Tim tells Maddy “I think I’m your new pawn. Do you want me to give you a head start?”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

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8:20am Nikki asks have they actually said they would put you up? Tim says yeah. Nikki says everyone is a million percent that Maddy is going. Tim agrees. Tim goes to the other bedroom and gives Maddy her new batteries. Tim asks what do you want to do? I think I’m your new pawn. I won’t make it awful for the next few days. Do you want me to give you a head start? I won’t do any campaigning today. The brothers wouldn’t put up Jared. This isn’t a big move. That’s the way they’re playing. Tim heads to the bathroom to shower. He does is routine of saying what he’s hopeful for. Tim says I’m hopeful that when the brothers speech impresses me and that its not bullsh*t. Tim says I’m volunteering so you guys are running around like babies all day. Tim says he’s going make a deal with the brothers. I want the ipod whenever I want. Cassandra ask Tim if he made a deal with the brothers? Tim says no. Cass tells him you always make a deal. You need to go ask for security and the ipod whenever you want. Tim agrees. Cass tells him to go make a deal for two weeks safety. Kelsey says you’re like Katniss Everdeen today.

8:40am Tim asks Phil are we doing it? Phil says its either you or Nikki. Tim says if we do it I won’t come after you and you don’t come after me. If Maddy is gaining any traction then you let me know. Phil says the fact that you’re doing this makes everything easier. Tim says I just want to be a pawn star! So is it prawn, pron like prono, or pawn? Tim says I’m excited to work with the paq’s brothers. Tim heads to the diary room. Phil tells Nick that he told Tim that Maddy was in here till 3am. She’s so annoying and has to go. And she’s going to go, you’re safe. ANd if she stays we’re good. He shook on it. He knows it, he needs protection and he’s coming for that. We’re good. If she blows up the house and she leaves and we’re good. We’re against Maddy, act like it. Nick says I know. Phil says this has the potential to become one of the best big brother moments.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-18 05-59-40-521
8:50am – 9:30am HOH room – Kelsey talks to the brothers about how she thinks Tim is freaking out. Phil reassures her that Maddy is going this week. Phil says lets see how good Tim is at Big Brother. This is going to be good tv, this backdoor. Phil says this week you already know that Tim is going to be freaking out and that is going to bite him in the a$$. Nick agrees. Phil says We’re so good! He’s falling right into our game plan. This is going to be the best HOH ever. Phil says at the end of this game we’ll have won 2 or 3 HOH’s and 4 or 5 POVs. Like we aren’t floaters at all.

9:45am Hob Tub room – Cassandra asks who do you want beside us in the end Kelsey or Tim? Joel asks what about Nikki. Cass says no everyone would want to take her. I want her our in the next couple weeks. Cass says we need to get Jared out ASAP! Cass says I think Tim could win this whole thing. Joel thinks so too. Where would that put us with Kelsey if he is taken out at the 7 or 6 spot? Cass says I think Jared wants to go to the final four with us.

10:25am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the veto ceremony to take place.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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….and if you ask me, I think it’s way more vulgar to straddle your boyfriend and dry hump him in a room full of people. Yes, Kelsey does it and does it often. At least we’re not seeing porn (for all you judgmental a-holes), made by Maddy. So she touched someone’s dick? Did we have to see it? No.
I don’t appreciate seeing Kelsey sitting on top of her girlfriend Jared constantly.


show of hands for anyone who asked?


Do you know what dry humping is and what it looks like?


This ‘power couple’ is so delusional. They are also pigs, flicking their ashes all over the hot tub room like it’s their personal ashtray.
Kelsey had to stop Jared from calling Maddy something this morning. Not a good sign starting a relationship, if you ask me. Your boyfriend is calling women condescending names. He might as well put on his ‘wife-beater’ but he’s so obsessed with imitating Emmett… He a chauvinist and it was already proven with his jealousy. She is fooling the house (for now) that she is the nice girl just having fun. Um, when is she having fun? She can’t seem to stop talking about Maddy. Maddy is not rude to everybody as far as I can see so it’s weird how a seed like that was planted and took a life of it’s own.
Who was the vindictive bitch that took the duck? Has Maddy done anything to hurt Kelsey? This is ‘all about illusion’ as Tim says. Jared is a big pussy who can’t even speak to men confidently. Real alpha, right? He picks his nose a lot by the way.


I’m all for good-humored hating of contestants. But does it really need to get down to the level of ‘slut’ and ‘wife beater’ that we have been seeing her over the last few days?

Go ahead and give them shit but I’d prefer if people kept it light-hearted.


PLease backdoor Jared!!!!!!

come on production this is where you step in and make the brothers nominate him!!
It will be so juicy in the house with Kelsey and Maddy both all over the brothers!!


