POV Ceremony Results! Tim “I’ll hold your hand and I’ll be your f**king mom!”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-18 08-23-04-128
10:25am – 11:20amBig Brother blocked the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place. The brothers originally nominated Maddy and Ramsey for eviction. Ramsey won the veto but decided to leave the game due to his father needing surgery. The brothers were then required to name a replacement nominee and they chose to nominate Tim. Everyone knows you shouldn’t volunteer to be a pawn but Tim being the wildcard that he his, he decided to roll the dice. At this point the brothers are targeting Tim but its now up to them to convince the others to vote him out.

The Brothers Nominated Tim as the replacement Nominee

11:25am In the bathroom – Tim tells Cassandra if you can’t do a job, I’ll do it myself. Cass leaves. Tim talks to Nikki and says It is my way of saying they made a real tits a$$ job of who they put on the block. And they had the chance to really put Jared up and cause a scene and have a big move and we may have still sent Maddy home.. But what they’ve essentially done again is played the safest route. And its my way of saying If you want something done, I’ve got to get in there and do it. So I’ll hold your hand and I’ll be your f**king mom! And we’ll get Maddy out. I don’t think its earned them any respect from Jared in the process which is what they were trying to do. People don’t respect pu$$ies! Nikki says no they do not. I said to them basically, well I hope that strategy wins you a $100,000! That’s not how I won big brother! And he got really angry and said oh as if your HOH was not pu$$y. Nikki asks he said that? Tim says A few nights ago. Tim says I was like do you know what mate?! I saw you as someone I really liked and wanted to win .. Tim shakes his head saying no more.

In the kitchen – Phil thanks Tim for volunteering to go on the block. Tim says oh yeah, its something to do. Now I have to start thinking of my eviction speech.

11:50am The house guests head out to the hot tub room to sun tan..

12:45pm The house guests continue to sun tan and chat about random things. Tim says that Cassandra is like a cat… she only loves you when she wants something from you. Tim takes the house guests through a full tour of the Zoo he’s been to.

2:10pm Hot Tub room – Tim says there’s not much stress in the air. I’m a good pawn star. Phil agrees. Tim heads inside to eat. He says if I go to jury this week I am going to keep doing my exercises. Tim says it sh*ts me that you never have to go on slop again. Tim asks can I buy its off you? Jared says yeah! Tim asks would you take a $1000? Jared says yeah! I’ll trade it for the Brick card. (The $1000 Brick gift certificate that Tim won but can’t use because he can’t ship furniture back to Australia.) They talk about asking Big Brother if they can trade.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-18 11-11-19-024

2:45pm Cassandra and Joel discuss taking out Jared or the Brothers. Joel tells Cass they could put up Tim and Nikki if it’s a Double Eviction to backdoor them. They agree Jared if it’s an Instant Eviction (No Power of Veto Competition). Joel says if we take out Jared, Kelsey will have no where else to go .. she will have to work with us.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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And why did Canada give them HOH….


Well technically, we (Canada) did NOT give them the HOH. A game of chance did that…I voted for Nikki.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 only lifted their butts from on chair to the next…


I think they got HOH to make them pick a side. The line has been drawn now, they are working with Jared but with the way this season is they are all flakey and flip flop from week to week so who knows?

The coreys

Looks like BBC didn’t learn it’s lesson from last season with too much twist and outside interference.

This whole game has unfolded the way it has because Kelsey was brought back into the game, just 2 friggen weeks in.



I’m glad to see the narcissist finally OTB. Tim is showing that he’s just as delusional as the rest of the HGs. It’s nice to see him being played even if he does stay. I hope Maddy’s campaign to Cassandra leads way to Nikki finding out that Tim said he wants her out next week. I wonder if Kelsey will change her vote this week once she hears all about the latest


Tim how u not a big Move? Delusional much…you are playing the strongest game?


Sorry Brothers but you don’t have anything to offer anyone to get them to vote Tim out this week over Maddy. They are going to feel like 2 fools when they realize their back door plan to get rid of Tim reaches his ears. Cass is playing you – you idiots! You can’t use her to set your plan in motion or get Kelsey on board. – Oh and Phil, Kelsey will never be with you in this game get over it – she wants you out. They truly are delusional. Nice to see some of Jared has rubbed off on to them this week. Canada gave the Pax Brothers a HoH and it just may send them home next week – Sweet.


