POV Competition Results! “Let them f**king sulk after finally having a shot taken at them”


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Power Of Veto WINNER: MATT

  • It was the Outback POV Comp – pass the prizes competition with punishments.
  • Elena got the $5,000
  • Some of them get an Outback Steak house dinner
  • Mark got a trip to Colorado for two for a week.
  • Alex got a week long punishment cooking hot dogs in a campsite!
  • Paul got a punishment that he has to do with Christmas
  • Jason has to wear the “Extrematard” for a week

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4:55pm HOH room – Alex, Christmas, Josh, Jason.
Josh – This is exactly what I said! She is a greedy selfish player. She doesn’t care about nobody else. Alex talks about how during the comp Elena lied. Josh – we can sit on it. Its just for everyone to see. We need to sit and think about this because Cody is lethal and Elena we could get next week because she doesn’t perform well in competitions. Its clear as day what I said up here to you two. That girl only cares about herself and will throw anybody under the bus and go back on her word. You heard it, you got proof today. You don’t have to act on it. Josh heads downstairs. Christmas – lets run through scenarios .. She (Elena) goes home and we still have Matt and Raven on our side. They notice Kevin coming up to the HOH room. Alex – don’t talk game in front of him. Josh – the fact that I’m not getting Outback, I am PISSED!!

Kitchen – Elena – I needed $5,000! Cody – Well in this game if you’re not first you’re last. Mark – or 5th! Matt laughs and says Mark gets 5th and gets a vacation to Colorado. Elena – she is definitely not taking me off the block now. The agreement was that I would be taken off the block but I know that’s not the case. She will take Jason off. Elena – for anyone to say they wouldn’t have done that is ridiculous. She is ruthless. She would have done that. Matt – that’s as much money as the people that didn’t make jury got. Elena – that’s true. Josh joins them. Raven – take the f**king money. You know who’s going home. Elena – I feel bad for Alex but I won $5000 and I needed it. Mark – congrats. Matt – I feel bad too. Raven – I would feel bad too but say I’m sorry I need the money. Mark and Matt talk about drinking tonight (Outback dinner?) Mark – you’re going to see tipsy Mark.

5:20pm Bedroom. Cody and Elena.
Cody – so you’re crazy! Elena – should I have not done that?! $5000 dude! Cody – so here’s the thing you’re the first .. you have to take what you can get. I would have done the same thing. Elena – but is taking the 5K making me a bigger target than I already am? Cody – yes. But you’re already at the bottom. Elena – was that crazy? $5000! Cody – no, I loved the way they reacted when you took it. Every time they do something its always justified and every time you do something its wrong. That’s just the f**king way it is. They’re never going to have your back. You need to take what you can get. Let them f**king sulk after finally having a shot taken at them for once. Elena – I will be on the block next to you. Alex won’t use the veto on me. Matt will use it on Jason. Cody – Matt is so f**king dumb. He’s such a piece of sh*t.

HOH room Christmas, Paul, Alex, Josh, Matt, Raven.
Paul – Matt, 100% using it on Jason? Matt – yup! As long as that’s what she (Alex) wants me to do. Yup! Absolutely. Paul – Alex? Alex – oh hell yeah. Alex – Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If I make it to the end will you vote of me? Alex – I would have been so mad if she hadn’t made me promise not to curse me. But I also didn’t make that deal because I knew that the second one was probably going to be money because I’ve watched it before. Okay she wants to curse me that’s fine. That’s why I took the shot otherwise I would have aimed for the 23. I wasn’t going to take the money from her. She made me promise. Paul – even if she wasn’t smart… dude you just gave the HOH a punishment for a week .. while you’re on the block. Alex – I was like if I make it to the end will you vote for me and she didn’t say yes she didn’t say that she would.. it was more like your good in my books. Josh – I would have started a riot outside.

Elena – I am on the block two weeks in a row because I am the most disposable player. Mark – if Jason wins he is going to put up Matt and Christmas. He is sick of me being used as a pawn. Kevin I am iffy about. Elena – Alex, can’t compete. Jason, I feel better about but he will do whatever Alex says. Mark – no, Alex just put Jason on the block. Elena – as a pawn. Mark – it doesn’t matter. They are not tied in this game and she wanted everyone to know that. You really think that Jason wanted to be used as a pawn. Kevin worries me. Paul will hopefully direct them in another way. Kevin is not touching Christmas. Elena – Kevin won’t win sh*t. Mark – that’s why I’m not worried about him. Mark – all we have to worry about is Josh.. And Matt and Raven. Elena – I started talking game with Christmas today. And Raven.

