Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that Porsche should be in movies ..she would win the academy award for being an idiot.

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12am Shelly and Dani are talking. Shelly says that she would want nothing more than to have Rachel follow Brendon right out that door next. Shelly says that Rachel is the only person in the house that she can’t stand …she just gets under my skin. Dani tells Shelly that she feels the same way and that she told the diary room that she wants to punch Rachel in the face … but that she’s not going to. Kalia and Adam are talking out in the backyard, Kalia asks him, you say you want a newbie to win …so are you with Jeff or not? Adam tells Kalia that he isn’t going to say yes or no but that his goal is to make it to the final six because once you get there you can control your own destiny. Kalia tells Adam that when she put Jeff up on the block …all she was trying to do was to get him to win the veto ..she didn’t want him to go home… but that she understands how he feels now. Kalia says that the plan to back door Jeff wasn’t even hers … that she knew of the plan thats all. Kalia says that it sucks to argue or campaign against people you are playing with. Kalia says that she deserves to be here … my biggest fear is that if Porsche and I stay on the block I will get voted out because I am seen as a bigger threat. Kalia says that she loves Porsche but she hasn’t done anything. Kalia tell Adam that if he keeps her its good for him because she is seen as a bigger target for at least three other people. Adam says that each week the voting gets harder and harder. Adam says that he isn’t sure what is going to happen and says that the POV ceremony on Monday should be interesting. Jeff joins them outside. The conversation changes to talking about gambling. After a bit, Jeff heads up to the HOH room and climbs in bed with Jordan.

12:30am Up in the HOH room, Jeff is talking to Jordan. Jeff tells Jordan that he will tell Porsche that he will take her off the block and offer her a deal. Jordan asks Jeff what his gut is telling him to do? Jeff says his gut is telling him to get rid of Dani. Jordan agrees and says that she has told Dani that she has no idea what he will do. Jordan tells Jeff the pros to keeping Dani …she says that Dani would feel like she trusts you and if she won HOH next week she would take out Rachel .. which would leave Dani in the house as a competitor against you. If we get rid of Dani this week though.. that leaves Rachel and you with Kalia and Porsche who would be lost without Dani. Jordan says that if that happened she thinks Kalia and Porsche would try to align with Adam and Shelly. Jeff says that Adam told him that the best move is to get Dani out and that he would vote her out.

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Jordan says that she asked Shelly if she trusts Porsche and she said that she had made a deal with Porsche earlier on in the game and she stuck to it. Jordan says that if Jeff and Dani made it to the final two ..she would win. Jeff says that Dani knows this game and I don’t know it like she does. Jeff says that he has to take out the leader… he has to cut the head off the dragon. Jeff says that Kalia and Porsche have no idea whats going on without Dani.. she tells them everything she knows. Jeff says that Dani is going to be pissed but that can’t affect his decision. Jeff says that Dani is going to say that she threw the veto like he asked. Jordan says that she didn’t …she was made when she didn’t win. Jeff says that he is going to take Porsche off the block. Jeff says that he will threaten Kalia if she wins HOH next week. Jeff says that he thinks this is the best move. Jordan explains that they might not get another chance. Jeff says that he absolutely can’t keep Dani .. she wanted me out week two ..I can’t forget that …she is gone! Jeff says that it is going to be awkward for a few days but after that it will be better. Jeff says that next week Kalia will be the one going if we win. Jeff says that there is nothing Dani can offer.

1:30am Jeff and Jordan continue to talk about getting Dani out this week. Jeff says that there are more than fifty reasons to get rid of Dani and only a couple reasons to keep her. Jeff starts talking about Rachel and how he says that she needs to be on medication to even her out… she goes from highs to lows. Jordan says that Rachel is going to be all over Dani when she goes up. Jeff says that at least Dani won’t be in his face this week because Rachel will be up in her face. Jeff and Jordan talk about the POV competition.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Adam and Shelly talk about how they threw the POV competition so that they wouldn’t have to make the decision. Adam says that he wanted to make it look like he was really trying. Shelly says that she is annoyed at Jeff for telling them that they need to try to win ..Shelly says that we have been trying! Adam tells Shelly that he is going to bed. Adam heads to the havenot room and talk to Kalia, Dani and Porsche about how uncomfortable the bed is in there. The conversation changes to talking about and making fun of past house guests. Adam says that Cassi needs to eat a cheeseburger because she weighs like 39 pounds.. and Keith should have been on little brother.
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Up in the HOH room, Jeff and Jordan talk about Porsche. Jeff says that thinks she is dumb but that she is also playing the dumb card. Jeff says that she is always making dumb comments. Jordan says that she thinks Porsche is just doing that to get further in the game. Jeff says that Porsche should be in movies …she would win the academy award for being an idiot. Jeff and Jordan start talking about random stuff. They talk about getting a colonic… Jordan says that Rachel was talking about getting a colonic. Jordan says that she is unsure about the water. Jeff tells her you have to run the water through you and it comes out your butthole. Jordan tells Jeff that he should go first! Jeff says that after the colonic ..he never wants to see the person again. Jordan starts laughing and talking about a chocolate starfish. Jeff asks what am I supposed to do bleach it before I go!? They laugh. Jeff farts. Jordan tells him he definitely needs a colonic. Jeff says that there’s something up there like an old sewing machine is about to come out!

2:30am – 3:20am Adam and Dani are in the backyard talking. Dani asks Adam if Jeff has said anything yet about what he is going to do. Adam says that he hasn’t said anything. Dani asks Adam what he will do if the nominations stay the same. Adam says that he is weighing the options and will look out for his best interests in the game. Adam says that he has to win HOH on Thursday so that he can get to the final six. Dani says that she fears going on the block. Adam asks her how Rachel would vote. Dani says that Rachel would vote however Jeff wanted her to. Dani tells him he has to realize that people are starting to view him as a big threat especially because he knows so much about big brother. Adam says thathe realizes that and that is why it is so important to have bigger targets in front of him in the game. Adam says he would have loved to have seen Rachel and Dick butt heads! Dani says that Rachel would have self evicted. Adam and Dani talk about past houseguests and competitons and then head to bed.

6:45am All the houseguests are still sleeping…
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196 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that Porsche should be in movies ..she would win the academy award for being an idiot.

