Kelsey “I told him before.. don’t f**king shave your head!” Cass “Well should have..”

POV Holder: brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

9:40am Hot Tub – Joel, Kelsey and Cassandra are talking. Joel asks how many times did the jackpot go off yesterday? Cassandra says it went off 3 times in a row and then every hour. Phil joins them in his skunk outfit. Tim and Jared join them.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-24 07-17-00-752

10:25am – 11am HOH room – Cass tells Kelsey its very important we set ourselves up for the next couple weeks. Me and you in the finale. Kelsey asks its Jared isn’t it. Cass says I haven’t made my mind up yet. Its going to be my decision. Cass says I know that if its you me and Jared in the end. Jared will take you and you will take Jared. I’m not stupid. I trust you 100%, I would never put you up. If you’re on the block and I win the veto, I would take you off. If Jared is in the end everyone will vote for him. You’ll see Jared in two weeks. Kelsey asks why would you get rid of someone that will fight for us to get every other single person out. Cass says this move if I do it, you will have no blood on your hands. Cass says if Jared is gone, Tim won’t see you as a threat. Jared joins them and the conversation ends. He asks to talk to Cass alone. Cass says you guys didn’t f**king compete in that veto! Jared says he was banking on it being a tie because the person with the most chips would win. He says the only thing he wasn’t willing to do was shave his head. I didn’t sit in that bath of eels for nothing. Cass says now I have the brothers coming after me. Jared says Kelsey and I will protect you. If I’m up and its a tie will you vote to keep me? Cass says against Nikki, ..ya. Cass says she knows Jared and Kelsey would choose each other over her. Jared says we all know it comes down to who wins that final competition. Cass says its between you, Kelsey, Joel and Tim. Jared says Joel is playing all of us. Cass asks do you have a deal with Joel? Jared says he has a deal with all of us. Cass asks who is best for my game to get out? Jared says Nikki. Cass says Kelsey is taking you to the final 2. Jared asks is she going to pick me over 100K? Cass says yes. Jared says well I better marry that girl because that’s a nice person.

11am HOH room – Kelsey talks to Cass again. Cass says that Jared just confirmed to me that he would take you to the final 2. I wanted him to at least say there was a chance he would take me. Kelsey says we have one of the strongest competitors on out side and we know he will never put us up. Cass asks why don’t I just put Jared up and then all he needs is two votes and I break the tie. Kelsey says Jared will go. Cass says I should have just put Jared up to begin with like I wanted to and then he would have tried harder in the veto and won it. The brothers would be going home right now.

11:50am The jackpot lights go off and chips fall for Cassandra to pick up (her punishment from the veto competition).

12:15pm Jared and Kelsey are arguing in the backyard. Kelsey doesn’t understand why Jared didn’t lie and tell Cass he would take her to the final 2 over Kelsey. She tells him she wants him to fight for his life.

1:15pm Hot Tub – Jared tells Kelsey I just couldn’t ever look at her (Cass) again if I go out by her this week.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-24 10-06-38-104
1pm HOH room – Phil comes to talk to Cassandra. Cass says I don’t know if you hate me or if we can ever work together. I should have just put up Jared. Phil says I don’t hate you. Cass asks what do you think should happen? Phil says I’ll turn it around.. who do you trust in a final 4 situation? Cass says I’ve always trusted you brothers. I screwed up by putting you up this week. Phil says it was a game move. Cass says I realized I made the wrong choice in putting you up. I think there are people in the house that think they don’t even have to win and didn’t even try. (Jared) Phil says do what is best for your game. Cass says is Jared the biggest threat or is getting out Nikki who is a number for Tim. I’m not putting up Joel. Phil asks who would you put up next to Nikki? Cass says Jared. Phil says and then you decide who you want out. Cass says I am nervous about you and Jared teaming up and coming after me and Joel in the middle. Phil says Jared has pulled me in the last couple weeks which is good I respect that. I don’t want to get involved, its your HOH. If I were you I would look into the final 4 or final 5. Cass says I’ve always wanted you, Joel, Tim and Me. Phil says then do that. Joel joins them. Nick joins them. Cass says I think what’s best for us this week is that we get Jared out. Phil says do what’s best for you. The brothers leave. Cass tells Joel they (The Brothers) cannot win HOH. She tells him he has to vote anyone else out over her. Joel tells Cass me, you and Tim are my top three. Kelsey will have no one. Cass says okay I’m going to do it. Joel says Tim and Nikki will have to keep winning. They’re not as strong mentally and physically as Jared and Kelsey.

3:20pm – 3:50pm Tim tells Cass that Joel went into battle for you. He went into fight for us. The other people that are apparently in an alliance with us ..didn’t. The jackpot goes off again and Cass gets up to clean up the poker chips. Cass doesn’t find all the chips under the couches and so whenever she tries to leave the living room big brother tells her to go back. Jared comes out and Cass tells him about Big Brother not letting her leave the living room. Cass says I don’t know why I’m doing this, I didn’t need the veto.

