POV Ceremony results “you and I are by far the most strategic in this house”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

Nicole did not use the veto the nominations stayed the same…

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 15-02-45-736

11:17am Meech doesn’t have sunglasses…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-54-31-634

1:00pm Backyard Corey and Nicole
Corey – thoughts on the bribe do I use it on Vic… He’s acting like he would never vote him out (Paul)
Nicole – he’s very happy today I kept him off the block.. He said the deal is sealed..

Nicole – I’m just hoping they are really on our side
Corey – I think they are
Nicole – what if they are not
Corey – they are
Nic – James is kissing butts hard … Vic has a reason to go after James James has a reason to go after Vic..
Corey points out last 2 weeks they were doomed.

Nicole – if Paul was my target why would I want Victor after me too..
Corey – why would Victor vote Paul out.. Then it’s them 4 vs us 2..
Corey – those 3 will gang up on hom.. He will literally need to win every comp
Nicole – yeah cause they have all the votes.
Corey – his bet is to have a sidekick like Paul

Corey says Victor having three chances, says his game wasn’t good enough to keep him from being evicted..
Corey – he’s dominated in 1 of the 3 categories.. We have done good in Social game, Competitions and really really well strategically… we’re hitting on all 3 cylinders he’s hitting on 1
Corey – I only need 1 time to win this game he needed 3 times to win this game.. Who are you going to pick.
They agree Victor is the most loyal person in the house.
Nicole – he’s exactly how Caleb was.. I couldn’t even get Caleb to see the big picture.. I wa slike they are using you to get me out.. He was like NOPE i’m ride or die..
Nicole – you and I are by far the most strategic in this house.. We have gotten out of some bad situations.. You have got us out of some bad situations..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 15-06-53-348

1:20pm Kitchen James, Victor and Paul
Paul asks James if the double is this weekend.
James – i’m about 99 percent sure.. 99.9999999 percent sure and in the DNA test that means you are the father.. (what a champ)
James says there’s no way they are goign to do a Double eviction after 21 days left in the game.
James – by Thursday there will be 5 house guests left in this house.. all it comes down to pretty much is vetos..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-24-50-736
2:05pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole going on how it’s not fair that one person saw what the Drone said and haven’t told them what they saw.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-26-23-024
2:05pm Still Natalie fan under special circumstances 🙂

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-22-17-987
2:15pm HOH Paul and Nicole
Nicole saying James is trying to put someone in her head.
Paul – he’s doing something with you and something with me
Nicole – he’s trying to get me to seclude myself with Corey..
Nicole is worried that James is trying to work with Paul..
Nicole says the Jury is mad at james based on what they jury members told Victor during the COmp (get James out or don’t trust James something like that)
Paul tells them that James and his girls with Michelle tried to get him out of the house. He saved himself and they all got pissed from it.
Nicole – he’s trying to get super close to you
Corey comes in .. .
Paul – he’s being weird dude.. (James)
Paul going on about James telling him about the doubt eviction being important and the person that wins it better make a strategic move.
Paul adds that James keeps telling him how great the Jury house will be.

Paul says he’s going to turn to James before the HOH “You and Natalie better win cause I’m putting you up”

Paul – I know he’s not that tough..
Paul explains that during the HOH last week James was suffering.
Nicole – I thought he was going to stay up for 5 hours..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-41-07-865

2:28pm Nicole and Corey HOH
Corey suggesting they bribe James to throw the HOH and they will let Victor take Natalie out.

Nicole – I want to do what i need to do to get to final 4..
Nicole says James will not be good with Getting Natalie out.
Nicole – he’s throwing the game away for her.