    1. When your colon is cleaned, so they shoot water or some special water up your bumhole and it cleans your colon of toxins and waste, well I believe that’s what it is, don’t know if there’s more to it

      1. well not that I had one. it is a procdure to check to see if you have a pollups. you need to clean yourself out first by giving yourself a oral anema. much like if you are going to have surgery – they would want you to be cleaned out. they do go thru the bum. doesn’t sound like fun to me. they usually do this around 50 years old.

    2. Its a colon cleanse, either a liquid up the butt or oral supplements. It’s stupid to do unless your told to by your doctor.

  1. That was the sound of kahlia stabbing porsche in the back. FINALLY!!! These douchebags need to get off the pipe dream of trying to convince everyone to go after rachel. That wont work. get off your asses and start playing the game. I want a full on DKP meltdown and some calling out!!!!!

    1. I agree with you. That Shelley is the number liar, I know Rachel can be annoying but she was not the one that spread all the lies. It was Shelley. I really would like Rachel to get into the final two and hoping by that time the jury will realize who the real bad players are. I really would like to see an underdog and the most hated guest in the house to win this time. They all say that Rachel lies, everyone in that house are liars so how can they accuse one person the only liar in that house. Let us hope that production helps Rachel.

  2. screw jeff if he gets rid of dani!! no one likes jeff and jordan this season anyway, of course they would make one more stupid move. im so tired of adam, he only hangs out with jj because he thinks he’ll be liked by america if he does,he was so much better in the beginning, now hes just a pussy

    1. You don’t read other people’s posts do you. There are tons of JJ fans out there and in here to. Get over yourself. You do not speak for everyone who watches the show. You probablly don’t speak for everyone in you house. Jeff is making the right move for him to win by getting rid of Dani.

      1. Absolutely, I agreed. Jeff makes right moves of getting rid of Dani is a smart thing. Only have to do is get rid of Stronger threat that includes Dani.

      1. Perhaps but I’d backdoor R as she’s far more volatile and no one in the house likes her. However, as much as I wish it wasn’t going to happen, it looks like Dani is getting the boot.

        Team Dani …. pray’n for a miracle!!

    2. What?? It would be Jeff’s best move to get rid of Dani. He is a good player and wins when winning is needed. There are many people who still like Jeff, esp if I had to pick out of the bunch that are still there. Go Jeff!

    3. OK, a couple of things:

      CBS brought back the 3 most “liked” couples in BB history. Evel Dick and Dani were phenominal (mostly ED), JJ were the most beloved (mostly Jordan), and BR the most hated (mostly Rachel). ED was great viewing. He intimidated EVERYONE and no one had the cajones to take him on. Rachel was the bitch on wheels that everyone loved to hate. Jordan was and still is a sweetheart. Russel was just a bully. He and Dani would have been at each other wanting to be the leader.

      All newbies would be great. America’s Choice is here to stay. It makes CBS way too much money not to and I believe is a ratings getter. If you don’t like twists in the game, don’t watch. One of the big themes of Big Brother is “Expect the Unexpected.” People love it.

      As for Adam, It is a brillent move not to let anyone (or everyone) know how you are voting. You do not commit yourself to a course of action that you might want to reconsider later and keeps people thinking you might be persuaded to change your vote. You get more people coming to talk to you so you can get the most information and know where your best move will be.

    4. Douche bag Jeff has been running diarhea of the mouth all month saying we have to get rid of the floaters. I believe Dani is the only person that is playing the game. She has not hid behind numbers and has tried to make moves. Eveyone else in the house has done jack. Douche bag Jeffs word means nothing if Dani goes this week.

      1. You might be right but Jeff will not win this game if Dani is in the house. He has a better shot if she is gone. Team Jeff

    5. all these people who love JJ and are like awwww their so cute and shit, would kiss JJ’s ass if they were on the show just like, Adam, Shelly, and Kalia.

    6. Judas lover. I’m so glad Judas is going home. Most over rated player in BB history. She proved to be nothing without daddy to help her in the game.

    7. Nicole speaks for me too!!! Totally agree! I was suuuuuch a big Jeff and Jordan fan during BB11…totally not feeling them like that this season

    8. An Adam just SUCKS!!! Like come on dude, u are nothing but a NUMBER to Jeff and Jordan…they will get rid of u when needed..and the fact that Dani DID look out for Adam early on just flies right over his head…but he will see when he gets out the house and watches the show and get the live feed dirt

  3. If Dani goes this week (seems to me that what is going to happen) is HER fault, intead of Brendon she should have voted out one of the JJSA, she didn’t take the ‘risk’ of a deal with BR. She wanted to play nice girl and kept her word, now JJ won’t. Is a GAME Dani… don’t you know by now that people don’t keep their word???

    1. I have to agree. She kept saying when she was going after BR that it was not personal. Well, obviously it was. Jeff has this little army and she had chance after chance to take the head off the snake but she kept going after Brendon. Escpecially after Brendon came back in the house, Jeff becomes the biggest target. No one in the jury is going to give the 500k to Rachel or to the person who was eviceted and let back in the house. These people are suppose to be experts at this game yet I did not here one person state this fact.

      1. I agree with you, I always wonder why these house guest was so afraid of Jeff and Jordan to nominate them, anyway, everything happens for the best. If Dani had agreed with BR and DKP would have won the HOH, they will backdoor another JJSABR alliance and that would have had two people gone on this alliance. Right now, Rachel is safe and since they have the numbers, next week HOH, hoping that she can win either HOH or POV and still be safe. I really would like to see Rachel since everyone is hating her and calling her liars and names. They are all liars and actually, lies more than Rachel but they are all pinning it to Rachel. Yes, she is annoying but, I think deep inside, she is a good person at heart..

      2. Actually Dani just might not be good at strategizing. We are assuming that she is good at bb, but she might have genuinely thought that Jeff and Jordan could never win an hoh and only brendon and rachel could. She might just have a warped sense of reality, blinded by her crush for brendon and her wish that rachel was her minion.

    2. when she leaves, it will definitely be her fault. every move she made in the game was wrong. she went all out of her way to get from under ED shadow, that she wasn’t even thinking logically and threw the game right out of the window.. She kept telling Kalia to trust her gut, then she proceeded to show how to trust her gut by telling her it is what her gut and head was telling her. Dani also knew for a fact that production was helping JJ and that they were favored to win. Why she didn’t nip that problem in the bud(of getting rid of JJ), we may never know. I am still Team Dani and I will vote for her as America’s Favorite. Hopefully within the next couple of years, they will have All Stars with real competitors and she will be allowed to participate again, maybe with ED.

