Nicole “For being a superfan of the show she really doesn’t do much.”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 22-49-29-284

7:50pm Paul, Vic and Nicole are talking. Paul is talking about his Dead Scull apparel and how before coming in here he invested all his money into it. Nicole asks him about his best selling shirts. Nicole tells him that she will definitely post his video on her social media. Paul says he will continue doing it until people stop buying it. I do with my company what I would want others to do with theirs. It’s scary being in here and no knowing what is happening with it. Nicole reassures him and says she’s sure its fine.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 23-01-52-988

8:20pm – 9pm Nat and James are talking in the London room. Nat says that Meech studies all the time. She studies when she lays down. That’s what I did today. Nat starts reciting the days they received the care packages. Nat says its very smart on their end to link up with a strongest person. James says when you have one going home on his side it won’t be 3 on 3 it will be 3 on 2. Nicole knows .. she knows deep down that I won’t try to take her out. Nat says Nicole knows for a fact that you’re not coming after her. James says she knows that as long as there are people inside this house besides her and Corey, I’ll go after them before.. that’s what she thinks. If there’s Victor in the house and even Michelle she thinks I would put them up. Until it gets down to the final 4 that’s when we will start taking jabs at each other. If they don’t have to do it .. if they can get Victor to do it. Nat says that’s what they’re having everyone else take jabs at everyone else. They’re trying to do that with Victor.

9:10pm Hot Tub – Paul, Nat and Meech. They talk about random things and past seasons of Big Brother.

10:15pm – 10:25pm HOH room – Paul joins Nicole and Corey. Nicole asks do they think you’re the target, she’s the target .. what? Paul says no one is saying anything. The only thing that Michelle said in the hot tub is that if she goes this week she is so mentally clocked out that she doesn’t even care. She might just be over it. Nat and Michelle were talking about how they don’t feel good about themselves. She might be laying low till Wednesday/Thursday.. and then drop a bomb. Or maybe she is done. She did say that she is mentally clocked out and done. I’m not over thinking anything because I’m not trying to get myself paranoid. Nicole says for being a super fan of the show she really doesn’t do much. They end their conversation and Paul leaves.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 23-15-37-168

10:40pm Hot Tub Meech and Nicole are talking. Nat says I just want a girl to win. I need you to stay here this week. Paul is stronger in mental and physical comps. Meech asks have you talked game with Nicole? Nat says no. Meech says I think its a good thing that we’re not because I don’t want you guys to be campaigning. Nat says when the time is right. We just need you to stay cool. Meech asks am I doing good? Nat says you’re doing amazing. Nicole asks was Z the one that spread the powerfuff girls? Paul says yes. Paul leaves. Nat and Meech talk about Corey and how he doe so many different things. They think he is an ex-professional baseball player. Nat and Meech start studying.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 23-26-27-925

10:45pm – 11:20pm HOH room – Corey is telling Nicole and Paul stories about skiing / snowboarding.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 23-30-28-803

11:35am – 11:40pm Nicole is listening to her music in the dark. Corey comes back from the diary room. Nicole asks is this the right decision? Noms stay the same? Corey says yes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-28 23-33-32-183

12:05pm – 2:40am In the kitchen – James is asking Natalie and Meech questions about the season. Meech is getting most of the questions right. Natalie is a lot slower at coming up with the answer. Meech, Natalie and James head to the bedroom. Meech says I’ve got the mental comp in the bag because Victor has gaps and Corey doesn’t know crap. James says Corey doesn’t study. James says we need to study until Thursday. They start asking each other questions again. James tells Nat and Meech if they win HOH they would have to put up Corey and Victor. If one of them come down you put up Nicole and then we vote out Corey. Meech says I think Nicole. James says no because if you take Nicole out .. Corey and Victor would be like this! You have to take Corey out but if Vic can go you take him out. Meech says if Corey goes in the double .. Nicole isn’t going to play well. They start talking about past events of the house. Like when Victor nominated Meech and chucked beads at her. Zingbots zings. The fights they had with Paulie. Meech says fans will diagnose us all with some kind of disorder.. they have the credentials.. they’ve taken Psych 101.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-29 03-57-04-641

2:55am – 4am Paul, Vic and Corey playing pool in the backyard. Corey heads inside. Paul is worried that the other side is so comfortable. Vic says because they don’t know what is going on. Nat and James aren’t on the block and they probably don’t care about Meech. Paul says I think I’ll have a talk with them the day before. Like lets study. They continue to play pool and then head inside.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:35am Feeds on Jeff for POV Ceremony.

There was some conversations with Nicole, Victor and Paul about why James, Meech and Nat haven’t talked to her about the POV yet. they suspect after the noms are locked the campaigning will begin.

11:15am POV was not used. nominations stay the same.

Updates will be coming this afternoon..

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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202 thoughts on “Nicole “For being a superfan of the show she really doesn’t do much.”

    1. Your so right… Besides she’s done nothing to try and save herself. She’s been whining and complaing to the wrong ppl (jatalie). They care nothing for her staying when it comes to the two of them being safe. So yea i feel its her time to head to jury… Over it. Send her @ss to the jury house!.

      1. James and Nicole have a pre-arranged deal to not vote each other out.
        They are hoping that Vic and Paul will do that dirty work. Nat may just make it to final 3 and be the Victoria of BB18.

        1. If Natalie should end up the winner of bb18…..then the show has lost a viewing fan for life……she does not even belong on the show this long… proves that big boobs and ass can do anything and that is not true in real life or with real people.

    2. Paul is really good…
      He has convinced the knuckleheads to keep him even though they know he is a much better player, with a great comeback story to boot. He was going out right after Josea and is still there. He rivals Dan’s “mist”.

      1. Reminds me more of Derrick … no need to mist idiots.
        Both are just lucky they ended up with fool players in the house that believe everything and question nothing.
        Dan’s mist was some pure genius.

        1. Dan’s mist is really legendary. It’s amazing how a former winner can last so long to the end. All the other vets went out so fast in comparison. He came in with a huge target too. Ultimately, he just cannot win. He either gets evicted early, or played super aggressive to backstab everyone to the point that he will always get 2nd place. Didn’t help that his social game in BB14 paled in comparison to that in BB10 (where he formed relations with Libra, Keesha and Renny, tried to placate Michelle + Memphis being generally unlikable).

        2. Nicole is a lousy lazy player of the game. Her and Corey remind me to McCrea and Amanda…in bed all day rarely showering. It would be a shame if Nicole gets to the end. She’s so immature and needy. Ugh I want Paul to stay but what an idiot she is to keep Paul over Michelle. Personal not strategic.

      2. i wouldn’t say paul is so good as much as michelle is so bad. michelle’s given nicole no reason to keep her and made it obvious that if michelle has any kind of power she will side with anyone but nicole. michelle is a threat to nicole if michelle’s hoh. michelle is a threat to nicole if michelle’s in a swing vote position. nicole needs michelle out now before either of those things can happen.

        then, all this final 4 talk is crap. it comes down to who’s hoh final 5 week/who wins veto and nicole and corey are in a much better position to float to that power than anyone else in the house. i’m not sure who the final four will be, but two of them will very likely be nicole and corey with james, nat, paul, and victor fighting for the last two spots (and nicorey hoping that it’s just one from each pair).

    3. There is a body floating in the pool it’s not moving or doing anything and it has been there all season….wait….oh that’s Natalie….zzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg!

  1. Poor Dawg, long night for him.
    Go get yourself a Kraken because from what I am seeing tonight, you are not going to get much from the houseguests.

    1. A kraken season requires more rum to endure the tediously boring or annoying feeds. Just getting that out of the way!

    1. This is what happens when all you have left in the game is floaters and followers. Their words mean nothing and they either can’t see beyond 1 move or their plans fall apart at the smallest hiccup.

      I suspect Paul and Vic are in a must win spot and unless either wins HOH, one goes home. A Corey HOH would target Paul, while a James/Nat HOH would target Vic…but what’s interesting is the showmance voter would have the power in this scenario. Nicole/Corey evict Paul, James/Nat bounce Vic. If they do win, I’d expect Vic to stick with James/Nat, whereas Paul would actually do what James just blathers about, which is split-nominate Corey and James, knowing Vic decides, just to see how the showmances respond, but James/Nat would likely go baring the unforeseen meltdown.

      Now let’s say everybody gets cute like Paul with split noms: A James HOH with Nat the decider: Paul or Corey go in that order (She clearly has a Vic soft spot, sees Paul as a snake, and knows Corey is “personally” against her. A Nat HOH, with James picking: Vic or Corey go (He fears Vic and thinks he’s a big player who will “take” Nicole wthout Corey). A Corey HOH with Nicole picking: Nat or Paul (She’ll get rid of her final mirror or gamble that with Vic alone, she has time to get rid of Nat).

  2. OMG! Grapes, to granola, to half a box of fruit loops, to chips and salsa in less than 10 minutes! She would definitely win a food eating comp! I wonder if anyone else in the house gets grossed out that she sticks her fingers in her mouth and then puts the same hand in the bag or box.