5:50pm Cody joins them in the HOH room.

Elena tells Matt that she really needs the money. She had enough money to pay for her August rent but nothing after that. Now she can pay September’s, Oct, Nov, Dec, etc. The only person I wouldn’t have taken the 5K from would have been Raven.

6:05pm Paul, Jason and Kevin are in the BB Campground (its outside the HOH room) Paul – I would have taken the money too. But I would not have made any promises. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Kevin – what does yours mean? Does she have to sleep with you? (LOL) Paul – we have to wear a costume together. Mark joins them.

6:30pm – 7pm Kevin telling campfire stories to Mark and Jason. Kevin brings up how now that Jess is gone Cody is cleaning the kitchen and coming up to the HOH room. The conversation turns to talking about the hot dogs Alex has to cook on the campfire grill. The feeds switch to the HOH room. Paul, Cody, Christmas, Alex and Josh. They wonder about when the outback steakhouse dinner will be.

7:30pm Jason comes out of the diary room wearing the “Xtrem-atard”. Every time Big Brother plays an extreme saying Jason has to yell “I’M SO EXTREME!!”

Jason comes out of the diary room wearing his – “I’m so Extreme!!”

The X-Treme voice says JASON IS SITTING DOWN!! Jason then gets up on top of his chair and yells “I’m so Extreme!!”

8:20pm In the bedroom – Jason tells Kevin about how Alex and Elena made a deal to not switch what they had in the Veto comp. Kevin says that when Elena asked him if she did the right thing he said yes but says he didn’t know about the deal. He says its not right that she made a deal and then went back on it. Alex joins them. Kevin says he’ll say something to Elena. Alex tells him not to. Alex says she promised she wouldn’t make Elena a havenot for her birthday. Kevin tell her she should. Alex says she won’t go back on her word.

8:34pm Paul and Christmas come out of the diary room wearing tandem skydiving outfits. They have to stay joined for 48 hours. They have to sleep connected. If one has to go to the washroom the other has to sit outside the door. If one showers the other has to be outside the shower.

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This show deserves to be cancelled.


Save yourself,Matt!

Big f'n boring brother

Sad show this year.

Cody next

Then Mark

Then Elena

Than Matt

Then Christmas

Then Kevin

Then Josh

Then Raven

I am sad to see this show turn into such a predictable show.

Good job Paul. I have you but respect your game.

I will miss Jessica’s body. Thank heavens for the nipple shot, it will get through a few weeks


I see Kevin going way before you do. He’s making everyone suspicious and nobody trusts him. Kinda snakey acting ( and I actually liked him up until now ).


Best thing to happen to Kevin is that Christmas is now attached to Paul and away from him (Kevin).

Tinfoil Hat

I hate to agree, but since we are at the point where the quality continues to nosedive further every year, we’re all better off just putting this shitshow out of our misery once and for all.


but you will keep watching so you have something to complain about


Watched every season, for the first time stopped watching few weeks ago. Done. These people are scum.

I only read this site, because I have been a supporter from many seasons ago.


+1 for Simon and Dawg. Eventhough BB is now unwatchable, I still support this site.

John watches big brother

Since Matt was the Temptation nominee, wouldn’t it be hilarious if big brother
told him he could only use the veto on himself?


That would be a great twist! 🙂

Losing Hope in BB

This show is just sad right now, as in a pathetic sad. I am a HUGE BB Fan, follow the feeds, gets so excited every summer.. but this season is so disappointing. I miss the epic blindsides, the players actually competing, the deals and alliances being back stabbed… Don’t these people realize there is only 1 winner in this game? Or to them its just about getting into Jury and having a certain Instagram followers after the show? Ok so Cody – Yea I didn’t like him in the beginning, said some mean things, but the way the house has treated him and Jessica afterwards was on a different level. Paul must have lost many fans. The rest of house is pretty much clowns. You have one guy who wears the same shirt and eats cereal constantly, one who talks about her disease all the time (Sorrynotsorry this isnt a charity show…), one who is crippled and cant even compete – another follower. And we have a man-baby that I might have given him some points if he decided to execute his plans to evict Elena but he cant talk to people properly. Like Come on, this IS a social game… And Elena, I get it – You don’t have a Job and your desperate. The only glimmer of hope I have is in Jason and Kevin, maybe they will turn this house around. Kevin deserves to win this season, or at this point even Cody and have him take out Paul in the double eviction. Lets do this!


It just came to me….This is the JV version of the real BB. Hopefully the adults will return next year.

I still feel like Ashton Kutchar is going to appear anytime and say “you’ve been linked the past 7 weeks”.


