Nicole “If something goes really bad and I think I need Paul out I might ask you to switch your vote.”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-29 18-12-32-763

5:10pm In the kitchen – James is telling Vic and Corey all about what its like when they get out. He says its overwhelming. At the wrap party everyone is coming up to you with their phones and guess what they want. Pictures. Once you get your phone back you’ll be on it till 5am. When I got back to my hotel room I was just like a girl on my phone. The conversation turns to talking about BB Bribe. James says if he hadn’t won the 5G’s it wouldn’t temp him to drop out of the HOH for the bb Bribe 5G’s. ..but 5G’s plus 5G’s that’s 10G’s plus the stipend.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-29 18-28-29-048

6pm HOH room – Corey and Nicole. Corey tells Nicole that he was talking to James about the 5Gs. He wants me to give it to him to throw the comp. Nicole asks seriously!? Corey says legitimately. Nicole says do it! Corey says I probably will if he’s serious about it. He’s like its going to be a mental comp that he’s not good at and if he goes up he say he might as well go out with another $5,000. Nicole says wow! Does he know Paul is staying? Corey says he has to know. Nicole says well then its awkward, I would rather talk to him. I don’t want him to think I’m being an idiot and lie to his face. It still could be a toss up at this point. If something goes really bad and I think I need Paul out I might ask you to switch your vote and vote out Paul. Things change like this. Corey says I would just hate to offer James that .. Nicole says offer it now. I can’t see him taking that. Corey says he’s a much smarter player than that to just lay down. Nicole says he’s building this picture of weakness to you guys. Corey says I’m scared to offer it to him and then he’s going to know. Nicole says why not just be like do you want to do it. Corey says I want to talk to him and say if you want this .. I have to use it. Just know that if Vic or Paul win you’ll go up so I’m not going to sit here and try to get you up on the block but if you know that .. take the 5K. I’m going to try and win it. Or do I offer it to Vic and make sure we have the votes. Nicole says wait till Wednesday. Corey says we didn’t put up him and Natalie this week so that should mean something to them. Nicole says if they’re just trying to get through this week like we did or if they’re actually committed to us. And my feelings are going to be really hurt if I could have taken out. Like who I really wanted to take … no I really want to take her (Meech) out. I just don’t want to get our hope up and then you and I sitting next to each other on Thursday. If I could take one thing out of this game it would be the double eviction. Corey says I am confident that even if I didn’t win it that we would still stay. I would be shocked if one of us leaves. Nicole says I would be too. We should be good. We have the votes. Corey says if I was sitting next to Nat I don’t think Paul or Vic would vote me out over breaking up James and Nat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-29 18-34-41-590

6:45pm – 7pm James asks on the last double eviction when did they close the doors (Back door). Nicole says on Tuesday. James says they’re probably going to close the door tomorrow. James heads outside and plays pool with himself. Corey is working out. Nicole lays on the hammock and tells Corey that if she could watch anyone in the world workout it would be him.

7:10pm – 7:35pm James and Meech. James says whoever wins double eviction .. who would be the best person to go home? Meech says I think Nicole. James says that leaves Corey and Vic to team up. Meech says She is the brains behind them. Corey is going to be a lost puppy with out Nicole. Vic will be lost without Paul. James asks you’re trying to take out the brains. Meech says yeah. James asks don’t you think Vic and Corey teaming up would be a big threat. Meech says Corey never really liked Vic. I don’t think he’s in it to win in. James says that;s why you take out Vic ..there’s going to be another endurance comp. We can beat Corey. Meech says I am calling it now Nicole is going to be in one of the final 2 seats. Nicole is just going to keep not being seen as a threat. She just proved she can do endurance. She can do mental. James says it would be good to get Nicole out during the double. Meech says that’s what I’m saying. I think we get Vic out the next HOH and then Corey. I really think we’ll be kicking ourselves if we don’t get Vic out. James says the only ones that will be able to beat Vic is me and Nat. I can beat Corey all day long. James says we really need to win this… if its a double and we lose.. one of us will go home. Meech says yeah but what if Paul stays… that would suck for you guys. James says he’s going home. You’ve got block paranoia. He’s (Paul) is the target. James tells Meech to study. He then heads to the London Bedroom to nap.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-29 19-13-48-443

