Cody’s early night “bed by like 2, crack out around 3:30 something sensible”

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

BB16-2014-09-07 17-05-26-713

5:05pm Everyone sleeping

BB16-2014-09-07 19-03-47-671

7:03pm Cody gets up folds laundry
Production asks him to fold the outside awnings.

BB16-2014-09-07 19-12-33-254

7:12pm He starts playing pool by himself.

BB16-2014-09-07 19-22-13-091

7:21pm Cody playing badminton by himself..

BB16-2014-09-07 19-31-20-311

7:1pm Cody Chilling in the kitchen by himself.

BB16-2014-09-07 19-38-19-937

7:39pm Cody on the hammock by himself

BB16-2014-09-07 20-09-32-644

7:43pm Hammock Cody and Frankie
Talking about how stressful things have been and they have trouble working out.
Frankie says there’s two more major competitions left in the summer and he can’t play in one of them. He’s still super happy he won it.
Cody – This button thing is making me nervous..
Cody wishes they would have waited one day to see if they were given any hints.
Frankie – We accelerated something..
(Frankie is slurping chomping on his food sounds disgusting.. )
They agree they had to press the button.
Cody – did you ever think you were going to win so many Comps.
Frankie – no
Frankie says he meditates before the competitions to make himself calm
Derrick comes into the back yard.
Frankie – OHH D-NUTS
Frankie says he’s going back to go to bed he knows something is coming up and he wants to be fresh for it.
They start speculating what is going on with the schedule, they had the Veto Ceremony a day early. They are convinced something is going on, The Diary room sessions have been different. Wild theories are being considered Frankie is sure Wednesday is a Live show.
They are certain if they hadn’t pushed the button by this time production would have been really trying to persuade them. Derrick thinks there would be stacks of cash on the button.
Frankie – Caleb please go to the button room
Derrick says if they kept Victoria at this point they would look like a$$holes. She hasn’t won much and doesn’t deserve to be there compared to Cody.
Cody mentions how he wasn’t close with Caleb until halfway through the game. The only person Caleb was close with was Frankie.
Frankie – Because of Amber.. all he cared about was Amber.
Cody mentions when Amber was on the block she told him and Caleb if she goes home her dad would be pissed, Cody “I was like What … what does that mean”
Frankie wonders if past house guests have been physically attacked outside because of the game.
The are all concerned about going out to meet Julie because of the Christine’s booing. Cody stresses how concerned he is. Caleb joins them.
Victoria joins them. Chit chat

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can not stand these people

Cody does not need to eat.he sucks down enough snot to fill a cow!


Everyone left in the house is totally vile (personality wise). I stopped watching Amazing Race as it got increasingly clear that production was manipulating the game, and haven’t watched it for the past 4 seasons. I stopped watching Survivor for the same reason, and haven’t seen it in 3 seasons. This will definitely be my last season of Big Brother, however, I will finish watching this circus (in the hopes that Frankie gets booed when he wins his money). If production is going to be so open and obvious about manipulating this game, they really need to get better writers and producers to pull it off, because, honestly, if I know within 3 episodes who is going to win and have to sit back and watch it, I’d rather watch 20 year old episodes of wrestling (and I HATE wrestling). <3


So you’d rather watch super fake wrestling than a rigged reality show? Makes sense. Or do you think wrestling is real as well?

But honestly, if you don’t know by now that ALL “reality” tv shows (including ones where prizes are involved) are manipulated by their producers, aka “rigged”, then maybe you’re better off not watching.


At least you would get more entertainment from wrestling than these delusional dudes!! Whatcha goin do to the Hulk runs on you . Oh Yea!!


If the show something like this so blatantly on TV, think of what they are doing without us knowing. Frankie had already won from before they even chose the other house guests. They showed on the episode Seconds after revealing the button Frankie said “omg is that a reset button?” no way on earth could he within seconds guess what it was and actually use the name for it. No way. So pretty much he was told about it before hand. You won’t convince me otherwise. Dumb!


I have to agree… as soon as I heard him use the phrase “reset button”, I was like “huh?, Did he just really say reset button, that can’t be coincidence”.



i could barf

Can someone put a shock collar on him, and every time he sucks it down he could get a jolt!!!!

goober city

I can not think that any body would ever want to French kiss him. He probly has snot in his mouth!

brat in N.C.