      1. Since you seem to have the inside scoop,plz tell me how production helped JJ. WTF is the matter with you Dani fans? All you talk about is your lame ass conspiracy theories/rigged for JJ. Funny how Dani admitted a guy in production helps her,seems to me it was rigged for Dani to win and she choked!!!!!!!

    3. Many people have posted on here that they do not like Shelly and I kinds thought she was just playing the game, but now I must say I am annoyed with her. I just read from above that she is annoyed with Jeff because he told her to try to win and she said she was trying, but right before that her and Adam both said that they threw the VETO. I’d like to see them both go. I know they are playing it safe, but I like bold moves. Show where you stand! Show with actions not just words, Shelly!

    4. Yes, technically BR broke their deal with dom but they told Dani through out that they wanted dom gone. If she wouldnt of pushed so hard for dom to stay they prob would of honored the deal. The thing is, she let this get personal instead of seeing at what it was.. A GAME move. she keeps saying that its not personal yet its obvious that it was. She ignored what was going on in the house and what the advantages were to keeping BR. NO ONE WILL GIVE THEM THE MONEY. One was previously evicted and the other is RACHEL. She let personal feelings for dom cloud her judgement. It costed her a half mill cuz if she backdoored jeff and kept the deal with BR she would of won BB13.

    5. Don’t forget that in Dani’s own words Jeff did not go back on his word to her in putting her up. She told Julie Chen that She was true the promise to BR and didn’t put up Brendon, “but nothing was said about replacements.” Thus, by her own reasoning, Jeff is in the clear on his deals with Dani.

      1. Let’s not forget what started this all…DANI….Dani was the very first person in the game to break the deal by going after Jeff (a person in her Alliance) in week 2. She even was plotting how to get rid of her Dad,sorry but Dani is not a good game player,she is a good competitor,but her game play sucks.You stuck with your dad to the end in season 8 and got 2nd place,why not go that route again till need be or hope somebody else took him out? Dani is a spotlight hound,she has to make the biggest moves,tell her Alliance what to do etc. I said wks ago Dani is her own worst enemy in this game. Jeff is making the smartest move for him and JJ and don’t think Shelly isn’t on their radar to!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Yes. But why did Dani side with Dom to get Jeff out? Jeff had not did ANYTHING to them & that is why he blew up on them in the kitchen group meeting.
      No one was even paying attention to Dani at that time. She was NOT a target. Dom should have won the VETO, but he threw it like a crazy person. Dani could have rode under the radar behind JJBR for a long time.

      All I saw was Dani laying snug up with Dom while they (out of the blue) started plotting to get rid of Jeff.
      Dom with his big mouth told Shelly the plan and asked shelly to join him and Dani to get rid of everybody one by one. Shelly went and told Jordan and they both went and told the HOH Rachael and her side kick Brenden. BRJJ THEN decided to get rid of Dom and not trust Dani forever.

      Dani’s first big mistake was trusting a BIG MOUTH newbie. To this day, they still don’t know that Shelly is the one that spoiled thier plans by telling the vets what Dom had said. Dom had no reason to trust Shelly and he should have kept his big mouth shut.
      Once this secret was out (about the Jeff backdoor plan)….Dani’s rep went down to -0- in the house and then Dom got evicted.

      I am team Dani because she came back from the flames.

      But she made her move too soon and she should not have trusted Dom with information. If Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff, then she should have waited till SHE was HOH….but no; she was trying to convince BR to do it….and it backfired. She came out with these huge blazing guns trying to be like Dick (or maybe trying not to be like him); either way….those moves trusting Dom and trying to backdoor Jeff (for no reason) was her demise. The Vet’s plan was to get rid of the newbies one by one. Dani should have stuck to that plan….further Jeff really liked Dom…so as the vets were getting rid of the newbies…Dom would have probably been the last of the newbies to go.

      Poor Dani…but you gotta love her spirit. She is a fighter. I’ll vote for her to win the America vote money, cuz she is as good as gone. Good times in the Jury House.

  4. What is the possibility of this:

    Jeff uses the veto, pulls Porsche off, and puts Dani up.

    Then, Dani gets a hold of Shelly, Adam, and Porsche and pitches them to that with her gone, it’s JJR having a free fun at the house, picking off the newbies one-by-one, and that they NEED someone like Dani to break those three down, and that even if they all voted for her to stay she’d STILL be the number one target.

    I think Adam and Shelly have to see the logic with this, because they really have no shot at JJR unfortunately. Send Kalia back, then you have Adam/Shelly/Porsche/Dani fighting for an HOH over Jordan and Rachel, and it’s probably going to mean endurance, which Dani or Porsche wins.

    1. No chance of that… Everyone has seen how dani will make a deal and break it immediatly. No one can take her word for anything. If she goes up she will not get a single vote.

    2. there is no chance of Shelly turning on JJ, get real. Just like Jeff says they have the votes.
      Bye bye Dani.Kalia is next.

    3. Matty – as a Team Dani fan, I appreciate your optimism! I don’t see A&S having their lips surgically removed from Jeff’s ass just yet but, again, here’s hoping!

  5. Help!!! Some ppl kept writing that Brendon said in an intw that he’d have not kept his end of the deal with Dani. Could you pls tell me where that info comes from? I missed Thursday’s show and read different intws over the net where he said exactly the opposite: “this time was different than earlier this season and he would have honored the deal”.

    1. When brendon was evicted, Julie asked in his exit interview if he Would’ve kept his end of the deal with dani if she took it. He basically said probably not

      1. Thank you, Stephie!!! I’ve just watched the segment and he said “Maybe… At this point of the game, everything changes fast and the dynamics in the house…”. So I’m gonna emulate my inner Shelly: he said “maybe”, he didn’t say “no” :-) It’s just some ppl were so adamant he stated he wouldn’t have kept his end of the deal and during the intws he did on Friday, the “maybe” became a “yes (I’d have kept my word)”

    2. I believe he would of kept the deal, he knew that Jeff and Jordon were in a soft alliance with BR…Meaning it existed if it benifited JJ. It was a perfect plan… They act like they hate eachother.. which is prob true but they could of played everyone in the house like puppets and picked them all off. Jeff would of went when brendon did and then the house would of been split with those three leading everyone to the slaughter. Dani did not do this deal because of her hatred for Rachel. The funniest part of it is that it would of guranteed dani the 500 grand. No one will vote for Rachel or someone who was already evicted. I cannot believe that someone so smart in this game did not see this.

