“It’s the nerves… it’s not from Gastroparesis its’ from my other disease.. the one that has no name”

11:50am Raven and B2Men HOH
Raven – your best sword is your tongue..
B2men brings up “The pretty jacked Black dude.. that searched all of our, like bags and stuff”
B2men – he was like every single year somebody gets in a showmance and it destroys their game it better not be you
Matt – I was like Deal bud…
Raven heeheh
Raven – you get with the gypsie
Raven – you picked wise
Raven – HEY, I got you right in there with Paul (we ready to call this season Kraken?)
Matt – Big Time
Matt – Yeah, if it wasn’t for you who knows he may not have trusted me after that..
Raven – no he wouldn’t have..

Raven – he (Paul) said outside this house I trust you and inside this house I trust you
Raven – I was like Trust Matt and Trust me
Raven – Jessica don’t trust..

Raven talks about having a lot of followers on Instagram.. and she’s worried Jessica will be on it.
Raven – that picture of me and Paul are all over the internet.. I got asked during my press junket.. why is Paul on your Instagram. why does Victor Follow you, why does Paulie Follow you
Matt – who cares..
Raven – it was like the first ting out of their mouth

Raven – I was like AVOID AVOID AVOID
Matt – you didn’t say because you’re friends
Raven – I didn’t say that.. he came to Arkansas we met kinda clicked.. and I moved on
matt – Ok..
(Jeepers this is fu&*ed)
Raven – I didn’t want to elaborate on it
Matt – it’s for the best..
Raven – I know Jessica will be pissed.. it’s on the internet.. (The cat ladies are going to hurt you for real the least of your worries is Jessica.)

Noon Kevin, Josh, Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul.

Kevin – instead of the wolf of wall street Josh was the pussy cat of Miami
Paul says everyone in wall street is a boner.. “are you a person”

Josh going on about how he could have made it on wall street.. “I don’t like the whole cold hearted”.. .(LOL)
Jason questions if Josh really thinks he could have made it on wall street..
Kevion – yeah as a street sweeper… anyone got a cigarette..
josh – man you guys..

Josh shares after he finished his degree his family would hound him about what he’s going to do with his life..
Josh – I’m the f* up because I didn’t go to wallstreet I went on a reality TV show..
They laugh.. lol

12:20pm Bathroom Raven, Christmas and Elena
Raven – my mom told me before I came on this show that she’s like Look Raven you don’t know how many good years you have left do you really want to spend the rest of your life running a dance studio when you don’t know how much time you have left”

Raven – like go live your life
Raven – she’s like do all the things you want to do

Xmas – still need to make money 🙂
Raven – I agree
Elena – you’re making money here and you’re living your live
Raven – I see what you are saying there’s a lot of things I want to do with my life
Xmas – you’ll have meet and greets and lotsa opportunities after here.. like I told you .. you’ll have a fan base .. (hehe) and

Elena – you’ll have a go fund me
Raven – Oh my god
Elena – you’ll make so much money. maybe more than you’ll make on the show .. (OMG)
xmas – absolutely
Elena talks about promotions they do on her radio show they have 2-3 million listeners a day and they advertise sick kids go fund me pages as a charity and….
Elena – three days.. hundred thousand… 2 hundred thousand.. easy.. .. you’ll be surprised
Elena – we have 1 day during Kids kids day once a year.. one day three million listeners.. millions..
Xmas – that’s awesome

Raven – we’ll.. I’ll do the best that I can and Move my mom out here..
Xmas says she calls her foot a jack rabbit.. and it’s acting up today, “Sometimes it goes slow.. sometimes it goes fast… I don’t care…”

Xmas – Raven – I’ve seen your hands twitch..
Elena – your eyes are crazy
Raven – it’s the nerves… it’s not from Gastroparesis its’ from my other disease.. the one that has no name.. personally I think they should name it raven.. But … hehehehe the Raven Disease… that’s appropriate

12:45pm Winning at chess

1:02pm Cleaning nose.. All the time..

