POV Ceremony Results! Dallas “Phil your game is exposed. You’re playing both sides of the house!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Power Of Veto: Not Used

10am – 11:50am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place. When the feeds return – HOH room – Joel says that people like Raul but people don’t have the closeness like they do with Kelsey. Mitch says that’s why people might keep Kelsey over Raul. They’re marginally the same in terms of competitions. I think its the better decision. (To get out Kelsey) Joel says Kelsey is clearly going after Loveita. Mitch says and people want that. If we’re trying to protect Loveita they’re probably going to nominate her. Joel says I don’t think Loveita would put us up. Mitch says in some ways Loveita made this for herself. She set it up last week to be neutral and then now this. People talk about you being with Loveita because of how much time she spends up here. Mitch says his concern is if people are after Loveita and she wins the veto ..are we the next in line to go up. Joel says that concerns him too. Mitch says no one should have an influence in decisions. Loveita joins them. Mitch tells Loveita we should be careful because the more people see you and Kelsey fight the more they will want her to stay. Mitch says its best for our group for Kelsey to go. Kelsey is never going to forget. Raul is like whatever. Mitch says we shouldn’t be seen having long conversations during the say.

11:50am Storage room – Phil tells Jared if Kelsey goes you will probably form something else .. which isn’t a bad think if I’m involved. Jared says he doesn’t want to be involved in the decision. I would rather its just split and then let fate decide. Phil asks what do you want me to do? Jared says I want you to do what’s best for you. Phil says I’m not against you. I’m not going to put you up. I’m not scared of Kelsey or Raul. Jared says he is really confused with Cassandra. She yells at Loveita and then spends an hour with her. Same with spending time with Dallas. Kelsey Nick and Raul join. Kelsey says if I leave I would be proud to see you all stick together.

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12pm – 12:25pm Hot Tub room – Dallas tells Phil your game is exposed. You’re playing both sides of the house. You’re not at the top of my totem pole. Phil says we’re not playing both sides. I talk to everyone on a human level. Phil and Dallas start getting heated and Tim and Cassandra leave because its awkward. Dallas says that information he’s told Phil has gotten back around to him. Dallas says I think Canada is mimicking the US season and by jury you will become two. Dallas comments on how there is a blank spot on the backyard wall for another house guest and he thinks its for when Phil and Nick split. Phil says well if we do spilt make sure you’re on my side then. Dallas says there’s going to be another twist. Phil says there might be a twist where we spilt but Dallas if I win HOH next week I’m not putting you up. Dallas says I have to get rid of Jared first. I can’t go picking fights with everyone in the house. I am kind of intimidated by your game. Dallas says big brother gave us you brothers for a reason. There’s a twist waiting to happen. Phil says there probably is a twist waiting to happen. Lets just let it happen. Phil is annoyed that Nikki is telling people that she thinks the brothers got a secret power of veto when they had the 24 hour solitary in the high roller room. Phil says when there isn’t a twist with us everyone who said it is going to feel like a f**king ret!rd…. I mean stupid.

12:35pm – 12:50pm Phil then goes and confronts Nikki for saying they know something about the high roller room. Phil says that it puts the seed into other peoples heads. Its make it seem like you’re not with us if you’re saying things like that. Phil says you said for sure they know something. So you don’t trust us. Nikki says I had no idea a passing comment was going to have such an impact. I don’t give a f**K what happens in this house!! I don’t give a sh*t! I realize how important this is to you. Tim says your asking Nikki to take your word as gospel. Phil says I hope everyone would. Tim says on his season there were sisters that played as one and they never split. Big Brother put two people in that are one and so its supposed to happen for people to speculate about it. Phil says its all good. Nick says you can all think what you want to think we just want to be able to voice our opinion. Dallas says each and everyone of us has had our names brought up. Nick says whatever I’m over it. I love you guys all. I have respect for everyone here. Phil says sorry guys. Dallas says nothing to be sorry about, I would have done the same thing. If anything Big Brother f**ked you with this negative handicap.

Nick and Phil talk about the confrontation. Nick says good job. Phil says it felt good. I was so baller. Nikki says sorry. She speaks before she thinks. I’m only going to be here for a week or two more. I’m sorry that I don’t take this as serious as everyone else does. This is a serious game and I’ve got to realize that. Phil says we love you it just hurt to hear you say that. Nikki says I love you too and we’ll be friends after here which is more than I can say about most of the people here. Phil tells Nikki I would take you to the final 2. Nikki says oh don’t say that. I just feel awful. I don’t deserve that love I have to learn to keep my mouth shut. I f**k up at everything I do. Don’t listen to anything I say. I know nothing. I’m going to make it clear that it was just a theory. I’m not going to make any more speculations. Please don’t be suspicious of me. I’m your friend and you have my loyalty. Nikki says there’s a few people I would want to be friends with outside of here. Both of you, Tim, Mitch, Ramsey also I think .. and Joel.

