POV Ceremony Results! “this is so symbolic.. in that moment I saw that you and I are killers”

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-25 06-04-57-210

The live feeds were blocked all of last night for what sounds like a party. They got a British Flag and an Australian Flag cake. Kelsey asks do you think we’re getting in trouble for being so drunk? Nick says last night was interesting. Jared says oh yeah very very interesting. Cassandra says last night was so much fun. Oh my god I love Joel. He was so funny. Tim says you know what I just thought of .. imagine if all you have is slop (Joel). He hasn’t even come out yet, which is unusual. Kelsey says that she feels like she is going to puke.

9:10am Hot Tub room – Nick says after last night I wouldn’t be surprised if Joel voted to keep Jared. They were up all night. Phil says Joel was such a b***h. Phil says that Jared was telling him that Nikki doesn’t care about him. Phil says its a shame to see how easily he is controlled and brainwashed. Phil says that Kelsey said Tim has been saying he wants Jared and others to win and if he votes to keep Nikki that contradicts what he’s been saying. Phil says no wonder Tim is friends with Nikki and Cassandra because they can work anyone. I would take Nikki and Tim to the end just to f**k those people over. I don’t care if I have to lie now.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-25 06-21-43-694

9:40am Jared heads up to the HOH room and tells her I’m your friend and there are 5 strangers outside those doors. Five strangers! If I was in this position, you know I wouldn’t do this to you. Cass says its not anything personal Jared. I have no one else to put up. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Cassandra is talking to Joel asking him if he wants to lie in the HOH bed. He says he just needs to be by himself. Cass asks him if he is alright? Joel says yeah .. well not really but.. I just need to clear my head and be by myself. Cass leaves and heads back to the HOH room. She calls for Tim. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Cass asks what’s up with Joel. Tim says I think he’s hung over. Cass says oh. And then Jared asked if it came down to a tie would I vote to keep him? I said I don’t know, are you going to pull that stuff you pulled last night?!

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9:50am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

The Brothers used the veto to remove themselves from the block.
Cassandra then nominated Jared as the replacement nominee.

11am HOH rom – Tim is talking to Cassandra and says he was in between the stare. I was like oh my god this is so symbolic… and in that moment I saw that you and I are killers. Like and that I am so proud of us. You are… I couldn’t do that .. like.. Nikki joins them. Nikki says oh my gosh I feel really nervous now. Tim says its a weird feeling isn’t it. There are a whole punch of creepy crawlies that come out. Cassandra joins them and says that he’s (Joel) crying. Tim says that Joel going on slop for the rest of the season was for himself. And now its hitting him that he really is alone. I used to think that he wasn’t impressionable.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-25 08-04-08-166

11:15am In the hot tub room – Cass tells Phil that she is thinking of asking Big Brother if she can take Joel’s slop punishment for the rest of the season .. I need to go on a diet anywy.

Cassandra talking to Phil about wanting to call a house meeting to find out what Jared said to Joel last night to make him so upset today. Cass goes to the washroom and tells Kelsey she’s heard there was a lot of sh*t said by Jared last night about me. I hope its a tie, I’ll kick him out myself.

12:10PHil says Jared and Kelsey are telling the truth. They are truthful. Nich tells Phil that Jared is going to pretend he doesn’t have our vote. Phil says okay good. That’s a good idea.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-25 09-09-13-080

Cass asks how do you expect me not to put you up after sitting in the hot tub saying people can’t trust me. Jared says you turned away from me long before yesterday. I’m not stupid. You stopped trusting me when you got head of household. Cass asks when I put the brothers up? Jared says I had to bed you not to put me up… that’s pathetic! You can leave now. You can leave. Cass says okay.. well don’t ask me for my tie breaker vote then.

Jared comes to the kitchen and sits beside Cassandra. Cassandra starts singing I’m pathetic!! I can’t think for myself. Cass asks Jared .. you asked me to leave over there… should I leave now? Jared shrugs his shoulders. Jared heads up to where Kelsey is in the bathroom. She says I feel like sh*t. I might puke again. How’s it going out there. Jared says oh not good. Jared tells her about the Cass confrontation. Kelsey says its going to be an ugly week. Its her fault.

12:35pm Joel comes out of the diary room. Nikki and Cass hug him. Cass tells him that she wants to ask Big Brother if she can take slop for the rest of the season for him. I need a diet anyway. Joel says don’t do that.

2:20pm – 3:20pm Phil, Nick Tim, Jared and Nikki are out in the hot tub room chatting about random things.

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Why did both brothers have to shave their heads? I thought only 1 brother was competing in the comps. Or at least until now that’s the way it’s been.


Why were the brothers allowed to fix their hair? Seems that is a bigger question. They won a POV based on the haircuts they received from Sarah. Former HG’s have not been allowed to fix this punishment.
It seems beyond unfair that Joel has to take slop for the rest of the game and the brothers don’t even have to complete one full week of their original buzz.


what difference does it make at this point? They were happy to leave it the way it was. Noone else EVER has had it cut that badly. It was always shaved completely off in any season I have ever watched.


Andrew BBCan1.


They both had to have their heads shaved because they are playing as one person essentially. You think it would be fair if they had the slop punishment that only the one competing would get it for the rest of the season?




Phil is SO stupid to keep working with Jared. I’ve been rooting for him & Nick, but they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this. When you have a chance to get the biggest player out of the house, you TAKE IT. Send him to jury and your odds of making it to the final increase x100. Anyone who votes to keep Jared, besides Kelsey, deserve to lose the game.


people forget the alliance called the freak show!