Corey – so what you are saying he won’t throw the comp .. .so bribing someone isn’t an option
Nicole – the way you are going about it is the wrong way.. He won’t be OK with Natalie goin home.. If someone approached you with 5K and said I was going home..
Corey says he wouldn’t do it
Nicole – not only would you not do it you would blow it up..
Nicole – I don’t want to team up with James and Natalie right now they are the weaker side.
Corey – you turned down the whole Vic thing now
Nicole – it’s a good plan I didn’t turn it down.. Not sure if it’s needed..
Corey – f*** 5 thousand dollars it’s so stupid..
Nicole – just cause I saw something once done take that crap serious…
Corey – I know Nicole… I’m just throwing ideas around..
Nicole says James has the biggest mouth in the house beside Michelle if they try to bribe James he will blow it up and it’ll come back to bite them. If it goes south they will end up alone.
Nicole doesn’t see James being loyal to them ever. Nicole says if Corey words it that he’s going to make is look like he’s working with Vic and Paul James will blow that up.
Nicole – nobody will throw that comp..
Corey asks if someone has ever votes out their best friend in the game.
Nicole says nobody in Big brother history would vote their best friend out of the game.
(Sounds like they are undecided about how to use the 5grand. Corey wishes he didn’t have it. they both wish Paul and Victor had won it to make this week easier on them. LOL another failed twist CBS. why not try a season without 400 failed twists eh? )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 14-58-14-930

2:56pm HOH bunch studying Corey, Nicole, Paul and Victor
Talking about how Natalie has done nothing in this game James has kept her safe she was only on the block 1 and is making is sounds like she was on the block 3 times.
Corey and Victor points out she always plays the victim.
(They forget her roll in getting Paulie out)
They laugh at Natalie still denying she didn’t want Paul out last week.

3:08pm “Final 4” continues to study dates while Natalie, James and BIG F&&&&G motha F***** MEECH sleep.
Nicole wants them to practice tonight for 2 hours she’ll come up with questions and quiz them.

3:17pm HOH Victor and Paul leave Corey and Nicole.
Nicole tells Corey “I’m not going to help them study.. I know so much more than they do”
Nicole – don’t correct them.. don’t give them any have not information.. be careful

Nicole says the guys are all faster than her she needs a little bit of a edge for when they play that final 4 competition.
Corey says they want Victor/Paul to win during the double
Nicole wants them to win during the double but not during the final 4.

Nicole says she’s goign to quiz Corey to make sure he wins “Before or After” during the double.
Corey – you made it pretty obvious you don’t want to help them right now.. I’m like Nicole stop .. well you go them out pretty quickly
Nicole – you think they are coming after us
Corey – no.. I’m not worried about it BRAH
Nicole is worried now that Victor and Paul will come after her because she asked them to leave the HOH so she could take a nap.
Corey – you are being super paranoid
Feeds cut.. 3:27pm when they come back Nicole is sleeping..

4:12pm All 4 feeds show Meech sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 16-21-59-553

4:21pm James and Victor
Victor is baking slop muffins. James is lurking around being strategic.
James – wow america’s care package.. 5 thousand dollars..
James wonders if Corey will use it or if it’ll be a waste..
Victor doesn’t know what Corey’s plan is.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 16-42-54-558

4:42pm I hope there’s not rice in there James cause that’ll be your head.

(really nothing going on)

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going be a boring wed night in viewership!


I think I would have a heart attack if Nicole voted out Paul! I would have a new found respect for her. She would win if she got to the finals for back dooring Paul because everyone in the jury house knows he is the most dangerous player. I just don’t think it will happen. that is the only way I will think she had more to do with her win then CBS. Nicole could then let Meech and Nat know James through Meech under the bus so that Nat and Meech would be angry with James. Vic and James would not team up so Nic has a better chance of winning and has gained a lot more respect…… I just don think it will happen. If it did oh my the house would be upside down again and who knows who will go in double eviction. That would make good TV. I still want Vic to win I just don’t think he will win against Paul though.

That's not a backdoor...

It’s not a backdoor if the person evicted got the opportunity to play for veto. I hate when houseguests/fans can’t get terminology correct.

Huckleberry Hillary

Speaking of backdoor Simon nice job on the “fan” shots of Natalie.

Pinocchio Obama

I must say I was shocked by how Corey and Nicole went thru all the options on what to do with this HOH. Nicole has more game than I gave her credit for.

Let’s see if we have as much fluctuation in the house pre eviction as we had last week.


Nicole is crazy if she thinks she can beat Paul or Victor. Why doesn’t she see James is the closest ally she has after Corey?

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

Nicole: I’m hoping they really are on our side.
Corey: They are.

Yes, they are. While you are HOH. But if James & Natalie get HOH next week, guess whose side they’ll be on.

Great strategists. So Meech would be gunning for them. Who cares? Meech will never win anything. But Vic & Paul might win out.

