POV Competition Results! “Let those idiots look go look for them. I just going to protect what’s mine. “

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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Power of Veto Players: Fes, Brett, Scottie, Haleigh, Tyler, Angela


It was the Hide & Seek Veto Competition – The house is destroyed!
Before the competition Zingbot came into the house and zing’d them all. (I can’t wait to hear their zings)

5:50pm Bedroom. Tyler asks Brett if he was the one that took all the mattresses? Brett – yeah and all the cushions. Kaycee – so Brett you took all the mattresses and put it in there? Brett – I made a barricade. I literally didn’t even look for any. I just kept barricading mine. Let those idiots look go look for them. I just going to protect what’s mine. (Smart strategy) Haleigh – I am so mad Brett. I literally went to your spot 4 times! That’s such a good idea Brett. You suck! Brett – I literally talked to myself the entire time .. I’m the greatest detective! A is for Alfred!

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Lounge room. Sam is sitting alone. (Not helping clean up at all) She isn’t happy about her stuff being tossed around.

6:15pm Storage room. Angela hugs and congratulates Brett. Brett – I can’t wait to give my veto speech and tell Fes to suck my c**k on national television. You know how many times you’ve looked me in the eyes and told me you wouldn’t nominate me… because I know. Remember that time I was on the block and I won the veto and took myself off… remember who isn’t eligible to play HOH next week!? Guess who is!?

6:23pm – 6:30pm HOH room. Fes and JC. (Fes is laying in his HOH bed not helping clean up) Fes – the only thing we have to be careful of is that the replacement nom doesn’t go home. JC – who are you thinking? Don’t do anything crazy with the replacement nom. Fes – what are you thinking? JC – whoever you pick Scottie is going to go home. I will vote whoever you want. If you put up Kaycee .. you have Sam, Me, Angela, Tyler, Brett.. For us it would be better if you go for Scottie for sure. you have a big list to choose from and will get you the least amount of blood. Scottie is a really good competitor and this is the chance to get him out. Fes – I need to do damage control with Brett now. How do I do that? JC – thats easy. Fes – just tell him that he was never my target and that because he put up his hand it was an easy decision to put him up. You’re going to have to pick either Angela or Kaycee. You’re obviously not going to put me up or Sam. If you put up Tyler .. it would be the dumbest thing to do. You would have two big players against you and its only top eight. If you put up Sam .. I am not going to vote her out. I don’t know how she is going to take it. She is bat sh*t crazy! Fes – you know how she gets called to the diary room every morning. JC – do you think its for meds. She has mood swings. I know my dad is bi-polar. I don’t deal with that. Fes – should I go help them? JC – well you were one of the contestants.

6:44pm Tyler says he put his in Sam’s pants because he thought no one would have the balls to go through her stuff. Fes says he put his in one of the dressers in the blue room behind the drawer.
7pm Brett clutching his veto and letting his win sink in..

7:11pm – 7:24pm Angela – this is what it feels like when you get a new puppy. Fes – I used to hate it when my dog would sh*t in the house. Oh my god. He used to know what time it was ..I used to beat his a$$.. Angela – oh I know I would discipline my dog too.

Fes – I feel bad for doing this sugar now. I saw the chocolate milk (poured out on the floor.) and I though oh this is what we’re doing now. Haleigh – you thought the point of the veto was to throw sh*t on the floor? Fes – to distract people.

7:22pm JC – my zing was the wack. Tyler tells JC what JC’s zing was: The only thing thicker than your accent is your back hair… ZINGGG! Haleigh – I don’t understand why someone had to dump milk on everyone’s clothes. Brett – I think it was Fes. It was second round he went first and it was their when I went in after him. Haleigh – or it was done at the end of the first round. Brett – that’s true. Haleigh and Brett both bailed when they came into the house. Haleigh says she put hers in in the ottoman cushion. Brett comments on how he got called a douche (By Zingbot). Brett – Like if you though she was crazy before .. after that she is going to go nuts. (Sam’s Zing) JC comments on how his Dad is bi-polar and has mood swings like Sam.

Brett’s Zing: You think you are so fresh and so clean but you are a douche! ZINNNGG!

Haleigh – who’s blonde, has blue eyes and is obsessed with Fes… Haleigh .. ZINGG!