        1. Well…..I am not sure stepping into THAT shower would make much of a difference. Maybe she thinks it’s a waste of time!

        2. If you aren’t doing anything you can skip a day in showering without too much fuss. Skipping two could lead to some odor issues.

          1. She said 2 DAYS AGO that she stinks and needs a shower (I agree – that shower is gross!). She got up to take it, but instead of taking the shower, she stopped in the kitchen to eat. Then she returned back to London Room. Eventually, she left the room again – but only to eat more food!! So, bottom line, she already stinks 2 days ago, but still has not showered!!

    1. Why are people so obsessed with monitoring when, what and how much the females eat? We get it, girls don’t deserve food. Vic eats 10 times as much as meech but no one calls him a pig.

      1. People just don’t like Michelle. When people don’t like other people, they look for every little reason to pick at them.

        1. The difference to me anyway is that she came into the game saying she was a nutritionist (maybe even said she hates fat people? for some reason I remember that being a topic of conversation early on) but 99 out of 100 time she is on camera she has a bowl of cereal, a bag of chips, a box of cereal, fruit, something. She is shoveling it in, dips her hand in the bag and puts her fingers in her mouth and hand back in the bag. Usually it is ok as she finishes the bag! One night on AD she was eating kiwi skin wrapper and all. She finished that grabbed something else finished that grabbed something else. Vic may eat a large quantity of say pizza but that is at “meal time” and in the kitchen. He uses utensils (not for pizza of course) and also cleans up his dishes. Nobody says because she is a girl she is not allowed to eat and all of that. She probably gets called a pig for the way she eats and doesn’t clean up after herself. I don’t recall seeing her doing dishes. But of course someone wants to view it a certain way and twist their agenda into it. she also brings it on herself always talking about how fat she is (she is not) and how ugly she is. Of course people are going to make jokes.

          1. I never like Michelle from the beginning after hearing her talk about overweight people, yet, you plan on being a nutritionist. To me, isn’t that job in hopes of providing people, fat or thin, with better lifestyle choices when it comes to meals? She literally was mean about overweight people. Yes, if I was overweight, that’s certainly the type of person I would want to help me! Not!

      2. Oh give me a break! It’s not a male/female thing. Meech eats junk 15 or more different times every day — and NEVER WORKS OUT!!! Vic eats healthier and less often, and works out every day he can access the back yard. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ALL NEGATIVE THINGS SAID ABOUT MEECH AS MYSOGINISTIC!!!

      3. The reason why I notice how and how much Michelle eats is because I can barely hear the other conversations going on with all of the crunching and bag noise. That is how she eats all the time. I rarely see her use dishes except on occasion when she uses a bowl to eat, yet again, crunchy cereal. They all eat a lot at times but they are usually much quieter about it. I had the same issues when Da ate popcorn. Crunching and keeping the bag right into the mic! It’s definitely not a male/female thing. Also, Vic doesn’t go around complaining how fat he is. Michelle and Natalie’s incessant whining about their weight only brings more attention to what and how much they are eating. I’ve just come to the point of fast forwarding through those scenes because they are all the same and irritating!

      4. I prefer when she eats cause a chance she won’t speak.

        Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt

  3. Why are Natalie and Michelle acting like it was victor who lied and back stabbed them?
    Paul is the one that called Michelle the C-word yet it’s victor who gets crapped on by her.
    If Michelle had been evicted and won her way back in she would be proud of that accomplishment. Victor does it but he’s undeserving.
    They call victor fake but they have been the fake ones.
    I noticed also, that Paul takes little jabs towards victor to the other cast members behind Victor’s back. Where as victor has not said anything negative about Paul. How is that friendship?

    1. Nat and Meech consider Vic a traitor because they told Vic he was not their target last week and they didn’t want him to leave. Of course, they’re not considering the fact that THEY put him on the block and he got evicted to be a reason he’s not aligned with them; they just think about how nice they were to him and how they kept telling him he was not the target.

    2. Paul called Meech a C**t, and will be rewarded by being named winner of BB. He showed all the females that they are not allowed to talk back to men.

      1. So Paul calls Meech a c%&t, and by doing so, he has shown that ALL WOMEN cannot talk back to ALL MEN?! Prone to hyperbole much? Get a grip!!

  4. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that Nicole’s “Coreeeeey, do you wanna hang out?” is code for “you wanna bone?”. Those 2 are starting to look like the grandparents in Willy Wonka who never leave the bed!

    Did anyone notice last week when Paul was telling Nic and Corey about Paulie bragging about all the times him and Z screwed? And then Nic was like “what? The cameras are on, they can’t do that?”. And then tonight she suddenly realized that people are watching them all day, seeing what they do and hearing what they say! Does she even know what show she’s on??? She is going to freak when she realizes their undercover wrestling is all over social media! And if his mom is that nosey, then she definitely saw the videos. It certainly would be an interesting conversation icebreaker between the 2 moms!

    1. yes I saw that! they both got really quiet and red. then when Paul left corey started stumbling over his words, saying something that he would ever tell people (in the house) and Nicole cut him off before he could get any further. If there was confusion about it, that proved to me that they have been having sex in that house. It was gross. Then Nicole tried to break the tension by half-laughing and saying “What’s UP COREY” and he says “WHATS UP NICOLE.” Complete idiots with no respect for themselves.

        1. When I see Corey and Nicole, I think of that scene in Animal House with the gal giving the hand job to the guy while wearing surgical gloves and then the other gal asking him “Is it supposed to be this soft?”

  5. Another wasted HOH.
    Whoever wants to win BB and the big prize of $500K should strategically evict Paul this week.

    Nicole is delusional if she thinks she actually won this HOH. Both her HOHs were given to her. Nicorey have been completely useless. They’ve done nothing strategically or even attempt to play BB. They’ve cuddled and slept through the season. How can they even justify they deserve to win with the jury?????


    1. I watched the show last night because I was curious to see if James really gave her the HOH, since that’s what most people have been saying. It looked to me like he was in trouble up there, cold, shaking…didn’t look like he was going to last much longer at all. Nicole on the other hand had just settled into a new position and was rock steady. She knew he was getting ready to fall..and of course, James makes a big thing out of him “dropping for her” to cover his ass! From what I could see, he didn’t give her that, she earned it.

      1. I’m not sure what you were watching, but James was not shaking . They went back and forth going over the deal, not to put each other up, while James had one hand on the support, while the wall was not tilted, and after 5 minutes, decided to jump. James even hopped down and was sitting on the foot support before he fell. Yes James gave that comp to her. Nicole used her pathetic “I need a letter from my mommy, we are best friends and I talk to her everyday” and I feel so lost not talking to her.” ( she hasn’t talked to her already for 70+ days, what’s another 28 days), and she already went through this before on BB16, so you already knew this. She’s been attached to Corey, literally, for all them, so that’s a lie. Please.

        1. Saw the live feeds and the Sunday show. Sorry if you don’t have an HDTV and computer, because you clearly missed the fact that James was shaking. He sat on the step before he jumped because it was easier than standing back up – his butt was already 3 inches from the step and it made getting down easier than jumping from a standing position. He used Nicole’s request for the letter, and then bargained his and Nat’s safety, because he wasn’t going to last much longer.

    2. You have to remember that to them Paul is a not so popular player who is sometimes funny but boarders on the annoying side. They don’t know how great of a guy he is compared to them. They just know that he has never won a care package or had a girlfriend in the house, so he must be a loser compared to them. He isn’t going to win BB, he doesn’t have the relationships. Maybe Paulie would vote for him but everyone else is going to vote for their friends. I doubt Bridgette would even vote for him to win.

      So keeping him around to do her and Corey’s dirty work is perfect for Nicole. She keeps on looking like a good loyal girl to the other players while she pushes being a snake on Vic and Paul. Getting them to turn on Nat is actually lessening their chance to win, not helping it. If Nat goes into jury saying how Paul and Vic got her out (and that is what James would brainwash her into believing) the girls in jury will become even more fond of the showmances.

  6. I’m not happy about the fact that, out of the 7 people left in the house:
    1 hasn’t done anything and cries all the time.
    1 hasn’t done anything and you forget he’s even in the house.
    1 is living his second life in the BB house.
    2 (!!!!) are living their third lives in the BB house.
    And only 1 person left deserves to win.

    I am sick of house guests coming back into the house. Doesn’t BB (and BBCan) know by now that everyone hates it?

      1. Only because of the people that are left in the house who don’t deserve to win. Vic’s worked for his life there, which I respect. However, the general consensus (for Big Brother in general) is that fans don’t like when people come back. Once you’re out, you’re out. And Vic has been bested twice. The only reason I’m glad Vic is back is because he’s aligned with Paul, who I think should win.

  7. A Meech and Natalie conversation:
    N: “I’m so fat”
    M: “you’re so beautiful”
    M: “I suck at this game”
    N: “you are so smart at this game”.
    N: “I’m good at endurance comps”
    M: “what? Wait, you’re supposed to say something bad about yourself and I’m supposed to assure you you’re wrong. That’s how these pity parties work!”