Paul must be feeling like Will & Boogie used to. Wondering why everyone is stupid enough to leave him in the house.


but meech doesn’t have to win anything to be a threat. in fact, she’s more of a threat as a voter than as hoh at this point.

Huckleberry Hillary

You are right Cindy.

Idk cheese

Sounds like nicole doesnt want to win.

Tiny Trump Hands

Nicole is so blinded by her commitment not to work with girls, that she can’t see that she and Corey can not beat Vic and Paul. (She wants to beat the best).


Do we know when or even if there is another double eviction?


The numbers say there has to be another double eviction.

Daniel M

Not exactly true we are Week 10 with 7 houseguets left then week 11 makes it 6 and normally Week 12 has two evictions in the one week but with two seperate “3-4 day weeks” within that week to make up for the lack of houseguets causing boring feeds then we are at the final 3 which you need for the finale


Simon/Dawg to be fair this time it wasn’t the twist that was weak. It was the players that were chosen to have the particular items that were bad

Michelle's double chin

Corey can’t decide what to do with his bribe? Fantastic. Wishes he hadn’t won it? Super. Maybe he can use the 5k to bribe someone into thinking he’s relevant.

CBS: Next time, bribe the viewers not the players!

Grandma G

I think the bribe should have been the second ACP and the X two votes the last. Can you imagine the power of nixing two,votes this week? Not fair but neither is the jury buy back (twice)

Jake K.

Meech :(. She was my favorite but reject her recent gameplay. She is so near-sighted and it is such a shame cause she is one of the few able to see what is going on. Unfortunately it
caught up to her this week.


Tired of Corey and Nic. BB should take away Nic’s HOH and Corey’s care package for wasting them. The only thing that would shake things up is if James or Nat wins HOH and we can watch alliances scatter and abandon ship. Cuz they sure as sh!+ will.

Vic the Dick

Nat win HOH? Is there a tanning competition?


Natalie has actually won more HoH competitions than Corey and Nicole who only won 1 because James threw it to her, and the first one for being on the loser team……Clearly they’re all mentally retarded anyway since clearly they are to stupid to realize that Victor and Paul are the ones EVERYONE should be targeting…

Fact Check

Hasn’t Natalie only won one competition too? Corey won HOH and the veto back to back.

Captain Crunch

This is why you should get the showmances and floaters out as soon as possible b/c you’ll get 5 people like Nat, James, Meech, Nicole and Cory making it to the end and they haven’t done anything because eventually a floater will win a comp or 2 towards the end and make it to the finals when they did nothing the entire season.

Nat complains about how bad she is at comps and always plays the victim around other people. James just throws comps and only cares about winning AFP instead of the 500k. Meech is the mean girl with low self esteem who can dish it out but cant take it and Nicole and Cory have done nothing but lay in bed all summer. IMO Victor and Paul are the only 2 people who deserve to win because they played the game.

sunny dee

but nicorey (talking to themselves) say that they have been DOMINATING:

>>>>We have done good in Social game, Competitions and really really well strategically… we’re hitting on all 3 cylinders <<<<<<

1. if by social game you mean cuddling under the covers and napping 90% of the day and night away, yup you definitely winning that one

2. If by competitions you mean winning one each, out of how many???? then ok, ?

3. If by strategically you mean hiding under the covers so no one remembers you are there, and then they don't put you up, absolutely, strategy all the way.

apparently they think that vic is only excelling in one of the 3. Yet everyone seems to remember he is still in the house, so he must be doing something socially and strategically correctly

An Apple A Day

I don’t think Nicole has had a great social game (Nicory thinks she does). She won’t talk to most people in the house. She never takes the initiative in her “anti-social” game. Her biggest fear is that being an introvert, and playing a fearful game, she at least flies under the radar while people like Day, Paulie, Meech, Z and Paul blow up the house like they are walking in a mine field. But no one respects that game at the end. Hiding under a showmance, not letting your big mouth get you into trouble, and being afraid to make a move can get you far in the game. But probably not $500,000 or even $50,000.

Point Blank

I can’t wait for James and Cory to be on the block and whoever wins the veto to keep them up there. GOOO VIC AND PAUL FOR FINAL 2!!!!!!!


