Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam: “I see the logic of not changing the nomination.. if you leave it the same Kalia should go home” **updated**

6:15pm Jeff and Jordan Jordan is saying she’s glad Jeff has all the power. They can now make a move that will benefit their game. Jeff is glad, it’s going to take some careful

Jordan says that all the girls were talking to Shelly and trying to get Shelly to convince jeff to put Rachel up. Jordan laughs “are they serious about that” Jeff laughs “Fat chance”

Jordan warns that Kalia has told them if she stays on the block she isn’t going hold back and she’ll call everyone out. Jordan asks Jeff permission if she can ask Shelly for the exact wording. Jeff lets her. Jordan calls Shelly over.. Shelly: “The exact wording was.. If me and Dani go on the block together then Rachel will pull the self evict button..
Shelly: “it was nothing about you Jeff… they all want Rachel out”..
(adam is doing walking back and forth in the backyard)
Jordan asks Adam if KAlia leaves who will he put up Adam: “Porsche and Dani.. I’ve told you guys we’re rolling together”
Jeff: “yeah we’re rolling but we gotta be on the same page”
Jordan to Jeff: “I really don’t want to know what you are doing I want it to be a surprise but I still want to go over everyhting”
Jeff agrees, “I like our everything talks”
Adam: “I’ve told you the most dangerous of the 3 girls is Dani”
Jeff asks Adam what would he do if he was Jeff right now
Adam says he would take Porsche off and put Dani up because she’ll do whatever it takes to win BB13.
Jeff agrees that Dani will lie to win he also knows that dani can win comps something Kalia might not be able to do.
Feeds cut .. when we come back..
Adam: “I see the logic of not changing the nomination.. if you don’t then Kalia should go home”
Jeff: “the thing is Dani can win every event.. she’s the biggest threat.”
Jordan brings up that Shelly thinks they can get POrsche on their side more than Kalia. She thinks if they keep kalia then Kalia will do something sneaky behind their back. Jeff agrees 100%.
jordan: “Porsche is being cool about it.. and Kalia is freaking out”
Jeff has noticed that to..

Porsche comes outside.. game talk ends.

6:41pm Kalia and Rachel kitchen
Rachel says Shelly is her biggest target.. Kalia says she doesn’t talk to Shelly anymore not after the blow up with Rachel. Rachel goes on and on about how much Shelly pisses her off and how she’s convinced if Shelly wins HOH she’ll put Rachel up.

Kalia: “I’m really surprised they (JJ) voted to evict brendon last week.. plus i’m really srurpsied you all are so chummy chummy”

Shelly walks in …. talks stops… Shelly leaves

Rachel: “They didn’t want to go against the house.. I Just want you to know shelly is taking full credit for you putting Lawon up… she’s saying how she played you all” Rachel adds that Shelly is trying to make Rachel grateful for “saveing” rachel the other week. Rachel thinks it’s complete bullshit.
Kalia says she talked to Shelly about it.. it didn’t happen the way Shelly thought.. she doesn’t know what Shelly has going on anymore. Kalia adds that she doesn’t talk any serious game with Shelly anymore.
Rachel: “I don’t talk game to anyone, I’m all alone.. this Shelly business has be pissed.. She’s up to her old tricks again” Rachel adds that Jordan has sworn that Shelly will not put her up but she’s certain shelly will.
Kalia: “I can’t lie if I stay on the block with Porsche i’m worried”
Rachel: “MY GOD i wish I can’t get rid of Shelly”
kalia says she needs to talk to jeff and figure out what he wants. rachel isn’t sure what Jeff is going to do. She’s just nervous about Shelly because shelly is so close to JJ.

7:10pm Shelly rocking out in the HOH room (she actually is.. pretty funny) Shelly and rachel cooking and Jeff/Adam working out.

7:20pm Backyard Adam and Jeff working out

Adam says he doesn’t want to influence Jeff’s decision but if Jeff doesn’t put Dani up does jeff think Dani will honour a deal. Jeff isn’t sure.. mentions regardless of what they do he has the votes.