  6. Dani, you truly suck at this game. Great at comps, but you are horrible at the social game and STRATEGY. To let this incompetent bunch of teabaggers toss you out is shameful to the legacy of evill dick. At various points in this game you could have a guaranteed final 5 or final 3 deal and waltzed into the money. But you threw it all away because you wanted to play grab ass with an immature boy over the summer. Was Dom really worth 500,000?

    1. How? Rachel is still there. It will be interesting with her. Dani is not exciting. I don’t dislike her, but she doesn’t do anything exciting.

      1. I can see a Rachel-esque performance on Jerry Springer anytime I want. This is a game, a competition. Not an ass-kiss-a-thon. If that’s your idea of entertainment, be sure to tune in JJ has a line of people who are willing to perform for you. Dani at least kept all fans excited, she was the opposition to the house. She shook things up. Otherwise the past month would have been as boring as the first few weeks. And before you say she wasn’t in power then, but she was. She was still aligned with the vets, it wasn’t until she went againist them did the feeds and BBAD really pick up. Those that just watch CBS, don’t have a clue what this game is about, they see a fluffed up version of the truth. The TRUE BB fans know, that Dani leaving isn’t good for the rest of this season.

    2. I actually think JJ are really interesting to watch. Jeff’s comments are always really funny and Jordan’s dumb comments are really cute. Rachel’s also very entertaining because half the time she’s just using her emotions and not her brain. Dani’s voice just gets on my nerves. I’m glad she’s leaving. And kalia’s a bigger idiot than Jordan, at least Jordan knows not to insult Jury members in goodbye messages…

      1. You are entitled to be wrong anytime you like. And CBS is going to be counting on the braindead legion aka Team JJ to keep watching.

        1. dude could you stop with the insults? All I want to do is discuss Big Brother without being called an idiot everytime I disagree lmao…

    3. I completely agree. People keep saying but Jeff is funny and Rachel is dramatic. These things are true…but this isn’t a drama or a comedy. It’s a game, a competition… and without Dani, where is the competition?! If Dani leaves, Kalia and Porsche will not stick together and fight the rest of the house. Someone on a previous blog said maybe Rachel is trying to replace Dani if she gets evicted…which might be interesting, but probably not, at least not for me, ’cause I am not going to root for Rachel, and I don’t want to root for JJ…so I would be left with one of the newbies, none of which I like and none of which I really seeing winning. Who knows if that is even Rachel’s plan… my point is that without Dani, the house will not be divided like it is now. Shelly and Adam are going to do whatever JJ tells them… Kalia is going to attach to Shelly who is going to lie and lead her to believe she’s with her. Porsche is going to… I don’t even know, but it will be irrelevant….unless someone she has some sort of epiphany and wakes up from whatever world she is in. It just will not be exciting. they will get rid of Kalia, then maybe Porsche, then Rachel, then Adam, then Shelly, then JJ will be in the final 2. There won’t be any suspense or deals or anything because it will just be JJ pretty much determining who leaves every week.

      Who knows… maybe some twist will change it all up. Or maybe Dani will leave and Porsche will get HOH and evict Rachel and then Kalia will get the next HOH the same night and put up JJ. WHO KNOWS. It just seems as though things will get really boring with Dani leaving the house.

  7. I think the writing is on the wall for Dani and Big Jeff.

    Jeff puts up Dani and she gets evicted.

    Jeff can’t play next HoH

    If Porsche, Kalia, Adam or Racgel wins HoH Jeff’s going to find himself on the block and if he thinks he has the votes to stay he’s going to be shocked. I could even see Shelly voting him out, Jordan’s her real infatuation and I can see her be on-board with removing Jeff from the picture for more Jordan time.

    1. I don’t think Adam or Rachel would put up Jeff. Porsche would put herself up. Kalia is probably afraid to put up Jeff.

      1. Why wouldn’t they? Rachel, for all her flakiness, knows who her biggest competition threat is after Dani and Adam outright told Jeff that if Jeff was on the block Jeff would be going home (before quickly back-peddling). It’s also the smart move for either one of them. Despite what Jordan seems to be thinking, the whole house can’t be one big happy alliance.

    2. with thursday being double eviction and jeff can’t participate in the hoh, he may be evicted also. there is not time to strategize. hoh ,nom,pov eviction, all in one hour

    1. None of my awesome comments of awesome have been getting through either. I’m super bummed too, I have to go on and on about how much more interesting season 8 was than this boring season, but no one can see what I have to say. *sad*

  8. I’m with jjsa all thd way but my god Shelly and Adam try to atleast win something. Shelly gets mad because Jeff tells her to step it up, wow.
    She coud have been str8 shootin to the Hoboken Ham.

    1. Jeff is aligned with 3 people that do nothing. Shelly is useless, Adam claims to be a threat but hasn’t done anything and Jordan just rides Jeff’s coat tails. Kahlia Is the reason Dani is screwed, her week HOH hurt her own alliance. Rachel wins the double eviction, puts up shelly and Porsche. Dani and Porsche to jury house. Big brother season is boring from here on out.

      1. first of all, dani is the reason she is screwed. she tried to back door jeff, her own alliance member too early in the game. jj are very unforgiving people and they do hold grudges. jj has been waiting for the opportunity to pay dani back, and they got it. put blame where blame is due, and that is dani. and, i am a dani fan.

      2. Double eviction does not mean that the HOH gets to evict 2 people. It means that after Jeff evicts Dani that they will do an HOH, POV, POV cerimony and another eviction that night and then put in another HOH. Pull your head out.

