Porsche ups her game “Rachel says no one comes between her and her man but if i’m second in the Jury She won’t be going down the aisle” **updated**

7:52pm Havenots Kalia and Porsche They are sizing up Shelly’s and Adam’s ability in comps.. They think both will be awesome and questions but crappy at physical comps. Porsche points out how much Adam has improved.

Porsche says that Shelly is a Big Brother superfan, “notice how the first week you could ask her and Adam anything about BB… but that all seemed to stop once people started talking about her and Big BRother ”

Porsche says their side made some huge mistakes, they got rid of 2 players that could of used. Porsche and Kalia start to unravel what went wrong this season. Kalia thinks the mistake started with them trying to backdoor jeff when Dom was on the block. Kalia: “Dom was safe Adam was suppose to go home” Porsche brings up Them putting Lawon up was pretty stupid. When they lost Lawon they lost a vote and when they lost Dom they lost a competitor.

Kalia is saying that the whole plan to backdoor Jeff was too early..

8:06pm Kitchen POrsche, Dani and Adam
Porsche tells them her DR zinger: “Rachel says no one comes between her and her man but if i’m second in the Jury She won’t be going down the aisle”

8:17pm Dani and KAlia

Dani calls rachel a floater (Drink) says that she was offering deals to Dani when she was HOH and now that the power has shifted she’s moved to JJ.

Kalia mentions that told told Rachel she was surprised she’s so chummy with JJ because they voted Brendon out.. Rachel explained to kalia it was because JJ didn’t want to go back on the house. Dani thinks rachel is a floater if KAlia had won the HOH rachel would be hanging out with them playing nice talking shit about JJ.

Kalia she wants to try and talk Jeff into keeping the nominations the same she thinks they can get the votes..

Dani says if she goes up she has no chance to stay.. Everyone is acting “super sketch” Dani feels they will take this opportunity to take her out.

Kalia warns dani about Shelly. Dani knows she doesn’t tell Shelly anything.

8:54pm Shelly thinking up her next 50 lies

9:00pm Rachel, Porsche and Kalia chit chat

(Rachel is getting very friendly with Kalia and Porsche..)

9:27pm Card games chit chat ..

9:57pm Kalia working the house yo.. mad social game ;)

10:31pm All 4 feeds poker

11:05pm Hottub Rachel, JEff, Jordan rachel and Jordan. Rachel saying how good it feels to not have to worry she’s going up. Jordan: “We have to worry about next week though” rachel agrees says she’s pretty sure it’s true false based on the zingbot things.

11:23pm Hot tub Jordan and rachel
Rachel thinks the best option is for them to put up Dani but if they want to keep her then Rachel would like POrsche gone. Rachel says that POrsche is with Shelly and Adam.. Rachel points out that Adam wasn’t even trying for the Veto because he knew if he won it he would need to choose between JJ and Porsche.

(Rachel wants Kalia safe and Dani Gone)

Rachel thinks if they can evict Dani this week and win the next HOH they can get rid of Porsche. She adds that the next HOH after that Jeff can win it. Jordan tells her she knows Rachel is excited because their winning now but she doesn’t want to get too ahead with the scenarios.
Rachel is thinking that double eviction will be at the end of this week.
Rachel says that Dani has to go,
Jordan: “If Dani and Jeff were the final 2 Dani would win”
Rachel: “Oh I think so 2 100%.. i’m playing for second place.. . If he can get rid of Dani then we’re set.. That will be HUGE HUGE move”
Rachel goes on and on about how they need to get rid of Dani. Rachel: “Dani is the type of player that will keep winning POV.. Like Brendon”.

Rachel really works the angle that Jeff cannot beat Dani in the final 2 because Dani has Shelly and Adams vote.

(Rachel basically shit her pants about how Dani needs to go this week.. Jordan didn’t add much)

11:50pm Dani and Shelly Shelly telling her nobody has a clue what Jeff is going to do. Shelly adds that Jeff won’t even tell Jordan, Jordan says she wants to be surprised. Dani says if she goes up she’s going up for a reason.

Shelly comments how cool Dani has been and how Kalia is freaking out. Dani: “That’s how Kalia is”. Shelly asks her who Dani would vote for K or P. Dani shoots straight at the straight shooter.. dodges the question says she’s so close to both of them. Proceeds to explain how on her last season she really didn’t like anyone but this season she’s met some awesome people…. They drift into chit chat..

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244 thoughts to “Porsche ups her game “Rachel says no one comes between her and her man but if i’m second in the Jury She won’t be going down the aisle” **updated**”

  1. Porsche should just say that out loud to everyone. Rachel will freak, ask to be put up and voted out.

    If Porsche actually pulls that off, it’d be the greatest thing in BB history.

    1. That would be so awesome and Rachel would totally melt down. Wow that would be the greatest move in BB history for sure.

      1. I agree 100% with you. Porsche has had the hots for Brenden all along. That is why she got so close to the two at the beginning. She wanted Rachael evicted when Brenden saved her, so she could have him to herself in the house. It is sad that so many people are Rachael haters. Look at some of the other house guests and how low down they really are and production helps by making Rach look like a demon just to increase ratings.