7:24pm – 7:33pm Fes heads up to the HOH room. Fes to Tyler – we will talk tomorrow .. me you and Angela. Tyler – is that not what you wanted to happen? Who are you going to put up? Fes – I don’t know what I’m going to do. Tyler – who do you want to go? Fes – I don’t know. Whoever stays is going to be pissed at me. I only have four options as I’m sure you know. Basically what is best for my game and who do I trust. By keeping my word with a couple people and hoping they will keep their word with me. With the replacement nom now I will have two people stay and be mad at me. I will talk with you and Angela and see where y’alls heads are at. The numbers are getting smaller and you and Anglea kind of have a trust thing going on. You used two vetos on each other. I for the most part trust Haleigh. But us four there has been some tension there. Not with me but Haleigh. Tyler – I am all about returning favors .. you saw that with Angela. Fes – with Haleigh it wasn’t malicious. You just won the most comps so putting you up no one would know who did it. Haleigh is the only real person I have in this game.. so basically as numbers get smaller I need a team. If we want to all squash it and we can all get on the same page… because I have four options this week. If I put one of you up, you will probably stay. And Scottie, I have no problem with Scottie. The perfect scenario would have been if I had won it and showed you trust by not backdooring you. Tyler – I trust what you do and whoever you want me to vote out, I will vote out. Fes – its what’s best for my game but also what’s best for the house. Tyler – Like I said I’ve got you and I’m sure Angela will too. Fes – I’m not sure what’s going on with Sam. Tyler – this was just her worst nightmare. We go into a double this week and all four of us would be solid.

8pm HOH room. Fes face masking like a boss.


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Scottie the Bespeckled Rat Trapped

The rat has been caught in the trap!


nah, scottie’s staying. fes is gonna put up hayleigh to ensure his hoh goes down in history as the all-time worst hoh.



BB20 Poll

America’s Dumbest Houseguest Poll:

Thumbs up for Fessi
Down for Rockhead


I’m not sure which way to vote, They are both idiots but for different reasons. Rocky never won anything to really make a difference but their choices have been equally as dumb. I can deal with fessieboy a lot easier than I can with rocky. All she did was attack people personally, she never talked about anyones game play. I just found her to be the most ignorant and annoying HG so far, well, except for scaggy, he and rocky are tied for being annoying. Even out of the house with the things people have been saying here and other sites, he is still showing he is a true idiot.LOL. Sadly, I see stalker written all over him, I hope bays brains come back to her quick and she gets as far away from him as possible.


LMAO I wouldn’t doubt fessieboy doing something like that at all. Not after watching them all play. Telling her well after what zingbot said maybe I should put you up so that people don’t think we are together. Yep Yep, sounds like something fessieboy would do and that haileigh would go along with, telling him what a great idea, no one would believe it after that, then we will pretend we hate each-other but you can still sleep in bed with me…LOL. I can see it now.


if scottie is a rat then what is JC?

Mount Fez

What JC is ……..still in the house. Later Scottie.

JC is solid with Level 6 while Scottie only went their direction when they were in power. Scottie’s life vest has deflated.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Still there Friday morning.


Join the discussion…He’s a snake….a creepy snake!!

The Hive Has Imploded

Great HOH Fessi. LMAO.

I can’t wait to see The Hive reunion at the jury house.

I can’t even...

They’ll watch the recap and go over the goodbye messages they all got and STILL not understand what went wrong! Bahahaha!

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

They will claim that everyone else are floaters and nobody else is playing the game….

Mount Fez

What would be really sweet is if Hayleigh moved down to Brett’s bedroom.


Sam seriously looks like she is paralyzed from shock. She said something like, “I don’t think this is funny. This is a waste.” Haleigh has been saying she is probably upset with her zing being that she is “crazy” and the mess of the house, combined.

I hope she recovers. LOL This may be the last straw for Sam. She is so pissed! Tyler tells her, “It can all be cleaned” but Sam doesn’t respond. She hasn’t spoken to any HGs. She won’t even look at them.

Ah, Faysal is finally getting her to talk. She just can’t get over the waste of food.

Brett now has a clear target in Faysal.

Sam will easily become the next target if she doesn’t get a better attitude about this. Hide and Go Veto is part of the game. Honestly, the house isn’t as trashed as in years’ past. They almost have it cleaned up, minus the laundry, of course.

another name

I guess nobody playing for veto heard her curb stomp mudhole talk… and messed with her craftbox, and broke her dream catcher.
sleep with both eyes stapled open house guests.


My thoughts exactly! She is scary mad.

edited to add at 7:48 BBTime: She went into DR silent and scary, but came out giggly and laughing at the house like it was no big deal.