Where does this misplaced admiration for Jared come from with these two boneheads? I think they are 70 times the man he supposedly is. He has no balls to even discuss or pretend to discuss game with anyone but Kelsey?
What am I missing here? There’s no ‘mist’ or even Dr. Willesque charisma and charm.
Anyway, Maddy’s advice to them last night I hope was heeded because although her social graces may be raw in the house, she has assessed pretty much everyone’s game spot-on IMO.
Can’t wait to see how the next HOH plays out. Who knows, maybe Big Brother is going to toss in a twist in the next few days that’ll keep Maddy.
It’ll sure keep the drama alive.

An ornery mouse

Poor Jared – too bad “nice guys finish last.” If only these other lowlifes would play the game with the integrity that HE plays it. Then he’d never be forced to pout or shun anyone.

This guy’s “holier than thou” petulance has really worn thin. I think I’m about ready for his exit.


What do the brothers see in Jared unless it’s all fixed for Jared to win. I don’t get it . Everything goes Jared’s way. Kelsey coming back , he wins POV when he needs to. Everything keeps falling in place for him. Seems a little suspicious. All of a sudden the brothers and Jared connect at the right time.


Go on, your kidding, you don’t say, well I never…….. production fixing a season for their favorites? I won’t have such a thing written on these BB boards!! hehehe

In all honesty it appears on the surface Kelsey is productions choice. Though with the 2 joined at the hip could be Jared. As for Thursday production has options. They could do a “do over” with Ram leaving. With the weeks left and the number of HG’s I think 1 less HG means do over is a no go..
Oh poor lil Timmy….. he’s going NO where. 3 votes needed to evict….. Kelsey, Jared, Cassie Poo, Joel and Nikki the lush. Keeping Timmy are Cass and Nikki and I think Joel to. Frankly tiny Tim has deals with Kelsey/Jared as well. Maddy leaves 5-0 IMHO.

Worse than Thursday, which really is irrelevant, Bros become targets getting productions fav closer to the 100K! Compared to season 3 production hasn’t had to be nearly as involved on the surface. I think they picked very plyable people that when intimidated in the DR have been doing what production wants. They still have the 2 internationals helping productions favs to. That puts Joel and Cassie Poo as the only ones really in the way. Only way either makes the final is if they become the “you can beat them in F2” Were getting to the part in the game that should be Jared/Timmy’s sweet spot. I cannot come up with a scenario that would require a secret veto to save the fav’s. But production still has 1 to hid in Kelsey/Jared’s suitcase.


I wondered if the reason Tim volunteered to be a pawn was to protect Jared.


I wondered if Tim went up as a pawn to protect Jared or Kelsey. Production may want a nice young looking person to win to impress and/or attract American or international audiences. Tim is running the game. Cass thinks she is, but both Tim and Niki are on to her. The rest all just clueless warm bodies filling a space .


I’d love it if Big brother plays the week out exactly how its supposed to upto the point where Arrisa says who’s evicted and says “Since Ramsey left no one goes home”. Let Arrisa say the the vote Tally. It will for sure be a waste of an HOH (like it wasn’t already) but it might cause some drama FINALLY if there was a plan to backdoor Tim. I personally don’t see how he would get backdoored unless Joel flips his vote. But it would be Epic if Joel played Jared/Kelsey & brothers and say he’ll vote out Tim to have Tim stay and gun after them….and i’m not a Tim fan,
Go Joel!


time to split up the brothers now!


would make great pawn he done it before!


I don’t understand why (especially in the Canadian version), people tell each other how they’re voting. I get it, but in this case if Cass voted out Tim let’s say, then she doesn’t need to admit it to anyone (just an example).
When do the brothers start playing as separate people? I know that Arisa said if they made it past some time period, they would both get to stay.
Does anyone know?


The brothers will NOT become separate players they play as a pair until the end


Getting out Tim would be a HUGE move. He’s a big threat. The only reason the brothers nominated Maddy and Ramsey instead of Jared and Kelsey is that most of the house, meaning Cass, Joel AND TIM suggested Maddy and Ramsey go up initially. There was no support to target Jared. The bros would have been going against their allies suggestion by nominating Kelsey and Jared. Is Tim delusional? Does he not remember pushing Maddy and Ramsey as noms initially?


Because Tim initially pushed for Jared and Kelsey to be nominated. Blue room.
Then led the discussion that Maddy and Ramsey should be nominated. Hot tub room.
Then said hey what about Jared and Kelsey. HOH bathroom.
Then said hey, what about Jared and Tim as pawn, put up Kelsey or Maddy as nominee if Jared wins veto, or have the house promise to use the veto on Tim if they win. HOH room.
Then said hey, what about Maddy and Tim as pawn, put up Jared or Ramsey if Maddy wins veto, or thave the house promise to use the veto on Tim if they win. Also in HOH room in front of a separate group of house guests.
Depending on who was in the room with him and the brothers, his opinions changed.

