Phil “People are doing what’s best for their game. I want to keep Cassandra. It’ll be a 7-4 vote.”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-15 06-44-12-558

9:40am Tim is cleaning up in the kitchen. He says I love how some people just put dirty dishes in the sink.. Like Raul! I wish we could just put in his bed.

In the bathroom – Cassandra tells Jared and Kelsey that she talked to the brothers last night and they said they would vote to keep me. Phil told me 100% I’m voting to keep you. Jared says that’s great! Cassandra says amazing. Jared says I want to talk to Nick today too.

9:55am Hot Tub room – Jared and Kelsey head out to the hot tub. Kelsey says we need to really decide whether we keep Cassandra. Jared says I know. I’m leaning more towards yes. Kelsey says its just some of the stuff Loveita told me. Jared says we have a couple days to decide. Kelsey says I do love Christine and Cassandra. I could see myself being friends with her outside of here. Jared says I am really annoyed with Cass asking everyone to do everything for her. She doesn’t even clean up after herself. Kelsey says she’s having a rough couple weeks. Jared says she was babied to much at home. Kelsey says so was I. Jared says I was too but she takes advantage of people. Jared says Tim is getting pretty frustrated with people. Kelsey says we’re going on 20 days. Jared says I want to win HOH so I don’t have to sleep next to Ramsey.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-15 07-03-41-946

10am In the bathroom – Cassandra is talking about how she washed her hair with the shampoo full of BBQ sauce. She says at first she thought they got new shampoo for brunettes, then she noticed it smelled like BBQ sauce. Why am I getting all the pranks!? Tim says yeah you’re having a bad week. Cassandra and Tim head to the bedroom. Cassandra says I think Loveita’s done some voodoo on me. Sprained my ankle, Slop, Sitting on Vaseline, BBQ sauce in my hair. Tim says I think I’m related to all of those events as well. Tim, Cassandra and Christine agree that they wouldn’t be in this position if Sharry had stayed. Tim thinks the HOH this season will gamble away part of the prize. He doesn’t think the nominations were their first choice and that Jared and Loveita might have already won money from the grand prize. Maddy says if that’s the case I don’t want to be here any more.

11am By the pool – Tim and Cassandra are talking. Tim says essentially she pulled one from each (Side) but the bottom rung from each. I think she came after you this week because she thinks she can persuade people against you. I don’t know how you’re not scratching her eyes out. Cassandra says I’m good at hiding it.

11:15am Inside the house – Dallas holds the duck ransom until Christine gives his slippers back. He threatens to f**k up the duck if he doesn’t get them back. Christine runs to get them. Kelsey pleads with Dallas not to do anything to the duck. Its the only thing that makes Maddy happy in this house. In the bathroom – Kelsey tells Phil that she wants Cassandra to stay. Phil says I do too. Kelsey says it doesn’t make any sense that Loveita wants to work with us but then say she wants to vote out the people we’re working with. And Christine already won 10K.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-15 08-18-27-089

11:20am HOH room – Loveita says I am confused how we can be in an alliance together and then voting the opposite way. Tim is stirring the pot. He says one thing and then does the other. He even told Christine we need to get rid of Cassandra and now he wants to keep Cassandra. Joel says now I feel like I screwed up because when Cassandra asked if she had my vote I said yes. Loveita says you can’t say that because you don’t know what everyone else is doing. She isn’t trustworthy. She isn’t helping your game and if she stays and tries to take me out then you’re one down. Joel says everyone is probably going to see me as untrustworthy. Is Mitch 100% voting out Cassandra? Loveita says pretty sure yeah. If you said it to her and she goes out of the house she won’t be in jury. She deserves to go. I can’t ready through her faces, she is so fake. Tim told me to put her up. Dallas joins them. Dallas tells Loveita and Joel that he wants Cassandra out in the worst way. Dallas says me, Maddy, Ramsey. The brothers are on the fence. Nikki and then we still need the brothers Joel and Mitch to jump on board. Dallas says the more he thinks about it he thinks Cassandra is staying. Loveita tells him not to flip. Loveita says that this is her game, who’s ever empire crumbles she’s going to say oh I’m over here. Nick joins them. Whoever has strength she is going to gravitate to. So keep a snake. I don’t have a vote. Dallas tells Loveita to tell others.. if this is the rat you want to keep, maybe expose it. Nikki joins them. Nikki says I’m worried that Cassandra is very unpredictable. She’s very convincing. I don’t know how much I trust her. She’s very manipulative. Loveita says she wants to snake her way through this game. Nick says there’s a rumour going around that you two (Loveita & Dallas) are working together. Phil joins them and says I was dead set on getting Cassandra out until I heard things that make you two look very suspicious. Phil says honestly Dal, your name is coming up in every discussion and I’m the only one that isn’t going to put you up. Dallas says lets take a part this 5 headed monster. Or else we might as well pass the check to Jared and the gang. Christine has nobody. Loveita is annoyed and leaves frustrated. Are we blind or are we dumb!? Dallas leaves.

12pm – 12:30pm By the Pool – Nick, Phil and Joel are talking. Phil says I want to trust Dallas and Loveita but I genuinely trust Jared more. If Cassandra is here she is with Jared and Kelsey but when it comes down to it she would keep us over them. Phil says Christine is sketch. If I win HOH I won’t put up Dallas and Loveita. Joel says I really like Loveita and respect her. At the same time I know she wouldn’t come after me. Phil says Dallas lied to everyone. Week one he said we were the vote. I see positive in keeping Cassandra. Phil asks Joel you want to keep Cassandra right? Joel says I do. Phil says and If we both do it then its done and we can just say its best for our game. Cassandra is useful, she’s best friends with Kelsey. They’ll never go after us. Phil says people are doing whatever is best for their game and I want to keep Cassandra. I want to support Loveita but she said do what’s best for your game. Keeping Cass is pretty much guaranteeing a week of security. Nick says every time I feel like I go in that room I feel like I am being strong armed but when you talk to Jared and Kelsey respect what you have to say. Phil says there’s a floating ship and a sinking ship. I would rather stay on the floating ship. Phil says it will be a 7-4 vote this week. Phil tells Joel if you keep Cass you’re good with her and Tim and part of a strong group. Why would you go with a group that is strong arming you and forcing you. And they’re probably going down next week. They high five and end the conversation.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-15 09-06-43-902

12:45pm Storage room – Phil talks to Mitch about how he is voting for Cassandra to stay. He says that he doesn’t like how Loveita tries to strong arm people. Mitch says so Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey and Nikki are definitely voting Cassandra out? Phil says yes. Mitch asks so the question is are Loveita and Dallas together now? Phil says they have to be. Phil says it will be 7-4 if you vote to keep Cassandra as well. Nick says if we get out Christine with 7-4 they’ll be like okay we lost the battle. Phil says this is the week that you can’t play scared, you have to pick a side.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-15 09-37-58-161

1:45pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an outdoor lock down and then blocks the feeds.

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I don’t really have a preference between Cassandra and Christine, but the main reason I’m really looking forward to Cassandra staying is to see Loveita freak out over yet another failed HOH. 🙂
I was curious what she was like during the 1st week before the feeds went on, well I guess we have a pretty good picture now:
Phil is spot on in telling Joel that Loveita and Dallas are trying to strong-arm them to vote their way. Funny to hear Loveita slip in a “… but vote however you want to” every now and then, because the rest of what comes out of her mouth is really intense “vote my way!!”.
Joel is clearly frightened by her, and she’s well aware of it.
For the record: Loveita was the one repeating over and over again that “those people (Jared/Kelsey/Raoul) were bullies, were making people afraid of them, and this isn’t how the game should be played. I won’t stand for it! We need a power shift! I’m a woman of my word!”
Well, first off, according to her own words, she should have nominated those ‘evil people’, and secondly, Loveita is probably the biggest hypocrite in there. I wonder if BB will still continue their golden edit of Loveita even after this week…


Oh whatever you people are just looking for things to pick at at this point


Phil is the one strong arming people in to voting the way he wants them to! It is Loveita’s HoH, why wouldn’t she want Christine out over Cass?! If that is who she truly prefers! Tim is working against Love at the moment trying to buy a few more weeks before truly solidifying a solid alliance because he knows how smart Love is! He figures if someone else can do the dirty work for him it takes the heat off of him and he can plan away in the shadows all the while getting ready for some big moves. I am liking both Tim and Love’s game play at the moment it would be fun to see them at opposite ends of an alliance with Nikki stuck in the middle as a pawn oh let the meltdown begin! That would make for some great TV !


team TIM <3 <3 <3


that aussie’s ruining lovetta’s game


shes ruining her own game


Now at least the feeders now realize why people kept Kelsey over Paige. Lovieta needs to wake up, these players are not playing for her own game, this is big brother not give Loveita the money. She’s angry about Cass having multiple deals but this week she made multiple deals with the entire house. She was just telling Joel a while ago that he must vote to send Cass home but then in her speech “I have no vote just go vote who you want to go”. With how crazy Lovieta is acting up, it’s no wonder no one wants to align with her. Also it’s funny how she is blaming Tim (although he did have a big impact on her decision to put up Cass and Christine), he suggested two moves to her, putting up the big players and pick a side D/M/R or K/R/J or play it safe with Cass and Christine, she picked the safe move and now she is trying to justify her moves without admitting that she fucked up by saying who her target is. Honestly if you get the HOH just tell the nominees that the house will
decide on who will be the target.

sunny dee

i’m always shocked that loveita actually believes that any of those people she decided to save and align with were ever going to vote her way, considering what happened during week one. She had the chance to put up 2 of the 3 with the idea one might save themselves or come down, would still leave the 3rd, and have a great group of numbers voting them out because, news flash, when you take votes out of the game, you have a better shot at getting the votes to go your way.

instead she put up someone that she wants to replace as Kelsey’s BFF in the house. i highly doubt that kelsey is going to gravitate towards loveita the way she thinks she is going to, after she ensured her house BFF was evicted. it makes zero sense.

then she added insult to the injury by making sure she told and talked to everyone exactly who her target is. It’s like week one never happened in her mind. all the exact same mistakes. if she had wanted kelsey and jared split up, the obvious in week one was to (and anyone who has seen every season of BB should already know this) is take away a vote, make sure that both of that pair are on the block, make sure that both of them have to use the veto if won on themselves, don’t split it up, leaving 2 of the 3 to play for veto, and thus saving 2 of themselves, take the votes away is key.

And yes, Tim really is screwing with Loveita, tho he did not, as Loveita seems to think, suggest this pair. In fact when she mentioned it or even had them up there he’s like all wtf, and really? and what were you thinking, then when it was possible to do a backdoor he was right on that, because that was just so obviously an opportunity.

I watched on of these videos or After Dark, and he and Loveita are having the conversation and she is saying Cass is going home, and he’s playing it off (since everyone except her seems to understand he is not voting cassandra out), by saying, oh, i don’t think so, do you really think so, and she is SO SURE, she’s like absolutely and no doubt in her mind, and i’m like yeah ok lady.

then she gives like the WORST advice to Jared in AD last night, where the video is showing the two of them in robes talking about his talking to the brothers so they know he didn’t talk about backdooring them (which he did, of course, he’s been on that for a while, as the brothers have about backdooring him, not sure why they all back slap and high five after they talk about it to each other), anyway point is Loveita is counseling him to NOT say anything to them, not now, and i’m again like, what is the worst possible advice, because she is sincere about giving him good advice, this is not a game play of keeping them mad and suspicious at each other, she isn’t that clever. no she seriously thought it was a bad idea to clear the air going forward.

so basically she sealed the deal for herself there, both those guys are going to go after Loveita first chance, and neither of them are going to vote Cassandra out, and Loveita needed the brothers to vote that way to be sure of the votes, even if the 3 didn’t vote for Cass to leave. now she has just solidified an alliance that did not exist before, and a vote that is the exact opposite of what she wanted, and leaves yet another person solidly against her, and now even Joel and Mitch will vote to keep Cassandra because they will be afraid of the brothers and the 3


I want for Christine to go because she has absolutely no game. She doesn’t even know how to play this game. She doesn’t even campaign for herself to stay. It looks that she doesn’t even care whether she stays or leaves. Her game is solely reliant on chance. At least Cassandra does everything in her power to stay, pulls strings and her personality is way more colorful than Cristine’s.


thanks Dawg! i live in sault ste marie canada…but its a border city..i cant get the feeds….or its because i use a samsung tablet…im not sure…but i do know the answer isnt turning location on!
so thanks for these updates…will be donating again for ur guys hard work!


it’s sad to watch Phil decide game strategy on impulse and shut everything his brother says down. Brothers shouldn’t do that to eachother. Phil needs a reality check. If he had self awarness about his personality traits and Nicks opposite ways he would see that people feel more at ease with Nick and let him feel important and worthy as a partner in the game. Phil decides everything and often very erraticly and impulsive. He wants to do everything Tim wants and changes his mind from one minute to the next. He will be their downfall.

Good grief eh

I’m hoping that when the brothers get evicted, Big Brother lets Canada vote for one to return. That would be perfect!


I guess perceptions are different in the house, but this is not a hard decision to make for the people floating in the middle. Keeping Cassandra denies the Dallas/Maddy/Ramsey and Loveita side of the house a potential number.

The people trying to float in the middle would have a numerical advantage over the Third Wheel alliance when jury rolls around 2 to 1 (Tim, Phil/Nick, Joel, Mitch, Cassandra, Nikki vs Kelsey/Jared/Raul) if they side with them now to save Cassandra.

Is this how Loveita was week 1? No wonder the house flipped on her. You can’t go around telling people to make the best move for their game, and then be mad when they actually do it.


great points


the summary is a little wrong, it said that “loveita storms out of the room”. I wouldn’t really call that storming, but if it is described that way, it should also be noted that Dallas did the same thing 2 mins before loveita did it as well.


Thank you for acknowledging that….Im just a little sensitive when it comes to portraying girls one way and then guys do the exact same thing and they are portrayed a different way….I actually thought the way Dallas reacted was more emotional and flagrant. Thank you tho.


to me through the whole video she looked flustered and majorly rattled

thats more important than coming up with a word to describe how she exited the room


Oh god.. Get a grip..

Are you the same person that critiqued something else about the summary a few days ago?


nothing wrong with the hgs or season so far…not sure why people b itching