  8. Vic/Paul please win the next HOH and get that phony, gutless, dumbass season ruining coward of a player James out of the house!

    1. What season have you been watching? James has been very strategic in his 2nd time in the game, and had a direct or indirect hand in many evictions:

      1) He purposely threw the log competition at the perfect time to drop a row of balls so that Victor could be put on the block and evicted the first time.
      2) He won the first wall comp and put up Frank (another big target), who was evicted.
      3) He strategically cancels the correct votes to get Zakiyah out, which totally unravels Paulie (another big target), so that Paulie didn’t do well in the next HOH comp that Victor wins and puts up Paulie for eviction.
      4) He basically runs both Natalie’s and Michelle’s Co-HOH, to target Paul and Victor, which results in one of the two biggest targets going out AGAIN!
      5) He has an alliance with Nicole, so he rightfully concedes the latest wall comp to what he feels is an ally that won’t target him, so he can play in what he thinks will be another double eviction.
      6) He has never been on the block.

      So how exactly can you possibly feel he has done nothing in this game? Yes, his practical jokes are getting old, but besides Paul, he has played an impeccable game, just more low key than Paul has.

      1. James screwed himself and his alliance when he told Paul, in front of everyone, that Nat and Meech wanted to keep Victor instead of Corey. That right there was what made Nicole realize that she may not be able to fully trust James because his alliance doesn’t have her and Corey’s back. Why is Nicole sooo dumb to keep Vic when Nat and Meech wanted to keep him too? If they could have voted, that eviction may have turned out differently and Vic and Paul wouldn’t have switched sides. James and his alliance pulled the trigger too early in my opinion. Now Nicole is taking advantage of it by hoping Vic and Paul will take out the other side and then she doesn’t get blood on her hands by turning on James. James also blew it by dropping in that comp. At this point in the game, he should want to win these comps if he really wants to win this game. Even Nat was pissed at him.

        1. James told Nicole directly (heard on feeds) that he was going to throw both Nicole and Corey under the bus during Natalie and Michelle’s Co-HOH so that Vic and Paul would not know or suspect about their Jatalie and Nicorey alliance. Nicole is the idiot who has forgotten all about that statement, which doesn’t surprise me as to where her head and heart is these days wrapped around Corey. James had purposely laid low during the N/M Co-HOH except when he got into it with Paul in the kitchen. He also gave Nicole “space” after she “won” the latest wall comp, to again hide the alliance. It seems that gift to Nicole may come back to bite him, but there are still 3 days before eviction, so I expect James to talk with Nicole at some point to see where her head is on the eviction. And for all those who think James was “shaking” and about to fall, I encourage you to go back and view the live feeds. Yes it was cold and that elicits some normal shaking on anyone’s part, but he was having the discussion on the wall with Nicole holding on with only one hand for balance for the most part. In fact even Nicole says at one time “OK” as she is ready to get off the comp. If he can keep one arm up and still for 6+ hours in the first wall comp, then he could have certainly squatted there for much longer than the slightly more than 2 hours the latest comp took to complete. While I’m not necessarily rooting for James, I will give both him and for the most part Victor, credit for keeping the game on a strategic and not on a personal level. Those 2 have at least kept or tried to keep their game play civil, unlike the personal barbs being tossed around by all of the other remaining houseguests.

  9. Instead of laying around all day in their beds or outside on the chairs, they could… I don’t know… maybe clean? Fold their clothes? Do laundry? I think Victor is the only one that does laundry. How nasty are they? Sleeping in the same sheets? Imagine how rank James’ bandana is?

    The girls should know by now that when James says, “I guarantee it,” or, “my gut says to…” they need to DO the opposite.

    Lastly, James means ZERO to Natalie:
    Nat: “I flirted with everyone!” – James, “You didn’t flirt with me.”
    Nat: “No one is talking game to me!” – James, “I do!”
    lol… James is NO ONE and not Everyone to Natalie.

    1. The only HG who may care about Michelle staying is Natalie … James has already revealed Michelle’s usefulness to him has expired. Would not be surprised if in the end, Nicole tells James straight up Michelle is going and it would be in his best interest to vote her out and not make Nicole break a tie.

  10. Nicoke corey are dumb do you really want to be in final 4 with vic and paul who have one way more comps than corey nic combined

    1. And the other option is team up with Michelle James and Nat?
      How is 3 against 1 better when you know for sure 1 and probably 2 of them are going to vote to evict you or put you up before final 4?

  11. When it all started BB meant with the cameras big brother was watching all the time. Now it seems to just mean big brother is making the decisions. So Corey comes back from the DR an Nicole asks him is this the right decisions noms remain the same? And I guess he got his marching orders since he says yes. So there it is, noms will stay the same we can move right to Thursday!

    1. I think 97% of superfans are goofy….just want to get that out of the way. Michelle is a superfan…

      Did you see the drone ordeal last night? Some idiot dresses up a drone with a cryptic message and it sends the house into a tailspin, trying to decipher the meaning. So if something that very likely has nothing to do with them can make everybody question what they’re doing, what do you think a producer asking leading questions in order to get them talking does? A producer they know knows everything, but who in the DR just needs reactions to put together the 1 hour show, asks Corey “So with all that’s happened, do you really trust Paul and Vic?” because they want Corey to talk about how he rectifies trusting people who turned on him and Paulie…but Corey hears them telling him maybe he shouldn’t trust them. Then the producer asks, “Are you worried that James and Nat will feel betrayed?” because they want Corey to give a soundbite about why he doesn’t trust them…but Corey hears the question saying they are trustworthy and he’s breaking the trust.

      You take somebody with above average intelligence and put them in a closed environment, where you have no friends, no family, no escape, just people playing a game, tentative allies, and your own thoughts….that person’s mind will play tricks on them with over-thinking, trying to know the unknowable. These people do NOT have above average intelligence, so they don’t try to figure out if questions in the DR are meaningful or just narrative filler, rather it’s production guiding them to conclusions.

      And 97% of superfans think production guides the players…hence why superfans should never be allowed in the game, because they float, follow, and wait for production to save them with guidance, like Michelle suddenly deciding they wanted her to blow up Paulie’s game, despite her nature to cry, hide, and accept her loss like we see right now.

      1. There are many degree of superfans. I consider myself as a fan, a person who has watched a few seasons and has a bit of an idea what the game is about. There are what I call the Superfan-Watchers who might have seen only the TV episodes. They are somewhat familiar with the game and might remember bits and pieces of previous seasons. Then there are what I call the Hyper-fans who know every miniscule detail about every season and every player. They usually make the worst players because the constantly refer to previous players and situations and try to translate them into the current game. In reality, every season is different with diverse people reacting to each other. To try to recreate a previous player’s strategy usually doesn’t work. I would think of Michelle in the middle group. She thinks she knows the game pretty well but can’t manage to figure out the fine points of navigating the game. She has come this far because of floating, not because she is a good player. You have to maintain a fine balance between the social game, winning comps and strategy. She hasn’t done really well on any of them.

    2. I guess the DR wants to makes sure the 3 pairs stick around. Plus unless Nicole wanted James or Natalie out there’s no reason to swap nominees. It would really show her hand. This was they know Vic is voting to save Paul, James and Natalie will more than likely try to save Michelle and Nicole/Corey decide who leaves. It’s a good spot. Plus Corey could try to use the bribe on James if he wanted to avoid a tie. Nicole is good this week and she’s not really shown her cards completely, until the vote is revealed.

  12. How can America give a care package to a person who enjoyed and laughed when burning an innocent goat alive?
    It’s mind boggling – Does America not know this?
    If not, someone who’s better tech savy them I am, please attach the link,
    and I promise to make it my mission to have him arrested for animal cruelty as soon as he walks out the BB doors.
    Another stain on CBS, but this time, it’s gone to far.
    Allowing someone that openly bragged about setting a goat on fire to remain on the show has crossed the line.
    He should be serving the rest of his days not in the BB House, but in jail.
    Karma you clueless uneducated loser, – “congrat’s Corey, you won… a go directly to jail card.”
    Shame on the edits by CBS and why they are allowing this …

      1. Early on they were all hanging out in the kitchen. Corey tell a story about one time one of his frat boy buddies bought or brought a goat to a frat party and sprayed lighter fluid all over it. He was then flicking matches at it in an attempt to light it on fire. Corey thought it was hilarious and was laughing while most of the other HG either said nothing or said that was not right. Paulie I think was laughing (no surprise). He never said the goat was actually lit on fire or whatever became of said goat but the big uproar was the fact that he A) sat by and did nothing while his drunk frat buddy was doing this and B) that he thinks it was not only funny but a worthy story to retell. Very stupid especially that early on when these people don’t know you and as they should could take offense to such an act. IT shows that he sits in the front of the douche canoe for sure!

        1. From Corey’s story, the goat did not catch on fire (thank God). The fact that he was laughing when the attempted goat burning took place, and when he told the story, does give some insight – and it’s disturbing.