I think the eviction will be canceled because Ramsey is smart enough to veto Maddy if he leaves anyway. That means no ones one the block and the bros will be separated or Canada will be the 9th jury vote.


except that Ramsey already left which was before the veto ceremony. He can’t use the veto from his living room couch


Leaving the whole supposed bully supposed slut shame thing behind here for this comment. I’ve lost interest because I prefer thinking about the game most of the time.
Looking at the morning as it stands strategically.
Tim is laying groundwork for his campaign by first subtly demoralizing Maddy with his “I’ll give you a head start” conversation. It sounds sort of encouraging, but the subtext is quite plain: you’re sunk against me little turd, so go ahead and try (insert Tim’s eye roll).
Tim is asking for a safety deal from the brothers (Cass suggests a two week deal… there’s three left, make of that what you will).
Kelsey is telling the brothers Cass told Tim to make the deal. The brothers infer they may be able to get Kelsey to vote out Tim.
Joel and Cass are weighing their options. Will Tim drop out at final three for them to be the final 2, no. Are the brothers serious about their final 4 or their final 3? They have nobody else.
Certainties: Nikki will vote out Maddy over voting out Tim.
If the brothers and Maddy tell Cass Tim suggested getting her put up as replacement nom, after Tim argued with her on Thursday morning and blew up her game a little, we could be in for tasmanian devil level feeds for a couple of hours.
Could Joel be convinced Tim is the biggest danger in the game? He thought so in week three and four, but didn’t want to voice it until more people came to the conclusion. Has he forgotten? What happens when it is revealed Tim has final deals with each couple in the house?
Kelsey will be the hardest to convince to change her vote. Kelsey seems to need female rivalry as much as Maddy does, without a rival what does Kelsey become?
Watching this HOHitis is as disturbing and entertaining in that train wreck way as I thought it would be. Honestly, Nick should be the engineer, because Phil’s always been too close to going off the rails. At least then it would be a slow motion train wreck.


The bros are delusional, no way can they get a 3-3 vote and evict him. In my opinion the only ones they might sway is Jared and Kelsey. Nikki and Cass won’t and Joel wants to but won’t because his ties with Cass. I also think Joel secretly wants to play both sides for as long as he can and in the end take Nikki to F2.


Phill is just a mindless hothead. He’s turned on Tim all of a sudden just because the latter dared to push for “his majesty”, Jared, to go up as a replacement nominee which, by the way, makes a lot of sense for the benefit of all except for, maybe, Kelsey.
If the brothers do want to get rid of Tim, they should have “taken care” of Maddy this week, kept Tim off the block for now, kept their yaps shut regarding going after Tim and waited to see how next week will play out. I would love to see Tim staying, Tim winning HOH , backdoring the brothers and send them home. They are playing the same mindless game as Maddy’s last week when she was in power and i would like to see them paying for it same as Maddy

Newport fail

Their giddy overconfidence reminds me of Zach and Jordan during Zach’s epic HOH fail last year. Watch how this blows up in their face.




First thought during the have not competition televised last night: Holy Jabbandra the Hutt… how does someone that’s been on slop for 14 out of 49 days (at that point) and has yet to cook a meal gain that much weight? The silver have not costume had about the same coverage as the first hoh costume. Looked like two very different people.
I feel bad for thinking it. But that was my first thought.


Haha, thought the same thing. I watched the first episode again. She has gained a lot of weight. Still think she’s beautiful regardless. That’s also her body type, so she suits having a few extra pounds. I’m kinda startin to like her. Not sure if it’s the lack of anyone actually playing the game well, but she’s definately growing in me. And let’s admit it, other than kelsey, she’s the only one playing strategic and actually playing a game. Kelsey is too, but she just doesn’t have the social skills. Go Casandra!

Big Brother is Life

I personally think that the eviction should be canceled. Like Chima’s in BB11. As I just don’t see the fairness of two people going home on one person HoH. Why not just let a brand new HoH play out and quick noms and veto and come Thursday we have a eviction available.

But if they don’t do it which I hope they do then hopefully the brothers can backdoor Tim. Not that I want them too it’s just that I want something good to happen this week. It was obvious nominating Maddy and Ramsey was the Loveita Week 3 move. So if the brothers can pull of a backdoor that would be good tv and actually not a waste of an HoH.


The brothers don’t deserve to win because of this week lol
Love how they think they’ll have 2-3 HoH’s and 5 PoV’s when they’re in F2.
I think they’re “the house’s” next target


There is no way Maddy is staying.

I just hope the Brothers leave next. That is all.


Being the HoH is looking like a bit of a curse and I’m surprised no one has noticed this in the house yet. Raul Wins HoH -> Maddy wins HoH and evicts Raul -> Brothers win HoH and evict Maddy -> ??? Win HoH and evict the brothers.


I know lots of people wanted Jared to be the renom, but I actually don’t mind having Tim on the block as a “prawn”. Please. He knows the difference. He made a prawn joke about one of his fellow house guests in his season of bbau.
I want to see Tim sweat and campaign. I don’t care which of Tim or Maddy are evicted, but I want to see the campaigning.


Not sure if some of you only watch the episodes, my guess is yes. Because I’m what planet is maddy a nice girl? She’s been rude, controlling and hateful all season. She has an obcession with Kelsey, probably because she wanted Jared to be the 1st notch on her, I’m already seeing someone but who cares, belt. Only, Jared only had eyes for Kelsey. And after all the horrible comments maddy makes about the other hrs in general, who cares if somebody gives it back to her.


Can I just hand Jared the win now!?


If anyone thinks Maddy is a nice person or deserving to be in that house they haven’t watched the feeds. She is vile, mean, conceited and so jealous of Kelsey! I can’t understand how Ramsey was with her? She is rude and ugly on the inside.

Toe Cutter

How the hell can Tim say its not a big move? Umm ya it is a big move putting you on the block.
*International player who already won a BB in his country. Likable (even though arrogant) and he is there to play and WIN no matter how much he tries to convince everyone that he isn’t, that’s his game. Getting him out before he can get to the end and have an Aussie win BBCanada…..I think not. Off With his Head!
Regardless if Maddy needs to go.
Putting him on the block and voting his ass out would be a HUGE MOVE TIM!! nice try though.


I love the water works that Maddy put on for the brothers. That was priceless.