7:40pm – 7:50pm In the kitchen – Nicole keeps asking Corey what’s wrong? Corey says nothing. Nicole says you’re acting weird. Corey asks how? Nicole says I don’t know. I just know you. Vic joins them and talks about protein. Corey heads back outside. Vic asks Nicole are you guys fighting? Nicole says no. He’s just acting weird. He acts weird when he’s on slop. Nicole heads outside and tells Corey she knows he acting weird. Just tell me if something is wrong. Corey says nothing’s wrong. What are you thinking? Nicole says nothing. You’re acting weird. I don’t believe you. Corey asks what would I have to be mad at? Nicole says I don’t know. Corey says then if there is nothing for me to be mad at then there’s nothing wrong. If you did nothing, there’s nothing I should be mad at. Nicole says AHHAHAHHHhGHGHGHGH boys suck. Corey says girls suck. Vic joins them.

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Wait, Meech is still going right?

sunny dee

i expect nicole to flip flop and freak out 10 times before thursday. I don’t expect corey to waver at all, maybe he is a good influence on her but his motivation is just to keep the dudes alliance as intact as he can possibly keep it. he doesn’t want to be in the house with all the girls and james, he needs his bro time. so as far as he’s concerned he’ll keep pushing for paul to stay, and he’ll be right to keep them as far as who is more likely to target them , because he is not, but michelle is going to if she wins hoh she won’t let anyone keep her from doing what she she wanted when she was co HOH> she doesn’t want vic on the block, she would put paul and nicole or paul and corey up, bottom line, and assume paul wins or vic wins and takes paul down, and up goes nicole and won’t matter which one.


Yep. I figured she would change her mind daily till Thursday. I think Corey will be ticked if she flips.


If Meech stays, Paul won’t be in the house for to put up. She would probably put Nicole and Corey up.


@ sunny Dee If Meech won hoh next week then Paul would leave this week for her to still be in the game right so I think she would put up James and Corey as long as Nicole told her that James threw her under the bus.. I would just think it would be awesome if we were really blindsided on Thursday and Nicorey made a big move I KNOW the boards would light up. I just have a feeling that it will be as predictable as last week we all knew Vic was going and coming back. Come on I want some good TV


No she ain’t gonna flip flop…Shes to mentally retarded, she is like short bus, safety helmet levels of retarded anyway. And so are the people who go on like its such a smart move to get Michelle out…ANYONE who actually wanted to win the game or even stand a chance at winning the game would actually have an I.Q higher than negative Pi and realize that VICTOR is the one who should have been sent out….The guy has been evicted TWICE and fought back in TWICE….Its not god damned High School like morons seem to think, you don’t herp derp im gonna get rid of this person cause I don’t like them….Herp derp im gonna be in a final 4 with herp derp this person who has been evicted twice and come back in both times……Anyone with an I.Q higher than that of a moldy banana would realize that Paul should have went up, Michelle should have been pulled down and Victor should have replaced her and then been sent to Jury THIS WEEK PERIOD since they had the perfect opportunity to get the ONE person NOBODY can beat in the final 2 out for good….NOBODY is going to have a better story to the jury than I was evicted twice, I won my way back in twice and won a few HoHs in between…….Again its not elementary school friendship stupidity, its a game that clearly ALOT of stupid people can’t figure out….

Bye meech



Vic needs to keep jumping on the bed between Nicole and Corey. He needs to look deeply into Corey’s eyes. Corey would do whatever Vic wanted (i.e. not vote out Paul) regardless of what Nic says.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

James is a weak man. This close and he’s rather go out with 10G instead of playing for it all. He has no chance with Nat when he gets out. Weak!!!