Is this the part where Corey (told by production) to offer the bribe to victor to vote out Paul? And victor ( told by production it would be good for his game to vote out Paul) takes the bribe.
Making victor look like a asshole and hated by fans far and wide!
FU Corey and Nicole
Hope your game goes down like the Titanic.

No, FU

What is wrong with you? Production told Vic not to target Paulie and he ignored them. He seems to think for himself rather than listen to what Production tells him to do.


Nicole is playing for 2nd place. All she did this season is lay in bed with Corey.

A Girl Has No Name

Nicole is saying James has thrown away his game for Nat….she should ckeck her own strategy. I’m sorry but she needs to get rid if Paul and cut that duo in half. The bribe could be given to James or Victor to put her (Meech) up on the block next week and easily orchestrate a win for the bribed. Her strategy of going to final four with the beasts is the dumbest thing she can do and she’s gonna regret it. If they both stay and James wins HOH, both those boys will be singing a new tune and it won’t include Corey and Nicole in the lyrics.

Lastly, how the 3 stooges don’t see what’s happening is beyond my ability to comprehend.


But who are they giving the bribe to? James or Victor? Cause relying on hypotheticals is not going to get them far with a bribe. Meech could win the HOH if she stays for all they know. And then she would be gunning after them.


Nicole is crazy not to rid the game of either Paul or Victor…Victor is the best at physical competitions and mental and social is Paul. Nat and Michelle are not threat they win nothing. James is barely a threat. Does she not get against Victor or Paul at the end she will lose. Against Nat or Michelle odds go way up of them picking her. I am not a fan of Michelle but taking her to the end is a good strategy.

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

The most strategic in the house have a plan to vote out all the people they might beat and go F4 with the 2 comp beasts they can’t beat.

Brilliant strategy, alright.


If by some CHANCE (prod) she DOES win against the beasts then she does have a great strategy. She said she wanted to win against the best

Huckleberry Hillary

She should of put up Paul and Victor and that will come back to bite her.


Okay, Victor., here is a golden opportunity. Take the bribe form Corey to vote out Paul. I know, “friendship” . Think about it. Paul has the gift of gab. It is great if he is on your side but how easily that could change. Get rid of Paul, then James. Then what competition will you have left? Corey maybe but that’s doubtful. Meech or Natalie or Nicole? Again, doubtful. Paul might be a little bitter at first, but I hope he could see it as the strategy move that you needed to make at the time.


Speaking of Paul with the gift of gab. I watched him speak to Michelle in the Have Not room for 1 hour and 15 minutes straight, all the while she is NOT making eye contact with him. He was explaining whey he blew up on her. He likely talked more than that but, come on! He won’t shut up! I hope to God she didn’t believe any of it.


She’s not the sort of girl to forgive a man who uses the “C” word. Rightfully so. He framed himself and Meech as mutually culpable for their strained relationship, whereas the only thing he should have said is that he was sorry for using such a disgusting and misogynistic label. He’s beyond redemption right now. Maybe if he eventually has some sort of revelation at some point in his life….highly doubtful. Obviously his entire world outside the house is made up of like-minded people who share his mentality. But, as his mama said, he’s a good guy b/c he loves animals. He only wishes oppressive karma to women who cross his line. What a great heart he has, as long as you aren’t on his bad side. She must be so proud.


Corey said it best, that he couldn’t live with himself if Natalie won the $500, ergo the alliance with Paul/Vic.


I crack up through the years when other players say I could not take it, or could not stand it if so and so won this year. They can’t see how others are truly playing. They think they are better, but that is not often the case. They just don’t know what others are doing strategically in their game. The winner is not “worthy” if and only if they win a certain number of competitions.

Roll Tide

What has Corey done? Attach himself to a strong male player. I think he hopes Vic and Paul will take him to third. I don’t think Corey will do well in he mental comp at the end.
I think Nicole and James are trying to play like Derek. Lay low, don’t win, be social. Nicole failed the social. They are both trying to be like Derek. But they are no Derek. Natalie lays with Corey all the time playing games under the cover. James follows Nat around, hoping for a hug or kiss. So very not Derek!