    1. Okay first of all this post is the dumbest thing I’ve read on these boards and that is really saying something. I really hope whoever wrote this is just being silly because otherwise they are just as stupid if not more so than Corey watching an attempt on a goats life. Y’all are up in arms over something that never happened, I’m sure the goat is fine. There are way more fun things to crap on Corey about than the stupid goat.

      1. Yea it is amazing how the story grew over time! Yes he is a lame azzhole who did nothing while his frat boy buddy did something amazingly cruel. (As always he wants to be with the in crowd. Lord knows he wouldn’t stand up for what is right if it was up to him to do so) But the goat was not burned alive them drunk azz fools were flicking matches at it. they did pour lighter fluid on it so no telling what they would have done had it caught fire. (or it did and he left that out knowing he would get flack for it?) But as the story goes nothing happened to the goat but he didn’t say they let it go or what became of it. But yes the OP with the freaking out and making it their personal mission to be there waiting with cuffs and how dare CBS allow this!!! it is like holy sh*t man first get all of the facts but they start by saying that he watched or participated in them burning a goat alive. One of those stories where in a couple of weeks when told he would have burned a dozen sheep while drinking their blood and chanting Satanic rituals or something. Now before anyone thinks it let me just say I in no way condone any kind of animal cruelty and totally think something should have been done to all of the azzholes involved at the time. But to think CBS knew and condoned it. For all we know it could just be a tall tale like some of Paul’s whoppers.

  13. Nicole is being really dumb, allowing her emotions to play the game. She needs to be strategic in order to win the money. Paul is a MUCH player than Meech. It’s time, at this point in the game to get out a strong player like Paul. Michelle would be easy to get out later. If they don’t break up Paul & Vic now, she not Corey have s chance at winning. It will go to either Paul or Vic.

  14. i feel like i’ve sort of checked out on this season. instead of rooting for anybody, i’m just getting sadistic pleasure watching people be evicted. i think the feed discussions of d/r prompting are a big part of the reason (well that and i really didn’t like many of the house guests to begin with). So now the care package is extended in time from what we voted for. Funny how that happened after the last two weeks of d/r prompting.
    i realize it’s more of an entertainment spectacle than a game, but at this point they’ve pretty much thrown the curtain away and told us the storyline intentions. why don’t they just open up a hole in the have not room floor and give two vetoes to nicole next week?

    1. This is exactly how I feel every damn season. I begin with hopes of a strong female alliance, then it gets dented by the cast reveal, and then crushed when we always end up w/ a bro alliance. My girls get kicked out within the first few weeks! Then I only sadisticly watch everyone get booted out, one by one, as no F2 would satisfy me.
      All female f4!!!!!

      1. If CBS wants drama then they should have an all girls cast. We already see the drama that occurs in these situations (ex. The Bachelor, Housewives of (city), WAGS, etc). Bring in smart, athletic girls and let the games begin!

        1. Yes!!

          It seems like every season since that Brigade year ends up a sausage fest by the end. There’s always some knucklehead all male alliance dominating the house because they win all the comps and the girls get stupidly distracted with putting each other out (Nicole, Michelle) or care more about their showmance than winning the game (Nicole, Zakia, and that stupid girl who was cheating on her husband with Paulie’s idiot brother).

          I would watch an all female BB. It would be a welcome change from all these bromance dominated seasons. Also good would be a cast where the women outnumbered the men so it would at least be a little harder for the inevitable He-Man Woman Haters Club to run the table.

  15. Nichole is still questioning her decision. That means if James and his girls would go up and actually talk to Nichole and Corey, without Paul up their a$$es, they could flip this again. Unfortunately, James is too confident that Nichole is smart enough to see she has no chance of winning with Paul and Victor in the house together. Nichole obviously knows deep down she needs to get rid of a real threat. Not a maybe threat like Michelle, who MIGHT win a comp. A real threat, like Victor who will most definitely win a comp. Or Paul, who could win a comp and who controls the guy with the most comp wins. Obviously she knows this. She already said her parents would want her to get out Paul.
    Paul is sitting good right now. Chances are that Michelle goes home this week. Chances are James/Natalie won’t win another HOH. So as long as Paul continues to mist Nichole/Corey, it should be Paul and someone else (if he’s smart he won’t take Victor) in the final two. Paul wins against everyone but Victor, and I think he is smart enough to know this. I’m not sure Victor is smart enough to realize this though. Victor could end up being the one who gets screwed over in all of this. It’s a shame. I wouldn’t mind Victor winning this, but he keeps aligning himself with strong personalities that rub people the wrong way. Josea, Paul and for a while, Paulie. He keeps getting hit for his association with other people. Will likely be his downfall if he doesn’t wise up.

    1. You do know that when she refers to her ‘parents’, she’s talking about PRODUCTION. She’s not talking about her actual parents

      1. Nicole is the first houseguest who’s HOH letter from her family was from Production.

        “…and say Hi to your brother James for us!”

    2. I doubt Paul is afraid to go against Vic in the Final 2. He is the ideal opponent for him. Paul could point out that he kept both himself and “his boy” together to the end. Vic wasn’t able to even keep himself safe. Twice! Now I love watching both Vic and Paul for different reasons and a cheering for both of them, but when it comes down to who has played the best game, Paul wins hands down.

      1. Paul’s arguments at the end will be hard for anyone else to dispute. Vic will point to his winning all those comps and Paul will say he was the one who aimed the Vic weapon. Quite frankly, I’m not sure anyone would beat Paul in a final 2. James would have to sell that doing what he was told all game was a solid strategy and kept him off the block and not the target and only made the moves that took out big targets. Paul can turn that by pointing out that he decided who’s vote to cancel, plus having Paul’s vote canceled hid Paul’s cards from Paulie a bit longer. paul has a lot of angles he can play.

  16. I don’t know much about the whole Corey and the goat story. If he thought it was funny that his buddy poured lighter fluid on a goat and flicked matches at it. Then he’s a sadistic jerk.

  17. Lots of reverse psychology at play.
    Don’t believe a word of it.
    Nicole has this one in the bag.
    She’ll be called the Derrick of the season. Corey will be called Cody.
    Blah blah blah.

  18. When will these idiots realize they need to get rid of Paul and Victor? Then worry about Meech.Meech can’t win comps. Hasn’t done much in the house. So not a real threat to win.

  19. Ok Nicole you are getting out the girl that called you a snake. Which by the way she was right about. I hope you are happy you got her out.

    Now can we move on to Vic and Paul taking out Lames and Fatalie?

    Lames will be the most enjoyable eviction of the summer!

    Just imagine if Tiffany and Frank had been in house rather than James and Natalie all this time. James ruined the season. No doubt.

  20. Stop treating Nicole like she has the plague and go TALK to her! It’s too late for this week but maybe you can at least make next week more of a tossup. Otherwise those 4 are going to steamroll to Final 4 and Paul is going to win!

  21. I don’t think the people who voted for Corey to get ACP intended for him to bribe Vic to not vote Paul out. Really?!! Too funny. I also don’t think it was intended to bribe Nic to do something she was already intending to do which is to not use the veto and keep noms the same so that they can use the money to pay their bar tab on their trip. I always thought the BB bribe idea was lame. But in Corey’s hands it is even lamer. I think it would be entertaining to see him wait til Thursday and see if he can bribe Nat to vote out Meech.

  22. Nicole got handed HOH by James who actually won it. Lost all respect for his gameplay now. He let his chances slip. But hey, at least victor is back. Not only did he re-enter the house once, but he did it twice! That just screams to all of us that he wants to win. I hope he does!

    1. Sorry if you missed it, but James did not win the HOH. In fact, as has already been pointed out by the HG’s and by livefeed and TV viewers, James was shaking like and earthquake when he started making the deal with Nic. The shaking never went away, so he followed through with making the deal and jumped. HE DID NOT WIN.

  23. Off subject but just a comment. I really disliked Frankie during his season but just finished watching him on YouTube-Celebrity Big Brother UK. It’s shorter-30 days-but he was actually one of the least annoying house guests. Also interesting-when he tried his space invading climbing on one of the guys he was firmly pushed away and told to not invade his personal space. It really helped-none of the US BB’s had the guts to do that. It might have made him more bearable to watch. I have no problem with gay relationships or PDA but he just pushed himself on others in a disrespectful way. Anyway-it was an interesting show. Quite a bit different than the US version.

    1. I agree I totally hated Frankie on BB US. He was an idiot and full of himself. On CBBUK he is very different and actually likeable not like he was on the US. It shows he maybe read all the negative things people said about him and toned things down. Also it’s the public in the UK who actually votes and he wanted to appeal to them and not appear to be such a self absorbed superficial person. Most likely he hasn’t changed for good but at least he didn’t appear so nauseating as before.

  24. The fact James let slip that Natalie was wanting to evict Corey and save Victor last week put the seeds of doubt in Nicole. Nicole trusts James but in order to work with him, Nicole will tell him Nat needs to go next as they do not trust her even if Michelle is evicted this week. If James or Natalie to do not win Hoh next week or veto, you may see Natalie evicted. Nicole will then convince Corey to work with James and target Paul and Victor. If James or Natalie win Hoh, Nicole and Corey will throw Paul under the bus and work to keep Victor. This final 4 deal between Nicole, Corey, Victor and Paul is a sham unless Paul and Victor win the next two HoH comps.