Jeff: “If I put Dani up will you vote her out?”
Adam: “Yes of course.. the roadblocks of those three are Dani, Kalia, Prosche in that order..”
Jeff: “Kalia is coming after me 100% dude”
Jeff asks Adam if he took Porsche off the block does Adam think Porsche will honour a 1 week deal. Adam thinks so, he mentions even if they do no deal with Porsche if she won HOH Porsche will put up Rachel and Shelly.

Feeds cut

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re-posting this here as it’s more relevant to this:

If I was Dani I’d go to JJ and plant the idea that Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly have a secret alliance and that they’re just flying under the radar while the stronger (vets) players pick each other off. Once the vets are depleted all they need is one HoH win to take over the game. At the worst it’ll get Jeff second guessing his decisions. He has a tendency towards paranoia and that can be played on.

kalia the hut

that would work but i think Dani has done too much damage already to be considered trustworthy…

“Jeff agrees that Dani will lie to win”


lmao, Jeff might as well agree that ‘water is wet’. Everyone in that house will, and has, lie to win. it’s a core element of the game.


I don’t think he’d trust Dani though. I think Jeff would confront shelly or adam abt it like he confronted everyone in the house about the backdooring thing and it’ll all blow up in Dani’s face. It’ll only make the situation worse because Porsche and Kalia would be pissed at her. I think she’s done. She’s going home 🙂


If I was Dani I’d start working Rachel up by telling her that when she is sent to the Jury house that she will be doing things to Brendon that Rachel has never even heard of before. Rachel then implodes, hit’s the exit button, and no eviction with the current HoH happens. Next Thur turns into a regular HoH comp, and Dani wins it.. lol

kalia the hut

I doubt they’d make Jeff’s HOH reign useless like that. if anything they’ll just eliminate the double eviction on thursday. keep dreaming dani fanboy.


ok, whatever, not a fanboy here asshat, but I still think it would be hilarious if Dani could get Rachel to go nuts enough so she would self-evict, or do something to get removed, or even to drive everyone to decide that she needs to go this week.
Rachel would go crazy if she thought Dani might hook up with Brendon while Rachel is stuck in the game with Shelly.

The bottom line is it could be very entertaining, and this show definitely needs more of that this season.


Someone has mentioned it before and I agree, P and D should tell R that IF they get to jury, they will make sure he is “well taken care of”. Considering the “rumored” flirting between P and B, it would be feasible that R would get upset. It could def. get R to spin keeping one of them off the block. In fact, I think Porsche should be evicted and we will all giggle at what events ensue. I loved the earlier post about a Brelia baby!!! Poor Rachel, we are so mean!


Something like that happened on jeff’s season when he won that power and switched the nominations and the hoh went nuts but even though she left the nom still happened. It wouldn’t matter all. The only thing that would happen is that rachel would be disqualifyed but dani would still be voted out and the double eviction would still happen. Last time they just spent an extra day with the jury house seeing how they got along but the game would still go on as it is


One problem whozat the jury members don’t get to talk to each other unless cameras are rolling for the jury house update on thurs. There are people there to make sure you talk no game and to talk as less as possible.


He already fell for that lie in season 11 and it cost him the game. I don’t think he’d be stupid enough to fall for it again this time.


Jordan is sailing thru to another $500K, and NOBODY sees it! too funny!


Good point. Jeff’s downfall last year was believing Kevin’s lie, which led him to evict Russ too soon. Dani is much sneakier than Kevin, and Jeff and Jordan are so gullible. Jeff will be lucky to survive one week after his HOH. Hoping noms stay the same and Cowlia leaves. She deserves a week of sequester with Brendon to atone for her sins and stupidity. She ruined what was left of Dani’s game.


Nice Jeff. Use that brain of yours. Don’t use the VETO!


Rachel is so incosiderate lol. Kalia’s worried about going home and Rachel’s not even listening, she’s just going on and on about Shelly lol.