I hope when they finally kick Frankie out he gets more boos than Cristine! He so deserves it!


He probably will. But that a$$hat is so delusional, he’d blame the boos on “America not being ready for a gay man in drag”.

Puffy Daddy Derrick's Pig Nose (oo)!!

I highly doubt Frankie will get many boo’s…… remember the audience will be made up with California people, and they love them some gay!


He won’t get boos because Californians like gay people? What are you, 80? Sheesh.

Anyway, Frankie won’t get boos but it’s not because he is gay (and apparently Californians like them gays!). The audiences continue to laugh at Frankie (not in a bad way unfortunately) every time he’s on screen during the live shows. Therefore the audience is made up of a bunch of idiots who are entertained by his stupid twirls and batting eyelashes, certainly not an audience of live feeders, or BB producers have instructed them not to be mean to their pink sweetheart. At best he’ll get one or two random boos, but it will be nothing like what Christine got. I don’t expect he’ll get any boos actually though he certainly deserves it.

Roisen Dubh

You blow up gay bars because the guys won’t go out with you.


So there is the proof that there are anti-gay bigots on this site. There are 24 up votes for that clearly anti-gay comment. Other comments that are also anti-gay and only discuss Frankie’s sexuality instead of talking about him as a vile person, also get a good amount of up-votes. I think that there are people on here that right long posts that are anti-gay as well but they couch their anti-gay feelings inside their post so that by the time you get halfway through their post you realize they are just bigoted.
I ‘m straight and I hate Frankie because he is a a jerk. Plain and simple. The gay stuff doesn’t bother me at all: I could care less. My wife could care less too. Both of us just are disgusted at all the homophobic vitriol on here. It’s not even funny it’s just pathetic. All you who post this anti-gay stuff just make fools out of yourself and reveal just how hateful you must be in real life. I hope none of your kids turn out to be gay cause you probably the type that would throw them out of the house.


Actually, it’s Frankie who always brings up his sexual orientation. He drapes himself all over the other men, he makes witless double entendres about the other men. He glams himself up with glitter, makeup and little girl shorts and flits about to make sure everyone gets the connection.
He’s an embarrassment to everyone, not just gays.

Say what??

Just so you know anonymous—-you don’t “turn out to be gay”. The fact that you wrote that shows your ignorance to anything surrounding gay people. Wisen up before you start your ridiculous rants about people’s kids turning out to be gay.


I don’t think his sexual preference has s single thing to do with if he gets boo’d or not. It’s who he is as a person, his self centered, egotistical attitude that’s going to get him boo’d. Not to mention that he is presenting himself as a narcissist as well.

Football you idiots!

Are these guys really that stupid to not realize there won’t be a live show on Thursday due to football starting?!?! They even helped promote it with the comp they had where they got to go offsite and meet some of the Cowboys. They specifically said themselves “Thursday night football on CBS”. Apparently they can’t put 2 and 2 together to realize eviction night is now Wednesdays. SMH! Soooo stupid!

P.S. I hope to God that Frankie is evicted before final 2 and the audience boos him like they did Christine. That would make the summer of putting up with his disgusting ass all worth it.

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Caleb thinks he will be playing professional football on Thursday nights and Frankie thinks he will be a cheerleader.


I was thinking that too! The guys seem to be big football fans too and you’d think they figure that out! There are so wrapped up in theirselves they think everything is about them.

And regarding this whole obsession with “being famous” that they all seem to want (without any merit for it) don’t they see right there in front of them Jeff and Jordon?? That’s about as good as it gets fame-wise for BB contestants. Not exactly household names. They all are so pathetic.

The real problem since they are all in a bubble and no clue how most of viewers hate them, the show will have a winner and they’ll never know the hate towards them. They will go on in their delusions but now even more obnoxious for anyone in their lives.

Something Catchy

I just lost it laughing at how Simon and Dawg put up all the captions about Cody doing things alone. Signs you’re bored watching Live Feeds lol. Thanks for tolerating the things I can’t, so I can read about them!


It was hilarious. He’s probably enjoying himself now that Disgustine doesn’t have her claws on him anymore.

