Loveita “I don’t trust them. To make sh*t out of water! They’re liars!! They’re my targets!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 24th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 24th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-21 11-54-24-742
2:55pm In the bedroom – Phil tells Nick we’re going to have a 4 person alliance. Raul, Jared, Mitch and us. And there’s Kelsey and Tim. Nick says Dallas will die one of these days. Phil says oh yeah. Nick says this gives up the perfectly good reasoning to put him up on the block. Phil says and he said he wouldn’t put us up.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-21 12-24-34-939
3:25pm By the pool – Dallas says I don’t want to win another competition. Three competitions in one week is not a good look. Maddy says can you imagine if you and Jared had won and had to do rock/paper/scissors for who wins it. Dallas says yeah that wouldn’t have been good. Dallas says he doesn’t want Jared, Raul or Mitch to win the next HOH. Or Phil now. Maddy says I think if I was put up on the block with Loveita, I think I would win. Dallas says yeah. Maddy says Cassandra is so strange. Dallas says I think I’m on board with getting Kelsey out of here for sure. Maddy says yeah bye bye. Dallas says I want to get Loveita out. …I’m biting off more than I can chew at this point. Dallas says his chopping list is Jared, Raul, the Brothers and Loveita. I have a funny feeling that Ramsey is going to start stepping it up. They agree he’s good in the competitions. He has no poison in his body.. no drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. That goes a long way. Dallas says that last night he saw just a different side of her (Loveita). She was talking to Joel and Mitch about how all her friends at home are seeing the real Loveita come out. They think someone else will put up Loveita. Maddy thinks Jared would. Dallas says Jared wouldn’t but Kelsey would.

3:35pm Hot Tub – Ramsey tells Cassandra that when he told her he was voting her out and she took it like a champ. He says that shows him he can work with her later. Cassandra says you always say what you will do and that’s commendable. Ramsey says I like what you do by coming up to me. I respect that. If I ever hear anything about you. I’ll come to you. Cassandra says I will come to you. Ramsey says people like Tim and Nikki.. I never know where there head is at. Tim and Nikki join them.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-21 12-51-16-556

3:50pm – 4:55pm HOH room – Loveita tells Dallas that she isn’t going to fight for either side. You can vote how ever you want. Dallas says I told you two about the cards in the backyard and it got back to Phil. Loveita says I didn’t tell Phil about that. Dallas says that Phil said to me I know you, Joel and Loveita were talking about the cards last night. Loveita says bring them in here and I’ll tell them I didn’t say anything. Loveita says I have nothing with the brothers. Dallas asks so it was Joel then? Loveita says I have nothing with the brothers. No nothing. Bring them in here. Loveita says that everyone has been talking about the cards (Backyard House Guest Photos). Why are they making a mountain out of nothing. Dallas says just so you know you can’t trust them because they threw your name out pretty quick. Loveita asks did they really?! Lets all go downstairs and confront them. Dallas says its not really a big deal. Loveita says like I said to you I’m not playing the secrecy game. Its all out in the open. I’ve got your back. Me and Joel have made a decision where we lie. You have me and Joel locked. Our game got blown up. Dallas says if I’m the 6th vote (to vote out Kelsey) then I’ll make it happen. If you guys all came to me and said you want Raul out, then I would vote him out. Loveita says Jared and Kelsey have no chance at making a deal with me. I’m not playing that game any more. Dallas says as long as I’m in the house, you’ll be in the house. I’ll go down swinging. Dallas asks if Jared has ever lied to her? Loveita says she thinks he’s untrustworthy because everyone else trusts him. Loveita asks can’t people see integrity!? Dallas tells Loveita that Jared and Kelsey told me when you were HOH that Maddy was going to to up. Loveita says that never happened. They’re liars. I don’t trust them. Zero trust! To make sh*t out of water! They’re liars!! They’re my targets! I want all of them out so the house can reset. I’m not a fake person so if this little girl Kelsey and J-rod want to go around messing with peoples heads ..literally throwing out straight lies .. sick to me! They’ve got to go. Now that they’ve tried to talk to you about lies and I know the blatant lies they just said!