Simon, nat does not get credit for getting Paulie out, if Paul knew the game better he would have kept Paulie as a target ahead of him for at least a couple more weeks, Paul blew Paulie up when he told Victor to put him up, he could have been like fuck it and he would have still been In the house regardless what the girls thought or did


I would lick the sweat off that girl from head to toe…

James Momma

Toes first!


Natalie was pivotal in getting James to consider using his care package and to vote out Zakiyah. The only way James was going to flip the vote was if he saw that the majority were ready to take out Paulie. James is a game coward and you have to show him people are ready to turn things before he’ll take a real shot. Zakiyah going was the thing that turned Paulie into the butterfly crier.


Yeah…you’re giving her credit for..uh..other reasons.

Nat hid under James the whole game, while Bridgette kept her informed, lobbied her to start playing and only once she finally accepted Bridgette was right and Paulie would pick the 2 of them off next did she decide to play….and if Paul doesn’t bite, it’s a rush between him and James to see who rats to Paulie 1st, and Paul bites because of the relationship Bridgette built since she was playing.

If we’re giving credit, Bridgette and Paul get the lion’s share, followed by Vic who did the deed…then floaters Nat and James.


This is the 1 a.c.p. that shouldn’t have been opened in front of all the hg’s. Would of made it easier to bribe someone. Also agree it was wasted on Corey.

sunny dee

maybe that’s why they say that the ACP bribe, who gets it and what for, doesn’t have to be announced. I have to say the take two votes out was a flop because he has to announce it to the other HGs. the only way that is a twist would depend on what is happening and who gets it, and most of these ACPs have gone to the wrong people at the wrong time. Michelle in no danger of going up but when voting happened majority wanted to make sure she didn’t go up, and also would put up nicole on her part. which fell flat because she didn’t do that and we were all disappointed.

James and Nat basically got theirs because no one wanted any of whoever else was in the house to get one like ever, except paul, and that was going to be the bribe because he is the only one capable of making that evenly remotely fun or funny. corey is a dead squid, led around by a scaredy cat, so there is nothing fun about him having the care package.

the bribe will be going to vic and it will be said it is for him to vote out michelle, and no one will be unhappy about that cuz he does need the money and he’s an easy going clean freak.


I am gagging. Nicole and Corey have to go! Please to respect the integrity of the game. They are acting like they’re on Bachelor.

Huckleberry Hillary

“integrity of the game.”

Now that was funny. Is that spelled production?


Am I missing something? If it goes according to Nicole plan, michelle goes home, but isn’t James and Natalie voting to evict paul? And Corey and vic vote to evict meech so Nicole has to break tie? She’s going to show James she’s on other side at that point so what’s the point of trying to keep it cool with james? She should get rid of him now


All she has to do is remind James that’s he’s the one that just told her Michelle is gunning for her. Simple.


Agree, but my point is why try to have James think between now and Thursday paul is target when it’s going to come out otherwise anyway..she’s making it sound like she’s so strategic when it’s not


Yes I see your point. Unless she’s trying to wait till as late as possible. I know she has brought up several times that James has the biggest mouth in the house, she thinks he’ll tell meech then she’ll have to deal with all the meech “calling out” nonsense.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Hopefully Nicole says that in front of Natalie, so Natalie can help get rid of James and rejoin the winning team.


Victor and Paul for final 2 please either with James or Nat. as final 3. The others don’t deserve it.


The ACP didn’t state it had to be used for this eviction. Cory would be smart to bribe Victor to keep him “safe” on the next eviction. Vic already said he was up for a 5000 dollar bribe n

Johnny Depp

I’m ready for another double eviction and BB fast-forward!!! The game is moving a bit slow but I hope Paul somehow survives, would love to see a Victor and Paul final 2 =)

Johnny Depp

Agreed. I was really expecting Julie to announce a double-eviction last Thursday to the viewers for this week. I’ve still enjoyed this season better than the previous 3 (15,16,17) but wish they move it along at a quicker pace.

B*tch Please...

“Nicole tells Corey “I’m not going to help them study.. I know so much more than they do”
Nicole – don’t correct them.. don’t give them any have not information.. be careful”

What knowledge of the house does she know so much more of??? she has laid in bed all summer long! the knowledge of production giving her answers?

Min O'Pause

Corey: “We’re running on 3 cylinders and they’re running on 1.” ROTFLMAO! I don’t think so!


