Indy about the Punkitard “Do people really get more famous?!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

7:56pm – 8:18pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Indy got her “Punkitard” costume. Brittney – Usually they’re made to make you look bad but this .. you’re cute in it. Indy – I think it will be fun but workouts suck.. and having this for the whole week sucks! Brittany – yeah. Indy – he said he will check about the dates just because of the live show and stuff. I hope it finishes on Wednesday. Brittany – yeah hopefully. Well if you need anybody day or night to help you. Michael – you can wake me up. Brittany – yeah you can always ask us. Indy – thank you guys. Brittany – we’re going to wake up anyways. Indy – do people really get more famous?! Michael – it puts you in the episode more because they talk about it and people always remember. Brittany – like I remember who got the punishments last year. Yeah people like them more. They head to the kitchen. Indy – well this week we won’t be any of my food or cakes. (LOL Indy is going on strike)

HOH room – Taylor talking to the cameras.
Taylor – Don’t give me a reason to put me on the block! Poor judgement. Brittany joins Taylor. Taylor – did you see that Alyssa already came up to me. I changed my mind, I’ll trade my 5K for your punishment. She is scared. Brittany – she is tweaking. Taylor – I don’t know what I am going to do. I have so much time. You see from winning HOH till now .. you see how many times its changed. Just let me get my little punishment costume and see what comes. Brittany – really see. Taylor – because I feel good with any of these options. Brittany – in a way its a blessing because you have many different options.. you just now have to determine what is best for you. There is literally an argument for any way you go. You can think who would I not want competing in the HOH next week. Who do I think I could salvage the most jury vote. Who do I think would unhinge the rest of the group so you get you know more people weakened because this person is not there. It almost becomes a philosophical question, like what is most important. How important are these women to the rest of my game? Taylor – exactly. Brittany – and to be completely honest with you if I thought there was a chance to regain their trust and for them to see the value of me having to be there I would seriously consider that. Taylor – for either of us it is not there. Brittany – it is not there. Taylor – unless it is you and me sitting in the final two they’re not voting for either of us. Brittany – no, no! Taylor – they want to see two women in the final two but they don’t want it to be us. Brittany – I am so glad you see it that way too. Taylor – and honestly I have these decision on a silver plater right in front of me. Am I a bad woman for considering this, seriously?! Brittany – it weighs on me heavily. So that ship has sailed for us other than you and I. Taylor – how funny is it that the biggest strongest guys are the ones to offer us this opportunity. Brittany – you’re really good with Joseph. Maybe we have the Appetizers and the Desserts come together.. and then there is some Take Out that we take out. Taylor – my whole battle is .. is this the week that makes me a bad woman? In spite of how the other side of the house has been consistently bad to me.. excluded me intentionally over and over.. is this the decision that I make that puts two Festie Besties (Indy & Alyssa) on the block my bad woman moment. Is this my bad feminist moment. Brittany – what does you gut tell you? Taylor – no. Brittany – my gut says no too. For me it should have been a red flag since day one when they were like all girls alliance ..but not these two girls (Brittany & Taylor). When I look at my game it makes no sense to ride Left Overs till the end.

8:51pm The backyard is open to the house guests again…

8:59pm Hammock – Kyle, Alyssa, Turner, Joe and Michael
Michael – I think Indy’s (punishment) is going to be the worst.. because she is going to get woken up. Joe – this is going to be a rough week for her because she is on the block and that.. Turner – she likes her sleep too. That is one person that I would not interrupt her sleep. Joe – I am happy I am in the HOH, I think that is going to be hard to annoy me from there. Michael – I would just really hate to be the person (Kyle) that gave her that punishment. Joe – yeah me too. Alyssa – what an a$$hole! Joe – at least whoever gave her that punishment didn’t take away her like one opportunity to get off the block. Kyle – keep talking your sh*t over here… but I am safe this week. No, but I do feel bad and I do think that she is masking her true feelings for me right now. I don’t think she is happy with me. Alyssa – some one was bound to take it. Turner – I would have taken the veto. Joe – If I was at the end I would have taken it too.

9:32pm Living room – Indy, Michael, Joe, Brittany, Alyssa and Kyle sitting around the living room couches. Joe – the amp (the amp for Indy’s band setup) never turns off. Kyle – yeah that’s annoying.