5pm – 5:15pm Loveita reveals to Dallas that she might have agreed with Jared/Kelsey saying she should put up Maddy just to close off the conversation. She says that she also remembers saying to Ramsey that she doesn’t know where Maddy is at because she never talks to her. Dallas catches a mosquito and runs into the house to give it to Tim/Cassandra’s spider marinara. They feed the spider and he eats it. Cassandra tells Dallas she loves him. Tim says if it came up that you were on the block he would.. Cassandra says if you were on the block and I won POV I would use it on you. Tim says don’t say that he might hold you to that.

5:30pm Hot Tub room – Dallas tells Kelsey and Jared that this week he is waiting to see how the house is voting. He says he would love to see a majority vote. Dallas heads inside. Kelsey and Jared talk. Kelsey thinks its better for Jared if she goes home.

Dallas tells Loveita that she needs to start being nice to people because people don’t want to put up with the sh*tty attitude. .

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Isn’t there someway to get that repulsive, offensive, foul mouth dallas to clean it up? Maybe BB could attach something to his gross body and every time his dirty mouth stars, ZAP HIM!!!


Seriously Kelsey, you’re playing Big Brother, you now have info about a guys alliance involving Raul and you’re just going to walk away?? Ugh, play the effin game, save your butt no matter who goes down, I sure as hell would. They need to cast more older women in this game, the young ones are still too insecure to think for themselves and they just want boys to like them, so frustrating.


I would prefer Raul leaves the game over Kelsey.


As much as Loveita is a high-strung introvert, and as much as she is excitable in a whackadoodle kind of way, when you listen to her rambling about her perspective on the situation between her and Jared, she’s not wrong. She did keep her word to him week one. He did target her week two because of Kelsey. She did try to call an armistice week three. She did try to come to an understanding that included the trio and Mitch as well as Joel. It was the Jared camp that were playing the two face game at that point. More than once Jared told Kelsey to just play nice with Loveita until the week is over and they’re safe, and see where things go.
I buy that a lot more than the Jared Kelsey and Raul perspective only because we did see that Jared and co. kept gathering forces with an anti- Loveita sentiment while she was still HOH. They just did it on the down low. Reasonably speaking, week one Jared made a deal for himself. Week two Jared escalated the conflict. Week three Jared agreed to a ceasfire for the trio, and the trio took offense to Cassandra being nominated. It does seem that they are willing to make deals to benefit themselves, but expect that everyone not named in the deal that they like will be safe? That makes no sense. If they wanted everyone they like to be safe, they should have brokered a larger deal.

sunny dee

plus while he’s got a deal with Loveita while she is HOH, not putting any of those 3 on the block, he’s having a face to face with Phil, where Phil says he’ll put Loveita up to get her out, and jared is jumping up and down and high fiving bro hugging the guy, saying awesome, because i have a deal to not do that, so if you can, that’d be great.

it’s like those 3 have zero clue about what a deal is, and how to work it in their favour. had they even not campaigned so hard to make sure that Loveita’s wish to remove cassandra fell flat, they would have had her vote going forward as well as working to try to make sure they would not be evicted, or be helpful towards getting to jury. like she said, you wouldn’t do it for me, to raul/kelsey, referring to going to bat for them

and she’s right. the fact that she is right, that jared in a heartbeat before she’d even done noms or pov played i think is throwing her under the bus while they safe just makes him shady. if he was doing it just to get in good with Phil, then goes back to the other 2 and says, hey i had to say this to phil, fine. but no, i think he went to them and said good news, phil/nick will put loveita up so we can get her out without having to do it ourselves.

these are the kinds of deals these guys make.

in any case, loveita needs to get the heck out of the HOH room, and i don’t mean just only when Joel leaves it to go downstairs.

Sask fan

Well said! Too bad Loveita can’t articulate it so effectively. No one can stand listening to her long enough to see the truth in what she’s saying. She’s finished in this game IMO because of her poor social skills. Once Kelsey is gone all these others will run to Jared trying to join with him, because he’s so “trustworthy” and then at the end they’ll be thinking they should have listened to Loveita. Imagine how different things would look if they had listened and got rid of Kelsey week one!


Thank you for articulating my thoughts…. I agree so much with what you said I dint think a single like would be enough!????


