Elena “That’s what any person with a fully operating brain would have done. I could be a d**k!”

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9:30pm Alex comes out of the diary room wearing a camping outfit complete with all the gear. Alex – HEY CAMPERS! WHO’S READY FOR AN ADVENTURE?! Alex heads out into the backyard to show the other house guests her punishment. Paul comments on how she looks pissed. She tells them that she has to wear the outfit, haul all the gear around and when she hears the bugle she has to pitch the tent and cook the hot dogs for the house guests for an entire week. Alex – this is me for a week so get your camping gear out we’re going into the woods. I can’t get help with anything. I need to pitch a tent in my pants whenever I hear a bugle. Matt – where? Alex – if the backyard is open out here and when the inside is open up in the BB camp ground. The bugle goes off and Alex starts unpacking all the gear. She says to herself – I am so angry! Jason offers to read the instructions for her.

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9:36pm – Alex – and no one can go in my tent. Alex – she (Elena) didn’t apologize at all. She promised me she wouldn’t curse me. What a kind girl. Makes a promise not to curse me and then does. Christmas – and you’re HOH! Alex – this is the first one of 100… and I have to do this for a week!!! This is f**King horrible! Raven – this is a little extreme! Kevin – no pun intended. (because Jason is wearing the X-treme costume) Alex goes to get the propane tank from the storage room. Alex – she is f**King insane if she is trying to talk to me without apologizing! Paul – what happened? Alex commented on how they didn’t have it (propane tank). She then finds the propane tank in the bbq. Raven and Matt both say sorry to Alex. Alex – if I would have earned this, I would have loved this but the fact that people lied about it is pissing me off.

9:50pm Kitchen. Elena talking to Mark and Cody – She is so pissed and its funny. I started to feel bad about it and then she tried to guilt trip me into it. Like if you’ve ever watched big brother you know in the elimination veto .. she should have given. You know how it works. If you were on the block you would would take the veto. I don’t know maybe I am going home this week now. Why would she keep the 5K and think that I’m not going to take it. She should have taken Mark’s vacation. Given him the 5k and I would have taken it from him. That’s what any person that has a fully operating brain would have done.

Like are you kidding?! I felt bad for a little bit and then she almost guilt tripped me .. and then it hit me .. even though in the heat of the moment.. why do you feel you are more entitled to 5k? When I won the f**king competition. I f**king won! At least I was nice about it. I could be a d**K! I should sit down in front of her and eat my ice cream. Actually I like mine a little more done. I like them extra crispy.

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10:05pm Kevin and Jason folding laundry. Kevin – what are you thinking? Jason – I could tell you but you would think I was ridiculous. Kevin – tell me. Jason says he wants to whisper something to Kevin about Alex. Jason tries to but Kevin can’t hear him. Jason tries to motion something. Kevin – you want to f**k her in the tent? Jason laughs – you damn dummy. Kevin – what were you saying? Jason – I’ll tell you later.

10:40pm Alex has to set up her campsite all over again and cooks hot dogs for everyone. Alex hands out the hot dogs to everyone and then goes back to break down her campsite again. Jason – f**king 7 days of this sh*t Al! I would rather be a havenot. Alex – when I bring you hot dogs.. Cody – I will happily participate. I will feel the pain for you in spirit.

11:20pm – 12:15am Backyard – Cody is in the hot tub. Meanwhile the other house guests are in the kitchen chatting / eating.

1:00am Elena and Mark
Mark says once Cody is gone he’s feeling like he’ll be the target. It’s very important that one of them win HOH this coming Thursday. Mark also states the important that after they win the HOH they secure something with Matt/Raven or Alex/Jason/Kevin.
They are not Keen on working with Matt and Raven though. Elena doesn’t want to work with Alex.

Elena – I want Alex do go home.. I will backdoor her.. Jess would be so proud of me.
Elena – I’m kinda over Paul.. Trust me Trust Me trust me.. I know Paul..

Elena talks about grabbing 5 thousand today in the POV competition.
Elena – I want call his shit out..

Mark says paul has been saying the same sh1t for days..
Elena says PAul is telling her that after Cody goes everyone has their own agenda.
Elena – that’s weird because I heard you are working with so and so and I am your agenda

Mark asks her when will she able to tell him about hos she feels about him
Elena will tell him when she’s ready.

Mark – I can’t wait to go to Dallas.. after the show
Elena – I told you to be careful with me.. I’m horrible..
Mark – the things you’ve shown me in here have not been horrible

Mark – do you have any interest in me
Elena – maybe
Elena tries to explain to him that she does not like this environment she wants to wait until after the show to explore their feelings for each other.

4:12am trumpet wakes Alex up

She gets all her camping gear ready..

4:30am Alex’s punishment.. She has to make a hot dog for everyone in the house..

Kevin I don’t want a hot dog
Alex – you have to take it..