You gott love Rachel. She is soooooooooooooooo CRAZY. It is all about her but she is pretty entertaining.



I wouldn’t give a damn what Kalia the Hut said. Goodbye and good riddance.


Why should R be considerate of K? K is only worried about herself, always is. K doesn’t give a crap about R and will put her up if K wins HOH. Boo hoo K keep on crying!!!!


You kidding? Lmao.
She was laughing at Rachel when Brendon and her were on the block.

It’s only fair..


…you know it was just an funny observation right? I’m not insulting Rachel or anything, I actually think she’s been very entertaining this past week.

Dani better get backdoored or idk won’t know what to think of Jeff. But I think he might be testing everyone out to see who wants Dani to stay. I think Adam’s in trouble if JJ win HOH again, they’re becoming very distrustful of him


Sounds like Rachel might flip sides to insure Shelley gets voted out soon.


Here is a solution, Get rid of Dani. Dani needs to go because She deserve to be in Jury House. Along with Kaila and Porsche as well. Keep Rachel till final 4 or even 3. DKP is done for Good. Dani (2nd Jury member-Evicted (Double Eviction), Kaila (3rd Jury member-Evicted (Double Eviction). Porsche (4th Jury member-Evicted)) Justice will serve. DKP is drowning. Jeff, Here’s your chance. Get rid of Dani. She started of backdooring. All the floaters must be Evicted.


Ttly agree. You may not get another chance to get her out when you control the votes


You must be screwing Jeff u sure stick up for that Jerk alot!!


Seriously, Just give it up. Jeff is not a Jerk. I went to High school w/Jeff. Keep on saying it.


You are SO right


You mean wrong. Jeff is not a Jerk. I actually went to High school w/Jeff. I was a Freshman and Jeff is a Senior.


Headline should read- Jeff -” dani can win every event….she’s the biggest threat”


you forgot to add that after Shelly saw them she ran out to jj and said Rachel’s runner her mouth to kalia


FIRST!!!….i think and secondly i hope jeff keeps dani this week and next week she will win hoh put jeffs ass up and he will go home and in double eviction rachel will most likely win and put up dani and shelly and dani will win pov and kalia or adam goes up as a replacement and shelly goes!!..that would be awesome but thats just wishful thinking


What does FIRST!!! mean to you?

I do not think that it means what you think it means.


Lousy plan dude…Go Jeff


Oh please. Dani is going home. I’m tired of all the “Ya, but what if” stuff. If Jeff doesn’t nominate Dani, he’s even dumber than kalia.


Maybe not. We see it all. In Jeff’s mind, Kalia put him up. Dani has not done so yet…just talk. He hasn’t seen what we’ve seen. True, everyone was saying that Dani was the power behind Kalia’s throne, but both Dani and Kalia put a lot of time in dispelling that. If that’s true, Dani did a good job of clearing up the collateral damage. Not saying she still won’t go home…especially with her ability to win comps, but I’d understand why Kalia is a bigger target in JJ’s minds.


I can’t remember how double eviction works – can someone explain? Also, am I correct in thinking that the house guests don’t know that double eviction is this week.


kalia the hut

You are correct in assuming that the HG’s don’t know about the upcoming double eviction. Basically what happens is after the regular routine of evicting an HG they will immediately hold an HOH comp and have a nomination and eviction right after it (all in the same episode).

I can’t tell you if there will be a POV contest but my guess is there won’t be.


Double eviction is basically a whole week of Big Brother done in a single night: the HOH comp, the nomination ceremony, the pov comp, the pov ceremony, and then the eviction. This is all in addition to this Thursday’s eviction ceremony. And no, the houseguests have no idea that this thursday is double eviction.


no the double eviction is they play everything at once and they do hoh, the nominations, then they play pov and then someone is evicted they always have a pov comp


I don’t think Jeff wants to put dani up… There’s hope Go TeamDani


Your hope is over. Team Dani is over. Better chance to Join Team JJ.


Nope. Team Dani is still going very strong. She lives through Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia and your man Jeff was the 1st victim of “Operation Avenge Dani”.