Something Catchy

I think he probably misses her. Now who does he have to do all those boring things with? If he treats all the girls he’s around like he did Christine, no one will want to date him. Why would any girl want to compete with every girl he’s around? I have so many BB random questions and just not enough space. Will someone send ME to interview them? Anonymous, your question will be asked first lol


no derrick america will think you are assholes if you keep frankie in the game, he is kicking your asses left n right.

marianne… America will think they are idiots BUT that would be insulting to the real idiots… these guy are just too brutal .. they think we love them … wow get the med ready because they are going to need it .. lol


Maybe the reason behind the reset button appearing at this particular time is so that Frankie can actually be evicted Wednesday night. That way CBS can have him make a live appearance as part of the fanfare before the NFL game on Thursday night. He could appear on stage with his half sister and promote BB. It’s a stretch but I’m hoping for any reason to get pinkie off the show.


Just watched the Sunday show on CBS and three things came to mind;
1. Victoria is the last female in the house.
2. Calebs quote of the season – “happier than a tornado in a trailer park”
3. Jeff and Jordans engagement where they met five years ago.
Granted this isn’t very exciting, but compared to this season its headlines

Starstruck Caleb

I thought Caleb has said he has met all sorts of famous people and had professional football players numbers in his phone. But I thought for sure he was going to faint like a little girl when that upcoming country singer (can’t remember his name) shook his hand. Then again we all know how much Caleb lies so that could have been the closest he’s ever got to a country star. lol

Midnight at the Oasis

So Jordan waits FIVE years for Jeff to put a ring on her finger……


They were and are a sweet couple.
I am glad it all took up half the show.


That Caleb quote was the best part of the whole show!! I like him more and more.

bb land of the lost

Seems like the fellows are getting a little crotchity!


I don’t think Cody handles stress very well. With Christine in the house, she kept him occupied with stroking his ego. Now that she is gone, he is bored and looking for trouble. Frankie putting him on the block has him upset so he gets cranky easily. Cody should not be pushing Caleb’s buttons. Caleb appears to be a person who could knock Cody into next week if they get into a fight. Also, if Cody does not win the next HOH or POV, he will probably be on the block. I think Caleb will vote him out instead of Victoria. He looked really angry with Cody tonight on BBAD. His mind could be made up

diane says

You have to excused the guys they have PMS!!!

The Flash



…that Simon and Dawg can get some well-deserved sleep!!!


Who pushed the button anyway


They always have to do everything unanimous. They should have named their alliance, Unanimous Animosity. Would have made better sense, based off what we have seen this season thus far.


For a minute, he was almost like Donnie. Ya know, if you squinted really hard. Maybe hit your head with a brick. Just enough for a minor concussion. But, alas he is Codependent. I wonder if he will get booed like Tim’s wife? I think it is telling that all of them think he had no responsibility in that whole thing. Like just because he’s single and playing a game, any one is fair game. Although i think a married person should be mindful of the fact they are married and don’t need to rub or be rubbed by randoms. And i am looking at you Derrick. I almost (like maybe just an inch) felt sorry for him when he wondered why he didn’t see what a bad person she is. He didn’t see it because he is almost as bitchy!

Cody is a th0t

It continues to amaze me that a good number of people on this site only see Christine as the villain based on her realtionship with Cody. Putting aside all of Chrsitines other faults (and they are many) Christine and Cody are both to blame for what they did. What is not discussed much is that Cody is a male stripper who will do just about anything for money. I would not be surprised if he was gay for pay too! Many male strippers are gay for pay so that would explain his interaction with Frankie too. Cody knew just what he was doing. He tried to explain it away that he was just flirty and touchy with everyone (yeah, not true….didn’t see him giving Victoria much love but then again, Derrick was doing Victoria so that may have stopped Cody from pawing Victoria). I think that the relationship with Derrick and Victoria is also wrong although they are not as physical. Anyone will tell you that a marriage fails when one of the spouses in emotional cheating on the other. Derrick is emotional entwined with Victoria and he also expresses it physically to her. I find it creepy, game or no game, that a man of Derricks age is working Victoria the way he is. Just a bad example and one that I think is a character flaw for Derrick. Although Chrisitne/Cody’s relationship is more obviously cheating Derrick/ Victoria’s relationship is almost as bad. Those of you who are only focusing on the physical infidelity are excusing Derricks behavior which is actually as damaging to most marriages as the physical cheating.