Cody tells her he’ll never come after her in this game.
Alex – it’s not me..
Alex says a lot of people will be mad at her if she doesn’t take Cody out.
Cody – when are you going to draw the line.
Alex – Soon .. soon .. You’ve never been my target you know that too
Cody – let me help you out in this game..
Cody – it’s going to be physical here in the HOH, It’s clear who is going to win it
Alex – I don’t have the POV I just replace nominations
Cody – If I’m up there I’m out..
Alex – I don’t have a vote right now.. There’s like 2 people with me the rest are against me
Cody – Consider it

Alex leaves.. as she walks back outside to the camp side
Alex – “F* F* F* F* F* F* F* Elena.. you dumb b1tch Elena.. ” (Alex is pissed because Elena took the 5grand during the POV comp)

After feeding the houseguests Alex begins putting away all the camping gear..

4:56am Alex and Cody
Alex – everyone sees what Elena did today.. your teammates aren’t very loyal to you.. Elena isn’t loyal to Mark either
Cody – they’ve been the most disloyal to me in this game.. 100%
Alex – they always through you under the bus.. I’m not going against you dude, trust me 100%
Alex – those people lied to my face then 10 seconds later flipped on my .. that is why I’m a camp guide..

5:16am Paul and Alex, Christmas in the bathroom
Alex – Cody came to me adn followed me outside.. he was like Alex I’m on the block I’m done
Alex – he’s trying to save his butt right now
Production tells Paul to put on his microphone..
Xmas moans in the stall that means they have to both have to go..
Paul tells Alex to just keep talking..
Alex – I told him it’s not me..

9:26am Cody is the only one up.

9:46am Feeds showing sleeping houseguests

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Now I want to know what Jason was trying to tell Kevin… Lol


Me too, maybe she wants him, haahaa


Yes!!! Is there anyone who can maybe elaborate more on this?? I hope we don’t have another Kevin on our hands



dont hate on JODY so bad. stick to game talk

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. just bc u think your safe behind your computer doesnt mean u should be slandering ppl that go on tv to casue us entertainment. is it necessary to be so beligerant to JODY. and you can totally tell that some of the stories on here are made up. i been seeing a pattern of someone or a few someones saying stuff about jessica like shes a gold digger and bangs athletes and will not be with cody and she’s just a waitress that is a slut. why cause she found a guy she really likes and is having sex with him on tv. how does that make them a bad person. are you so jealous of her life that u have to say all this trash about her. so does every girl that does porn a whore. they are having sex on tv too. u dont know the story behind her so please dont judge and just bc she is beautiful and can get any guy she wants doesnt mean she sleeps with everyone. she isnt a total skank ok. and even if she is then so what . none of your buissness. grow up and get a life. now back to the actual show. yes elena totally pulled a bitch move but so what. tehy were gonna vote her out anyways and she knows it.. she’s not stupid and like kevin said take what u can get cause only one guy will win the 250k. if she could win hoh then maybe she will stay longer but untill then she did what she had to do.

well she doesn’t bang athletes she banged AN athlete. i wont say who but he was in the nba. and she did go home with him after meeting him at her work when she was serving his entourage’s table. and get off your high horse. i bet u said some bad shit before about someone online. get a life. also ur elena game talk sucks. if anything she should of grabbed the veto. it shows she’s a team player and maybe someone would reel her in bc next week the lines will be drawn. its gonna be paul alex jason as a 3 and tehy will pull in josh xmas and kevin as thier 6 and they will pick apart the couples. and if the coulples manage to win an hoh they will go after them. i have a feeling mark will win hoh. i feel bad for cody. hes just sitting in the house with 8 ppl that hate his guts. ya he did it to himself but still he doesnt deserve whats hahppening to him.. i wanna see josh get under his skin. for sure if he does cody will smash him lols


Great spelling. Is this Simon or Dawg?

Capt. Obvious

She also banged NE Patriot WR Julian Edelman. Google it.


Who wouldn’t?


Who gives a shit!! Get over it!

Let's stick to game talk

Truth be told everyone is entitled to their opinions, but let’s not pretend BigBrother contestants are shiny happy people who do no wrong. Why judge them personally? We don’t know them personally.

I’m not a huge fan of Jody but I could care less if Jessica hooked up with athletes…she isn’t even in the game nor did she make jury!

These people are playing like mindless sheep, and handing the season over to Paul, that’s more concerning.

BB casting needs to focus on ppl who actually are interested in playing the game and not increasing their social media following.


FACTS, Jody could’ve played so much better if they didn’t take the GAME so personally, After Jillian got voted out, Jody started acting entitled, when everybody rightfully played it safe as everyone does Week 1.
I don’t agree with what happened later on the game, but the build up to it started with Jody’s attitude after not getting their way. Cody actions after the vote inadvertently handed his alliance to Paul, where even He was surprised. Paul was right taking advantage of the situation to control the house that’s what Big Brother is about, anybody would’ve done it, he just went a little too far.