      2. Except for the fact that you’re whining and complaining when it’d be a great game move on Porsche’s part. Seriously, if you want high brow or morally all-encompassing TV – watch a documentary on the Boy Scouts. Anyone who watches Big Brother for any type of moral compass needs to change the channel.

  2. This may sound absurd, but I think DKP all have a chance of staying. I know you’re thinking I’m an idiot right now but here me out. P got “something” from the the Diary Room and was not allowed to speak about it on Tue or Wed. Someother poster and I speculated it was the DPOV (Diamond Power of Veto). If it in fact is the DPOV the regular POV is nullifed and the holder (P) can pull anyone off the block and nominate anyone else except the HOH. P would pull herself off and have ShelHe nominated.
    DPR evict ShelHe
    JA evict Kalia
    ShelHe is evicted

    I know this is a long shot but you never know.
    Team Dani, Yo!
    BTW: the DPOV has been given like twice before (correct me if I am wrong).

    Just reposting this here.

      1. I think the tv audience will know if a secret power is coming into play. Like I bet we’ll now when the fortume teller is going to talk, it won’t be a surprise to us.

    1. That would be awesome. I’m team dani too. but they wouldn’t just give something to porsche, they would either have america’s vote, or pandora’s box or something. I’m hoping everything will be like you said, but I dont think there’s much chance.

    2. DPOV was only given to someone as HOH though (per the Pandora’s Box comment). But Porsche did say something about DR so IDK. I also wonder if she said that to start a rumor so no one would f with her, though, because they would be too scared of what “power” she held. If you think about it, who announces to any of the HGs that they received something good when they actually did.
      Maybe a family member had a baby or something and Production let her know. Who knows….I cannot wait to find out for sure.

      1. She has been going in and out getting all the rules about what toucan and cant do i think production is pretty pathetic when people can now steal others stuff only not trash cuz they think it makes for good tv.She also left with the have not rules once.They’d NEVER give a power like that people come on get serious and If so CBS would have guess what’s coming or some bullshit like that on their website.If Dani goes She goes the what ifs are getting way more stupid.

    3. yes it has but usually america votes as to who gets it production doesn’t just decide to give it because they want to change an hoh nominations because that wouldn’t be fair it would be like cheating becasue they are suppose to be nutral so if the dpov was in play we would have know about it and could vote so i highly doubt it

    4. Wow deluded much?!! Why would Porsche get a power…yeah right of all people. AND they would just give it to her?! Lol. Porsche is a muppet who doesn’t know her right hand from her left. Sorry all you D/K/P fans can keep dreaming. Dani is going home. Team Dani is officially going to be killed this week. Karma is a bitch!

      1. YES THEY ARE! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out it’s double eviction week YES!!!!!

        1. Sorry, “TheChosenOne”, in case there was any doubt, this one was for you:
          Speaking of being delusional ……take a look at your name!!!!

          Pot…….meet Kettle! ;-)

      2. That’s just the dilusional Dani fans making shit up to keep from crying.Pacer was only called to DR about her screwing with the muscle milk and walked out saying something about the dr.Even if her worthless ass had a power,she can only remove herself and replace another,JJ have all the votes and Cowlia would still go home.The twist that is coming will probally be nxt wk and it will be the fortune teller either giving the hg’s hints on where to find the token veto or telling 1 hg where to find it. Dani is going to Brendon this wk…bet on it!!!!!!!

    5. Dani fans are so crazy with their ideas. Porsha getting a Diamond POV? Yeah right, and pigs fly….

      It’s over Dani fans, Dani is going home!
      See ya

    6. Yo Yo RC24, that is sooo absurd its not even funny, The Diamond Power Of Veto, happens with Pandora’s Box and/or when America voted for someone in the house to get it ie Jeff. TV audience would know about something like this and would NEVER vote Porche to win anything !! CBS may shape the game they want it, but they certainly dont arbitrarily give powers to someone just because they want to ? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN, STUPID THOUGHT !!

  3. Boy George and the cave man are not getting married regardless. Brendon is gonna have to much pussy thrown at him when this season is done

  4. A poker game full of fish! If I was in that game I’d own all the M&M’s in the house!!! They’d melt in my pocket, not in your hands.

    1. haha hat’s what i was thinking. I was thinking they would give dani some power so that she could stay cuz she’s the only one who’s making the show entertaining, and if she leaves, there will be one side (dani is the head of DKP) and the game will be extremely boring. Let’s hope

    2. Dude, that will be stupid. The production won’t allowed it. Beside, it will be totally biase. Therefore, Dani is gone for good.

      1. starting to think ur the most annoying poster on here!!!! get over Big Jeff isnt going win…. Im betting its going be Dani and Rachel in final two

        1. I agree with you Jordan the retard this Captain whatever their name is obsessed with Jeff…Geessshh get over yourself…Jeff is not going to win & if he does he won’t be sharing his winnings with you!!

      2. I pray if its Jeff and Jordan in the final .. i pray Jordan still beats out that douchebag!!! But im really praying that neither of two make it.. but CBS isnt going let anyone else win it!!!! I’m betting that CBS will rig up fake wedding for JJ

        1. OMG, For the record. I went to High School w/ Jeff. Not a stalker. What kind a stupid question is that? Anyone, tell me that I’m a stalker. I will keep respond million time.