This woman is a major question mark….I can’t figure her out.

another name

they probably gave her a couple shots, and agreed with her that everyone else is an a$$hat, then told her at least Brett is staying.


Just a thought..Sam has mentioned several times she smokes “weed” it’s her thing. Marijuana is legal in Ca I think ? Is it possible they let her have some to curb her stress and mood swings. Many times she has gone in the Dr almost Manic and comes out all giggles and happy.


Frankly, I get irritated every time she lets the bathroom sink run for minutes just to cover anyone’s WC-noise. (Instead of, I don’t know… Maybe just leave the bathroom for a minute to give that person some privacy?!?)
Now that, Sam, is waste.
I think deep down, she’s sad for a totally different reason. She was already picturing Brett being down, isolated, and needing someone to console him. Now he won’t be on the block until Thursday, which she must have thought was her best bet at having him all for herself for many hours. 😉


what’s wc noise?


only problem, Brett can’t win an HOH.


To be fair, most of the time, it would have been a bad move for him personally to win hoh.
Now, thanks to Fessy, Brett can win HOH and he has a target “without consequence”, since he’ll just be replying to Fessy’s attack. 😉


I thought that about Faysal before he beasted this week’s HOH comp. LOL
Brett is capable.
I’d like to see any of the HGs win that haven’t had HOH yet.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Like JC – I think he is purposely not winning comps, and it would be a riot to see him “accidentally” win one.


Poor Sam


At least Charlene (her pet spider) is okay (but her pet cricket is dead and gone)

They must have given Sam shots of giggle juice in the DR. :-0

Bubba kush

It wasn’t shots ..it was the devils lettuce they have good ol psycho Sammy to smoke.

True Dat

Aww that is really sad about the cricket. 🙁

Darrell G Irick

sure it’s the mess? or that she might believe that she is going on the block beside scottie?


probably that, too

She is not in a good state. She’s been in DR for a long time now.


She always thinks she’s going up, like she is this great threat that everyone wants out. She truly is unstable today (more so than she normally is)..LOL


Remember in BB18 when James was throwing food all over the place in this competition? If Sam had seen that mess, she may have gone into a catatonic state for good!



I wonder what she will say to Scottie when she finds out he’s the one that dumped all the liquids out.


The way she is acting, I don’t think he would dumb enough to admit that he did it..LOL

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Who’s their next target … that’s the next lie they need to sell. Fez did it! JC: “Seriously, he told me not to tell Sam. I just couldn’t lie to your face anymore. He killed your cricket and spilled all the milk.”


They better tie a bell around Sam’s neck before they go to sleep. Hopefully, all the knives are hidden away!!!!



Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I was thinking about Zingbot! Maybe he was brutal to Sam and she just can’t handle being made fun of!

Sam the curb stomper

Zingbot has been curb stompped and after that she pulled the legs off her cricket. Hope Scotty sleeps with one eye open after messing up Sams stuff. Scary !


I don’t like Zingbot and all his nasty comments. Don’t find it to be funny. Making fun of someone is not funny but very sad and hurtful. I think they need to do away with him. He’s hard to understand anyway. No more Zingbot!!!!


Brett would be an idiot to say what he said he was going to say in his veto speech. I thought Brett was smarter than this. He keeps up with the insulting speeches and GB messages, he will ruin any chance he has of winning if he is F2. No one will want to vote for him just due to the things he says. He has no jury management at all. I don’t blame anyone for not telling him to settle down on it either because it is just helping them if they end up F2 with him. Starting to think Sam isn’t the only one who has never seen the show before. LOL. Brett just needs to keep it calm and tell fessieboy not to worry about it, that he holds no hard feelings and go after him when/if he ever does win HOH. Saying what he wants to say will screw him if haileigh wins HOH, she could BD him. With these speeches of his (as funny as they are) he’s starting to make me think that maybe he should have been part of the hive all along..LOL


Playing the “I hate you all” game got Dr. Will $500,000.


I’ve always hated this veto comp with a purple passion. I ff through it and hope next year they’ll cancel it. It’s just very ugly to see a home trashed.


Fez deserves to go Home next week! If Scottie goes home I am officially rooting for Tyler .. ya boy is a player

Dirty Harry Reid

Even Rockstar would be shaking her head at Fessi’s nominations. Another Hiver bites the dust.


Now Tyler has to use his app

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He shouldn’t. Even if Fes puts him up, he has the votes to keep him

Maybe the others might see the light that this would be the one time to get Tyler out and take advantage of the moment. I really don’t understand how they don’t see the threat that he is.


