POV Ceremony results “Me and Shane we have a lot of power right now” – Monte

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-00-58-048
10:30pm Doing the poolside Picture with photographer.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-04-42-303
10:55Am Scott talking to himself.. Says Shelby will be leaving sooner than later.
SCott last night was a wake up call.. gotta play with my heart.. gotta keep myself Sharp.. here for my family..
Scott has to make sure he’s “Playing with the right head”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-09-39-571

12:10PM Shelby, Whitney and Alex
Talking about how much they like Scott. Alex says he’s one of the favorite people she has ever met. Shelby says he’s starting to open up. Whitney says Scott wasn’t acting like he didn’t enjoy his time at first. They agree he was just nervous. The conversation switches to preseason stuff. sounds like one of them “Had a nervous breakdown” or so Alex was told from her Handler. They suspect it was Kryssie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-17-37-679

12:26pm Monte, Shane and Danielle
Shane and Danielle are saying everyone wants Shelby out.
MOnte – Kryssie and Shelby everyone is saying those are the first 2 targets.
Danielle – 4 votes that controls the entire house.. those 4 girls control the votes.. once Shelby is gone those girls will drift towards you we can get Kryssie out any time.. She’s not a threat.
Danielle – this is the week.. nobody is going to care.. the girls don’t care they still have each other.
Danielle tells him he has to make short term sacrifices for long term goals.
Danielle says Jason, Justin and Cornbread want Shelby out, “Take time to think about it.. really think about your game and the house as a whole.. if Shelby continues to stay she’ll continue to be in everyone ear
MOnte – she’s not going top last very long
Monte says he’s close with Morgan and Whitney says he doesn’t like Shelby adn the other girls want Kryssie out.
Monte- MOrgan and Whitney have my back over Shelby..
Shane leaves..
Danielle – of course of course..
Monte- me and Shane we have a lot of power right now..
Danielle says Shelby talks crap about Jason then he wins the veto and she’s “Up his a$$”
Monte says if he puts Shelby up he’s not sure what direction the house will go they might vote her out.
Monte says no matter who goes home this week it won’t be monumental.
Danielle – I don’t know where Shelby’s head is at.. I know where Kryssie lies.. Danielle says she can get into Kryssie’s ear if she wins teh HOH.
Monte says he still thinking about putting up Kryssie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-21-01-374

1:10pm Jason used the veto on himself. Kryssie goes up as the replacement nominee.. Cornbread, Danielle and Kryssie are up for eviction.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-23-49-375
1:13pm Danielle and Kryssie Backyard
Danielle – stay positive.. you never know.. it could be split..
Kryssie – whatever happened I won’t be heartbroken..
Danielle – I have really been campaigning for you to stay.. and I will keep campaigning for you to stay
Danielle – it doesn’t benefit me for you to leave..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-30-30-064
1:34pm Shane and Justin
Shane asks who he wants gone.
Justin says he would rather have Cornbread leave

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-26-35-329
1:38pm HOH Monte, Shane and MOrgan.
Counting votes they think Kryssie is going home.
SCott, Alex, Shelbey, Shane and Morgan will vote Kryssie out the rest will vote out Corn.
Monte – it’s 5 to 3 .. we’re good .. we’re good
Shane- I want Kryssie to leave..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-35-07-623

2:00pm HOH MOnte and the plastics (Shelbey, Alex, MOrgan)
Monte says Jason will vote out Cornbread “Just for the hell of it”
they ask if there’s any chance to evict Cornbread.
Monte – i’m not going to send Cornbread home.. Shelbey says she already told Danielle and Corn that she’s not voting for them
Monte- if Danielle went home I’m not losing any sleep
Alex – is it 100% we should vote Kryssie out..
Shelby says people are telling her she’s a target.
Monte says even if next week he can’t play in HOH doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have power. Monte thinks he’s got a better read than anyone else because of how he managed his HOH.

MOrgan wonders if the house will flip and cornbread goes home
Monte – unless y’all 3 and Whitney.. flip
Monte says they could send Danielle out but it would mean he’s betraying Shane “Big TIME”

Shelby says Danielle doesn’t talk game to her. She’s worried Corn will put her up if he wins. Monte says that’s where he can step in and keep her safe.
Monte- Scott will do whatever I want.. he’s loyal. He connects with me better than Shane, Justin or Cornbread
Shelby says she will be voting KRyssie out after she said “WEll played Sweetheart” to her after the Veto Cermeony.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-39-41-129


Julie- Time for another Game Changer.. Each week, there will be an online vote and America will vote for which of the nominees they want to evict.
Julie: The nominee that receives the most online votes will receive America’s eviction vote, that’s right along with all of you America will cast ONE eviction vote each week.
Julie – you will not be told by Big Brother whom America has voted to evict.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-47-32-681

2:48pm HOH Neeley and MOnte
Neeley – you’re safe with me I have no issues.. my only clear target is Shelbey.. I ain’t f****g with Shelby..
MOnte – I don’t trust her..
Neeley – nobody is on my radar except her..

Neeley says she’s going to ‘Ride with the house” but right now she’s trying to keep Kryssie here.
Mont e- I don’t have anything against Kryssie
Neeley – Kryssie is loyal and strong in a intellectual way.. she a better player to have on you side than Cornbread..
MOnte likes Cornbread but he’s been shaky these last couple days. “America putting him up shook his confidence”

Neeley says Kryssie isn’t perfect it’s like Hillary and Trump either way you are f****d. (HAHA)
Monte- you got that right
Neeley – Cornbread.. he ain’t strong and he ain’t smart..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-54-00-299

3:23pm MOrgan and Neeley
Neeley says Monte is her boy
Morgan – he’s trustworthy to a fault..
Morgan – the other guys will knock girls off.. I want to keep the girls in the house.
Neeley – I know you 4 girls hangout a lot
MOrgan – trust me I heard Shelby’s name being thrown.. I know she’s rubbed people the wrong way
Neeley – we can work together..
MOrgan agrees..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-56-24-413
3:23pm Danielle and Kryssie backyard
Danielle says America will vote out Cornbread.
Kryssie says Cornbread used the word “Jew” as a verb abotu getting the price down for something..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 15-59-47-273

3:44pm Alex and Shelby Hammock
Shelby hopes they are not being portrayed as a bitchy clique of girls, “The plastics.. you know”
Alex says she tries to be nice to everyone and not beat them down verbally.
Alex says she knows 100% 2 girls are going up next week
Shelby hopes it’s Neeley and Danielle.

Shelby – MOnte didn’t make as big of a move as he’s talking about.. WE’ll make some big moves.. SHAKE it up Shake it up
Shelby is “sticking with Kryssie”
Alex – I’m voting for her out..
Shelby – I want potentially Shane, Cornbread and MOnte next week
Alex – maybe I’ll vote for Danielle and I’ll be the only one
Shelby – we have to talk Numbers FOR sure..
Alex – I’m not voting out Cornbread..
Shelby – Cornbread doesn’t like me but I haven’t heard he’s targeting me

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 17-36-43-654

4:54pm Kryssie, Scott and Shelby

Kyrssie to Shelby “If I go you’re next”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 17-32-53-862

5:27pm MOnte and Shane HOH
Shane is wanting to get Cornbread out.
Monte- COrnbread will be devastated..
Shane – you are not really getting blood on your hands
Monte – once you get Floaters outta the way ..
Shane – it’s easy.. Week 1 week 2… think about it
Monte – Neeley already said I’m good with her too..
Shane- Neeley will vote Cornbread out
Monte – America is voting Cornbread out.. All he needs is 4 more.. Justin, Neeley, Jason and you.. That’s 5.. You can do this.. It’s up to me and you that’s what’s funny.. 1/2 the house will do Cornbread 1/2 the house will do Kryssie..

Shane says if he tells Scott he’ll spread it to the girls, “It’s a big move”
Monte – I didn’t put Cornbread up.. America put him up.. He’s been loyal to me..
Shane Says Jason told him that Cornbread is telling him he wants to pair up
Monte – he’s trying to get votes..

Danielle comes up
Monte – It’ll be 6 -4 Kryssie..
Danielle says Cornbread has “Totally changed”
Monte – he’s not a strong player.. The people watching are super fans they want to see BIG BROTHER.. It’s like he’s too good of a guy..
They start bringing up Cornbreads Jew comment..
Danielle – if Cornbread goes home no blood on your hands both your nominees stayed safe.. Next week you’re safe cause HOH can put up Kryssie and Shelby..
Monte – Shelby is going up ..

Daneille says it’s a really good game move on Monte’s part if Cornbread goes home becuase America’ saw something in him they didn’t like.
Shane says it’ll take them 2 minutes to flip the house against Cornbread.

Monte- we’re getting the floaters outta the way.. the house wants strong players..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 17-38-59-564

5:39pm Whitney and Monte
Whitney says she’s been talking to Alex, Shelby and Morgan about getting rid of Danielle.
MOnte laughs says everyone is going every which way
Whitney – I’m giving you a heads up
MOnte – they were just up there and talking about turning it on Cornbread..
Morgan joins them
Mont e- we need to talk.. guess who’s up there trying to turn it on Cornbread…
They go to the backyard .

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 17-43-07-146

Morgan says the other side of the house is all voting out Cornbread, “Shane too”
This means Monte will be the tie breaker.
Morgan says Kryssie has been telling Scott and Shelby they are next after she goes, she’s trying to get him to flip.
Morgan – Cornbread is a vote in our back pocket..
Monte – it’s Shane .. he’s with that side of the house now..
Monte – I trust you over Shane..
Monte- if they think i’m getting rid of corn bread they’re retarded..