          1. you are super creepy…. maybe CBS should look into.. Jeff may need to get a restraining order against u… i swear ive near seen someone stalker like and obessed with jeff like you.

          2. You are a stalker , who cares if you went to school with that asshole, you will not get any of his money…..he will be home next month so u can stick your head up his ass like Shelly & Adam do so well !!! Get over yourself & get a life….Obsessed Jerk!!

            1. OMG, Clive. Is your brain working. First of all. I’m close friends of his. Secondly, what kind a stupid question is that? You don’t care. I’m just a former High school classmate of his. And Finally, do I care about the winnings? HUH!!!!! Answer it! What you think? Yeah that what I thought. You don’t know anything about Jeff. Just shut up.

              1. its very creepy that you say u went to school with him… omg.. i pray CBS checks into u before they release jeff from the show.. ur a dangerous person

              2. omg… Big Brother Production just stuck their lips to the ass cheeks of Jeff… Now we have Adam, Shelly and Big Brother production team attached to Jeffs ass cheeks!

                1. how old are you people? ffs I understand, a little at least, the garbage that is said in the house, they are bored and stressed! However, you guys? Amazing

              3. Seeing how you know everything about pizza boy, answer me this, how long did the 2 of you date? Did you go to the prom together or just stay in the closet through highschool?

            1. U 2 Lance! Call me Stalker again? Secondly, if you have a problem about me being a supporter for Jeff. Say it to my face. If not, Just Shut your mouth.

            1. Shut up! You piss me off. What are you talking about. Jeff and I are students. We just met through lunchroom or through a hallways. Just Shut up.

              1. If you were a freshman when he was a senior the that would make you around 29 years old?? Haha and the way you talk you sound like a 12 year old. I bet you had a big crush on Jeff too and probably still do.

          3. I am with ya captain! Ignore team dani- they talk mad shit but when losing got nothing. We laugh loudest!

    3. That would be very lame. I actually kind of like Dani, but she’s annoying me now and I would like to see her go home. I want to see how she reacts to being evicted for the first time and I want to see Porsche and Kalia scramble.

    4. That makes since because think about it,Dani has made this season alot more interesting and if she leaves the ratings will probably go down,so for that i just dont see her leaving,i also think there may possibly be another twist.

  5. All you that want dani out this week…. Please tune into BBAD and see the lameness going on…. welcome to your new world. These people are wack

    1. lol like Dani is up and about doing some huge moves?? Laying in the have not room not talking to anyone hmmm she is suppose to be the exciting one?

      1. UH yeah I’m not talking about tonight obviously…. This is an example of what the house will be like when shes gone- and this is the only time she’s ever been quiet and isolated… Shes said several times she feels sick.
        She talks game and has interesting conversation… the rest of them talk about mind numbing BORING crap

    2. Dani has been hiding in the HOH room for the last 3 weeks and hardly ever talks to anybody but Porsche and Kalia. They’re about the least exciting thing in the house.

  6. Ahh Rachel is preparing to take Dani’s spot as the leader of KP if Dani goes. That might be smart of her if they will go along with it.

  7. Dani will be enjoying going to Jury House after being evicted
    1st Double Eviction-Jeff (HOH): Decided vote
    Evicted Dani: Rachel, Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Porsche (Flipped)
    Evicted Kaila: None (Unless Porsche will stay her alliance or flipped)
    Dani-Eviction (2nd Jury)
    2nd Double Eviction-Rachel (HOH):Decided Vote
    Evicted Kaila:Jeff, Jordan,Adam,Shelly
    Evicted Porsche:None
    Kaila-Eviction (3rd Jury)

    1. Rachel can’t lead an army. They’ll mutiny and Rachel will kill anyone who’s prettier than her (ie. everyone but Adam/Shelly).

  8. Dawg, do u think kalia will find out about the “kalia the hut” reference or do they not find out about internet blogs?

      1. Dick@Nite is a good show! I caught it last night… I watched the episode with Cassie, Lewon, Dom, and Keith. Dick was hilarious! He had Howie and James on as well. Definitely worth checking out!

  9. rachel a floater, dani r u serious… DKP should never have trusted shelly, and u should taken brenchels deal, now u are probably going to jury dani..sorry, OMG rachel is building her social game( good job)…

    1. Agreed. Brenden has openly admitted that he would have backdoored Dani (and not in the good way). She would have been stupid to take a deal from either Brenden or Jeff.

    2. Yeah, but Dani never gave them a chance to show whether they would…. Dani backed out the deal first and Brendon said MAYBE because JJ wasn’t 100% loyal to BR anyways

    3. Don’t forget that Dani was making deals WITH BOTH JJ AND BR at the same time! so yeah I DARE Dani say that again!

    4. Yeah , brenden told julie chen that he probably was not going to honor the deal he tried to make with dani

    5. ILL WILL, enlighten me: where did you hear or read that Brendon would have not kept his end of the deal? I missed Thursday’s show and I read an interview on different websites (not the official CBS one) that he would have.