Oh but wait…..James thinks he is getting AFP again so I am sure he thinks he will be leaving with $35k

Just Me

James will be leaving with $35K if he takes the bribe. Vets are getting $25K.


James is that guy at Wal-Mart who blocks the whole aisle while he stocks the pickles and olives, then when you try to get past him, he says “You need some pickles?”


Well I’m sure the way he is currently looking at it is 1. He doesn’t think he is the target 2. 5k he has plus 5k for bribe plus 25k or more for jury (that’s what the returning bb players get for jury if i remember correctly) plus possible 25k for America’s favorite means he would be getting more than 2nd place

james starts the mist...

it slowly drifts into Nicole and within minutes you can see it work into Coreys head as well. well done Master James.

I hate the guy, but i acknowledge what he is doing, he has most viewers fooled. Derrick you have nothing on this man.


Huh..? what are you talking about??


Think about it: If I float that I could somehow, maybe be possibly persuaded to drop for $5K, knowing an “ally” has that power then 1) I’m showing him I trust him, 2) putting others into question since I might know something he doesn’t if I feel so safe, 3) test his loyalty since we know it’s possible 2 people will be playing who want me out, and 4) get the money in play, so the rest of the house starts talking about it and it’s impact.

Putting it out there that I might take it means nothing. It’s not a commitment, but it is a mind game to see how the person in power responds. The word spreads (it didn’t happen alone, one on one for a reason) and it only increases the mind game. James worded it very carefully, so he can turn it down (he already won $5K), but does Corey offer it, do others push him too hard to, do others try to convince him to give it to them, and how does it play out, what might arise from it, does it change anything?

Stevie Wonder

I see…….


Once again proving how smart Paul and Vic have been. Why do you think they have been hanging out with Nic and Corey almost non-stop?… keep James from getting any alone time with them.


Meech is going, like another poster said Corey is kinda mesmerized by the guys… Amazing Nicole hasn’t caught onto it.. Bye Big Meech go gang up on Paulie in jury…..

Another anonymous

Kind of mesmerized? Lmao! He’s in LOVE with Vic.

Austins ratty hair

He needs the easy cash for delinquent child support payments

Big Jim

Thumbs up if you hate Nicole’s whiny flip flop ass as much as I do

Lawon's brilliant strategy

Corey would love to backdoor victor…And put him on the block after the POV comp


I just watched season 13 and remembering Lawon talk about being in a milk sandwich…hahahaha. He was hilarious..bad game play but lots of laughs..Thanks Lawon


Ok, now James is just delusional saying that him and Nat are the only ones who can beat Vic! Did they put pot in those brownies he ate the other day, cuz I think he is still high!!!

Franks fumes

He’s delusional allright bragging to Nat he gave the wall comp to nic…… he was shaking like a leaf and was afraid nic would embarrass him….the so called endurance king


Ummm if ANY of those morons think they are beating Victor in a final 2 situation they are either delusional or mentally retarded….We already know Nicole and Corey are since they are TOO STUPID to realize they should have gotten rid of Victor this week…..You clearly have to be mentally retarded when you talk as if your game beasts, obviously safety helmet special when you can’t figure out Victor has been evicted twice, wins ALOT and you want to be in a final 4 deal with him and Paul…..Hell Paul is obviously beyond mentally retarded if he wants to actually go into the final 2 with Victor NOBODY is beating him….NOBODY can beat evicted twice and comes back twice….But obviously morons like Nicole are too worried about Im caddie I don’t like Michelle she needs to go, the actual competition beast should stay cause I don’t like Michelle

No DE Dumbasses

They all know how many days they’ve been in there and how many days they have the math you stupid girl and realize there is no DE! Without her f^ck buddy beside her in that bed 24/7 she can’t function and think..stupid sulky snake


UMMMM…after Thursday, there are 6 people left with 3 more evictions. So what you’re saying is that there will be a Final 3 instead of Final 2 for the jury to vote on?