1:05pm – 1:15pm Dallas tells Maddy about how he confronted Phil about playing both sides of the house. Maddy says I think its Loveita manipulating Joel. Dallas says I don’t know if I make a big deal about it or not. Maddy says I don’t think we confront Joel, I think confront Loveita. Dallas thinks they should get them both in a room together to see which one give a facial expression. Like you didn’t tell me but I know, you know. Maddy says he (Joel) seems to be defending her. Dallas says There is one snitch in that crew, man! I don’t know if Jared would have gone back and told them (The brother – about Dallas’s theory about there being enough space on the backyard wall for Nick/Phil when they spilt.) Dallas says it could only be 1 of 3 people. (Jared, Joel, Loveita)

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Well here’s the turning point. The fear and paranoia are growing big time this week.
You have the Dallas contingent. They are starting to shift focus and set targets all over the place. Funny thing is, they’re right on all counts. When Dallas is saying Phil is playing both sides, he is. That’s what a floater does. Maintain relationships with both sides and flow where the power in the game sits weekly. When Maddy says Tim and Cassandra have to be exposed as the next power couple after Kelsey and Jared, she’s right. It keeps focus off her. Tim and Cassandra do have the most influence after Jared and Kelsey are broken.
Will this be the catalyst to bring Tim’s middle alliance into being? Truthfully, I don’t know if Tim even wants that. It’s been a nice motivating pipe dream to the disenfranchised, but at this point he doesn’t get to pick and choose who he wants. Only five out of thirteen have openly declared a side in the battle. Everyone else is a question mark as far as true loyalty lies.


Lmao. Phil. oh Phil. Think he’s cracking a bit.
Confronting Nikki? Trying to put a yoke on the one person that is actively not playing Big Brother in the house through social intimidation? Especially when she’s already annoyed by his following her around. Guess the puppy dog with dollar signs in his eyes is gone. Oh, right, she said she thought of him as a little brother. There goes his future meal ticket.
Well if he ever does go on the block, there’s one less vote in his corner.


Dallas is nothing but a Bully.


What’s with Phil letting Raul rub on his hand? Creepy.


ya dallas played this right!see ya kelsey


Dear Mitch ,
Remember this week , you freaking out , mopping around ….basically exposing how tight you are with the 3headed monsters …especially Rail.
So next week when your on the block its your fault …..and IF YOU STAY,No one will believe you when you try to downplay your-Railationship….no one…..mark this on your calendar the day your game died :/…. It was a good game when you had it ????


Trying to read this and i dont really understand the logic. Mitch seems to be one of the only players who can seperate the game from all the stupidities and drama the house can bring. He’s a smart guy, and one of the frontrunners to win in my eyes. Nobody will put him up because even though people claim to be strategic their actions are all backed by emotion. With this two sided battle going on if someone somehow takes a shot at the middle it definitely wont be Mitch. Just my opinion aha


Let me tell you how Mitch is in trouble…Mitch’s name has come out of lots of people’s name more this week then last….loveita was the only person keeping the otherside at bay from him…but now with the way he is acting I won’t be surprised if she puts him up ..like Cassandra (“for being fish”)….this week he should have lay lowed ,instead he is campaigning for Raul ….getting frustrated with Joel and loveita but in actuality the person he should be mad at is Cassandra cause she is working her ass to keep Kelsey in this game….he is hurt /emotionally invested in this weeks noms that he can’t see that…..second thing if Kelsey stays guess what’s going to happen Mitch without Raul there to protect him and solidify their thing ….danger zone!…..I feel like Mitch doesn’t know what to do without the 3headed monsters together … He hasn’t thought through a scenario where they don’t exist —he has no fall back plan — showing a flaw in his strategy—he is the bottom of the rung for all the alliances once the 3headed monster are dismantled :/—good player my beep !!!


Do the brothers seriously think they can silence people from speculating about things by doing what Phil did? It was laughable and Phil didn’t handle that confrontation well at all. Him and everybody else speculate and trash talk about other people and about twists etc too. (If anyone should be pissed it should be Loveita who is thrown under the bus in every conversation.) Nick now has said to Nikki that she shouldn’t talk about the game AT ALL. As if she has no right to do what she want. They are very clumsy with their tactics.