  10. Considering for Jeff to keep in the game, he’d have to win every second HOH and to depend on Jordan is like wearing Depends diapers to look good! Expecting Rachel to stay sane is like expecting gas to drop back to 1990 levels, ain’t going to happen. So a floater will boot out Jeff on the off week he doesn’t compete in a HOH.

    Dani made one smart move when talking with J&J, told them Kalia is good at T/F and other questions, something J&J are useless at, so don’t be surprised if the noms remain the same and Dani is expected to get rid of Rachel next week killing any chance of jury house votes anyhow with BR never going to give Dani the money or Jordan or Adam or Shelly.

    Jeff only wins the 500k if Jordan is sitting next to him anyone else besides Dani and he loses because he won’t have Dani, BR, Porch or Kalia’s votes.

    1. Wrong again,if it was Jeff/Dani final 2…Jeff would beat her,he has the votes—J/B/R/S/A Dani—P/K no way BR votes for the person that evicted them,plus Rachel hates Dani…but we don’t have to worry about that because her ass is gone come Thursday and I for one think it’s funny as hell.A wk ago all you Dani fans was saying how BR would be loyal to Dani and she should take the deal,now you change your mind after the fact.Her fans are about as smart as her Alliance and we see how they are.So get ready Thurs to never watch BB again this season,as Dani fans have been crying all day “If Dani leaves,i’m done with this season” waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jordan will win without doing anything. Now Dani should go home for not backdooring Jeff
    Good bye Dani. I was rooting for you but you made too many bad moves. And Kalia don’t get me
    started with her.

    1. Jordan won’t win…Nobody in the Jury House is going to vote for her…She has already won, She isn’t doing a damn thing again, but worst this time. She hasn’t had to worry about anything, that will catch up with her…Jordan wont be repeating…She hasn’t earn anything and everybody knows it!!!

      1. Absolutely no chance of Jordum winning. HGs would just as soon give it to the biggest floater elected (Jordum’s 2nd from the top with S being #1 … in my opinion), than see Jordum win it again. However, it pisses me off to think she may even win $50K for doing jack shit (don’t even think that her winning the HoH was her victory; it was Jeff & Brendum throwing it to her).

        1. I am so glad you have the ability to see things that never happen because you can know for sure that brendon and Jeff would have made a lower score if they had actually tried!!!!!

          1. Kasi: (come close & listen) can you say “DELUSIONAL”!!!!!

            On what planet do think Jeff & Brendum couldn’t have beaten Jordum at the putting comp, had they tried?!!!

            Quick Kasi, send me your address and I’ll call your local pharmacy and have your perscription refilled ASAP! ;-)

            1. STFU DR!!!!!!!! Rachel even said Brendon hates golf and sucks at it. I believe last wk I schooled you on winning comps mean shit (Dr.Will,Jun) Best 2 players in the history of BB agree (Evel Dick,Dr.Will) Jordon won the golf game in her season also,so you can’t say they woulda beat her and when your on a team,if that team mate has beaten your compitition,there is no reason to even try.Apparently you don’t watch the feeds,Jordon only talks serious game with Jeff and actually what she says is usually spot on.Your the worst Dani fan on here,you bash everybody and anybody that is not a Dani fan or is not in her Alliance.Get off it already,we know you hate Jordon,but every fuk’n post of yours is you bashing her.Crawl back in your hole you worm!!!!!!!!!

    1. They’ve mentioned it but they think it’s probably after this week. Jeff said him & Jordan need to make it past Double eviction lil do they know it’s this week. LOL

  12. this is exactly whats going to happen….dani is going to get evicted guaranteed. Rachel is going to take over as leader of KP alliance. HOH comp- either P or R are going to win if its a physical or endurance comp…if it’s questions, kalia has a shot. RKP are going to put up shelly nd jeff and after that they have all the votes in the house.

    if there smart that’s whats going to happen…but you never know with bb

  13. Big Jeff has got alot of thinking to do between now & Monday if Shelly & Adam take their lips off his ass long enough for him to think straight! He’s probably going to put Dani on the block, he get’s rid of her his only competition is that whack job Rachael, he knows if he leaves Kalia or Porsche in the game they will come after him if they win HOH , Kalia’s won 1 HOH & Porsche has come close a few times so he also has to think about that it’s just a matter of time before she wins, His so called alliance is useless @ comps they’re just good for jury votes they’re too dumb to realize that…It would not surprise me 1 bit if a floater won BB13!!! Fast Forward to the season finale…these HG’s are horrible!! LOL

  14. Jeff, use the POV on Porsche already. EVAL Dick, are you watching right now. Take a look at your Worthless spineless daughter of yours. Danielle will get the evicted. That will be totally sucked right now. One down, two more to go.
    First, Veterans already took out all members of Regulators. Next, Veterans will take out DKP Alliance.

    1. Ok post readers I’ve tried to ignore this Captain…whatever his name is I believe this Jerk is maybe Jeff’s boyfriend or something he sure sticks up for Jeff what are you afraid he won’t share his winnings with you calm down he will be home soon instead of hating Dani u need to be hating Jordan cuz she’s the other woman, but then again I see why you hate Dani cuz she’s standing in the way of your man winning the $500,000!! I’ll be glad when he get’s back to you in September so u can takeover Adam & Shelly’s job that being having your lips glued to Jeff’s ass!! ENOUGH SAID!!