Technically that is true. They haven’t expended as much energy as the others

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

After so many years where the men have outplayed the women, I think they need to ask some screening questions for female applicants next year:

1. Do you want to get on BB to:
a) win $500,000
b) meet a cute guy and have a showmance

2. If you ever get an HOH, who would you nominate for eviction?
a) the two biggest comp beast males
b) whoever my showmance partner wants me to
c) that bitch who said something bad to me or flirts with the guy I like

If you answer b or c, you get rejected.

3. If a girl comes up to you with the idea of an all-girl alliance, you will:
a) say yes
b) go tell the guys (while being clueless they are in an all-male alliance already)

4. By some miracle, you won HOH. The 2 big comp beast bros who last week called you a floater, a bitch and used the c-word a lot now for some reason are offering you a F3 deal. Do you:
a) Take it. You will lose, but at least you will beat out all the other girls before they cut you.
b) Refer to 2a!!

Another couple of coaching tips they need to be told:

1. There is a 90% chance that the guy you think you are in a showmance with is also in an bromance alliance that plans to cut you in 6th place at best. And he is in on it.

2. If there is an 8-person alliance and 6 of them are men, there is really just a 6 person alliance and all of them are men.

If future women BB players would keep all this in mind, there chances of winning would go from 10% or so to…I dunno, maybe 20!

An Apple A Day

Great points! You can’t really blame the houseguests, they are who they are. “At the end of the day”, it IS casting. Bringing back Day, Nicole and James has had most of us shaking our heads. Day, because she went out so early before, and again… and jumped off the dang ledge versus the opportunity to come back in the house. Like, James got AFP last time without any of his actions being contrived. Now it’s like he’s playing with a script. In fact, he’s got Natalie playing with a script half the time. As much as we couldn’t stand Rachel Riley, she was her own infuriating self and came back to win it all. She was a comp beast. She stirred the pot. Janelle, played her butt off. So you re-cast Nicole? Really?

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

I feel the same way about Rachel. I find her personality to be grating, but I’d love to see a female player that could bring it like that again. I know it’s tougher for women now because the comps are more physical and men win almost all of them, but they could cast some more athletic women like Janelle to make it more even.

Like you, I didn’t understand the Day & Nicole casting. They were bad players he first time around.

Paulie's gone already :)

Imagine a season cast with strong female players unswayed by show mances. What if they cast Kim Spradlin, Jenna Morasca, Sandria Diaz, Parvati Shallow, Chelsea Meissner, Natalie Anderson, Natalie Bolton, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel, Monica Culpepper, Sabrina Thompson, Alexis Jones, Alicia Rosa…..the list goes on. If CBS could do it for one show, why not Big Brother? Different ages, races, just strong women!

Min O'Pause

Throw Caitlin Jenner into that mix to make it interesting….


That’s some good $hit!!!
spot on!!!

An Apple A Day

LMBO Everytime I read “BIG F&&&&G motha F***** MEECH” in your posts 🙂 Too funny. Remember how fun she was when she was drunk early in the game? A drunk Meech is a fun Meech. A sober Meech is a “BIG F&&&&G motha F***** MEECH”.


I disagree. I think that cruel personal attacks are just wrong. Wish everyone would just stick to game play.


I am almost certain Nicole is going to vote out Paul. The votes will be split and Nicole will vote Paul out. The reasons; makes good tv for playing Paul and victor all week like a fiddle, she gets big game move points, more than likely doesn’t lose victor as an ally and it is the move she has to make to win the game. If she doesn’t vote Paul no way she has a chance to win. She will probably even lose Corey to the Paul and victor alliance. (Braughs)

Nicoles Rats Nest Hair

You know this is a terrible season when a guy can call a girl the “C” word and you still want him to win.

Huckleberry Hillary

Or throw beads to two girls during nominations. Paul and Victor are both dicks.


He’s from New Orleans. They throw beads at their mommas. It’s a sign of affection. JK, hopefully he regrets that dumba$$ move now.


It’ll be fun when James or Natalie win HOH and Paul/Vic share their info about Nicole/Corey from this week.