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Did you know...

Ramsey asked if he could use the veto on maddy and then they could vote him out so he could be with his dad but production told him no.

Ramsey commented on a site about this.

Maddy should still be in the game but apparently had issues wit production so they wanted her gone.


So what

If his dad wasn’t sick he never would have used the veto on her, he would have used it on himself. So if he had pulled that move, THAT would have been rigging the competition.


Since he was leaving the game, it wouldn’t have been fair to allow him to use the PoV on Maddy, because that isn’t giving the players any choice in who to vote out. It was his decision to leave, and not return, so the only fair thing was to force him to use it on himself, and let the week go on as it did, with a legitimate nominee & renom on the block.

Not true...

Ramsey could have let Maddy have veto and then they put up a replacement. The choice is Ramsey or the replacement, Ramsey leaves if they evict the other player.

It was rigged, it is all over the internet.

Did you also know that

If Maddy were still in the game this week, she would be on the block and in the Jury house by the end of the Double Eviction.
No rigging needed!


I’m sure production is indifferent to the house guests. . If he tried to pull that it would be unfair. Had his dad not been ill she still would have gone out.


Just finding that out now?


Although I think Jared wold be a great backdoor option, I think it is best for Cass to backdoor kelsey. If kelsey stays she may be taken to the final two as people may see her as somebody they can beat. Jared will always be a big threat and target although he has done a great job thus far building a strong final two argument.


I wonder if that is why Cass wants kelsey to stay. Because she can beat her!

sunny dee

too late to keep targets in the house, if they are capable of winning comps, there isn’t any more room to hide behind them. Plus you take out jared, and who’s left? brothers, tim, nikki, all viable targets, and if you like Kelsey because raul and jared would vote for her.

so no, nobody should be keeping in bigger targets at this stage, because it just opens the door to that target winning, which is what made them a target. she can’t take out brothers, and she does have a good spin, she was serious saying she would have already had jared on the block, just wouldn’t have been next to nikki, it would have been next to the brothers.

and jared is funny, like such a petty player. he doesn’ want to go out as a back door option? wow, should have thought about that while playing the veto and throwing it. pretty much guaranteed he didn’t try to win because he figured brothers would pressure him to keep his promise to use it on them, when he had no intention of doing that. oh well.

jared gone, then the only ones willing to drag kelsey with them would be cass and the brothers. kelsey is trying to be Neda, but Jared is too arrogant to be Jon. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t do the things that actually would work out, and he isn’t true to his word when he gives it. I keep hearing about how he does, but so far all i’ve seen is him not doing the things he says he will do.


Not sure given Kelsey will have Jared & Raul’s votes no matter what. Mitch said he would vote for ANY of the 3 and the Bros do what Jared tell them. I’d say it’s a safer bet Cass takes one of Joel or Nikki to F2


A few weeks before Jared said if Cassandra didn’t take him to the end that he would tarnish her name in Winnipeg. Yesterday he mentioned to Kelsey in the storage room that she better not put him up because he played with Cassandra’s dogs in her mother’s backyard. I don’t know if they know each other well or just have connections with other people. I hope he gets voted out this week. 1# Did not fight for the veto even when Tim told him if the brothers win he might be the replacement. 2#Would smear someones name for revenge. Gets others to fight his own battles like Kelsey and Tim.


Joel was somewhat of a huge target for people to get out early on. I am surprised at how well he has done to stay off the block. If he continues to Play a strong game I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make it to the final two and win.

Also, if Nicki survives this week (which I think she will) Tim and Nicki may be the final two. At double eviction time I think Cass, Kelsey and Joel will target the brothers, the brothers will target cass. making it pretty safe for Tim and Nicki as long as the right person doesn’t win veto.

I think Cass will take out jared, and with 6 people remaining, I think 3 of them would take her to final 2. Kelsey, Joel and tim. This could potentially make her a target however as people may be hesitant to take her that far.


Can’t believe the patience Cassandra has………………….Kelsey is like an annoying mosquito that won’t go away!


I haven’t commented much, but it isn’t a bad season. Tim is very masterful, but I don’t think he can win. He probably is in the house as a tool for production to stir things up and help them make “good tv”, he is probably making more $ for being there than the prize is worth, which kind of sucks, but the season would have been boring without him. Nikki is a non factor, and unfortunately the perfect goat. I am liking Cassandra and Joel for winners.

The brothers deserve their due, they came in with a big target on their backs and lasted against all odds. In the veto they wanted to be there bad enough to take punishments and shave their heads. Jared prefers his hair to the prize, so he should go this week, and the brothers are dumb if they vote to keep him. They are kind of like a modern day Bob and Doug McKenzie. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they annoy me, sometimes I like them. They are genuine dufuses, but it has worked out for them. They will probably be double eviction casualties.

