Cornbread “AHH F**K THAT SH*T! Don’t f**king bring the ghetto out of me! I’ll get on your a$$!”

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1:45am – 2am Backyard – Cornbread is talking to Kryssie and Neeley. Kryssie – you said you were going to play a clean game. Cornbread – yeah but she (Shelby) is making my stay miserable. She has gotten under my skin so bad, that’s why I’ve been walking around biting my lip. We’ve had some times that were good and then right at the end of it she went right off the deep end. And I’m like what in the f**K!?! She came in my room the other day and I was talking to my roommates. She lays down on someone else’s bed.. uninvited. I’m telling a story .. I’m almost at the end of it and she’s like AHHH F**K THAT SH*T! THAT’S BULLSH*T! And then she gets up and walks out. In the middle of my god damn conversation that was in my room! Not hers! I was like what the f**k is going on here. I’m having a motherf**King conversation in my motherf**king bed and you’re going to come in my domain and god damn run your motherf**king trap!?!!! Don’t f**king bring the ghetto out of me! I’ll get on your a$$! I’m telling you right now. I’ll throw some sh*t at you that will hurt your god damn feelings but that ain’t the person I want to be. I feel like I’ve got my hands tied. She is lacking some kind of medication. And if America wants to send me home for some f**king b***h driving me crazy. Kryssie – as of right now America can’t send you home. Cornbread – I can’t go talk to her about it because it’s going to cause a bigger problem. I give what I get. The number one thing that gets me is if a motherf**ker shhhHHH’s me. I’ve turned this down twice and now I’m here the third time. We were put in here for our true core person to come out. I’ve been a shitty person longer than I’ve been a nice person. And I don’t want to be a sh*tty person. Kryssie – you and I got real caught up. I have a real problem with letting my buttons get pushed. You and I are both very sensitive people and also very strong. You can’t play a game if you knock your piece over right away. Danielle and Justin join them.

2:05am Bathroom – Shane, Scott and Alex are talking about how Cornbread is blowing up his own game. Scott – he said it in front of me, Kryssie and Neeley. I’m not even going to discuss it any more. Shane – its week 1, we just need to chill. Scott – when he said it to me privately I was going to take it to the grave but now he’s saying it in front of Kryssie and Neeley. Alex – he’s blowing up his own game. Alex – he has brought it up at least 5 times today. I can’t listen to it any more. Shane – he’s making himself an easy target. Scott – I thought he would take this as a learning experience but he’s not. I was hoping he could get past this but he is just fixated on it. Alex – he is more worried about it than being nominated by America. Scott – if he had just dropped it, it wouldn’t even be a thing but now he’s saying it in front of Kryssie and Neeley.
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2:10am Bedroom – Alex talks to Shelby. Alex – Cornbread is digging his own grave outside. He is just running his mouth and being obnoxious. People are getting really tired of him. Shane and Scott were like we can’t do it any more. They were like he’s blowing up his own game. Shelby – then I’m glad he won’t talk any game with me. Let him blow up. Alex – he’s such a loose cannon you don’t want to talk game with him. Alex – he’s going to get kicked out of this game and it will be 100% his fault. It kind of sucks for us because he is an easy person to align with. He is making this really difficult. Shelby – out of all the people he is the person I was worried about snapping at. Alex – Justin is definitely not in the middle of the house, he is with that group. They shut off the light to go to sleep.

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2:30am – 3:30am Backyard –
Danielle, Shane, Jason, Kryssie, Scott and Cornbread are hanging out talking about shows they watched during the land before time. They continue talking about random things. The big brother game, George Orwell’s 1984, etc. Everyone but Kryssie and Jason head to bed. Kryssie – I hope they backdoor Shelby. Kryssie – man Cornbread was going off about how much he hates her to me and Neeley. Jason – did you talk to Monte .. because I saw him holding court with his minions. Kryssie says she did. Jason – Shelby was saying we’ll see if I still call her a hooker after she wins HOH. Yeah I will still call you a hooker. I call everyone a hooker. Kryssie – she f**ked herself royally today by pissing off Cornbread because Cornbread and Monte are like best friends. He does not like Shelby. Jason – Maybe I go talk to Monte and tell him if he really wants to stay good with everyone next week .. put up Shelby. He knows he can’t go after me next week. Kryssie – his options for backdoor are Shelby, Me and Justin. I feel more safe today than I did last night.