Punk’d not linked….damn auto correct…


This game reminds me so much of the movie “Idiocracy”. I keep expecting one of them to call Paul ” The smartest man in the world”.


brawndo … it’s what plants crave


Are they drinking the water…like from the toilet?


Does everybody hate Paul because he’s a better player than everybody else because I’m not understanding why we all should hate him because all the other players follow him . Cody wanted all the house to follow him but everybody likes him it just didn’t work out his favor


good point…

I don’t hate Paul (or any of them) but I truly hate his game play. The reason I’m not a fan of Paul is because of his diabolical, cruel game play, especially the very transparent plan to basically terrorize the HG’s he wants gone…simple as that. I actually wanted him to win last year. I was cheering for him for awhile and figured he was setting himself up very well for a win. Then the nastiness went to a whole new level. Now I just think Paul is a narcissistic jerk. It’s impressive that Paul has such solid control over the house and its inhabitants, but his game is just so disgustingly dirty.

I don’t hate Paul’s followers, but I hate their LACK of game play. They are just plain mean, nasty people (some more than others).

Except Mark!

I like Mark a lot. He seems to be truly genuine and an all around nice guy. I want him to have a great experience and his back to back competition wins is helping. I do not want to see him with Elena because I feel he can do much, much better. I really liked reading the ENews story about him and hope it makes it far in this game.

Oh, and I like Serena a lot. She is always so graceful, stays out of the drama, and like me, she likes to spend her summer floating in the swimming pool.

The animals are fun to watch (talking about the dogs, cats, bunnies here) …UGH…what I mean is the animals from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

"Harm" "Threat"

No we hate Paul because he’s arrogant, egotistical, and annoying to watch. Not to mention the way things have played out it seems like the whole season has been geared to give him every advantage possible. You may think he’s the better player but he’s just a minor league player on a pee wee team.


Getting mad because she took the money. This house is mentally ill. The whole point of the show is to win money


Only one person wins, so get that money. Theses people are grade A dipsh*ts.


Matt if you use the veto on yourself I will actually like you and acknowledge that you’re playing the game


But he would be a pu*** if he used it on himself. Remember that’s what he called mark for using it last week. These people are so horrible at this game.

Kid Rock

Alex looks soooo hot! Looks like she got some GOOD POOMPOOM

Cody Is A Robot.

That could have been the beginning of a movee against Paul, since Cody’s vote would be available in the double eviction. But, as usual , the sheep just blindly followed PAUL.

Captain Crunch

I blame bb18 jury for this, if you think about it if they voted for Paul (who deserve to win) over Nicole who did nothing but lay in bed they majority of the summer and won a few comps at the end Paul wouldn’t be in bb19. Its the butterfly effect, production felt Paul got screwed in the finals so they brought him back and in return he has ruined this season b/c everyone is so enamored with him and afraid to go against him.


So true

Judy Attitudy

I blame Davonne >:(

F Paul

I was very happy she didn’t vote for him. He was annoying as hell then and he is 1000x more annoying now.


Matt please save yourself!


Matt better save himself!

Midnight cereal eater

Maybe he should save it for Raven’s gofundme account.


I wouldn’t normally comment on make-up as I have zero fashion sense but is Elena blind or does she actually think that make up works? I’ve seem more realistic make-up on Southpark people.


Raven’s is a caricature of a middle school girl’s first attempt at being sexy. You don’t have to apply all the make-up in the bag in one go, you can space it out.


Yes! Her lipstick is as nauseating as the rest of her face and body.


Whatever!! Don’t tell a girl how to do her makeup! It’s her face she can be creative as she wants! Like grow up!! There’s no wrong or right way of applying makeup ok, got it?! In this day and age people shouldn’t be dictating to a female how she does her makeup or how much she uses.


And that is part of the problem, everyone afraid to tell someone “hey that is not the way to do that”


Ok if that’s the problem then that’s your problem not hers!


I thought the same thing about Elena’s make-up. My first thought was the POV required everyone to be made up. Then after reading the type of competition, I thought, “She did this to herself for no reason other than she thinks it looks good?”


Your makeup sense is spot on. She could be Jason’s clown (sidekick) on the rodeo circuit

Cupcake Lady

I get it, they want to look good. But doe s Elena need to wear that much makeup? I mean she’s not going anywhere, she’s in the B.B. House ! And what’s up with her eyebrows??? Just saying!


She said she was always taught to try to look “her best” by her mom. So I guess she thinks that’s her best.


Momma forgot to tell her that you shouldn’t catch semen in your mouth on TV. These girls have no respect for themselves.


