Pooch “Indy .. ah this is so bad! I don’t know if Indy is capable of talking game.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight


9:36pm – 9:50pm Bedroom. Pooch and Turner.
Pooch tells Turner about his conversation with Daniel. He tells him about how he asked Daniel if he has a target. Turner – was he for anyone specifically? Pooch – he said not really and that he respected that they both came up to him. He said obviously one of them is going to stay in the game so hopefully this helps get to know the other one better. He said if I did have a preference right now it would be Terrance. I agreed. I think it would be good if he hears it from different people. Turner – I was having a conversation with Alyssa and I was like you’re close with Paloma and I’m close to Pooch. And she was talking about how she is close with some of the girls.. and she does have a whole f**king girl setup .. but I do trust her. I brought you up and she brought Paloma up and I was like this could be a four. And she was like I could funnel you stuff from the girls and I could .. well I am not going to funnel your information. I hope you don’t mind that I said me, you, her and Paloma could be cool. Pooch – no, I like that. I talked to Jasmine. Indy .. ah this is so bad.. I don’t know if Indy is capable of talking game. Turner – I was thinking the same thing. Pooch – I was like I am not going to waste the brain power because I am so tired. Turner – I don’t know if she is talking game with anyone. Pooch – that’s why I don’t think I am missing anything. I love her but. I could work on Jasmine more. I will try to talk to her today or tomorrow. Turner – I am not necessarily worried about her or Indy winning a game. Pooch – what is the goals for tonight? Turner – If we can find the time to talk with Alyssa and Paloma. Pooch – yeah but that is easy. What is hard is to get everyone in Oasis with Motley Crew. That will be tough.

10:05pm HOH room. Daniel, Indy, Nicole, Alyssa, Tylor and Joe are chatting about random things. Brittany joins them.

10:19pm – 10:40pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Paloma.
Alyssa – so we need to talk about it. I haven’t talked to Kyle about it at all. Not one word. Paloma – the way I’ve been talking to them about it is in code. The next thing I am going to talk to them about .. I am going to be like did you hear that song by Drake its exclusive but its called like Momba.. have you heard it? Its like super good. And then they’ll be like yeah. And today I saw Michael and Kyle and I was like hey theres this dish that I love its so good. Its so consistently one of my faves .. have you heard of it? Its called like Momba. Like its our squad .. just to f**k around. But we need like a little tap in like tap in. Alyssa – we need to have like a conversation all together. When I went up to the HOH it was Daniel, Taylor and Nicole .. and I feel like they’re working together because it was just the three of them in there for like an hour. And I went in there and it just got quite .. and they started talking about some random bullsh*t. Paloma – I haven’t talked to Daniel all day ..I had him wrapped around my finger yesterday but 24 hours have gone by and everything could have changed. I like low key am leveraging him.. he gives me like little flirty eyes .. little puppy eyes ..like when he came into the kitchen I was like I need to talk to you. I’ve been waiting to talk to you all day. And whatever little alliance he tells me about, I am going to tell you guys about. Alyssa – I think its him, Nicole and Tylor. Paloma – the girls are starting to get smart. Like Jasmine is like should we get the guys involved? They’re probably coming to the realization that 6 girl alliance can not make it all the way .. we would have to put up guys consecutively. Those are our pawns. Jasmine, Brittany.. Alyssa – our what? You would put them up? You can’t put them up. Paloma – oh is that what that means?! Alyssa – its when you put them on the block because you want the other person to go home. Paloma – yeah you’re right. Why am I calling them our pawns. You know like last season .. they’re like our buddies. Like the Momba alliance is 6 and then we have another 6 that we keep close. Alyssa – but that’s 12 people .. that’s a lot. If you won HOH next week who would you put up? Paloma – Ah Tylor. Alyssa – you would put her up? Paloma – I’m scared but I don’t know. Alyssa – I liked her. Paloma – I like all these people. Bottomline she lacks self-awareness. Alyssa – she said to me at the table that she would stab someone right in the front and look them in the eyes while she did it. Paloma – I don’t trust that. And she is going to stab me in the back too. Its going to be in the front and the back .. like you’re going to be a f**king pastrami sandwich! Alyssa – our only options are Taylor, Turner, Terrance, Daniel and um Nicole. I wouldn’t put Pooch up but maybe like a backdoor.

11:15pm HOH room. Kyle, Michael, Monte, Turner, Nicole, Taylor and Brittany. They’re hanging out talking about podcasts.