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I don’t like that there are 4 cameras on the feeds but, they are only displaying two convos (areas). I want to see four different areas. A bit misleading.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

You would think that that would be easy to fix too.


I agree mostly I think that’s because Production is lazy, but also because I suspect there’s only 1 person operating the cameras at any time and he/she can’t deal with 4 separate convos at once w/ HGs possibly singing, doing movie quotes or talking shit about ppl on the outside who haven’t signed releases, etc.


Nothing has changed. The camera situation that you described is how it’s been for years now. Vote out cornbread! Voting for eviction is
every Tuesday at 5pm ET

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Time to crack Corn.


I really think this cast not that bad. Why there are so less comments in every update? Nice work ! Simon and dwag!!


Pre season about 25% of the readers said they will follow OTT .. it’s a around that point for week 1.


this is a great season i dont understand why cbs would not televise.. truth is most people will not pay for all access especially since they already pay their cable or satelite provider for cbs.. besides who wants to binge watch a bunch of bad cbs shows.. also most people dont have time to follow live feeds or even care to.. the network shows are a HUGE part of bb’s success.. id guess MAYBE 5% of bb viewers are actually watching this season.. thanks simon and dawg for staying on it for us die hards!


There is the same amount of feeders as bb18

sunny dee

i was a viewer, not a feeder, so i don’t keep up 100% with the recaps even tho i am starting to get a rhythm to who is who finally. I think there are a lot of people who are viewers and not feeders, so they are not really going to follow and comment, because we aren’t actually watching anything

i also think that those who were signed up for BB18 feeds will have found it easy to just stay signed up and stick around to watch at least the beginning of OTT.


I think even with the feedsters, it’s a time pinch. It takes a lot more to stay abreast now than before. Even if you didn’t check the updates you can get the basic idea of the week with the TV shows. Now if I skip a couple days I have to read the updates and comments to get reacquainted with the house guests and who’s who in what alliance. Time to make comments is sacrificed to catch up. I’m not sure how profitable this venture will be even if the house guests and “show” are more entertaining as it takes a lot to stay invested in it.


I agree.. I look at BB18 where I would spend at least 12 hours a day following BB stuff and even then there’s gaps..


There are less comments because bbott is not televised. Therefore less viewers/fans.


Just wanted to send Simon, Dawg and the OBB commenters a huge thank you for watching/following/covering BB OTT!!! Since I discovered this site in Season 10 (been watching since Season 8), OBB has been a huge part of my BB experience.
I am liking the cast, I am liking the comps so far (the first HOH comp drew lines quickly), and looking forward to live DRs.
I may not always comment but Simon and Dwg, please know I am checking the site often for recaps.
Oh, and will someone please tell Cornbread you cannot be both redneck and ghetto…one or the other.


I think he is cornfused!


I can’t help but lol @CB saying Shelby came into His room. “hellooo” last I checked it was the BB house where no one is assigned a room of their own. Voting CB for eviction.



If America doesn’t vote Cornstalk to be evicted regardless of the replacement nom I will be disappointed in America…not that America really cares about my opinion. But, there is that shoe dropping…. If Monte doesn’t cut him loose it will hurt his game!


I just want to say that if you are a BB fan and coming here to keep up with what is happening on BBOTT you NEED to get the feeds!!! Justin is pure feeds gold!! He has stories about life in NOLA that will have you laughing so hard you can’t breathe! It has really been great to see a lot of the stuff we miss on the regular season. These HGs are more your average Joe type people and since there is no jury they are all motivated to win the game and not just make it to jury. I love it.