        1. I am a huge BB fan now. I was only introduced to it starting with BB11. I didn’t care for the cast of BB12 and lost interest 2 weeks into it. That being said, I’m a huge Jeff fan. I can’t for the life of me understand why the posters here keep targeting Captain for his/her posts. I enjoy them when he/she’s not forced to defend him/herself. This is BB. We love it for it’s cattiness and division but this isn’t politics. Everyone’s entitled to support a cast member. Clearly everyone Team Dani who cheered the last 3 weeks has resorted to bullying when the chips don’t fall their way. It comes off badly. Keep up the support Captain.

          1. I personally can’t stand brenchal and j/j. I want dani to win and even better if a newbie. But if someone on here claims to know one of the contestants, it doesn’t really mean anythihg to me. Its not something that any of us can prove or disprove.

      1. OMG, This totally stupid first of all. I’m not a stalker okay. I’m telling a Truth. If you want a prove that I went to High School with Jeff. Here is a prove. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ridgewood_High_School_(Illinois)
        I went to Ridgewood High School with Jeff. Do you think that I’m a stalking my old classmate Jeff? HUH, Tell me. Do you know anything about Jeff? Post this to me and tell me your answer.

        1. you’re a very scary person..you need medication.. i pray CBS helps Jeff look into you and places a restraining order against u

        1. I am very confused, is this site not abt comments regaurding bb and those who are cast members? Cause all i seem to be seeing is alot of name calling and bullshit. I get some on here r for Dani and some for Rachel and some like me are for Jeff an Jordan, thats life some ppl will like u some wont and the same goes for players in the game, but whats with the name calling, i was seriously about to donate to this site, but am currently appalled at some of the things ive seen posted. is the thing ran by two year olds? grow up ppl. and some explain to me how is jeff an abusef? he is nothing but sweet to jordan unlike the way brendon treats rachel. that dude wld have talked to me the way he does her he’d be picking up some teeth.

          1. Do you not watch the feeds? I’m guessing from your post your just a CBSer and you come to sites like this to get the other happenings in the house. CBS gives Jeff a superb edit, and they would never show how much of a douchelord Jeff really is. He yells and snaps at Jordan all the time! Just the other day he told Jordan she needs to start winning- he then screamed at her he helped her win 500k before and is probably helping her again! I know their relationship is over, and I just feel bad for Jordan because her friends and family will see she’s dating an opportunist.

            SN: anyone else see how he flipped out when Jordan told him she didn’t like V8?

      2. Come on Jason. Do you think that I’m stalking my former Ridgewood High School Student? HUH!!!! Do you know anything about Jeff? What High School he went? post me up for answer. If you are a man.

    2. SHUTUP….you are as annoying as Jeff I agree with some of these other posters you are obsessed with Jeff…I hope he get’s a restraining order against you you’re creepy, did they teach you anything in school being a supporter & obsessed are 2 different things & indeed you are obsessed…& a STALKER!! You need professional help!!

    3. Don’t be so desperate, bro. If it’s true, then great. But it sounds silly to argue about who you know on BB. Just focus on supporting your favorite player.

  15. If Dani leaves, the only thing that would make it entertaining is seeing shelly and rachel in f2 bc all of the drama that it would bring. GIRL FIGHT!

  16. What is so great about dani. All she is is a spoiled brat, who is mean to everyone. SHE is afraid of Jeff and probably has a crush on him. She steals wine for pete’s sake, how entertaining is that. SHE HAS TO GO!! she is the most boring HG. I know she thinks if she makes F2 and takes Kalia she will win, but, please, send her to THE HEADLESS ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

    1. She’s a great competitor with an actual personality and a decent brain. In every one of those categories she leaves Jordumb in the dust.

      1. dude, It’s Captainwedgiearchnemesis. We have two captains. I’m captainwedgiearchnemesis. and other one is just Captain.

  17. Dani may be out the door come thursday…..but she will get my vote for America’s player!! It will be funny if Big Jeff’s ass goes right behind her!!!

    1. Don’t think so. Dani will be joining by Kaila. oh yeah Jeff will win America Houseguest. Because America loves Jeff. Not Dani.

      1. u really are a obsessed person… the thing is… im sure ur an overweight housewife that big jeff wouldnt give the time of the day to….lol

        1. SHELLYS CIG, what kind a stupid question is that? I’m not a obessed. I went to High school w/Jeff in Norridge Illinois. Jeff went to Ridgewood High school in Norridge Illinois. I went to Ridgewood as well. Do you think that I’m a stalker? Better think careful and realize that I’m not a stalker. Beside, I’m from Illinois, just like Jeff.
          If you want prove about Jeff’s High School. Here is the prove.
          That’s prove. I’m really a Jeff supporter. He represent all RHS.

