Big Brother Canada 4 April 25 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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I guess Tim forgets all his “AwAw AwAw” every time he talks about Joel speaking. Everyone talks about everyone but its what you say sometimes that isn’t game related that hurts.


The thing with tim is that he admitted that he jokes around and says things before thinking. He admitted that as his flaw and is fully aware of it. He explained that with Nikki during her meltdown during his “do not invite Nikki” to a party. Even his conversation with Nick earlier today he completely dismisses Nick claim that “we” (him and Tim) are morally upright. And that “Aww, aww” I have seen him do that in front of Joel.


Oh I see. If Tim makes fun of Joel to his face that’s okay. Interesting logic. Funny how quick you are to point out that Tim knows his “flaw” and has admitted it. YET when Jared admitted that he was sometimes over jealous and knew this was a “flaw” of his and just wanted to cool off for a minute. That was abusive and sucky. Im pretty sure you were there leading the band wagon pointing it out. 🙂


Nikki is a Queen!
God save our Queen!


Dear production,
for the last few days you’ve been calling Joel to the diary room in the middle of every game chat he has that isn’t with Cass, Tim or Nikki, or doesn’t have a black out with booze involved. For that one you brought him into the d/r for a couple of hours with a bunch of people and then sent him for a chat with Tim.
you also married Joel and Nikki as a task giving him an even stronger bond to Tim, Nikki and Cass.
then you tell Cass she’s allowed to take over Joel’s slop for the game. So all the rewards and punishments from the last pov are now exchangeable. Cool. Hey Jared offer to take the can’t play in the next pov punishment.
So my dear friends at production, are you even trying to hide your storyline plans anymore?


You can not over rule BB!!!!!!


They are always allowed to trade slip passes & such. If Jared wasn’t such a selfish douche lord he would have thought to give his to Joel but Jared thinks for Jared..


Why are there hardly and endurance comps in the Canadian version? This season there has been maybe 1? The disco rollerskating comp could have been used as an HOH comp but it was used as a POV during the “fake double” eviction. I was at that afternoon *cough cough evening* “live” show and the comp was over in a couple of minutes. There was virtually no excitement from the crowd at all… Anyways, more endurance comps are needed!


Laughing so hard at Nikki and Tim talking conspiracy theories!


My fav right now is Cassandra. Refreshing to see a hoh that doesn’t hide in their room. Like the way she confronted Jared and didn’t back. He sure didn’t intimidate her!!!


It still amazes me that these people still hasn’t seen the Joel-Tim-Cass alliance. It’s definitely the brains versus the brawns and as of now, i clearly see the brains is winning. I can’t wait for the brothers faces when Jared goes home. In case Jared does go home this week, they will definitely be the joke of the BB community for their “mastermind” status.

Canadian Production

BB Can Production is absolute bullshit. Like.. what are you guys hiding ?!!? It’s so annoying. Just fuck off.This is my last season watching this shit.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Love Nikki, but I ABSOLUTELY LOATH The Imbecile Brothers. Beyond disgusting, they are…
I lost all respect for Jared and it feels right that he goes to spend quality time with his soulmate Rail. Poor Mitch with them two and Maddy…


I don’t get it – what does the aw aw thing have to do with Joel? I haven’t heard him do that. When does he do it/what is it? I know it’s not that big a deal but I seem to have missed it.


It’s how Tim impersonates how Joel talks. Tim has said several times he can’t stand the way Joel’s voice sounds and the sound of it drives him crazy. He quite often will mimmick Joel saying awww, awww, awww. It’s definitely not nice, but I’m sure it’s hard being locked in a house with people you don’t know and some of them are bound to get on your nerves. The GAME part is how well you can interact without letting anyone KNOW they are getting on your nerves. And Tim shouldn’t be saying stuff like that to other people, partly because it’s not nice and game-wise because it could and probably will be used against him down the road. I’m sure Joel would drive me nuts from time to time as well but he is the most intelligent of the bunch and definitely a very nice person. I hope him or Cass win, I’m not fond of Cass but her and Joel have played a very good game. Tim has too but I’d like to see a Canadian win…and Cass and Joel probably need the money more than Tim, he’s already established and owns a home etc. Jared has proved to be a poor sport, I have liked Jared but realize more and more how Kelsey has played a good portion of his game for him. Him and Kelsey shot themselves in the foot, they could have gone very far but they didn’t pick a group and stay committed to them for game purposes, they isolated themselves with Raul who was entertainment value for them, they were more concerned with being amused than winning….so for that alone they don’t deserve to win…and then there’s Nikki….not really much to say there, she’s a nut and has not been playing at all, she is really the only floater in the house! Poor Phil and Nick, they THINK they are playing the game and are masterminds….but they haven’t a clue! They are so insecure they are loyal to whoever is nice to them that day! Sad really.


Keep up the good work Cass,now we have something to watch seeing Jared go is an absolute blessing.Can’t believe I’m with Cass,last week Ididn’t want her in the game,if Jared goes it will be the best eviction of the game.