I don’t see them taking a shot at their teams best competition weapon while Fes in the game and leaving Scottie in the house. It just doesn’t make sense at this point. If it was after Fes is gone, and Scottie gone, I think they would have to consider it strongly. Its just too soon.


Not necessarily. I’ve seen people in an alliance voted against big players (eg. Jeff)


I think that would put a target on him from Lvl 6. Basically saying he doesn’t trust them to save him.


He could play it like he needs 4 to stay and he knows he has 3 but JC and Sam are wild cards with him now. It’s too risky and his app was weak and only a benefit to him. They team will understand although, I’m sure it’ll be something they bring up when they start to devour each other.


No, he doesn’t. Brett is coming down and even if Tyler goes up, Tyler has the votes to stay. Tyler has Kaycee, Angela, Brett and JC’s votes to stay over Scottie.


And likely Sam’s. And Hay will vote with the house.


Not sure Jc would vote to keep him at this point, but Sam would. She is closer to Tyler then she is to scottie. Brett could use her to keep Tyler safe too, with the crush she has on him, she would probably do anything he wants just so he isn’t mad at her.


No he doesn’t. He is safe with L6. He would be wise to hold onto for next week. Scottie is a goner


I think it’t to risky NOT to use the app. They have so much time on there hands before the live show that they could start talking and comparing notes and realize it would be a good idea to get Tyler out of the game…….


He won’t:
-) even if he gets put up, they have the votes to save him. Only mission for L6 today was avoiding that Scotty gets pulled off the block.
-) Fessy won’t put him on the block knowing he doesn’t have the votes, and Tyler knows this.

Roll Tide

JC is already working on Fes to keep Tyler and Angela off the block.

Just give Tyler the money and let this be over.

Botox Pelosi

Level 6 strikes again. All the hives cards are now in Hayleigh’s hands for the next HOH.

The Level 6 Dynasty

How funny would it be if Brett didn’t even use the veto?

L6, rooting for you

I still think Sam and JC are still wildcards. Any chance at all that Sam is playing Brett? Most likely not, but she loves Scottie, too—he reminds her of her brother. This POV might have thrown her over the edge, and she’s going to want out. She’s going to piss off everyone so they’ll finally put her up. She just may save Scottie. Brett only gives her attention when he needs to reel her in. She’ll see that now that he doesn’t need her anymore…yet.

Dumber than a Box of Rockstar

Sam is a wild card but I don’t see JC voting to keep Scottie. I think Sam really does like Brett too.

L6, rooting for you

I think you’re right, but it’s risky.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Plus, they’ve always known they can’t 100% trust Sam or JC. They’ve kept their eyes on them and considered their votes as worst case scenario.



“Out of respect for the HOH, Fessy, who is not only a physical threat but, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, the greatest strategic player to ever play this game…I’m going to keep the nominations the same. I have decided to not use the veto”


Sam is upset that her dreamcatcher was broken in the veto competition, but she should be happy that it worked. Her dreamboat was able to catch the veto win! Meanwhile, Brett is having a big week. He won the veto to take himself off the block less than 24 hours after trying to kill Sam with a sandwich. Tyler FTW! Brett for America’s Most Wanted!

Level 5 Stalker

Do you think Sam wants to celebrate with Brett?


Heck yeah, she wants to celebrate with Brett! She heard about Bay & Swags in the shower and she wants to get Brett up there ASAP.

Fes’ Green eyed monster

Bye Scottie, nice knowing you.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat Snared

Well I agree on the bye part.

Farris Fanik

Guess who’s going home? Scottie boy.


Unpopular opinion but Sam better stay! I like her crazy.


I love Sammy she is the most real person in there. Her eccentrics are a joy to behold. Sam ftw even second would be ok she’s not greedy


Her and Scottie are they only decent ones left and he’s almost out the door

Picture on the wall

I like Sam too. A lot. And that is why I am saying they need to get her out of that place now. They should have gotten her out 2 weeks ago. We are watching a woman…. detaching from reality. And the longer she is in there, the worse she gets. We are talking about mental health here, and Sam is not well. Keeping her in the game is irresponsible at best. She needs serious counseling.


She knew what she was getting into and she can leave any time, she doesn’t need to be evicted to leave.

Faysal MENSA Super Genius

I’m interested to see Fesi and Hayleigh’s reactions to Brett winning the veto.

The Hive Has Left the Building

I bet they are opposite reactions.


Pez Head is probably going to put up Kay Cee and Level 4 will vote out Scottie.