Did they call themselves freak show or just pull those words out of a twenty minute conversation because it fit some possible storyline thread? Did the editors just call them freak show sort of like how they called Bruno the big kahuna for that black and white house guest cut out against a colour splash background with big block letters title behind him last year?


go to week 7!


What the hell happened last night? Why is Joel so upset? Jared is a child and needs to understand that this is a GAME.


From what I can decipher based on snippets of video and other blogs is that Jared went on a major negative Cass rant. He told Joel that he had said he wanted someone “who actually played the game” to win so Jared
inferred if Joel didn’t vote to keep him he was a liar.

Then he told Joel basically that Nikki can’t stand him and is disgusted even if he sits on her bed etc, etc. The irony is Raul, Kelsey and Jared’s favorite past time in the game was to make fun of Joel or talk about how weird he was and how much they didn’t like him, but of course Jared didn’t tell him that.

Today he went up to tell Cass the other 5 are strangers to her and he is not i.e. the Winnipeg reference and what no one knows is how deep that is. They have said they know some similar people, but Jared makes it seem like he’s friends with her (though I suspect they have a friend in common and not that they knew each other prior).

He begged Cass not to put him up calling on “their friendship” and then when she did told her she was pathetic and dismissed her .. “you can leave now”.

Though I’m sure we’ll learn more once Joel talks to Cass for now all we know is he is having a rough day
missing his family, or at least that’s what he told Jared.

If I were to guess (and someone noted it above), Joel doesn’t take well to be pushed into a corner and told what to do. Like when Love tried to force him to vote out Cass.

The bottom line is Jared/Kels/the Bros have ZERO clue that Cass/Joel have had a final 2 since forever or that about the freak show alliance. When they finally discover that alliance exists they’ll end up feeling foolish as not only did they underestimate Cass/Joel, but they felt those 2 were so inconsequential (read: they could get them to do what they wanted) they didn’t need to worry about them.

Joel is prob annoyed by Jared’s level of cruelty and having to go to the level of making Joel hate Nikki even prior to being nominated. Joel won’t be pushed around and has demonstrated he’ll vote for what’s best for him. Given Joel was the deciding voice to convince Cass to put Jared up as the replacement he’ll vote him out. Jared just doesn’t know that.

As for Nikki and Joel, AGAIN the Bros/Jared/Kelsey paid little attention to how close they have grown recently so it was a very cruel thing for Jared to do. Joel is the one person in the house who doesn’t really say mean things about the others.

Anyway, that’s my take so far.


freak alliance is control now


Yes it’s the perfect time to get Jared out,I wasn’ a fan of Cass but seeing how she’s handled this HOH makes me like her.Jared is such a bully I guess he said something to Joel to scare him,such an a—–e,Joel for the winner.


The brothers voting to keep jared is smart for them. There already targets the whole house wants them out, but it shows kelsey like hey we had your backs if she wins hoh on the double evict the brothers wont go up. Its that extra protection since they can play in veto.


Kelsey winning HOH is like waiting for pigs to fly. There’s no chance in hell. The brothers do not have a clear understanding of the relationships in the house. Phil is so in love with Jared that he can’t see both he and Kelsey are lousy social players. All Kelsey does is talk and say nothing and Jared does nothing and says even less. They’re banking on the wrong play.

Guy From Canada

However at this point of the game if the brothers feel that this week is a double, because Kelsey can’t win shit, that if they get Kelsey and Jared in their corner they will get votes from jury. And in turn, Raul may vote for them in the end. It’s smart to mend fences with people before they go out the door for the votes so I don’t disagree with their game play this week as they would be at the bottom of the pecking order if they didn’t buddy up with Jared and Kelsey anyways.


They’ve got no choice now. It’s 3 on 3 with the supposedly “outcast”(even though they’re the ones who constantly talk about others) pulling Nikki as a number. Phil/Nick need Jared now and he needs them.


brother only get 1 vote not 2!


What a great alliance…Jared only wants anything to do with th Bros when he NEEDS them! He literally ignores them & talks about how much he can’t stand them..and then he goes like a little bitch to Joel & says all that crap..like he’s not saying all the and things to Kelsey behind closed doors. Kelsey & Jared are the worst..they can get away with it b/c they will never turn on each other though. I wish Kelsey would turn on Jared..he is a child! Just a scared little boy throwing a temper tantrum b/c mean old Cass put him on the block. Bout time!


The Bros want to work with Jared/Kels b/c they have a man crust on Jared and Phil has been lured in by Kelsey’s flirting. Don’t forget his goodbye video to her was “I think I’m in love with you!”

AND they are delusional b/c they already said earlier today they think they can switch Joel’s vote and possibly even Tim’s. They have NO CLUE about the freak show alliance of Cass/Tim/Joel.

Jared’s plan is to tell Joel the Bros are voting him out and he needs a sympathy vote but we all know the Bros will end up saying come on Joel switch it up.

The Bros want to keep Jared b/c
1) they have a man crush on him
2) believe their F3 deal is real (and that Jared has never offered the same deal to others)
3) they can’t play for POV so he could win HOH next week to keep them safe
4) he will remain a big target
5) and if he happens to leave they’ll have his jury vote.

All of the above is based on either the Bros self interest or lack of reading the reality of where the house lies.


Man crust. Good one.


Who ever wins HOH is going to nominate the brothers. Only person that wont would be kelsey. She may not be good in comps but she could pull out a win. Thats why the brothers vote to keep jared. Hes going regardless cass has the numbers and tie breaker.


