Nick dumps his drink on PHIL and hits him with Tupperware container “I’M GOING TO SELF-EVICT!”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: Tim and Maddy
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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bbcan4 phil and nick
In the kitchen – Phil tells Nicks face looks weird. Your face looks sickly! Nick says I got 4 hours of sleep last night because of you and someone else in the room. The other house guests ask if they’re fighting?! Nick says It’s not a fight. You’re not considerate to other people. Phil says I’m just telling you how it is. I’m just saying your face looks weird. Nick says You’re the friggen guy with acne so I don’t even know why you would say that to me. Phil says you don’t have acne though. I have a right to care about your face. Cass says brotherly love. Phil says watch your mouth okay! I’m not in the mood right now! Nick comes into the kitchen and asks Nick why he’s being sensitive!?!? Nick says get out of my face!! You make me look like an idiot in front of the other house mates .. I’m just sick of it okay! Phil keeps following Nick and smiling / taunting him. Phil says I’m trying to make you smile! Nick says I don’t want to smile right now. Phil asks why?! Nick says because you’re a bully. Nick says same thing as this morning. Phil says I wish you weren’t even here in this house. Phil says I’m not being a bully!! Phil tells Nick that he becomes a real B***H!! Nick says you’re always on the winning end of things. Phil says because I am a winner. I’ve been a winner my whole life. Nick says you’re supposed to be looking out for me. Phil tells Nick to get out of his face. BYE BYE BYE… f**King b***h!! In the storage room – Nick says do better than that. Phil tells Nick “act meaner” (It sounds like the brothers are on a task to make the argument so the house guests notice?)

Phil says I wish you were’t my brother. Nick says look me in the eyes and wish I wasn’t your brother? No you can’t. Phil then looks Nick in the eyes and says I wish you weren’t my brother!! Nick throws his drink on PHil. Nick then hits Nick with a Tupperware container and says I’m f**King over this!! I’m going to self-evict! Phil asks you’re going to self-evict!?!! Nick says yup! 50 grand isn’t worth it! Phil says go to the diary room and cry with all your emotions. You’re suck a dick!! F**kING HIT ME! WE ALL KNOW I EARNED THIS HOH AND NOT YOU!! Phil then throws all of Nick things off the balcony. Phil says I could have won all the comps alone. Nick tells him you can do this. Tim tries to calm PHil down. Phil says have fun in the pink room because this is my room for the rest of the week.


4:45pm The live feeds are still blocked..

5:30pm Still blocked

6:30pm Nothing yet..
6:33pm – 7pm The feeds return with the house guests talking about how a ufc fighter came into the house. All sparked by Nick and Phil’s fake fight. Jared says it was the ufc fighter that just recently won the UFC Ultimate Fighter. Jared heads to the kitchen where Joel is talking about how they did a workout with the guest. Joel says I physically intimidated him.. just like I physically intimidate everyone in here. Joel asks Nick Were you to the point where you were going to physically hit Phil in the face? Nick says no. Joel says that would have been awesome!

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-18 15-32-51-481

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-18 15-49-39-946

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.

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Phil is such a dick!


omg people .. its all an act…. geeesh ….


like fuck off Phill you did not earned that HOH… Canada handed it over to you two and now you are just being a real jerk


that was hilarious!!! we all know I EARNED this HOH. LOL. neither of them earned it haha


Does Cass honestly think that tim will take her to the final 2 over nikki I mean Tim is the only one who knows her game
I miss Ram omg he was the only one to root for


About time, Nick step up in front of his mean brother. I can give you a thousand of reasons on why Canada voted for the brothers to be HOH and Phil is not one of them.

He is arrogant and mean, walking around like he is God’s gift to earth…. Many time during this season, watching them, I do feel like he somehow dislikes his brother for no obvious reason. From what I can see on TV, Nick seems to be a genuine sweetheart.

I don’t want to be rude but I definitely think that their parents’ should check that when they will be back home. This kind of bad sibling behaviors can only grow for the worst during the years…


Your life must be perfect and your parents think your a angel rite?
Who the fuck are you to judge others when you can’t judge yourself


My God… It is not that serious…
I just said it based on what I’ve seen so far…. Don’t you find their relation a bit odd too?


Tbh, if you put my brother and I in that house for any more than five minutes we’d be on opposite sides trying to evict each other. We’d be saying things that would keep the feeds blacked out for hours. As long as nobody else said a bad thing about one to the other. Then there’d be trouble. Some siblings are just like that.


Wow Anonymous do not invite me on Thanksgiving. Hahahaha!
On a more serious note, I’ve rarely encounter with a type a sibling like the one the brothers have, it throw me off a littlebit….