Anyone would bang Julian Edelman. Have you seen him?? Google him.

Mrs w

She and some friends hung out with him. How do you know she slept with him?


Who the hell cares. A man does it and it’s ok, a woman does it and she is a slut? Move on.

Capt. Obvious

87% of commenters on this site are women.


Anything Jody do on the feeds is open to discussion. That includes how smug, petty, arrogant or psychotic Jody are. Jess could have kept her legs closed and Cody , his dick in his pants. Since when are you the Moral Police to dictate what we can or cannot say?This isn’t China or North Korea. Jeez!


First, learn how to spell. Second, your lack of decent vocabulary is almost as stunning as your lack of intelligence. You speak of someone being the moral police and then you’re judging everyone else? Get over yourself.


Someone is pissed that they gave up their game play for cody


Simon/Dawg, are these last 2 rambling posts from the same IP address?


You gossiping old fart. Give it a rest. You are obviously jealous as hell of Jessica.


OK will stop hating on Jody if Jody Faller stop hating on Raven Paul Josh Alex and anybody else that ever said anything about Jessica on the show

Proofreading only takes a second

It appears that the true enemy on these message boards are proper spelling and punctuation.

Judge Janie

The subject of your sentence is “the true enemy”, which is a singular subject. Therefore, the verb should be “is” and not “are”. You are correct on one point, though. Proofreading really does only take a second. Maybe you should take a second to try it on your own post before critiquing others.


Ok Jessica…I see you are replying on the comments page now. I hope you are watching the feeds and seeing you little Cody poo poo sucking up to Alex. Ha Ha… but I loooooove you!

Holy ranting.....

Please if you are going to rant at least use proper punctuation. Maybe you should stay off the coffee a day. lol


Punctuation note for you:

“Please, if you are going to rant, at least use proper punctuation.”

You clearly aren’t as smart as you think.

Holy ranting.....

Kevinforthewin your sentence is not wrong but the commas are unnecessary. I’m a journalist. Commas pause a reader and are overused.

Holy ranting.....

Kevinforthewin – To add to my other comment on this, read your sentence with your commas and you’ll see how unnecessary they are. A commas is used to separate thoughts and totally unnecessary in your sentence. We can be more relaxed typing in a chat room for sure but that original post was a total mess and hard to read.


I agree we can relax in such an informal setting. Grammar police get under my skin on message boards.

Holy ranting.....

kevinforthewin – I agree and shouldn’t have posted my comments. I agree with relaxed but I love reading the posts and that one was simply hard to read. However I should have thought maybe it was someone who doesn’t type much and tried their best. I am sorry.

Misty Beethoven

That reply shows you received a stellar education in the public school system wherever you live. She isn’t a “total skank?” So being a partial skank is okay?
Word to the wise: don’t have sex on Big Brother, unless you want to be called all sorts of names. Even if there is genuine affection, hold off, because it lives forever on the interwebz.


Anything Jody do on the feeds is open to discussion. That includes how smug, petty, arrogant or psychotic Jody are. Jess could have kept her legs closed and Cody , his dick in his pants. Since when are you the Moral Police to dictate what we can or cannot say?This isn’t China or North Korea. Jeez!


I’m not the moral police but Cody will never be able to get away from having sex on tv with a slut. He’s 5 year old daughter will make sure of that.


Ever heard of spell check? Lol


Not a Jess hater but putting her fingers in the other houseguest butts is disturbing. Not sure why she would do that.


think this may be the stupidest post Ive seen!


Love how you said don’t pick on Jessica we should be ashamed of ourselves. Then you bring up pornography, having sex in ghe house and is waitress and a slut. You are unbelievably passive-aggressive.

Amy in FL

Welcome to online big brother.com Jessica

Judge Janie

Attention people who keep defending Jessica:
She’s gone now. Let it go.
@Dont hate on Jody so bad:
The prize is 500k not 250k. Do you even watch the show?


OMG he was 1000% talking about Alex’s boobs hanging out in her costume that’s why he put his elbows on his chest like that he was just telling Kevin that her boobs were like hanging out …


I told y’all last night! He thinks Alex is hot and has some good POOMPOOM…. Alex had a nice body and her thighs are nice and tight…..


Been listening and so far, Jason hasn’t finished his thought to Kevin. Still waiting! UGH

What was production thinking….giving the HG propane and a lighter???? Alex seriously needs to get her hair out of the way. This is the only reason my feeds are on. Wait for it…….


Womp womp womp


So who are we voting as americas favorite player because Kevin being a horn dog with Halloween is really making me not like him anymore!

