Paloma “I’ll give you f**king intel on the women. They f**king love the cat man!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:37am Havenot room. Michael and Monte.
Monte – if you want my honest opinion if I want to play (veto) or not .. I probably don’t want to just because it is going to be a tough decision and I don’t want it to be obvious. Michael – like obviously I would want you fighting with me in a veto but everyone would be like picked Monte!? Monte – I think one thing we could pull off if you picked me or even Kyle or even Joe to an extent. Could use the havenot experience to say I’m taking him (Michael) off the block because we’ve all been through sh*t this week. Michael – Like we’ve got him (Joe) right? Monte – yeah, and he is pretty much like attached to me. The one thing is I don’t want him to continue to make it obvious that he is cool with me because then alright .. that’s a bromance we need to get them two out but at the same time I don’t think he would look at anyone in the alliance as a target. Michael – I just don’t want to hang him out to dry. I want to make sure we take care of him too. Monte – it would be idea if we made it to final 7. One thing with Joe is he is very big on loyalty and I am too.. but there comes a point were you need to make a decision and I would want to make sure he is comfortable with that. They speculate on what will happen with the backstage girls. Michael – I hate to say it but Brittany being up there would be the best because it would be you, Kyle, Ameerah, joe voting for one of the other two. Kyle joins them. Monte – I think best case scenario is you (Michael) wins and we get Daniel to put someone else up. I would hope that we wouldn’t be in the picture. Hopefully it would be Jasmine or Nicole. That’s what I would hope for.

2:35am – 3:05am HOH room. Paloma and Daniel.
Daniel – I just want to chill with you! Paloma – I know! Turner joins them to use the bathroom. Daniel – we’re not talking game. We’re just chilling. Paloma – I forget that noms already happened and I can’t be nominated. And that’s another reason why I can’t be talking game. Daniel – I miss hanging out with people. They speculate on what the veto comp might be. Paloma – I’ll give you f**king intel on the women. They f**king love the cat man! Women love Michael so you’re going to piss off the women if you automatically go in guns firing. I am like f**k it .. if you guys come in blades firing at Michael the women are like .. they love him. He is so sweet! We f**king love gay men! We do! Joe joins them. Daniel – I don’t care until the veto happens. That’s how much I don’t have an opinion on it and so either one can stay… both can stay. It sucks for me because that’s two I put up. It doesn’t matter till the veto happens. Joe – and the backstage. There are two things going on. Tough decision and things need to get done.. you did a great job doing it. Daniel – thanks.

3:09am – 3:35am Havenot room. Monte and Kyle.
Monte – In the DR (diary room) I think production wants me to have a thing with Taylor. Like yo they keep asking me like what do you think about Tylor. And I’m like BRO ..I’m like ok she’s cool or whatever but .. ok she’s attractive but I’m just not thinking. Kyle – its day 3! Chill! Monte – yeah! Its like they’re trying to play it up because I think they want a showmance. Kyle – I haven’t got anything like that so.. Monte – they haven’t asked you about like.. Kyle – nope, nothing. Monte – really?! Now why do they ask my a$$!? Kyle – We got the Smurfs… Monte – Jasmine bro! Kyle – America hates us bro because I guarantee America loves Jasmine she’s the sweetest girl. Joe joins them and asks what they’re thinking if the win the veto. Monte – its tough Daniel made the nominations and would want to keep them the same and I would feel bad forcing him to make another nomination. But at the same time Michael being a have not I feel so terrible that I would want to take him off. It all depends on who he picks. Joe – there is a part of me that feels bad but I also don’t want to get involved. Monte – yeah. Joe – if we had Pooch in here we would never sleep. Monte – I think the best thing we can do is check in with Daniel again and get a read. Joe – and see what he would want if one of us caught it (won the veto).

3:38am – 3:55am Kitchen – Michael and Tylor.
Taylor – what do you need? Michael – guidance. Taylor – the only thing my mind was whirling about was these two waking up early talking but you spend a lot of time around them just because of havenots and if you don’t hear them talking game .. they probably aren’t talking game because if they’re not with you, they’re with me at the bumpers or at the pool table. Taylor – you need to talk to the girls. The girls are really scared that the guys are doing something. Michael – and I don’t know if you can tell but that is not my vibe at all to be bro’d out. That is not my vibe at all! Taylor – Alyssa and Paloma talk a lot! And Alyssa and Indy are in the same room. Michael – with? Taylor – Ameerah. Now I don’t think that Ameerah is all that game-wise close. They can’t vote but what they can do is have their ear to the ground for you. You need to get closer to Jasmine. What they want to see is both of you put the work in and earn their vote. Michael – so tomorrow talk more with the girls. Taylor – I think Monte will be harder for you to pull on your side because he is closer to Terrance. Michael – I don’t want to force someone to play if they don’t want to. Taylor – right because you draw a name unless is HG choice then you pick. But Yeah I will play. I am not afraid to do it this early. Michael – would you use it if you won it? Taylor – my whole thing coming in was why have power if you don’t use it.. but I would have to talk with Daniel.