          1. I agree Larry.. im actually scared for Jeff..I’m going contact CBS and inform them to look into Captain… he/she is creepy

          2. wow.. sounds like captain is somewhat unstable… please captain, dont hurt jeff.. please check yourself into the hospital.. get help.. please.. just calm yourself down…. ok.. trust me, get help and it will be ok

          3. WELL, I’ve known Jeffy longer than you.
            I knew Jeffy in Kindergarten and he was an a$$ back then. LOL

            Really dude, stop trying to prove you know Jeff, since you can’t do it.
            Besides, if Jeff has friends like you …………………………………

  18. So tell us how you really feel! She is doing what she needs to do to survive like B told her before he got evicted. (Play the middle when you do not have power and make a power move when you when HOH)

    1. my sentiments exactly. She is nowwwwwwwww playing the game the way she should have so long ago. being friends with everyone. its called making it to the end. duhhhhhhhhh

  19. if cbs lets dani go home this week they will realize they have the lowest rating ever and bring her back just like “america'” voted him back .. i call bullshit on production lol

  20. So it took me three times to realize what the title meant…i love it…if I wasnt married I’d do the same thing

  21. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that maybe Porsche received the DPOV when she went to the diary room & was not allowed to speak on it I think i missed something..does anyone else knows if it’s true or not??? I’m thinking maybe that’s why she is so calm & not freaking out like Kalia!!!!

    1. I don’t think so because they would either give it as Pandora’s Box like last season, or they would have america vote on which houseguest should get the pwer, so it is very unlikely that she has a DPOV or other power.

      1. You’re correct, the DPOV has to be set up in advance and it’s too late for Dani. Porsche is probably excited over something dumb, like cookie dough ice cream sandwiches or a new improved box of Tampons.

  22. Come on Jeff use your brain put that lying dani on the block and send her out the door now that you have the chance!!!

    1. So will I, she will get my vote for America’s player, although her bad decisions are prbly now going to bite her in the ass, but guess what Jeff will be bit in the ass soon enough!! Him & Jordan thinks Double eviction is maybe a another wk away but lil do they know…it’s thurs!

    2. Noelle continue to be team dani while watching her get the boot!! I will be voting for Brendon for Americans Favorite Player! what a great day for dani to turn 25 in th have not room and be on slop! Dani your Dad is a much better player then you, You got greedy to soon! Bye Bye Dani!!

  23. everyone please do yourself a favor and cancel your BBAD. it’s to boring and it’s a waste of money. this has to be the worst BB season ever. best way for the season to be successful is to let these dummies play out the rest of the season in a game of russian roulette.

  24. is Porsche saying she liked Brendon even the slightest. He is Hispanic she said that was her type since Miami has alot

  25. Brendon said he hates floaters. But before he left he told rachel to play both sides if she doesn’t win hoh.

    FLOATER! (Drink)

    1. As far as I know, many people got their worst luck around their birthday. got first, accidents, killed…So, got put on the block is not such a big deal!!

  26. Jesus people! The most exciting thing in this boring house was Rachel bothering Dani. They actually perk up a little when D told PSK about what R did to her. Otherwise all they do is eat. I’ve watched all 13 seasons of BB and this is the most boring by far. I can only hope R stirs up more shit.

    1. Jim, I agree with you 100% percent. This has got to be one of the worst ones., but I still love watching it. Jordan and Adam final two. Dumb and Dumber.Dani really could of won if she would of play her cards right, instead of getting so horny over a numbnut. It seems like floaters are starting to win this shit often.

  27. Sad to say this is the worse birthday I ever seen someone got. The fight with Rachel, the bad food, losing the POV, and everybody gloating – That girl has had enough and maybe getting out of that dysfunctional house is probably whats best for her

    1. Dani may not be going! Jeff may keep her because no one else can win competitions. He may make a deal with her. I am hoping he does. I think if he does Kalia will be the one going

  28. I might be in the minority, but I’m actually rooting for Rachel to win. The girl is unstable, but I think she is more deserving than the other players if Dani does go home. I am so sick of Jeff and Jordan, and the ass-kissers who are Shelly, Adam, and Kalia.

    1. I agree, if Dani gets evicted, Rachel should be the winner. Jeff and Jordan have won way too many prizes through all the BB comps and TAMR.

      1. I agree also, Rachael is next in line that should win it next to Dani who’s maybe going to the jury on thurs , the others are doing nothing @ all but riding coat tails it would not surprise me 1 bit if 2 floaters make it to the final 2, Jeff’s says he wants floaters gone but on the other hand he want’s Dani gone too why…bcuz she can beat him @ comps what a coward & the reason he’s been winning is because the 2 heavy hitters that can beat him are were not in the game…they might as well just write Jeff his check now because those other houseguets are useless I’ll be glad when they turn on each other this alliance crap is BS it’s getting to late in the game! CBS please FF to the season finale!!

  29. Too bad Dani fans that Am Player aint there to save her dumb ass. I bet production is building a pandoras box right now that sez ” Jeff here is another golden key to F2 but Dani has to be the other f2!”

    1. That’s the thing people forget about the Dick and Daniele season…those two would have been split up if it wasn’t for America’s player. Just like how America voted for Jeff to get that stupid coup de tat. Call a spade a spade people. You can’t dish on Jeff and have blinders for what happened with D/D.