1:35pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin tells Paul that Cody has a kid
paul – Does Jessica know
Kevin – yes
Kevin – he told me his brother died in a motorcycle accident.. he’s human he’s got feelings..
Kevin – he says she’s beautiful and smart..

Kevin says Cody told him he’s been on a motorcycle since he was 2 years old. His family are motorcycle people.
Kevin – this is the first year he don’t take her for the summer..

Kevin says that Cody’s kid was pretty much a one night stand sorta thing.

2pm Bathroom – Elena and Christmas.
Christmas – I really don’t like doing stuff like that in front of people. (Her fight with Mark yesterday) They don’t hear the private stuff after. Elena – the patching up. Christmas – yeah. YOu figure out that a lot of it is misconceptions. Elena – When I got up I didn’t hear anything crazy being talked about. I was like maybe when I was in here, Christmas heard something that I didn’t. Because he (Mark) walked in the room and he (Cody) said congrats. He was like pawn status this week. I was like I don’t know. I did know though. He was like I’m getting backdoored. But yeah it wasn’t anything crazy. Christmas – yeah that’s why I don’t understand why Mark got so upset.

2:20pm HOH room. Paul and Alex.
Paul – don’t tell Josh I told you this because he would be really butt hurt. I am going try to.. Alex – Mark is driving me nuts, dude! He is like glued to my a$$hole! Paul – he needs to go soon. Alex – between him and Elena one of them as to go. One couple at a time, knocking them off. Paul – I’m talking AMF sh*t. What is easiest for u s Jump and bite that sh*t. Alex – he (Mark) is going to be gunning for it today to win. Paul – should we just backdoor Mark then? Alex – yeah or double eviction. Paul – yes. Alex the smartest thing to do is evict both of them.

See what they can’t show you on TV Try the live feeds for 1 month FREE!

2:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition..

4:05pm still nothing

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Raven is a clear cut case of fraud! This chic is whacked and obsessed with her “disease”. She is trash that lies and exaggerates about her condition to gain sympathy and steal money. If people want to donate then donate to St Judes or a true charity. Not the white trash charity!

Raven is piece of crap

Send this girl to jail already! And her mom, too!


Cody had a one night stand with a Dog. Does that make his kid a Puppy?


I bet you wouldn’t say that to his face


I read and saw a video about how her and her mom are fakeing, all kind of evidence against them. And how she has a go fund me type page and she collected.money on the page last year. How raven has a brand new car she goes on many vacations, went to Disney land. She. Goes on shopping sprees all the time. Don’t trust her..


Can someone that knows the proper channels please report this family to the authorities please? She’s taking wishes and $ from legit sick children


Yeah there is a lot of negative chatter on all types of platforms regarding Raven’s exaggerated illness and gofundme scam. She is in for a rude awakening when she gets out, Jessica has already commented about it on twitter and IG…She seems to be hated at Christine and Frankie level!! Would love her out at DE night and see her get crushed by the live audience…


Wait a minute! My uncle has a similar type of disease and needed immediate surgery to save his life but no doctor could find a cause for the incredible pain. Fortunately, with enough pain meds he can sit blissfully unaware all day smoking and drinking!

Then THE MAN shut down the pain pill train just because he had gone to two or nine other doctors for prescriptions. He could die any second guys…


My prayers are with your uncle, HMM…. Maybe with a little grace from God, he’ll be back to getting shitfaced all day every day again in no time.


That’s f-ing hilarious….Nice one!

Botox Pelosi

Raven is a fraud but I still think Paul and Josh are the worst. Alex and Xmas are pretty much in the same boat as the bogus dudes.