I completely, respectfully disagree about Derrick/Victoria. I think Derrick is just being kind to Victoria, giving her brotherly type, compassionate hugs because she is continually on the block.. I don’t feel as there is anything at all romantically connected to that. Just as I feel that him throwing the HOH competition when Frankie’s grandfather passed as being a compassionate move. I do believe he did throw it, in order for Frankie to get his grandfather’s photo, it was early enough in the game where Derrick could do that and still feel confident in remaining “safe”. Furthermore, I don’t see Derrick stroking Victoria’s hair or being flirtatious with her. While I do agree that an emotional affair is as bad as a physical fair (maybe worse). I think he is trying to stay kind with all of the HG’s in order for him to have votes if he gets nominated. He is mentally manipulating all of them, that’s what makes his game so good, hence why he has yet to ever be on the block… they all feel as though he is “on their side”. Again, I don’t feel there are any romantic feelings involved and I think if there were, the other house guests would be talking about it amongst themselves, as they did with Cody & Christine. They even sat there after Christine was evicted saying how she had love in her eyes or something like that.Cody disagreed, therefore telling me he didn’t see it as romantic either. I think the reasons that Christine received so much heat is because she seemed to be the aggressor. Who knows what kind of reaction Cody will/would get, some will hold him responsible, as he should have put a halt to it but then again, he was playing the game and if allowing her to play with his hair and snuggle up to him was going to ensure he would keep getting her support, than that’s what he was going to do (because he would need her vote if he happened to get put up). So, there’s my two cents.. for what it’s worth and I think to some it won’t be worth squat, lol.

Tens!on mounting within the h0use

Whatta dirty look C@leb gave Cody after the pool game . (9.32pm) They were arguing abit n both were sounding reallyyyy aggressive.

For a minit there, I thot they were gonna fight, resulting Both thrown outta the game.

Too bad is just mere bickering .. C0dy is an obvious pussy who will never fight for any cause in his entire pathetic life.

*Bunch of idiots!!*

Get a dictionary

If you are going to lob insults at someone, at least expand your vocabulary so that you aren’t using words that are derogatory towards women. Calling someone a “pussy” denotes that being a woman is loathsome. The only thing that is loathsome, is someone making misogynistic comments like yours in the 21st century.

I've got a dictionary

So does that mean if someone calls another a dick then they find all men loathsome? Is anyone who uses that term automatically a misandrist?

Straight Guy: I am a walking dictonary

Considering what both of you said, if someone calls someone else an “ass” that would make them a misanthrope. Which means a lot of people who post on here are misanthropes.

If you've got a dictionary...then use it

The connotation that comes from the word “pussy” when being used to describe a man, is that he is less than a man…hence; that he is as low as a woman (women are less). That is what is misogynistic. If one were to call a woman a dick, then yes, I suppose that one could argue that it is misandry. “Dick” is generally not used in such a manner as to describe someone in a “lowly” manner as is the term “pussy.” I’m not sorry to say, that words hold weight. If one can’t come up with a better word to insult people nowadays…well that’s sad. We’ve realized calling someone a “fag” or a “homo” or a “retard” is bad…why is this any different? Because you are comfortable in using derogatory terminology? Step out of your comfort zone and the weight of your words will reflect the capacity of your intelligence. If you can’t do that…try the word asshole…and since we’ve all got one, you aren’t offending anyone other than the object of your derision.


So you insult someone, for insulting someone, in a way that you find insulting? Just trying to keep it straight.

Teri B

LMAO!!! AS IF Fakie would go on to become a doctor. OMG. His attention span alone would preclude him from being any kind of medical professional. JMHO


Frankie would be a horrible doctor. He won’t be a gynecologist. …He would probably be a proctologist.


The closets he’ll ever get to being a doctor is playing one in his YouTube videos.


I actually like the fact that they all pushed the button together. I like how this alliance has made it this far .We all know they have to turn on each other but at least it was some loyalty to the people they wanted to work with.


The thing is, what you call loyalty I think is just luck. Frankie would have been gone twice now if Derrick hadn’t made what could be the fatal error of thinking that Donny and Nicole were bigger threats. And as a matter of fact, the only time reason Cody and Caleb are still there is because when they were on the block they were competing against a different alliance member that they all turned on. The only two people that have shown any loyalty are Caleb to his alliance (which he was at one point kicked out of) and Victoria, who has been blindly loyal to Derrick.