11:23pm – 11:35pm Bathroom. Ameerah and Terrance.
Terrance – because if it was the reverse situation I couldn’t see a sister walking out day one .. you know what I mean? Ameerah – have you talked to Monte? Terrance – MMmhhmm. Ameerah – what is he saying? Terrance – I sometimes get a good feeling from him and I sometimes I feel like I am not with the.. Ameerah – the macho boys? Terrance – yeah he wants to play like how can I protect you game too. He is like I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. Like if someone wins the veto, who are they going to piss off. Like if you win, they’re probably going up.. he is probably going up to be honest. They would put him up. Dude, lets see how this veto goes .. and this backstage thing. Terrance – I can’t think of how that will play out. Ameerah – I think one might swap out… not like there will be three nominees. Terrance – better know I am going to play my heart out. I am going to fight hard as hell. I can’t go out without pushing past my limits. Ameerah – I don’t think it will be a physical comp. I think it will be a puzzle or something like that. Terrance – This is the first thing and I don’t want people to jeopardize their game. I don’t want to make waves. It is what it is.

11:41pm HOH room. Kyle, Michael, Paloma and Monte.
Monte – why are we always missing two people. Michael – I don’t know if we are picking veto players tomorrow but like obviously if I did get house guest choice I could pick one of you but I also don’t want to f**k anyone over and expose anything. Think about it. Paloma – if you feel like you’re good with someone outside of the alliance that will go up to bat and fight for you .. have you talked to Daniel? After all of that? Michael – I did talk to Daniel. He didn’t give me a whole lot. Daniel joins them. Paloma – how are you feeling, I can’t even imagine being in your position. And me dude .. bro! Kyle – they’re giving you no information.

12:09am Storage room. Joe and Monte.
Joe – I think that was to solidify Terrance because .. if you didn’t expect Michael .. it might be hard to get votes on Michael. I like both of them. I think you might be closer to Terrance. Monte – yeah, of course Terrance is like the homie and the funny man and genuine. Joe – he’s a good guy. Monte – but history has always shown that the older competitors tend to get put up pretty quick just because of the social dynamics and its just unfortunate that .. that has to be the case. Joe – did you talk to him (Daniel) in terms of what he wants for voting and stuff? Monte – no, I don’t even know if he’s thought that far. He might even just be indifferent towards that. I think we should just focus on what he wants in terms of the veto. Like Terrance might even pick me for the veto.. and I don’t even know if I want to.. of course I would want to ensure my safety that would be beautiful. Like physical threats .. I don’t even want to push that narrative. Like even working out we probably want to chill with that. Whatever happens after this week determines what blood is on Daniel’s hands.

12:35am Bathroom. Alyssa, Tylor, Indy, Brittany are talking about how true loves are the friendships you have.

12:37am Storage room. Monte and Kyle.
Monte – I think it will have us show our cards. Kyle – its too early! I think he is going home to be honest. I just don’t know if its smart to go ball out on a veto take him down .. and Daniel isn’t going to want to put someone else up. So he is going to be against using it. Its going to be better to throw it honestly. I think Michael understands that it would put us in a bad position so he is not going to straight up ask us. Monte – and Michael is smart. He would probably do well in the physical comps too.

1am HOH room. Terrance, Ameerah, Joe, Turner, Pooch, Kyle and Daniel are chatting.

1:14am Kitchen – Tylor and Michael.
Tylor – are you worried about anybody? Michael – like how so .. like threat in the game or if they want to keep me? Taylor – I guess if they want to keep you or not. Michael – I guess I don’t know. Its hard because I haven’t had a lot of one on ones with people and no one is going to commit to .. and you don’t know if there id going to be a replacement nom. I don’t want to assume I have anyone’s vote. Taylor – everyone is playing a conservative game.

1:40am Bedroom. Jasmine – Michael I am attached to his story to because of my sister. I am really a rock in a hard place. yeah, Ameerah – I feel the same way. We have to do what is best for our game ..but like to come out of season 23 and then to start the season 24 with evicting a black man. Jasmine – but did you remember twitter .. they were going in! They were talking about how it was a resist thing.

2:15am Bumper pool.

2:21am Kitchen – Paloma, Kyle, Michael and Taylor are talking about Pride & Prejudice.

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un autre nom

Backstage Boss and Backstagers do NOT get a vote this week.
They are not eligible to play in veto.