Raven is worried about Jessica but she should be worried about her Mom. The bitch is crazy!
Dont tell her I said that… Someone who knows Raven was talking about her on FB and her psycho Mother called the Child protection on her, also called her job to try and get her fired.
Now she says if you say anything negative about Raven, she will sue you LOL
They call her Momma Munchausen!
check out #RavenExposedParty

Team Raven

I understand why people hate Raven, it’s because they’re jealous of what a beautiful person she is on the inside and outside. I’m proud to be her #1 fan. Raven is an inspiration and anyone that doesn’t luv her will spend eternity in the lake of fire with the devil and all his angels. #Pacerpower


What a joke. She should have stayed home BB was a huge mistake for you guys


?This chic is so crazy! “The other disease I have ” yeah the I’m f**** crazy disease. Poor girl was raised to think she was sick it’s all she knows. She needs a physiatrist 100%


Hi stacy…is that you?

I Hate Raven

Okay Raven’s mom. lol
Raven is the most hated houseguest in the history of Big Brother. Google it….mommy.


Guess I better buy a fire retardant swimsuit!

Me. Conspiracy

Pretty sure this is Ravens mom ?

Cereal lives matter

I will definitely keep watching if Paul and Cody start working together! Cody just needs to open up to him. Come on DR people, tell Cody to open up to Paul. Get Baby Jane/Gypsy Rose & Boyz2Tshirt out of the house!


What makes u think shes faking?? I would she do that?? Makes no sense. Did I miss something. And what is that thing in her stomach if she isn’t sickly

Mary Crosby

Absolutely!!! Thank you!! I was just about to go on a rant but you said it perfectly! 🙂 What a fraud, she makes me sick. If she receives ANY funding I hope to God she suffers massive consequences!!


look up ravenexposedparty on youtube and twitter.


At least Paul has good hygiene. Man I wish something would happen and Cody stays, and next week he wins HOH puts up Paul and Christmas and then wins POV and keeps noms the same and tells everyone….dont care who goes either is fine with me. They need to get rid of Matt this week



Botox Pelosi

I’m with you Cathy.

Simon I wanted to mention how good your ranking system is this year. The quick vote is easy to use and awesome. I also love the detailed Daily Ranking where you can see exact votes for each player. Well done!

Guy From Canada

I kind of want Matt to stay by winning POV and keeping Cody around. Or Alex to grow some nerves, win pov and keep the noms the same (or Save Matt,pretend to be what I can’t replace Cody up there, whoops). Those are the only two scenarios I see playing out that will save Cody. If Cody approached Alex, I could see her being receptive to this if she doesn’t sip the Paul koolaid too much….. unlikely but a chance….

Pauls vagina

Paul is starting to work on cody staying. His kid will save cody. Goodbye elena unless mark brings you down

matts brain

I th think I will not ude thee veto


lol, Cathy, You want to get rid of all of them at the same time. But I am with you.

Kev's Wife's Divorce Attorney

We need to write CBS and request for Cody to stay, ASAP! I haven’t been a fan of Cody since day 2. But if he stays at least we might have some excitement left. If he goes this week, the rest of the season is over.


Is Raven really that sick. If so why is she on Big Brother.


Her mother has the same thing and is still alive so why does she scare her child like that?
I think Raven lacks emotional maturity to see how her mom has brainwashed her.


I have a friend who has Gastropresis and she has intestinal pain all the time. It IS NOT a death sentence. Raven’s illness is in her own mind!


I have gastroparesis and its not fun. Fiber is bad and high fat foods tend to stay down the longest . Eveyone is effected differently but when you can’t manage it your organs can shut down. Your stomach becomes a garbage can. I’ve had picc lines in both arms for food and ivs and now I have a ticc line in my chest. Her pacemaker can only aid in digestion not in energy to dance and hop around. You also typically lose your hair. I’m skeptical to say the least.


I also have Gp. I was diagnosed years ago. I was Never told its terminal. Im on meds to make my stomach muscles move and pretty much can eat almost everything i want as long as i take my medicine. I live a very normal life. I truly believe this girl is sick in the mind and or scam artist trying to get money.

To Bull Horn or not to bull horn...