I don’t understand why Jared & Kelsey are saying all this stuff about Cassandra. And why does Phil keep saying I don’t want to get involved but he was the one who started it by telling Cassandra that Jared was saying crap about them to Joel last night.
If you don’t want to be involved, then shut your mouth. Drives me crazy.


It’s a game you pull out everything you got to win. I think he told him about Nikki and Tim trashing him all the time, which is true. I would pull it out too if I had too.




Because she isn’t doing what the king wants. The funny part for me is Kelsey or Jared would have left if Cass hadn’t worked Maddy the week she was HOH to ensure Kelsey stayed.

Jared did ZERO help for Kelsey, he didn’t campaign to help her, didn’t try to keep her off the block NOTHING. He only ensured his own safety. So, for Kelsey to turn on Cass is hilarious b/c if it weren’t for her Kelsey would have left OR if Cass had decided (or the Freak show trio) wanted Kelsey out … then she would have left.

That is what makes BB so interesting to watch is how people react to serve their own self interests, and who is willing to put their neck on the line to do that while also actively working to save others. Sure Cass wanted to keep Kelsey but she could just as easily worked Maddy to point her in the direction of someone like Nikki who at the time wasn’t enamored with Cass.


Don’t know what jared supposedly said to joel, but you know its BS if cass is pretending she doesn’t know..joel kisses her ass, he would have told her everything. He is annoying and whiny ohh and creepy as hell. I am really looking forward to seeing cass’ pathetic ass walk out the door. Not, because she put jared up but because I don’t like her at all. I think it was jared who said “she has 12 voices to go with her 12 personalities”.. he got her perfect. She started with the voices back in week2..it drove me nuts on the show as well as on the feeds. Whenever someone gets an HOH, their true personalities come out..sad how obnoxious they become. I hope the brothers win HOH on the DE and put up cass/tim, you know cass will whine and throw everyone under the bus and beg kelsey to vote to keep her…kelsey can’t be stupid enough to not see what cass is doing (deals with everyone). Cass made the dumbest move by not putting up Tim, Kelsey/jared I think would have taken out the brothers before her..kelsey would argue with jared to not put up cass if jared were HOH. I want Tim out ASAP, then cass to follow right behind him. I would prefer kelsey/jared/brothers for F3… I am most disgusted by nikki, the things she has said about ppl in the house – I would not expect from her considering what she has been through in her life. Attacking peoples (cass) weight, personality, looks, way they speak..etc etc. Nothing Nikki has said about anyone has ever been about their game. Tim is just as bad, he has said many of the same things. Nikki has brought nothing to BBC…she was a huge disappointment IMO. Tim is just arrogant and obnoxious as hell..they need to get out.


your logic is bias though, Jared/Kelsey have made deals with everyone in the house at one time or another lol nice try tho


OMG DO YOU EVEN WATCH THE SHOW?!! LMFAO!! Never once have I ever heard someone say they would like those three as the final 3.


Couldn’t agree more ! Watching Cass makes me wanna tear my eyes out ! People need to quit feeding the lazy piece of shit and make her fend for herself !


Class’s 12 personalities must be tough to acknowledge when Jared is struggling to have 1.


Kelsey’s just pissed because Jared is going to jury with Maddy.


She has the brothers she will be all over them once Jared leaves!!!


I like Cass and Tim, but the way they have been acting the past few days is off-putting. In their minds, they have won the game. This may be true, but do they have to sit in the HOH discussing their final speeches? I find that tasteless at this point. One HOH to the wrong person, and they could find themselves on the other side of that door, looking like idiots!!! Yes, Cass has played a wonderful social game, but the bottom line is, her FATHER won that HOH for her. She couldn’t win the first installment on a free lunch! Comp. wins DO count when it comes down to the end. The Brothers have voted to save her ass before, and she had an alliance with them. They have the right to be hurt, and the same applies to Jared, he having a final 2 with her. If they act out against Cassandra, she caused it. Did she think they would just leave quietly without putting her and Tim on Blast? Sorry, that’s not how to play the game. You don’t stop till you walk out the door, and you throw whatever you can at them before you go out. Cass has lied her ass off and I would expose her for everything its worth.


We can all provide guesses as to what happened last night. Too bad they blocked the feeds and we’ll only get to see production sanctioned snips in the episode.
What can we surmise? They got booze.
What’s the after effect of getting booze? Here’s my guesses: Joel has apparently been put on the hot seat. His reaction is similar to the reaction he had when Loveita put him on the hot seat for the Cass/Christine vote. Jared said something about Cassandra. It was probably true. Cassandra is reacting the same way she did post nom by Loveita and the same way she did when the brothers said she’d look foolish if she nominated them. Pretty soon she’ll be telling Joel, the brothers Tim and Nikki she feared for her life, and that Jared is crazy every twenty seconds to influence house perceptions in order to get what she wants. It’s what she does. When confronted with a truth told about her Cassandra cries victim of the crazies.
Great. feed viewers miss out so that the only part we get to see is what is filtred and edited into the episodes. But then again, ten to fifteen minutes of last night’s episode was things filmed during blackouts.
If Joel stays until the finale, he will have the new record for days on slop (old North American BB record Britt at somewhere between 33-38 days).
I’m really struggling with who to hope stays. I was over Jared by the middle of week two. But keeping Nikki is a boost to Tim. I was over Tim and to some degree Nikki (as an appendage of Tim) really early in the game as well. So who do i root for, the entitled one or the differently entitled one?


yet nikki still hasnt won anything yet like hoh or pov she is cruising like sarah did last season!