9:56pm Bedroom – Indy shows of the Punkitard bathing suit and pajamas that Big Brother gave her to wear.

9:57pm – 10:15pm Hammock – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – ..Jasmine, they can hold it together under pressure. Brittany – yup. I think Alyssa is smart. I think she is strong. Its a hit to Jasmine to lose her. Kyle to lose her. And to Turner although they’ve been distant the last couple days. I think that is idea for us. I think her (Alyssa) going would be idea for us. I think Indy is a good option for us. She loves you. I am making in roads with her. I don’t know in a final 3 but we could beat her. I think Jasmine is going to gravitate towards Terrance more to try to get in more with Taylor. I think Jasmine without Alyssa is way weakened. Michael agrees. Brittany – will Kyle use the veto though .. that is the thing. Does he know of any of this plan yet? Michael – I don’t think so. If Kyle, Alyssa and Turner have anything.. that goes away. But even then that is why she needs to go. Brittany – exactly. Michael – I am glad Kyle won though .. I think people are realizing he is a big comp threat. He has come in second in so many HOH’s. He has 2 vetos now. Good, let me come down and Kyle go up (as a threat). Brittany – seriously. The only think I worry about Kyle is, does he have anything with Joseph and Monte? Michael – if he does though I don’t know how loyal he would be to it. Kyle and Alyssa join them and the conversation ends. Kyle – oh my god someone is going to be the first person in jury and have the whole house to themselves. Michael – unless its a double. Kyle – oh you think?! Alyssa – Don’t vote me out.. if I somehow get put up on the block.. don’t vote me out. Kyle – you just got 5k. Alyssa – I got my 5k if you don’t vote me out I’ll give it to you. Kyle – oh my gosh! Michael – you can’t do that. Alyssa – I’ll give my own 5k. Michael – I think thats still not allowed. Indy and Turner joins them.

10:23pm Hammock – Brittany and Michael are alone again.
Brittany – I feels like the girls are pulling away from Indy. Michael – probably because they’re feeling safe this week… but are they? Until they need something .. like with Taylor. Indy joins them again.

10:55pm Havenot room – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – I am going to try and talk to everyone and see where their heads are at. What do you think if noms stay the same? I think Taylor is the biggest one I need to talk to. Just figure out exactly who she is going to put up if I take her down. Or if she even wants her taken down.

11pm – 12am Hammock – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – who would your ideal final 3 be with us? Brittany – so what do you think is the most important criteria? Michael – for me I would pick Terrance because part 1 is always endurance, part 2 is mental with some physical component. I think both of us would beat Terrance in anything. Brittany – yeah typically on the physical things I’ve been outlasting him. Not in Otev but that was a weird experience. Michael – who would you pick? Brittany – its not anyone from the Leftovers. They’re all really strong. I don’t know, Taylor like scares me .. they wishy washy. She is really smart but easily influenced. Michael – I would love it if we could go to final 3 with Taylor but its a risk. My ranking would be Terrance as my first choice, Jasmine but I think its too much of a risk to keep her in the game… So I guess Terrance, Indy, Taylor. Kyle joins them. Michael – the flashy move this week would be to send out the person that didn’t take the veto and took a trip from her friend. Kyle – oh my gosh. Brittany – she is kind of pissed about that. Like legitimately kind of pissed. Kyle – oh I am sure. Brittany – think about this .. she (Taylor) promised Alyssa safety. She even picked her to play in the veto. Kyle – I know and then she took the.. Brittany – and then she said just remember who makes the replacement noms. Alyssa asked do you mean that? And she said yes. And then Alyssa still took the trip. Kyle – yeah it would just be tough for me to use the veto knowing that Alyssa would be going home. Basically to backdoor Alyssa would be a tough place but I also realize the more time I spend with Alyssa, the less time I’m building relationships with the seven. Brittany – what would be the idea situation where Alyssa eventually leaves? Kyle – I understand that she should go.. I just see her as a number for us. With Alyssa I would be fine if she left next week or whenever honestly.. it would be tough for me as HOH to put her up and have her go. I just don’t know what to do with Alyssa like who is going to take the first shot.