Someone needs to get this no good dirty rotten piece of sh*t fraud off the show.
Seriously, no joke. What she is doing is criminal, and is what gives good people that NEED GoFundMe sites
to raise money for their dying babies, a hard time.
– because everyone is afraid to give, because of people EXACTLY like Raven and her scam artist soulless-monster mother, who should already be in jail.
Enough is enough.
I’m two hours from the house, and am seriously considering the bull horn option.


do it


Yes, Bull Horn! Please!

Min O'Pause



I’m in San Diego and have visited the site. Security is all over the place, not an easy thing to do. There is also a very wide wash and apartments to the back of the studio. They won’t even let you park very long to take photos of the backyard. Also the backyard has 30+ foot wall around it. Looks like a prison!


Skydiving, anyone?


You guys should look for this HBO documentary online, It is on you tube I believe…It’s called “Mommy Dead and Dearest” I swear to god it’s RAVEN and her MOM…except Raven’s mom is still alive LOL!!! Watch it, it’s totally fascinating and will open your eyes to this whole RAVEN EXPOSED PARTY. I am counting down the days until Raven walks out of the BB house and into the reality she and her mom created. KARMA at it’s finest!!!


Yeah her mom’s still alive until she works her magic on Matt. Gypsy finally wised up and had her boyfriend kill her mom for all the crap she put her thru as a child. Sad story about how some parents totally brainwash their kids into doing what they want. Raven’s mom is defiantly a scam artist and maybe not as severe as the mother in this documentary but still a piece of trash.


Dear Simon:
First of all, thank you for all you do to make this the best BB site on the web!

Could you please not show anymore pics of Paul cleaning his nose?! Makes me want to heave.



Me too


“Could you please not show anymore pics of Paul cleaning his nose?! Makes me want to heave.”

If it is easier just don’t post any more pictures of Paul.


Your momma


At least I don’t live in my momma’s basement.


You’re just mad my momma still wipes my bottom and yours doesn’t!!!

Min O'Pause


Club H.O.H

When you need a miracle everything but that happens. 🙁 Just canceled my feeds. Without Cody being there feeds have been boring all day and yesterday!


Uh, Cody is still there. I swear. He really is.


Give Me a Break

Just had a good laugh, and thank you! I find Cody entertaining to watch too…..better than Melatonin! He’s the best gamer since Victoria on Season 16!


Why is Cody interesting? All he does is play with his hair just waiting to get pissed off.


I haven’t seen his toothbrush in days. :-/


It’s sarcasm. Took me a second too.

Cereal w/out Colour

I’m waiting for someone to call Matt a racist…. Unless many jacked dudes examined their bags, his descriptive of the jacked mans race was…


The pictures of Christmas and the bored, disgusted look on her face for having to actually listen to Raven really sums up nicely how I feel about the redhead. It also reflects how I generally feel about this season’s cast.


Is Raven really a gypsy?


Yep, she’s also a natural redhead.


In that one screenshot of Paul, I thought it was him and Cody playing chess with each other and I thought at least Cody had some interaction with other people today. Then I realized it was just Paul in the mirror and the person I thought was Cody was just Paul’s reflection. Lol.

Smitten Kitten

Raven – “you got with the gypsy”

Truer words were never spoken.
What. a. fucking. fraud.

Resist the Twist

Josh going on about how he could have made it on wall street

Umm Josh, there is no crying on Wall Street

And as for you Raven…aka…the Girl with the no-name disease , only a cereal stuffed moron like Matt could believe the crap that comes outta your mouth


For the love of all the puppies in the world, PLEASE, stop trying to fill the cast with social media fame whores! They may seem interesting on their social media pages but that is a carefully crafted fabrication. I can look super smart and act like I know how to spell everything but that’s because I take some time to review what I’m typing (most of the time) and use google so I don’t look like an idiot for not knowing something. If you got to look at me 24/7, you would know just how much of a boring idiot I am. We loathed Frankie partly because he was obviously always “on” an audition. It’s annoying.

