldn’t be a ‘big player’.


Its funny how this game changes in a week! First 5 basically were smooth sailing until the twist (big brother calls it a twist but they wanted to change the power) and now it’s basically gonna be the “outsiders” running the rest of the game until BBC realizes the games boring again! Canada being HOH just ruined this season for me. I didn’t want Andrew to win it all but at least he kept things interesting! The guy wins comps in the first week to save himself then does basically nothing afterwards but he’s considered a “huge threat”!!!??? I hope kenny wins HOH and gets john or Adel out just to piss fans off more haha. I get why john is popular but Adel? Really??


Andrew, is that you?


I’m actually pro Kenny, and pro John… I hope they start working together


Can’t waut fir BBUS seriousily! ZZZZzzzzzz


Hopefully it’s better casting than last season! It was entertaining enough but even aside from the controversy, I wasn’t a fan of any of the cast members.


Really peeved that Kenny won the POV. I’d put Sabrina up. Sarah will be a good Jury member, she’s fair and can separate game play vs personal.


She said if Ika played an amazing vote (assuming she survived Week 4) up until the Final 2 she would have refused to vote for her in the F2 because of how she didn’t like her and wouldn’t separate her feelings from gameplay.


Sarah – “That’s the beauty of Jury. You can make your vote emotional.”
Perhaps you missed that.


OMG! This is such sweet karma…what made me dislike Sarah the most was her viciousness towards Heather and being so hypocritical about it. Now it being Heather’s HOH that sends her ass home is the best news possible. I wanted her gone more than Kenny, so this couldn’t have turned out better. I knew her obsession with Kenny was finally going to bite her in the ass with her side-alliance. Jon no longer trusts her and Arlie is done with her because she wouldn’t listen to him when it came to removing herself from Kenny. I am so happy that Kenny won veto…or this wouldn’t have happened!!!

Also, when I still had hopes for Allison…long ago…I wanted her to work with Heather and that side. But when she sold Heather out to Sobs and buried herself further up Sir Picks A lot and Sob’s ass, I had given up. She still has a lot to prove, but as long as she doesn’t reveal this blindside…that will be a start. I hope she feels like shit for betraying Heather…when she now thinks Heather is saving her ass.


Agreed, I honestly think Kenny winning the Veto was for the best! First of all, it provides drama. The guy who was going home won the POV. And second of all Sarah who refused to join Arlie when he asked her to ditch Kenny will be voted out and her place in the alliance will be replaced by Allison. Sarah thinks she has the votes to stay she feels so comfortable. All what makes a blindside much better. She flipped on Ika to keep Heather and now Heather will be the one evicting her and Arlie her closest ally next to Kenny will be the defining vote. This is beautiful.

another name

just so that i understand:
the first 5 alliance was hated because they were mean and disloyal and said/did mean things behind people’s backs, but you are going to applaud people from the other alliance for backstabbing? that seems so inappropriate.
as far as strategic move, it’s a good move. as far as move to be applauded for it’s virtue. no.
so, did i understand you correctly?


I don’t think that the 1/5 alliance was hated – I think a lot of people ‘hated’ certain individuals in the alliance. I could be wrong.

another name

no… the number of insults and personal attacks on the first five is abundantly represented by the comments on here. all five have been shamelessly, almost gleefully hated. the one that received the least hate comments is arlie. why? because he plays one side against the other while sliding under the radar. in the regular world this would be one of the foulest traits you could find in a person. but it’s good game strategy if he can slide under radar until most of the people he betrays are gone. because he is viewed as the good devil/bad angel… he fares better than the rest. but seriously, you really can’t tell me that the first five haven’t been hated. i don’t judge if the insults and attacks were fair or unfair, frankl;y i’d rather evaluate strategy and game play than spout off vile comments. if people choose too write things that are just as disgusting as the things they accuse the players of saying and doing… it’s not my place to stand in judgement, that’s what a conscience is for.


She didn’t flip on Ika to keep Heather, she flipped on Ika to get rid of Paul. There is a difference. It just so happened that Heather was up next to Paul at the time. Then Sarah wants to try and throw that in Heather’s face like she did it specifically for Heather, yeah right! YOu did it because your master Kenny told you to.