Actually she’s on tv and cameras are all around all day 24/7. Just like any normal reporter, actor etc, they need to look done up. Is this really a necessary issue? Who effin cares!! Grow up! Why do girls wear makeup everyday to school or jobs or any day for that matter? Because they can and it’s their face.

Little Paulies Mist

Thumbs up if you are sick of Paul and his sycophants.


Here’s the crazy thing, if Matt saves himself, he’ll become the target because Cody. However, if he pulls someone else off he may actually get voted out because Paul wants to keep Cody as a solidifying force. He knows once Cody’s out people have their own order for evictions.


If ONLY Raven n Matt knew how far down the totem pole they were, maybe then Matt would use it on himself n help vote Jason out….not that I like them, I just want a shakeup this week….for the love of god can somebody other than Paul play this effin game!

Paul's Beard Lice

So the funny thing is that Matt finally won something…. And he is going to use it to further Paul’s game… Go figure.


Didn’t he win by default?

Judgmental Judy

Right. Same as Josh and Alex. Blowing my mind! Maybe we’re being punked?

pauls crabs

yes I gave him something and he doesn’t want me going anywhere


I pray to god Cody gets backdoored.

Cody Can't Win, But I Want Him To Last Longer Than This

So if Matt won POV, and the target is Cody, does that mean Paul really thinks that Matt will use the Veto on Jason/Elena?

I would love to see Matt make a (bold) move, and take himself off the block, and leave Jason/Elena. At that point, I don’t care who goes home, but I think the DE will be very entertaining if Cody and Paul get to go head-to-head.

Jimmy 64

I guess it’s goodbye Cody the old back door method.
Cody you should be flattered that means they didn’t
think they could beat you . So go to the jury house and relax.


This just in: Elena quit her job.


This show is sad! Everyone in that house if had the chance would have taken money and they know it. At first I liked Kevin but he is such a snake will they all be pissed at him for taking money? No, so long ago. Kevin is acting weird lately maybe him and christmas got together and he thinks his marriage is over. This is what happens in the big brother house. I wish Paul and Josh would get put up but then you never know what will happen if you put Josh up, he could really lose it. This year has not been their best season that’s for sure.


Matt just said he only cares about being in jury. This is infuriating.


Mark got a.trip yo Colorado? CBS cheap af, now if they throw in some free weed? That might make it worth it.. LOL

If Matt really uses the POV on someone else, he’s a fuckin idiot… TF? He on th block too so they still can put Cody up… I’m still trippin Matt won a competition, was cereal involved? Maybe he won a lifetime supply of his favorite cereal? LOL

Just me

No. As the 393rd nominee for losing the Temptation comp there is no replacement If Matt used the POV on himself.


Matt is the 3rd nominee, he lost the temptation comp so there is no replacement nominee if he uses it on himself.


Since Christmas can no longer do crossfit because of her broken foot, do you think she can earn a living as the new poster girl for resting bitch face syndrome?


I dont get why she can. Real athletes gets injured really bad all the time and they still recover and go back play. Shes just dramatic

Pissed Off Pete

Funny observation: There’s a palpable chance for Cody to survive this week, yet fans would rather complain about how the house is hating on Elena for winning 5K. Can we please stop looking at the glass half-empty, people?


I think it’s part of the pattern to justify voting her out when Matt takes himself down.

"Harm" "Threat"

If there was actually a chance in hell that Cody could stay, but you heard Matt,” Yes Paul, of course Paul” Cody chance of survival is about as good as Jess’s chance last week, no matter how production wants to try and spin it to look differently.


was it a “coattail riding” contest? a “suckup” contest. how did he win?

How did that happen

By default I think.


Cereal eating while wearing the same shirt daily contest and making out with a fraud that’s proud to be a gypsy.

Shelly's Chompers

Probably who can eat the most cereal competition. You know he can win that, no problem.

Paul's Beard Lice

It was a nautical themed competition, something about collecting sea men with a towel. He really soaked up the competition on this one.

Raven lunatic

Matt is so gross to look at but you can almost ‘smell’ him thru the tv He screws the weirdest chick, never changes, bathes, etc. He is so disgusting on so many levels….


Actually they’ve remarked lately that he takes A LOT of showers. I don’t find him unattractive. But if he only has one of those orange jerseys that he wears every #$%& day, then THAT is gross.


Remember d-r-o-u-g-h-t that was said b/c Matt showered all the time I thought?


Matt? He showers like 2/3 times a day. That’s why the word “drought” was brought up that Jessica asked josh to spell. Paul made the comment that Matt was the cause of the California drought because of all the showers he takes.