Kelsey is an airhead, but the longer they keep her, there is a possibility she can win an HOH, and like most of the girls this season she would nominate based on petty vengence. If Jared goes this week, the best thing for everyone except the brothers is to get Kelsey out. I would hate to see her in the final two.

I don’t understand the cult of Jared. Why does everyone hold him in such high regard? He is a self centered immature boy who is the eye candy of the season. He hasn’t really done anything smart that I can remember. He needs to go this week because he could turn comp beast and win his way to the end, and I don’t see him not taking Kelsey to the end, which would completely suck.


Nothing wrong with not wanting to kiss Cassandra’s ass or not wanting to deal with immature imbeciles!!!

Good grief

Please get rid of that clueless puffed up do f** all peacock and then the dumbdumb bros. Have never seen so many knuckle heads in the same house and that goes for Nikki as well. I have given up trying to figure out what the big deal with her is.

Good grief eh

Nice name. Small difference between us, eh. I don’t mind, just want to make sure other commentators know we are different people. I’ve got the “eh” in my name.


Oh cass your in trouble this week…lol…you put up Jared guess what happens the brothers save Jared and team up and you’re out the door in the instant .. Put Joel up and send Nikki to the jury your safest bet—cause your odds are bad ,Tim and Joel ain’t winning shit….Jared would win a physical compe …he would be a shield for you against the brothers …cause the brothers are coming for you —don’t fool yourself —they are keeping Jared 🙂


Jared and the brothers said that they would put Cassandra on the block next week this was before Jared knew he might go up as a replacement. She has Tim,Joel and maybe Nickki on her side. Jared was never on her side so take him out before he takes her out. Her taking out Jared is her best move.


No shes not in trouble. She only needs 2 votes (Tim & Joel) she is the tie breaker… buh-bye Jared 🙂

Nurse Jenny Lee

It’s amazing how you can be enjoying Big Brother Canada for weeks and then suddenly it all just seems to go down the tubes. I’m really miffed with production and how badly they have screwed up everything in the past two weeks. I was kinda sorta okay with the Canada votes for the top two contenders for HOH thing. It did come down to chance that Phil & Nick won. At least the other houseguests participated in rolling the balls into the roulette wheel. So, I was going along with it and thought it was sort of interesting how it affected the game. But, I’m not really onboard with bringing in the family members to play instead of the housemates. I think it would have been okay to pair up the houseguest with their family member to compete (like Survivor has done) but to not even allow the houseguests to compete for the most important position in the house was not a good idea. How is it fair that they didnt get to even try for HOH two weeks in a row!!! It just isn’t right. And, if I’m being honest, I have a problem with a gameshow asking people to shave their heads in order to win a competition. Most women would NEVER do it and only a few guys. So, it sure sets things up so a woman won’t win the competition. How is that fair gameplay? I’m not Jared’s #1 fan but it sure looks like he’s going up on the block and to jury on Thursday and the poor guy really had no real opportunity to compete for HOH for two weeks in a row. If things continue like this, I’m done for the season. Why waste my time! I’ll read about who production picked to crown as the winner online in May.

You are right.

Something is amiss. 2 weeks in a row and they can’t play for veto. Looks like production isn’t liking what they see.

It would be the biggest embarrassment in Canada if tim or nikki wins. First thing the players should have done is evict the foreigners,


Kick em out.
Build a wall.

Dr Hook

I agree there. It’s not fair to ask someone to shave their heads. I would never do that either. God knows how its going to grow back if at all. Never mind the people saying “its only hair”….sure it is. Its only other peoples hair so its no big deal. I don’t think if Cassandra took the food out of her mouth for 2 seconds would ever consider shaving her head. She wouldn’t do it. I highly doubt that big mouth Tim or Nikki would do it. Its easy to say Yes after the fact.
They should get Kelsey out and the hairless brothers should team up and wipe the house clean.


BB (US and CAN) know that only certain individuals will shave their head. But shaving your head doesn’t necessarily guarantee you will win POV. That has been proven in US version (at least)so there are other ways to win this POV.

Sister Monica Joan

I was just saying this very thing to my group of friends who watch Big Brother. We are all in agreement with you. Each of those houseguests entered the house with the understanding they would have the opportunity to compete for HOH and POV each week in addition to how well they were able to play socially, form alliances, and maneuver through relationships in the game. Not allowing them to compete two weeks in a row is just WRONG! But that’s not all! So, we also find out that last year’s winner, Sarah, (who is currently working for production as part of the Big Brother Sideshow) who has had access to live feeds and who knows what other information from production, is allowed to enter the house for a private coaching session with Cass. According to Cass, Sarah told her to stick with Tim & Joel and screw the shomance. So, it’s okay for production to influence the outcome of the renomination this week too. I’m really disappointed in how things have gone and it isn’t right or fair to ANY of the people playing the game. I was enjoying the show until now.