Is Nicole + Corey the new Brendon and Rachel or the new Amanda and pizza boy? Or a combo of both?
Easy to make fun of others game play when this is your second time around.
Both James and Nicole didn’t do so well in their game of BB the first time.
They also have their pre-planed alliance and coaching from past houseguest. James and Nicole are winning this game. Rest assured!!


Nicole is so stupid. Doesn’t she realise that if she goes to final 4 with victor/paul she loses? If she had half a brain she would do anything in her power to get those boys out, she can’t beat them, not in comps, not against a jury.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks Nicole is making a bad move.
I don’t like Nicole but I actually think she’s making the most strategic move for her game, Michelle is a threat to her game. And as long as James/nat are against Vic/Paul, her and Corey can float easily to final 4. Her best case scenario is Paul or Vic win hoh and take out James. In final 5, they get rid of Natalie, Paul or victor. And then in final 4 they just need to win the veto, which is Michelle and Paul are out of the game, it will be Nicole’s mental como to lose! Sealing hers and Corey place in final 3! If she wants to win, she needs to take Corey to final 2 because he hasn’t done anything in the game! And she needs to own being a “snake” to win the game

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

Michelle is not a threat to her. Meech couldn’t win a competition against Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby with both of them trying to throw it to her.


Yeah I don’t like her either but I agree with you – she’s breaking up a trio, she has to. I’d be commenting that she’s stupid if she wasn’t doing that


I understand it’s not a bad move for her although I’m not sure it’s the best move she could have made. I’m happy Paul and Vic are still going to be in the game (as of now) just because I feel production helped Nicole, Corey, James, and Natalie. This will be my season of who I want to lose the least. I’m not a fan of any of the remaining folks.


James or Nat needs to win next and put up Paul and Corey to break up one of those duos. If one wins veto, then Victor goes home.


Everyone talks like Nic is the star of the show. I guess bc she lays up with dancing ????


Nicole & James both have thrown their games away for a showmance as far as I’m concerned. I feel if we are going to base this on the best game play, I would say Paul has had a hand in most of the evictions out of every one who is left in the house. I have to laugh every time I hear Natalie say that she is a big target, why would she think she is a target ? She lucked out and won a not skills or talent needed HOH, it was pure luck. Natalie is being schooled on the game by another weak player “James”, I agree with Nicole when she said that James has the biggest mouth in the house. James was always reporting back to Paulie when he was in the house, James seems to only be shooting for being America’s Favorite, which I hope he does not win, he is not my favorite, James has done nothing this season except kiss Natalie’s butt.

Nicole and Corey have spent the majority of their time in the house cuddled up in bed, with Nicole going on and on about how good looking Corey is, how he is so great, how he is so nice, I don’t see it, Corey cannot hold an intelligent conversation, he does not even have a clue what to do with the ACP gift he received. Corey, Nicole, James and Natalie can all go home in my opinion.

Victor is a comp beast, and they keep saying that he should not win because he was voted out twice, in my opinion Victor has shown he should win the game because he has fought hard and won his way back in the house twice. That to me shows a real tough competitor, and I don’t agree when they say, if he was so good, he should not have ever been evicted, Victor has been stabbed in the back by Paulie, James, and Paul.

Victor has tried this season to find a group he can trust and work with, and feel that they have is back and he can trust them. Yes he can be a little annoying with bragging about how good he is, but you have to give him what he has earned, he has kicked butt in a lot of the comps, and Ass wipe Paulie was so jealous and threatened by Victor, he always said that he did not count the comps that Victor won to come back in the house, which in my opinion, they should be counted.

I am so glad Paulie was sent back to Jury with the rest of the women, and I hope when he gets home, the women of New Jersey give him hell for all of the crap he’s said about them, and I hope Pig Face Derrick and wimpy Cody tell him Dude, you should have played your game and stop running around the house saying “Derrick & Cody, Derrick & Cody, I was so happy when Paul told Paulie, Derrick and Cody are not playing this season, and Michelle also told him that.

Wonder how Paulie feels now after Victor kicked his butt in the wall comp and won his way back in the house. Paulie was always telling everyone they need to keep him he was the only one that would be able to beat Victor, well we all see that little man complex Paulie was not the one who could beat Victor.