Current voters: Joe, Monte, Kyle, Turner, Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah, Nicole, Taylor.
At present 5 votes decide, until the backstage twist does whatever they failed to explain leading to the confusion everyone is feeling. 9 voters. So HOH won’t have a vote unless third nom is the twist, and the third nom has one vote cast against them, and the other 8 tie vote this puppy. Yeah, THAT’S not happening.

Hint: Production has more than one go to plan for what the backstage twist will be, depending on the nominees and discussion of the vote. That’s WHY they didn’t explain it appropriately to the viewers, they are keeping their options open to do whatever the hell they want for the sake of drama and protecting storyline.
Vote to save one of the backstage people? What am I saving them from? You can’t tell me? Oh. blink blink. whu????
That’s what they’ve got viewers doing.

If I’m not mistaken vote goes until THURSDAY. So if a third nom is put in place, it’s ON EVICTION DAY… DURING THE EVICTION. For the backstage loser… It’s like being up for a BBCAN instant eviction from seasons 1-3. no veto, no campaigning, just nominated and possibly gone within the hour. I hated Instant evictions. I’m not liking the lack of clarity to this whole backstage deal much more.

So, when Pooch says he has a vote this week (has he yet? He will), that’s not what Julie said when explaining Backstage Boss. He can’t take part in week one hoh, can’t be nominated, can’t play in veto, can’t vote, but is eligible to play in the next HOH. That’s what Julie said (para not her exact words). If he suddenly gets a vote, Grod be Grodding again.

No Name

When did you become French?

un autre nom

posts under my english name stopped working during bbcan 10, so i switched to french.


Early reads:

Not a cast I’m jumping up & down about – but maybe they’ll grow on me.

Paloma & Pooch are overplaying BIG TIME as each are in numerous alliances. I get Kaitlin Hermann vibes from Paloma. She’s already in a terrible situation b/c if she were to win HOH in a week she’s in alliances that align her with everyone but Terrance, Taylor & Turner with the possibility the latter has been pulled into a group with the Motley Crue (Daniel, Pooch, Turner) & her.

Alyssa who is her number one ventured out to have conversations with other people and didn’t include Paloma in those convos (when alliances were discussed) so she might already be clued in that she’ll need other outlets b/c Pal could get blown up if people start comparing notes.

I thought Daniel might be a player, but his reads haven’t been great. He seemed more impressed by anyone kissing his ass than using his HOH to decipher who people really are. Case in point — Paloma spilled much more tea than Alyssa but b/c he’s attracted to Pal he ignored the ref flags but pinpointed Ally instead as using her looks.

Moreover, he told his F2 (Nicole) he didn’t want the alpha males to be in charge & yet he couldn’t jump fast enough to be included in a F3 with Pooch/Turner or the all-male group pushing his 6’3 height as something frightening (really?). I get he wanted to avoid being a target this next week but I’m confused why he wouldn’t have accepted the olive branch Michael offered. They are both people who want to play the game so why not use that opportunity to form a bond with Michael?

He didn’t need to necessarily create an alliance but based on his early reads (discussions with Nicole) he was closest to Nicole, Terrance, Ameerah, Brittany, Jasmine, and post noms had a great talk with Taylor that made him seem to feel more confident in working with her. So that would give him 7 people to form some sort of bond with that were all protecting him. In addition, Pal/Amee/Ally all told him the females were on his side as did the alphas.

So if he wanted to go the “easy route” he could’ve put up Indy (who no one is really close to) & perhaps Joe since he’s also not that close with anyone. He could’ve told Joe I need a strong guy OTB to beat Indy & I didn’t want to put up Terrance b/c I can’t be sure he’ll win plus I didn’t want to put 2 girls straight up but you are NOT my target. (although I would’ve preferred he nominate Turner but he couldn’t once they made their F3).

Also, the fact he did nothing to protect his F2 by even suggesting she be included in that F3 either says that alliance isn’t real to him or he’s not really tight with Nicole. Since he told her about it – it would seem it’s the former but still, a gamer should know they need to subtly protect their true ally & he’s made zero efforts in that regard with anyone other than Paloma and only to say “I really like Nicole”.