Pauls vagina


sunny dee

At this point, Josh, jason or alex, if none of them are final 2

they are not floating, they’ve spent time on the block, they’ve won stuff, and they’ve managed to be entertaining in their own ways without being 100% malicious. even when josh goes overboard, he is always remorseful and apologizes.




Barf! He doesn’t even know how to play the game…oh yeah…this isn’t a game to him it is real life. Worst player in BB history next to his ho girlfriend

Shit Show

This is real life for them. Your playing for 500k and your giving up your summer. Yes, it is a game but those like Paul that keep throwing that statement about it being are the ones who are truly playing on a personal level. Anyone who expresses that they may not agree with Paul or do something that does not match his plan he targets. Look at Elana & Mark and now Kevin. The only reason Josh is still in cause he does what ever Paul says. Getting Cody out is only good for one person’s game in this house and that is Paul’s period. Everybody who is on the in feels they have to run everything past Paul in this game for his approval!!!!
People want to make some good game moves for them but do not do it because it would upset Paul.
Show is a bust. The last chance for a shake up is with Cody leaving. Maybe Mark or Elana will make a play but it will not involve Paul watch.


Mdc you sound like a bbhouseguest who can’t make a decision and is waiting for your God Paul to tell you what to do


Always ask yourself WWPD.Your life will be better for it.

Art Vandaly

To Sherm: I have been trying to resist the koolaid, but WWPD just out me over the top. Love it!!!


Ramies? Even though he was evicted early in the game; he is the only person in the house I feel deserves the 25K


If BB History is any indication, Jessica will get America’s Favorite for doing little to nothing gamewise, but gained a following based on circumstances, just like Jeff did for 2 seasons.

I never like America’s Favorite because it has nothing to do with the game. America’s Favorite should go to who played the best game side from the winner. The way it is not, you can float all season, you can get 25k lol


Krama is a bitch…

that is what they get for being so mean to Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena …..

I’m glad Elena did what she did by taking the money:)


After taxes it’s like $3 grand. Considering every year houseguest get pissed about people taking the money, in the grand scheme of the game and possibly bringing home $300,000 as opposed to $3000, it’s stupid to take it unless you really think you have no way to make it to the end.

camerons curse

the cameron curse lives on


Enjoy that 5K Elena ’cause you’re most likely heading to the jury house this week! Pissing off the HOH while you’re on the block? Well, that’s just stupid.


But Paul isn’t upset?

Paul needs to go

How did Christmas get the punishment since she wasn’t an participant in the composition?


That is what I want to know too. She wasn’t chosen to play in the veto comp so she didn’t have to opportunity to win anything and yet she still ends up with a punishment?????


To keep her from laying all over kevin…thank goodness. She needs to look stupid


Paul got to choose whether he would partner with for the punishment.


The HOH doesn’t have power over who goes home.


Correct. Let’s be honest. Paul is the one who decides who goes home.


Even if she didn’t take the 5000 her and Mark would still be on everyone’s shit list and going on the block every week, it seriously made no difference…


Not that I particularly like Elena, but she is on TNThe block for 2 weeks now. And she has mentioned multiple times how badly she needs money. Soooo. Yea. The nerve of her to take a little money when she has the chance. Knowing she may not get another chance. It is BB and she’s well aware she’s at the bottom. Being on the block two weeks in a row. Side note…. watching BBAD. Who’s that guy that looks like Cody. Telling stories and laughing with people. He has got to be Codys twin !!! Looks exactly like him !!!!


I have no sympathy for Elena! She wants the money for plastic surgery. She is one of the most vain people that I have ever seen.

Alex's Petty Hat

A very petty punishment for a very petty girl, perfect!


America’s fav:
I have a soft spot in my heart for Josh.


I do too. He is a chicken in a rooster suit with the personality of a turkey – poor guy.

Cindy Withanesse

Disclaimer: Jill is Josh’s cousin.


Sorry Josh’s mom its not going to work.

Judgmental Judy

Perfect! Alex checked her brain at the door of Paul’s game and his followers have had it super comfy in the house so far and thought nothing of slandering and harassing people, feeling entitled to running the house, begrudging people of their own Veto wins, and believing their own press releases; and if she HADN’T taken the $5K, they STILL would be gunning for her. She finally joins Mark in the realization that there’s NOTHING they can do to take the targets off their backs. Now Elena has the balls to shake some things up so if she doesn’t go home this week (assuming they’ll still back door Cody), win the HOH and blow the game up like you’re supposed to!


Hey Alex, Can we also have some steak and fries to go with those hot dogs too?

Smitten Kitten

The nerve of Elena… winning the veto competition & actually choosing her prize.
Hmph, some people… how dare she not think of Alex before herself (eye roll).