He showers because he wants to watch off Raven`s crap from his body


The house was upset just the other day about how frequently Matt showers. Not that I like him or anything…


I dont disagree but Matt showers like 4 times a day. Probably to get the Raven makeup off since she puts it on herself with a butterknife


They need to let more people play in the POV comp. Maybe even the whole cast… The backdoor strategy is boring to watch.

Polly Callowfury

I totally agree! Backdooring would still be able to happen in theory, but allowing everyone to play would be fair just to give the HG’s one last chance to protect themselves.

Polly Callowfury

I have a feeling this season will go down similarly to Survivor’s “Redemption Island” season – a complete waste of time helping a beloved player obtain a cheap victory.

Arguably the worst season they ever had, one commentator summarized that season beautifully: “We’d all been better off watching a special were Les Moonves just wrote a check.”

Grodner Hearts Paul

If only they had just written Paul a check rather than devoting a whole season to ensuring him a victory then this season might have developed into something worth watching. Some of these players might have become interesting if Paul hadn’t overshadowed them all. I don’t like Paul enough to continue to watch a season that’s all about him.

Polly Callowfury

GHP, have you been in my mind and heart?! You spoke to my exact thoughts and feelings XD

I’m actually floored that they didn’t just save Paul for an OTT season, especially since Jason came so close to winning the first one. Then again, The Powers That Be have never been a group of people to use logic effectively.


Wait a minute, can someone please explain? I thought if you were the third nominee and you won veto, there was no replacement? Weren’t they all scared when Ramses almost won because then they couldn’t have backdoored someone?????


That’s why they want Matt to use it on Jason, he stays on the block as the 3rd no & Alex can put Cody up, if Matt uses it on himself they can’t backdoor Cody.

Ravens upside down eyes

No they actually EXPECT him to take Jason down so they can put up Cody and leave himself up. Common sense flies out the window and the bully culture is outta control for realsies this season. Beyond words at this point.


how does a bitch with one good leg compete for 4 weeks? #ridiculous


@ WHATTF. The same way an amputee with one leg competed in Season 1. In and of itself, it is not a disqualifying impediment to only have use of one leg. She is otherwise healthy, as was the amputee.


Amputees can do more than she can. She belongs at home.


One leg is one leg. Any differences in skill set are individual differences and not related solely to only having one leg; the same as people with all limbs in working order differ in their individual abilities. No one would dream of suggesting that people with disabilities don’t belong on the show solely b/c of their (perceived) limitations. I’m no fan of Christmas, but I can see why they didn’t automatically send her packing, especially since the docs cleared her to return after the surgery. I don’t have to like her to get that point. I think it is painting with broad brush strokes to generalize about amputees and/or someone like Christmas, who has a temporary condition. And I would not presume to know who is more efficient in the context of BB. Too many variables… Maybe that’s part of the rationale behind the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA). It prohibits the kind of discrimination that would have prevented an amputee from being cast in the first place. Although, in this case, the network has wiggle room b/c show business is a subjective thing. They can cast or turn away anyone who simply is not what they’re looking for.

Raven claims to be at death’s door. Yet, she’s good to go as far as BB is concerned. (She is healthy as a horse. LOL)
A new amputee might not be as skillful as one who has had a longer period of adjustment and more PT. In that regard, I agree with you that Christmas has had to adjust quickly to life on crutches, etc., and it has severely limited her physical game-play. It has also kept her from saving or defending herself. Then again, different supposedly able-bodied players are not exactly setting a high performance bar. In any case, the whole season has been rampant with anomalies that have skewed outcomes. Cody has played a better physical game than Christmas, but people hate him. Christmas has played her social game and, for the time being, at least, is safe. Does it matter that she is on crutches? Not really. She has made herself useful to other houseguests. There are more factors at play than whether Christmas is a fan favorite.


Kahn should never have been able to play after she broke her ankle. !! She is such a mean witchy person. I actually felt sorry for her at first until she became this two faced bitch who took such pleasure in hurting Cody and Jess. She truly made it personal.


They want Cody out not because he’s a threat, but because he’s a distasteful person, has absolutely no “game”…social or otherwise, and he has contempt for all the houseguests. Instead of being grateful to be on BB he’s shutting down & figures giving up is an option. I have no respect for players like him.


He actually isn’t that bad this week. He smiles. Cody and Jess together brought out the worse in one another. I don’t see why Cody is a threat, well he is to Paul. But everyone else should consider taking Cody as no one likes him. This house is delusional except for Cody and Paul.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Paul wants Cody out because Cody out because Cody went after him (it would have worked had Production not saved Paul with a twist).

