Ramsey has left the Big Brother Canada 4 House due to a family emergency!

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

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Ramsey has volunteered to leave the house

OFFICIAL Big Brother Statement on facebook:

Yesterday Ramsey received news that his father is ill and requires surgery. In light of this situation Ramsey has decided to leave the Big Brother Canada house and be with his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family and we wish Mr. Aburaneh a quick recovery.

4:50pm In the bathroom – Joel, Nikki and Cassandra are talking about Ramsey choosing to leave due to his family emergency. Cassandra says that she can’t even imagine how hard it would be to get in here and then have to leave because of a family emergency. Joel says family means everything. Nikki says he’s a great team player.

HOH room – The brothers are talking about their replacement nominee. Nick says Tim’s been fake to everyone. Tim is going on the block. I don’t care. I’m calling this one. He volunteered to go on the block. He can go up.

Hot Tub room – Cass asks what the hell is happening with the veto now? Kelsey says I don’t know, they’ll need to tell us. Its just a sensitive subject. Cassandra says its just so insensitive. Kelsey says we as a house decided on a target. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’re going to do. Jared joins them. Kelsey says she was told the less f**ks you give the happier you’ll be in here.

In the living room – Tim says he told Ramsey its better to go out on top. That’s a nice lasting legacy. It better to not have gone out being shady. He would be a good friend. Maddy says if I can’t vote for Ramsey I don’t want to vote for anyone. Tim says ask that question or who Ramsey would want you to vote for. They start to speculate on what will happen with the veto. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production.

5:40pm Hot tub room – Cass says this is how I see it Maddy goes and then the Brothers next week. Jared and Kelsey agree. Joel joins them. Joel says it sucks to see someone leave in that way. If it was anyone of us we probably would have made the same decision. It sucks to get crappy news out of the blue like that. It takes a while to sink in. You go through every emotion really really fast and its hard to control how you feel. I’m sure his dad will make it out okay. Jared agrees and says he will. Joel said he hugged Ramsey before he left.

6:50pm – 7:05pm HOH room – Cassandra and Phil talk

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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I feel like the Brothers will just have to name a replacement nominee cause it would be assumed Ramsey would take himself off.
That’s really sad to hear I actually really liked Ramsey, and it would have to be really bad news to get someone to leave like that.

sunny dee

i don’t think anything changes, other than there is no veto ceremony of him using the veto on himself. the outcome is the same: he is off the block, maddy is still on it, brothers need to name a replacement that is not ramsey. basically the only thing that is affected is maddy won’t get ramsey’s vote to stay, and considering a miracle will have to happen for her to not be voted out, she goes regardless.

now the brothers can’t change things mid way, but as a group they might decide this is the opportunity to get tim out. before, if tim/maddy and tim is out, maddy/ramsey is still a pair. Now if tim/maddy and tim is voted out, maddy is a single. and that is actually significant, she has no one to be HOH for other than herself and no one to play for other than herself, and time for tim to leave anyway, might not have as good a shot at it as now.

qween kass

still no way kelsey and jared will trust maddy.
no one gets that tim has kass and joel beside nicky. and they are off the block.
thats why it doesent matter to them.
for jared and kelsey they trust joel and kass to drop tim.
for kass and nicky they trust him probably the most.


They won’t have the votes now that they won’t be the ones breaking the tie. Tim would need 3 votes to stay…Cass, Nikki,Joel or Kelsey.


put Jace in there!!!!


Heard Ramsey’s family faked it, just wanted to get him away from Maddy……what? Too soon?


You heared this from your mom’s?


Uncharted territory in Canadian Big Brother. Would they pull a Chima style end of hoh because a number had been removed from the game? During a Canada twist voting week?
Would they pull a rewind ala big brother 16? make them renominate 2 with a new veto comp?
Problem, they would have 2 people that potentially don’t have the previous experience of playing the comp vs. people that have done it once already if they played the same veto.
Taped message of Ramsey’s intent before he left the game that would be used in the ceremony whether he returned or not? He did hours of d/r yesterday. it’s possible that they prepped such a thing. Not probable, but possible. In which case renom with business as usual (nominating one if he used it on himself, 2 if he used it on Maddy). But after that many hours of the feeds darkened who knows what happened in the house.


Maddy and Ramsey had sex, then he has to leave for family emergency? I suspect his dad has been ill, the family are using this as an excuse to pull him out. They’re muslim, so automatically have more conservative values in this regard.


This could be so true his mama hates Maddy —and I don’t think Ramsey’s family play with sex thing!….just saying

j fin

Perhaps production will handle this the same way as Survivor does when someone leaves the game.


With Jeff leaning over the contestant firing questions at them?


Will Ramsey still be a part of the jury?


Probably not, he won’t be sequestered so he would have a biased vote. they’re probably going to do a “canada vote”

Tim to win

I really hope Tim doesn’t go home. ..let’s see his votes….Cass, Nikki and maybe Joel so he is OK for this week. But still Maddy is now solo so people might wanna keep her. I hope Cass or Nikki win next week and get brothers or Jared out then house is all controlled by Tim and Cass! But now how about jury,they need another vote right? So they will have 8 people don’t they need 9 at end to make it odd? Maybe they will split the brothers into individual players- all in all Tim please be safe

Big Brother is life

There goes someone who had a good chance at winning. So now we have our first even BBCan walk and I assume cause he walked that Canada will get a jury vote. I hope that there is no eviction this week. I mean Ramsey was the one with the veto and all and he might have took Maddy off. So eviction should be canceled and just prepare for Instant eviction. Or just do a quick HoH comp and come Thursday we have two new noms on the block and someone goes. But I don’t think they should continue the week like nothing happened.