4am Havenot room.

3:38 am Taylor and Mike

Taylor – what do you need
Mike – Guidance .. I don’t even know what I need.
Taylor – the only thing my mind was whirling about was these two link up and not telling anybody (Kyle and Monte)

Taylor – but you spend a lot of time around them cause you are have nots and if you don’t hear them talking game they’re probably not talking game. If they aren’t with you they’re with me at the bumpers or at the pool table.

Taylor – you need to talk to the girls they are really scared the guys are doing something
Mike – That’s not my vibe at all.
Taylor says Alyssa and Paloma talk a lot they are both worried about the guys doing something, “Alyssa and Indy are in the same room with Ameerah. I don’t think Ameerah is all that gamewise close with these two (Alyssa/Paloma)

MIke – I would love to be apart of that.
Taylor says there’s not girls alliance its more the girls are scared about the guys forming something.

They agree they Love Brittany.
Taylor – Brittany will put the work in for you so talk to her. So you can have one, two.
Mike – Jasmine is someone I’m going to talk to tomorrow
Taylor – you need to talk to Jasmine. Jasmine talks a lot probably the closest relationship right now
Mike – Terrance and Jasmine
Taylor – yes, what people are saying right now is they want to see you two put the work in and right now that looks like you putting the work in and telling someone to play for you in the veto .
(they’re interrupted by POOCH asking for dental floss)
Mike – how do you feel about Veto would you want to play?
Taylor – part of me is like.. part of wants to SHOW out you know. The glamour shot the pageant talk its all very easy to talk about. I want people to see me as someone to have on your team.
Mike – coming in here I don’t want to throw competitions. I’m always going to try .
Taylor says if she wins the veto she can talk to Daniel and they can figure out an alternative to Mike being on the block. “I’ll even let Daniel thorw me under.. like all I did was be HOH she did the hard work. If you, and I and He going into next week I think I still would be able to pull some votes based on the work you are doing and the favour he has from this week moving forward.”
Mike – so talk to the girls tomorrow
Taylor – talk to the girls.
She says Monte will be harder for him to pull because he’s closer to Terrance. “I know that Joe wants to see you in it.. you’re a super fan play the game and He’ll respect that”
Taylor – Kyle gives me golden retriever energy but he’ll respect someone that does what Joe wants.
Taylor – you can get four.
Taylor mentions he shouldn’t work to hard on the backstager because they can’t vote.
Mike says he appreciates the talk. They hug.

3:51 am Taylor alone
“I never expected to be working with Michael. He’s the one I wanted out of the house FIRST. I was happy when I saw his face pop up on the block but he’s ready to play the game. As much as I love Terrance it’s hard for him to participate ion the game. Part of me wants to keep Terrance because that’s a solid vote I could drag along with me for a long time”

“People in this house are very clearly the personal stories we’ve all had and all shared and the ability to play the game. That’s why I really love Daniel as HOH right now”
“If Michael can pull off what we just talked about I have to stick with him. Game plan’s change in this house

4:00 am Jasmine, Paloma, Brittany
Whispering about people in the storage room scheming (Pooch and Taylor). Very hard to hear.
Paloma “They’re like scheming so hard.. They are working together”
Paloma – Taylor walked over here to see if we were sleeping then walked back.
Paloma explains it was when Jamsine and Brittany were sleeping. She was pretending to sleep. She shows the girls when she’s wearing her sunglasses you can’t see if her eyes or closed or not.
Brittany – really
Paloma says she could hear POOCH’s laugh, “POOCH laughs so loud”
Brittany – his voice is distinct.
Paloma – I just want to see who walks out of there. There’s some partnership. They are in there. (Taylor and POOCH)
Paloma – they are in there gaming
Jasmine – in the storage room?
Paloma gets up.

4:09 pm Turner, Taylor and POOCH
Taylor – if someone goes down it’ll be fascinating to see who goes up
They speculate what the backstage twist is all about
Pooch – Maybe there’s three nominees, backstage/backdoor that makes the most sense.

Pooch says unless you stay up until 4am you can’t really get any alone time to talk, “Once the backyard is open and it’s spread out a little.. oh my god. maybe that’s what more people are thinking”
Pooch doesn’t think there’s any big alliance says it’s impossible to get 6 or 7 people in a room
Turner – “You can’t even get two or three”
Pooch – you can’t get the people in the room for 10 minutes it’s impossible rights now.

Pooch says the biggest alliance in the house is probably 3 or 4 members MAX. Speculates it’s the girls.
Pooch – it’s almost like someone has to draw first blood
Tuner – it’ll happen if someone uses the veto.

Pooch – This might be naïve but I don’t think anyone knew who his nominations were
Taylor says shes not surprised by the first nomination (Terrance?)
Pooch goes on about thinking that Michael and Daniel could have been close.