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Is Taylor thinking about putting Alyssa up next to Indy ?

Joseph has gotten in her head, I thought Joseph was going up as the Pawn ?

Taylor should never be HOH again, she is all over the place, why can’t she come to her senses and realize not putting Jasmine up is going to be her demise.

I am so over Taylor, I just can’t keep up with all the wish washy crap she’s doing, make a plan and stick with it. She deserves to be evicted next week, Taylor can’t make up her mind.

Just a viewer

Her HOH could have been easy but she keeps talking about good tv. Put up Jasmine, that will make great tv for us viewers.

Indy's Huge Ass

Taylor looks like a Preying Mantis.


Is it possible that she made her mind up the minute she won HOH and all this time she has been just playing everyone?

Sick and Tired

Taylor is all over the place and I am sick of her. I was team Taylor this week but I just can’t with her she is very tiring. Jasmine should be on the block with all her excuses and complaints. This is a wasted HOH. Jasmine would put Taylor on the block and never give it any thought. Jasmine wanted to make it to the jury for more cash and now she is going for second place because she knows she will never get first place. I don’t believe Jasmine or Taylor will make it to the end.


The way Taylor is all over the place with who to put up, it shows why it makes me question trusting anything she says she will do. Now she’s talking to herself saying, it really doesn’t make since to continue riding with the Left Overs to the end.

Does she mean until they are down to everyone left in the house is the leftovers ? Because they have gotten rid of everyone else ? Or with the way she has been running her HOH, is she thinking of putting Monte up if the Veto is used ?

All I can say is, as far as I’m concerned, I’m leaning more to actually enjoying seeing Taylor put on the block next week if Jasmine wins HOH. I won’t even mind seeing her evicted, I never want to experience another Taylor HOH, this has been a complete shit show the way she promised the majority of the people not in her alliance safety, before even talking with her Alliance.

Taylor can leave, she blew my mind giving Jasmine safety this week, but thought it was a good idea to put Turner up as a pawn. Keep in mind, when Turner was HOH, he refused to put Taylor on the block, which is what the everyone wanted, how could she even think that was ok.

If anyone should have been promised safety as soon as she won HOH, it should have been Turner. But noooo, Taylor made promises the majority of the people not in her alliance. I’m over Taylor, she has shown that she is someone who makes crappy choices, changes her mind, and make another crazy decision.

I’m jumping off of the feel sorry for poor Taylor train, she did not deserve the way that she was treated from day 1, but I get it now when I’ve heard other people say she’s a bit odd, she’s awkward, even Taylor said she lacks social skills, she prefers to be alone most of the time. Well I will say this, PLEASE Don’t Win another HOH. I just can’t take you as HOH !!

Jasmine should be on the block, but you have given everyone not in your alliance gifts, Alyssa has 5k, thanks to you selecting her for houseguest choice in the Veto comp, why the hell did you do that ????

I no longer will be cheering for you to make it farther in the game. Taylor has absolutely no game play, next week when you are ostracized, ignored, up on the block, think back to how you made horrible choices during your HOH.

The Beef

Let’s face it – we all felt bad for Taylor because of the way she was treated in the house. But Taylor has shown this week that she is a dumbass. She talks about her morals when not putting up Jasmean. What about “Do unto others as they have done to you”? How about “An eye for an eye”?

I understand forgiveness and giving people second chances in life, if a sincere and REAL apology is offered after a transgression, but in Big Brother when people lie daily (if not from minute to minute) in order to try and stay in the game, why trust someone you pretty much dead level know will not only NOT vote for you in the end, would also vote to evict you in a hot second, and would also NOMINATE you if they should luck up and win HOH?

So while I still feel bad for what she’s been through, I don’t respect her game play whatsoever, as there’s absolutely no logic behind what she’s doing. She just looks like a complete moron by refusing to target the people who would most likely target her, and her PC reasons for doing so go right out the window given the fact she and Jasmean are both black women and Jasmean fired the first shot, not to mention has constantly denigrated Taylor personally since day 2 in that house!

Barbara Walker

I agree that Taylor is hard to take. I do not really like her but I was very unhappy with how she was treated. Your two examples though of eye for eye and do unto others are both biblical references and she is not religious so I doubt they fall in her usual thinking patterns.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Taylor’s mother is home screaming, “Baby Girl, take that bi#@* Jasmine out NOW!”