It has taken me almost a week but as of the POV comp I am finally developing some interest in BBOTT. Justin is by far my favorite which surprised me because I had read some negative comments about him pre-season. Shane seems kind of boring but if he breaks away from Monte I could start liking him. Monte is the resident tool. Until yesterday I was getting by on updates because I couldn’t get interested in the feeds. It seemed any time I did turn them on Kryssie was always talking-about herself-her bands, her record, her fame-needless to say, she kind of annoys me. I am confused about where alliances are. Is Scott more loyal to team Monte or team Jason? Do Shelby and Jason really hate each other or do they just want people to think that because, at first it seemed like they were kind of working together? It also seems like Shelby is working with the Plastics and they think they control her vote but it also seems like the girls don’t like Shelby so I am somewhat confused by that situation. I can’t wait to see Monte as a have not and OTB, and hopefully, if Cornbread is still there they can be have nots together so Monte won’t be able to escape Cornbread’s snoring. I was just trying to imagine if Jozea had come back instead of Jason. Would Jozea and Justin be besties or would they hate each other?

Also, I already wasn’t feeling Monte but his comment about it being bullsh*t that Jason wouldn’t like Whitney because she is a sweet southern girl who will get married and have children and that’s what keeps our country going….well, maybe I was reading too much into it but it really rubbed me the wrong way. I think that Monte’s distaste of Jason runs deeper than the fact that Jason is a vet.

Franks fumes

I’M sure monte is a big supporter of LGBTQ rights along with broad minded thinker Cornbread!


Interesting that Shelby seems to be deliberately making a target of herself. Strategy or stupidity? She may turn out to be a player. Creating a crack in the testosterone wall. If Corncob goes out, Monte’s HOH is a flop.


I think that’s just her. She freely admitted she can be a b*tch, and at times she kind of lives up to that lol.


Shelby reminds me of Shelly, unfortunately.


Same the first time I read her name I thought I read Shelly


Is there anyway to watch the episodes online? I’ve tried streaming them or torrenting but can’t seem to find a good one. Thanks!


CBS all access streams online

Jake K.

Oh boy…Corny just further demonstrating why he is Honey Boo Boo’s uncle

Corncob's cornhole

For the love of all things holy, please tell me that’s a joke.

Justin's stories

Looool at cornbread going off about shelby. I hope she goes home this week


there is fan voting for at least part of every day of the week

thursday to friday – care packages
friday to saturday – have nots
sunday to monday – 3rd nom
tuesday to wednesday – eviction


Okay, I wasn’t going to watch. I really need my life back after obsessing over BB18. But…reading these transcripts (thank you Dawg and Simon!)…I don’t think I can resist watching. Argh!

Is America voting to evict? Or is America just one vote, and all the houseguests vote too?


america has 1 vote in each eviction, so this week 1 hoh, 3 noms, 9 house guests voting, america being the 10th vote


Thanks for explaining it anonymous!


O.K. I’ve got to say, Shane looks like a more buff version of McCrae since he shaved.


Im actually enjoying just watching the recaps everyday. And then ready this blog, I applaud you for watching the feeds all day.

I too am loving the fact there is no jury, therefore everyone has to play hard, it also means people won’t suck up to each other before they get evicted to try and earn jury votes.

As for the cast, I am disappointed in the sisters, they should have the best advantage in the game but are failing to see it, obviously morgan is in tight with monte, Alex should be moving in on Jasons group. That way both could keep each other safe during nomination talks with both sides of the house. And they shouldn’t want to be seen together!

Although I don’t think americas eviction vote will ever break a tie vote, I am pleased we have a vote, so atleast we can paint a target on someones back by giving them one eviction vote, and the houseguests will be like wow america doesn’t like cornbread or whoever