I realize that Alex is the HOH, and I’m not particularly fond of Elena, but she’s absolutely right. Alex should have known that anyone who won the veto was going to take the $5k (they certainly weren’t going to chose a punishment after winning the competition, duh!).
The smart thing for Alex would have been to take Mark’s prize, he gets the $5k & then the winner would have stolen the $5k from Mark & Mark would have had Alex’s punishment (Alex would have at the very least ended up with Mark’s trip). Alex would have done the SAME thing to Elena had the roles been reversed.
I mean who wants a freaking curse for a week???

This is the second time that “others” have felt so entitled to tell someone on the block what to do/how to play in veto, the first being Paul telling Ramses to throw the veto whilst on the block.

The nerve of Ramses trying to save his own BB life, how dare he be so selfish as to not play Paul’s game & only think of himself. (massive eye roll)


Elana is on the block, and anyone with half a brain that knows how to play big brother knows you take the veto when you are the block. I hope it costs her big league!


I was going to say the same thing! Usually in this competition the most coveted prize is the veto….especially if you’re on the block!


Your both not thinking. Your Elaine and know your not getting F2. You also know these sheeple treat folks like dirt that Paul targets. You’ve made the jury and the full stipend as a result. Maybe Elaine simply decided 5K more than she gets staying in the house and much better living conditions in the jury house has her thinking “time to get evicted”

On a simple note about this years boards. Why are so many folks here not dealing with the reality of the game BB. 1 person gets 500K, 1 gets 50K and fav gets 25K Exclude the fav and 2 prizes, F2. If your not going F2 why not get in the jury house ASAP. Right now there are perhaps 6 people vying for 2 spots. Paul, Alex, Jason, Josh, Xmas and Kev. And Kevin is in trouble.
BB strategy 101…….who do you want to sit beside F2? Don’t want Alex as an example then do not let her get to F3. Part 1 Final endurance she’ll kill it. Take Jason he is well rounded and a good social. Don’t think Paul takes him F3 and likely tries to get him out no later than F5. Kev has a target on his back. Sure looks like Josh and Xmas are the front runners to sit with Paul F2. Truth is the safest person to sit beside is Cody. He never gets the votes to win 500K.
So unless your Josh or Xmas when and who makes the move to get Paul out? Here’s my best guess on order, though going out next or 3 evictions from now makes no difference as long as Paul holds the votes.
Elaine- Think Matt won’t be stupid enough to not save himself. Think prod wants Cody in the house also.
Mark- again he doesn’t make F4 so when he goes not important.
Matt- ditto
Raven- ditto
Cody- the one person who can shake up Paul and the Sheeple. A Cody HOH may see the 6 reduced by 1. Clearly Kev gets it in the back on some sort of deal to keep Cody safe that won’t be honoured.
Kevin- The knives are out behind closed doors. Unless Jason alerts him immediately his fate is sealed. Might be on numbers unless he can flip people like Jason and Xmas. Needs Maven as well so with each eviction it will get harder to rally votes.
Jason- mentioned this before I don’t think Paul wants him F2. F4 down he becomes a tough out IMO.
F4 Alex-. Paul lets her get to 3 he has a problem. With Xmas and Josh he is a shoe in to play in part 3 of the finale and picks who he sits beside. If it’s true that Paul and Xmas know each other before BB he might take her over Josh. He beats both easily.

If you buy the majority of my opinion how the heck do they get Paul out and who does it? Kevin, Jason nor Alex will see it coming. To take Paul out you need Maven(votes) and I believe they think they are part of the Paul inner circle.


Another example was “how dare Mark use his veto to save himself”

Guy From Canada

It’s not the fact she took the 5k she allegedly said she wouldn’t give Alex the punishment then did. If she was a team player she would have taken the pov being on the block and taken herself down, but Matt now has been o stay with p and be a team player taking Jason down…..I wish Matt would use it on himself and they all vote Jason out. Mark, Kevin, Cody, Matt and raven could do this if Matt uses the pov on himself leaving Josh, Paul, Xmas and Alex blindsided. Would make for a good week but chances were of that happening now slim to nothing …….


Me too, maybe she wants him, haahaa

Guy From Canada

Simon/Dawg, from your guys impression do you think that Matt would use the veto on himself or has Paul poisoned his corn flakes with mind control venom? % chance at this point?


Damn Paul got all the puppies still wanting to get Cody out this week and of course stupid Matt going to use the veto on Jason and not him self… I swear I hope Elena or Mark win HOH during double eviction and put damn Paul and Alex on the block and win VETO too:) just to piss them off….

….These people i swear can’t think for themselves with out Paul.


If you don’t want to participate then don’t go on big brother.


I can’t believe Elena is that STUPID!!! Wait.. yeah I can. You honestly feel that entitled to leave Matt sitting there (and I don’t like him) with the Veto to be forced (by Paul) to use the Veto on YOU while HE remains on the block?!? Just so you can get 5k and give up a chance at 500k?! And of all ppl to piss of you choose the HOH?! I didn’t have much of an opinion on her before now but now if they flip the vote that will almost be equivalent to Marcellus’ move…. DUMB. Please please please let them flip and vote her a$$ out!