The rest want Cody out because Paul tells them to. If Paul wanted the fish to be the target, then the rest would also want the fish to be the target. They have no thoughts in their pea brains that Paul doesn’t put there.


Cody is the only one who’s figured out everyone in this game. No one is bold enough to play their own game and get out the better players. So frustrating to watch!


Were it not so pathetic, it would be laughable the way these people talk about “loyalty” and “selfishness,” and “trust.” Does Josh really think he is playing with “loved ones/ family” who care about anyone but themselves? For that matter, how on earth can Big Brother be played with “generosity?” I mean how would that work? Apart from that extremely rare situation wherein someone like Jeff Schroeder sacrifices his game for love of Jordan and sets her up to win, or Dick Donato does the same for love of his daughter, Danielle, how does one play BB without being selfish?

(Sidebar: I’m not counting Jody b/c, despite her best efforts, he is not likely to make it much longer than Paul deems necessary.)
Paul is set apart from the rest because he has no qualms about doing what he does and although he has them dancing to the beat of his drum, he doesn’t kid himself about his lack of sincerity. He has one aim; and it is not to lose, this time around. The others like to think they are better than that. Paul is the chameleon who becomes whatever you need him to be in order for you to feel safe. You feel victimized? He becomes a victim. You feel threatened? He feels scared. You feel powerless? Poor Paul has got your back. Feeling angry? Paul will provide you an outlet to vent your rage (that coincidentally, also benefits his own game).

Bottom Line: Anyone of them who hates the way other people are playing needs to have it pointed out that:
A.) whatever you are thinking was an idea planted by Paul, and
B.) whatever you see as a failure in someone else’s character, is simply something you don’t like about yourself.


Exactly! Paul is a cult leader, and, sadly, few of his members see the hijacking. Paul has an extreme case of malignant self love. Had he not gone to the dark side and simply led his flock with finesse, I could proclaim him a “winner” for playing a great game. However, when he started really toying with people’s emotional stability, and began ruthlessly planning to rip people apart (via his followers to keep his hands clean), etc, I could only consider him a diabolical mastermind who is playing a despicable game using thought-reform procedures.

Paul is a master manipulator and, if not for him being on a television show competing for $500K, shows all the signs of psychopathy. His disciples are just as guilty. We all know that cultic groups form with one charismatic leader and followers whom seek a character trait or ability they personally lack, but see clearly in their “leader”. In other words, cult followers are weak minded with little self confidence whom just want to “belong”. Their membership in the cult family gives them value, which creates an extremely marred sense of self. They begin believing what they are told and begin mirroring the leaders’ actions, slowly morphing into a well-crafted creation their maker can be truly proud of. Their devotion and membership is one they will vehemently defend. When loved ones finally get them to “see the light” they will likely continue to stand firmly in denial that they completely sacrificed their own self control for their leader’s benefit. “I wanted to” will be their mantra.

But, alas, it is just a game. Life will go on. No mass suicide. No one dies. Still, many of these HG’s now have their lives completely changed in a way they may have anticipated, will not like, and may never recover.

It’s a risk. Only one wins the $500K. I guess I am just completely disappointed (again) in the cast. It’s up to CBS to cast genuine, real people. Most of these HG’s are fake, phony, characters on a stage looking for false fame and fake friends.

They take the risk to live in a house over the summer and “reveal” themselves to be judged by a television audience and a jury of the “peers”. It’s a very costly risk.

The only one in that house that makes me feel he is indeed a good person, is Mark. Just one. So sad.

Matt won’t use that veto on himself. Game over. Paul won. 🙁

Team FU

If you dumb asses don’t like the show why watch? Maybe your the ones that are idiots! Shows not the best season but your opinions show just how stupid you are. If you want to be on the show then apply and leave your crummy life’s behind like Josh.


This season is most pathetic season of all time. The whole cast except Cody and Jessica is unbelievable dumb. I never see any season like this.

Alex – uses her own HOH to BD Cody.

Jason – volunteers to be on the block not once but twice to get Cody out.

Kevin – votes as Paul wants him to. Yeah, you are right Paul. (all the time).

Christmas – uses her own temptation to prevent Cody to compete in POV

Joss – uses his own HOH to get Jessica out

Matt – throws temptation comp and uses his own POV on someone else to get Cody out

Raven – volunteers to be on the block as pawn

Mark – throws POV today to make everyone happy.

Elena – stays away from Jody as far as possible and goes on the block to be pawn.

Paul – uses his own HOH and competes in battle back to prevent Cody to get back in the game

This cast makes me sick. I give up on this cast besides Cody. I am speechless. The whole house uses their own advantages to get out Jody. I think Jody deserve to be American favorite player this season.