Dirty Harry Reid


Tyler FTW

Tyler doesn’t even need to use his power this week

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstar

That is only fair since Fez didn’t use his brain.


At this no point, Tyler doesn’t even need to use it at all, his alliance is working for him & the other side don’t have a single brain between them. It’s a LOCK for him to win, it’s literally his game to lose.


Fes wants to have a discussion with Tyler and Angela about what his next move is going to be. He wants to team up with them going forward.

Was this giant peach in the house during Angela’s HOH when Bayleigh got backdoored while thinking that she was in good with Angela and Tyler?

Domesticated Breakdown

I think that a couple weeks ago or would have been great game play by fes to cut ties with the rest of the hive and try to make a final 4 with Angela and Tyler, not sure it would have worked but not knowing about the L6 alliance it would have made sense, trying it after his girl tried to send Tyler gone is just idiotic though… But let’s be real fes doesn’t care that they are after haleigh, he cares that they aren’t after him… And I know it’s an unpopular opinion but it does make sense for fes to be targeting Scottie, he doesn’t see what we see and to him Scottie is shady..I truly believe fes would have played a better game if not for haleigh, he’s smarter than he’s being he’s just blinded by the girl

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I totally believe Angela and Tyler should make a very strong, fake alliance with Fez & Haleigh. Wounded Bird, Princes, Straight Shooter, and The Annihilater (of her own alliance) – FATTE (Fake Alliance To The End).


You are talking about fessieboy, He probably still doesn’t know what happened and who flipped to get bay out. No doubt he thinks he (and haileigh) voted to keep her …LOL


WORST alliance in B.B. history Swaggy C, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Fessy, Haleigh, and Bayleigh TEAM DUMB A$$e$$


Yep. Definitely the worst alliance ever. I can’t think of any other alliance that even comes close. Even the Bomb Squad did better than these people and that alliance had Devin, lol.


Do you think Swaggy planned it that way thinking they all would do what he told them?

Dumber than a Box of Rockstar

They should of named themselves The Potential Jurors.


I was hoping they’d get a clue but I’m just done with them now. I’m not a Tyler fan because it just feels like productions golden boy and Angela is just the pretty bitchy girl so not a big fan of hers. I wish Fessie could go so Scottie could have worked with Haleigh but oh well. At this point I’m team Brett.


You don’t like Angela cuz she’s a mean girl? Well technically, isn’t Brett a mean boy? I’ll never understand why what’s OK for a guy isn’t OK for a girl? And Tyler is a good player. Even if production wanted to help out, there’s only so much they can do. They can’t make him win comps or make people in the house be loyal to him. He’s good at the game. His alliance is good at the game.


I never like the player who’s productions pet…sorry. Brett’s been playfully mean in the scripted DR and in his goodbye messages but not really an asshole to everyone in the house. He has a pretty good social game inside the house – I’d even say equal to if not better than Tyler at this point so I respect how he’s turned his game around since Winston left. I don’t like Angela because she spent half the season as furniture sunning herself and yes I think she’s a bit nasty and bratty…some of she things she said about Rachel (her best friend in the house) at the end was total mean girl behavior. It’s okay if you like her it’s just not someone I personally care for.


She only said what she did about Rachel because she believed that Rachel was lying to her. Thats the only reason and any one in there would say similar things if they truly thought their best-friend in the house was lying to them. Doesn’t make her a mean girl, makes her human. She will work that out with Rachel when she sees what happened. Rachel didn’t really lie to her, bay just twisted things around regarding what Tyler said to her.

PNW Granny

Production gave Haleigh the hacker & HOH and she still couldn’t do anything with it. Tell me again how Tyler is their goldenboy?


I agree, the whole hive side were mean. Many have made personal attacks, fessieboy/haileigh/rocky were the worst of them all IMO. Hell, even Sam went at haileigh and kaitlyn because they were “laying all over the boys”. Very few of them in there haven’t gone for the personal insults.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I read an interview with Julie Chen where Julie referred to Angela as a mean girl and she “pontificated” on how she must be unhappy in her personal life (said the woman defending her husband from the #metoo movement). Rockscar and Bayleaf have been two of the most vile vicious females this entire season. Angela’s mean departure message to Rockscar was completely merited.


I heard about that too. I think that’s for the people that only watch the broadcasts, they really have no idea what’s really going on.


Simon, you need to trademark the $hi!t out of that Brett shrine you built! It’s definitely working! 😀
Can’t wait for Brett’s speech.
(probably including sth like “Fessy, you’ve told us many times you’re a man of your word. You gave me your word you weren’t going to put me up. You still did. I hope you’ll be able to name a replacement nominee without breaking it again.”)