I think if rachel wins double eviction and then floats for a while she has got a shot at being in the f2


I agree, If she plays the everyone hates me card and they think well I take you to final two and no one will vote for this crazy train. I could see her even winning!


Omg Jeff this is not rocket science! Stop over thinking everything. It is imperative that you put Dani up for eviction. Forget Kalia for right now. Dani is their leader.


Jeff’s not over thinking he’s just aint telling. He knows Dani is going up.


Blah… Hope you are right because if he doesn’t put Dani up he I’ll scream.


There are times I really wish Evel Dick was back in the house. The way these pussies (gender neutral term, haha) are playing it is just so bad. If you have the numbers, then you do it. Big Jeff (owner of Little Fernando), puppetmaster of Air(head) Jordan, has the numbers. Why is he sweating anything? Every time I hear Big Jeff speak it reminds me of Frances McDormand’s character in Fargo.


I know, that accent is freakin’ awful…annoying…that whole…Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, ND thing is just plain awful…

B sleazy

How’s the frikasie yeah?!


this should be a no brainer he should get out dani and go from there cause who knows what can happen next week and roachell is all bout her self what is so new bout that lol kalia give it up u be out soon enough i hope


@daybyday:Rachel is not inconsiderate about Kalia’s feelings. They were comparing information about Shelly’s lies and what she is taking credit for. Rachel is just saying the truth. Stop being a Rachel Hater!


…I’m not being a Rachel hater, stop being so paranoid. This is what I read that made me say that:

Kalia: “I can’t lie if I stay on the block with Porsche i’m worried”
Rachel: “MY GOD i wish I can’t get rid of Shelly”

I just thought it was funny, that’s all…


Yeah, if Porsche offer 1 week deal. She will never do it. So, she will get 1 week deal and Rachel win HOH and Kaila and Porsche on the block again.


this would be the first time adam has done anything


otherwise jeff is a freaking idiot. there is no reason to leave dani off the block…none…..ABSOLUTELY zero…take her out NOW

then jeff says “kalia is coming after me” …….. ………. jeff….seriously? kalia? when you have like 4 people on your side….sigh


Oh come on Jeff just send Dani packing. Will be awesome if she leaves. Will make the season 1000 times better


Do you honestly believe watching Jeff boot off the remainder of his alliance one by one will make this a better season? It’d be about as interesting as the paint-drying channel. Having two competing sides is the only thing that hasn’t made this season a disaster.

Nikki Tomberlin

Yea thats true about the two sides but I have a feeling if given the opportunity sa will turn on jj bc there is no way other one of them would win against JJR prob not dani either or even kalia they have done absolutely nothing in this game to deserve to win so unless they do something serious and turn on jj they can go ahead and leave now!!! However I hopes that happens, I want Rachel to win, then dani, the. Jeff, Jordan has already one, I like her somewhat but there are millions of people who would live to be in that house and to let the same person win is sick! Including Jeff he was in second place and got money this year to!!!! Just sayin


Jeff did not get 2nd before Natalie did. Dani was the one who got 2nd before.


jeff got $25Grand for being America’s Choice or Favorite


You’re an idiot if you think sending dani home is going to make this season better. I mean, no offence, but this season is already boring as is, if dani goes its going to be 10x worse. HOH is now going to stay with the JJS alliance and they’re going to take out KP first, then goes adam and rachel. THAT’S JUST PLAIN HOLD F’IN BOREDOM.


Jeff needs to strike a 1 week deal with Porsche. Say if I use the Veto to save you then you cant nominate Jeff or Jordan or backdoor Jeff or Jordan. If you do then you will not get any votes from us if you make it to the final 2.

Although, more likely Porsche wouldnt honor her part of the deal but I think the next HoH will go to Adam or Rachel so who cares.


Are you serious…Don’t believe the hype…Adam is incapable of winning anything on his own…His POV was a gift from that F%cker Jeff…


I think Dani is safe. I do.. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong but I think Jeff and Jordon hate Kalia more. I think they would vote to keep Dani over Shelly even.