Sweet Tooth

I loved Sundays episode with Jeff & Jordan. It was very fitting for them to get engaged where they met. Its about time Jeff jeez man. They seem good together and all the best to them. I think its nice they are having a happy ending. The yard looked very nice and how sweet her family & his were there. Very well done.




Thank god for fast forward


There is something socially redemptive that sprang up from Jeff’s tour of the ongoing
pig style we call the BigBro House… the “Fav Five” houseguests went on a cleaning
binge that some of the “live feeders” got to see. Fortunately there weren’t too many
cases of apoplexy as a result. CBS brought Jeff & Jordan in to shame the idiots as
they wisely kept all their relatives away from the trash-heap inside the BB House.


Agreed. Another couple who I can do without ever seeing again.


she seemed happier about the dog than the engagement

Roisen Dubh

She threatened to walk if he didn’t put a ring on it. That’s the only thing that made Meathead propose. Say what you want about Jordan, She’s a sweetheart.

not a fan of j'n j

Like them both but always saw them more as brother and sister.She never seemed like she”romantically”loved Jeff. Even being proposed to she didn’t seem like she was in love, more uncomfortable than anything else. Wish them the best though.


I liked Jordan and thought she was too good for him. Never really liked Jeff. He is just not a genuine person. I think the whole thing was a good 20 minutes of wasted airtime. I could have done without it but it just goes to show that this season is so boring that they had to try to do something to make it interesting and even that failed. Well, the dog was a highpoint at least!

The Final Five

All of these dumbos are concerned that they may get booed on the way out the door.

Every one of them should for various reasons, but mostly because they collectively turned Big Brother 16 into
“The Summer of Snooze” for the viewers.

What I find incredible is that they all think they have provided a remarkable show (UGH)


Please audience show that you have some manners and don’t boo people who leave the house. This isn’t wrestling to be booed like that. Imagine how you would feel. There is enough anxiety going on in this house with out the added pressure (which is already there) of thinking the audience hates your guts. Not being a favorite is one thing but Ease up, they don’t deserve that much hate.

Eure ka!

Looks right, looks left…looks up, looks down…hmmm
No audience here…


Look some more fool. We are all an audience.


Then the house guests shouldn’t behave in a way in which they would get that type of response.


This button news cant come quick enough.


Simon, I pushed the “but-in” and it didn’t work… Just looped and never populated. 🙁


Lousy out come. I so hoped Cody won and Frankie put up Caleb. Just to see Derprick try to get Caleb backdoored then the reset. Oh would he and Frankie both be in trouble if a caleb HOH. Wishful thinking oh well.
Derrick primes the pump… to 500K. He has Victoria ready to accept she’s going. She’s the last girl and deserved it. ROFL….. How does anyone other than sociopath sat that BS with a straight face. He’s the cop that scares me. The one that can lie so convincingly. Add to it I fully expect Derrick to convince her he has to vote with the guys so no sympathy vote. Derricks got a couple votes locked in at this point just needs F2.

Truthfully I want Victoria gone. Then lets see what a summer together displays in relationships. Still think Cody and Derrick tight. Derrick will choose either Frankie or Caleb to try and get the other out. Depends on HOH in part. HOH F4 memory wall or POV the wall. Nothing like the wall strapped into a harness… no blue shorts Frankie.Some sort of physical the other. Endurance being F3 part 1.

Sock Puppet for the win! (wish that was my saying but another said it 1st) The guys have other worthy non HG’s to choose from in the pole.

Death stares, darting d!rty looks, nosy flying plane

That person flying that private plane above them resembles that one person who flies his all over our neighborhood .. Back n forth, even Derrick noticed it.

C@leb kept giving Cody death stares, almost saying ‘I can’t wait to get rid of you!’

Cody could feel it, and darted dirty looks to him in return. Cody is feeling the pangs of being on the block. His dark bags under his puffy eyes tell it all. All spells insecurities and anxieties.

Only Derrick could break the cold icy situation with his relax demeaner, breaking smile, with small talk.

Caleb is definitely is situating himself in a comfortable position, he hardly b!tch about f@rking Fr@nk!e, compared to the two.

I’ve a feeling C0dy might be sitting on thin, veryyy thin ice pretty soon.