      1. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been rewatching Season 8 of BB and D&D would definitely not have made it to the Final 2 if it wasn’t for Eric. And the Coup d’etat handed to Jeff was complete BS

  30. Can we just get one thing clear please?! Personal feelings of players aside ie. what they look like, what they do, what they say etc. Based simply on game Dani has been a complete idiot. She tried to get Jeff backdoored but instead lost her strongest ally in Dom. She had to win 2 HOHs to get Brendon out…props on that cos he is the biggest threat. But she also got Lawon kicked out via Kalia. Oh by the way I forgot…her closest ally is Kalia…LOL. Simply from game point, Dani is completely useless at this game if she couldn’t win comps. And I guess in the end, winning a lucky guessing game and winning an endurance catered to small ppl doesn’t help that much either.

    Bye Bye Dani. You won’t be missed!

  31. She deserves nothing for her poor gameplay. She had the best alliance and she screwed it up up for a boy. How juvenile.

    1. LOL and well deserved too. I hope she is chocking on the pie.
      I am tired of these people being mean to Rachel. Especial that skeletor looking 2 faced crypt keeper BITCH Shelly.
      I CAN”T STAND HER! I hope she finds out how much America can’t stand her and how she embarrassed her family and her employers.

  32. When Porsche said “Rachel says no one comes between her and her man but if i’m second in the Jury She won’t be going down the aisle.”
    Does that she will try to to get a THING started with Brendon??? Or does that mean she would not for rachel if she was in the final 2???

  33. Ok I know this is off all subjects but I read where Rachel tries to co ordinate her clothes with Brendon a wile back does anyone else find what Rachel wearing funny when you see Jeff too :)

  34. I didn’t read all the comments but did kalia really say she’s gonna talk Jeff into keeping noms the same. this girl
    Is an idiot. I understand that dani is her friend but when you are on the block you have to fight for YOURSELF. Kalia deserves to go home this week. She is such an idiot!!

  35. @RC24-The Diamond of Power of Veto was used last year in BB12 and more likely wont be in the game again this year. Also, last year Matt got the Power of Veto by winning HoH and opening Pandora’s Box. Porsche has not won anything and America has not voted for her to get some type of power.

    People need to speculate intelligently!

    1. Lmao girlfriend. I was in the kitchen of course. My bewbies are way better than yours btw, tho I do like yours too. Wanna share a slopwich? :) (burp)

    1. Hahaha….ignore him Goofy,look at his posts,every other post he is changing who he likes,one post is go JJ and the nxt is i’m team dani or i love rachel.dude is a moron!!!!!!!!!

  36. Everybody so sure that dani is going home. jeff might keep the noms the same. just like everybody was so sure that jeff was going home when dani was HOH.

    1. I’ve been watching from just before the veto and haven’t seen any conversations between Jeff and Dani.. could have happened when the feeds were cut or perhaps they should something else on the cams.

  37. Who the hell is Jordan to be talking about scenerios…she needs to scenerio her ass right out the door!! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they find out it’s double eviction week…sorry Dani I’m a fan but you are on your way out the door thursday you showed your cards too soon!!! Rachael is gloating right now next wk her ass will be pouting once again, Adam needs to stop throwing these comps or his ass will be in the jury house right with Dani & Brendan, Shelly will probably lie her way to the final 3 if not 2 so far she’s doing a good job of it, Kalia’s voice is annoying as hell….stop talking already!! Porshe has come clost to winning but it’s just a matter of time b4 she does. BB where did you get these newbies from they are useless!!!

  38. The snake that Shelly is just told Dani that Jeff’s plan is to backdoor Dani. Well for the first time she didn’t lie, but that woman acts very immature. She should be ashame of herself. She is 41 to be acting like an idiot. Although, I really think she is older because she looks older, but maybe its because of the heavy smoking!

    1. if i were dani, i would use what shelly told to my advantage. jeff is a hot head, so dani should tell jeff what shelly told her and jeff will get mad and put shelly on the block instead of dani and evict her instead of dani. that’s just what i think she should do to save herself. she has nothing to loose by exposing shelly. of course, shelly is a professional liar and she will tell jeff that dani is lying and then he wouldn’t know who to believe, so, he might just beleive shelly.

  39. All Kalia The Hut does is EAT !!! Its even more disgusting to watch now, because its her eating Slop !! Damn is she ever rude n nasty !!

  40. If Dani leaves this wek, I’m pretty much done w/ the feeds,lol cuz I wnt care what’s going on anymore…cuz there is nobody I’m rooting for really…my dream scenario woul be that Jeff keeps the noms the same, after Dani has a convincing tlk with him…and then she gets HOH during the double eviction and then Jeffy boy gets the boot…just my dream scenario…if that happens, Ill have a Big Brother orgasm,lolol

    1. that’s disgusting…..it may not happen, but if Jeff should realize that if he noms Dani, it will be an easy coast for JJ to at least the final 5 and his group will target Rachel before they even think about splitting up the last remaining couple so really getting rid of Dani is a quick ticket to the final 4 as long as Kaliah & Porche don’t get HOH. Hopefully CBS will let Dani go. She doesn’t deserve to win.