Guy From Canada

A small part of me hopes that Brett does a speech, and to mess with Feast not use the veto, and Saturday when they think they have the votes to send Brett out….


That would be epic.


BAM !!! Goodbye Scottie! Sorry about your luck, dude!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

“Who switched the votes?” Will Fez be asking that after the Jury votes as well?


HAAHAHAHAHA Good Job You Big Dummy ????

K...bb fan

Awesome! Bye Scottie!



Just me

Come on Fes, put Angela up. This is Big Brother! You can bounce checks in this house.

Blessed in

Well that’s exciting. BRETT!
But it changes only who sitting beside Scotty as he’s voted out on Thursday.

Dirty Harry Reid

Do you guys think Fes is fine with Scottie going since he has been sniffing on Hayleigh?




And for all his troubles, whatever little chance he had for a relationship with Hayleigh outside of the house is gone because he ruined her chances in the game.

Take out one of her allies who can win comps and try to form a new alliance with the ppl most likely to come after her. Nice.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And I think Brett should hang ALL over Haleigh now, even play chess with her for hours…. just because! (Sam and Fez will lose what ever is left of their minds.)


Without a doubt. Fessieboy is the very insecure and jealous type. He was probably okay with either scottie or brett going because haileigh is touchy feely with them both, scottie has said he likes haileigh, fessieboy can’t have that in the house.


I will laugh my butt off if JC and Sam are the final two come finale night ?


Not a bad idea to get Scottie out this week. He has come 2nd in 5 comps…has won HOH and a veto.
Hay is safe..so she has Fess,,,Scottie as her 3.
Scottie has to go.
I think Fess puts up KC. He doesn’t want to upset Tyler..and he knows Angela is close to Ty.
Not Sam ( he doesn’t see her as a threat)..and for sure not JC.
Sam not helping clean up. Mutiny.
Also….Part of her plan is cleaning and cooking so people like her.
The fewer the people left..the less Sam will do.
As she told Brett..* Everybody loves me *.
Well, Sam..that can change in a heartbeat.
And now that Brett doesn’t need your vote….don’y expect him to listen to your fantasies.

L6, rooting for you

When is dumba$$ Fes going to see what JC is doing??!!?? Probably never, but appears he Just may be catching on. I think there’s a good chance he puts up JC (with a little push from Haleigh), or Tyler if he doesn’t use his app.


she hasn’t caught on yet that not everyone loves her, many have said they are tired of her or she is sketchy. I think she would drive the most patient person in the world insane with all the attention she needs as well as her behavior.

Not on my daughters birthday

Cassi…i completely agree with you. Sam is begging for attention. She is so jealous of the other girls in the house and gets mad like a jealous girlfriend when she isnt getting attention from either tyler or brett. I liked her at first but i think thats because she wasnt showing her true self. Now, her true colors have shown and she is CRAZY. Im ok with her going soon.


Zingbot was in the House. Called Sam CRAZY, She’s been sitting in the lounge. (angry) Prolly because of Zingbot and the mess.
Has been called into DR. Major Meds needed I think.

Paul Manafort's Legal Team

JC-“You’re obviously not going to put me up or Sam. ”

The Yoda of the BB house


I am worried about Tyler being the replacement nominee. Haleigh can talk Fez into putting him up by saying that now is their chance to get him out. Wait…I just remembered…they don’t have the votes. Even if Tyler gets put up, Scottie will still go home. L6 will save Tyler, right? Okay…it’s all cool. We’ve got this. Tyler doesn’t even have to use his power and can save it for the double eviction next week. He’s probably going to need it then, maybe not. Who knows? I love this game!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I think it would be good to put Tyler up because then it would give him a legit reason to put Fes OTB since he went back on his word. Then Tyler could possibly have a chance of still getting Fes’ vote in jury.

Who said that!

Don’t worry JC won’t put Tyler up.


IF the rest of L6 wasn’t playing Tyler’s game, taking him out now would be the best option, but neither are playing their own game…

Sad bb fan

Well, that’s that. Poor Scotty. Betrayed by Dumb and Dumber. With Scotty gone, there’s no one left, or smart enough, to go after Tyler. This was a great season, but now we know how it ends?