Sarah won 2 HOH and 1.5 pov ( .5 for the balance one with Britt) last year.
Nikki is performing more like the Talla of this season.


nikki haSnt won anything yet!


boy oh boy, there is alot of speculation in your post, when you have no idea what was said or not said…Cass is actually one of the few that have always talked to, protected and not talked badly about Joel, and most of the house guests can’t say that….Bros and Kels both tried to get Joel on the block this week, and Joel knows J/K/Bros are working together and can easily ‘confim’ the other ‘stories’….they have all trashed talked Joel….let’s see the convo between Cass/Joel before we make assumptions


bros only get 1 vote not 2


I was up front saying I was guessing.
Last week Cass led the conversation between kels/jar/tim and herself in the have not room saying nom brothers and joel either way it was win/win. Cass has been team Joel when it suited her. Cass is team anybody depending on who is in the room. It’s a trait she shares with Tim, it’s a trait that everyone in that house has. Even Joel. She’s played just as much an active part in the personal insults placed on Joel behind his back as everyone else in the house. It’s just edited well for episodes.


Struggle no more…..
Jared goes the next HOH is Timmy/Joel versus Bro’s/Kelsey with Nikki a puppet for Tim if she wins. Whatever the drama by Thursday Joel/Timmy vote Jared, Cass sends him to jury.
Remember Bro’s cannot play in POV they need HOH badly as the numbers fall to Freaks next HOH. One only up they have 2 votes during the double with 3 voting. The only way to break up Freaks next HOH is 2 must be on the block or someone turns on the alliance. Well if you don’t want a predictable ending we need……….production! I want to puke that’s disgusting.

Lets keep things simple Jared then Bro’s go in the double. Leave Kelsey with no alliance then she needs HOH or POV F5 to start. At F4 needs HOH if eligible and/or POV at 4.. Needs to win part 1 or 2 of the 3 part finally and win 7 questions. She could end up as everyone’s F2 as the remaining HG’s decide she cannot beat them. Kelsey has shown NO signs of being a comp beast. For her to get F2 she needs a production cheat fest IMHO. So here is what’s left…… Freaks and a Brit oh my!
Timmy- if he convinces everybody to keep him til the end he cashes the cheque. If we learn Cass got thrown under the bus hard to Joel it’s less likely the 2 take out Timmy. The wild card is Nikki. I realize it’s the season of stupid but leaving Nikki in is a vote for Tiny Timmy always. The play this season has really been poor. Everything seems to be stacked in Tim’s favour. But in fairness he’s done the “work” needed to get to this point. At F5 or F4 they might get 1 shot at evicting him but I think he has the best chance to win.

I picked Cassie Poo as my dark horse way back this season. I just don’t like the woman’s character. As she hits the front stretch hope so breaks a leg. 😛 Sad thing is I just could not find a person to root for. Joel seems nice enough but Freaks is like puke back wash from the night before. You do pay a price the next day when you get drunk. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Last couple weeks seems a few have picked favs on the board. Personally best of luck with your horse the rest of the season.


Is it bros. or Kelsey that can’t play in the next pov? I’ve read both in different tweets.
My struggle is based on not being a fan of Jared, but not having respect for Nikki beyond being an oddball.
The jury is made up of one gameplay guy, one ignoramus, and one bitter ball of hate so far. The bitter ball of hate said in post eviction interview she’d maybe vote by game, depending on if how she felt about the people in the final two (so she’ll vote who she hates less considering she hated everybody). Some of the people left in the house aren’t going to be best game jurors (think of how Kelsey or Jared or Nikki would deliberate). I get the feeling this jury will be a pretty bitter jury. Some may vote best game, I get the feeling more would vote according to their perception of the character of the final two.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Joel is unstable. He’ll switch and vote to keep Jared. I hope it’s the double next Thu and the Imbecile Brothers join Nikki, Maddy, Rail and Mitch in the Jury House.


people forget joel is part what alliance aka freak show they will keep nikki around for more!


Joel is NOT unstable. He was the first to put up 2 of the Third Wheel alliance AND he stuck to his guns to NOT vote out Cass despite being in an alliance (and closest in the house) with Love.

AND when Jared tried to get him to flip the vote last week to take out Tim he stuck to his guns and said NO.

Of all the house guests IMO Joel is the most stable and logical.

sunny dee

why is joel on slop at all, i thought there were not going to be have nots this week, due to one part of the HOH comp? so now there is a have not person, and when did that all start because it sounds like this is the first time hearing about it

plus this is just another case of jared not being able to play the game, or doing really stupid things. he’s dragging kelsey down with him because she spends so much of her time fixing his problems, and campaigning for him, she’s guilty as he is ANYWAY, if he didn’t want cass to put him on the block, since he was NOT last night, i’m sure attacking, hounding or otherwise mocking joel or any other houseguest was certainly NOT the way to go about it. and why now are the brothers, who just got finished telling cass they’d vote her way (basically), whatever she wants she is the HOH blah blah, now flat out saying they don’t plan to vote jared out, contrary to what she wants?
anyway, she’s already banked on it being a tie, not like she doesn’t know they are going to vote nikki out. they make it sound like it is based on ‘last night’.


I think it’s Kelsey who can’t play for veto next week.


Jared had won a slop pass, can he not give it to Joel? Someone in Big Brother US gave their slop pass to Chicken George on All Stars.