  25. I don’t understand why James gave that HOH to Nichole. He could have won the HOH, put Victor and Paul up for eviction and if one of them won the POV and pulled themselve off, then James could have back doored Meesch. James, I hate to say this, but I think that you and Natalie will gone in the double eviction. You should have beat Victor and Paul to the punch and worked with Nichole and Corey. But to little to late. James you have sealed your fate in the BB house.

    1. I am not sure James would have won and knowing that, secured a deal to save him and Natalie … think he thought Nicole would still target Paul and Victor though …. James is working with Nicole and has been the entire game. I do not believe James when he says he could have won all the comps he claims to have thrown. Only one buying that is Natalie.

  26. For being a superfan, Nicole is an idiot. She and Corey stood a better chance of making it to final three with James and Natalie. Vic and Paul look at Corey as being the same a a weak chick in the final three. Nicole and Corey are a combination of Amanda/McCrae and Porsche. They have contributed NOTHING this season…and all of a sudden Nicole decides that she is there to play Big Brother? I am hoping that James wins HOH this week and noms Nicole and Paul and that Nicole goes out.

    What has disturbed me most about this season is why Kasting thought that Nicole, James or Day were worthy of returning? Frank I get, although he proved that he was really nothing without Boogie’s guidance.

  27. So, the bribe … It seems to me, all Corey has to do is give it to Nicole and buy Michelle’s eviction by making Nicole have to vote to evict Michelle should the eviction vote be tied. Really do not like the idea of Nicole getting $5K for something she wants to happen regardless but at least it will put Paul and Victor’s mind at ease knowing for sure Paul will stay unless Corey flips his vote. From what I can tell, the bribe cannot be used to affect the next HoH but only what happens up until this eviction … but I could be wrong about that. Also nice to know that if the bribe is accepted, the person has to honor the deal when they take the bribe. Also nice to know that if not used, Corey does not get to keep the bribe himself.

    1. I believe the Care Package clue said Corey had until the end of the next HOH comp to use the power/bribe. Since the and Nicole have the HOH and Veto now, the smart thing would be to keep it until the HOH comp. He could use the $ to make a HOH deal.

  28. A lot of people are criticizing Nicole for wanting Meech out because they feel as though Meech isn’t a physical threat and Paul and Victor are. Meech has made it known that she’s coming after Nicole and that she wants her out!! Meech is a huge threat to Nicole’s game. All comps are not Physical. There are several Mental Comps coming up that Meech would probably win and put Nicole up for eviction. I think that Nicole is making a wise decision for the future of her game and I am not even a fans of her’s.

    1. Yes, she has the right people up there — Michelle and Paul, both HGs who can compete with her in mental/memory competitions.

      But Paul should be her No. 1 target because he is a triple threat, so to speak, meaning he can win both mental/memory comps and physical ones — and has the social game to be very dangerous.

      However, if Nicole wants to play the middle, Michelle is the right one to evict. Still, she will likely have to break a tie (unless Corey bribes James), and James should catch up that Nicole evicting Michelle over Paul means that she is not true to her final 4 alliance with Nat/James or that she has two F4 alliances. (Assuming that, but James’ read on the game is suspect at best.)

      1. I agree, Meech is going to smash the mental comp. However, what you are not taking into account, is who’s game is it really elevating? I think it puts Paul into the best position in the house. Sure, it does help Nic some… However, if she really thinks about it, say if Meech wins the mental comp, and puts her up, Meech isnt the one voting her out, its James and Natalie. She wont be going home if she plays her cards right and actually socializes.
        She should know she has James & Corey as rides or die. James is apart of team Meech.
        Paul and Vic will target Nicole, I would put money on Nic being Pauls #1 target and would evict her first out of anyone at this point. He is very social, and he has been in the nat/james/meech camp a few times… So both are huge threats, but to me, Paul is a bigger threat for the end game.

      2. I agree that Paul is both a physical and mental threat however, he isnt coming after Nicole, Meech is. Paul and Vic are coming after Nat and James which leaves Nicole in the middle– good spot

    2. I agree …. Michelle has been and will continue to target Nicole. Michelle is aligned with Natalie. Natalie wanted Corey gone as did Michelle after Paul won veto last week. Michelle and Natalie both are a threat to Nicole more so than Paul and Victor are at the present time. Remove both Michelle and Natalie and James will then only be working for Nicole’s and his best interests moving forward. Nicole, Corey and James will do their best to evict Paul and Victor after that.

  29. As a viewer, I want Victor to be in the F3 and possibly F2. But if I was in the house, I’d be trying my damnest to get rid of the strongest (physically and mentally) players. I don’t think I’d want to keep a strong player till the very end. Why chance him/her taking a shot at me and take me out of the game? I understand we as viewers have our favorites, but keeping game savvy players in the house really isn’t a good way to win the game.

    As a viewer, I think Victor and Paul are the most deserving of them all. V has fought to keep his arse in the house. P has manipulated his way around the house like nobody’s business. But, this being a “weak” player’s HOH, why in the hell’s is she not taking a shot at the strongest players? Does she really think she has a chance against them? Does she really think either of them will keep her in the house when it’s go time?

    It’s really crazy to me to see this weird click dynamic. And even crazier to see James, Nat, and Meech let Paul and Vic take over the HOH area and not be there themselves! Why are JN&M not up in the HOH weakening P&V’s game to N&M?

    Idk man, we need smarter people in this house.

    This season started fun, then it got boring during Pauline’s reign. Then fun again when everybody started flipflopping and nobody knew what was going on. It made it more exciting and I swimwear I was reading this blog till the wee hours. Now, the game has turned into a complete snoozefest.

    I am no Nicole fan, but I truly hope, for her sake, that she wakes the fudge up and gets Paul out cause that’s really what’s best for HER game.

    1. Paul is not targeting her or Corey until the final 4 – Meech is targeting her now, and mental comps will comprise more of the remaining comps than physical comps. Meech is more likely to win a “days” comp than Paul. I agree that Paul is a bigger threat in the big picture, but from week to week, Meech is a more urgent threat.

      1. IDK…

        I mean… IF Nic was smart (big IF here, lol), she would work on her “girl skills” and befriend the girls. Nic has a thing with James (from prior seasons). A deal type thing. Also, between the two groups (Vic/Paul/Corine AND James/Nat/Meech) it is obvious that Nicole is at the bottom of the totem pole. Thinking ahead, because it is kind of late in the game to think “week by week”, Nic should be thinking about where she has the best chance to make it to F3 and/or F2 – given her limitations. I have a feeling Corine is not with Nicole for F3, let alone F2 so long Vic and Paul are in the house. #BpysWillBeBoys… and they are young boys. Nic has zero chance in that group.

        I believe if Nic sided with James’ side of the house, James (and by default Nat) will do everything possible to keep Nic for F3 – which seems like better odds than in that 3 boy group.

        My F3 team is still in the house. I don’t really care much about this game at this point though – I am hoping something changes so I can get excited about it again. #SnoozeFest

  30. When was this strong connection between James and Nicole established? I never recalled them saying or being together in a way that would establish such blinding trust. Like others mentioned, they know each other outside of the house. If that relationship dictated their unspoken trust, that is an unfair advantage. BB could have avoided this. it doesn’t sit well with me.

    1. They made the deal before they went in to have each other’s backs. During the game this included the side kick leaches on their sides. James has mentioned it many times. We don’t see and hear “all” of their conversations. We have been privy to the coaching and info from production in the DR.

    2. Paulie’s dad acts like a booking agents for meet & greets for Derek, Cody, Nicole, and James; presumably Paulie in the future. Nicole James and Paulie all had a pre-existing alliance prior to entering the house. All spent some time being coached by Derek. Derek is actually writing a book about how to manipulate people, so it’s in everyone’s best interest if Nicole or James win.

  31. I am really getting the impression that production is leading the decisions in this game now. I guess previous seasons I just never paid enough attention to realize that or maybe because the HG’s are talking about their DR’s more. I have to say Paul and Victor are the true players in this game. They are actually playing the game unlike some of the others. Sure everyone does something but not like Paul and Victor. There are some insecure people in this house. And James is in for a big reality check come Thursday when Meech gets voted out. I think Nicole and Corey will be James next target. Smart move Paul for volunteering to go OTB. Unless Corey wins this next HOH Paul and Victor will not try to win and let James and Natalie win so they go after Nicole and Corey. Kinda smart if it works that way. Paul has an excuse he was OTB and Victor can say Meech got him voted out. My biggest pet peeve is production allowing the behavior of the HG’s and allowing it to continue. Paul calling Meech the “c” word is not right. Really really upset with production for continuing to allow these HG’s to call people these type of names. And we wonder why people treat others so poorly.

    1. Guess you never watched Big Brother when Evel Dick was in the house. By comparison, the name calling and character assassination is very tame.