Lol then stop watching. Why is this entire comment section people griping about the show? If you hate it so much why are you here reading the updates? Makes no sense.


I don’t dislike the game, I dislike the players.

*keeping it real since 1968


So you don’t like the players, but still take the time to come here and read updates about them? Personally I would just stop watching, but I guess that’s just me.


Lose their brain cells when they enter this house. They actually think Mark is being dishonest and disloyal up because he uses the veto he one to take himself off the block. Now they think Elaine Upper is awful because she grabbed $5000!


What’s up with the makeup ? I mean to a point I understand it. They want to look good. But how much makeup does Elena really need? It’s not like she’s going anywhere. She stuck in the BB House ! And what’s up with her eyebrows? IMO, she looks better without the makeup.


Yeah She had make up 24/7 and he hair done as well.. And still she does not look good.

Team FU

Why do you dumb asses think Cody and Jess are the only ones that played a good game. If you haven’t notice ones gone and the other is about to! Now the show can begin to get interesting.

Allies mom

Can and will are two completely different things. Paul’s minions are morons.


Personal safety comes first. It should be clear to all that, if you are on the block, there is no amount of peer pressure/ bullying that should persuade you to be the second coming of Marcellus. Matt, you earned the POV; not Alex. TRUST NO ONE!!!!
If Matt doesn’t use the POV on himself, he deserves whatever happens to him.

F Paul

A part of me hopes he uses it on himself and the other part of me hopes he uses it on Jason and then they vote him out.


Yea but it’s better for Matt’s game to use it on Jason so that will make him less of a target in the coming weeks he looks like a team player


Just a disgusting season Cum in the mouth Raven skankarific diseases….Matt’s attraction to Gastrrosicknesses…..shall I go on? fucking sicko’ madness, liars…

Raven go fund me

Dawg or Simon
I thought if Matt win the noms stay the same?


Why is everyone bitching about Christmas using her power. She is limited to only a few more weeks being able to use it. They will be running out of people to pick for the POV shortly, and really, what good is it to her? It was the worst of the three powers, and with her not being able to play in half the comps. I think using it when she did was really not as bad as people are saying. At least it made for good TV, and maybe earned her some brownie points with Mark, especially now that they had their talk and cleared the air.


if Matt was not so stupid and in love with Paul, this would be his one and likely only chance to improve his spot and prove to Cody (and us) he is there to play and not a pu$$y. Use the veto to save himself after confirming a couple of things. One talk to Kevin and tell him about Paul, Alex. Jason’s plan to cut him, Get Mark (who prefers Cody as his master) and with Cody evict Jason. If he can “pound” some sense in Raven that is even better giving them 5 (tougher with Raven as she is a paid CBS supporter of Paul. Clear by now she knew full well Paul would be on this season come hell or high water) with Elena (another who distrusts Paul and would rather work with Cody) that is 6 against Paul he real F-3 ride or dies Alex and Josh and Xmas who doesn’t count (besides she might be tickled by Kevin to join him on the dark side) Jason is a fool and just a yes man to Alex and Paul. (“We can’t put Paul up! They may vote him out” says Jason and Alex even worse said she want it to be Jason and PAUL F-2. F&&k these two idiots. I hate listening to 2 hours a night on AD listening to Paul talk about himself and the stress of being a star and what to expect and how to act and, and, and ……………#PualSTFU. Now is the time Alex can’t compete so beat Paul (josh and Xmas non factors) and Put Paul and Xmas (or Alex) OTB.


Great idea, but won’t happen with these fools!


Marcellus are you here. His ghost has apparently surfaced. Matt is apparently about to do something very, very stupid. He takes down either(presume Jason) Cody goes up. Be awfully tempting for production to get Paul to target Matt.
In theory Matt POV was the only chance to stay for Cody. He uses it on himself Cody cannot be nominated. Production could also convince Matt to use it on himself. I just ask myself why I have any interest in seeing Cody stay. It’s a tough question to ask. I presume a double this Thursday. So lets look at the numbers.
1) Matt uses POV on himself. Cody plays next HOH.
2) Elaine is evicted
3) Cody wins HOH(doubtful but maybe). Now where does Cody find 4 votes to do anything?
4) 10 left HOH plus 2 noms do not vote. 4 to evict. For argument lets say he has Mark as 1 vote. Where is he getting the other 3. Cody is as likely to go after Maven as 2 of the sheep. Paul’s crew…. Josh, Alex, Xmas, Jason and lastly the less than safe Kevin. Safety if on the block…..
1) Xmas
2) Alex
3/4) Jason or Josh
5) Kevin
If Kev up he loses versus any of the crew! Jason/Josh not sure if Paul is ready to take out Jason this early leaving Josh in trouble if no Kevin up. Think Xmas and Alex safe unless they are up against each other. Paul stays versus anyone second 1/2 of the double.
Unfortunately I bet Paul grabs him and the mist gets Maven up instead of the crew. One of these 2 is likely the 2nd jury member. It’s going to continue to be a bad season IMHO. This is why Cody leaving really has little effect on the season. He just can’t bop HOH, POV all the way down to F3. He won’t have the votes to get Paul out before F4 is he has the sole vote to evict. Cody can go anytime as he cannot make the huge difference needed to get Paul out. Kev might be the only chance if he gets wind of the backstabbing going on. Pretty long shots IMO.