Nah. Dani will be put up. I can’t wait to see her reaction. I’m sure rachel will throw some salt on the wounds.


haha and the moon is made of cheese…ding dong the witch s dead!!!!!!!!


It is possible…Big Jeff may be thinking: 1. Dani did not put him up twice 2. He is going to need votes 3. He has already won money and now is a good time for him to down play his bravado 4. I could be wrong but remember evictees are the voters and he is winning comps now 3 out of the last 5.


Adam wants Dani out and then Jeff or Rachel. If Adam wins he will nominate Rachel and Kalia and with a plan to backdoor Jeff is Rachel saves herself. Adam is not stupid!


I see Jeff getting evicted next week or two. Winning the HOH, POV would have everybody targeting him next.


I meant to say I wouldnt be surprised if Jeff’s own team betray him


Yeah…It’s getting down to every man, women and child for themselves…and IF Jeff leaves then it will be just girls left…YES thats right just girls…


If he does not put Dani up this show is definetly rigged!


No, if he doesn’t put dani up, he’s smart…Jeff has to play to the jury house both through skill and emotion…He’s winning comps, so the skill part is all set…but he doesn’t want to come off too brazen and needs to soften his bravado…If he is smart…he will take out Kalia…and use Dani to take out Rachel, no blood on his hands and he will have brenchels votes…


About the double eviction, the last question i have is after the 2nd person is evicted do they then do another HOH comp right away. Would the second HOH comp be included in the Thursday nights one hour show? Seems like alot to put into one hour and if not when will the 2nd HOH take place. TX


The last HOH would happen that night but would not be televised on the live show. It would likely air Sunday.


did jeff learn anything from his season… if he doesnt put up dani he is the biggest dummy even bigger than slimer(kalia)

Nikki Tomberlin

They the kalia more but they need to play who’s the threat! Kalia would be like Rachel when she lost brenden lol


I personally think Jeff is playing a really really good game this year. The best of everyone. He has the right people scared of him, hes winning the right competitions, hes usually making the right descions and saying the right thing at the right time. I mean even the JJ haters have got to be at least a little impressed with the way Jeff has played this season. If he makes it to final 2, he wins no matter who hes against, even Dani. Agree? Disagree?


If Jeff does not backdoor Dani then Jeff and Jordan are the stupidest players ever and deserve to listen to an ongoing track of Rachel’s laugh in a small room the entire time that they are in jury… Which should begin soon. And I am team jj btw.


If only Dani didn’t try to screw Jeff earlier. The two of them could rip this house apart.

Team 500 G's

Do I think Dani is in trouble? OH YEA! but what I dont get is what is with the rest of the house? Do they think they can take out J/J later? I mean what is the point if everyone will basically be TEAM J/J? Dumbass Rachel is playing the game emotional right now instead of recognizaing she isnt a target for once. yea yea…I know Smelly hates her and wants her gone, but Smelly will do what J/J wants no matter what.

Dani better come up with something soon or she is gone….If jeff somehow lets her stay ( again….dumb) She will absolutely have to win HOH and put up J?J and hope someone on Team Dani wins POV…It is her only hope.

If Dani gets evocted, this season will turn dreadfully boring….who will rise to be the opposition? Roach? no one wants to play with her…Kalia or Porsche? come on…really? Adam? He is deep in J/J land..I guess all the J/J fans are jumping for joy right now….rightly so. But if your a fan of BB I dont see how anyone is happy. If Dani survives, She needs to go all out and do and say whatever it takes to get Adam and Roach to vote her way. These people really dont get it. That they being on team J/J will lead to their eviction. The only way to win the game for these HG is to win comps. The last POV Adam won was thrown to him by Jeff. If Dani gets evicted tell me why I should watch? My theory of J/J not winning BB 13 is dangerously close to being wrong. I will stick by my prediction but must admit I am very worried.


That is what I want to to know. Jeff will win against anyone in that house, in the final two. Not sure when or how these other idiots think they can evict Jeff.