PNW Granny

That’s what everyone thought last season about Paul but look what happen. Never underestimate the brainless chumps doing the dirty work, they may win.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Scottie was never loyal to anyone, really. I flopped back and forth between sides and people as it suited him. Then there came the point where he started to crush hard on Hay. Last night she was near tears and not talking much as they played chess before bed time. He had been talking to himself, the fish, wondering around the house aimlessly. Then just her presence, with no talking, he was smiling ear to ear and in his happy place again. If he had promises of being a more strategic or “evil genius” player, that ship sailed weeks ago. He made several wrong turns.


really? I’m pretty sure hailegh put Tyler up once already and no doubt she will do it again. She would have done it last week, she was already telling fessieboy that her plan is to BD tyler – that is why he knew he had to win veto. So scottie leaving doesn’t play a role in tyler going up or not.


back door hayleigh is go!


wow the shrine worked

Paul Manafort's Legal Team

Brett – I can’t wait to give my veto speech and tell Fes to suck my c**k on national television.

And you folks continue to down vote my comments when I tell you that Brett and fezzy are gay…..smh


Fez needs to get the fuck out.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep



Seems like brett is just having a good time no matter what…on the block, off the block, whatever.


That’s why I’m hoping he wins now….

Sad bb fan

Well, that’s that. Poor Scotty. Betrayed by Dumb and Dumber. With Scotty gone, there’s no one left, or smart enough, to go after Tyler. This was a great season, too bad we know how it’s going to end now.

another name

some people will say JC is the non level six member that should be given honorary status. i think that honor should go to haleigh.
thanks to haleigh… the justification for nomming bayleigh was made.
rockstar was evicted on haleigh’s hoh.
thanks to listening to jc and equally pushing for his initial nom… and then finding his card in veto… haleigh is responsible for scottie being on the block post veto.
haleigh is the best non member of level 6 to deserve honorary status ever.


Honorary Level 6 members are Rockstar, Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Faysal. Actually, Faysal should be posthumously crowned the President for Life of Level 6! 😉
“That’s how you do an HOH speech!” lol!


When Scottie goes home the only one I have left to vote for is Sam, she obviously has issues but she’s a decent person compared to all the other rats in the house. Hopefully Hay will self evict so Scottie can have Fez’s muffin and eat it too.

Wounded bird 4 the win

I hope Tyler doesn’t go on the block as a replacement nom! Brilliant strategy on Brett’s part.

Thx Simon and Dawg for all your updates!

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

What happened to the dude who keeps predicting scottie would win????

Dumber than a Box of Rockstar

He is hanging from the bridge outside the HOH Room.

another name

i wholeheartedly believed it would be scottie or haleigh. not gonna lie.

The real rockstar

Is he the same guy that said Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president?


How did this season get so terrible? It had so much potential at first. Now without Scottie it will literally just be a bunch of 20-something year olds sun tanning for the rest of the season while production creates Tyler-centered episodes week after week until surprise to end all surprises, the person that they have spent 50% of their airtime on ALL SUMMER wins Big Brother. Shocking, I know. Not planned at all.

Maxine Watters - Space Alien

Just speaking for myself I am fine watching Angela tan for the rest of the summer.


Exactly! CBS already had him on another show too… ugh it’s like the push for Paul last year.

Clueless but Happy

Production held off nomination this weed until after Scottie got a good talk with Faysal. I do beleive that they wanted Faysal to keep Scottie safe. However, Scottie told Faysal during their talk that he (Scottie) was smitten with Haleigh. Scottie contributed to his own downfall despite Productions manipulations.


I’m a Scottie fan, but have to give Tyler credit. He gets the airtime because he’s playing his @$$ off. I’m disappointed to see Scottie go, but it’s still a good season. Looking forward to see how L6 (now including Sam and JC) plays this out once it’s just them.


I’m thinking the team will turn on Tyler in a couple weeks. Fez/Haleigh may be next weeks targets but after that L6/5/4 will start comping on their own.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Best season in years.

Haleigh's Melanoma

It isn’t like L6 didn’t give Scottie every chance. They told him what was going on, offered him protection, but he couldn’t keep himself from going after Fes’s squirrel.He engineered his own downfall.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Are you KIDDING me? How do you hate great game play???? Different L6 members have isolated themselves from their favorite people in the house for weeks at a time for the sake of their game and their alliance. They couldn’t win a comp for weeks to save their lives and STILL took out the opponents. The opponents who laid around like slobs all over each other b!tching and moaning about their luck, judging people they had no real conversations with. Turning on their own alliance members at the drop of a hat. Sam is losing it and becoming very whiny IMO. I don’t want to see someone win who hasn’t worked for it, and that’s not all about the comps. Bay and Sam p!ssed away their power apps. Haleigh p!ssed away her Hacker advantages. That’s just STUPID.