Interesting suggestion (re: Jared give his pass to Joel).

Cass is going to ask Production if she can take slop for the rest of the season in place of Joel.

But your suggestion points to the 2 players and how they differ. Jared is on top of Joel being Mr. nice guy today and other than the occasion interaction I’ve can’t recall them having a conversation this long before (though I’ll qualify that with the caveat I may have missed feeds of that occurring if someone has and wants to verify).

Cass’ true F2 is Joel and she cares about him being upset and wants to take the slop to help him out b/c he gave up so much to try to win the POV (because Joel is LOYAL). Whereas Jared cracked off to Cass that he wasn’t “STUPID” like everyone else taking punishments. He plays a selfish game and hence while he’ll have no problem giving Joel what he think Joel wants (Jared’s acceptance) the thought would never occur to him to offer Joel his pass. Or at least until someone poss suggests it to Jared in order to gain Joel’s vote he won’t.

As per above, again I believe Joel is off put by the negative attack on Cass and what Jared said about Nikki
finding him vile. But, I’m also considering while Joel might be having a bit of down day he’s also playing into the fact no one knows where his allegiance truly lies. Just like the Bros/Jared have concocted a plan to say they’re voting out Jared to influence Joel to vote to keep Jared. I think that will be way to obvious to the Freaks once they brainstorm on it, plus the Bros/Kels/Jared constantly hanging out while Phil has back tracked on game talk with both Cass/Tim has to be obvious where the Bros true intent lies.


Jared would not give his slop pass to Joel for this reason…simply because:
JARED IS A PIECE OF SHIT…he thinks he is better and more entitled than Joel…he doesnt think of Joel as anything but a nerd or geek…Jared dimisses Joel in almost every convoe..you can see he doesnt even listen to Joel…he deems Joel not at his level
would be so nice to see Kelsey flirt with the brothers once Jared goes…be even better if Jared gets to watch from jury…Jared has zero game..Kelsey is only reason the scum is still there!
Vote Jared out Joel! and laugh in that goofs face! he is a piece of shit…jealous controlling and has little man syndrome!


If Joel votes from jury I hope he takes into account all the nasty shit people have a said about him and the way they’ve treated him.


Yes Jared is such a mean bully for telling Joel (if this is what happened) that Nikki doesn’t like him that way and stop wasting his time….AND? Big deal, this is what guys do with each other. They tell each other not to waste time on a girl who doesn’t like them. Im pretty sure a woman would say the same thing to another, no? Jared likes Joel so why would he hurt his feelings on purpose. Its true, Nikki doesn’t like Joel in that way. Who says” I need to wipe this slobber off my face”, pulls away when the guy you are fake marrying goes to give you a kiss. Those are not the actions of someone who likes someone else in that way.
Its a good vote for Jared if he can get Joels vote but I doubt he hurt his feelings on purpose. It would be kind of hard to Not hurt his feelings anyway don’t you think. Hes a wee sensitive. Not like theres anything wrong with that ;).

People need to stop calling the brothers stupid for wanting to work with Jared. They have wanted that for a long time so whats the problem? Its no more stupid then having an alliance with that smug ass Tim. You want to work with who you want to work with.

So Joel took the slop for the rest of the season? Poor guy.


Oh… so the Bros who have been told by Kelsey that Jared is jealous of them and that she isn’t interested in dating him are what then? The entire house has heard directly from Kelsey’s lips she wouldn’t date Jared after.

Further, Jared is ONLY saying these things to Joel to upset him, NOT b/c he’s being one of the boys watching Joel’s back.

Moreover, we know Nikki vacillates how she feels about people. One week she was “done” with Tim, but
recently she has grown very close to Joel, which IMO has taken some of the pressure off Tim/Cass friendship.

What you are missing is Jared says he “never says bad things about people or lies” he does both. The reality is the WORST thing that was done to Joel which he specifically spoke about was The Third Wheelers making fun of him WHILE HE WAS IN THE ROOM. They told the entire house how it killed them to even talk to him, let alone “try” to be nice b/c he was so weird. It’s why they garnered the high school popular kids role and put a spot light on the middle of the house who weren’t cool enough to belong.


Oh and most importantly Jared told the Bros/Kelsey of his plan to do this and said he’d make Joel recognize what an idiot he was for idolizing her and turn him against Nikki. The plan three fold:

1) turn Joel against Nikki
2) make Joel feel stupid for idolizing her (Jared literally said he would tell Joel how stupid he looks)
3) get Joel’s vote

The problem with your logic is you are saying Jared is doing this b/c he’s just being one of the boys by having Joel’s back. If that were truly the case he would have said something when he first felt it and he wouldn’t want to embarrass him in the process!

If Jared is YOUR boy and your favorite, that’s fine, but don’t invent a solution that isn’t reality.


You have quite enough to say eh and are very very long winded.. So only if the comment fits what you want its okay then. Why so aggressive. How about you ease up a little and remember we are all here with opinions. Not just the one that fits your agenda.

“Jared is YOUR boy” <<—– take a break from the computer dude. It was a really nice day today, enjoy!


I think it was a slop pass for one time though wasn’t it. So Chicken George could eat some pizza. Jared should find out if he can give him the pass. I wonder if it is still valid because there is no more have nots.

?? ?? ??

I think Andrew (BBC) was allowed to fix his hair after his DR session. I think.


I’ve never seen a season where they weren’t allowed to fix their hair. I think POV restrictions are only when they are wearing suits & costumes etc..