*B!g snooze fest now till Wednesday*


Did anyone else notice the shorts Frankie wore during the double eviction? He had a wedgie in the front and back. CBS should’ve blurred out his moose knuckle.

Pee-wee Frankie's Playhouse!!

Flankie is nothing but a disgusting subhuman man-boy! The 31 year old acts like he is 15, and the bright colored teeny bopper clothes are sickening too. Even Paul Reuben’s would be disgusted how Frankie acts!

This season is the worst EVER!


I didn’t notice because Derricks snout-of-death was on the screen every 5 minutes with some type of jibberish coming out of his mouth.


I just want to say I think if Frankie goes on to win out the rest of the season he deserve to win cause that would give him the most comp wins by a male in a season 12 or 13 comp wins and I would laugh my ass off if he makes it to the end and win cause it will always hunt derrick what if I didn’t push so hard to get rid of Donny and Nicole we could have gotten him out. and it will hunt Caleb and Cody when they look back on the season and think why did we not listen to our guts and just BD him when they had the chance two weeks in a row. also if Frankie does make it to the end by winning out the rest of the way and the jury vote for somebody else to win then I think he’d be the first house guest to ever win so many comps and not win BB.


I’d rather see Vic win it before that gross goblin.


I kind of agree with you in theory but Skankfest is such a vile and disgusting person that I couldn’t stand watching his ego even grow bigger (as impossible as that sounds) . Just knowing he’s out there being a total asshole would be horrible enough to make me say he’s the last one I’d want to him

A bigger FU to everyone is if somehow Victoria made to final two and the bitter jury gives it to her. Actually would enjoy that.


I think that any one but Derrick and Frankie winning would actually be received really well by most fans. As a Donny fan, that is what I am hoping for. I know the jury can vote any way it wants so I think the chances are high that could happen. There are some pretty independent minded people on that jury that may just tell CBS to take a hike and they may vote with their hearts and not reward Frankie or Derrick.


How come Derrick and Victoria can make plans to meet at hotel and no one thinks they are inappropriate. He is married. Check YouTube under both their names together . Feel sorry for his wife. I picked him day 1 but not now


I notice that convo between Derrick and Victoria too. It was really depressing and sad. He has her so f’d up that she will believe anything he tells her. Derrick treats her like a ho, he really does. It reflects badly on him and his wife and little girl but I honestly don’t think he cares. Victoria is not innocent and she knows what she is doing but she is so starved for affection and Derrick has kept her so isolated, she is totally dependent on him. That is the way he wants it for his game.
Lots of people on this board defend Derrick and say that he is just playing a game and that he is not a cheater. I disagree and think he is and the main reason my mind changed about Derrick is because of how he treats the other women with disdain. Even today on the feeds, he made the statement that “all the women this season are catty”. Combine that with his treatment and talk about Brittany, his defending of Cody’s cheating with Christine and him only blaming Christine, his manipulation of Victoria, his abusive conversation with Nicole, his discussions with Caleb about Amber and his joining in on the rape conversation and mimiking the zingbot fuc8ing Victoria,. his use of the word fuc9ing in the same sentence as his child; combine all that and you get a pretty clear picture of Derrick and his views on women. So, yeah I agree, I feel sorry for his wife.
I also admit that I hold policemen to a higher standard and expected him to act with more integrity, money or no money. I guess that there are a lot of cops that would not go on a show like this because they would never put their families through the embarrassment. I hope that Derrick is not your typical cop because his behavior did not reflect well on his profession.


I didn’t take them seriously at all!!!!


Best case scenario Cody wins HoH nominates Victoria/Frankie someone other than Frankie wins PoV and blindside Frankie out kn a 2-0 vote.

He cant be mad because he done the same exact thing to Christine.

Victoria might of slept her way to 500k if the stars aline.


What if Caleb wins POV and pulls Frankie off the block only houseguest left would be Derrick and Frankie and Caleb vote him out. I can see Caleb being that stupid.


Can the jury choose not to give the winner the money? Can they not choose a winner or can they say that none of the final house guests deserve the money? I’m sure they have to pick one as the winner. ….we, the viewer, we’re able to pick the TA challenges and we were asked to vote to see if we felt they deserved the money….so what gives? I hope the contestants get a chance to see how they eat. It was horrible watching and if I were their parent I would be embarrassed.