All dressed up

Eleana came out in some striped top and underwear. I thought she had gotten a punishment outfit but it turns out that’s her chosen outfit!


That the most exciting thing to happen this season on Big Brother will have been when Cody entered the house and, with steely, unblinking determination, broke every rule we ever thought we knew about the game and, in a Big Brother FIRST, refused to negotiate, strategize, or discuss his plans with anyone. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
No one could run downstairs and share Intel, or make up a story, or spread rumors, or figure out a way to react to the plan, one way or the other. PAUL WAS CLUELESS for the FIRST and ONLY time since he first played BB. I know, I know. Cody’s plan was flawed for the same reasons that made it exciting.
Still, you have to admit that, but for Paul’s THREE WEEKS OF SAFETY (!!!!), the game would have proceeded without him and Cody would have been a hero. They would have forgiven him for his methods and it could have been an even playing field.
That Jessica’s savvy at playing the game in Cody’s absence will have been the next most exciting/ interesting thing to happen this season.
That Cody’s battle back will have been the last exciting event of the season. Regrettably, it all went downhill thereafter, because, as has been demonstrated, Cody’s only tools are anger and low impulse control. He is not a strategist. And with Jessica in the house, instead of playing smarter, he managed to LOWER HER I.Q..
For Paul to emerge victorious would be anticlimactic/ business as usual.
The only thing left to create even a glimmer of hope would be Paul’s eviction, once and for all. If they would do that, his acolytes would see an entirely different Paul from the messiah they have made him out to be. And we would get the gift of seeing someone else rise from the ashes; and watch Paul on the jury, having to vote for someone else to win. Now THAT would save this season!!

Jake K.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I need to speak up. I have been following this site since it was called BB8spoilers and have continued to support Simon and Dawg since. It has always been my go-to and no one has better spoilers than they do. Honestly, part of my BB routine is following this site and engaging with fellow fans.

But the comments section used to be a place to make predictions and talk game and really engage with other BB fans. Sure, the culture of the game seems to have changed a bit but I still love every minute of my favorite show. Unfortunately, this site’s comments have transitioned to be a place where you can b**** and complain about how you don’t like the direction of the show and how you hate it and how you think it’s predictable and how you are giving up watching. Then PLEASE to the die hard fans who still love watching this show just like we have for the past 19+ seasons, stop watching or at the very least take your negativity elsewhere. The negativity has become like a cancer that builds and grows on each other here and I have really missed being able to engage and interact in a fun way.

Thanks as always to Simon and Dawg. Will always continue to support your site and will continue to follow for years to come.


Cody made no friends or alliances other than with Jess who he thought was the hottest girl he had ever seen. I think he has a social anxiety disorder. The kind of job he has (door to door salesman) is actually a solitary job position, he’s a one-man band. I don’t think he’s a people person, because his people skills are horrible, outside the military cocoon. Paul has wanted him out for valid reasons, it’s part of playing BB….taking out people who want to take you out. One of Jessica’s last words to Cody was “get Paul”. Say what you will about Paul but he does have incredible BB instincts, he’s a Pied Piper whether we all like it or not—always several steps ahead & has helped other players from crashing and burning.


I’m going to LMAO if Matt takes Jason off the block and then gets evicted. Unlikely, but would be great!

camerons curse

lives on


LOL I love that Alex got a punishment during her HOH. She can dish it out but She can’t take it. Poor sport Alex.


That’s another thing why do they all talk about jury so much it’s like they came to this show know they can’t win don’t even try some of them raven matt Elena Kevin, so all they are worried about is jury. I would be talking about winning the 500 thousand dollars. Isn’t it a goal to get past jury not into jury?

Thomas Pouch

Here is a thought for next season….bring back all guest that were eliminated first.thats a true second chance.