Does the camera guy really need to focus in on Nikki eating. Its the grossest thing to watch. She eats like someone who has no teeth.
Its her tantrums that have turned me off on her completely. After those, she was just a piece of furniture in the house to me. I hope she goes so I don’t have to hear her screeching voice anymore.


I feel its the thought of going through the next couple weeks on slop is what is getting to Joel. It probably just sunk in and is now overwhelming . He does like his candy.
The party was for Tim & Nikki’s B-day right.


I really want Jared out, but do not understand why the other houseguests do not vote him out. Seems like he has this invisible hold over them as if they are afraid of him. Get him out on Thursday for C***’ sake.


Cassandra is a nightmare. still. Never liked how she has behaved to people, behind peoples backs and been mean spirited in her opinions of people. I think Joel knows deep down that Cassandra has never truly respected Joel as a person. She was awful about him to other people when Loveita was in the house and after she just kept him close as a number. She always wanted to be in the popular crowd. She was not a proud outsider/misfit and don’t deserve to be called one. She is the mean popular kid. I remember when Joel and Cass was on slop and stayed in the chapel and she wouldn’t stop trashing Loveita to Joel and egged him on to agree with her. When she left the room Joel said outloud “get away from me” and started pacing round the house. I knew then that she didn’t respect him and his friendship with his best friend Loveita.


Jared is a real immature piece of human trash. It’s time for him to go. He’s a pouty little boy and abusive when things don’t go his way. What has he done in this game that he can claim to fame for the grand prize? answer: NOTHING.

He’s a sociopath. He has all the signs of a psychological abuser. He’s too entitled. That’s why he thinks he should be the one to walk away with the $100K without doing anything to earn it.

I have no idea why Kelsey is in the house or the game… did she come to win the prize for herself or do all the work for Jared so he can win?

I love that Cass put him on the block and I hope she gets the chance if it’s tie vote to be able to cast his bullying ass out the door. Cass, Tim and Joel have played a solid game. Any of these three for the win.

Jared you’re a mean spirited LITTLE man. It’s uncalled for to hurt Joel with your vicious little lies and comments. You have no conscience. You don’t even feel bad about it. Great tactic for trying to get someone to not vote you out or put you up on the block….. go antagonize them!!!

You and Maddy cut from the same cloth. Two of the meanest HGs of all time.


i’m no fan of Jareds but to be fair Cass, Nikki and Tim have made fun of Joel behind his back that is a truth. Tim is also a self confessed narcissist and has worked with Jared, Kelsey and Cass against the misfits for a number of weeks but denies it. That made me loose respect for Tim because he points out faults in others and called the brothers cowards for not putting Jared up but just admitted he wouldn’t have been able to do it himself. Very contradictory.


It was very mean to tell Joel that others were making fun off him. This is why I don’t respect Jared and Kelsey. Another part of me is wondering if Joel is playing this out so that Cassandra will be upset with Kelsey. Maybe Joel wants Cassandra to make a final 2 deal with him instead of Kelsey.


You are an idiot!! I’m a licensed therapist watching the game from home because I love the social experiment that is Big Brother. Jared has displayed no behavior indicating he is anything remotely close to being a sociopath or abuser!! He was pissed at Kelsey the night of the spin the bottle incident because they had had an earlier conversation about him feeling jealous. When the bottle spun to Nick, she gave Jared a look like I know this will piss you off but I’m going to do it anyway. He felt she purposely disrespected him – especially after they had talked. He got up and walked away, changed clothes, and went to the hot tub to be away from everyone – to diffuse, which was a smart move. Kelsey knew what she did and felt guilty, which is why she went to him later. This type of argument is fairly common with people, it is not some sort of indication of psychological problems. Your comments are irresponsible and unmerited.


not very observant therapist then…i dont think sociopath but i do think false sense of entitlement and little man syndrome…he 100% is a jealous controlling guy when it comes to relationship with kelsey


That’s fine but the original comment was calling him a potential sociopath and abuser. It does a disservice to actual victims of abuse when you cry wolf.

Candy O

Spot on Psych 101! GoHomeJared sound like a bitter exgirlfriend talking trash! Ha ha ha! Jared is a really nice guy and hasn’t done anything above or beyond any of the others in the house. Especially Tim! If anything, I wish he had dropped the showmance weeks ago and played much more strategic and defensively against Tim & Cass.


Very well said.
As someone from Winnipeg myself, I say we all write a petition to City Council to have Jared banned from the city. He is as vile and disgusting as they come. He makes Donald Trump look like Ghandi. At least Trump is honest about his hate and owns it. Jared is the worst kind of hater. He pretends he likes you to your face but spews all the hatred and evil behind your back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the kind of guy that would raise his hand to a woman. He is pure sociopathic evil. All these anti bullying ads and movies should hire Jared for their bully. He doesn’t even need to act the part. It’s who he is. He is one of the nastiest houseguest stop be on any season of the show in any country. He’s worse than Frankie Grande!

I hope you read this one day Jared. Then you will know just how much your “hometown” HATES you!!! You are nothing more than an entitled, arrogant, narcisistic, self obsessed, vile, despicable, evil, manipulative, controlling, piece of garbage and an embarrassment to Winnipeg!!! You are disgusting!!!

Jared needs Sudafed

Watching Jared smoke is hilarious. Does he ever inhale? The way he handles a cigarette reminds me of the way your friends behave when you are all about 13 “trying to be badass” and smoking behind your parents garage.


I hate to say I told so to those hoping Jared would take the high road… HE DIDN’T..