Two things about your comment:

1) In no way, shape or form should you assume that you will be able to compete for HOH or POV at any time. If you have watched BB you should know this. It is a television show based on a game that is sometimes biased and rigged. Is it frustrating? Yes. But if you are a good player, your social game should allow you to survive these type of rigged competitions.

2) BBCAN did this exact thing last season, when they basically handed Sarah the win. I was so frustrated with it last year, that I completely stopped watching the show and live feeds. So it should not come as a surprise this season, although I am surprised they did this with Cassandra, who is most obviously not a fan favourite.

As for the fairness of the hair shaving thing, I am very confident that this was put in specifically for Jared. To see how willing he was to do anything for a win. I have heard the houseguests mention shaving their heads, and their willingness to do so, multiple times this season, so I guess production was taking them to task.

Anyhow, hopefully Cass nominates Jared and he is sent home. I am now fully team Joel, I don’t think anyone else deserves to win.


Wait? no one in that house deserves to win except joel? What exactly has joel done that makes him more deserving of the win then any one else? Cause I must be missing something.

Furless Bat

Jared thought he could throw the veto and stay off the block. He was wrong, now he goes to jury. He’s just slightly smarter than Rail.
Cass has said several different things regarding her convo with Sarah. Mostly, “go with your gut.” I doubt she said much more to her. Everyone in the house knows a showmance is dangerous that’s BB101. Saying in that in context with other pros and cons is hardly unfair influence. Maybe wait and watch the show tonight, and or wait and ask Cass when she’s out of the house.
The family HOH, we have heard a lot of assumption from houseguest about who likes who etc. But we don’t know if they had and direct contact or conversations with their family members at all, except the winner Cass.
I seriously doubt that her Dad said anything earth-shattering, or her gameplay would have changed – like targetting Tim immediately! But it hasn’t she is doing exactly what we thought she would do.
The conspiracy theories pop up every other week, production is protecting the showmance, the internationals, the bros, now Cass is being told to target the showmance.
FYI The only production interference that I ever thought was really suspicious was the BB13 pandora’s box & endurance comp happening the same week and saving fan favs – Rachel and Jordan.


It is very unlikely Sarah told her that. We’ve seen Dan, Emmett & Gillian, and Emmett again come into BBCan in previous seasons. Only in the Dan situation were actual game situations discussed and that was because he spoke to EVERYONE.

So, isn’t it more logical to believe Sarah told Cass to trust her gut and then Cass told one of Joel or Tim (assuming this is where she said this since I haven’t witnessed this convo) that was what Sarah said. It’s classic Cass using situations to get what she wants from the moment. Just as Jared made some things up that Tim’s Dad, his sister and others said. They are using those opportunities to gain an advantage.

I could be wrong, but if I could bet on whether Sarah did or didn’t say that I’d bet she didn’t. And as for
Production’s interference I still think the original choice re: the return of Kelsey/Love was for Canada to vote on (why else have us do it on the site) but when Love was leading the polls the powers that be switched it up to a house vote to get their desired person back (Kelsey) JMHO


I don’t have a problem with the family competing given they entered the house and were told “do you feel lucky” they knew this was the season of chance.

Second Jared could have won the POV had he simply bet on giving up his clothes, taking slop or not playing in POV NONE OF WHICH HE BET ON. The bottom line is he had chips remaining from not betting b/c he felt so
confident in staying. The fact he didn’t want to shave his head is fine. But the other 3 punishments were all viable. Joel showed his commitment via the 2 MAJOR punishments he took. The Bros fought to stay.

Further if you analyze why Jared made the choices he did it is very telling:

1) he didn’t want to win POV b/c he promised the Bros he would remove them from the block and he didn’t want to do that. Even if you say he was protecting Kelsey the truth is he still could have won and then told that to the Bros and worked to save them. Sooooooooooooooo he didn’t care if they left

2) Just like when competing to win the slop pass he is invested in making his stay as comfortable as possible which is fine, but his taunting of Maddy to drop was poor sportsmanship IMO

3) With $100k he could buy new clothes and with only a few weeks remaining what is the big deal being on slop when he knows there will be plenty of opportunities for parties (with food) so again.. a selfish choice

4) the biggest one IMO was not trying to take can’t compete in POV. If he felt so comfortable he’d be safe why not win the POV just for that move. He could have ensured to Cass he had her back and trusted in himself, Kelsey and Cass to keep him safe moving forward.

And hearing that he said he’d trash her all over Winnipeg sheds a light on who Jared is as a person and how he has played this season. Anyone who fights to stay is a joke, anyone who considers putting him up is stupid,
anyone who lies or make back deals is untrustworthy and despicable. YET it’s fine for him to do all of those things. He is a narcissist whose self serving ego has led to his own demise.

How he reacted to Mitch and Raul who were in his initial alliance shed light on who he was from the get. Frankly I’m surprised he’s lasted this long since I haven’t seen him dominate nor show brilliance. He is calm and logical, but that’s b/c everyone in the house has kissed his azz.