Rachelle is so unconvincing and useless. You’d figure if you were in BB and thought you might be going on the block you would at least make a good strategic speech on why the HoH should put someone else up.
I wish Big Brother casting took intelligence into account when recruiting houseguests.


I can’t express in words how much it bothers me that not once did Sarah approach Heather during her HOH or congratulate her (even leaving after only a minute in her HOH room). Now that her little army can’t do all her dirty work, she decides well maybe she should now approach Heather.
I know Heather is way too nice to even mention It (having not watched the video yet). Sarah hasn’t felt the fire at all. I say it’s about time. Let’s hope she doesn’t snow Heather into putting up Sabrina. I just personally want Sarah not to feel so ‘comfy’ in her spot as she has. She has been crossing too many lines on a personal level about Heather specifically and could not see past it (being the oldest female with children), and it wasn’t a wise strategy in anybody’s game this far.


People can say whatever they want to about Ika but at least she apologized to Heather. She has had nothing but good words to say about her since leaving. I can’t wait for Sarah to go! She could’ve stayed if she left Kenny but now Kenny is staying and she’s leaving.. BAHAHAHHAHA!

Let the Fireworks Begin

RUH ROW Arlie is going to be revealed! Heather just told Allison about Arlie being on their side so Allison has nothing to worry about LOL.


I can’t figure out jon’s game at all as for arlie he definetly be revealed if he votes against sarah then he has made and enemy of kenny and the gremlins if he votes with them the others turn against him but if he does take out sarah he could be in trouble because nobody on that side will actually have his back because if they manage to take out kenny next then he will be one of the first to go.


Actually, Arlie is the one who approached Allison and revealed that he is in a secret alliance with Heather and that he is the deciding vote that will save her…if she wants to come work with them…and to not worry..she is safe ass long as she doesn’t reveal their plan to put up Sarah. Arlie and Jon are done with Sarah and are planning on voting her out. Arlie says he is then going to reveal his true allegiance at that time…blindsiding Kenny, the gremlins and of course, Sarah!


I better go watch that video are we sure it exists? Just asking not questioning your integrity. Allison will tell the gremlins ASAP( she thinks they like her) Pukes in bucket….. Ralph, no Ralph no more! I hate BB’s version of dry heaves and it’s coming. ROFL

Arlie will have a stroke all his work shot. I still have to see Momzi up on Monday. Can be Brina or Ratchet still. Though what we can truely say is after taking a good shot at renom Jon. Like that was going to work Ratchet. Sabby and Ratchet will work to put up Sarah obviously. Wonder if they try Neda on the block? Not happening.

Here’s a fun 1 to consider that would be rich! Assuming the gremlins get it from Allison so will Kenny and Sarah. What if Sabby convincing Heather to put up Arlie. I’d laugh my azz off if one slip by Heather put him out before jury with his old alliance evicting him. I really hope production reads this as it would be great story line. About a 1% chance but who knows!

The edit shows Arlie as making a power move. I may eat a lot of crow. See I still don’t see him voting out Sarah. It’s his bridge to the other side if he switched. Thursday I’m still not a believer but I thought he was “smoothing”(game strategy). Unlike floating which is going back and forth moving forward basically by doing what HOH/House want. Smoothing to me is being intrical in 2 alliances and flipping the house not at individuals but rather positioning to decide which side eventually has the power. That usually means staying center middle til later. Andy was a perfect example of much of what I’m talking about. Move is F7-F5 generally not F10 IMO.

Sarah goes and Arlie saved Heathers HOH. I’m still saying Allison gone 1st on Thursday but I’ll put it at 3:1 for now. 1st we need to see Sarah on the block instead of Ratchet and Sabby. Then Arlie has to back it up on Thursday. I wouldn’t be celebrating yet.

PS.. Allison is way to bad a player to not tell the Gremlins about Arlie. Before Veto ceremony someone will hatch an anti Arlie strategy. Hope Sabby works here bold face lying magic on the “genius” HOH.