I will drink 2 that one. Dani gone and Kaila goes next. Jeff is definitely going to win BB13. Now that a fact not fiction. All the floaters are scare. that why Jeff created Jeff’s Army.


oh, just smoke jeff’s pole already. you’re obviously are so infatuated by him. i bet nothing would bring you greater joy that going down on him.


so what happened to your big Jeff eh? Looks like something you called fact actually turned out to be fiction and things turned out the opposite of what you predicted or what you would call a “best case scenario.”


As of right now, it looks like Adam and Shelly might throw the HoH competition because they know that Jeff and Rachel are bigger targets. Unless they are completely stupid, Adam (and maybe Shelly) want Jeff out, but don’t want to get blood on their hands. So why not throw the competition and let someone else get rid of Jeff? I think Adam will step up his game and win competitions when he needs to. He doesn’t need to right now.


Couldn’t agree more. Dani’s game, good and bad, has been the key source for all excitment this year. I know the interest in my household will drop considerably if they evict Dani. I may pop in here from time to time, but BBAD will be useless to me and the CBS show as well. Quite sure I am not the only one that worries about how boring the rest of the season would be, especially if they keep letting the floaters get closer to the end. Also know I won’t be the only one finding other shows to watch if this season gets any more boring.


Why should you watch if Dani gets evicted??? Well if your a fan of BB you will. And you ask that if your a fan of BB why would you want Dani evicted?? Come on now, theres a difference of being a fan of BB the game and being a fan of BB the show. If your in it for the drama and ongoing story, then ya you wouldnt want Dani gone. but if your a fan of BB the game, then you would reckonize bad move after bad move on Dani’s part and accept that she deserves to go home. The best players deserve to win. And Jeff is the best player and is very very close to having the whole house in the palm of his hands. Now thats gameplay i can respect. Hes like a one man BraGade yo!


Some commentary on all the comments on ‘a dumber move than kalia’ or similar that everyone spouts off everytime a player makes a decision they don’t agree with. Get some perspective. All of is armchair contestants have a 40 foot view of what’s going on in the house, we see the side conversations and generally we know where everyone stands. These guys don’t have that luxury. Cut Jeff a break for ‘overthinking’ what, to us, appears to be a no-brainer choice for his game. He only sees a tiny piece of the whole picture and most of his information is coming from people who he has no idea whether they’re feeding him bullshit in order to further their own game. Considering he made a ‘big move’ in his season and found himself out of the house the next week I don’t blame him for beating himself up mentally over this decision.

Nikki Tomberlin

Very well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love reading all these i hate dani comments. talk about a boring season! dani has been racking up on the hoh comps lately and if it werent for her itd be a pretty boring season! so you can all quit hatin and be thankful shes on there! jj are boring as crap!

Midwest Fan



The only hope Dani has if Jeff feels threatened by being the biggest target in the game. There is a lot of game left and he will be target number 1 until the end.


Dani equals ratings. She goes home, a floater wins this year, guaranteed. And CBS’s precious ratings drop, not sure production wants this to happen.


It is a good possibility that they lose Dani and Jeff on the same night.


That might keep me watching. Not that I’m so much against Jeff, it’s just that with the two strong personalities out of the house on the same night that place is going to go all lord of the flies faster than you can shake a severed pigs head.

Team 500 G's

Damm, I never thought of it in those terms….CBS would have a major problem on their hands. Lets face it last year Jordan won, America loved her….Girl next door.etc etc. But if Jeff and Dani leave in one night BB becomes a disaster. I tell you what…If this happens dont besurprised if Roach atleast makes it to final two. Its been mentioned and quickly dismissed but as much as I hate to admit. Roach may have a chance to pull out a win…..I am totally serious. Believe it or not she just might have a chnace. But as we all know she just cant keep her head together long enough to see it. If they dont get Jeff out in double eviction he will go all the way.