James, Natalie and Michelle saying that Victor goes to whomever has the power, it just shows how STUPID they are, they voted him out, why the hell would he work with childish prank playing James, Natalie the forever whining Victim, who really does not like Victor because he turned down a showmance with her, and crying, back stabbing, jealous Michelle ? They are 3 losers, I hope Victor makes it to final 2 with Paul, and Victor wins the 500K. He deserves it!!

Nicole, wait until you get out and see that your little sex session with brain dead Corey is on the Internet. Not to mention, Corey is not going to be with you after the game is over, I don’t think Corey is the smartest guy is the world, and the two of you together makes for bad TV. You both are boring as hell, same with James, Natalie and Michelle.

The Goat Corey Tried to Burn

When Nicole gets out and watches the show, she will see that early on Corey was more attracted to Frank & Paulie than to her. Also, he was ready to “steamroll” her right along with the rest of the girls in his He Man Woman Haters Club until Paulie pissed the other guys off.

I love that Paul told Paulie he didn’t finish watching Derrick & Cody’s season because it was too boring.


No double this week, or we would of been told when Julie does her preview. I would guess because of the numbers next week.


Nic is going to try to smooth things over with James while voting Michelle out by reminding him that Michelle is after her. James himself told her this last week. She will also remind him that Michelle comes close in some mental comps so therefore she is the bigger threat to her currently.

Hypocrites anonymous

I think exactly the same thing. James will tell her she made a big mistake …and she will say oh my gosh, I didn’t think it through, I just needed her out. Then she is sitting pretty for the next DE.

Roll Tide

James telling Corey that he might take the $5,000 bribe if it is a comp he can’t win.
I don’t think there is a comp that James can win. This year his heart does not seem in the game. Why on earth would you give it to a whiney girl who clearly does not have your back?
Voted for James for AFP last year, this year Victor gets my vote.
Can the DR please tell James and Nat to get out of bed and go talk to Nicole? Nat’s not going to be too happy when she and James go on the block next week.

Grandma G

If Victor goes to final two with Paul he gets second place. If victor goes to final two with ANY of the remaining house guests he gets $500,000.


So he’s gonna win 50,000. I think he is THAT LOYAL

Grandma G

Is it a virtue to give $450,000 to some guy you just met? I think his family should be more important

The Roach Coach

Paul is my favorite, yes he is annoying, but he’said playing a great game. I’ve been saying he’ll win it all too…

But… I just don’t feel it at this moment. Simply put, Nicole is afraid of her own shadow, and the biggest flip flop per in bb-history as far as changing her mind.

Come Thursday she’ll be back with James, and telling him she did all of this to make him comfortable before eviction. James won’t mind because his princess gets what she wants. Corey will mind because he wants to work with P&V but he’ll do whatever Nicole tells him to do.

I hope this is not the case as I love the final 4 alliance and would love to see Vic and Paul final 2… but I know Nicole too well by now unfortunately.

If he survives this week… Paul for the win!


Oh Hell’s bells, is Nic 100% going to get Meech out or is she going to over analyze and second guess her decision right up to the end? I don’t trust that girl to make a decision on whether she wants paper or plastic bags, much less make the choice in the tie breaker, because it’s soooooo haaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrddd.


Does anyone know where Nicole got those sunglasses ?? ????


Dunno where she got them but they actually make her look cool!

BB Curious

I don’t get why everyone keeps saying Corey and Nicole haven’t done anything all summer. They’ve been doing each other every single day!


D&S…ya i agree on those “SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES”
RE: Natalie…

Only can wish

I’m so tired of hearing about past BB players on this season. They aren’t playing their game. It’s like they studied the past players, memorized the comps. and left nothing for us to look forward to watching. I have watch many BB seasons. I don’t remember the past HGS talking about Production and DR sessions, like this season has( I could be wrong). The players are taking the suspense out of the game because they talk too d@$m much. Most of us are probably just watching now, just to see who makes the Final 2 not necessary how they get to the final 2. We can foresee that already. I’m so over this season.


Everyone talk like Nic is the star of the show. But i see other people playing the game also. Keep ????


If you ask me Vic deserves to win this game! Battle his way back and has a great social game! He’s made big moves in the house, a comp beast! And Paul would be my Americas favorite! He’s a hoot!!!!


When meech is eatin…..she gross me out! Never seen her you a napkin and food always all over her face! Chews with her mouth open! No manners! Just gross!!!