Increasingly, these people are not even fun to mock, tease, or joke about because the joke is becoming Big Brother. I hate it but I really like the premise of the game so each year I join the masses and hope maybe this year will have people who actually want to play Big Brother. Alas, those poor rabbits may never find a home but I bet they have earned some followers!


My god…. release the Kraken


When one of his minions DO actually see the writing on the wall, and find the nerve to backdoor Paul…..I bet the rest of the them will vote to save him. Watching this is maddening.


Maybe double dong will punt boring as a door Matt and his minion. I dont dislike them they just suck.
Get the hell out already.
None of the rest are any better though.

Paul's Beard Lice

This season is bizzaro big brother. I don’t think its scripted because anyone who wrote this crap would be laughed out of their job.

Josh is an imbecile.
Matt is literally just wasting a spot that could have been given to a houseplant and nobody would have noticed.
Raven is a Nigerian prince.
Elaina is here for a job interview
Mark is the only true floater in the house literally going where the power shifts take him
Christmas is a terrible person
Kevin is too busy trying to be everyone’s friend to look after his own best interests
Alex has her head so far up Paul’s asshole I can see her cat ears when he opens his mouth
Jason has his head so far up Alex’s asshole that I can see his cowboy hat when Paul and Alex open their mouths
Jessica wasted the only legitimate opportunity to get someone worthwhile out of the house on her HOH
Cody stopped playing the game after week 1
Ramses was a superfan who apparently forgot everything he ever knew about how to play big brother
Dom blew up her game for no particular reason
Cameron I actually feel bad for, he got screwed
Jillian thought having weight loss surgery was overcoming adversity rather than actually working it off
Whats her face self evicted

Paul is literally winning by default despite playing a game with more holes than swiss cheese. He has given these idiots so many opportunities to catch him in lies and shady game moves, and yet none of them has been able to turn it against him.

Smitten Kitten

* standing ovation *


“Alex has her head so far up Paul’s asshole I can see her cat ears when he opens his mouth
Jason has his head so far up Alex’s asshole that I can see his cowboy hat when Paul and Alex open their mouths”

LOL……….You win the OBB blog today!


You had me at “Raven is a Nigerian prince”.


OMG that was SOOOOOOOO GOOD!! I loved it, you nailed it to the mother fucking tee!!


Best blow by blow account of what’s going on on B.B. 19!! BRAVO IS CORRECT! BRAVO WITH SOME ROSES TOSSED AT YOU…RED ONES NO THORNS! DOZENS OF THEM!


By far the best and most accurate post yet!
House plant….. too funny!
Love it!

Walton's Mountain

Please, I implore everyone on social media to join me in an international prayer circle for Raven’s unnamed disease.



See here would be a great move by Paul.

Throw a little fun into the game and team up with Kevin & Cody. If they were smart they would get xmas and Josh (cause they would be easy pickings later down the road ) and this would be the week to start to get out Jason/ Alex or Mark/Elana alliance.

Cody shouldn’t just fall on the sword. Use Paul and advance yourself until the time is right in the final five to go cut throat.


“Raven – you get with the gypsie”

Yes, Matt did get with the gypsie. Gypsy Rose, in fact. I recently watched Mommy Dead and Dearest, and Ravens stories sound like they straight up could’ve been part of that documentary. This girl has no idea what she’s in for once she leaves that house…which is hopefully sooner rather than later.


It sure seems to me that the obvious player everyone SHOULD want to take to the end would be Cody. I mean they are pretty much all hating the guy (minus Marlena). Why would Paul send him to jury first and give him all that time to talk to the jurors, getting to know them outside of the game, enlightening their minds to Paul’s mental hijacking and such? Paul knows where Cody stands, which is why he offered himself up as a comrade because he knows how hard it is to be on your own and lonely (yeah, I puked in mouth a little bit over that conversation, too).