  9. If Jeff thinks Porsche is dumb, he should know that Jordan is even more of a dumbass. And of course Jordan would know that playing the dumb card would definitely get Porsche further in the game, i mean look at what it got her two seasons ago–$500K smh

    1. I think the 13 in BB13 refers to the combined IQ of DKPASR. We should forever call this season the Big Brother Dunce Edition! If Dick had stayed it would’ve been fun watching him manipulate this group of idiots and Dani would still be able to pretend she knows how to play BB. I keep expecting Dani to say “in my season everybody just did what I wanted and my stupid Dad didn’t do anything blah blah blah”

      Go Big Jeff (lets quit pretending there’s a team)

  10. Jeff wilol make the right move and vote out DANI, IT WOULD OF BEEN PERFECT IF THEY COULD TRUST dani and all the vets wwouod of probally gone to finale five, but now if dani is vited out Adam would turn and vote out Jeff with a aps alliance

  11. Go Jeff take out the godmother of the group (the she godfather) or nobody will and she makes it to the end, Rachel will appreciate that and back Jeff up since she backdoor Brendon. Rachel is the biggest target next to Jeff and Jeff just started really playing this game, and winning POV , but Jordan will still make it to the end or finally 4


  13. Kalia needs to shut up!..if SHE had not sent Lawon home then they would have one more vote and one less vote for Jeff! .. Dani messed up last week! She should have made a two week deal with B andR.. and Sent Jeff Home! ~ pulling for Dani though and hope she can cut a deal with jeff!

  14. if dani goes, it will be jeff and a house full of floaters who are too afraid to put him on the block. What a thrilling final month this will be. Zzzzzzzzzz.

  15. Oh well Dani it looks like you’re going on the block & heading to the jury house I’m a fan of yours but you played your cards too soon, you have a useless ass alliance Kalia’s dumb ass effed up her HOH she needs to go I can’t stand her, Porsche has come close to winning but that’s not good enough, Adam & Shelly lips are super glued to J&J asses. Jordan is talking about scenerios for next week she needs to scenerio her ass right out the door! Rachael is walking around gloating she’ll probably be pouting come thurs, I can’t wait to see the look on all their faces when they find out it’s double eviction week!!! BB might as well write Jeff his $500,000 check!!! He’s going to be the only 1 left besides Rachael that can win comps & like she said she’s playing for second place so write her, her $50,000 check!!!! Geeeeezzzz BB this is the worst season ever these newbies are horrrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It would be better if Jordan could win this week and Rachel a little later on. Rachel needs to take out Adam or Shelly and she would. Jordan might not have the guts to do so nor might Jeff. And Rachel and Jordan both want Kalia and Porsche on the block……

  16. They are acting like last season blame everything on racheal talk shit about her every second and that will get u to the end! It worked last season but not this time. Hopefully when dani is gone the mean girl mantality goes with her

  17. Simon have you ever read Tallulah Morehead’s blog, “The Morehead the Merrier?”
    Sooooooo funny.
    Usually posts once a week about BB13 and includes hysterically funny BB photos.

    Tallulah -“The world seen through the blurry eyes of a 113 year old, alcoholic, bisexual,
    nymphomaniacal movie star ………

    If I’ve posted an incorrect link, just Google.

    1. Hahahahahaha, that’s awesome, Just the other day I was thinking Adam reminded me of Nobby the house elf from harry potter. Seems I’m not the only one.

  18. What is up with one minute shelly and Adam throwing the comps so they don’t have to make any moves then being pissed at Jeff telling them to try. I smell some of shelly’s straight shooting there !!

    1. Don’t believe that at all. they say this to build thier ego that they can when anytime, remeber when he ask jepp please let me when the veto,

  19. This season is so wack they should have brought back better vets if they really insisted on doing this vet vs newbie thing
    Definitely should have brought back russell imo
    He and dani could have teamed up maybe
    Next big brother needs to be an all star one or a just plain all newbies
    With no twist or help from”america” what so ever
    Just let them play the game and win on their own merits
    And no bringing someone back that already has been evicted that just defeats the purpose of eliminating folks

      1. Yeah, Rachel is unarmed in a battle of wits. Its not even the equivilant of bringing a knife to a gun fight, but showing up with your hands tied behind your back at a gun fight.

  20. And adam can never give a straight answer about votes and what not
    He’s always vague
    Be a man and honestly let folks know
    Adam might be shocked at how the audience views him

    1. This was suposed to post here:

      OK, a couple of things:

      CBS brought back the 3 most “liked” couples in BB history. Evel Dick and Dani were phenominal (mostly ED), JJ were the most beloved (mostly Jordan), and BR the most hated (mostly Rachel). ED was great viewing. He intimidated EVERYONE and no one had the cajones to take him on. Rachel was the bitch on wheels that everyone loved to hate. Jordan was and still is a sweetheart. Russel was just a bully. He and Dani would have been at each other wanting to be the leader.

      All newbies would be great. America’s Choice is here to stay. It makes CBS way too much money not to and I believe is a ratings getter. If you don’t like twists in the game, don’t watch. One of the big themes of Big Brother is “Expect the Unexpected.” People love it.

      As for Adam, It is a brillent move not to let anyone (or everyone) know how you are voting. You do not commit yourself to a course of action that you might want to reconsider later and keeps people thinking you might be persuaded to change your vote. You get more people coming to talk to you so you can get the most information and know where your best move will be.

  21. And adam can never give a straight answer about votes and what not
    He’s always vague
    Be a man and honestly let folks know
    Adam might be shocked at how the audience views him I think

    1. You’re right…. He keeps talking about his fans and acts like he’s so interesting to people…. Has no idea that he gets on the majority of peoples nerves, and not in a good way.

      1. that’s so true, from what i’ve seen on the show (and heard from Dick) Adam is one of those guys that tries too hard to be remembered. I think he wants to walk out of that house and be the next Mike Boogie.

        I still remember that little dance he did in the elf suit for Julie… it was painful to watch.

        1. Jeff: “Adam, bend over and spread you butt cheeks, I need to release bad”

          Adam: “Sure thing, whatever you want, I’m with you 100%”

    2. I think he is just trying not to tick anyone off because you never know who will have the power the following week and that was the downfall of Branchel

    1. At the moment is sure doesn’t, but it is typical stupid Jeff like he did in BB11 make the move to remove Dani and not only set the example of getting rid of a power player but put the biggest target on your own back.

      Next HOH if Dani is gone consists of Rachel and 4 newbies and Jordo (who is as uselss and tits on a bull.

      Instead of cutting a deal with a competitor (Dani) rely on flakes to keep you safe is soooooo stupid.

      Everyone except Shelly and Jordo will put J&J on the block next week, that is a given!

      If K or P wins HOH then it will be Rach and Jeff on the block and Jordo will be the backup.

      What is most stupid of Jeff is talking to everyone about getting rid of Dani as the threat because of her competative abilites, look in a mirror stupid, you are giving the speech you will be given next week. What a dumb ass, definately between J&J hardly a brain between the two of them!