Only hope

No, the jury has to award someone and they will. What they can do is pick someone to win to make a statement about the entire season and I think that is what they will do. I can see Victoria or Caleb winning that way.

The Truth

Has anyone noticed that the HOH competitions used to be about 5 minutes on t.v. and now HOH competitions are practically half of the show. The show is soooo boring right now. Please Big Brother give them something to do. I don’t want to hear their theories on the button over and over.


Thankfully BB AU begins in about 3 1/2 hours — 8.40 pm OZ time. Tried Utopia last night but was difficult to catch anything as every other word had to be bleeped and everyone was yelling over the others making it difficult to follow anything. Gave up at 9.


Poor Cody man. Even if people will argue about him being a floater or not I really don’t give a squirt of piss if he is because I like the kid and hes one of my Favorite Floaters of all the seasons then!!! I cant believe the hate this guy is getting.


He sits down to pee. Enough said!


I like Cody too. I feel like he’s got a big heart. Then again, I haven’t watched the live feeds much lately..


“He sits down to pee enough said”………….WOW you really told me didn’t you!! Most people have a hate on for good looking men. I get it.

Oh Shut up

Where do you pee Anondouche. In the backyard behind the tree, or on the tree?

Why stand when you can sit. 😛

Jimmy 64

I can’t wait to see the look on Frankie’s stupid face when
they say they have to do it all over again.
I hope Cody wins the HOH and puts him & Victoria on the block.
And anyone but Frankie wins the POV and they send him out
on Wednesday . LETS HOPE IT HAPPENS !!!!!


Chicken George update:
Best known as “Chicken George,” George Boswell became a household name as a contestant on Big Brother season 1. Although some perceived him as a potential threat due to his under-the-radar personality, he remained on the reality show until he was evicted in week 11. But because of his distinct and entertaining persona, he was selected to participate on Big Brother 7: All-Stars.

Boswell was a roofer from Rockford, Illinois, who gave up his roof construction business after his participation on Big Brother 1 for a career in public performance. He spent his time taking calls from fans and unfolding secrets on Big Brother 2 through the air, helping fly airplane banners over the Big Brother house in Los Angeles. The following year, he took some comedy classes at Chicago’s Improv Olympics and performed sketch comedy for some time. Shortly, he became the subject of a documentary about people’s lives after participating on reality shows, in which he made several public appearances and gave lectures at a school in Manhattan. He also had calls from game shows like Street Smarts, where he won the top award against Monica from Big Brother 2. Subsequently, he landed an audience warm-up gig at a local Rockford, Illinois minor league baseball club, where he sometimes wore his chicken suit. He eventually went to Las Vegas, where he stayed for a year working in casinos, hosting and acting as an announcer for promotional campaigns at the Tropicana Resort & Casino. To his surprise, he received a call from CBS informing him about Big Brother 7: All Stars and the rest was history.

At present, Boswell awaits the broadcast of his DSL commercial for Time Warner and looks forward to attending the Reality TV Convention in Nashville in July.


Thank you for the update. I always liked Chicken George. I recall how upset he was when he was to be evicted as he was trying to win money to send his daughters to college. Fortunately one of the unis in his area stepped up to the plate and awarded two scholarships. Something tells me that Donny and CG would have made a great alliance personality wise.


Yea, I was curious since he was on the 1st season. He seemed like a stand up down to earth guy. The show biz bug got him but good. Big Bro should do more bios on past hg’s

new to BB 14

I so wish the golden reset button they pushed meant the five in the jury now reset to be the final 5 in the house and the final 5 in the house become the 5 jury members!!

Oh how one can dream!!


Great idea, CBS should hire you for production.

Dani D

The Jury members should all say since they can’t decide on who to choose as the winner they will just pick skittles.


Depending on the timing of Obama’s speech, Big Brother may have to adjust the timing of the countdown clock


Derrick is running around scared that he doesn’t have the votes to win because he burned bridges with the jury and in part responsible for them being there.


It is going to be a bitter jury and Derrick will not win if he makes it to final 2. I am not at all worried about Derrick winning this season but now I am worried about Frankie winning it. I hope Frankie doesn’t win either.


Wednesday looms…




The dog liked Frankie (the real dog) so he can’t be that bad. Cats drool dogs rule!