Paul has everyone convinced that Cody is THE target, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he suddenly starts encouraging Alex and clan to vote out Elena (yes, even though he has essentially been protecting her up until now). Elena likes Paul and he thinks he has her, but she understands that her game is in jeopardy. She’s just holding on to any tie that binds. When she first sensed she was a target in the house, she completely backed away from Mark. She’s beginning to question Paul’s play more and is openly discussing this with Mark. Mark mentioned to Jason that Paul should be a target so it won’t be long now before Jason shares that with Paul (he already told Alex and Kevin). If Paul senses that Elena is questioning him, she’ll be out that door on Thursday night leaving Cody the constant target.

I can’t stand Paul, but he has been playing this “sweeping” game (albeit with iniquitous ways) and has most of the HGs wrapped around his finger (can’t believe Josh doesn’t see Paul’s blatant disregard for his existence). If Paul makes it to final two, he will win this game because his followers will all be jury members (unless a miracle unfolds).

Raven refers to herself as a gypsy. Hmmm?
Christmas is out of season.
Matt feels so secure in this game. Go figure!
Josh is, well….. Josh.
Alex basically allowed Paul to possess her body like an evil spirit (and this from the girl who swore no man was going to control her game).
Jason is rather smart but is sadly ruled by Alex which means he is ruled by Paul.

I’m down to just Mark and Kevin in the “likable” department, and Kevin is close to being removed from that list. I’m just really disturbed by his behavior with Christmas (I think he is, too, which is why he is so depressed lately).


Crazy Lady

If Cody leaves, I not watching anymore. Because I don’t like anyone else in the house.


Well we heard it straight from Satan’s butt hole (Raven’s mouth), Paul and Raven had an established “friendship” before coming into the house. Production was really trying to set Paul up with a win this season. I’m sure they have been hypnotizing Alex to believe that it’s against Paul’s brand of “friendship” to turn on her, there’s no way she’s coming up with that on her own.

Not Raven's Mom

Boy is Raven gonna be surprised when she gets out of the house. Bad idea to expose herself on national TV. Her and her momma’s scams had a better chance of working without the BB spotlight. Plan backfired big time. Xmas don’t think your exposure is doing you any good either.

Bolt Uprite.

Can’t be long before Paul finds a way to use Cody’s daughter against him.


Oh and Cody was finally having a genuine conversation with someone and the feeds cut to the HOH to the morons, Really?

Newsflash...This just in....

Cody spoke and….. wait for it….HAS A DAUGHTER!


He mentioned his daughter Paisely in his first eviction speech. It was either in his actual eviction speech to the houseguests, or when Julie announced he was evicted. He said something like “don’t be a beta Paisely.” Now whether or not anyone other than Jessica knew what he was talking about is another story. I’m pretty sure Jessica was talking to Elena last week about the people she was going to contact when she got out, and I thought she said she was going to get in touch with Cody’s parents and Cody’s ex. So Cody wasn’t hiding he had a daughter, the minions were too busy worshiping Paul to notice.


duh…..keep up

New disease

I also have an unnamed disease every time I see Raven face or hear her loud ass voice I get violently ill. Please help me at gofund Ravens killing me


Until they get evicted……comments on OBB

1- Raven is a fraud. Easily the topic that will dominate til she goes to jury
2- Alex delusion she is a “super fan”. One of the “dumb as a stump” HG’s in the history of BB.
3- Josh delivering productions wisdom. Degree or not this noob knows nothing about BB he isn’t told to say or repeat Paul’s observations.
4-Jason won’t be a fan fav once he turns on Kevin. This will get a lot of comments once it happens, and he will. I think these 2 are favs and for awhile they have been seen as a team.
5- Paul, the sheeple and the koolaid. If and until he gets evicted he’ll always get mentioned.

Ravens Battery

Can’t wait to see Christmas on Intervention when she has to get off all these pain pills.

I Hate Raven

Only one word comes to mind when I see or hear about Raven……”Gag.