Also Ramsey is a All Star in my book. Was never really targetted and every time nominated won veto to save himself.


It would not be fair to just cancel the brothers HOH. They won and something has to be done with their win. It would be so unfair to an HOH winner to say that all the work they did nominating, and becoming a target by those they did nominate was for nothing.


They didn’t win it on their own. Cancel that eviction.
Keep Maddy safe!


What do you mean? One of their nominees went home this week. There is already a precedent for this on BBUSA. Chima was expelled from the game during Michele’s HOH. Her nominee went home and they ended her HOH reign early. Nobody was complaining about it then because it makes sense.


Socks that Ramsey had to leave.


I mean sucks hahaha


Wasn’t Maddy closest to winning the Veto other than Ramsey? She should get the veto then. If a player has to leave that means the veto should go to the next person which is Maddy.


Wow. Most people would definitely do the same thing if they were put in that position. Best wishes to the family. You can tell that all of the houseguests are in a funk and a state of shock about it.

There is nothing Maddy can do to save herself, but I think with this happening, this will only ensure the Brothers eviction very soon.


Man I really wanted ramsey to win great I can’t believe it. To me there’s no point in watching without ramsey I hope all is well with his father. It’s really sad he had to leave the bb house. He’s the most nicest guy I ever seen.


Does this mean no more double evictions? It will be interesting to see how this season changes based on this unfortunate event.


Ramsey self-evicted. There’s no need to vote anyone out this week as BB has their weekly eviction.


This talk of Maddy and Ramsey having sex is gaining fire really fast – when did this happen? Did anyone see it? Is it just a rumour? I don’t see any video of it? Anybody know the details?


late friday night.
on feeds Maddy says they should just f*** but she doesn’t want it to get messy.
a while later. Ramsey facing the wall behind maddy also facing the wall. covers are up almost over their heads.
Ramsey whispers “spread the cheeks. lube it up (or a little bit up).” Maddy whispers “just slip it in.” with the lights still on and joel on the far bed. Phil also in the room. in the next bed. feeds go dark.


I hope he gets to come back


Has a minority ever won Big Brother USA or Canada?




Jun won BB US 4


What happens to the jury number—there are now 8?…what’s production gonna do —unless the brothers now due to extraneous circumstances can become single players …that’s the only way I think they can made the jury number odd again More fun to watch –nick finally gets a say …Owwww 0r wait I just though of this …production will do a parha again where the final three choose who doesn’t get a vote in jury :(…lazyshit
ps I wish Maddy leaves this week I can’t stand her… I want Canada to booh her so bad when she gets evicted —and Peter to rip her to shreds in the sideshow –i just want that big bubble of bullshit she is in to be burst wide open#notaskingforalot


No matter who is up with Maddy she will go to jury.


Disagree, maddys got a couple big enemies in there. The middle will keep her to do there dirty work and shield themselves.


Watching this episode and wow what an edit Tim is getting. They’re not showing where he pushed for Jared/Kelsey then flipped cause he’s trying to play all sides. Even in the DR they’re making him sound like he’s been on Jared/Kelsey’s the entire time. Talking about how Phil/Nick can’t grow up and make a decision.

Yeah because of you, their suppose to be “ally” keeps flipping.


Speedy recovery Mr. Ramsay.


I hate to say this but Jared and Kelsey make a cute couple…they are super kawai …there I said it!


The best case for this week is for everything to continue as it is then come eviction night there will be no evictee. Then it’ll be a double eviction where Jared wins HOH, puts up Maddy and the brothers, Tim wins veto takes
Maddie off then send the brothers packing. LOL. That will be so hilarious to watch.


What’s with nikki’s face? When she talks, she looks like a 90 year grandma who forgot to put her teeth in – can’t believe that little girl act she puts on at her age, it’s pathetic, wonder if she’ll still be doing it when she’s 40.


Hahahahah….your so right the “mouth thing-like a grandma ” -LMFAO!!!!……you described it so perfectly!…made my day 🙂


From watching previous interviews with her and family, she had an extreme eating disorder. It caused erosion of her enamel on her teeth, which causes sensitivity to hot, cold, and even air if it’s extreme. The look you may see might just be her “covering” her teeth to protect them from air. She always drinks from a bottle with a spout or has a straw, to avoid this discomfort. I’m not sure why she is here now, but she’s come a long way from almost dying from anorexia. You should check out her story. It also explains why she seems immature for her age. I believe it started when she was 12 or before. She was in a hospital or rehab off and on until 16 year old.


Love u ramsey


Bb said something about family next week. They could scrap that and have a rewind. Canada could be the ninth to vote.


Any chance production finds a way to make the brothers seperate players? It seems the best way for them to replace Ramsey (as a player),


I’d love to see that too. Like to Phil go home and watch nick play on his own. He has a way better read on the other hgs.


They should let Ramsay play the veto the way he wants to, if he wants to take Maddy off instead of himself they should let him. Also wondering if Big Brother has been prepared for a situation like this or they have to scramble to make up a new rule as they go along.


If Maddy hadn’t divulged that Ramsey’s family had spoken to him about game and house guests I would agree.
If they’d made him pretape in d/r before being escorted to see his father (before he’d made the decision to leave the game) such a thing would have been acceptable.
Otherwise they open themselves up to more talk of rigging the game. There’s already been more than enough evidence to support a fix being in. They don’t need to fuel the fire.

feeds @ 10:05 pm central time

Maddie’s onto Phil now

Wasssup Canada

Someone will go home this week and the twins will be split and play their own game


what happend with the pov tho?