  32. This late in the game…HOH is not the most important contest. Veto is. Whether you’re on the block or not, winning Veto is the only way to be safe in any particular week. I am pretty sure that Michele is going this week. Nicole is paranoid about her since James said Michele was going after her (did he do that on purpose?). She’s not very good at playing for the future.

    For next week (if Michele is not there)…double eviction or not….James/Natalie go up. James really needs to win Veto for the next two weeks! Corey, Paul & Vic will vote him out. If he wins Veto….Natalie goes. This will set James up as the “shot caller”. If he wins HOH, Corey & Paul go up & his picks who goes (Paul). If he goes up, he needs to win Veto, then he picks who goes. Both sets of couples (Vic/Paul & Nicole/Corey) will be vying for his vote.

    Everything from now on depends on who wins Veto……………

  33. Nicole is such an idiot. Really? instead of evicting Victor – the strongest and luckiest contestant this year she wants to evict Meech who has not won anything? Victor will win against anyone at the end. She needs to stick with James and Natalie who at least are similar to them competition wise. Why she thinks bringing Paul and Victor is the best option is besides me. Nicole is the BIGGEST FLOATER ever. I wish Rachel was there “floaters grab a vest”!

    1. Look, I’m not a fan of Nicole either. However, Meech is gunning for Nic, and Paul and Victor are not. Also, you can’t say that Meech has never won anything – she won the OTEV veto, and elected to NOT use it on Frank.

  34. The problem with James is he doesn’t respect an alliance. He only cares about his girl. He doesn’t care about Meech gone but if she stays and wins hoh he wants her to put Corey and Vic, being Corey as a target. He can’t stay solid with any alliance which is his downfall and also what ruins whole game for us.

    1. James has respected his alliance with Nicole the entire game …. also has been successful in diverting attention away from Nicole when necessary. James also has been smart enough to keep that strong alliance with Nicole in the dark by giving the impression his true alliance is with Natalie. James will ditch Natalie when the time comes as her and his view of the game is no longer quite the same. He is having a harder time controlling her as he has managed to do all game now that she has tasted a little power. Natalie is listening more and more to Michelle who has no clue what she is doing. Both are emotional players … none of the others are. Nicole may give that impression but she is very observant and calculating and she has more control over Corey than he has over her.

    2. James has a couple of problems.

      First, he’s dumb as a post and can never get a grip on what is actually happening around him in the house.

      Second, he doesn’t really care if he wins. He wants America’s Favourite Player and he wants to work the BB meet and greet circuit. He’s talked about it a few times… appearing in shitty little bars for $500.


    Chew with your mouth closed and STOP putting your saliva covered fingers back into the bag!!!

      1. Most nutritionists will tell you to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day instead of sitting down to full meals. Which is probably why she eats at odd times compared to the other houseguests.

  36. So, I tuned in for the first time on BBAD last night. I see how Corey got called to the DR. And Nicole turned into this needy girl. Want to hang out? Want me to stay up? I want to hang out. I want to stay up. Don’t turn the lights off, I’m going to wait for you. And the entire time, Corey is trying to shake her off. Obviously wanting some space. Is this normal behavior for these two? Or has Corey reached his breaking point?

    1. Normal, they act like two 13-14 y/o with their first boy/girl friend. They can sit or lay for hours saying stupid stuff like “your being mean” “no your being mean” “no you are!” on and on. They remind me of the smoopie smoopie on Seinfeld. “your my smoopie smoopie” “no your MY smoopie smoopie” “do you want to cuddle” = finger bang
      “do you want to hang out” = finger bang “I want to lay down, do you want to go lay down” = finger bang Between that and her whining out every freaking syllable has made her the most annoying HG in history to me anyway. I FF through every time the go to her and Corey. He just lays there staring off into space when they are alone but when Vic is in the room he appears to be much more engaged and lively. Strange days indeed! Then you have Munch and Nat’s back and forth which is exhausting to read and skim over, I don’t know how the hell Simon and Dawg listen to it ALL of it and then transcribe it. Lots of the ole Kraken I suppose.

    2. Would be really interesting and a positive for the ratings in my opinion if Paul and Victor could get Corey to work with them against both and James and Nicole down the road.

  37. Man, Nicole is the strongest player in the house. Totally smart move to team up with the smartest and strongest people in the house to take out people who aren’t as strong or smart.

    Why doesn’t Meech get more airtime she’s totally hilarious, entertaining, and beautiful with her hoodies, hats, and sticky fingers. She won’t be a single woman for long!

    Jamesy is the nicest most loyal person in the BB house. He would never backstab Frank,or Da, or Z, or anyone in the house. He’s just an all around good guy and is AF. I hope him and Nat Nat are able to make it outside of the house because I think what they have is for real!


  38. Seriously-why do people keep insisting that James ‘gave’ Nicole the HOH? Are we watching the same show? You don’t need the feeds to see that he was really struggling. That was obvious on the Sunday show. If you do have the feeds, you can see that he was actually not feeling secure for a long time. That’s why he kept watching Paul and waiting for him to drop. James knew he wasn’t going to last so as soon as Paul was out he started making deals to make himself look better. He can say he gave Nicole the comp but that doesn’t make it true. (Kind of like the way Paulie stuck to the story of throwing the last HOH-the one that sent him home.)

    Natalie is not going to forgive James for not winning that comp and James knows that (which is another reason he would not have given the comp to Nicole). But what hurt the NJM alliance the most-
    James losing the HOH?
    James letting everyone know that Natalie wanted to keep Victor? (that left NO question that Paul was the original target and that Nat wanted Corey to go home over Victor and, in turn, left them with 4 people not trusting them)
    James telling Nicole that Michelle wanted to put her on the block and wanted them all to vote her out last week?

    James made some comments about throwing his game away to protect Meg last year and I thought it was unfair. She never led him on and, it didn’t matter if Meg was there or not because James’ alliance got pecked off and he ended up going against 5 people who had worked together for most of the game. Meg or no Meg, he had no chance to win the game last year. He willingly put Natalie before himself or any alliance or friendship he had in the house this year. He did a repeat of last season by making a deal during an endurance and then screwing over the people he made a deal with. Even if you’re not his target at the time, such a public lie and backstab has to make you wonder how credible his word actually is. He slipped up in front of DaVonne which made it clear to her that she was the target and was being lied to. He made the slip up that led to Nicole and Corey not trusting him and he put the nail in the coffin of Michelle’s game by what he said to Nicole last week.
    I don’t actually dislike James as a person. But he really is not good at this game. There have been a lot of bad players but, he keeps pulling the vet card as if he is some kind of legend and he is not, nor will he ever be. I don’t think any of the returning player’s this year were legends in any sense of the word. For the most part, none of them were very good players. However, the mistakes James has made and continues to make are embarrassing. As for AFP, I want anyone BUT James to win it at this point. That isn’t because I hate, or even dislike, him. But I think it is arrogant to assume that you are so popular and so loved that ‘America’ wouldn’t even consider giving it to someone else. Even if I was rooting for someone, once they get overly cocky I tend to root for them a little less.

    1. Thank you for summarizing so well everything I have thought about James’ bad gameplay so well. When I try to I get all SmmmmWTF?aaaarghhhh!! I don’t know if outing Meech to Nic that Meech was targeting her was loyalty to Nic or not. Now he is telling Meech. to lay low and not campaign because “his gut” tells him she is safe. “It’s too soon!” (when did that strategy ever work for anybody?) “Wait til after the Veto ceremony” then talk to Nic with promises you don’t intend to keep (another of James’ bad moves) . By then it will be TOO LATE! If they want to save Meech and flip Nicory to get Vic up the time to strike is now. Regardless of who you want gone this week you have to admit that this is really bad advice and super bad gameplay.

  39. Ok first I had to switch channels last night, I could not take another minute of Nicole’s voice it was like chalk on a chalkboard.

    Second, I think it is totally personal why Nicole wants Meech out and that is in case she gets sent to the jury, she doesn’t want Corey to be in the house with Nat and Meech. That is just the type of jealous girl she is. But from the looks of it she should be more concerned about him being left in the house with Victor.

    I would like to see Meech and Victor final two – just to upset everyone.

  40. MICHELLE … are you really convinced when James says Paul is going home and he knows it? Are you just going to sit back and put your game in the word of James who is known for bouncing checks and backstabbing? If James votes you out like I suspect he might this week, will Natalie convince you to still vote for him if he makes final 2 as you both will be sitting in the jury house thanks to him? Do you believe your own words when you say you are a superfan?

  41. How are Have Nots being picked? The HGs in the kitchen were talking about Have Not comps. Are they having Have Not comps and not showing them to viewers? Who are the Have Nots this week? It looks as though Corey and Vic are. Did Nicole pick Corey to be a Have Not during her HOH?

    1. They were the first two off the wall in the HOH comp. ( not counting the four jurors who went before Victor and are no longer in the house.)

  42. James gives zero sh*ts about Natalie and Michelle. He has a lot of sway with Nicole and he’s not giving Michelle any advice on how she can try to save herself. Hes not trying to save his girl’s best friend. He’s not really convinced that Paul is leaving. He’s playing it that way as an excuse not to talk to Nicole. He’s going to look all fake shocked when Michelle gets evicted.