I love your username. It made me laugh when I scrolled to it and read it in jasmine voice.

un autre nom

What SHOULD happen:
If Kyle has a brain in his head, and not just behind his belt buckle…
He should refuse to use the veto unless the entire alliance is outed to the house. Including Joseph. Burn everyone’s jury votes from the Swatters, or shut up and vote out either Terrance or Indy.
What WILL happen:
Kyle will most likely cave because Kyle has caved in every social demand situation.


I would LOVE to see that happen!

The Beef

If Kyle gets wind of the plan to nominate and evict Alyssa, I think the “little head” wins, and noms stay the same. I could be wrong, but that’s just my feeling at this moment in time.

If they keep that information from him, then he may use it, and then he can claim ignorance, and use it as the reason why he wants to blow up the alliance – he wasn’t informed. No trust – no alliance as you’ve said so many times.

How exactly does he go about blowing it up? Well that remains to be seen since TPTB may accomplish that on their own with this whole house split coming up Thursday night, but any move he makes would have to include Jasmean, Indy, and Terrance and possibly one other member of the LO’s. It could start with him voting with TOS members during the split house vote, but again that depends on how the house is split and who is HOH.

un autre nom

Dear Britt,
stop trying to think of someone weaker to take to final three as your goat (not GOAT, but goat). put the rope around your neck, bleat a few times, and recognize that most of the leftovers already think that goat is you, once they take out Michael.

When is it going to occur to her that in terms of bbmath, she’s the sure vote for Michael that he needs?

Get out every clip on extension you’ve got, tie a bow in your hair, and start practicing your Victoria impersonation.

Daisy may123

Joe is in her ear because they are sleeping together! Taylor girl pick Jasmine and put her out! Well maybe she will go in the double eviction!


Been saying that Taylor is overrated for a while. She needs to take a chill pill and send either Jasmine or terrance home. Why would you even entertain the idea of putting your best ally on the block!? These people are really clowns for still offering to go on the block after seeing so many people pooch themselves this season.


Kyle is about to Daniel himself if he uses that veto and Alyssa goes up and out

Game fan

not the same at all. as he knows alyssa would be out and he has an alliance beside her
daniel had *only* nicole


8/15 1:10pm “Kyle – I didn’t want to pull a Daniel and use the veto trusting people and then your closest ally ..”


un autre nom

Kyle Michael and Britt talk.

preamble: Alyssa suspects she is the renom and has told this to Kyle. Alyssa thinks Taylor and Monte have a secret alliance.

The beginning is basically well when IS a good time to take out Alyssa?
IS it better for Britt and Michael to get rid of Alyssa than Indy? IF Britt’s intel were current, yes. Her intel is not current. It’s 2 weeks outdated. Alyssa is not Jasmine’s tie to Indy anymore. Britt is going at Kyle like Kylemom is going to when he gets back to Utah. Dog and boning. How does he toss Britt of the scent? Should he? I don’t even care. Indy, Alyssa, Terrance… if it isn’t JASMINE on the block… meh. JUST make it make sense. That’s all I ask writers and storyline…. just make it make sense.

Kyle turns the conversation into you know Joseph is picking and choosing what he tells the seven, and he’s got Indy, Jasmine, Terrance and even maybe Alyssa giving him jury votes if he get to the end right? Michael is aware Joseph could be spinning the narrative. Britt knows he is, but isn’t bothering to say, or has disregarded.

SO what Britt knows: Joseph wants to keep Indy and Jasmine, pull in Taylor and oh yeah Britt you can come as well for his if the seven breaks strategy. That’s why the should we make a four with Joseph and Taylor talk from Michael feels weird to me. She didn’t hyperhypnotoad to Michael.
Add now: Kyle saying Joseph wins the game if he’s still here.
What else she already knew: It’s not his fake alliance, it’s his other alliance that we all know about. She said that to Seven members as her reason the spygames had to end.

Kyle only now found out Joseph isn’t the renom, but they still want him to perhaps use the veto to put up Alyssa. He’s not really down for this. And realistically, given Joseph is keeping three locked jury votes, why would he be? It’s catch 22.