  41. It will be official Dani is going up. Jeff said he needs to cut the head of the dragon and their leader Daniele PK will not know what to do. His gut tell him to take out Daniele.

  42. I’m just patiently waiting for Rachel and Shelly to get into it. It’s brewing and it is only a matter of time.!!

  43. The fortune teller in the purle lounge room comes into play sometime this season. Does anyone know when? Want to take a guess? I think it will happen smetime in the next 2-3 weeks. Don’t think t will be this week because of the double eviction. I also think it may happen during a live Thurs show so sites like these can’t “spoil” it….

  44. typical kalia would make the whole dom thing seem like the worst decision; even though her hoh was a total bust she had people walking her around on a leash like a pathetic dog without a bone, its a game for 500k? just because she wanted jj to like her and ALL they do is make fun of her.


  45. How low a person can be
    OMG this Porche would she like it if someone does it to her?
    I am not a Rachel fan but come on seriously there’s no morals at all
    And people say Rachel is a bi***!!!

  46. What do mean 20 lighter? She has a killer body. A hundred times hotter than Rachel. Brenden would be lucky since he settle for Rachel.

  47. Jordan, I loved, but this year, she is very boring and does not join in on the activities in the house, so I no longer care if she goes.
    As far as Jeff and Jordan, no I don’t think there is a romance, has anyone noticed the way he looks at Dani????
    KP, supreme floaters. Rachael, I like to watch her with the drama, at least something is going on in the house.
    Dani, well she got too cocky, as did KP, and I loved when all three of them went on slop and lost the veto. The tides turn, but I am sure something is coming up to turn them yet again.
    Adam, he tries to keep things going, and I think he will vote to what suits him at the time.
    Jeff, who cares! Doesn’t matter to me with him either.
    Shelly, well full of lies, and wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her, but then people in big brother say what people want to hear, it is part of the game.
    I watch live feed at night on Showtime, but mostly I fast forward through it all, especially lately, BORING!
    There are a couple I don’t want to win, but as far as who wins in the end, at this point I don’t care, not interested in anyone as I was in the beginning.
    Was very happy to see Brendon go though!

  48. shell says dani if nominations stay the same who will u vote for /// dani change the subject doesnt give shelly any information to use against her . ……… lmao @ shelly classic

  49. I’m currently rewatching BB8 and god, this season is so boring. They had that goofy guy Zach, he was so funny. They had Amber who never stopped crying, her and Jameka constantly praying lol. DICK! They had a midget mad hatter and a pirate on stilts. This season blows. Dani’s voice makes me cringe, I hate watching her bc she’s always whispering but then when she speaks normally I want to kill myself, so I hope that she keeps whispering.

    If Dani doesn’t go home this week then production swayed Jeff to keep her, no doubt about it.

  50. Oh yeah and duh they had Jen, while I don’t personally like the girl she was a riot especially her and Dick, that season was ridiculous and interesting. Bleaching Dick’s cigarettes, I wish that he would have bleached her clothes. I LOVE and MISS America’s Player and I think that Eric was perfect for it, he was so awkward and jewish ;p it was funny and great.

    Come on BB casting, please don’t let us down next season.


    How hilarious would it be to have Nick, Dani, Jen and Kristen in the house during one season…Nick and all of his lays hah! I bet that would be DRAMA!

  52. If Dani or Porsche ends up in the JH with Brendan for a week without Rachel, then Brendan will be cheating on her. And this infidelity would end any chance of them getting married. He was actually annoyed with her this past week and it might only take the smallest bit of flirtation to lead him to stray from her.

  53. If Jeff doesn’t take this opportunity yo get Danielle out of the house now, then he’s just as dumb as her and Kalia!! Danielle will have no problem booting him out next week!! She’s such a liar and only plays nice to get further!! Sure everybody is doing that be she pits a lot of personal play into as well!!! The one thing she says she doesn’t do…whatever! Buh- bye!!

  54. Team JEFF…It’s time to get Dani out of the house. In the finals Jeff can credit this as one of his big moves and one of the reasons he deserves to win. Does Dani pay to keep this site going because you bunch are mighty biased in her favor. Jeff is hilarious and by far the most entertaining. One’s personality doesn’t change when one gets a girlfriend. He is who he is and Jordan loves him for who he is (as do I). Do you not all remember when Dick left and Team Veterans were falling apart it was Jeff who brought them all (including Dani) back to life with his speech and his spirit. (You may have guessed but Jeff is my favorite player in BB history followed by Evel Dick). And come on ladies Jeff is by far the most gorgeous person this season so why would you want to see him go.

  55. Hoping Dani goes home this week. I do not want J/J/R to win but I want them to stay past Dani. I also want S/K gone. Really want Dani gone though. She and Kalia and Shelly are the biggest liars in the house

  56. Why would Jordon want to be surprised? Is it because she knows that Adam and Shelly are hoping for her to win?

  57. Porshe would be in for a rude awakening by the time Brendon Dog her out! she will be in tears praying someone else comes in the jury house. Porshe you are not all that. In fact you are gaining weight also in the BB House.

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