  43. I believe that Big Brother has chosen ones who they want to win in the end. I believe that Nicole, Paulie and James were the chosen ones. Thoughout the game we have seen the manipulation. But things don’t always go their way. Victor had said that Production didn’t want him to put up Paulie, but he did anyways. James never got rid of Nicole because Production told him to have her back. If you go with Production they will build comps that you are good at. If you go against them they will give you bad editing, not give you the rewards (Care Packages). James kept asking for the wall comp, it was suited for him and Nicole. Also the water being sprayed on them was not as severe as the others. James kept saying why didn’t they tell me there was a Buy Back. I think he was talking about Production. James is wanting to go against Nicole now, so I think that is why Nicole has the green light to go against James. Evil Dick said they will manipulate you for the game to go a certain way, but they don’t give a crap about you. I think James is not worried, because he thinks Production still has his back.They have no more use for him anymore. Every game move Nicole is doing right now, is not hers but Production’s. If I was the remaining 4 in the game, and Production told me to keep Nicole safe, I would pretend to go with it so they couldn’t manipulate the game. At the end I would take her out, and try to outsmart Production, so it would be too late for then too tamper with the game,

  44. This season has been a game of constantly shifting alliances and not wanting to get the blood on your hands. The pawns have been used to get the blood on theirs. Will only continue until this week is over though. Now the remaining players will have to show their cards and will start taking the heat themselves as the only pawn really remaining in the game will be Natalie after Michelle is gone. Corey & Victor may be pawns to a degree but from their positions, have become real players as the numbers have dwindled. Victor is not afraid to get blood on his hands and Corey’s days of being shielded are ending and he will become more threatening in the competitions as control of the HoH and Veto are now paramount to survival. No more care packages, no more 2nd chances to come back if evicted, no more throwing comps …. do or die time is here after Michelle is evicted.

      1. Of course they do …every time you vote someone out, technically their blood is on your hands. But from the game point of view, the ones who do the nominating are considered the ones getting the blood on their hands and when you nominate people who most agree need to go, the amount of blood is minimized. A strategy I find distasteful myself as it seems to be kind of a wimpy way to play but none the less, a strategy that has proven to be successful.

  45. C’mon cut the crap there is no stronger player, there is no one we can get out anytime.
    They have all won comps meaning they beat each other.
    Nicole is or would be smart to F4 with Paul n Victor.
    i think 4 against 3 is good odds (Nicole, Corey Paul and Victor) against (James, Nat n Meech).
    With Meech gone, James n Natalie are collateral damage.
    The battle will be Paul n Victor vs Nicole and Corey
    each one has won comps (Victor more but he had more challenges), means nothing
    I predict Nicole with Paul, Victor or Corey F2, the male winning

  46. Either way it’s a win win this week. Though I would love to see Paul out. I wonder if he still has a secretary after he called her the B word and talked about her giving him a BJ. He can be funny but he is definitely vile and can’t stand him. So will be cheering this Thursday either way!

  47. Im over it. I’m out. Don’t really care about the 500K bc I will have so many more followers on my Reddit page and what’s more important than that

  48. Nicole will be guaranteed final two if the final three are her, James and Corey and she knows this. She will do all she can to see this final three and any final four deal between her, Corey, Paul and Victor is a scam unless as I said above, Paul and Victor win the next two HoH’s. Final 5 with Paul & Victor sure … but no way a final 4. Nicole is not guaranteed in the final two if Paul & Victor are in the final 4.

  49. Paul & Victor need to get rid of Michelle, Natalie and Nicole to have their best chance at a final two. Victor can beat both James and Corey in most physical comps and Paul can beat them both in most mental comps. Toss up comps are just that, a toss up and everyone has the same chance.

    1. For Paul and Victor to leave either Nicole or Natalie in the game only benefits Corey or James. Also, I believe Nicole and Natalie both pose more of mental comp problem for Paul than do James or Corey. And ask yourself, do you think Corey and James will work together? …. I find this doubtful as James has not built the trust factor with Corey as Victor has done.

        1. LOL … only if she takes her A.D.D. meds prior to the competition ;)

          … but, I do believe in general women are quicker in some of the mental comps than men based on pure genetics and how men’s and women’s brains are wired to work differently.

  50. There’s only 2 people I would love to see walk out the door this week, but unfortunately they’re the 2 least likely to do so. Corey or James! Clearly Nicole isn’t going to go against either of them. I’m holding on to some hope that at some point between now and Thursday Natalie and Meech will start gaming!! Because 1) it might actually bring some excitement back & 2) it’s better than listening to the opinions on their self image. I’m shriveling up here, I can’t take much more. I don’t want to see Paul or Vic leave because they are the only entertainment factor left in the house. Everyone else’s game is far too predictable. Snore. But the fact is they are the strongest all around players. Meech seems like the best choice for Nicole’s game (this week), but soooo boring. Which is why I want to see Natalie and Meech team up, ditch James and start making moves!! Pitch something to Vic and Paul. Maybe try, oh I don’t know, actually talking to Nicole. Chances are it won’t work, but you have to try! And perhaps this week is a lost cause, but there’s plenty of opportunity to change the direction for next week. Maybe Natalie can tell James he’ll never have a shot in real life and he’ll just self evict. I can wish, can’t I?!? I’m really hoping for Nat, Meech, Paul, Vic final 4. If only they would put their brains together and see that James and Nicole have been protecting each other frmo opposite sides of the house. One of those guys and one of those girls sitting F2 and no doubt the win goes to either guy. But I can stomache that far better than Nicole, Corey or James.

  51. Still annoying laugh. Would have done what Paulie said had Paul not forced him not to. Owes Paul his game. Both times he returned.

    Paul is the brains of the operation and Victor will take him final 2. But little does Victor know that when it’s Paul Victor and Corey left in the house he is taking Corey to final 2 and the votes are Pauls to win the game.

    You can totally tell Paul has his eyes on Corey as his F2 and 500 grand. Nicole will go out right after James and Nat.

    Paul is annoying and over inflates his “great life” outside the house ad nauseam. But he no doubt is the best player in that house and only one worthy of standing under the confetti on Finale Night.

  52. A few years ago I ran into a former contestant at Olive Garden and got to ask her questions about the game while we waited for our table. She told me that many of the fights are staged by Production and the winners are not prepicked but the questions in the DR are something used to “guide” your game by. I dont think production has prepicked James and Nicole to win but they are being paid more than the others and I think Production gives them extra guidance as to what they need to do to make things more entertaining. This show is kept running by viewers appeal… they have to make it more interesting. The thing is, if they made the season shorter and put less production “help” in, I think it would get the viewer appeal they need and cost them less in the long run. James or Nicole might end up in 2nd.. but I really dont think either of them will win and 2nd is unlikely as well. James is so focused on AFP because he doesnt see himself winning either. BTW… natalie is over James big time. She kept trying to escape him last night while he was eating ice cream because she said shes on a diet and he just kept following her around eating it. I think Natalie would be ok if James left and she could buddy up with Michelle or Victor. James has definitely picked up on her “clues”… he will not be so hurt to see her go if someone else sends her packing. If either Natalie or Corey leave next, James will buddy up with Nicole. I think this is why he was hinting to get rid of Corey next, if not Victor. He is always pointing away from Nicole.

  53. I could not live in that house because I would go nuts in how dirty and disorganized it is. I laugh at myself but still wonder why they do not make them pick up after themselves. All those towels laying around. Why not grab them all and just throw them in the washer and dryer while you are outside. Oh well just my OCD kicking in and why I could never be in the house among other reasons. Glad that the HG’s can handle it!

  54. I truly hope Nicole’s big move – haha – this week bites her in the butt over the next couple of weeks.
    As soon as Paul is not voted out her cards will be shown. She’ll either go up if Nat or James win HOH, or she’ll be knocked out later by Paul and Vic.
    Either way, good riddance to her and her grossmance!

  55. I’m beginning to think the show has jumped the shark for me. With the exception of Vic and Paul, the remaining houseguests are a snoozefest.

  56. I love it when Corey tells Nicole he can’t wait to put Nicole in a a nursing home lmao Nicole told him she can’t wait to be a grandma and he flipped on her. Corey got so pissed that she’s even thinking about being a granny and doesn’t even have kids of her own yet . He wants to stay as young as long as possible and wants a Milf not a old lady. Nicole wants to let her hair turn gray and Corey said his ears are bleeding. Nicole no guy is going to want you if you let yourself go after marriage and kids. You’re to young to be settling down especially since you act like a five year old. Guys typically want to settle down in their late 20s or early 30s and she’s ready now. Pump the breaks and be single for a while you have plenty of time. She’s desperate enough to go to a sperm bank to have kids that’s so weird and embarrassing. Any guy is going to get turned off by a clingy obsessed girl. Shes seriously has a loose screw in her brain.