And you think Nicole can’t do math???????????


There will not be another double eviction. I’m going to assume this season plays out like past seasons have, so here is how it will go:

Thursday, September 1st – Eviction from 7 to 6
Thursday, September 8th – Eviction from 6 to 5
Monday, September 12th (It will air on the Wednesday episode) – Eviction 5 to 4
Thursday, September 15th – Live POV Ceremony and Eviction from 4 to 3
Wednesday, September 21st – Finale Night with the final jury member getting evicted (3 to 2)


Oh my gosh James was two weeks behind on child support because he lost his job. Let’s hang’em high. Please get over this. Some people are ready to crucify the man for being poor. I’m not a James fan. I can take him or leave him but bringing that up is ridiculous.

Franks fumes

Look I’m not going to judge James but they don’t arrest father’s for 2weeks delinquency of child support….. in fact its rarely enforced for months of failure to pay unless there is a Judges order ….don’t let him off to easy.


In South Carolina, it takes 6 months without payment before a warrant for arrest can be issued. Not sure where 2 weeks came from.


In most states you can’t even be taken back to court by the petitioner for failure to pay until you are 30 days behind. At that time you will receive a court date which is another month or two down the line. If you’re behind you have to come in front of the judge and explain why. I have never seen a judge put out a warrant for someone fot being two weeks behind. That’s very unlikely.

In the event you should lose your job, they always give you X amount of time to find one. If by that time you haven’t, or you fail to appear, then the judge will issue a warrant. People are typically only jailed for being so far behind in arrears, or simply for non compliance. I don’t believe for one second James was put in jail for missing 2 weeks of payments.


Sorry, no, I work in this field and you have to be egregiously behind and demonstrating a serious resistance to making payments before they give you jail time. The courts work with parents when adversity, like job loss, occurs. He must have been unwilling to work with them in return.

Corey's spaced out

Corey has ADHD that explains a lot. His eyes are always oscillating back and forth and I believe it’s due to his medication. All that tension goes to his creepy looking eyes. I was wondering why he space out all the time. Being on slop makes him look like he’s dying inside. Sometimes he attentive with lots of enthusiasm and other times he’s in la la land or zombie looking. Its really awkward to watch on the live feeds. How is it possible for medication to cause someone’s behavior to change drastically..

Butters Mom

He’s not able to focus and is spaced out because he said he is NOT taking his ADHD medication because production told him it gives him an unfair advantage in the comps.

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

James sucks at comps. He has never won a mental comp in his two seasons. He is as dumb as a bag of dirt.

Of course he will take 5 grand to “throw the comp” . The dude is a pile of cow dung. Nothing more.


Oh, Honey! James is intentionally losing comps. He’s said it so much at least 100 times this summer, “time for me to throw this comp.” His 1 HOH is all the blood on his hands he’s willing to wash. Frank was a huge target, and it’s enough of a target to give him solid credit from the jury in a final 2 scenario against anyone else.

And listen, Jaaaaaamezzzzzzz has been true to everything he’s told those jury members. If he makes it to final 2, he will win the game. Just wait. You’ll see, Darlin’! Just wait.

It’s too early to make a prediction because so much of this game depends on comp scenarios. But, if James ends up in F2, he will win against anyone but Nat.

Vic & Paul are threats to showmances, so they will be targeted after Michelle is gone.

I predict James will win the next HOH which will be DE. He will put Vic & Paul up. Vic will go then Corey could be up with Paul….it’s all up to the hands of fate from there.


So you’re saying all you have to do is predict your own failure ahead of time and that automatically means you were able to accomplish it?? That’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.
“Well, looks like I’m gonna have to go ahead and throw this application into Harvard. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I could get into that school”
“Well, looks like I’m gonna have to go ahead and throw this sexual encounter. I would want anyone to know I could actually last longer that 2 minutes.”

Gordon Ramsey

If Michelle goes it will be three ‘Mances against each other. Could be good …

Jake K.