Kyle is reminding Britt and Michael that within the seven, Michael’s comp wins are going to be a good reason to go for Michael when they hit seven. I mean, Kyle KNOWS this is the case. He’s heard Monte tell the pound this at least twice. They need to be prepared and making plans for what to do in case someone takes the shot… they need numbers (and right now Joseph has all the numbers especially if they take out Alyssa…. wait for it that’s the underlying theory).

Breakdown of Michael’s comp wins: on the block week 1. needed veto.
didn’t need veto week 2, just didn’t want Pooch to get it because Pooch excluded him from the men’s alliance. On the block week 3, needed veto. Dan was is in the lead , needed HOH. Didn’t NEED OTEV VETO that was pure ego and vanity of a superfan.
Therefore: Michael NEEDED to win 60% of the comps he has won. The other 2 were VANITY wins. When he said he had no luxury of throwing comps: remember, 40% of his comp wins were vanity / ego wins.

They’re on to why Joseph volunteered to go on the block originally: so he could keep the first juror’s vote.
I think Kyle is trying to present reasonable doubt for why they should leave veto the same: to screw Joseph out of a juror vote, or screw him out of position. EXACTLY why Joseph suggested originally to Taylor that Alyssa be the renom.
They’ve caught a lot of Joe’s game in this talk. Ameerah questioning Joe turning down a legal analyst job if he’s just a trainer (secret lawyer brings up other secret lawyer’s job), they’ve caught the gone rogue or circumventing what the alliance wants stuff,
Seeds planted that Joseph will be the one to go rogue out of the seven, but his hate on for Alyssa will keep him targeting her instead of turning on one of them. Kyle wants INDY out.
The three missed ONE BIG thing: the fauxmance: it not only keeps Joe covered talking game with Taylor, but keeps Jasmine and Indy hating Taylor, and Taylor feeling excluded and in need of comforting. Seriously, 90% of what Jasmine and Indy say about Taylor is based on their jealousy, and Joe fauxmancing her… keeps them seething about Taylor.

Brit wonders why she’s hated for voting out Ameerah, but Joseph voted out Ameerah too and faced zero consequences.
SOMEBODY please explain to her that thirsty meangirls like penis and showmuscle. I mean… she’s in her 30’s and doesn’t know why Joseph got away with it? If he looked like Turner or Terrance, he wouldn’t have. Eyeroll. Go back and check if Joseph blamed Britt for telling him the Ameerah info on POS. Bet he did. ok, know he did.

Brittany says they are FORCING Jasmine out of the brace in a week. MEANING, she was cleared to go without the BOOT (like in the wall comp?) and CHOSE to keep it on longer (likely told them she feared reinjury and they allowed her to keep it to assuage those fears?). MILKING. See BBcan 2 and Jon trying to keep the sling for an extra week.

Kyle now knows that his final 2 with Turner is a great backup because Turner will kill memory comps according to Michael and Britt.
Michael confirms that Terrance now thinks he’s working with Monte again. Michael is wrong, but he is going off of correct infomation, it came from Monte. Terrance is confused the backdoor isn’t necessarily Monte. so he’s trying to suck back up.

IF my count is correct, Kyle has said four times he doesn’t plan to use veto. All of this couched in giving Joseph MORE options than he already has, while cutting off more options for Kyle, Britt and Michael.

Kyle did tell Michael and Britt that if Alyssa is the agreed target for ALL the leftovers, send her out….he means next week not this week. Using veto looks stupid for Kyle when last he heard the POUND wanted Indy out.
I think he walks it back quick when it becomes clear the intention is Kyle look like an idiot and use veto so we can send out Alyssa.

Britt and Michael are entertaining both sides of the coin. Michael was always going to land more Kyle (secret f2 on day 5). Britt has talked with each of Michael and Taylor about cutting the other at 4 or sooner today. She’s sitting in between 2 pairs right now and saying potentially yes to both. If Michael weren’t so pro Kyle, and Taylor weren’t so pro Joseph… she’s probably give her actual opinion. This is actually the most she’s gamed and it’s not going to be noticed because she’s going to flip from Queen to racist again any minute on social media. Michael… oh. a call that he should lose his job for not being team Taylor and Joseph but being more team Kyle now. well knew that was coming.

