Ameerah “After we save him [Michael], we will loop him into this [alliance].”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

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6:02pm Storage room. Nicole and Paloma.
Paloma – I need breaks for like my mental health. Like I just need to cook, do my thing like I am freaking out though. Like we do need to talk strategy though. Nicole – yeah we do and we have the opportunity too because no one ever follows us around. Paloma – no this is really good. What are you thinking? What’s on your mind. Nicole – well right now I am just happy that nominations are over. We literally want to wait and see what is happening with your backstage. Paloma – yeah you guys feel so relieved right now because honestly I don’t feel relieved. Nicole – I know you don’t. Paloma – honestly unless you’re backdoored you’re good, you’re ready to go to week two. And trust me I know you’re good. I’ve talk to so many people about you with like Daniel and everyone .. like I know you’re good. Nicole – I feel good but this is week one and no one is talking game with me. Paloma – I know the boys are talking like in the havenot room. The boys are chatting it up. Nicole – and none of the girls are. Paloma – The girls are just sitting back. I think the guys are dominate. Nicole – Ah .. I don’t think so. Paloma – no, yeah I take that back. I don’t agree with that statement either. The men are dominant in that they’re trying to socialize.. they’re asking more about strategy than the girls. Nicole – okay I see what you’re saying. Paloma – I think our strategy is to just talk to the guys this week and see where their heads are at. I feel so bad for Michael. He is on the block and has to eat slop. Nicole – I am just speechless. I think when it comes to the guys we need to figure out who is working together. Ameerah joins them and Nicole leaves. Paloma – how are you doing? I’ve been checking in with our alliance. Ameerah – which one? Paloma – I’ve been checking in with Mumba. Mumba is the priority. Ameerah – our girl Brittany … love her but she is thinking our girl side is trying to figure out who to vote for and obviously we’re going to go towards Michael. But she was like maybe we need a guy in our girl group. Paloma – it needs to be somebody in Mumba. Ameerah – she said what about Michael!! Paloma – HELL yes!! They laugh. Paloma – visualize it.. Momba is our 3 pawns which our girl alliance. Ameerah – We’re good! We’re solid! Paloma – that is a chessboard laid out so clean! Ameerah – After we save him, we will loop him into this. So its basically going to be me, you and him (Michael) which will be our core four. Like we will be the four that is balancing both. Paloma – honestly Momba ride or die! Ameerah – Momba is locked in!

7:05pm The house guests are all sitting around the table talking about what they’re grateful for. Parents, friends, family, etc. Lots of tears and laughing.

7:34pm – 7:48pm Bathroom. Monte, Joe, Jasmine.
The aftermath of the sharing above. Monte is crying. Joe hugs him. Jasmine comes in and hugs him. Monte – I am just overwhelmed with joy. Nicole, Kyle, Tyalor Alyssa, Turner, Ameerah, Indy and Michael join them. Monte – I really felt everyone of your presence in here (his heart). No matter what happens inside this show we’re going receive something 10 times over when we get out of here. Nicole – just let me know when you’re writing that book. They all laugh.

8:28pm Storage room. Jasmine and Paloma.
Jasmine – that is why I was trying to talk to you. Paloma – wait a minute?! Wait! Hold on! Wait I love this! Tell me more! I haven’t talked to Kyle that much. Jasmine – Remember when you went to bed.. I went up there to talk to him and they were like they would like to do the four. “The Smurfs.” (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle and Monte) Paloma – yeah I love that! I freaking love that. Wait like you’re thinking for a final four? Jasmine – I don’t know, that’s what we would have to talk about because I don’t want to step in on that regard.. I didn’t want to speak for you in that regard. Paloma – I honestly like those guys. Its a hard game to win with all six girls but I love all six girls. Lets be real, you need guys and they’re strong! And if they want to be SMURFS ..lets be SMURFS! Jasmine – I know. So if you wanted to be a thing then we would have to get together and discuss it. If you want to do final four.. I am down for that! Paloma – I am down. Jasmine – because right now the only person I am completely loyal to is you. I am being completely real. Paloma – me too. Should I go talk to them? Jasmine – if you can get Kyle and Monte by yourself. Paloma – that’s what I am saying four will be hard to get together. They’re dope. They’re so dope!

8:40pm Bathroom. Alyssa and Turner.
Turner – we can definitely work different sides no matter the gender everyone is cool with one another. I know there’s a bunch of guys hanging out at once.. I know there’s a bunch of girls hanging out at once and you know you don’t want to interrupt. So we can definitely funnel some sh*t to one another. Alyssa – yeah. Turner – and use it to the best of our abilities. We definitely have different sides of the house that are totally different so we can just f**king use it to our advantage. I can tell that people just gravitate to one person sometimes. Like you and Paloma are close and me and Pooch are close … we can figure some sh*t out. And then if that four became something that would be powerful. Alyssa – yeah 100,000%! Thank you so much because we can definitely definitely do that. And in competitions I feel like we have different strengths too. Turner – I got your back. Alyssa – I’ve got your back 100,000%!

9:11pm HOH room. Pooch and Daniel.
Pooch – I didn’t want to come up here for too long but I wanted to have a conversation with you about who you want to be the one this week obviously. Daniel – yeah. Pooch – so I don’t want to say something and then its something else. You know!? Its f**ked up. Daniel – you’re killing me. Pooch – I don’t want us to talk to someone tonight and they ask me so I know what we’re saying. Or are you just genuinely waiting to see what the house wants and then we go that way? Daniel – I think the best is waiting till after the veto to make like a snake in the ground. Pooch – so if they ask me I say I don’t know. Daniel – I do think .. just don’t have an opinion. Truthfully lets just see what happens. They came up here immediately and I respect that. Pooch – and they’re both great guys that if either stays and we decide to work with them I don’t think their vendettas will be bad. Daniel – yeah I think we would find away around it. With Terrance I personally like him a little more. He is a little easier to talk to for me. I want to get to know Michael more too and Terrance. Tylor joins them. Daniel – they took it in stride. Tylor – and you gave them constructive criticism and they immediately remedied it. And one of those three (backstage girls) could be one of the first to go. Pooch leaves. Nicole joins Taylor and Daniel.

9:26pm Bedroom. Michael and Alyssa.
Alyssa – we need to find time for all of us to talk. Michael agrees and suggest maybe the havenot room. Michael – if I do pull house guest choice for the veto the options are I pick someone and they try to win or they try not to win and then its a 1 in 5 chance of winning instead of 1 in 6. Or I just pick someone we don’t think would win so that we don’t jeopardize exposing anything because obviously I am going with the mindset that I am staying and don’t want to jeopardize our games. Alyssa – you could also pick someone random and ask if they’ll take you off .. like Jasmine and she would be like yeah. Maybe later we can talk with everyone.. maybe if we can stay up late enough.

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Ok. But is there any asians in this season? Such a shame.

un autre nom

Considering the show considers anyone with heritage stemming from south eastern europe downward and through the middle east to india and then all the way across to japan to be ‘asian’? I think they are considering Joe their asian content.


It should have been him AND say a Japanese-American female.

un autre nom

By the network’s definition of asian, Paul (18,19) was considered asian. blink blink. head desk. shrug.


Paloma actually looks like a crazy woman!