Especially agree with this. The next HOH will be hesitant to put up anyone but a full couple (rather than splitting between two) because you would have a 2/3 chance of the veto being used and forcing your hand to nominate someone else. In other words say Vic were to win HOH. Putting up Nic and James would do nothing but increasing your odds of making waves with literally half the people remaining. Idk but if I were them, I may consider skipping out putting too much effort in HOH and going hard for veto

Geez Louise

This about the time every week production let’s James in on what is really happening in the game vs his completely wrong idea of what’s happening. Nearly every week he has some “epiphany” and changes his “thoughts”. Also about this time production manipulates Nicole into doing whatCBS wants. Dang, James is unable to see logic in any and all situations.


I bet next week’s jury segment is gonna be hilarious with Meech and Paulie


Nicole and Corey outside the house…no you hang up… you hang up… you hang up… you hang up……gawd has there ever been two more annoying sloths in this house? No you hang up


This post seriously mad me laugh out loud! It is so true- Only it would be more like: Coreeeeeeyyyyyy- no you hang uuuuuuuuuuup.


That’s funny as hell! Great comment. So true.

James doesn't pay child support

James is utter trash…

Franks fumes

Well the circle of care package failure will be complete if James gets the 5k for throwing a comp he cant win anyway…….I’m tired of that little weasel being rewarded for nothing!


Best part about Victor’s return….Another week for Paulie with the girls in jury. Still no bro time lol

Michelle Thief???

Hi Simon. Can you tell us the time stamp of when Michelle told Natalie last night that she has stolen other house guests items and plans to sell them on eBay? I missed it but it is all over Twitter. A few weeks back, Michelle’s sister who runs her Twitter said that Michelle stoke a perfume tester from Jc Penney and was banned from the mall and had to pay a fine of $200. Maybe she likes to steal.


I didn’t hear it. If someone doesn’t give you a timestamp for something like than don’t believe it.


That totally sounds like something she would do.

sunny dee

michelle is like the new Meg. Funny how delusional she is also about what is going on in the house. Corey doesn’t really like Vic, she says. OK, got it lol.

And since we know corey hasn’t got an ounce of strategy in him, it’s just more funny she would even think that is true.

fwiw, i think 2nd prize on the show is too low. with first at 500K why isn’t 2nd 50K, makes no sense, there is no incentive for the returning vets if they think they aren’t getting 1st place to even try hard since we know they get a flat fee of 25K. so do they get the 25K in the contract plus the F2 prize money? like james won extra 5 K, plus his 25K, and he would think maybe AFP, and the bribe, could someone evicted at 5th spot actually get more $$ than 2nd place winner?

just saying, if the vets were smart they would have done themselves a sweet deal. 25 k for 3 months is a pretty good deal, on top of other things, even better.


Surely production is pushing for Paul to stay…. What a snore fest the house would be without him there.


This update pretty much shows exactly that. When Paul isn’t around, it’s just the same old boring whining from the others.


I think Cory is mad that Nicole brought up voting Paul out. He us completely down with Paul and Vic with the final 4 deal.


Are all the HGs that cooks in Jury? They been goin crazy on the snacks…. It’s almost like they been smoking weed and they got munchies..

Franks fumes

Production tells the HOH to act like there gonna flip…….for the phoney drama so the week wont be so boring……guess what it’s still boring!


With a half ass season CBS gave us this summer, I starting watching BB Allstars again. Which has me wondering will BB20 be an Allstar cast? Will Janelle come back and finally win? I’m sorry but none of the girls left even compare to a Janelle, Rachel or Danielle. Big Brother gods please so better with your future casting!


I don’t think Paul and Victor will honor this final 4 deal. They want the vets out. Their ideal final 4 is them plus Nat and Corey.