If last season was the overplay Frenchie sh*t show first HOH than Daniel’s is arguably the opposite end of the spectrum. Other than Paloma spilling tea & Pooch over selling his opinions he didn’t gain any leverage or use the room/power to his advantage. When you’re HOH it’s important to garner information & position yourself in the house. Instead of complaining about how no one was coming up to kiss the ring, he should’ve announced he would like to meet with everyone one on one. Then used his 5-10 minutes with them to find out who they were close to, what they would do in his position (who they would nominate) & seek safety from them if he didn’t nominate him. Then he could’ve compared notes on who everyone was protecting/targeting to decipher where people were aligned & also used that information to form his own main alliance.

Wasn’t impressed by his nominees either – the oldest person in the house (who he claims to love/be close with/would NEVER have targeted him & another ‘gamer’ in Michael. In fact he was laser-focused on putting up Michael from the start having to change his ‘reasons’ for noms b/c Michael was among the first to come up to speak to him & was one of the few to openly offer him safety.

Michael saw through Daniel’s BS b/c of those factors & pointed out he came up repeatedly to speak & asked him to let him know when he had time & when they finally spoke it was Daniel who ended their conversation 5 mins in. He also indicated to the other have-nots he wouldn’t go after them so Monte, in particular, wasn’t impressed by Michael being nominated (or Terrance who he really likes).

I thought Nicole would be a solid player (and liked her bio in the opener) but she hasn’t done much so far – falling into the category many of this group has – – which is talking about themselves. It might be her strategy to get close to people & not play too hard too fast but her reads are OFF b/c she & Daniel are convinced no one but them is playing (please). Also, she made a F2 with Daniel immediately but then did nothing to protect Terrance or Taylor who were the two people she bonded with the fastest.

Ameerah has some playing chops although her situation has been dictated to a certain extent by others. She was keen to try to get Daniel to target the alpha males (specifically Monte/Pooch/Kyle/Joe) but then Paloma pulled her in as the third female of “Mamba’ with Monte, Kyle & initially with Pooch but they switched him out for Michael who like Amee was TOLD he was in that group.

Michael isn’t the most social guy & was doing the slow-play but has good reads. Upon learning about Mamba he told the live feeders he would use that intel against that group (might have meant just Paloma) and he had no intention of being in an alliance where he was the 6th person added. Good thing he only told live feeders b/c now he’ll need that group if he doesn’t get off the block to keep him safe. Watch for Michael/Ameerah to form some sort of bond as this week continues I have a feeling they’ll appreciate how each other reads the house/wants to play.

Although I haven’t been glued to the feeds so far I’m most impressed by Monte in terms of his reads/play. He immediately saw Pooch was going to be a handful & my guess is he’ll also nail Paloma in the same way shortly. He’s already talking more openly to Amee so that might be an indication he sees it already. Joe isn’t a ‘player’ but he’s loyal which is something Monte also figured out quickly. Another interesting dynamic is how Kyle who was Pooch’s number one suddenly shifted to being much closer to Monte. I’d love to hear the DR on that situation to see if Kyle made the choice or Monte pulled him away.

The Back Stage Passes dynamic could be interesting. On the voting page, it says “come eviction night, one of the three backstage pass holders will be in jeopardy of going home!” That sure sounds like one of the two who are not saved by votes will be the third nominee (assume Pooch or Daniel have to pick which person that is).

How funny would it be Paloma was the person selected after how much she’s overplayed (again, I get Kaitlin vibes from her). The early polls were showing Brittany as the one who was safe. Although the Pal nom would be epic unfortunately, I doubt she would go up regardless since Daniel/Pooch seem closer to her than either of the other two. My guess is Pooch’s order would be 1) Brit 2) Ally & Daniel would be the reverse (unless some tea gets spilled in the interim).

B/c I like strategists I’m hoping to see Michael show more & try to align closer to Monte & Amee since they also look like this season’s better strategists.

Terrance is already well-liked in the house & I think most people would prefer he stay but many of the girls already want to keep Michael to be aligned with them plus he’s part of Mamba. Monte was talking to Joe & then to Kyle seeming to indicate he wanted to do what Daniel wanted (vote out Michael) but that could all change once the POV ceremony is over. I also think most people will be happy to throw the POV & in that case it ups the potential of Michael winning.

The late-night convo between Jasmine & Ameerah points to their worries if noms stay the same & sending home a black man on the first vote. Imagine what happens if Michael wins the POV – since Daniel’s third always seemed to be Taylor. To avoid putting two POC up OTB I think that’s when things could easily shift to Indy going OTB & her being the one who leaves.

Anyway – that’s my early reads. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer.