Shane “What happens when you cut the head off the snake?” Jason “That b***h is gonna die!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-04 23-00-55-572

8:35pm Backyard – Danielle, Neeley and Kryssie are talking. Kryssie – I campaigned my d**k off! And I made it a point to point out that Cornbread is not campaigning. Danielle – I think we’ll be okay. Kryssie – We better be. You can’t go and neither can I. Neeley – I think you played your part perfectly and I think it worked. Danielle – I think just continue to stay positive and let it ride. Kryssie – she (Neeley) was right .. I had a crow sandwich today. Neeley – I think its going to work out. Danielle – just chill. Kryssie – Other people are rolling over and dying and I’m not going to do that. Shane, Justin and Jason join them.

9pm Monte and Whitney are talking. Monte – if you do win, we have to get Danielle out ASAP! We’re got to get that group down. You might even be able to pull Kryssie. I can’t, I put her up. Whitney – I don’t think so. I’m just so upset that Cornbread is going home. That’s not good for my game or your game. I said I do not want to vote house majority. Monte – then don’t. Whitney – even is the house does switch I know they’re gunning after Shelby. Monte – we need to win this HOH. It is monumental. Does Shane trust me? Monte – yeah, he’s not going to touch you. I think we’ve got a good group. Monte – we need to get Justin and Danielle out of here. Shane wants to go to the end with me. If that’s what he wants then he is going to have to get rid of Danielle ast some point. Shelby joins them.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-04 23-05-22-221

10:30pm Bathroom – Jason and Shane are talking. Shane – I’ll vote out Cornbread. No, he’s gone dude! I want Kryssie to be here. Jason – Scott b-lined it before I could talk to him. Shane – Scott is on board. We have the votes. Justin joins them. Jason – but if we don’t have Scott and America votes with us its a tie. Shane – then Monte will pick Cornbread. Jason – no he won’t. He was upstairs and Monte was saying I have to vote Kryssie out. That’s what the house is doing. Shane – really? SO he lied to me? Justin – Kryssie f**king with us though… that’s why he doing that. Justin – I don’t trust Monte because he’s tight with the girls and the plastics. Jason – now he (Monte) has nominated 3 people and not one of them is going home. He’s scared as f**k. Shane – we’re the night crew. We have each others back. Jason – Monte told me you’ve got to vote with the house and the house is voting Kryssie. Justin – Cornbread was saying racist sh*t. Shane – I don’t want him to go home and be hated because he said one thing. Can I just settle something between us if you or I get nominated by America it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m glad you told me about Monte. I’m going to act cool. Justin – the girls are in his head. The plastics. Shane – What happens when you cut the head off the snake? Jason – that bit*h is gonna die.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-05 03-25-13-004

10:45pm HOH room – Monte – we’re losing Cornbread on our team but he was probably the easiest member to lose. Jason – he is going to go after Kryssie and Shelby. Morgan – are you winning to split up Danielle and Shane? Monte – yeah. I’m worried about Whitney and Alex. Monte – we gained a good vote with Shelby today. Morgan – are you willing to split up Shane and Danielle? Monte – yes, I want to work with him without her. No one is going to target you. I haven’t heard anyone say anything about you.

12am – 1:30am Hot Tub. Danielle tells Shane – I’m just going to let it play out. If it comes down to a tie… then Monte is really going to show where his cards lie. It is going to show his entire game because then we will know if he is lying to us or not. Shane – I’m going to freak out at him. Danielle – you cannot get emotional. You can’t get mad at him. This is the week to get him out. Everyone is like Monte is a snake we have to get him out. He is the ring leader on that side of the house. Once he is gone the girls are going to be like what do we do!? Shane – they look to him for protection but his protection ends tomorrow. Danielle – whatever happens tomorrow happens. We should just act cool with Monte. Justin joins them. Justin – I would put Monte up. Shane – backdoor Monte. Danielle – we don’t want to happen to Monte what happened to Jason. Danielle – one of us or Jason needs to win (HOH). Kryssie and Jason join them. Shane – this next week is going to be f**king crazy. Jason – he was saying America’s going to put you up. Danielle – America loves showmance. They don’t want us to go home. He (Monte) can’t play HOH next week. This is the time to get him.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-05 03-42-30-449

1:40am – 2:20am Danielle tells Kryssie – they should have used Jason to their advantage. America is watching and obvious they like Jason otherwise they wouldn’t have put Cornbread on the block. America has more power than anyone else. America will see that I’ve been loyal. They respect that just like they respected Derrick for staying loyal to Victoria. Jason – I gave him the keys to the castle and he didn’t want to do it. Shane – I just had an idea of who I want to put up and how I want to do it. It’s amazing.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-05 03-54-54-521

3am Lounge room – Shane, Danielle, Kryssie and Jason are talking. They talk about the BB board the last house guests left for them and wonder if they will be asked questions about it. They talk about other things they should study.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-05 04-07-43-440

3:50am All the house guests are sleeping…

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No, no, no Danielle. No more showmances. I had enough on 18 to last a lifetime.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Me too. The only one that will last is Vic and Paul from BB18.


OBB is my morning ritual. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated. So far, I’m enjoying BBOTT.


You’re welcome NEwfyGirl! it’s mine too I wake up to read what Dawg reported 🙂

They really need a 1 episode a week on CBS to help the season grow. It’s a great concept.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Really Simon and Dawg rock. It has to be hard paying attention during the slow periods. We really appreciate your efforts.


100% Concur!!!! This site is by far the best!!! Most of the commenters are polite, smart insight, and interesting perspective. I have never done live feed because of the time, but I couldn’t miss this season, so I had to bite. Not only love the live feeds, but I work from home and my dog likes to watch TV and is distracted so I can actually get some work done instead of the inside/outside game.

I want to see how Monte and the Plastics actually do without protection and power. Hoping for a night crew HoH win. Then Monte and the plastics will be the underdogs, so I will root for them to somehow turn things around.

I think I just like to see the strategic game play and how people handle both spectrums.

Anyway, I digress…. a big thanks to this site, your hard work and diligence!

I read that if I order Amazon through a click from here it helps you… consider it done!!!


Simon, Dawg
Thanks guys for providing us with the BBOTT coverage.


You’re welcome Ann, I’ve been watching about 3 hours a day and enjoy it so far. I like this format and the cast is great.

I’m glad people are enjoying the updates hopefully more people get into the show so I can live blog it. 😉


Blindside – Cornbread being evicted, and the fallout between Monte and Shane.
Its going to be an exciting day on BBOTT!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think you have called it. Corn is not going to be happy.


Morgan, Alex, Shelby, Whitney, Scott, Monte all want to target Danielle based on the live diary rooms.

The 4 girls want to vote her out, but despite having more loyalties on Montes crew, Scott doesnt want to…and to me its perhaps not the right move for Scott to vote out CB…also Scott has said that Danielle is a really dangerous player who almost got Shelby nominated instead of Krissy…seems like a personal move from Scott for comments CB made rather than being strategic…Scott is in a 4 guy alliance with CB too and Scott is not aligned with Danielle.

If Scott voted with the girls to vote out Danielle, they would have 5 votes, plus Monte if its a tie.

I really hope the 4 girls, Monte and Cornbread try to get Scott to do it…if CB stays then they are the majority 7 on 5(6 on 5 in the hoh)…if CB goes its even 6 on 6(and they are in the minority 5 on 6 in the hoh) and Montes hoh would not only be a waste, but that side is losing a number, plus he will have nominated 3 people without any of them going home. Also Monte is being too loyal to Shane, and Shane isnt even loyal to Monte.

For the girls and Monte/Scott, its much better to break up the showmance, weaken Jason/Shane/Justin/Danielle/Krissy/Neely crew and keep CB as a number on Montes side.

There is a clear chance to break up a showmance and keep CB in the house who America dislikes…I would keep CB in the house as he will likely be nominated by America every 2nd week, and would be the perfect person to be against in final 2.

I dont see America voting out Danielle or Krissy, so the only way for Danielle to be voted out I think is for Alex, who Scott really trusts, to work some magic on him. I really like Alex and Morgans games so far, so I hope the sisters can convince him to do it.

Danielle is one of Scotts targets and she is a sitting duck right now, but it appears Scott wants to play the middle, but that could come back to bite him, trying to be too safe. Seems like he wants to vote with America though and vote out who America nominated. Is he playing too much for what America wants and not enough for what is in his best interests though?

America being 1 vote I really think adds an interesting dynamic to the voting each week.

Im going to be very interested to see how hard the girls try to push Scott to try get Danielle voted out today, it could end up being a very hectic day of campaigning right until the last minute before the voting.


I agree 100%. Danielle is a threat, CB is not! Monte is way too trusting of Shane and it’s going to cost him the game. Hope they make a big move and get rid of Danielle, but looks like it will be unanimous against CB.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Great post. That was really interesting and well thought out.


to me I like the game this way I just hope it keep it going but next time put it back on tv
so everybody can see I like we can control the game it give everybody a chance
week one I call it a success cause Jason won pov in everybody want him gone
that’s got to be a great filling for him now some people got new targets
the America vote elemation im voting cornbread out
the America care packages if its double veto or any safety im give it to Jason but if its something about food im give it to somebody else America half not this is who im picking alex monte morgan let see if he could tell them apart I wish hope Jason wins hoh tonight


you like having a 3 nom twist render the HoH powerless? Where the HoH has the potential to nom 3 HG’s and not a single one gets evicted?

its Facepalm level ridiculousness.

They shouldve just had each HG nom two players for eviction with reasons during live Dr’s, and just dropped HoH all together.


This is why America should not get to play, only spectate. I agree its far too much influence that America has. If Jason does not win this game I will be amazed. Take a look at twitter – everyone Jason is aligned with, the majority loves, everyone he is not aligned with, the majority hates. Borrrrrrrring!

Im not liking all this fan involvement, and houseguests pandering to America – it is becoming too much like BB UK or Australia.

I would enjoy seeing Alex and Morgan playing on a regular BB season. They have really good potential.


I never comment because I’m usually checking up on updates while on break at work, but I just wanted to show much appreciation for what you guys do here! I found this site during season 13 and I obsessively check it every season because as much as I want to watch the feeds, I never have the time…so thank you for all the hours you put in to help people like me get caught up on one of my favorite obsessions!


Thanks Desi! So happy y’all are digging the newer format of spoilers!

Corey's slippers

Hey everybody! Just wanted to give you an update. I’m fine. I got stuck in Ratcole’s azz when Corey kicked her to the curb but he pulled me out and it’s all good now! By the way that Shane is super cute. Reminds me of somebody. Holla!!!!


If Cornbread goes and one of Jasons crew wins HOH I could see this becoming a very one sided steamroll of a season pretty fast. Even if one of Alex, Morgan, Whitney, Shelby, Scott won HOH, America likely voting for Monte as 3rd nom would see him voted out as Jasons crew plus America would have the numbers, unless Monte won veto, then maybe Danielle would be voted out as there would only be 2 noms. Most of the Americas voting will go in favor of Jason and who he is closest to. I dont want to see that happen as it will get boring. I dont like the America 3rd nomination twist, but I dont mind America getting to have 1 vote. The 3rd nom twist needs to be scrapped as its a potential season ruiner, giving the most popular player(and his side) among fans too much of an advantage(and makes the veto result even more critical for the side not with Jason, no matter who is HOH). It seems Scott has the swing vote this week and the potential to keep the players he is most loyal to with the numerical advantage, which then takes away to an extent the Americas voting advantages Jasons crew has, but I dont think Scott has realized just how much of an advantage he is handing Jasons crew if he gets rid of Cornbread. Once Jasons current crew of 6 has the numerical advantage(or even tied 6-6), the Americas voting advantage he will also have with the 3rd nom and an extra vote, will mean the chances are good that Jason and most of who he is close to can breeze to final 6, no matter who wins the HOHs each week. If Scott, Monte and the 4 girls keep Cornbread, then both sides of the house will be alot more even, the Americas voting advantages with Jasons side, but the numerical advantage with the other side. If Jasons side gets both voting and numerical advantage it will soon be a snoozefest.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I sure hope that is not the wat things roll. The seasons where anything can happen are always the best.


Hopefully this 3rd nomination twist each week does not become like the MVP twist of BB15 which kept favoring the most popular person, Elissa. Jason is a nice guy, but if he benefits from the 3rd nom and an extra vote each week, that will get a bit annoying.

Why cant they just play regular rules of 2 nominees and a veto like earlier seasons? Will we ever get another USA season with those basic rules in future, without MVP, 3rd nom or battle of the block? Even though BB Canada has twists, I think I prefer it to the USA version of the last few years, as Canada just has the regular 2 nominees and veto.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m not a fan of the three noms either.


I really like the Justin, Danelle, Shane, Jason, Kryssie group. I didn’t like Kryssie at first because when she first arrived she put on this front that came off as sarcastic and arrogant, but she grew on me – watching the flashback. Jason too. These guys are very real with each other.

As far as showmances go, Danelle and Shane are way f’n better than any of the boy/girl ones from last season.


I think most of us don’t really care for showmances, but as long as they keep it decent maybe they will get an OOO KKK from some of us.