      1. I’m surprised he doesn’t see that. Target fixation perhaps. Then again he probably feels he can’t trust Dani. Funny thing is I don’t think she would go after him right away, she’s smart enough to keep jury votes in mind and if she pisses off both couples then that’s 4 out of the 7 votes against here. Most likely she’d rely on her alliance members to do the dirty work of getting Jeff out.

      2. if you guys remember, he really didn’t want russell to leave. he had changed his mind.. every time he told jordan that he changed his mind, she kept insisting that he get russell out because they were feuding with each other. jeff said that production told him that getting russell out was a bad move. jordan said” I WANT RUSSELL GAWN!!” he listened to her and initially gave her money

      1. Rachel will work with K&P most likely. What stupid Jeff has not figured out yet is he has no idea what Shelly the rat or Adam the uncommitted will do at anytime, so his little alliance has only be together thus far as it suited the two floaters. Adam has never given Jeff a straight answer on anything, he flips with the wind.

        Only person who hasever proved anything non-threatening in recent weeks to J&J has been Dani. And Dani only flipped on J&J prior when Jeff’s big idea to change from evicting Adam to Dom and simply because Jeff didn’t like that Dom had a better outgoing personality than Jeff does.

        Guaranteed next week if Dani is gone Jeff or Jordo will be right behind.

  22. Shelly’s constant whining about Rachel is getting old, the whole house gets it already, you don’t like her. shut up.

    1. I know, it seems like every chance she gets she is bashing rachel. She had that speech up in the HOH about rachel talking behind her back saying negative things about her but after that meeting Shelly was talking so much shit about rachel to anyone who would listen. Give it up already. Also I found out she was the one who stole rachel’s puppy, but if rachel took shelly puppy she would be going off on her. Shelly talked about cutting up her puppy, how mature you wouldn’t want your daughter to do that would you. Grow up already, we already know rachel has problems but shelly is just as bad.

    2. Shelly is pissed at Rachael because she exposed her lies which caused every one to be on to her. shelly thought that she was going to slither her way to an easy win by telling lies. now, it has all back fired in her face

  23. That’s right Jeff, play the same game you played two summers ago. Let your ego get the best of you and insist on making the “power move” of the game. Take out Dani and become the biggest target-again. Seriously, for as much as he nags Jordan, he’s not much smarter.

    Thursday, should Dani get evicted, Kalia, Adam, Porsche and Rachel will all happily put him up if any of them win HOH. Mark my words, he’s next out the door if he does this.

    He should evict Kalia or Porsche. Rachel is Dani’s target. Rachel is also Kalia’s target. “Big Jeff” is just trying to throw his weight around and act like a big man. Maybe that’s good television for you middle aged house wives, but for the rest of us, it’s getting old.

    And who’s going to take out Rachel for him should he do this? God knows if he or Jordan evict her themselves they’ll automatically lose Brendon and Rachel’s votes in jury. I guess they’re counting on Shelley to do it. LOL, case and point why they both are so bad at this game despite how far they tend to get. Though I suppose “America’s” support counts for a lot.

    1. Dani is his best choice, she wins too many competitions and she can’t be trusted. you just sound like you’re upset that dani’s going. Even Dick said that he would vote out Dani if he was in Jeff’s position.

      1. and i’m sorry, but who can jeff trust exactly? Besides Jordan that is.

        Shelley lies so bad she actually believes her own lies.
        Rachel threw Jeff and Jordan under the bus numerous times to Dani.
        Adam’s huge verbal slip-up this week all but confirmed Jeff is in his sights.
        Kalia has nominated him and should she and Porsche escape the block will obviously never be able to work with him.

        Sometimes the game isn’t about trust, it’s about knowing your place on the totem pole. Jeff and Jordan have become entirely too entitled this season. They’ve let their semi-fame go to their heads, and they seem to think the unwritten rules of big brother don’t apply to them on account on that. Jeff’s pride will be his downfall, as early as this Thursday if he isn’t careful.

    2. exactly how is evicting Dani a bad move if he kept her would be a dumb move regardless if rachel wants her or not or if Dani is a bigger threat if Dani wins hoh he will be on the block he has a better shot of winning if Dani is gone i don’t think that is ego just begining smart

      1. Except that he can’t play the next HoH meaning he has to rely on his alliance members to

        A) Win HoH


        B) Not take, (probably the last) opportunity to put him up and get him out.

        Adam’s slip up when he said that if Jeff goes up he’s going home should’ve been a major clue

        1. exactly, just because this forum is overrun with little old ladies in love with Jeff does not mean that every decision he makes in this game is the right one. Big brother is always about who has the biggest target on their back. Currently target order is as follows:

          1. Dani
          2. Jeff
          3. Rachel
          4. Kalia

          and the rest of the dead weight falls somewhere below that. Point being, If Jeff eliminates Dani, he does become the largest target in the house, and on a live eviction night, not a single person, save for Jordan, will hesitate to put Jeff up. If he eliminated Porsche or Kalia instead, the target on his back goes way down, and Rachel becomes seen as a more serious threat on double eviction night.

          It’s not that I’m mad Dani might leave, it’s just common sense, something Jeff and Jordan have deeply lacked in their game play in the past.

          Double eviction night, Jeff evicts Dani…Jeff can’t play the next HOH, who besides Jordan won’t nominate him now? Maybe Shelley, but for anyone to point that out would be stating Shelley stands a chance at winning anything this season…and those people aren’t worth debating.

          Now, instead, let’s say Jeff evicts Kalia or Porsche on double eviction night:
          Rachel wins HOH: targets Dani
          Dani wins HOH: targets Rachel (would likely put Jeff up, but Jeff would have votes to stay, and he’s not Dani’s target)
          Jordan wins HOH: targets Dani
          Adam wins HOH: targets Dani
          Porsche wins HOH: targets Shelley or Rachel
          Kalia wins HOH: targets Rachel
          Shelley wins HOH: Hell freezes over (and she targets Dani or Rachel)

          I don’t think anyone would argue that the scenarios I’ve just thrown down are common sense. If Jeff would use common sense, he would realize keeping Dani would buy him and Jordan safety to the final six, and give Dani the opportunity to take out some of Jeff’s “allies” that are just as likely to stab him in the back this week as they would protect him in the weeks to come.