Nikki’s biggest contribution to game talk has consistently been I don’t care, followed closely by i’m sick of game talk. She’s already signed her contract with the show, including her special riders, so who wins is irrelevant to her.
So many people have already realized that Phil is so easy to wind up. Why not get him spinning and digging his own grave. If he can’t deflect suspicion, he goes directly into confront / control mode. There’s only freeze or boil. Planting the seeds for a few well timed public Phil rants is good for the rest of the house. Phil telling everyone not to talk about him, when he constantly plants suspicion about others every time he opens his mouth is a big warning sign that everyone has already seen.


I’d like to see the brothers playing on their own. Phill does all the work, whereas Nick only cuddles with Maddy all day long.


I’m fully aware of why Mitch is floating (he and the brothers have been doing it well so far), however his game thus far has been dependent upon T3W alliance. They are his buffers and they would have probably brought him to final 5 and more likely than not final 4 (where Veto is all that matters). Recently, he’s been above the radar and people are catching into his game (Jared and Kelsey especially).

I’m not sure for how much longer Mitch is going to be able to play multiple sides. Everybody besides Joel is over Loveita. If she’s up on the block and/or wins veto than people associated with her are going to be put up in her place.

And if Mitch tries to jump unto the Dallas/Loveita and co ship he’s at the very bottom of that totem pole.

Phil and Mitch would be better off sticking with whichever two members of T3W alliance are left. Pick up Cassandra and Tim (maybe Nikki) and go to battle season 6 style.

If this season was more like season 4 it would be the perfect season for Phil and Mitch to float their way to victory. But all the paranoia in the house is shifting things.


While Dallas is trying to decide who the rat is between Loveita, Joel and Jared, one thing hits me. Joel and Cassandra talked in the hoh for about two hours last night after everyone went to bed. I saw each of them white lie to each other a lot, Cassandra attempting to make Joel suspicious of Loveita, Joel conveniently forgetting who has said what about Cassandra. I got tired of the conversation and went to sleep, but did Joel tell the mouth of the house about the picture theory? I’ve honestly missed who let it slip… or if Phil just made it seem like he already knew to deflect Dallas. Everyone knows that works on Dallas: look at the Dallas Ramsey argument after Jared and Kelsey got him to confess. Dallas jumps to conclusions.


I agree with most of what has been posted above. I do however think that this confrontation might have been good for Phil and bad for Dallas. If Jared had been considering evicting them, he might now reconsider because Phil challenged Dallas and let people know he was truthful. He also stated that if the brothers were to split, why wouldn’t people use that to their advantage? I have thought that all along. I laughed at how quiet Loveita was during this whole talk with the house, and she never looked up at all. Tim and Cassandra agreed later that Phil does not run about with information to the other side, and is truthful when he does speak. Phil also exposed the fact that Dallas has approached them on at least 3 occasions to ally with him and they didn’t. That was unknown to anyone else, so saying he doesn’t run around talking about people rings true.


I do somewhat agree with you, but in order to use their separation as a positive, the brothers actually have to commit to an alliance. They’ve yet to do so. The longer they say it’s too soon, maybe next week, the longer they look shady like they are playing both sides. It’s only positive if you know where they lie in the game, and they are spending too much time saying they aren’t aligned with anyone.
Dallas has been very outspoken about going to both Jared and the brothers on multiple occasions and offering his handshake. Neither have accepted. The house knows this, so it doesn’t hurt Dallas’ game that something already known openly is being discussed openly.

sunny dee

wasn’t Raul in the kitchen when Dallas talked about this theory? i was watching it on after dark, the only person he was talking to was Raul, then Jared came up. he might have then talked about it later, but he was in Cactus costume at the time.


Phil does talk about people. He has completely trashed Loveita to people while saying he trust her to some and to her.


I’m remembering week one. Just episodes since there were no feeds, but it appeared that for the first day or so Kelsey played wounded and defeated and cried to Jared to incite chivalry so he would fight for her. She then flirted with Phil, and suddenly he’s lusting and thinking big target showlationship keeps focus off the brothers. Her campaign was to play victim and flirt.
Fast forward to week four. Kelsey is playing wounded and defeated. She can’t flirt because Jared gets all jealous. She’s walking around playing dead until other people start saying they will campaign for her. Without the lead weapon in her arsenal (flirt) will it work?
If I had to count today: save Raul: Maddy, Dallas, Mitch, Loveita, Nikki / save Kelsey: brothers, Jared, Tim, Cassandra. Up in the air because he’s courting deals with the Dallas contingent as well as with the brothers and Mitch… Ramsey.


So everything goes back to blaming Loveita. How annoying. She will be the scapegoat for everything!