Big Brother Spoilers “Jon is very intelligent.. He won the tricky POV “

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 19-45-06-047

10:44pm Feeds back

House Guests milling around the living room Jon, Arlie and Andrew are wearing shirts given to them by Big Brother.
Andrew wears a shirt that says “I pick my nose”
Jon’s shirt says I touch myself in my bathing suit area”
Arlie’s says I expose myself inappropriately.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 19-41-31-308

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 19-53-33-834

10:50 Storage room Arlie and Sarah

Arlie says Sabrina is making lies out of the air with nothing behind them..

10:55pm Storage room Arlie and Kenny

Kenny comes in and Sarah leaves . Arlie saying he trusts Sabrian but they know she is lying to them both. Kenny agrees. Kenny says he sees Arlie talking to Adel and not being fully forthcoming in their conversations. Kenny wants to know where his head is at. Arlie says first 5 all the way. Andrew adds that the outcasts are banding together but if he wins he’s sticking with the first 5. Kenny is getting wise to Arlie playing both sides. He continues to grill Arlie about his allegiances.

Arlei tells him Sabrina is doing thing to turn they against each other. They both agree Sabrina is lying up a storm, kenny – “She never tells the truth and when she does it’s a stretch .. I take what she says with a grain of salt..” Lenny saying that thing were said and seen beforehand and now they are starting to resurface from Rachelle, Neda and Sabrina.

Kenny says Sabrina is an important role in their alliance and she trusts her as much as he can trust her..

Kenny wants Arlie to talk more game with him.

Adel and Jon walk in “What’s up T1ts”

Kenny – “Jon is very intelligent”
Arlie – “He won the tricky.. POV“

11:00am Hot Tub Andrew, Sarah and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 20-21-32-635

11:20pm Storage room Jon and Sarah
Sarah is saying she trusts Arlie and Jon but Adel scares her. Jon only trusts Sarah, Arlie and Neda in this game he wants them to be safe. Jon says right now him and Kenny are the furthest apart and he knows Kenny and Sarah are very close. Jon wonders if Kenny will put him up. Sarah says he’s never mentioned it. Jon says he’s not going to be the one putting Kenny one the block. Sarah says when it was brought up it was Andrew who started mentioning putting Jon up. Jon says he guarantees he’ll never play her in this game.

Jon – “I put a lot of trust into what Arlie is doing.. If we stick to it we’ll be really OK”

Sarah warns them about Sabrina and Rachelle she says Sabrina can come up with the craziest stories.. Jon – “She’s such a liar”
Sarah starts to retell some of the Sabrina lies.. says she comes up with things to pull information out of people.

Sarah claims to have confronted Sabrina about her lies and calling it Bullshit.

Jon Says he’s not targeting Kenny if he wins HOH this coming week. Sarah is worreid that Adel will do it. (Sounds like Sabrina told Jon about Kenny targeting him in the hopes Jon would save Sabrian and Kenny goes up)
(Video is coming.. It’s long)


10:50pm – 11:25pm Out in the hot tub room – Andrew, Sarah and Heather are talking. Andrew is talking about how he was told Canada doesn’t like him swearing and picking his nose. Andrew says that he’s sorry he picks his nose. Sarah says the thing is that everyone does it. She says that Andrew said he claimed he was touching his nose ring and not picking his nose.. Sarah says but your nose ring is in the other nostril. The cams switch to the HOH room with Sabrina, Allison, Rachelle Jon and Neda. Jon says so touching my junk on national television, hey!? Brutal! Sabrina says so picking my nose, that’s embarrassing! DO you think they’re going to show that?! Neda says yeah. They’ll probably show the whole montage that they showed us. Neda says at least they didn’t get you to apologize.

Out in the backyard by the pool – Arlie and Kenny are talking game. They talk about how Jon has the veto and how they wonder if Adel and him will band together to use their vetos. Kenny says that Jon and Neda are a powerful couple right now. Andrew joins them.

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Man, I hope Arlie tells Jon about how Kenny actually said that he believed Sobrina’s bullshit lies about Jon approaching Rachelle to band together. Arlie flat out told Kenny that he doesn’t think Jon would do that and is loyal to Kenny and Kenny says he believes Sobs cause Jon has done this before. Kenny knows Sobs lies and with Jon having veto, he should be kissing Jon’s ass, not throwing him under the bus again. Dumbass…


If Jon did use it, Kenny’s ass would be up there. But instead of trying to re-bond with him, he wastes his energy on trying to intimidate some info out of Arlie…by accusing him of not ever sharing info. But based on the crap he was trying to sell to Arlie…like saying that Jon said he would use the veto on Sobrina and also saying that when he confronted Allison about her being in a secret alliance with Jon, he could tell by her reaction and outburst that it was true. wtf?? Either he is getting as bad as Sobrina in the story-telling dept or he is just retelling her stories…


hahaaah i love the t-shirts, its always so sweet whenever the houseguests find out how we feel bout’ them

No Nose Pickers

Allison’s shirt says, I’m in a bad showmance with a nose picker


Congrats to Jon for his first win. Too bad he can’t be very strategic with the HOH with his veto.
Also, does anyone think BB is going out of their way to embarrass these people for their flaws? I mean, I scratch my swimsuit area too, but that’s just a common male trait that Jon gets ridiculed for.

Then again....

The same can be said about Zingbot


Not really, I don’t touch myself all the time and especially not in front of everybody…


Omg please put up the video of Adel and Sabrina. She is harassing him and lying and getting lost on her lies her head is spinning!
P.s I am conflicted about the Jon using the Veto. I want him to take Andrew and then Kenny goes up. But that’s kind of risky so I hope it stays the same and Andrew leaves. Sabrina will self destruct.
Arlie is a master bullshitter and Kenny can’t break him. I love it. I’m scared of Sarah getting in Jon’s head and tryna push out Neda ugh. Sarah is a snake.


Thank you SIMON! Can’t wait for that post


i think that Jon is just pacifying Sarah right now and telling her what she wants to hear…I believe his loyalty is to Neda first before anyone else, but is playing that down to keep the target off of her as much as he can.


I can’t deal with Sarah. I hope Jon won’t listen to her because she can’t be trusted!


She is a motor mouth full of Bs.feel sorry for any man marries her

sara the rat

i agree watching sarah try to weasel her way in with jon and neda was making me laugh i really hope that jon doesnt believe her fake shit!!
you made your bed girl now you can cry in it!


Adel is a saint with contsraint to deal with that tithead.


Lol…I was just about to post that Sobrina must not only be desperate, but must think Adel is stupid to try and convince him that she is not a mean person and there isn’t any hard feelings…she wants to squash this beef. “She isn’t playing the game right now.” Love watching her squirm!!!!


There’s something amusing about the word tithead. Just puts a smile on my face reading it I don’t know why. Can’t quite put my nipple on it.


I’m pretty sure Jon won’t use the veto and that Andrew will go home.


Totally off topic but I wonder what Marsha the Moose’s real name is. I mean it’s obviously a male moose in drag as female moose don’t have antlers. I’m just saying.


Hope he pulls her into the hot tub and drowns her!!! Kidding!! ?? She is really losing it.


Why are they hating on Heather eating cookies? Heather tell them you don’t care and you are allowed to eat as many cookies as you want, until BB tells her to stop.

The whole picking on Heather thing…is old…and over.


I Really wish they showed the house guests the number of votes they each got just because I want Kenny to be brought back down to Earth! Ugh! How dare he try and throw Jon under the bus with his insecurity.
Adel is pissing me off now as well. Canada being HOH saved his ass from that lie he about his veto and now he tells Sabrina that his power is actually for 3 weeks!? Are you kidding me?! Why take the chance? Ugh.


Arlie talking to himself in the storage room was super weird, what a weirdo.


WAY TO GO BBC!!! All producers of BB should take a lesson from the Canadian Version. I love BB … but last year BBUS was so hard to watch. Didn’t we all scream that something had to be done. Well, BBC is contantly reminding the HG’s that we are watching. I had a hard time watching the bullying of Heather this year. All the things we complain about Production has somehow did something about. I tried watching other countries and Production and the viewers where sometimes given way to much power …. taking away the “social experiment”. I liked that they called Sabrina out on her lies, they know how we feel about them and weren’t they punshied? The great thing about BBC is even though you watch the feeds the episodes still somehow suprise us. You have to watch or else you will miss something whereas in the BBUS if you followed the spoiers you didn’t feel too bad cause they didn’t do what Canada has accomplished. I hope the US is watching and taking some notes on how it should be produced. Have to say the host is getting better, I knew she would as I watched Julie in the beginning and she wasn’t as good.

I’d like to see the final be all the houseguests go into the DR and vote to evict instead of voting on who should win!!! Still can’t get over Topez!! Enjoy watching Gary and Peter on the aftershow. At least Jillian isn’t getting any extra out of her mistaken win.

Douche Hater

Ha ha I knew Sarah that would start running around
Bashing Sabrina and Andrew . I get that she needs to do it
To save herself but like I said she jumped ship right away .
And once again she goes off about hating
Bullies … Can someone show her the Feed
Where she says she is gonna beat Heather
In the face because of the sound of her voice.
Don’t be fooled by this douche bully Canada.


So will we see this week Andrew spending a lot of time with Adel, since he’s on his way out? 😛


Phew! So I just looked on the Slice website and it says to unlock the secret POV, we have to reach 6 million on the meter by April 4th. I assume that means it won’t be activated until after the 4th, which is this Friday, and therefore won’t come into play this wee. I want to keep any POV power out of 1st 5’s hands this week…

Reality check

I agree 100% with You Douche hater . Wow Sarah is really
Starting to show how much of a self serving bully she really is.
I never bought into her whole holy than thou
Bullshit anyways … She thinks she so wise
But little does she know that a lot of people can
See through her . So far she has rode on the coat
Tails of her vile friend Sabrina , bullied Heather as well
As Paul and know she can’t even try to stay
Loyal to the ones who got her this far .horrible
Game play not worth $$$$

Revenge is sweet

I really hope Jon and Arlie consider using that veto so Kenny would go up. Kenny needs a HUGE reality check also, him going around using this pretentious passive aggressive dick attitude is almost as barfning as Slobrina and Pigdrew.


i kind of feel sorry for sabrina, if i was in that house either i would tell her what she wants to hear or i would tune her out lol. Anyone agree that Adel even though he is a loyal underdog, he doesnt have the savvy of a person like Arlie. He makes some dumb decisions, e.g. i felt like he knew the dances but was too embarassed to dance…last thing u wanna do is piss off people who u are cool with! My guess is that Arlie is the evil genius they tried to make Peter out to be in seasson 1, but i just can’t relate or get behind a guy who paints his toenails lol…at least Jon only painted his finger nails…..what is up with that anyway, i dont get it!!!

Reality check

Hey hoe bag Sarah keep your slimy
Hands off of Jon . Don’t taint that good Canadian
Boy with your nastiness .ha ha she is a total Douche


Neda is like obsessed with Jon and its pretty obvious she wants him really bad.

Douche hater

Sarah did not confront Sabrina about anything
Lol what a liar . Teach your kids to lie too
Tsk tsk … Or maybe she can blame it on pms
Or Ativan . I hate that women .


I have been a huge BB fan since season 7 of the US BB and have never been a fan of production meddling or rigging the game. But since BB Canada is taking it to a whole new level I think they should have had another vote to see if we wanted to back door Kenny. Have a simple vote- do you want the POV holder to a – take Andrew off the block or b- Sabrina or c- leave the noms the same. If productions going to meddle mine as well go all the way…


I cannot see Jon using the POV. In fact I can write his POV speech right now. Jon: “I have decided to listen to the Canadian people and “good newfies everywhere” and NOT use the power of veto. Anything other than that and I’ll be shocked, I mean coronary level shocked. Chances Andrew survives less than 1%! It’s a start but lets not celebrate just yet…. Need to get rid of Kenny then 1/5 has no viable HOH threat. Then the outsiders can really get going! Jon winning POV just moved Joneda into a much better spot in the game. Arlie gets some strong coattails as well.

Losers if no Veto not played. Sab, Ratchet, Allison and Sarah. I still think Kenny can get to the other side for awhile. Sarah is selling I don’t think Jon is buying! Sab, likely Ratchet and Allison go before Sarah but Kenny and to a lesser extent Allison may get comp wins going to save themselves.


Hey , thanks for these rapid updates. However, the next post ”you pissed me off” is blocked…Nada happens when the “read more” button is clicked


i really want ika to come back


Has anyone noticed the picture caption above where the house guests are standing together shoulder to shoulder, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah gunning Sabrina off. Looks like Sabrina Immediately jumped ship and Is now standing on the other side opposite the original 5 alliance, that ddidn’t take long. Good on Andrew, Kenny, Sarah. Either Andrew, Kenny gots to go this week, Sabrina, Sarah following right out the door thereafter.


Arlie is awesome. GO ARLIE!!!!