Jon/Neda/Heather convo might be good. Allison/Ratchet/Sabby would/will be gold. Kenny’s face when he finds out priceless. Hell pop a vein fierce. I think Sarah will play the sad mom BS to perfection. If she isn’t on the block she may work with Arlie anyway.


I knew it lol you have to backdoor strong players stop listening to Adel idiots


I am a little confused here but the one thing is for sure is that there will be no more hiding when it comes to who is on who’s side if heather puts sarah on the block and she seems to be leaning there then everyone will know where everyone lands. Adel thinks that arlie will vote to send sarah home but i don’t think he will i am pretty sure she has the gremlins and kenny vote (they have to know the rest of the house is against them) that means she needs one vote and i don’t see arlie voting against her. As for jon to be honest he is the most confusing i have no idea who he will vote for on one hand he seems to be the one putting the idea into heathers head to go after sarah but on the other he has worked hard to get her on his side so unless this is jon’s way to deflect if she stays onto someone else.


oh well…. there is always the double eviction… in other news, is Arlie absolutely crazy…???….he is going to reveal himself… he is going to make people instantly mad at him and instantly a big target… he is setting himself to fail big time.. I hope for his own sake he isn’t serious…he is really letting his position get into his head….


Shit just got REAL.
Allison 100% safe, and the other side thinking she’s for sure going and not being worried at all.
Should be interesting.


Sarah sounded a lot like Helen from BB15 but surprisingly I actually prefer the ‘annoying’ Helen over her. At least Helen is genuinely nice compare to her and actually played a good “mom” player. Somehow, I hope Sarah goes up and goes home this week. Arlie holds the key this week and I wish he has seen how Sarah is detrimental to his game now.


Oh my god, this is the perfect set up for things to come. What a night!

Kenny won the POV! I know some people will disagree with this but I felt like he was playing a really good game up until Canada’s HOH so I wanted him to at least make jury and now he does. Sarah who is so comfortable right now is going to be blindsided by the “flip vote” Arlie who was her closest ally who told her to turn on Kenny and she refused so she’s now going home for refusing to separate from Kenny. Arlie will finally be exposed for playing the other side! Alison who this morning was still with Kenny, Sab and them now has new life in this game because she’s now with Arlie and them! She was a sinking ship this morning and now she’s in the majority alliance! Even if he’s at the bottom of that alliance I’d rather make it to final 6 than to make it to final 9. Kenny who was going to go home and he actually knew it won the Veto and he’s going to be pissed when he finds out Arlie voted out Sarah! But than he just might go next because It’s a double eviction.

I’ll summarize it again

Kenny won POV, his closest ally who feels safe will be blindsided by Arlie her other closest ally when she had the chance to be in his alliance which Allison has now taken her place for and Arlie will finally stop playing both sides because after the vote it will be clear who he’s with. And up until this point it was 4-5 Adel, Jon, Neda, Heather vs Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny, Allison, Rachelle with Arlie being in the middle and now the Adel and Jon alliance are now the majority! Because Arlie has committed to the “plan B” and Allison has joined them. Allison who has giving Andrew handy’s is finally going to play now! I’m so excited! Imagine if Sarah and Kenny or Sarah and Sabrina? This is going to be amazing.


This is great… the odds for the good guys just get better and better and therapy is a huge chance two first five members will go home this Thursday… Arlie will screw himself this week which means Heather HoH this will become a huge success despite not getting Kenny to go home, but hey…his odds of being the second person to go home this week just increased… and maybe for the first time this season in the real game… we get to route for Allison… Heather bettered her position greatly and better her main alliances position…the first five will be mad at Allison for flipping and Arlie will just expose himself (no pun intended )…but hey… at least you are in the majority… Heather is no dummy…


To SPICY – YOU CALLED IT AND YOU WERE RIGHT! You predicted many, many posts ago that Kenny was going to win the POV and he did. I knew you were going to be right as soon as I read your post. Well done Spicy!