6:06pm They agree to get Kryssie out this week and next week they’ll try for Danielle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 20-13-43-424

6:36pm Hammock MOnte, Whintey and Morgan
Talking about getting rid of Danielle this week
Morgan calls it a power move.
Monte- Danielle is going to beat my a$$.. she is goign to flip her freaking…
They agree to get Danielle out.
Monte- lets do it I promise y’all I have your back.. this is trippy Big Brother stuff..
Monte- we got to get Scott.. we got to get Scott on board..
MOrgan – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 20-16-38-456

6:51pm HOH Jason and Monte
Monte is recommending he votes out Kryssie this week..
Jason says he’s not trying to cause waves this week.
MOnte says he tried to get the vet out and he didn’t so he’s not coming after Jason, “You earned my respect”
Monte says he’s not coming after Jason until they’re down to 4 people.

Jason says Shelby is the one running around the most she’s got all the girls in her pocket, ‘That girl thinks she has open communication with me.. ”
Jason warns him that Shelby is dangerous.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 20-20-45-346

7:11pm Shelby and Scott hammock
Scott – everyone thinks I know what’s going on…
Scott says Danielle is a “F****g playa” says she’s flipping the house upside down
Shelby – I don’t like that either ..
Shelby says Scott, her and the other 3 girls can be a voting block.
Scott says he can’t do that so early it’ll get noticed and they’ll end up on the block.
Shelby about Danielle – she may be running the show but she can’t close the damn fridge..
Scott says he’s just voting with the house.

Shelby – that would be great if America’s first Nominee went home.. for me anyone can go home I don’t care..
Scott – I’m just here for a thousand a week.. I’m not here to mastermind anything i’m here for the paycheck and fun.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-04 20-26-28-700

8:24pm Live Diary room sessions are on

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hey all next America nom do you think we should go with
monte cause his head to big think he running things or save him to next time
or go with scott cause he tell to much on people that tell him to stop in play the game
or go with alex or morgan to show them they need to change team you know they targeting Justin in Danielle if they get hoh so for me pick a name monte or scott or morgan or alex which one in I vote the same reply with the name an if the America carepackasges is veto I think we should give it to Jason cause Shelby is safe but if it something like never half not give it to somebody eles thank you

Double D

Monte..”We are getting the floaters out”…It’s been 1 week. 1 contest that Jason won. YOU ARE ALL FLOATERS

lol facepalm

Wow just Wow

Man Guy

You broke my gibberish translator!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

No kidding. LOL


I don’t want monte to think he running the house
that’s why I want him America nom next
but I will save him for next time cause I want somebody else up now real bad
in her name is alex she said she not going to bow down to us America
im voting for her America nom next in monte after that an then she targetin Justin danille an Jason
that’s what im do hope she not hoh if so I go with her sister morgan


I like shebly but she on the wrong team she should work with Justin danille Jason neely
how can we get her away form that team men I want monte an alex on the block bad
but this time Im lean more to alex


Does anyone else feel that Monte’s jealousy of Danielle is turning into an obsession? He REALLY wants Shane ALL to himself.


Somebody needs to knock Monte off his crown. He’s way too cocky! Time for America to Make him a have not!


I can’t tell who Shane is loyal to… I really feel like he is playing Monte, and has sided with Danielle more. What are your thoughts?

Franks fumes

Yeh I agree Shane is playing dumb Monte and will likely vote with the Jason BY crew….they should pullin Shelby for this week tell her about CB‘s tirade and vote out CB. No brainer.


Hate the showmance


Ditto. Over those two.


Who died and made monte king of the big brother house? He’s so full of himself, I basically switch cameras if he comes on my screen.


Looks like the target just changed to Danielle. So refreshing watching real game play. This is a great move, the other 2 are not threats.


first off, thanks Simon & Dawg for updates! I signed up for the trial with the intent of following the show for the next couple months but honestly I can’t keep up with it. Second, what are people’s opinions on the show?? I see the posts have significantly less comments on them, I wonder if people are less aware or less interested in it? I’m still adjusting to it. Does a Monte/Morgan/Alex/Whitney/Shelby vs Jason/Justin/Danielle/Shane/Kryssie vs Scott/Cornbread and Neeley as leafs in the wind situation sound about right?? Who are people thinking of leaning to vote for? (Sorry for so many questions, usually they’re all already answered or discussed by the time I’m able to read the posts!)

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

They talk about Cornbread using the word “Jew” as a verb, and then turn around and call other houseguests “retarded”?!?!? All class OTTBB!


I was literally about to type the exact same thing.


please put monte on the block he talk about power men it only been 5 or 7 days
please that’s my America vote


Uber for Mister Corndog!


I find it very difficult to watch & listen to Shelby. Her party girl voice and ALL the constant facial expressions/ ticks….oofda!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

She looks like she is straining to speak.


So, I really enjoyed the live diary sessions, but I wonder if we could somehow influence certain questions?

I also laughed that both sisters expressed that their “loyalty” to each other is fleeting.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I thought that was funny too.

White Iverson

1) are you posting Youtube videos if so can you post the links please
2) is there a BB After Dark show for this season?
3) Please post more gratuitous pictures of Danielle, she’s gorgeous