Gimmie a break

This season is great!!! I think ur just rootin for the dumb n dumber alliance is why ur hatin… Sorry but scottie is boring n was never gonna win!!! He didnt adapt n change strategies but kept getting screwed time n time again by his own Hive alliance n is going out by being put up by his own alliance… Sad but true!!!


i hope it is not one of those times that someone (tyler) does’t use his power and gets voted out

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Do you think either Sam or Angela will offer Brett their booty for his big win?


JC is Faysal’s brain. Faysal’s brain died a long time ago. JC just telling Faysal what to do and Faysal does not think for himself anymore. He lets JC do that for him. Scary thing what happens when the game is over? Faysal the vegetable? I can imagine at the Jury House. JC tells Faysal how to vote for the winner of BB even after learning the part JC played in ruining his chances at winning. Which we all now know is 0% no matter what he did in the game because he doesn’t have the skills to win.


Please hoping Tyler and Angela return the favor to Fes and Haleigh next week. #Praying

Clueless but Happy

Not a chance. Backdoor all the way. Count on it.

Mount Fez

The only favor they will be granting Fes and Hay will be letting them reunite with the other Hive members in the jury house. If next week is a double eviction they both could be gone.*

* Unless Production decides that next weeks HOH comp questions will be written by Hayleigh. I would say there is only about a 93% chance of Production doing that.


I can’t even…this season has the biggest group of dummies ever! I feel bad for Scottie. I get it, everybody lies in the house, but the deliberate demeaning of one’s character (Scottie) is hitting below the belt…the way Brett and Kaycee tried to make Scottie look like he is always flipping votes in the HOH room…and then how easily Haleigh and Fes are swayed by these people with their lies…UGH!!!


Demeaning Scottie’s character? He flipped the vote on Swaggy while wearing a Swaggy shirt. He loaded all of the guns that the firing squad has pointed at him.


Scottie’s vote made no difference in Swaggy’s eviction. He knew that. I believe he said he did it because he thought it would get him a power app.

Clueless but Happy

Did you see how Scottie acted when he was HOH? He set the stage and dared Brett to get him out. This is a social game and you can’t treat people like that so early and expect to make it to the end.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree – it always bothered me that when Winston talked straight to Scottie, withOUT raising his voice, Scottie spun it that he attacked him and blew up. Noooo. Rockscar blew up, Bay blew up …. that was NOT a blow up. He’s a good kid, but he’s a back stabber.


Winstons entire demeanour/words/aura was coated in anger and hostility. It was aggressive and Scottie wasn’t wrong in how he described it> we can all debate it, however Winston admitted as much.
I don’t see hows Scotties attitude is any different from everyone else (except tyler) when they won HOH. They’ve all wanted to show who was running the house when in power. His vote for swaggy, yes while not necessary, was strategic. Most ppl are quick to jump and call him a rat or a backstabber, what does that make Tyler or JC?

Scotty is allowed to have a reaction towards being accused.


Totally agree, I liked Tyler at first but he’s become just as bad as the rest of level 6


I just have a question why the hide and seek comp and Zingbot? Zingbot is usually part of a comp…. I know a double is due but still…. any idea????


Sam went into DR for an hour . Going into DR…in a state..came out….chirping like a cricket. (which died during veto 🙁
Sam says she lost her *shit* in the Geo room and in the DR.
Personally….I don’t think Zingbot should have called Sam crazy..that’s too close to the truth. Although only after Dark and live feeders know what’s going on.
Apparantly Zingbot was kind of weak this year. Tyler’s picking..Brett a douche. Hayleigh and Scottie being obsessed with Brett.
Sam’s was the mean one.
So….who will Fess nominate now? I think KC. However..no question. He wants Tyler and Angela to promise final 4.
NOT happening.


He wants Tyler and Angela to promise final 4. Yeah, maybe he’ll understand the game better when he’s on the block next week.

another name

while fes is wearing haleigh’s face mask and asking to talk game in the bath
what i hear
it puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again.

Brett's restraining order

How can anyone tell if the house is destroyed? The place is wrecked on day two.

Sam's Curb Stomped Cricket

I can almost see Brett leaving the nominations the same knowing he has the votes to stay with L6 and Sam. He can go into his speech proving his loyalty to Fes by staying on the block to stand by his alleged “vote” for RockStar. Fes would eat that crap up.