As for SOBrina, her words, promises, assurances, opinions and declarations of LOVE mean nothing. No sooner had she promised Heather that she was changing her game play “as of yesterday” to stop repeating things and saying negative things about the people in the house than we see her in the Half-Not Room trashing her ‘enemies’ on the other side, including (I love you so much) Allison. I loathe that POS more and more with every passing minute. I wouldn’t allow her to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH to one of my turds because it would offend and insult the products of my butt-hole.

Please, oh pretty puleeeeze boots to Sara and SOBs during this Thursday’s double eviction.


Now that Kenny won POV he is so cocky because he and Sabs and Ro believe they have the numbers to keep Sarah. I cant wait to see the shock on their face when Arissa says ” By a vote of 4-3, Sarah you have been evicted from the Big Brother house’ LOOL. Arlie would have protected Sarah till the very end and she chose to stick to Kenny.
I hope Sabrina leaves during the double eviction. Having Sabs in Jury is poison. Either way, Heather’s HOH will be a success as soon as Sarah is gone and Arlie is exposed. I hope to GOD that Arlie doesn’t screw over the outsiders.

another name

i can’t help but to roll my eyes when a hockey jock, two pretty girls, and a guy that labels himself as canada’s player and won the popularity contest are called ‘outsiders.’ with all the talk of highschool b.s. that have been leveled toward players, i want to know what highschool did you guys go to?


Thank God Kenny won. I like jon and Neda too and initially I liked adel too. But he’s going to screw himself over with the veto lie.
Kenny is completely on the outs now. I think that he should try and make amends with jon if he plans on winning and get the rug rats and Arlie out. Hate them. -__-

Ihate sarah

Say GOODBYE to the snake!!!!!!..let the door hit your fatass on the way out!!!


I know my name doesn’t say it, but if you have read any of my posts, then you know I am doing a happy dance with you. The sweet karma of it being Heather’s HOH and Kenny vetoing himself off the block is what finally led to her demise is awesome. That and her stupidity at refusing to detach herself from Kenny’s a-hole and screwing over her side-alliance. I KNEW the minute she actually tried threatening Arlie the other night to save Kenny from going up on the block…that was the dumbest move I have seen yet this season. He was making his plans to cut her out at that moment. And then later that night, she tries lying to Jon that Kenny isn’t going after him and if he doesn’t trust Kenny, then trusting her should be enough…that was the second dumbest move to make. Cause Jon then realized she was lying and he couldn’t trust her at all. Bam! The two guys that could have saved her..done with her in one night. I LOVE it!

Also, feeds #1 and #2 don’t usually have sound this late…guess they are throwing us a bone…so we can see if Allison keeps her mouth shut to Sobs, who is up her ass at the moment. So far, she is holding her own. Damn, they just went into the bedroom so they cut the sound off again…


I hope that she gets some mean goodbye messages on her way out!

Ihate sarah

Heather doesnt realize it right know but her getting sarah out is the best thing EVER because of all the bad shit sarah said about heather behind her back…karmas a bitch sarah!


I don’t think Heather how killer her HoH is going to be… she gets to get rid of Sarah… she got Allison in her side… This will also expose Arlie as playing both sides which will better everyone else’s position in her alliance and since Allison and Arlie is with them now…the chances of Kenny going home after Sarah just increased by a lot…Heather is no dummy…


This house is hard to keep up with wasn’t it only a few hours ago sabrina and rachelle were complaining about kenny and sarah and now they are all back to bff it looks like arlie is the swing vote and to be honest i think it is going to funny when arlie doesn’t vote against sarah because i can’t see him back stabbing her. He definetly has a better shot with kenny and co then with adel and co, It should tell them something that fact that the house is divided and arlie choses to spend it with kenny and co rather then in the hoh room with adel and co. That would be my first clue but adel is so sure that arlie will send sarah home as for jon no clue who’s side he is on or who he really will side with


Damn. I really wanted pube face to go to jury. At least momzi will get evicted and can get a sweet taste of how much Canada hates her. Hoping for some stinger goodbye messages as well.


I love tonight, finally Allison who I voted in is going to work with Heather and Arlie. She should have done that the day we voted her in but at least now she finally sees the light….