Poutine Queen of Saskatoon

OMG! Watching Maddy sit there in the HOH last night and go on and on and on about how she never lied, and she never brought up Jared’s name for a renomination, and she doesn’t understand why everyone hates her, and blah blah over and over. I mean seriously, does she honestly think that Jared and everyone else can’t see what she’s trying to do when she’s constantly saying she will vote for Jared if she goes to jury. Ramsey leaves the house and she’s suddenly all up on Phil’s jock. I don’t blame Jared for getting angry and saying what he said to her. I didn’t believe her crying act to Nick & Phil at all. She was just trying to work on their emotions. Jared said it best earlier by the hot tub when he said she never turns off game. Her constant sniffling and lying last night caused me to self evict from live feeds! Can’t wait to see what she might do if she is on the Sideshow this Friday and if Peter says some snarky remarks like he did with Raul last week.


Peter the narcissist, arguably one of the worst players should be told where to go by an evicted houseguest. That would be great TV. I’ve never seen such a horrible human being given a platform for no reason. He played so badly and masturbated to a girl’s rubber band that Lies-a gave him. They removed Gary but forgot the rest of the trash when they left him behind.


He was nearly assaulted by one of the former houseguests. Audience members during Risha’s eviction in season 3 said security had to get in between them. She thought he was being an inconsiderate ass and said so. Loudly.


Oh my the brothers are so Dumb. They don’t even have the numbers to get Tim out. Nikki and Cass aren’t going to vote out Tim. Kelsey and Jared hate Maddy and aren’t going to vote out Tim.


It’s not necessarily to get Tim evicted this week, but to expose his game to the whole house via Maddy that they put him on the block.
It would take Maddy actually doing something like… I don’t know… campaigning, to push for Tim getting evicted. She doesn’t seem in a hurry to tell people all the stuff that Tim told/promised her. Tim’s lucky she’s so bad at this game.


Tim finally got caught he really believe that everyone believes they are in an alliance with him. Well, the brother and Jared spoke and compared stories. I really like the idea of after the votes are cast that they decided to do a do over!!! That would be epic. Now, if BBC wanted to do a twist here’s their opportunity. I’d like to see the brothers go home before Jared. I don’t know why they are so wanted to be with Jared. I’ll say it again, Phil has some problems: I watched after dark and he thinks he was the leader and got put into a cage and all his followers are against him. Really, he was never a leader. He so wants to be part of the “alpha boy group” that he lost all reality with the game. I knew he wasn’t going to put up Jared because he thinks he’s in love with Kelsey. Nick had a read on Tim along time ago but of course Phil never listens to anything Nick says even though we know he has the better read. Come on BBC do a re over!!!!! The boys can go!!!


I agree Marie and think it’s horrible how Phil treats Nick, constantly telling him to shut up and tries to control his every move. I wish they WOULD separate them so the house could vote Phil out and then work with Nick! No wonder Nick has self esteem issues! Can’t imagine growing up with someone like Phil who is so insecure about himself I’m sure he’s taken it out on Nick his whole life!


Top 10 musings on current events:
1. Ramsay apparently went to the Brothers before his departure to deal with a family emergency (side note:
sending Ramsay and his family positive energy and a safe surgery with a speedy recovery for his father) to ask them to help/save Maddy. Okay, so in any Big Brother you are entitled to leave at any time e.g. Evil Dick left BBUS early. Since Ramsay left and wanted Maddy safe why wouldn’t he simply say I’m giving the POV to Maddy? It was an option and he still could have left the house to attend to the family matter.

2. Regardless of what Tim says, he has been a very different player this week. And it all started once Canada’s vote was read. On the show last night he opines the only reason the Brothers were selected is b/c Canada is sick of them not taking a stand. Either production told Tim that or his ego just can’t fathom why he didn’t win it.

3. Carrying on from above, notably Tim has been connected at the hip with Nikki this week. This after she has proven to be Canada’s favorite of the 2 internationals. Coincidence? I doubt it.