          Jeff’s all about immediate gratification, he doesn’t have the intellect the play this game for the long haul. That’s why he used the coup de tat on his season (and saved Russell and Lydia…two people that would eventually hinder his game far more than help it). He saw a chance to eliminate a big player (Jessie) and he took it, without considering the long standing reprecussions. Thanks for playing Jeff, good seeing you again. Hopefully Jordan can float this out like last time for you both.

          If Jeff evicts Dani, Jeff will lose Big Brother. That’s a promise.

          1. If he does not evict Dani now, he will surely loose BB. If he evicts her now and he has a chance to win it. Dani is a strong competitor and endurance is the final comp on the final three in which Dani is quite strong on the type of comp. She already won 50, 000 before and I believe in giving chances to others.

        2. jeff’s alliance members ain’t gonna win chit, and there’s a good possibility he will be following dani to the jury house like he followed russell in bb11. during double eviction, no time for strategy

      2. you sound like you haven’t watched Big Brother much before, so let me just tell you what’s going to happen. Jeff will remove the target from Dani, and place it on himself. His so-called allies are going to nominate him so fast his head will spin. Why? because for the very reason you just stated, with him gone, they stand a better chance of winning. This is how short-sighted people play, and it’s why they rarely win.

  24. I am team Dani all the way. However, is she doesn’t win i have no problem with Rachel,Jeff,Pinto, or Kalia winning. I strongly despise Shelly’s and Adam’s game play(or lack of). And I truly don’t want Jordan to win again. She rode Jeff’s coat tail the entire season of BB11 and won the game. She’s doing the same thing again in this season. If Jeff is doing all of the hard work for him and Jordan, then he should win, not some little blonde country innocent acting bumpkin that spends all of her days twirling her hair and has never heard of Jimmie Carter and they both are from the South.

    1. LMAO…I agree with everything you said, I’m team Dani also but it’s not looking good for them, Jordan is so freaking annoying this season, I’m fine with anyone winning the game as long as it isn’t J or J , Jeff’s afraid of Dani beating him in the comps that’s the main reason why he wants her out you are supposed to be Big Jeff….stop being a coward & fight it out that’s what BB is about!!!

      1. HHAHAHA…Jeff’s afraid of Dani beating him in comps…get real,Jeff woulda beat her in the last HOH and just beat her ass for the POV. He knows she was coming after him and he beat her to the punch.C’mon her only 2 Alliance members are on the block and she would save Cowlia if she could.Eat that humble pie and choke on it…Dani got got!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I agree, My favorite players in this game is Jeff and Dani assame they are different sides and they go after the biggest threat because they think they can win if they are gone but the problem is the floaters just sail by because of it

  25. Once Dani is gone, the remaining four newbies, if smart, would get together and wage war against the ‘veterans’ to ensure a newbie wins.

    That’s what I would like to see.

  26. Mornin! Hate to wait til Thurs, to find out about the double eviction! How does that go? First the regular eviction, then HOH comp, with immediate live eviction of someone else? I forgot,

    1. regular eviction then hoh comp. new noms, pov comp, eviction. all in one hour. jeff can’t play for hoh, but he can play for pov

  27. Hey CBS BB, next season bring back all of those who came in second place throughout the years and let’s see them battle it out.

  28. Racheal will win bb13. Shelly and Adam are useless. Jordan is all up Jeff butt. Kalia and porche will be lost without Dani.
    Dani made a bad nice week three and finally will get what she deserves.

  29. if dani goes, jeff will be leaving behind her. double eviction thurs and porshe do for i win. having dani and rachel gunning for eachother would keep him safe

  30. Oh God I hope Dani doesn’t go… She makes the show interesting to watch…from her being the underdog …to the constant fighting with Rachel… If she goes it’s gonna b like a slasher movie … They’re all gonna get picked off 1 by 1 until Jordan or Jeff are in the final 2 BOOOORING

      1. I expect Jeff will be the ‘better player’ for about an hour till he realizes he is now the biggest target in the game during a double eviction week

  31. I’m going to miss my BB addiction if dani leaves I won’t have a desire to watch anymore…. the people left are either too stupid too cliche or too annoying to interest me.

    1. I hope to hear that Porsche won if dani goes.
      The thought of Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, or Shelly winning BB makes me cringe

    2. i’m not going to have the desire to watch anymore either, but i will, hoping to see a real cat fight between rachael and shelly. that will be my only motivation to watch

  32. My biggest fear is that a floater will win i just really hope that shelly or adam don’t win especially shelly she has done anything but ride everyone elses shirt tales. As for Dani saying Jeff has made him the biggest target well he always has been since brendon left that was a given which is why he didn’t want him to leave if she won do you really think he wasn’t going up? His only chance is to get Dani out but i find it funny that Shelly is insulted that jeff told her to play harder because she really hasn’t even come close to winning anything in this game. I think next week is an important hoh if jeff can manage to stay of the block or at least him and jordon then they have a good shot. All going to come down to who they find a bigger threat jeff or rachel I think Kalia should have tried to make a deal with jj rather then trying to convince anyone to put up rachel which was never going to happen jeff isn’t as dumb as she is to put someone on their side up

  33. “Jeff says that she (Porsche) is always making dumb comments.”

    He said that AFTER Jordan’s answers to Shelly’s interview questions??? Jordan may very well be the dumbest bitch on the planet!

  34. Come on ppl…Dani is the best player in this game, she is even better than her DAD..she carried his ass last season all he had was a big mouth..Jeff is a moron, Jordon is stupid, shelly is a fool. Adams dumb, and Kalia is by FAR is worst player ever. Even if Dani gets voted out she will still be the best…You ppl can talk all u want about her being a bad player but u all now she is DANGEROUS and thats theproblem if anything she deserves to win the game more than anyone else. O and dont even get me started on the fugly girl Rachel and her dumb man, I dont know what u dani haters are thinking…you all are WEAK!

    1. agreed. Dani has my vote for America’s Favorite this season, hands down.

      Jeff and Jordan have done nothing this season but act like they deserve to win on the basis that they are “Jeff and Jordan from bb11” It’s sad and disappointing, and neither of them deserve to get to the end, but I’ll root for Jordan over Jeff for sure, she doesn’t seem to have it as bad as him.

      Rachel disgusts me, and I hope she gets cut in the final four. Yes she deserves to get further than Brendon did…no she does not deserve to get as far as Janelle did.