4:30 am Taylor and Paloma
Chit chat and cleaning

4:32 am Turner and Paloma (Whispering)
Turner – two seconds quick. I ran it by .. whose my boys name? Snoopy.. POOCH.. pooch is super excited
Paloma – I’ll talk to Alyssa
Turner – we’ll figure out a time tomorrow

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Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel) 
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe) 
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael) 
Burner (Turner, Brittany) 
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch) 
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa) 
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel) 

un autre nom

If anyone is visual:

BB24 WEEK1.jpg

Very nice thank you!

Slaughterhouse Mamba LOL


LOL! Yess!! Brit as Hypnotoad had me rotfl!


$ucks that Turner has ended up in so many alliances. I don’t get what they see in him, he was just sitting there the 1st night and hardly said a word.
Sorry to be this superficial, but his hair alone is offensive to me. I feel like his presence over the summer will taint my enjoyment of the season. Was hoping for a quick eviction, but that seems less and less likely as of now. ?

Paloma‘s hand-picking of who she wants in and out of each of her many alliances, and apparently having to act on that feeling immediately, is what screams Frenchie the mos t me. It’s so messy that it has nowhere else to go than up in flames.

I get that Mamba got sketched out by POOCH, but… why Michael? Apparently, as he was still being shy and silent, Alyssa made repeated, one-sided efforts to involve him in small talk, so I could understand if she felt like she had a better “in” with him than most, but I’m surprised Paloma was so set on him to replace POOCH, even when Alyssa wasn’t in the room.
Did anyone catch when his name was 1st mentioned, and why?


It’s probably based on a couple of factors:

1) The first noticeable action was Monte stating Pooch was a wild card (or a loose cannon — can’t remember which but you get the drift). The first few days they were attached at the hip & when they weren’t Pooch was with Kyle. But as soon as Monte realized Pooch was overplaying suddenly the dynamic shifted to Monte/Kyle being closer- distancing themselves & not sharing the same level of intel with Pooch who simultaneously suddenly was spending all his time with Turner & constantly up in the HOH with Daniel.

Although we never saw it on feeds (or at least I didn’t) I have a feeling Monte/Kyle must’ve shared with each other that Pooch made F2 deals with each of them.

2) In concert with the above, Paloma who has barely slept since arriving in the house & Alyssa kept seeing TOOCH in the HOH room &/or Pooch/Turner/Taylor talking. I also think Paloma clocked Pooch as being her main competition (of who can create the most alliances).

3) The other factor was Michael is liked by the ladies & by the HN alphas (what they don’t realize is he’s liked by virtually everyone except Daniel & maybe Nicole). Not overplaying worked against him since he wasn’t in any alliances or spoken of as someone Daniel should protect so he went up as a nominee but his low-key gameplay in the first couple of days indirectly also helped him b/c everyone saw him as a number who could be loyal to them.

Joe had been telling Monte how he’d be ride or die for them b/c he had no one while Paloma/Ally figured he’d be a competitor & saw an opportunity to make him feel indebted to them to use him to target the alpha males.

4) the funniest part of the equation is Michael is actually closest to Brittany, is getting much closer to Taylor, and wasn’t impressed he was the SIXTH person added to Mamba (recognizing he’d likely be the first cut), but he played along which would’ve helped him had he stayed OTB – & WILL help him moving forward if he ever decides to spill the tea to Britt/Taylor or someone not part of Mamba.

In fact, I suspect at some point this week both the HN alphas & the female Mamba trio will tell him they want something separate with just them/him. We already see Britt working to make him her F2 & Taylor working to get closer to him (and both the latter ladies are likely to be the more successful based on how they interacted with him once he was nominated).

I think the reason Daniel targeted him is he recognized Michael was probably the most likely to play the game he wanted to play of combining strategy, social, & comp ability. Think of what Derrick F thought he was last season & why he never liked Tiffany (b/c she played how he wanted to play).

This also worked to Michael’s benefit b/c the newly formed Mamba (without Pooch) never tried to make an alliance with Daniel. That’s unusual for the first HOH who typically gets offered numerous alliances by the strongest players in the house. Sure there is the guy’s group but that was orchestrated by Pooch not the HN alphas who don’t necessarily want to work with him & wouldn’t put him ahead of Michael (especially after he put him OTB as a HN).

Michael played perhaps a little too low-key out of the gate, but if you can survive the first week, that’s a better situation b/c you haven’t made a million alliances & get more time to see who people really are & make more informed choices of how people play, who seems the most genuine/trustworthy, how they play & therefore who is best to to align with.


If Paloma or poochie had won that first HOH we’d likely have a dumpster fire first week.

Not Jasons Holly

Does anyone else think of the movie “Turner & Hooch” when you hear “Turner & Pooch”?

un autre nom

It’s been so long I thought the movie was Turner and Pooch.


Veto players – Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting


Paloma is no “girl’s girl” that’s for sure! She’s trouble and I think if Nicole, Brittany, and Taylor get together, they will take her and that group out!