If he does threaten Cass I hope they air it just so his legion of supporters see the “real” Jared.

As for me I say “Good riddance Jared!”


If Jared goes, I will be relieved. Not relieved because I dislike Jared (he is an annoyance) but relieved because it will be the first sign that the production rigging that has been more an more possible since it was revealed that Jared, Kelsey, Joel and Cass have strange pre-existing connections to each other is not an absolute fix to final four.
I still have no doubt that this season: casting either dropped the ball multiple times in their research or intentionally recruited people connected to some applicants; or that production has been playing with probability to predetermine outcomes; or even that certain plans and plots were subtly quashed during d/r calls and feed black outs… but it would be nice to think that the entire season hasn’t just been an unscripted (except for d/r visits) but completely plot pointed to determine a preseason chosen winner.

Mr Boo urns.

Yes a bunch of young Canadians might have hung around or known each other before this show. WOW its like they are from the same country or something eh.


I personally know everyone in North America.


Well aren’t you the popular one.


Tranch is that you?! How the heck are you?! Long time no see!! Are you still rooting for the local sports team? They have been so good and/or frustrating this season. Hopefully they win it all this year and/or get their act together for next season. lol… I believe this is a Simpsons reference…

Mr Boo urns… there are some 35 million Canadians. I figure roughly 8 million would be eligible to become BBCAN houseguests based on BB demographics. The fact that 4 out of 16 houseguests — not to mention the brothers — (out of a pool of 8 million) have some sort of connection outside the house, leads me to believe that either this was specifically done by Production or was an absolute epic failure by the casting department.


Maddy and Christine knew each other from BBCAN 2 open casting calls where they met. Revealed by Maddy last week. Both applied this season
Loveita and Ramsey’s families live in the same neighborhood, share acquaintances and family friends. Revealed by Loveita in conversation with Ramsey then with Joel in week three. Ramsey was recruited to apply unknown if Loveita was an applicant or a recruit.
Cass and Jared. so many mentions on feeds it’s ridiculous. Jared was recruited to apply, not sure about Cassandra.
Jared and Kelsey. Jared went to the Calgary stampede (where Kelsey worked) with a guy that Kelsey is also friends with and dated. Kelsey was recruited to apply as was Jared.
Kelsey’s aunt is friends with Joel and performs in theatre productions with him. Jared wanted Kelsey to use that connection as leverage during her campaign to him in week 4. Joel applied, Kelsey recruit.
Maddy and Christine can be considered a fan applicant coincidence.
What about the others?
given the number of people that stand in lines at open casting calls, it’s beyond a little bit sketchy that so many recruits have a tie to each other and to applicants. The entire process for this season is highly suspect. One tenuous connection between applicants is strange but coincidental. But 8 people on the show having strange connections is either purposeful or casting does not know how to properly vet an applicant.


Maybe unemployment is high out west right now? I mean how many people are willing to quit their jobs, or are unemployed to enable them to be in BBCan house for months.


or perhaps casting was hoping that having two people from Winnipeg that grew up together, another from Calgary, another from Edmonton, another from Fort McMurry (family living in Cambridge, ON) and finally one listed as living in Toronto (with family living in Cambridge, ON) wouldn’t talk about how connected they really are.

sunny dee

last year, i believe they recruited Zack. When he got evicted, on the Side show, turns out he and Peter Brown ‘knew’ each other. Apparently Zack was a pretty vocal twittering fan troller against Peter, something he mentioned specifically to Zack. or he said something like ‘so, not so easy when you are in there instead of watching and tweeting about what people should be doing right?”

if production is looking for BB fans to round out the casting, they don’t have to look farther than the feed comments and twitter followers, imo.

They go to major cities, probably with many people who apply more than once. and since there are many people also applying, chances are very high those people are meeting. then i think there is a selection process thru call backs, plus alternates. BB US HGs talk a bit about ‘seeng’ or eating meals with other HGs and potential HGs, or those who were in their group who ended up in the house, or one talked about how he felt this connection to a potential who didn’t make it in the house, and so on. i don’t think they are allowed to talk during these gatherings.

anyway the real point of that is if anyone is picked from Winnipeg or Vancouver, or Calgary, chances are pretty good that if they are in the same age range, and social people, and go out, that they are going out to or know about the same places. it would be hard to believe if they didn’t share common experiences, even if they weren’t close friends already. since BB4 put the brothers in, and were always going to do that, maybe it was a conscious decision to do other ‘pairings’, like 2 from Winnipeg, HG knowing another HG’s relative, etc. common ground and relations, also would explain why they chose a comp that used family members. there is always some kind of running theme in each season i think,


Well then it’s gotta suck to be Paige, Mitch, Dallas and Sharry. If there was some secret connection twist that never got revealed it would really be horrible for those four schlumps to find out that they were the only ones not in on the twist.
More likely, the recruiters for casting got lazy and hoped nobody would slip up on live feeds and reveal the connections. The odds of coincidentally recruiting the one guy that travelled 12 hours to another province with a guy that dated a recruited girl for the same show are astronomical. The odds of finding the one girl in Fort McMurray about 30 hours drive from Toronto where they recruited the one guy with both happening to have family in the same community an hour away from Toronto are even more astronomically ridiculous.