      Shelley and Adam are just…so lame. Lousy social game, lousy at competitions. I can’t fathom how much respect I will lose for this show if they win this season or get to final 2.

      Porsche has actually played a solid social game, and while she’s won nothing, Dr. Will and Dick among other past winners would argue that there’s nothing wrong with playing the social aspects of the game and ignoring the competitions when you can afford to.

      I hate how badly Kalia screwed up her HOH…but if she survives the week, I don’t think she’ll make the same mistake twice. I mean, great players have wasted their HOH’s before (matt evicting Kathy last season….HELLO?!) If she makes it through this week, I’m still rooting for her over any remaining veteran (assuming Dani is evicted).

      1. sorry, i meant Matt evicted andrew; Kathy was evicted when Matt named her as a replacement nominee with his diamond veto. Still a stupid move though, on both counts.

      2. Your so right…JJ haven’t done anything this season. Jordon 1 HOH,Jeff 2 POV’s and 1 HOH yep they haven’t done shit this year….your an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Please, Jordan had her HOH thrown to her, and let’s just be honest, it was luck.

          And call me all the names you want, but at least I know the dif between “your” and “you’re” go back to school.

  35. Dani is too busy making strong moves to ensure she is a good player on tv. Too bad it’s firing back on her. Had she put jeff and jordan against each other, (who has an army with them) that would have been the best move she could have done. No one realized that j/j especially jeff, knows when is the perfect time to win comps & hoh. They know this game better than anyone else.

  36. “Jeff says that Porsche should be in movies …she would win the academy award for being an idiot.”

    He said that AFTER Jordan’s answers to Shelly’s interview questions?!?! Jordan may very well be the dumbest bitch on the planet!

  37. This will definitely be my last week of BB13 if Dani goes because it will be so boring. There is no one worth watching. No one else is really playing the game. This year more than any other, I can see how it is rigged.

  38. Two questions: Are there clocks in the BB house? Also, DO the house guests know it’s a double eviction on Thursday. Did Julie tell them last Thurs but then only told the home viewers that it’s a fast forward?

  39. if dani got evicted i wil be ro0ting f0r p0rsche. I have this feeling that p0rsche wil win the next h0h. If j0rdan w0n bb11 (FLOATER)…why cant p0rsche? J0rdan d0esnt do anything! Her win as h0h week 2 was by default! P0rsche is a better player. Team p0rsche!

  40. @Nicole and WW : Nicole is correct!!.. Jeff is an arrogant dumb Bully!.. Jordan is an ignorant Moron and the biggest Floater of all time!.. No one with a brain and a heart likes JJ!!!

  41. Team JJ but would be great if they could trust D. That would be a great final 3. Hate S most of all even though she’s with JJ. Order I would evict is K,S,P,R,A,D,Jo. And BB13 winner is Big Jeff!

  42. Rewatching BB8, man, I really don’t like Dani lol She took note of what we disliked about her and is faking it as much as she can this season, but seriously…can’t stand her. That voice, ick

  43. To answer your question STL, there is a clock on the stove with the correct time and no they don’t know it’s a double eviction week. And one more note… Shelly is a loser!

  44. With Jeff presently thinking with his ASS as usual in his BB gameplay, just like in BB11, one scenerio screams out loud and clear, Jeff or Jordo will be the next to be evicted. J&J next week are sitting ducks double eviction or not and with Jordo, Adam and Shelly being completely useless against competitors it will likely be Rach, Kalia or Porcha winning the next HOH and J&J are so stupid they think they don’t have a target on their backs once again, BB11 all over again for them!

    Considering it is double eviction night next week, once the HG’s know this on Thursday, Jeff or Jordan will be gone completely since no HG will have to put up with the threats of Jeff for a week, especially Kalia won’t have the time to be having a crying breakdown!

  45. Ok jeff is a douche but making the right move for himself. However it probably means I will no longer watch because it is going to be so boring with this cast left. No big moves and theyvwill just follow like lemmings to their doom. Jeff wins you jj fans will be so happy and we will complete the second boringest season in a row. Need to remark at the people that say dick was so great and dani is so bad. Half the reason dick won was because of dani winning every comp. The other half of the reason he won was because Americas player had to vote to keep dick and didn’t want to and that was the deciding vote or dick was gone! Boring season only thing keeping it interesting was dani. Now we get to watch a whole cast that likes eachother and plays nice……or rather the rest of you do because im done if dani goes.

  46. What really makes me mad about Jordan and Jeff is all they usually ever talk about is getting rid of the floaters..( even though Jordan is one also)…and now that Dani is a target he is willing to keep all the floaters and get rid of her… Does he think he can win the competition against any of the floaters?? I am hoping he makes a deal with Dani and she stays and one by one they pick off the floaters… I would love to see anyone win who didn’t float their way to the finals…but I think Porshe, Shelly, Adam, and Kaliah need to be evicted before Dani is..

  47. Jeff and Jorumbdumb needs Rachel she doesn’t need them, , I hope skankzilla takes them out, because she knows she can’t win against Production’s Sweethearts….

    1. rachael plays emotionally. her targets will be shelly and pinto with hopefully shelly being evicted. i don’t think her mind is on the prize. just get rid of shelly is all she wants quite understandably

  48. I”ve never posted on here but do keep up on BB via this site since I quit watching earlier this season. Would love to see BB change it up so that players HAVE to win challenges to stay in the house. I get that it’s a social game also but these people act like sheeple. Maybe BB will figure out a way to turn things around that those who drop out of competions receive a punishment, get rid of the have not comps and make those losers automatic have nots. I want to see an all girl or all guy season, I want production to stop leading players in certain directions in the DR. I just want to see some real game playing and this season was not it and either was last season. No more golden keys, that killed what could have been a good season. We never got to know the newbies as players because of the vets being there, it just turned into an ass-kissing season of newbies hiding behind the vets. I don’t care who wins, it’s boring and I feel like I’m just watching musical chairs.

  49. If Shelly spent as much time obsessing on her game as much as she is obsessed with Rachel….she may actually have accomplished something! Seriously, most of her conversations are about Rachel and it’s getting old quick!

    1. You are right, she is the number one liar, Shelley should be the first one they should evict in their alliance after all DKP alliance have been evicted, assuming that they can control the HOH & POV for the next week or two.

  50. Hope Jeff wins. It would be awesome if Jeff boned Porsche or even Rachel. He can do better than Jordo, bless her heart.

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