That’s just stupid. Lovieta made a deal with Jared to keep him safe but then attacked his closest ally. Anyone in the right mind would think that that move is an indirect attack. Then during the second week as retaliation, Jared sends home Sharry. Week three Lovieta called truce, tried to make a six person alliance with them and then the week after she pushed for Jared’s ally yet again to go home. Now she is angry at Jared for hating on her this week because she wasn’t the HOH and yet he was blaming her for influencing Joel’s decision. Doesn’t she constantly blames Kelsey for sending Sharry home but now Jared can’t blame her this week? Kelsey didn’t win the HOH the second week, then why is Love blaming her and not Jared? People are hating on the Kelsey and Jared for being self entitled but Lovieta is getting a free pass because of her social awkwardness, no one wants to hate on the awkward character that everyone in the house hates despite how justified their hatred for her. In reality Lovieta is by far the most self absorbed not to mention the biggest hypocrite in the house, she is BB8 Jen Johnson, you want to root for her because of her position in the game but her character is really annoying.


Actually she nominated Kelsey on day 2. Because she could tell they were attracted to each other and feared a showmance.
She has consistenty blamed Jared for Sharry leaving, not Kelsey.
She nominated Cassandra who was swearing up and down she wasn’t working with the three.
If she’s not working with them, why are they taking such offense? Loveita kept her word to the three even if she did nominate Kelsey’s buddy who at the time was pretending to be her buddy.
She’s said many times Jared stuck his head into an issue that didn’t concern him when he took the punch at Loveita and Sharry. He put himself into that fight.
Loveita’s lack of trust in others is going to sink her game. Jared’s double standards are going to sink his game.

Good grief eh

Actually, Loveta is the author of her own misfortune. She chose to nominate Kelsey based on a fear that there would be a showmance. Did she honestly believe Jared would thank her. She chose to put a target on her back. She chose to use her HOH (the first HOH to boot) to make an enemy. She had no idea how the house would align, only a fear that two people were getting to close. And if that is true, then why would you make an enemy that early in the game? Not a good strategy in my books. She chose to target Jared and Kelsey in week one instead of aligning with them. That would have been her smarter move. Align with good competitors and keep a showmance shield in front of you. But she didn’t. She is the author of her own misfortune.


Considering it was said in week two that Jared was a member of the group before Kelsey (not a member) was nominated? The group being formed until after nominations was supposed to be Loveita, Sharry, Ramsey, Maddy, Dallas and Jared. Jared himself said he was happy to be in that group because he and Dallas were kindred spirits, and he wanted to play with a couple smart people like Loveita and Ramsey.


In this cast, it honestly doesn’t seem like anyone will make the jury ….


sad to see Tim turn into a major gossip and rumour spreader. What happened to respecting Loveita and Joel and helping the misfits, without throwing them under the bus and destrying their game… Him together with Cassandra ruined him. It bores me to tears.


My take on Maddy at the moment: She’s always been jealous of Jared and Kelsey because she was hoping for a Jared and Maddy love story.
She grabbed Nick as a second rate choice.
Now with the concept of Kelsey going home, she’s cutting ties with Nick and hoping to get in with Jared to make her fantasy come true, and potentially burning every bridge she has to do it.


Who is Maddy’s target / rival? Kelsey.
After Kelsey and Jared got together she expressed her jealousy to Ramsey.
She hooked up to Nick, but kept up the rivalry with Kelsey and keeps giving the eye to Jared. She defends / deflects sentiment in her camp against Jared, but encourages the sentiment against Kelsey.
Now she’s tired of Nick, conveniently at the same time she believes Kelsey will go home. Now the brothers are a target to her.
She’s getting further against Loveita. Who is Loveita against? Jared.
I’m serious, her original intent to have a showmance with Jared, as shown in the first episode, is what is driving her.
She’s going to blow her own game with her fixation.


Maddie has a boyfriend…so doubt shes interested in Jared.


she’s also young and promiscuous. Plus it’s the fact he’s the alpha guy cast to be the Emmett, while she believes herself cast to be the Jillian.