Joel finally opened up to Tim first and now with Cass:

Jared/Kelsey & the Bros all basically converged on Joel and told him Tim/Cass are constantly making fun of him behind his back, that he is the brunt of all jokes and they (Jared/Kels/Bros) are disgusted by their behavior. Tim said any jokes I say I say to your face and I have no problem if you want to bring this up in front of them. (Tim knows Jared/Kels have done MUCH worse, but is choosing to not throw them under the bus).

Bros told him Tim said to put up Cass and Joel or Joel and Jared for their HOH.. when he actually told them to go after the big threat of Maddy/Ramsay and as the renom Jared!

Tim said he has done things like vote against Cass to throw them off and Joel already knew that and

Tim said he doesn’t respect when people’s back are against the wall so they slander someone to turn another against them. Joel said that’s exactly what the 3 did yesterday and he was upset they went to that level.

They also told Joel that Tim/Nikki don’t need the money whereas they (Bros/Kels/Jared) do.

Joel said Jared thought he had the game on lock and would win against anyone, but he would never get higher than 3rd with Kels/Jared. Tim said the way you work with people is via loyalty and actions not slandering people. He said he hadn’t discussed it with Nikki but would likely put her up as a pawn in Dbl Evict.

Joel (basically confirming he’s still with the freak show) said he would put up both Kels/Bros b/c then if Kels won POV she’d have to remove herself since Bros can’t play and then use Nikki as replacement if it came to that.

Then in his convo with Cass:
Joel tells Cass that Jared said she will be HATED in Winnipeg if she is the reason he leaves and that her Dad & his Sister talked and learned she is throwing comps. The truth of this is that Jared ASSUMED that is what she is doing and Cass responded, “you can see I’m not dumb, but I also haven’t done well in comps” I think Cass feels she can win the later comps (more analytical/intellectual) but to say she is throwing comps that are physical is ridiculous. If you don’t think she wanted that slop pass then I don’t know what to say b/c SHE DID and was the 2nd? one out.

Cass reiterated to Joel she made this move for the Freak Show and more specifically for the 2 of them b/c she did feel prior to nominating Jared that he wouldn’t have put her up, but this was best for them.

Cass then said Jared hates my guts and Joel responded so will Kelsey & Bros (but they are flip floppers).

Remember Jared’s plan to try to get Cass/Joel to believe the Bros were voting him out to gain a sympathy vote from Joel and also planned to work on Tim?

I said before Jared went up he/Kels/Bros would OVER PLAY their hands & end up making it obvious the Bros were with him. They told Joel Tim/Cass are all their targets! They forget they don’t typically share things like this (game talk or personal opinions on others) with Joel so now the Freak Show KNOW the Bros are with Jared/Kels.

All this & Bros/Kels/Jared STILL haven’t clued in remotely to the Freak Show.


Your comments are always bang on! Totally agree. I don’t see any way Jared will stay this week!!! He totally deserves to go with the way he’s been acting!


Just as an addendum to this:

Several times throughout the conversations today they have got around to something Jared said, a tangent of him going off on Cass & Winnipeg. It’s beyond what was said regarding her being embarrassed & her family
being embarrassed. Each time BB blocks the feeds. It has to be pretty bad b/c we’ve already learned quite a bit but like clockwork as soon as it gets to that point we get the black screen.

Coming back from the Tim portion of it with Joel the video picked up with the 2 discussing how much Tim hates when players who he perceived as a good person would go to that level. He also (for the second time in their convo) said, I guess the alcohol brought it on. (of note, I’m paraphrasing here b/c I didn’t bother to write it word for word).

During Cass conversation it comes up again & boom… black screen. When it returns she is saying that’s really disappointing to go to that level. And this was even before he went on the block. She asks about Kelsey/Bros
involvement & learns they were right there with Jared.

Again, when the Freak Show are talking they reference it and Tim says well the one who should be
embarrassed is Jared for not cutting his locks or trying to win the POV & that’s why he’s leaving.

Suffice to say Jared went on some big rant and it was worse than him saying her family would be
embarrassed by her game play/taking him out and we can also conclude based on the cuts of what is said just prior to and returning from the black screen he plans to do something that will make her persona non grata in Winnipeg. (again paraphrasing).

Bottom line, it’s unusual for them to cut so quickly always at the same spot given what we already know, so I
personally think he made some sort of threat like he’d ruin her rep in the Peg or something actionable.

Kudos to Cass for not buying into his plea to keep him so she could be grateful to get 3rd and I hope more than ever now that she & Joel are final 2 just b/c I’d think “the Peg” will be more impressed she was ultimately
responsible for his oust, outplayed him and ended up winning money.

As per the actions of the different sides: Tim went through his clothes earlier to see what he could give Joel since he lost his. Cass went into the DR to discuss taking Joel’s slop punishment and all 3 (Tim/Cass/Nikki) were extremely worried about how upset Joel was.

In contrast, Jared took time to INVITE JOEL TO WORK OUT WITH HIM & PLAY POOL & had a lengthy convo where he said Cass tried to start a fight. He never offered his slop pass to Joel.

Finally, Joel said it’s not whether things were said or not (or taken out of context or not) it’s that people would say them not caring it would hurt him. Joel said the thing is “they” (Kelsey/Jared/Phil) never talk to him normally unless it’s last minute and they want something, so anything they are telling him now comes across as self
serving. The fact they all saw him visibly upset today and didn’t think to say to him I’m sorry I was drunk and
angry or if I hurt your feelings it wasn’t my intention is almost more disturbing then the fact they did it in the first place IMO.