Kyle’s conspiracies were bias crap last week. This week Kyle’s bias crap is actually Joseph’s parachute (exclude Monte) plan revealed today. I still say Kyle is expressing implicit bias, but knowing as we do that it’s actually Joseph’s plan… hmmm. I have to think about that a bit. Kicker: Britt knows. AND she knows the women never work with her or Taylor again (she and Taylor talked about it), so Joe’s parachute plan only benefits JOE.
Okay. Kyle still creepy for reverting to this bias fearbaiting every chance he gets.
Joe isn’t so slick… he’s making Leftovers exit strategies and backstab plans… so don’t be calling him loyal to the 7. Actually, considering how he stokes Indy and Jasmine’s jealousy and hatred of Taylor, maybe rethink that ship thing too.


I am trying to remember how the shift happened. I thought I remembered Joe saying something about some people not voting the way he originally thought but which Houseguest pointed it out to him? I am hoping that the nominations stay the same and Kyle gets the brunt of fury from both Terrence and Indy for his unnecessary lies


Great read!

un autre nom

Thoughts before i crash:
I’m staying away from twitter for a while. I can’t take the flipflop flapjacks of it. 11 people are playing the game. What is so difficult about that for the fanbase to handle?

  • I think Turner would have told Kyle not to use veto anyway. If it isn’t Jasmine’s carcass on the block he doesn’t give a toss. He’d prefer Indy or Terrance out over Alyssa most likely anyway. He said it himself in their meeting when he pushed who would more likely scenarios for discussion.
  • The pound is and is not still the priority for the pound members. For Kyle and Joseph… vehicle, but not their first choice vehicle. For Monte and Turner? It’s their prime focus.
  • The two introverts need to actually put in real social capital to build real relationships. At this point, depending on the weather, they have no real social ties to anyone. Michael and Britt are nobodies number one really. Every time they talk game to someone for ten minutes, that person becomes their new best friend ally until the next person talks game to them for ten minutes. Get used to it.
  • Taylor is going to be 100% Joseph’s shield within 60 hours, and he’s going to capitalize on fanning the hate from the meangirls to make sure of it. She’s not going to be loyal to Britt as her number one anymore, because she’s already talked about another final 2 with Joseph twice. Cam talk, not conversation.
  • I don’t like Kyle’s presumptions and go to biases. I don’t like Joseph’s lack of authenticity (listen to his goodbye messages again, and realize that’s what he’s doing 90% of the time when he’s talking to any woman. NONE of it is real. I don’t actually like either of them very much. Doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the effectiveness of what they are doing in terms of game. Means i don’t really like them much.
  • Oh by the way, i decided to nope Jasmine. I figured i can’t want someone evicted SO badly and not have them noped. Reason: cumulative disgust.
  • I still don’t give a shit about Terrance or Indy. I avoid them because why bother.

Answers to questions i ask myself:
if Monte has already said Michael has to leave at 7, and Michael has already said Monte has to leave at 7… is there a difference? Not to me.
if Kyle fears an alliance, and Joseph is actually trying to build that alliance… still biased and still not slick. right.
if Britt went from queen to racist so times today depending on who she talked to and told what they wanted to hear… is that her or the people namecalling that are problematic? Namecallers because make up you mind and be consistent.
if Alyssa is such a powerhouse social game master… why is her name in so many mouths as a target ALL the time? I mean… she’s playing a horrible game. Name a juror that is going to say man I respected her game. No really. Even the meangirls don’t respect her.
Will Taylor let Kyle and Alyssa use the HOH shower? Will Jasmine give up her foot resting shower stool for the event? It’s the same stool….. God i hope not.


If I were to choose the 2 teams coming up, I would put each member of the three “duos” (Kyle/Alyssa, Michael/Brittany, Joseph/Taylor) on separate teams

un autre nom

Well, who they place where will definitely tell you want grod and her flying d/r monkeys want anyway. Just like season 23’s team picks in week one (where it was an either or choice not a school yard pick), the end game they are looking for will be revealed.

Dixie Lee

I wonder what production thinks of Indie. Those pictures of her make her look absolutely matronly and frumpy.


That’s the most covered up Indy has been all summer