I liked Dallas more than the fake Jared…..don’t get me wrong Dallas is an asswhole but Jarred’s” am a nice guy”—moral righteousness bullshit gets on my nerves …. Anyway i digress, Dallas is losing his mind first he was going to take out Jared ,then the brothers ,then Mitch , then Raul if he stays (don’t understand that logic if you hate him you can get rid off him now he is on the block :/), now Loveita is his target ….. That’s half the house dude!!–your only one guy?! — people keep talking about HoH-tisis but this is the first time I get to witness POV-tisis where the power of veto gets to your head (even after it hasn’t been used….am I missing something ?)…..I dread the day Dallas wins hoh if you think he is on a powertrip now ….I hate to think what will happen when he wins hoh!….Dallas is mind might explode !!…I will be front row to watch that train- wretch .#lovethiscrazycast
Ps when I say crazy I mean clinically insane …just to clarify :)


I’m not interested in watching another season of “the friendship” Jared and crew need to been dismantled.

Good grief eh

Imagine the explosion if Dallas is HOH for the fake eviction. Hahaha


Maddy thinks it’s so gross that Kelsey smokes. Uh, eating her fingernails in every screenshot is just so attractive.


I never noticed the accent on Canadians until I started watching Big Brother Canada. I’m Canadian and never noticed our accent until now. I know it depends on what region you live in, but it’s so noticeable on each of them.


I notice it on Dallas for sure!


Maddy has so many insecurities that she needs to chop other girls down so that she can feel better about herself. She does not get along with the other girls because she is jealous of them. She acts like a tough girl but what she really has is low self esteem.


When Ramsey tells Dallas and Maddy that he’s only told Maddy and Loveita that he wants Cassandra out, he’s forgotten. he named Cass as a target to Joel in the hoh; to Mitch in the high roller room.
Yet again, Loveita takes the fall.

Maddy's Boyfriend

Don’t think I didn’t see you making out with Nick.


Maddy’s a skank. It’s time to move on boo. Haha


It’s unbelieveble how Dallas pushed hard few days ago for Ramsey to go up and now he is relying on him to win comps for him. Also Dallas targeting Loveita is an awful ideea since she is one of the few friends he has in the house (the others being Maddy and Ramsey). He surely doesn’t see the dynamics of the house


What’s the special eviction this week ?


a fake instant eviction.
If the original facebook post and tweet are to be believed the fake instant eviction (meaning no pov) will be followed by canada vote.
I am only guessing please don’t quote me:
person evicted spends the weekend in the highroller room. Feeds are usually off anyway. Canada takes over as hoh and nominates two people with the evicted house guest in the highroller room as the honorary head of household revealing Canada’s 2 nominees and performing on behalf of Canada’s hoh in the power of Veto. sort of like all the events in the first four weeks of season 2 all wrapped up into one full week (guests in secret room mixed with Canada’s hoh).
The advantage to the evicted houseguest beyond not leaving is they will have security of not being a potential nominee as honorary hoh. Furthermore they will have a heads up on where they actually stand in the game by how the vote in the fake instant eviction went down. Clarifies how the game is actually set if you thought you had three four or five allies and the vote didn’t go that way.
Again, just a guess, but knowing how Big Brother Canada likes to stack the odds occasionally… to me this is my best thought.


Can’t wait for the fake double eviction!!! Will make things real interesting.


Jared is so like Andrew from BBCAN2…nosepickers that look at it then flick

Nana Jo

I am seriously disgusted with the female casting this season. It’s shameful. There’s not a mentally strong, interesting, powerful, intelligent one among them! (I think Sharry would have fit into this category but she had the misfortune of paying the price for aligning with Loveita, who is a hot mess.) I would love to see BB cast some older women next season …and not just one token over 40.

I dislike Jared more and more each day. His “I’m a decent guy with integrity’ skin is being revealed as a sham layer by layer daily.

I am so curious as to how this fake eviction is being set up. What if the second evictee was secured in the high roller room for a couple days, able to watch what is happening. Then after the new HoH nominates 2 people, Canada votes to save either the fake evictee or one of the new noms. If Canada picks the fake evictee then he/she goes back in the game with immunity for one week. If Canada picks one of the noms then that person is replaced by the fake evictee who has a lot of new info to help save themselves. I think if the second eviction is on-the-spot, Loveita stands a good chance….but it may also be viewed as a good way to get rid of Jared.