I don’t really think they will change from Cody but I hope they all make Elena sweat and lead her to believe it might be her voted out instead. Who knows if Matt does end up using veto on himself it just might be true.

Also Alex had also told Elena yesterday that she would not make her a have-not since Elena’s birthday is this next week. Now I wish Alex should tell her since you went back on our deal made during the comp not to give each other a punishment I am going back on the deal we made about being a have-not.


Did Matt use the veto on himself?


Not yet, they haven’t had the veto ceremony yet.


He won’t use veto on himself he will use it on Jason. Then they will put up Cody and he will be voted out. I’m thinking they might leave it the same and vote out Elena it’s a possibility.


Elena has got to go. Alex, grow a pair of girl nuts and tell Matt to use the veto on himself, no replacement needed and Elena flies away on her broom… PERFECT,

Team FU

At least now Elena can buy wheels for her house and go visit Mark when they get home!


I don’t know why people keep insisting that Josh is fat. He’s not.

Cindy Withanesse

Who the fuck cares, either way?!?!?!?


Elena acting like she did something, she was right in taking the prize, that’s how that comp works, but don’t gloat too hard, remember they can easily take her out. Cody is just a sitting duck missing his “girlfriend”..


I’ve seen every season of Big Brother, and I can honestly say this season has had the worst houseguests. They are all just so bad at the game…

Like him or hate him, Paul is the only one playing (and is looking like the best player of all time thanks to the fact no one else knows what show they’re on). While he’s not my favourite person in the house, based on game play alone, he deserves the win (ugh, yet I don’t want him to win.)

I think having one houseguest who has been on Big Brother previously (especially one who was a fan favourite…) was a bad idea. I think everyone bowing down to him is a mix of knowing he was a fan favourite, so worrying about the world hating you for going against someone that’s so loved, and just being star struck.

I think they either need to have all “all-stars”, maybe half, or none at all. The whole one previous houseguest thing is silly.

Guy From Canada

The previous Canadian one was half newbies half vets. The vets cast only a couple were considered all stars, and they flopped badley. It was by all means not the worst season, but it did turn Kraken towards the end(which Simon said most seasons end up Kraken) so an alright season overall. But still it was a good cast of newbies and if it wasn’t for the vets canabilizing themselves, it would have been an all vet end. If it’s all stars, all allstars. If it’s a mix, do a fan favorite and newbies who are there to play the game.


I thought it turned great towards the end – go Kevin! 😉


These punishments couldn’t of happened to a nicer group of people!


We all have to admit Paul is the only one playing & the rest followers. It would only be fitting to gift Cameron with America’s Favorite Player seeing that he seemed to want this more than the others. May even teach future players to step up and play their own games. CAMERON FOR AFP

The Shit Show

Most hypocritical cast ever. They give Cody crap for not being social and once he starts being social Paul starts accusing him of trying to work them and the minions all agree. If you do not agree with Paul then you are out of the group. Matt is too funny with wanting Mark to leave next because he is winning Comps and they are running low on food so that means Matt’s cereal could be next!!!!

Get the Facts Straight Dickhead

They actually felt bad for him and tried to talk to him….smh with the Jody sheep

Ms Chris

I think Elena is going home on Thursday.. Production wants him (Cody) in there and now they have two chances to make it happen..

1. Matt “overhears” something that let’s him know he was the back up plan if they couldn’t get Cody and he last minute uses the Veto on himself.
2. They take Jason down put up Cody and production makes Alex do the punishment SO MANY times that she convinces everyone to vote Elena out instead.

That would be AMAZING.


I was thinking same thing because if you look at some of the polls Elena is kinda at bottom. Cody is a little higher. He had been isolating himself now he is back talking with everyone. They might be some truth in that.


Paul says Cody’s military background is a lie.
Paul said he would fight Cody outside the house.
Paul attacks Cody’s relation with Jess.
Paul says Cody having a daughter is a lie.

According to Paul it is a game, not personal. Sure buddy, you keep telling yourself that.

Get the Facts Straight Dickhead

Cody “lied” abt his age when he came in….everyone lies in this game, have you seen it before? Oh yeah, your boy Cody referred to Audrey Middleton : ” was “it a man dressed up like a woman?” Just bc Cody served doesn’t make him a saint….. Let’s agree on that they are both flawed human beings!


I am a man!!!!