Joel intends to keep his distance, say he doesn’t want to talk game & continue to let them think he is leaning their way. Then before the show he’ll respectfully let Jared know he’s voting to keep Nikki.

This last plan is so they don’t continue to bombard Joel, Cass is going to act like she is worried Jared is coming after her next week (i.e. playing like Joel is likely going to save Jared). And the group aren’t going to try to flip the Brothers b/c they made it clear they are with Jared.

If the Freak Show luck out with Kels/Bros both being out first in the HOH comp then Joel/Tim will attempt to throw HOH to Nikki so they can both compete after and logically once they know it’s a Dbl Evict if it comes down to Tim/Joel I’m sure Tim will take it so Joel has a shot at winning the full week HOH so he can eat.

Anyway, as usual the Bros, Jared & Kelsey are basically acting like it’s a fait accompli (done deal) Tim/Cass will go up and out (1 of ) Thursday. Meanwhile the Freak Show have logically discussed what their game plan is for the week, how to handle Double Eviction etc.. Um yeah it’s called playing the game!


Did Jared take your last donut or something? You sure do indulge yourself with the hate on for him lols.
*Breathe Breathe in out in out*


Tim is actually very hypocritical with everything he does/says. That is a known fact even in Australia after his BB and other shows., very self-centered. Still a good guy but yes contradictory.


Tim is very aware of media and how to use it. I don’t think anything he says or does is being malicious but more to get a response. Drop a bomb and then sit back and watch what happens knowing that it will be good television. Jared being on the block has now brought out his spoilt little boy personality who lashes out at others when under pressure. Look at the way he spoke to Raul when he was talking too much about what they knew from Kelsey on her return. He stood over him like quite agressively. The brothers were the same when nominated. It’s a game, you expect to be nominated at some point. I think they will all be surprised at how they are perceived outside in the real world.


I think I’ve figured out why I’m having such a negative reaction to Tim. In terms of game plan, i don’t have a problem with Tim. I’m a big fan of strategy, and don’t care if it’s hero or villain. I think the house has been a huge bunch of imbeciles to view him as a helpful mentor from the beginning. But that’s on them, not him.
My negative feeling toward Tim mostly comes from what we see on feed vs. what we see in episode. I don’t like golden edits. I admit I’m petty about it. The more editing alchemy to take out of anything that can be construed as negative, the more i get annoyed by the house guest that benefits from such an edit. Yes, it isn’t his game, it’s the sanitized edit that makes me think negatively. If the edit were to show that he’s a good manipulator that is also catty, cruel, demanding and can exhibit paranoia, just like everyone else in the house I think I’d be less inclined to roll my eyes every time he speaks (while saying to myself ‘well that will never see the light of day in the show’) and more inclined to be supportive of him.
Every season the more sparkling the edit, the more I feel like someone is trying to bamboozle me. My instant reaction is to be more annoyed by that house guest because their representation three times a week doesn’t match what we see daily.
Just to be clear, I’ve been feeling a lot of the same distaste for most of the house guests this season. Everyone that says the show and the feeds are two different shows is correct.
It’s taken an awful lot of polish this season to keep so many turds looking sparkly.


I so agree with you. I often have to pause the episode and explain to my daughter how something came about it the chain of events that really took place. I love Tim he is playing a good game. He sold it they bought it … It’s on them. I realized why Tim gets the most diary room sessions he is entertaining!!!


So…. Your beef is with the edit transposed onto the player. Gotcha.


I must admit, I was not a fan of Cass, until she played Maddy for Kelsey’s sake and you got to see her play more. And it annoys me the number of comments about her dad winning HOH for her….ummm whoever won this week would of had a relative win it for them. Yes, I understand Jared, Tim and Joel have won before, although I know People have argued that Joel’s HOH was not entirely his win, but what impresses me with Cass is how she is willing to do a big move. This season has seemed like everyone is afraid to do that, except the “Freak Alliance.”


Personally i’m annoyed by the family twist period. I’m annoyed that for two weeks running production has chosen to play interference to adjust the game to their storyline. Who cares who benefits and who suffers, they have broken their own fractured social experiment premise (not that the premise of x number of STRANGERS wasn’t broken by casting to begin with). I’m more annoyed that family got to speak to the house guests about their outside world perception, and about the trustworthiness of the other players. Why not just give them cell phones? Why not just have the class of 2010 from the same highschool be the houseguests for bbcan 5? Why not an entire big ass extended family edition?
The fact that it WAS Cassandra’s dad that won the comp only makes me more p.o’d because let’s face it, she wasn’t going to win it of her own devices.


Nikkis talking about glyn wise!!! im cooking an egg for the very first time a-ummmm a-ummmm lol


Tim is a brand, so is Nikki. She would not get the comical golden edit if she was ‘just an ordinary contestant’ She would be slaughtered for not ‘playing the game’ and hated for not realising that other people actually want to play. Both of them are hired to do a job, to be selling the BB concept and merge two styles of BB to the world. There is no way they would ever not get a golden edit. People who say they have an advantage in the game are right. I personally think they should have been on allstars instead. Tim has taken over the show from the beginning and the youngsters became his puppets. He says now that Jared had everybody wanting his approval as a big brother but so did Tim. Tim wants people who adore him and follow HIM like he is their big brother /leader. he always has. He needs to be the leader of misfits, not on equal terms like he claims.


i wouldny mind 2nd evicxtion a instant!


I have to say, I prefer hungover Kelsey.