Nikki “The f**king vultures eat everything! I’M F**KING NOT GOOD! I’M EXPLODING INSIDE!”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-15 11-28-53-988
2:30pm By the pool – Cassandra tells Maddy that you’re Dallas’s number one. Maddy asks if Dallas voted for you to stay would you go after him? Cassandra says he won’t vote for me. Cassandra says I have nothing against you. Maddy says she has no problem voting with the house. Cassandra says I would really appreciate it if you voted for me to stay. Maddy says I know I would really want you both to stay. Cassandra tells Maddy that she isn’t a threat. Look at me I’m not a strong competitor. Why am I on the block?! Cassandra tells Maddy about how right before noms Loveita told her she was good and then she put her up. Maddy says I know if I win HOH who I would put up. Cassandra asks who? Maddy says I’m not going to tell you because you’re working with them. Cassandra says she is gunning for HOH if she stays.

2:40pm Phil and Kelsey are playing pool. Phil talks to Kelsey about how there’s a sinking ship and a floating ship and would rather be on the floating ship. Phil tells Kelsey I love Jared, I would love to go to the end with him and you guys. When had such a good talk last night. Kelsey asks did you guys have your shirts off? Phil says Jared did. I didn’t but I should have. Phil asks are you confident? Kelsey asks in you guys, yeah. Phil says no in the vote? Kelsey says yeah (keeping Cassandra). Phil says good. If we just stick together we’re gold. Kelsey says and Mitch. Phil says Mitch is good.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-15 11-49-30-102
2:50pm HOH room – Nikki is having a mental breakdown – crying hysterically! Nikki says she feels frustrated! Its the food and everything. I just can’t sleep. I’m so tired all the time! Its the bed is so uncomfortable. This is the only comfortable bed and they keep the tv on so you can’t sleep. I can’t eat because the f**king vultures eat everything!!! I was so adamant about not playing this game and now I’ve been roped into it! Loveita says you don’t have to play. Nikki says I just want to go home! Loveita says you can go home. Nikki says I just want to be with the people that I like. I’ve done two weeks and that’s admirable. Even when you go into the diary room its just impossible!!! Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back – Nikki continues to cry. “I’M F**KING NOT GOOD! I’M EXPLODING INSIDE! I’M COMBUSTING! I’M GOING TO GET SECTIONED WHEN I GET OUT!” Mitch asks what does that mean? Nikki says committed!! The people in the white coats! I have to conform to everyone else. Mitch and Loveita tell her she doesn’t need to conform she can be her own person. Nikki says everyone is just hating on me. Loveita says no one hates you. Nikki says chocolate, alcohol and breaking rules are the only things that make me happy!! All I’ve done is argue with them about food in the diary room. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t have freedom of speech. I can’t last. Two weeks is longer than I thought I would last. Mitch says its up to you. You would be really missed if you did leave. Nikki says I’ve asked to speak to a producer. Nikki says you will be my friend after the game. Loveita says we don’t want you to leave. Its a pressure cooker. Mitch tells her she can always talk to him.
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3:20pm Loveita gets Nikki to meditate. “You’re free! You have freedom. You’re not constrained. There’s no one like Nikki and no one can tell you what to do. You need to make sure you don’t allow this to take control. You are strong. If you leave me, I’ll want to leave. You’re doing so well Nikki.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-15 12-10-35-282

3pm – 3:50pm In the havenot room – Tim, Cassandra and Joel discuss why they have to keep Cassandra in the game. Tim tells Joel that he can’t vote Cassandra out, she keeps him sane in the house and you need people like that. Tim says with keeping Cassandra, I am worried about the implications with Loveita. Tim says we want Dallas to be gunning for Jared next week. We don’t want them gunning for us in the middle. Tim says we could throw them an extra vote just to give them a false sense of security. Cassandra says I’m worried that someone would switch and I would end up walking out the door. Tim says maybe its good that we just act like sheep again this week. Cassandra says we’re good. You (Joel) need to distance yourself from Loveita for a bit.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-15 12-33-16-201