Does this “fight” mean the HaveNots will get yet another party? They eat regular food every day now. I thought this was reserved to when Nikki is a Have Not, but I guess Tim is “important” that way too?
This would be so dumb of Big Brother to give Tim regular food every day now that he’s nominated. Being a real Have Not would really contribute to his fall into paranoia and freakout once Maddy starts campaigning (if she ever does?).
Oh, well. BB has made some very weird decisions recently, it feels to me like they don’t really care if they make a good show or not.
It would only be fair if BB actually told them “Brothers, your acting skills were SO BAD that everyone knew you were faking your fight. Nikki was laughing out loud all through it. Therefore, you FAILED the task. There will be no party for you.”
BAM! That way, Nikki freaks out because she doesn’t get her daily alcohol supply, and Tim loses out on getting yet another break from Have Not life. Now that would be good Feeds and good TV.


Frenchie, in most weeks th have nots have had a party or meal…often won through a task.


Stop people. This is staged. Don’t know if it is a task or something. Gosh you people are something else.


Marsha… Marsha…Marsha. The moose has spoken to the Gummy Koala’s the task is on ROFL. This is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. If you like the entertainment cool. What’s the reward last night a huge feed on BBAD with lots of wings. I love wingies!
3 days til Thursday gonna be very long. God speed lil Timmy don’t get backdoored. Poor lil Aussie clown!

Projected top 3 atm Timmy, Cassie Poo and Kelsey. Timmy chooses Kelsey F2 just as moron god did last season and Kelsey wins. Production BS all over again. One of the greats to play BB Can was Sab. Cass is this years Sab but a little cleaner. She still might cash you never know. I loved Sabby solely because the house treated her so nasty her season.


Task or not, I think a lot of Nick’s depression comes from Phil. Can you imagine fighting depression and someone constantly nit picking at your failures all the time. Phil is like a nagging woman around him. I do like Phil but my pet peeve with him is how he treats Nick!


Come on, Phil is like a nagging man because he IS a nagging MAN!!!! no nagging woman in this equation…


Exactly, I knew the fight was staged too but Phil is still a dick to Nick and I agree with Anonymous, I think a lot of Nick’s issues stem from having Phil for a brother!


depression caused by someone is situational, what nick has is clinical, so it doesnt matter if its raining & pourig or sunny & beautiful, he would be depressed. there is a huge misconception about depression, just wanted to clear that up


People can talk crap about Maddy all they want but she was one of the only real players this season, strong in comps and not afraid to make big moves. She was a much needed villain on a boring season. It sucks that she will go home, especially since Tim should obviously be evicted since he is the most dangerous player and him being on the block is an opportunity.

Beatrix Kiddo

Yes a very strategic game player that Maddy. Go for the pretty girls and hate them all. Try every week and mention in every conversation that you hate her guts and shes a mean girl, as you’re calling her a c*nt. Hang off which ever knob you can to get you further and ditch them when you no longer need them as you’re crying over your boyfriend back home. Excellent strategy.!

I think poor Nick actually liked her.


Ya, the brother thing was staged. Very telling of each brother on what is said and done. Anyways, I am still hoping this week will be a rewind. Come on BBC you fail at twists and now something is handed to you on a silver platter. GO FOR IT!!!! Or is it going to be the same as the brothers hoh?


Rewind to what? Nikki being HOH, yeah that certainly wouldn’t be a waste..huh.


Sorry… off topic…but does anyone know what peter brown says whenever he enters onstage on the Big Brother Side Show? He yells some stupidness every time but I have no idea what he is saying.


“its clobbering time” at least thats what i keep hearing


He yells “it’s clobberin time”. I know it’s a phrase used by The Thing from Fantastic Four in the comics I believe, but I think it might be said in the wrestling world too?

Either way it’s annoying and obnoxious and I wish he would stop. It’s obvious the people in the audience dislike him and the side show would benefit from someone new. I don’t understand why Peter is so popular. I didn’t watch his season but seems like he was generally disliked?


Peter is just obnoxious. They can do with 2 new people on the side show. I have no idea why they got sarah, she is boring as hell. At least with Peter you don’t have him kissing ass of each evicted house guest. I find it amusing that Peter talks badly about others games, yet, in his own game he was nothing but back ground scenery. He did nothing. LOL


to be fair to them i think this ‘performance’ was their best contribution to the show so far…

Marsha The Moose

Big Brother was just having a bit of fun by giving the brothers a task. It’s just like Joel’s fake breakdown after his pretend date with Cassandra. Phil & Nick were going for the Oscar. I loved it! Especially when they went into the High Roller Room and totally broke up Maddy’s convo with Tim.


I know this “fight” was staged, but Phil has been treating Nick like this the whole time. Nick should just knock Phil out one time.


Does anyone know what is going to happen with the families on thursday? Are they the ones playing for the HOH or just there to help them. Also hope Tim’s dad is brought back for Tim if he is not evicted. Tim laughing at his dad on Big Brother Australia was such a cute moment.

Ariana Grande stinks!