It’s 750 miles from Winnipeg to Calgary. Winnipeg pop. 1,370,000. Calgary pop. 1,230,000.
It’s 185 miles from Calgary to Edmonton. Edmonton pop.1,275,000
It’s 2,360 miles from Fort McMurray to Toronto. Fort McMurray pop. 78,000. Toronto pop. 2.6 million, GTA pop. 8.1 million
But they recruited people that knew each other given those distance and population variables as a complete coincidence.

casting sucks

This is what happens when only 2 mature adults live with junior high mentality players


What has Jared done in this game that jury members would vote for him to win? His invisible power over people is an illusion. He did nothing and he threw that competition so that people wouldn’t win anything a few weeks back – he’s a baby and made no moves strategically or socially.

Sorry Not Sorry

Sometimes when I read these comments people are posting it makes me wonder if they are watching the same show (including live feeds) that I’m watching. I’ve loved watching Jared & Kelsey since day one. I’ve been getting a little irritated with Kelsey lately, when she gets stubborn and snappy; but, watching their relationship develope IS part of why I like Big Brother. I think Jared has a been a genuinely good person throughout the season and he has done pretty good in standing behind his alliance and supporting them. I think Cassandra is making a mistake in taking Jared out rather than Tim. Jared did not lie to Cassandra when he could have and I believe he would do his best to ensure she has a chance for final 4 as he promised weeks ago. Anyway, I think Jared is a stand up kind of guy. I’d be more than happy to call him a friend. I will truly miss him in the house, in the game, on live feeds, if he goes on Thursday. I know it’s sour grapes to say it but I hope Cassandra is evicted right behind him in the double eviction too. I’ll be laughing my a** off if that happens! I love that she has to clean up the poker chips so she can’t lay around and wait to be fed like she does most of the time.

sunny dee


He’s been talking about getting cassandra and joel out for ages, doesn’t want her there, probably would prefer her gone before nikki and tim. not sure what show you are watching, but all he does is complain about cassandra to kelsey, which has gotten back to cassandra, and the reason why kelsey keeps telling him he has to reassure cass or he’ll be up on the block.


I find that every year many people hate on the ‘popular jocks’ in the house. Like last year the tall skinny guy (can’t even remember his name) but he was a pretty relaxed person and still caught a lot of hate because he was in the middle of the central alliance.

For that reason I take a lot of these opinions with a grain of salt. That being said I dislike Jared and hate Kelsey with a passion.


Couldn’t have said it any better!!
For all you Jared haters, you are not even close to half the good, sensitive and humble person he is!!!


Are you watching the feeds? Or reading the comments daily?

That is why people are annoyed with Jared. He routinely gets angry at anyone who doesn’t do what he wants. Week 3 whe Cass & the Bros refused to vote the way he wanted he was rude to them both and from that point
forward said he wanted them out.

When Kelsey returned and told him Mitch had a deal with Joel and Love he turned on Mitch immediately saying he was a liar. Meanwhile there was NO deal in place with the Third Wheel alliance and Mitch .. only that they were sleeping in the same room and all got along. The truth was Mitch was close to them and would have likely continued working the middle ground. Jared’s viewpoint was Mitch was a traitor b/c he had made
deals/agreements with others which wasn’t allowed (in Jared’s mind). Meanwhile Jared had made a deal with Love to work to the end with her, had a side deal with Ramsay to always work together as well as others.

Raul helped him win the POV to save him and then when he was the renom Jared was furious he told them he had to fight for himself because it didn’t serve Jared’s interest.

Each of the weeks he didn’t win HOH (or Raul) he would make deals with the HOH and sell others out to put the target elsewhere. All of this is fine, BUT Jared expects NO ONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME and if they do or aren’t satisfied with being the 3rd, 4th or lower on his totem pole then you are terrible people.

Last week he talked the Bros out of putting him up promising to work with them to final 3 with Kelsey. Cut to this week and he was fine with Cass nominating them and PROMISED her if he won POV he would try to win it so they would leave. Simultaneously he told the brothers he would use it on them to take them off the block. Cut to the POV and he didn’t try to win or take punishments b/c

A) he felt safe that Cass would never nominate him
B) he didn’t want to be burdened with any punishments.