    1. Nicoles shortcomings are due to her home life. Getting married and having kids is what she is accustomed to looking forward to because that is all that happens where she is from. Corey lives in Dallas… its a big city with a night life… he was a member of a frat house and played sports, his parents have money and he’s been able to go on vacations … Corey has also been in a very long term relationship with one girl and isnt ready to get back into one because he knows what that is like. Nicole hasnt had those opportunities where she lives and BB is the biggest thing shes done. Her relationship with Hayden was long distance… she wants the experience of a steady relationship that leads to family… there isnt anything wrong with it… she just isnt focused on the right guy for what she wants right now. Unless she gets pregnant on this show, I dont think she and Corey have any chance at a future. Last night Corey said his mom is nosey and would have already stalked Nicoles FB and anything she could find on her and has probably reached out to Nicoles mom by now. I DOUBT IT! I think Corey’s mom is not going to want to promote this relationship being that their under cover work is all over the internet… this is something she is going to try to get rid of FAST. Nicoles mom however is probably trying to reach out to Corey’s mom and plan the wedding.

      1. I think Nicole’s mom is shaking her head at the choices her daughter has made … doubt she is trying to plan any wedding after watching the way Corey has treated her daughter and talked behind her back …. telling Paulie for example that he can do anything he wants to Nicole and he would not be upset about it ….. what mother would want that kind of guy for her daughter? I try not to look at the “real” lives behind these house guests and just watch the show for amusement but seeing your post, I can agree with some of what you say but not all of it.

        1. I only bring up their lives outside of the show because of Corey and Nicoles conversation last night on after dark about their moms both stalking them on social media and their discussion about what their moms are probably doing as far as contacting each other. Most of the attacks on these boards are personal.. not game related. As a mom of both girls and boys, I can see both sides of the situation and as a mom, I would have stopped watching after dark the first time I saw what was going on under cover. Not sure if Nicoles parents have seen everything said and done or if they are still watching but, Nicole herself said that she never went back and watched the entire season she was on previously. As a parent, I would be ready for my kid to be off the show already and out of there before they do anything else to embarrass themselves. The show used to focus more on hometown visits and watching parties from the contestants families… not so much anymore.

        2. Corey told Victor that too and said he doesn’t give a fuck if he flirts with Nicole. If he denied it then their games would be over. I saw Corey’s face crack when he said those words to Victor and he didn’t want to say it but it would hurt both of there games if he acted jealous.. I don’t think he cared that Paulie flirted with Nicole because he knew his intentions weren’t malicious. As for Victor he genuinely likes Nicole and his body language says it all. I think Corey has lost interest in Nicole since then and the only time he’s nice to Nicole is when Natalie pisses him off. He’s been been flirty with her lately. The other day Nicole and Corey were together and Natalie walked through and his body language changed and he kept his eyes on her. It was very obvious and he did it in front Nicole. Everytime he hears something negative about Nat he starts being overly flirtatious with Nicole when Nat is around. He liked Nat in the beginning but she turned him down for Victor. Nicole knows when Corey not really interested in her and she becomes bitchy and overly clingy. Her body language is very comfortable with Victor and not so much with Corey. She uses Victor who actually likes her to flirt with to get Corey’s attention and it works temporarily until she starts talking or nagging.

  57. Any chance you wake up and realize that Paul has got to go this week? You’ve got 3 days to figure out what should be an incredibly simple strategic decision.

  58. Paulie’s family is firing back at CBS. Apparently they blame the editing and say that CBS chose to only show Paulie’s worst moments. They showed Natalie’s side of things with evidence to back up her accusations but did not show evidence to back up his accusations against her. I can’t figure out why they thought this would be a good idea. A ‘blanket’ statement saying, “We love and support our son. He was playing a game. I’m sure he would apologize to anyone he hurt or offended” would have been a good idea and, when the show ends Paulie would have been pretty much forgotten. The longer his family drags it out the longer the haters are going to hate. And making excuses and defending his behavior really doesn’t help. The problem they don’t seem to realize is that it wasn’t only the Natalie incident and, it also wasn’t only the editing. The people watching the feeds saw things that made Paulie look really bad and the people who actually lived with him also don’t have good things to say. They are also claiming that it’s slander that Bridgette was able to call him a sleazy scumbag in the jury segment. Accusing someone of something that is untrue is slander but calling someone a sleazy scumbag is nothing more than an opinion of how you feel about that person, sort of like Paulie’s opinions on Jersey girls. Last I knew we were still allowed to have opinions in America. What about Paulie telling some of the HGs about he and Zakiyah having sex? Yet, he also said that Zakiyah was always asking him to have sex but he wouldn’t do it. So which is it? If they didn’t have sex and he is telling everyone they did that would be slander. If they did have sex and he is telling everyone then that makes him a sleazy scumbag, just like Bridgette says. That is why his family needs to just stay away from the media. They should definitely be there to support him when he gets home, any parents would do that, but defending and excusing him just makes them all look bad and I think it ultimately makes the backlash even worse.

      1. There was one incident in which Paulie was rampaging around the house and the feeds were cut. It’s been mentioned a few times by the other houseguests. Nat said something about “I thought he was going to tear that door down” with real fear in her eyes. Paul mentioned it just the other day “when Paulie tried to kill Bridgette with that door”. It sounds from conversation like Paulie has a serious problem with escalation. Serious.

        What are the chances that CBS still has him sequestered in that house with those 3 women?

        1. Fortunately they all have handlers that stay in there with them. They’re never left alone in there. Plus I’m sure if Paulie did get that psycho toward Bridgette (which doesn’t surprise me) cbs probably stepped up the size of the handlers. Lol. I don’t think they’d risk any of the hg getting hurt.

    1. I hope CBS exposes Natalie on big brother soon for her victimizing her self for sexual harassment claims. The hipocracy surrounding that girl is disgusting. She’s hitted on every guy and some how blames the guy. Does she not know what a double standard is. It’s really unfair how Cbs handled the situation without showing both sides of the story. Paulie made her feel uncomfortable with flirting but then when she got caught for the same thing she deflected the situation and turned back onto Him, The guys could have reported for the same thing but since they are men it shouldn’t matter. The audience only sees a biased view and not the evil manipulative Natalie. I knew that girl was fake from the beginning. I don’t like how she plays I’m so innocent I wouldn’t even hurt a fly card. I think she’s trying to emulate Nicole first season like I’m cute, shy, and fun but in reality she’s a a lying snake. I’ve notice the day before the girls group Dance Natalie was doing provocative dance moves. You valued tell she was showing off how sexy her dancing was and didn’t appear shy at all. She looked confident and very boastful about dancing. The next day for Zakiyah birthday Nicole got really embarrassed and shy to dance in front of the guys and walked away. Corey And Paulie were laughing at Nicole for being shy and asked her to come back. Natalie switched to being confident to I’m so shy Guys pay attention to me. She started whinny just like Nicole does. The girl is like a chamillion she can change her personality instantly depending on who she’s around. As for Paulie he does deserve the backlash he’s getting because he treated Zakiyah like shit and the ft comments should have been addressed to all the guys.

      1. That kissing comment under the bed wasn’t flirting. Telling her to put her Latin booty away isn’t flirting. Seriously, try those lines out one day and watch yourself get punched. Maybe getting a couple teeth knocked out of your mouth will help you remember the difference between flirting and sexual harassment.

  59. I challenge ev1 to say 1 nice thing bout Meech…PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

    I think she has a baby dolls face…so she is a pretty lady

    1. She hasn’t changed her maxZ pad in front of a group of people, then stick her fingers in an open bag of chips the group was sharing. Yet.

    2. There are many nice thing you can say about how Meech looks, that’s not the problem with her. She just acts so ugly and hateful that it is hard to see anything good about her.

      It was the same with Bridgette. At the beginning it was like ‘ll, what a pretty, intelligent young woman’ then she opened her mouth and all of these bitter, spiteful things came out. She then let Frank treat her like she was just his little puppy who didn’t have a brain, and she genuinely thanked him for it. She had no respect for herself, so no one could respect her.

      It’s the same with Meech. It is impossible to see a pretty person when that person runs around telling lies, spreading hate, and playing mean girl games. Who she targets has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with how the person looks. From day 1 her only plan has been to be in with the other pretty people.

    3. I think she has a cute figure and does a good job with her make up. And I like her nose piercing. But that’s all I got.

  60. I’m holding out hope for a drone to come lift James out of the back yard. No one would suspect a thing, right?

  61. Listening to Nicole and Corey converse is laughable……they are both so immature and whiiiiiiiiine so much to each other. “stooooooop….oh my gaaaaaaaawd”. Corey’s latest revelation to use the bribe to get James to throw the comp and listening to his scenario……he is an idiot. At least Nicole had the sense to squash that right away.

  62. By Thursday production will have Paul going home. Production wants a woman to win this year. That is why they brought in Nicole and James. James has to have a deal and is working with production.James knows he will get 2nd if he does what production wants and gets Nicole to the win. He needs that money. Paul and Vic keep ruining productions plans. I am sure Paul and Vic have caught on to what’s going on. Corey got the package because production makes Him and Nicole look so cute on camera. Vic or Paul should have got the package. BB did not want them to get the bribe. Most of America does not watch BBAD or live feeds. Pour me a glass of that rum.

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