That’s 17, actually. lol

The first word to come to my mind about Raven is now GYPSY, only that kind of gives gypsies a bad name.

Those lips will not touch mine

Why does Miss”I’ll catch it in my mouth”(Elena)keep talking about her radio job? I recall her saying that she had to quit her job to get on the show. I know of no local radio show that gets(per Elena)2to 3million listeners a day unless it is a nationally syndicated show. Could she possibly be embellishing the truth?


She mentioned Kidd’s Kids. She’s takkinh about the late Kidd Kraddick. You need to google him and his cause. It does get that many listeners and possibly more.


Yeah! She does this gig on Kidd Kraddick called Tinder Tuesdays. It’s pretty popular so I’m sure she will get that gig back. If not, she’ll have plenty of other opportunities. I, personally, find Elena to be just plain gross, especially since her recent raunchy pillow talk with Mark.

Maybe she is auditioning for Hugh Hefner. Wait, is he still alive? ……………..Okay, Google says alive at 91. Wow! Elena clearly joined BB19 to increase her fame……..I mean, notoriety. :-0


The only fan base Raven has are the voices in her head.

I Hate Raven

Good one Beth!!!! Oh to be there when Raven first gets to go online…LOL. That woman is nothing but a trashy scam bag.

Raven is Caca

I have an unnamed disease as well, guys! It triggers whenever I hear Raven’s stupid face. I don’t know what it is, but maybe I can start a GoFundMe to go to Disney World and start my own hemp house while driving around in a brand new Kia Soul in a douchebag red color.

Sorry Raven but

Nobody gets between me and my cereal.


i was rewatching Jessica’s goodbye messages from Alex and Josh. I loved both goodbye messages especially the one Alex told her about taking care of Cody . Jessica was salty when she did her exit interview and was questioned about that comment. Cody was kinda flirty with her in the beginning and he did throw the veto comp for her. Maybe Cody will let her take care of him in jury house if she makes in their with him.


When the comments on ONLINE BIG BROTHER is a thousand times more entertaining then this shit show of a season!! Seriously, I’ve given up on watching the live feeds and TV show, I just come here each day and it truly brings a smile on my fave. These fools are ripe for ridicule.


What catches sperm at night, wears vulcan makeup during the day and wears no bra?


Matt wins veto, Elena wins $, and Alex wins “hot dog cook”.


*Granny leaves for Outback Steakhouse ’cause that sounds damn good!


As someone who is finding it difficult to have a houseguest to cheer on – I feel some empathy towards Cody. He is awkward; yes – many of my friends have Aspergher’s syndrome so this is nothing. He is a man of few words; yes. So what? He has a daughter he loves, he is able to commmunicate when shown respect. I dunno, maybe just me, but I feel like yes, he actually hurts too.

Cody Is A Robot

Raven is a weird combination of hypochondriac and scsm artist. Wow.


Talk here about Paul flipping the house to Elaine. I think that won’t happen. If prod tells Paul to save Cody the guy who should be worried is Matt. Presuming he does not win POV, which would pee off the house. Maybe Paul targets him. Frankly the “great BB mind” is no smarter than the rest. He doesn’t see the value of Cody in the house. Bigger target and never wins F2 versus anyone.
Think no matter what production wants Cody is gone Thursday and maybe Mark or Matt in the second part of a likely double.

Judith Lowery

You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

Jaelynn Pollard

Thank you for the awesome content, it’s always appreciated

Landry Ellison Tate

This blog post hit all the right notes!

Kairi Mahoney

Share your favorite blog post in the comments below!

Beau Sosa

Let us know in the comments which of their posts has resonated with you the most.

Mariah Gwendolyn Evie Burgess

Your words have resonated with us and we can’t wait to read more of your amazing content. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with the world.

Aylin P. T. Mejia

Your content always keeps me coming back for more!

Jack Camacho

Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Conrad Dodson

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Francis Briar Lloyd

I can’t get enough of your insightful articles and engaging stories. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world!