Now he is mad that Cass has the audacity to nominate him. Put yourself in Cass’ shoes. There are 7 people in the house with them all correctly assuming it’s a double eviction Thursday. Since Jared made ZERO effort to win the POV he showed he didn’t really have her back. At this stage you need to remove the physical threats and/or the people who can beat you or won’t take you to final 3. Prior to the POV ceremony Jared had a F3 deal with each of Cass, the Brothers and Joel.

And while he is ranting about turning Winnipeg against Cass let’s be honest: if Cass had nominated either or Tim or Joel the likelihood is they would have left over Nikki b/c that would serve Jared better. And if he had stayed and won HOH (assuming Cass hadn’t nominated him) he would have put up Tim and Nikki but if Tim came down he would have put up Cass and got Kelsey/Bros to vote her out.

Suffice to say Jared is a hypocrite and many also feel a narcissist. It’s his show and anyone who doesn’t play it by his rules is “evil” or “a bad person”.

Most of us who aren’t his fans got to this place because of the glaring double standards. Even the part of his game you enjoy (watching the budding relationship with Kelsey) is ironic b/c he was fine with her sacrificing her game for him (when she left the first time) and had they both been on the block would have expected her to do so again. Meanwhile the only reason they are tight with the Bros is b/c of Kelsey’s constant begging for him to work with them. Though Kelsey has no plans (at least that’s what she has stated) to date him post show other than a possible wrap party hook up he was infuriated she gave Nick a peck during spin the bottle. That being a
microscopic action of how he plays the game on a whole: trying to control everyone!

I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he has told as many if not more lies than anyone else and promised virtually
everyone protection and deep runs with him/Kelsey.

Even if he had not been nominated and stayed if the Bros/Kelsey and he made final 3 and the Bros had won the final HOH he would EXPECT them to take him over Kelsey though it took until last week for him to stop hating them (read: jealousy). He’s called almost everyone remaining in the house cruel things and the fact he is already saying he’ll make sure Cass is black balled in Winnipeg shows his poor sportsmanship. He’s taking the game to a personal level and it’s simply NOT COOL!

I hope once he reaches jury Mitch is able to help him downshift back to being the guy everyone wanted to be friends with. Unfortunately I think Jared is someone who hasn’t had to struggle in life so his expectations
superseded everyone else’s.

Moreover I haven’t found him to have a classic BB strategy. As much as he’s considered the “comp winner” in the house he hasn’t necessarily dominated (only 1 HOH which was thrown to him) and a couple POV’s.
Ramsay was probably a better competitor but only won when he needed to. Strategically he’s had to be cajoled into being nice to people and his social game consists of telling anyone/everyone he’ll protect them to save his azz or to get them to agree to take him to F2.

I can’t speak for everyone, but at least from my perspective that’s why many of us aren’t fans and aren’t
disappointed he’ll likely leave on Thursday.


What exactly has Kelsey done? She says she has your back? How? She hasn’t been in the position to do that at any time. She talks like she had the power to do something and chose to ‘have your back’.
Uh, Kelsey, you haven’t done anything, won anything.


She has influenced several HOH’s, and thrown a lot of names around. Despite being a fairly poor gamer she has had an impact on the house. Remember Mitch?


Nikki- why are they allowed to keep those fuckers (Kelsey and Jared)

Tim- because their americas sweethearts

um are we not in Canada


Lol watch it again..he says Canada’s sweethearts & Nikki is like “really?!”


No, he said Americas sweetheart. Maybe you should listen to it again..LOL


they were talking about the brothers

M Bell

At 10:40 of the video “Nikki venting to Tim”, they are taking about the brothers, not Kelsey and Jared. Tim says “Canada’s Sweethearts”.


They are in North AMERICA..!


I hope Jared gets backdoored.


Pretty sure Tim knows he is in Canada he is only using it as a commonly used term to describe their TV romance.


Canada is in America. North America. Hence “Americas Sweethearts “


Heard from the chats on the feeds that live feeds are shut down for the night. Think BB Twitter posted it!


Does anyone else ever look at past seasons for interesting bits of trivia to see if they fit with this season?
Maddy was evicted day 56-58 (somewhere in there) around the end of week 8 beginning of week 9.
Season one the hoh winner in this time period was Jillian after the egg up the fence challenge.
Season two the hoh winner in this time period was Jon after the unspooled rope in cold water challenge.
Season three the hoh winner in this time period was Sarah after the torture chamber challenge.
Guess they couldn’t come up with a challenge Cassandra could beat the others at, so had to bring in the ringers and let them talk to the houseguests for an hour.


nikki is pathetic, she whines about how she was an outcast most of her life, yet she has attacked people since the moment she entered the house. She makes fun of the way they talk, their looks…considering she has/had such a severe eating disorder I wouldn’t expect her to make comments about cass’ weight. If nikki has behaved the way she has in all the BBs no wonder she was an out cast who the hell would want someone around that constantly throws tantrums the way she does – is as rude to/about people as she is – needs to be babysat the way she does (first by tim, then by mitch, now by tim again). Christ Nikki, you’re not a child grow the hell up and behave like an adult. She calls the other HGs vile cause she’s on the block and i guess not kissing her ass like she thinks they should makes them vile..only one vile in that house i can see is nikki.