I agree, I have never seen any BB where they were allowed to trade punishments. Joel bet on being on slop for the remainder of the time he is in the house..He should be on it..period. BB NEVER should have allowed cass to take it over for him. and then someone saying jared is selfish for not giving joel his slop pass is also BS. Doesn’t make jared selfish or just about himself for not doing it, makes jared actually playing by the rules. I don’t know why BB would ever take away someones punishment that they bet on in a POV comp to give to someone else…why have comps where punishment is involved or have not comps..could they trade that away too? Maybe next POV whoever wins it, can just give it to someone else so that they can use it or not use it…why have rules if they aren’t going to be followed? This season has just been a disappointment to me…first with the internationals getting this far, when the HGs should have got them out right away…as well as getting Kelsey out as soon as she re-entered the house. I hope to hell Kelsey wins HOH for the DE and puts up cass/tim..wouldn’t care which one walks out.Nikki will probably walk out with tim lord knows no one who will be left in the house will want to baby sit her…


Its a shame that everyone seems to love Nikki and Tim. I feel the people that are rooting for them is the obvious reason the BB game is not organic. People say it would be boring without them… I do not think so. I think it feels more scripted and lame. I always wonder why they dont cast more diverse group, then I realize, there is a demographic out there that enjoys these young disasters.
Maybe I am an aging pessimist, but I know there are a lot people like me out there that wouldnt even think twice in removing these 2 from the game (early on), plus the removal of the brothers in fear of them splitting; it should have been easy, coasting to jury. I cant blame the cast for not eliminating them because if they did, they probably would be called contestants.


I love Tim & hope he wins! He is actually pretty smart & if he were Canadian most of the “International haters” would be singing a different tune. I watched his season of BBAU and they do things so different there but he truly is one of the best & he is blessed with a great heart. Yes, he says things but who doesn’t?! Nobody in that house is a better or worse person just for making rude or inappropriate comments throughout the game. He is truly a lover of all things, especially animals and anyone who feels like they don’t fit in or have a place in this world. I urge you, before you rush to judgement to go look up ‘The Graceland Happiness Project’ or even watch his season of BBAU..In that house he could be himself..he was an open book because the public were voting. You see him pull lots of pranks, a soft side, his goofy side, the way he manipulated the hell out of everyone & of course his respect & love for this game. He didn’t come all the way here for Canadians to basically tell him to get the hell out of our Country! I am so disappointed in the way people talk about “The Internationals”. Were they brought in to stir shit up? Hell yes! But if they are dumb enough to keep em around then that’s on them..and if an international wins, that’s on them too!


Well said Tanica, could not agree more.


I never said I didnt like them. They are great characters for a TV program, but thats what I am getting at… they are characters. If this were a true “gameshow”, they would have been gone. I dont care where they are from. They are there because production wants them there. Not because they are great players. ANYONE with a brain, playing a real game, would take out a character coming in a week late, and especially when they boast about winning. You, I suppose, are the demographic I am referring too. They shouldnt be there, and it makes the show feel more scripted than it should.


I’m not that old (34) but I feel like the cast is getting younger and younger! Some 30 somethings would be there to play not be on a dating game. Would make for a far more interesting game


I said on the live feeds from the day tim/nikki entered the house that if i were in there and HOH, they would be on the block right away (don’t think they came in with immunity) there was no reason to keep them. I have been agreeing with everyone that has stated that BBCan should be won by a Canadian. Even 2nd place should be to a Canadian but sadly, you know these HGs will drag nikki to the end cause she is the only one all of them can beat without a doubt. Comp wise, nikki has done even less then cass and that is hard to beat. The ‘wild cards’ are treated differently then the Canadians. When nikki was a have not, they ate real food 3 times that week..I’m sure its cause BB knows about her eating disorder, but she signed up for our version so she shouldn’t have got real food 3 times, 1 day of food would be fine as they have done that for others but it has never been done for the others even twice in a week. I am at a complete loss what these HGs found so great about Tim. Tim is arrogant as hell and so full of shit and nikki does nothing but throw tantrums like a 5 year old. BUT, the worst comment I have heard came from nikki and i found it disgusting. She was making comments about Cass’ weight, I would think that someone who has/had such a severe eating disorder wouldn’t make comments about weight. Men/women have eating disorders because of people commenting about their weight. I hope she see’s what she said when she gets out of the house and makes a HUGE heart felt public apology to cass for it. She should be embarrassed.


I absolutely agree with you bud. I would have put them up day one and then start playing the game. Watching it is one thing but being in that house with Nikki would have been my down fall. I also would have gotten sick of Tim real quick. He talks and talks so much its unbearable at times. He thinks his word is gospel and most of it is a crock of shit. He likes when you do what he says because he thinks hes manipulative enough to get people to do anything. As soon as you start thinking for yourself he doesn’t like that at all.

Nikki would probably not apologise to Cass for the weight thing. Nikki is a self involved appointed brat that if she cries and freaks out enough she gets what she wants. She might think she is above saying sorry to someone like Cass. Who knows, we will see.

Asian red neck Hillbilly

Watching Jared try to make a last minute connection with Joel smells of desperation. Too little too late. Unless the bros win HOH next week and shake down the house, the older crowd is going to the finals.


Last minute connection? Him and Joel were having fun with each other way before Cass won anything. Maddy was still in the house when they had the beer and wine and were all sitting on the green couch. Re watch the live feeds. They were having a ball and laughing with each other and repeating silly words with each other.
*Jokes Jokes Jokes Jokes*

Good try though.


Loved Tim’s thought’s on the Queen and the Illuminati………………….but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we like you and don’t want anything to happen to you.


Nick where’s Philip? Joel “He’s downstairs making out with Jared and Kelsey’s watching. Feel bad for Philip his friendship with Jared is pretty genuine and Jared on the other hand is just using him.


Pretty sure no. I think Jared likes Joel. What would make you think he doesn’t? “Using him”…I don’t think so.


Jared didn’t like Phil at first but I think he grew to like him. Come on, the brothers are annoying sometimes and hard to stomach. I cant imagine no escape from it when in there.
I think it was Jared using Phil not Joel comment above.


All h.g’s r way to young on this b.b4. They should have had older ones that r over the kindergarten yr and into some real down to earth game playing.