4. Again carrying on from above. Up until now Tim has always managed his relationships and kept the players so close that even though their were plenty of prior opportunities for the hamsters to out his double, triple, quadruple dipping they didn’t. That was because he was so convincing with each individual (as good if not better than Mitch prior to Kelsey’s return) to always make them feel THEY really were his TRUE person. Joel and Mitch were the only 2 who ever questioned his true motivation and Tim saw that in Mitch, hence why he pushed the agenda for his oust from the house.

From my perspective Joel has been the only one to fool Tim into believing he’s buying what Tim’s selling. Again, IMHO I’m of the belief Tim’s ego was so shattered by the vote he hasn’t been able to cope this week. Hence he’s been cruel to Cass, the Bro’s, Kelsey, and Maddy. That was something he only did with Nikki and Cass b/c deep down he trusted them the most. It might not result in his eviction this week, however it has shone a spotlight squarely on him.

5. The Brothers are hoping Maddy will blow up everyone’s game b/c then they don’t have to & they’ll exit HOH with the light brightly shining on anyone but them. They are encouraging this with the hope Maddy goes off on everyone. Phil isn’t doing this with the true intent of saving Maddy. Rather if Maddy did sway people … great he gets rid of Tim and retains someone who can win comps and will protect him. If she leaves so be it.

6. While some strongly believe Maddy has no chance, I think if she pushes the right buttons there could be some who become swayed. That said, Maddy has to handle this exactly the right way. She can’t hold a house meeting or blow up everyone’s game in public, this has to be handled in a deft manner. Albeit that’s asking a lot. The priority is Cass. She needs her to know (and get confirmation from the others who were present) that Tim was pushing for Cass to be nominated and even suggested she get evicted.

This COULD create a domino effect since the real person Maddy needs to handle her campaigning is Cass if she wants to stay. So, if Cass gets confirmation Tim was gunning for her to go up then she can tell Jared/Kelsey that Tim is playing all sides and will win the game if he doesn’t go now. She can tell them Tim has been throwing comps and hint production is helping him. Further she should say he’s waiting for the triple to take out Jared and the Bros or Jared & Kelsey.

Next Cass needs to cry and make sure Nikki sees her crying. When Nikki comes to console her, she needs to tell her Tim doesn’t want Nikki in the house after the next week and intimate it’s b/c Nikki is too popular with Canada but she doesn’t want her to leave.

7. Regardless of what people think of Joel being influenced by Love he proved via his differing votes she didn’t rule him. However, he IS controlled by someone: CASS … Joel is always the first to run to her and his F2 deal with her I bet is one he is relying on though I think his goal is to be with Cass & Nikki at F3 then cut Cass to bring Nikki to up his chances of winning.

8. Jared telling Tim, the brothers are targeting him isn’t a smart game move and only serves to showcase he is as catty as the women in the house. He’s planting that seed so Tim will gun for the Brothers, but since Tim is
acting erratic he’ll likely not be able to keep that to himself. Unfortunately, the Bro’s (scratch that ..) PHIL is more enamored with Jared than Kelsey.

9. The other factor which arises from Ramsay leaving is it removes the potential for a double or triple eviction show which provides production with the highest network ratings. That leads me to believe something will be done to counter it. Either Arisa will say (AFTER the votes are read) since Ramsay left there will be no
eviction and since this wasn’t the Brothers fault EVERYONE will compete in HOH. The other option would be for a jury member to return (hello Mitch) however with the return of Kelsey this season that seems unlikely.

10. Guaranteed at some point in the next 2 days Tim is going to have a massive freak out that will either result in him showcasing true BB talent OR his eviction next. AND… we’ve yet to see a TRUE endurance HOH I have a feeling it occurs this week geared to a “tiny” person having the advantage…. How ironic (READ: AMAZING) would it be if Nikki won HOH and somehow production influenced her to be the one who backdoors Tim?

Enjoy your week


GO HOME MADDY. Like seriously so sad that Ramsey had to leave and now you’re on to your next victim. I’ve never disliked a BBC houseguest until I Maddy this year. For gosh sakes keep Tim. He is so funny and playing so well. I’m not a fan of Cassandra though.She’s just ok. Just feeding off of Tim’s popularity. Nikki is just adorable. I don’t mind Jared and Kelsey. Sometimes he annoys me with his rudeness and Kelsey with her almost seems like she plays him along a bit. Joel meh he’s alright. Final 5. Tim, Nikky, The Brothers, Jared and Kelsey. If any of them won. I’d be happy.


TIM for the WINNNN though. I really want Tim to win.


Now that Big Brother is down one player, they will need to split the brother in order for jury!


Hmmm Interesting Thought to do that but they won’t I’m pretty sure. But good idea