Why do you suppose Kelsey is campaigning when she doesn’t even have to? Is she maybe thinking she gets half of Jared’s winnings. She should just shut up and lay low (more for me because I am sick of her usual spiel). She has no clue that this isn’t about the ‘bonds she’s created’ and singing cumbaya.


the brothers look so rachet especially nick LOL… I burst out laughing every time I see him. He looks like an old man with the middle of his head shaved. It just looks like he has given up on life hahaha

Marie 1

Nikki was quite entertaining this evening. Somewhat refreshing having a different character on the show. I know why Tim gets a lot of DR he’s entertaining. I don’t like the name calling, things about production, etc. It’s a game and business. It’s really up to the people whether they watch or not. They can spin in anyway they want. I enjoyed family competing. I really believe if they just played comps and there were no “twists” it would be pretty boring. I didn’t have a favorite this year but enjoyed watching the house realign week after week that was refreshing.


Kelsey’s last name is Faith and her sister’s last name is Hope….what is this, some weird commune upbringing? Scientology, cult….explains a lot.


Anyone know why the Live Feeds were shut down till tomorrow? Makes no sense unless it was game related….


Very interesting indeed tonight. Funny the nice set up they have for Joel to insure he doesn’t vote out Nikki. I mean how could he now that he has a tv marrymance. If Jared replaces the brothers, theres no way now he would ever get Joels vote. With the marriage and all.

Who ever said that this veto comp was set up for Jared is an air head. That veto comp was totally set up for the brothers because they are the ones who said they would shave their heads if they had to. Its the only kind of comp they can win. One where the questions are. : How fast can you eat this bowl of slop, would you sit in this blue paint bath for 5 minutes, would you shave your head ect ect.
(Poor Keyser’s bald head lolololol. Stupid chicken George took 80 days of slop for that comp AND shaved his head. I think Jase had blue hair for a while haha.)
The thing about the brothers Esp Phil is he just wants to be cool and its so annoying some times and desperate. One story Joel told about Dr Wills speech one time, about how Will told everyone he doesn’t hate one person but hates everyone equally ect ect. Now this is something that Phil has repeated several times since. He even tried to push Maddy to say it.
So YES I very much think that this veto comp was put in the right time for the brothers to win it. Who else out of all of them would shave their heads?

Game on

Everybody’s playing too emotional it’s a game and it’s coming down to the numbers so at this point nobody should take anything personal don’t hate the player hate the game someone has to go every week so for people to start getting spiteful he said she said I’ve seen that a lot this season everyone’s trying to get back at everybody forgetting that this is a game and at this crucial point nobody should be taking anything personal only one person can win I really hope that one person is Cassandra I feel she played a great social game and worked really hard and managed to not step on too many people’s toes throughout the game I also think she’s a nice person but more importantly A great game player. Kelsey is horrible and Jared is overrated he did not do anything spectacular the season other than laydown with Kelsey that’s all they do it seems like they are on spring break but they feel they deserve because they’re cool people whatever send them both to jury so they can cuddle without distractions no offence but they both suck as gameplayers even Joel is better than them hopefully Cassandra and Tim and Joel make final three!!!!!


Thee nothing remotely exciting about BBCan this year. I was rooting for the ONLY person not too chicken to make in-yourhface bold moves: Maddy. Maybe if she’d been a bit more mature, she would have gone further. Jared? Yeah, he needs to go and hopefully his little side chick will be right behind him cause she’s there for one reason and its SO not the game. Joel? He hasn’t done anything that would make me think he deserves the money, unless he was up against Nikki! Cass, sorry, she’s done nothing to make me root for her. Like most in the house, she’s mean, catty, and a massively lazy, whiner. Tim…sorry, but he’s not as clever as he seems to think he is. So that leaves the brothers. Whom I’ve had a love/hate things for. But no one can deny that they made it this far, with ppl believing they’re going to be split up, while playing the social game and laying off the competition parts. Now it seems that they’re willing to shave their hair off, forgo the niceties of the social aspect (yes, they still mostly play kind with ppl but now they seem to have no qualms about really playing the game…hopefully) and let it be know they want to win.

By the way, it DOES say a lot when someone won’t shave their hair for $100,000. I’m a woman, I shave my hair off. It grows back and better than ever!


You’re a woman and would shave your head? You say that like its suppose to mean anything. Good for you and your razor my dear. Just because that would be a choice YOU would make doesn’t mean some one else would feel comfortable doing so. Just because YOUR hair grew back better then ever doesn’t mean some one else’s would. It’s to bad the world isn’t as confident as you but it doesn’t work like that. Doubt Cass would have shaved her head but we will never know will we. Wonder if Tim would have. Easy to say yes when its not on the table.