3:55pm – 4:05pm Pink bedroom – Tim says that he wants Cassandra to stay but wants to throw a vote to give them a false sense of security. If Jared won the power next week they’ll go against Dallas. But if Dallas wins I don’t know if he would go against Jared. He might go against the middle. Phil says Dallas will go against Jared. Tim says well maybe it doesn’t matter then. Tim asks if Dallas was HOH who would he put up? Phil says Kelsey, Jared, Raul… any of them. Tim says we want Cassandra to stay but we want them to think we want Christine to stay. Phil says Loveita doesn’t know how close I am to Joel. I talk to him on a human level. Phil says we don’t need to do it by a vote, we could do it by letting them know this is what I’ve heard. Phil says that Dallas wants to start an alliance.. You, Me, Ramsey, Maddy. But I don’t want to do that. Tim says its just about giving both sides the false sense of security so that they think we’re just sheep. If Dallas catches wind that we’re going to go after him he will strike at us. But if he thinks Jared is going after him they will strike at each other.

4:20pm Loveita asks Christine if she is campaigning. Christine says she’s talking to people as it comes up. Loveita says good. Where’s Tim at? Christine says Tim’s on the fence. Loveita says at this point I don’t even know. Loveita says she (Cassandra) stopped talking to me after I wouldn’t put up Kelsey if the veto was used. Christine says I might just let the chips fall where they may. Loveita says don’t not.. Christine says no I will still talk to people. I would never give up. Loveita says I feel like I know who I can trust and can’t.

Hot tub room – Mitch is talking to Joel. Mitch says that he didn’t know how he was going to vote. And says that he doesn’t want to make Loveita mad. Mitch says if I vote with Dallas and Loveita then Jared and them will automatically think I’m with Dallas and Loveita. I would have to tell them first and give a good reason why to not lose their trust.

4:35pm – 5pm Maddy tells Ramsey that Dallas talks to everyone. Ramsey says I don’t trust Dallas. I want to just continue to create the illusion that I am working with him for right now. Maddy says once we get Jared, Kelsey, Raul and Loveita out of the house then we gun for him (Tim). Ramsey says and the brothers. They head to the bedroom and get Dallas to join them. Ramsey tells Dallas that Maddy feels you’re being too mean to her. Maddy says game wise I don’t trust you and I don’t want to work with you. Dallas says okay. Ramsey says no we need you. Dallas tells Ramsey we can just work together. Dallas says haven’t you ever heard of keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Dallas says you don’t trust me because I’m being mean to you? Maddy says no because you’re talking with everyone. Dallas says if you’re that quick to jump ship on me then you can go on your own. Ramsey tries to calm Dallas down. Dallas says I’m not going to suck your t!t Maddy. Maddy asks did I ask you to suck my t!t, no! Ramsey says its a miscommunication thing. Dallas says I invited you to watch the movie with me to talk game with Loveita. Maddy says and she fell asleep. Dallas says if you’re so quick to jump to conclusions maybe we shouldn’t work together. Ramsey says people are coming. They decide to talk later. Dallas leaves. Ramsey tells Maddy she can’t come off so aggressive like that. Its a game. Its not over with us and Dallas. Maddy says I don’t know I think he’s lying to us.

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I’m really questioning production letting Nikki in the house considering her state of mind. Are ratings really worth someone’s sanity? I hope she feels better soon.


If you watched the feeds you’d hear Lovetta say that she understands why bb makes the house guests see a therapist after eviction
She’s a great player (she’s set herself up as a swing vote for next week), and, she’s an amazing person who plays with high morals (a feat that has never been seen on any reality show)


Niki does this all the time in the uk big brother. I know someone who is in the uk and watches this an told me before she came into the house that she would do this. lol She’s very entertaining. I love her and tim. I don’t think her insanity is in question.


This is normal Nikki behaviour! To be honest, she reminds me a bit of my best-friend. They are just the type that need things to be essentially exactly how they like it. On the other hand my best friend is absolutely hilarious – both males and females fall out from her humour. She is also smart, and caring… However, she would never be able to stand this unless she had certain adjustments made and special treatment. They are not selfish per se it’s just.. maybe a form of a personality disorder. It is not intentional and you can see Nikki is struggling.

My point is that Nikki is used to having this be her behaviour and it being acceptable in her world. For people in her life the good outweighs the bad parts of her. And people act Fake fake fake in BBUS and BBCAN. I prefer both the Australian and the UK versions much more. North American BB is boring in comparison and their diary rooms are so scripted seeming. We don’t even get to hear the shady, funny Big Brother voice. Poor dat.