Shit Show

Paul black face comment is okay too I guess in your book???
Look just say your a Paul supporter we would have more respect for you rather than your dickhead comments.
Paul is playing a great game now but to get to this position production has helped him. The actions he orchestrated against Jody has put the house into this position. Paul knows he has to get Cody out because He holds no control over Cody we know it and we know Cody is going home. We also know that Elana or Mark are next unless they win HoH otherwise Paul has now put Kevin in a position to be voted out. Some of us like these players and are not happy with that possible outcome. It seems the game will become very predictable and boring just like now. i was not a fan of a lot of the things Jody said when backed into a corner. The things Jody said when they were HoH were not nice but they were not the meanest people in the house like some are making it out to be. It just felt Paul had to attack them at a very personal level and antagonize Jody into a fight to beat them. That is not playing the game at a game level that is taking it to a personal level using the game experience as an excuse for Paul’s minions for their actions. Paul has done a great job at brain washing them and weeding out those that cannot be brought over to his side of the house. Kinda like what Scientology does to their followers.


Every year half the players lie about what they do or have done in the real world. I don’t think it’s too far off base for any hg to question if someone is telling the truth about what they’ve done. At least if they’ve ever watched the show, they are aware of that.

They’re locked in a house without google, questioning everything is a natural occurrence in there. Give it a rest already.

This season is terrible

This has to be the worst season and cast ever in the history of this show. I can’t handle it but yet I still watch bc I keep hoping that someone will get some balls and turn this house around. Cody will prob leave this week. So sad. And then who will Paul make as the next target. It’s pathetic. All playing Paul’s game and whatever he dictacts. Alex is a loser and claims she knows everything about BB big LOL. She has to be one of the most ignorant and dumbest players. I can’t wait till she’s evicted. Buh byeee – along with Paul. Those 2 leaving will be sweet satisfication and the reason I’m still watching. Pathetic and idiotic cast this season 🙁 very disappointed.


As Evel Dick tweeted:
#BB16: worst cast of houseguests ever
#BB19: Hold my beer

A girl could dream...

I wish big brother would let the fans vote just once (at least) to be able to keep one houseguest safe for the week, even if they are on the block or would end up on the block. That would be an awesome twist!! I have never really been a cody fan BUT im loving seeing this side of cody! He is smiling, laughing, being social, etc (without jess being there of course because he was that way with her). That way he could redeem himself a little bit and make it further in the game to keep things exciting. I truly cant believe i just said that but i would love it.


Honestly, it seems that Jess was definitely more likeable with Cody out of the house. And now that the shoe is on the other foot, Cody is seemingly a bit more likeable to me as well. I find myself secretly rooting for him in the hopes that Elena or Matt is actually evicted on Thursday. Either way losing M or E would not be a huge loss to anyone’s game or to BB19. Go figure!


If Raven goes before Matt he’ll have to crank his frank without her :-?.

Raven is disgusting

Raven is a disgusting excuse of a woman. I sure hope she hears how much America hates her the second she steps out of that house.


You mean how much you and her fake friends hate her? LOL

Raven is disgusting

Nope…how much America hates her. Google it.

Captain Obvious

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

If you comprehend this quote, you will understand that your hate actually only effects yourself and no one else!

Too Many Puppies

I think its funny that she took the money, good for her. It is a game. Still with Pauls “we need to get Cody out, Hes trying to get back in”. Yes Paul, you have everyone so scared to even have a simple conversation with the man that they run. I mean, really Mark? You and your big self all afraid of Paul and what he says? “Next week everyone has their own agenda” yes now that they have gotten out the people you wanted. WOW the cronieness of it all.

I missed the POV, must have been a cereal eating contest or something if numb nuts won it. Jeez of all people too. I love that they have been punished though. Love that Huey doesn’t get to participate in eating hahaha.

Xmas and Mr Martial arts together for the punishment is awesome. She will get on his nerves but quick. She is loving it because she finally has someone who HAS to be close with her.

Glad Jason is in that outfit. Im pretty sure we can figure out what he was wanting to say to Kevin about Alex. Married or not they are still human and probably lonely. Doesn’t mean he is going to do anything but having the extra visual I am sure helps in the shower…*shudders*

Love how Beard hates that he sees people like or want to like Cody. Best move Alex, put up the Beard and then play the game instead of having this fool keep telling you guys your plans.


Cody looks like Tom Cruise


He looks more like Spock to me.


Cameron for America’s Favorite Player.

Raven go fund me

How stupid are you NOT to use the veto on yourself when your on the block?! Is anyone here playing Big brother? Let’s go over the rules again. The entitlement of some of these houseguests!!!
All following the 5’2 gnome!

Also, Raven better be prepared to answer for her no name disease when she is in the real world. She is going to be getting a rude awakening! No more faking fraud.


Alex mad because Elena took the 5000… have any of these entitled idiots ever watched BB? She would have been an idiot not to!


She’s mad because they promised each other not give each other punishments . Elena could have took the trip Mark had to Colorado and cashed it in but she took the 5000.00 dollars from Alex instead a gave her the punishment when it could have been Mark doing punishment. If I was Alex I would make Elena a havenot for her birthday this week.