Or Dani and Rachel in the same night. That would be another ratings disaster for BB and CBS. All the Brenchel fans and Dani fans losing interest with this much game left. And left with Jeff and the Floaters. That would be the most boring TV imaginable. I don’t think Jeff changes the noms, he’s too worried about keeping CBS happy, if its even hinted to him that they don’t want Dani up there, he won’t do it.


Hahaha! jeff is only curling 60!


Can’t believe they won’t give them a curl bar. He has to use the bench press bar.


I am so tired of hearing Rachel say that she is “alone” in this game when week after week JJS has been keeping her in the game. Granted, they are not telling her blabbering mouth much because she can’t keep it closed (pun intended). But she has been supported. For her to keep saying that, if I would JJS I would keep her around but, of course, she is the low hanging fruit after DPK. To be conidered a “REAL” alliance…. you DON’T talk the shit she is talking. She is a horrible BB game player, absolutely horrible.


To quote the Chicago White Sox Announcer Hawk Harrelson….

C-YA Dani


The fact that Jeff is even contemplating leaving the nominees the same is a good sign for team Dani. Before the POV, team J/J had a clear cut plan: if anyone except Dani wins POV, she goes home. Now he’s second guessing himself, which usually ends up screwing your game. Hopefully Dani can offer J/J a 1 week deal. She’s proven to them that they’re not her targets (she’s never nominated Jeff or Jordan as her target, she used Jordan as a pawn and Jordan agreed to it). Dani had tons of chances to backdoor Jeff but she didn’t. Let’s just hope she can work some magic on Jeff. It already seems like J/J would like to see Kalia go home, all Dani needs to do is give them that final push.


I am no Dani fan , but I know Dani has more class then to pull any crap like that with Rachel. Brendon has no interest in Dani and Dani none in him. They are all friends outside of the house anyway.


Smartest thing Jeff could do would be to take Porsche off the block after making a deal with her not to nominate or backdoor J/J. Then put up Dani and vote her out. Shelley is a follower so even though she wants Dani to stay, she will vote the way she is told. Same for Adam. Dani would go home and I would love Jeff to get Porsche to agree to vote Dani out also. If Dani stays this week, with a double eviction coming, Jeff is gone.


2 all Dani’s fans. Let Sing a Happy Birthday Backdoor Version.
Happy Birthday 2 u, Happy Birthday 2 u. Happy Birthday Dear. Backdoor Dani. Happy Birthday 2 U.
How it’s like to be at the Jury House w/Brendon. How it’s like to be at the Jury House w/Brendon. How it’s like to be at the Jury House w/Brendon along w/Kaila. How it’s like to be at the Jury House w/Brendon.
2 all Team JJ’s Fans Thank you for winning POV. Keep fighting.


I’m sure I speak for the vast majority when I say that your posts contribute absolutely nothing. Your input is insignificant so give it up bro.


I kind of liked it


MATT, you give up. Wow. Matt, your absolutely Right. You are nothing. I also speak majority as well. Your pretty nothing. Dani needs to go. That why I created the Birthday Backdoor song.


Its funny how adam is pushing K/D on the block and thetarget are
D/K/P. Hoboken has a deal with Peterbilt. He is playing a sucker of a game.


Rachel has made BB very entertaining. Dani is boring. Her stupid decisions made it interesting. Everyone talks about Rachel. All the houseguest talk about Rachel. So Rachel is BB ratings and production loves that!


All depends on what you watch for. There’s definitely a fanbase that’s completely into the jerry springer style drama that Rachel has in truckloads. There’s also a fanbase that enjoys the game and human chess side of BB that Dani embodies. Both good game moves and bad ones, you can’t deny that she has been pivotal in every move that has literally defined the game play of this season.

Midwest Fan

Well said.

Nikki Tomberlin

Dani please go to jury!!!!! Dkp picked on Rachel the whole time how she was acting and kissing ass and being pissy bc she lost comps well look now the tables are turned and they are doing the very same thing!!!!!! Hypocritical don’t ya think!!!!!!!!! I absolutely can’t stand dkp!! Use to love dani but the moment she went dkp I was done with her!