Corey is probably acting weird because he just realized that Nicole is probably going to flip back and want him to vote to keep Meech thus proving her loyalty to James. If James is indicating he can be bribed, Corey should bribe him to vote Meech out or give it to Nicole to break the tie to get Meech out. It certainly has a better chance of working than trying to get Vic to vote out Paul

Only can wish

It doesn’t matter who is evicted on Thursday, Victor has to win HOH or POV to last another week. It’s best for him to win POV next week rather than HOH, he can play in the following week. If Paul stays, they can take turns winning HOH and POV. I will be really disappointed if Victor has fought so hard to get back in the game twice and then doesn’t make Final 2. It would be like he did it all for nothing. He would definitely have my vote for AF.
I’m really trying to see what some of you all see as far as Nicole’s, James, Natalie’s and Michelle ‘s game plays. I honestly can’t see them in Final 2 or winning 500K. It’s more to the game than all of them, excepted ( Corey/ Nicole) just getting Paulie evicted.
Next season BB should have an all new cast that is not related to past HGS, NO VETS, brand new comp. games, no production or DR discussions, no care packages, no showmances & no HG return to game (since people are complaining about Victor 2nd comeback). Get it together BB!


BBAD: as a former hair stylist, I am CRINGING watching Nicole rip a brush through her tangled wet hair. I seriously don’t know how she doesn’t have significant hair loss doing that! The sound is making my skin crawl – someone please get that girl to cut a good 4″ off and buy some decent hair products. I know this might sound ridiculous, but I remember it from her first season and it made me wince then. This is going to be a sloooow week if this is what’s annoying to me.

Tyson's Mom

Omg, right?! None of these girls learned to use a fat comb to combine out tangles. She must have major split ends. Rationed, use a fat comb and start at the end of the hair!


I have hair down to my hips and its curly and never tangled….its called cream rinse? If you don’t want to use it on your scalp, then at least run it thru your ends….duh

production rigged it

Maybe i’m missing something but people have brought up the pre-show alliance between Nicole and James, but if this is legit then why is Nicole teaming up with Paul/Victor who want James out and saying that she will never trust James. It could be just an act but if her and James really do have a final 2 then she will vote out Paul this Thursday and if she doesn’t and votes out Michelle then that will prove that they didn’t have a deal before they came into the house. Plus if they have a final 2 there would be no way she would take a gamble on Paul/Victor winning HOH knowing they’re going to put James up so she would vote Paul out and hope Corey could explain to Victor that it was the best move but they’ve also said before that they wanted Paul/Victor to win the double eviction. So who knows what she’s really gonna do maybe she really does have a final 2 with James and she’s just doing what production is telling her so there will be some drama for the viewers because people are speculating on what she’s gonna do or maybe she doesn’t have a final 2 with James, I guess we will find out on Thursday. Let”s see if she makes the right move or not.


I think James and Nicole had an alliance early on but since she has now hooked up with Corey, I don’t think she really wants to take him to final 2 anymore. However, it is quite obvious that she doesn’t want to backstab James herself so that is why she wants to keep Paul and Vic. After last week, those 2 are gunning for Jatalie and Meech. If she takes out Meech by using the “she was coming after me” excuse, then she honored her promise she made in the HOH comp to keep Jatalie safe and can continue the innocent act of not having any part of him or Natalie being evicted. It’s pretty lame because she might have a better chance in F2 with James but she is just too needy for Corey that i would be absolutely shocked if she flipped on him. Since she has already had a long term relationship with another BB player outside of the house, she probably thinks her and Corey will do the same.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Ratcole, I feel so ashamed that we liked you in BB16. You are the fugliest human being there is, and all the bad Crustine received was nothing compared to what you deserve.

Ratcole Franzel we truly HATE YOU!


Michelle is a known enemy to Nicole so taking her out is obvious and causes no real problems other than James/Nat lose their advantage of having a third (too bad, don’t give away your HOH). Nicole literally gets no enemies by this vote and Michelle has to go sometime soon anyway so why not.

Out here in viewer land we see Paul is the biggest player of the bunch but in the house he’s been a back burner, always on the block kind of guy and they don’t fear him as they should. He’ll be in the final two I’m betting.