True….how dare Elena or anyone else play for themselves and not Paul and Alex. Dont they know they are only supposed to do what helps Paul in the end? SMH


Alex is mad because she has no sense of humor and looking silly on TV hurts her pride. She is as bad as Paulie was last summer, pouting because they have to actually do something besides talk shit and work out. What a baby.


Hell all Cody and Jessica did was stay to themselves and screw all the time or play grab-assign as Kevin calls it. I’m glad Jessica is out of game and can’t wait till Cody leaves as well. I wouldn’t keep him no matter what Elena did. I would just make her a havenot for her birthday and let stay on block. I know Josh want her out he see if for what she is a user.


If anyone considers themselves a friend on Elena they should mention to her she looks like a circus clown!


It’s hilarious that Maven think they are F3 with Paul. I would double-heart Raven if I didn’t dislike her so intently. Her sappy on-camera love fest with production last night was pathetic, especially when she points to all the scars on her body that she’s gotten since coming into the house.


They probably are the 2 Paul will take if they last in the house. Paul will take them because who would vote for them. Actually everyone should take those 2 and could win.

Elenas tiny violin

Enough with making Elena out to be some poverty stricken individual.. she left her job to go on bb.. am sure you could afford to do so otherwise why do it? There are no guarantees once u go on the show.. besides how are you so in need of money but early on was talking about your super expensive jeans that are made for “curvy girls” give it up! She took the money but it was only five thousand.. hardly enough to make u feel better when u r all by yourself in the jury house (fingers crossed.. please take her annoying ass out)


I still think Cody is best decision for going this week but if I was honest I would go ahead a take out Elena. Who takes a prize over veto and she is on the block. I would just go ahead and vote her out. Cody working Alex that is probably making Jessica salty. Good times in jury house for Cody and Alex especially if she goes after Cody .


Most commenters have been bit**ing how no one is playing BB and bit**ing how horrible Paul is…….Paul is the ONLY one playing the game!! He is “playing” everyone, and doing a fine job.


Why can’t y’all just enjoy all the lying, backstabbing, and conniving……..HELLO??? It’s Big Brother!!! Anybody ever watch before?? Quit slamming Production and the players….this is NOT real life people! Called “entertainment”!

Cereal Killer

Wait, did Matt use the Veto on himself? The “NOM” letters aren’t on his screen

Cindy Withanesse

Not while he’s got Paul’s dick in his mouth.


Alex should let her beef with Elena go and along with the rest of them, start thinking about jury votes. That should be Cody’s argument to Alex “How to you expect to win sitting next to Paul? Cause if he’s F2, I’m voting for him to win (and imply Elena and Mark feel same way).

Just wondering

Does anyone else think Cody looks like John Gage from emergency?


Funny how the other side of the house has the punishments this week. I am really hoping Cody will stay. It is a slim chance but I can dream. Do what you have to do to stay.


It was their bright idea to stack the veto competition with their players. I’m glad that production saw an opportunity to humble the pricks a little and piss them off a lot. I also think it is funny that Paul and Xmas at strapped to each other, making it so neither of them can do any meaningful game talk secretly with other players. Alex continues to be a terrible person as well as a big baby.


Lmfao did paul just say when he was talking about coming out of the house ” its like you’re going to war, you miss out on pop culture, you miss out on news. Bb is a traumatic experience. And when you come out it’s terrifying ” he went to the mall to get his hair cut and people were shouting his name?? And he had an anxiety attack?!? Your gonna gain friends, your gonna loose friends, you wont know who to trust!!! Ahahaha this guy is so FULL of himself!!!! Come down to reality you fool!!!! I can’t believe they just sit there and listen to him like he’s this almighty figure. Seriously paul a little bit of TV time has exploded your ego. nobody will remember you come a few years lol clown! I actually liked his game play before but now he just talks to people like there idiots (granted most of them are lol)

Guy From Canada

Actually when Dan was in the house last, and in interviews, Dan says it takes like a month to adjust back to society. Paul may be over exaggerating, but there is one reference right now there that there is an adjustment period for some.


Elena wants to wait until they are out of the house to explore their relationship except on Wednesday nights. She turns up the teasing and dry/wet humping and sperm catching just in case Mark wins HOH on Thursday. What a fool he looks like chasing that putty face around. He has that stupid look on his face like he is a love sick school boy. She is a pig.


I can’t believe CBS is making Alex take all that camping gear up and down the spiral staircase. It seems like a major injury, just waiting to happen. So much for “Safety First” in the BB house.


Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Love seeing her have to do all this. The only thing physical this lemming has done is riding Paul’s coattails.

Kitty Litter

A major injury didn’t seem to hurt Christmas in the game. Alex is an ahole and deserves some stress.


This must be the day that the producers allow Josh to read Dawg and Simon’s updates. Damn near EVERY comment on here is talking about Jessica. (FYI, she is NO longer in the house. Please move on.)