To Matt: Dani had 2 chances to get rid of Jeff and the third did not go as plan because Jeff won the POV.

Again, she was overly obsessed with Brandon and used her 2 HOHs on Brandon.

After Brandon was evicted for the second time she gathered DKP and said they needed tom win HOH and target Jeff. But since they fail now she is playing the I didn’t go after you. Of course you did once during Kalias HOH and your plan this week was to get Jeff out.

Kinda smart Jeff will beat you to the punch. Like Dani said go with what your gut tells you, And Jeff your initial instinct was to backdoor Dani. Now, be smart and don’t ignore your gut. LOL


Jeff doesn’t know that Dani’s plan this week was to get rid of him. And last week after Adam won the POV, Daniele could’ve easily put Jeff up instead of Brendon and Jeff probably would’ve been gone. I’m not saying that Jeff shouldn’t nominate Dani because he should. I’m just hoping he doesn’t because without her the season will be unbearable. It’s gonna be so predictable.


Really Matt, Her plan will definitely backfired. She has no one but herself. She is a worthless snake and dumbest player or better she is not a good competitor at all. That why Dani is Finish. So, Dani Fans Better say goodbye to your beloved BB13 HGs Danielle (EVAL Dick Jr.). She is done.


The way it will go Jeff will put up Dani and she will be evicted. If they are not careful the final 3 will be Adam,Porshe and Shelly. They have had a final 3 since the start.


Awwwww Jordan asking for permission to get info that will help her and Jeff, that’s a good dog….


Dani’s game is done because Kalia (hogasourus – eating machine) wasted her HOH


the amount of ass kissing in this house is sickening, its becoming unwatchable, if dani gets voted out least she can leave with head held high


Oh its only Sat. night, the veto ceremony is not till Monday. Between now and then Dani will be puckering up and kissing Jeffs ass just like everyone else. Lol

Midwest Fan

Dani will get my vote too, but last Thursday’s CBS show was a vote getter for Shelley.
BB/CBS made Shelley look sane and never showed the REAL SSS. Her family video
was well done. She just may get America’s Player. Gag

Nick B

If Jeff really uses his brain, he’ll keep the nominations the same, and send Kalia to jury.

Evicting Danielle leaves no viable players left in the house to take out Rachel. Yes, Jeff wants to protect Rachel FOR NOW. But what happens in a couple weeks when it’s down to final 5/final 4, and Rachel and Shelley both get pissed when they both expect Jeff and Jordan to take them to the final three? Massive loss of votes in the jury house, that’s what. Jeff and Jordan pride themselves on playing a “clean game,” but if Jeff or Jordan ever nominate and evict Shelley or Rachel themselves, they’ll look like major hypocrites in the eyes of the jury (for the record, I don’t necessarily have anything against Jeff and Jordan’s gameplay, but Brendon and Rachel especially will verbally massacre them in the jury if they don’t take Rachel all the way to the end).

What I’m trying to say is, Jeff needs Dani to do his dirty work, no one else can take out Rachel and keep his and Jordan’s hands clean. Shelley and Porsche are dead weight. Adam only wins when he needs to for himself.

Jeff can justify evicting Kalia, she put him up. He can justify not putting Dani up, she didn’t put him up either time she was HOH. Kalia will be evicted. Then, all Jeff and Jordan have to do is sit back and watch Dani destroy Rachel/Rachel destroy Shelley/Shelley run her mouth all the way to the jury. Whoever is left standing at the end of the cross fire goes to the final three with them, and there they take their chances.


I totally agree I guess that’s why Big Jeff is second guessing himself…Jeff has alot of thinking to do between now & Monday he’ll be able to do that if Adam & Shelly detach their lips from his ass long enough for him to get his thoughts together l!!! LOL


BB14 can’t come soon enough.


Even last year was more entertaining.


It sure can’t…it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a floater one the whole game….by letting them stay in the game they’re going to float their asses right to the final 2 & they can’t blame anybody but themselves!!!