This is SOOOOO staged, it hurts! Production is embarrassed for letting the Imbecile Brothers in, they need to show at least something fake. #rolleyes


I heard on twitter Ben might surprise Tim on his birthday the 22nd. Would Love that !! Love those two together such a great friendship !!


If you aren’t a fan of conspiracy theories, just skip this thought or thumbs down it as you skip it.
Anyone else still weirded out by the oddity of four people still in the game having a six degree of separation connection before the game started? One of the four gets brought back into the game, a second seems to have her own designated feed camera for three or four hours a day.
I’m starting to get the bizarre feeling that the season has become ‘how are we going to justify getting cassandra jared kelsey and joel to the final four.’
Actually considering how many of them were connected in some way before the game started i’m really raising an eyebrow. Cass and Jared. Jared and Kelsey. Kelsey and Joel. Loveita and Ramsey. now Maddy and Christine. Is this just an elaborate ‘family reunion’ season?
Okay. if they’d all been applicant fans who had applied more than once during the shows three previous seasons, I guess i could understand. But half of these ones were blatantly recruited to apply. My spidey sense won’t stop tingling until one of the four is evicted before the final four. until then i’m feeling incredibly skeptical that this season has more of a fix than a have not room full of mystery vetos.


How are they all connected?


From feeds we have learned:
Cass and Jared are from the same social circle. Tim later said Cass was best friends with the gf that cheated on Jared. Bruno (bbcan3) said at the first ep. taping Jared went to Cass on the stairs night one and said “We’re not supposed to know each other.” First mentioned on feeds week 2.
Jared went to the stampede with a guy named Andrew. Andrew dated Kelsey. They discussed him on feeds. Tim later insinuated that Andrew was the guy Jared’s gf cheated with, while he was dating Kelsey. First mentioned on feeds week 2.
Kelsey’s aunt does theatre with Joel. She’s seen him perform in theatre before. Kelsey and Jared planned to use Joel’s friendship with Kelsey’s aunt as a campaign tool the first time she was nominated. First mentioned on feeds week four.
Keep in mind, Kelsey’s last name isn’t Faith, that’s her middle name. Her last name wasn’t revealed and her mother Trudie didn’t say her last name on the home visit, unlike Loveita’s mother who said her full name, leading to speculation that there is something about her last name that could be connected to one of the network, production, or sponsor companies (complete conjecture, but why a stage name?).
Loveita’s family lives in the same town as Ramsey’s family. They share family friends and both know some of the same people socially. First mentioned on feeds week three.
Maddy first met Christine at a previous casting call for Big Brother 2. Unknown if/how long they stayed in contact. First mentioned on feeds just after Ramsey left.


Anyone familiar with the hand symbol/gesture that indicates illuminati? Anyone not see a weird coincidence that the three smokers were considered the ‘three-headed monster’ that could not be removed?
Just asking?
No I don’t need my meds….


I think Jared and Kelsey are a cute couple. The hate for them is worse then it was for Rachel and Brandon. (And yes I know that they won things and blah blah). They were still torturous in the house were they not? It really isn’t justified the hate at all. When they are not even close to being the worst in this house never mind other seasons.

Maddy’s tears seem to have won over the brothers. She is a nasty little brat who spews the same thing over and over. We get it, you don’t like Kelsey…good grief.

Greychen Wieners

Omg @ who ever said “I miss Ramsey in the house” . Oh yes I cant imagine how boring it is to watch now that Ramsey is gone. He was so lively and full of great conversation and fun stories and little quirks that are sweet and …. …. …. ….NOT.
I didn’t mind him but there is no difference with him being gone than when he was in there. He was lame.

Cass, even though I like her, is a lazy slob. I would be annoyed to if I was watching someone sit around and do nothing for anyone especially themselves. I don’t know why they just don’t stop cooking for her. Tim was complaining about it too yet he kept on doing it. Even though it wouldn’t be me doing it, it would bug me seeing someone else do it all the time for her and she just sits there with her tongue hanging out waiting like a dog for a bone. Yes I do like her but that part of her grains on my nerves.


Even though the “fight” was fake, I still found it interesting some of the things that they were saying to each other.
I wonder if it bugs Nick, whether he likes her or not, that Maddy is all over Phil right now. Phil saying that he has someone back home, is that true? It was the first time I had heard him say that. (He said it to Cassandra the other night when she was trying to smother him with a hug and he was all, “I am sort of seeing some one”? Was he just saying that to get her off him?

LOLS @ Tim saying “I don’t know if this is an act”…Then he got scared.

Zed is Dead

Not sure what game everyone else is watching but I want Joel , Jared, ,Cass and Nick as final four. That would be cool.


Yeah they are probably the 4 a hate least in the house. I certainly look forward to tim being booted followed by kelsey.


This season is such a flop without Mitch and Loveita. we’re at this point where a “fight” is more entertaining than game play itself…

Paper Products

This season is no worse than the first three. Certainly better than the last.