I have watched both Tim and Nikki’s (many) seasons. I’ve always enjoyed Nikki’s antics. And Tim,.. well he’s Tim. Very interesting to watch him play this version in comparison. I advise all to watch his aussie season,.. best BB season i’ve ever watched!! Nikki, however, much as i love her. There is REAL history there. Nikki has spent many years “sectioned”. Starting from the age of 8 to 19,… due to anorexia. Extremely sad story. BBCAN producers should take this seriously!! UK version always took extra care of Nikki’s food needs. It is her disease and needs to treated as such. (i see she has been adamant about keeping it secret within the house) Ratings or no ratings. I do not want her to leave but she needs special attention and that’s just the way it is. We know she’s not a gamer, pure entertainment,.. but not at the expense of all the progress she’s made.


Thanks for all the updates Simon! – Just watched some of the live feeds today …. was I right or did I imagine Cass eating something? Is she still not a have not? Would be kind of funny if she did get caught eating again just after the punishment they received and got a vote cast to evict against her as another penalty for eating if that’s the case!
On another point Cass tells Maddie she isn’t a threat in competitions and then tells her she is gunning for HoH if she stays next weeks in the same sentence. Yeah way to go in securing her vote! Cass can’t keep track of her own crap! That’s what got her in trouble if the first place and it will continue to be that way for her and the people she works with.


It would be so amazing if cass got her 6 votes to stay and was penalized for eating (salad yesterday and a cookie today). Then Lovetta got to choose who to evict on the tie and booted cass out
Got a plan for that Tim? You’re so smart ruining Lovetta’s game and your gf cass leaves bc she didn’t learn her lesson the first time on slop – but, that’s just wishful thinking bb wouldn’t ruin tims game by playing by the rules (penalty vote for eating while on the block as a have not)

Anonymous 123

HOH does not have a vote this week.
And, if anyone ruined Love’s game it is herself through micro management. But,
I don’t think her game is ruined.

let me clarify

if cass only got the 6 votes needed to stay, and christine got the remaining 5, and cass was rightfully penalized for eating (2x), cass should lose 2 votes making a tie forcing lovetta to choose


HMA is Geoblocked after the feeds came back up 🙁


i found an ip that works


Nikki is obviously unstable, it’s uncomfortable to watch….I hope she does leave next week so she can go back to her “normal” life.


This is ‘normal’ behaviour for Nikki. She throws temper tantrums. If you compare Nikki to other BBUK houseguests she is considered ‘tame.’ I can totally understand how this may be surprising to BBCan viewers but this is how she always acts, especially when she wants something and Big Brother/The Producers aren’t giving it to her.


For someone from BB UK this game must be boring. The UK game is totally different, they also have a lot more house tasks (almost daily) which are usually very entertaining, and some are designed to purposely create confrontations between house guests. Which leads to numerous, major fights every season. Just look for Fight Night BB UK to see the absolute worst (best) of them.


nikki nikki nine doors
rings their bell
and runs and watches


Good grief!! Send that attention seeking looney back to whence she came, she’s pathetic!


Nikki was brought into the house to be a whinny B—-h, and I agree with her , they all act like a bunch of locust when they get new food… She isn’t going anywhere who would bother wasting a vote or HOH on someone who says she wants to self evict every week!!!


It’s been what… two or three days since the last booze delivery?
She was actually drawn into a pressure filled game discussion this morning where she was actually looking up at the ceiling and counting on her fingers.
No pampering and actual game: Nikki melt down was bound to happen.


The status of the votes right now is making me giggle.
Tim has been trying to maneuver a confrontation due to declared sides in the vote.
As well, he’s stirring Loveita’s chilli. The reason in my head is she directly said to him, “i’m hearing that you’re campaigning for Cassandra and you suggested her; are you just here to stir the pot?’ She’s confronting him on his game and calling it correctly (thanks to Mitch whom she doesn’t credit) so he’s twisting her gears. She’s now a threat unless he can keep her neutralized as a fringe figure target.
His ultimate goal has been to make a vote this week that calls out everyone’s game, while remaining entrenched in the middle to scoop up the people that he wants who will be collateral damage in the war if they don’t join with him. All of the people he can manipulate.
Yeah, that was his plan. a 6-5 vote. And along comes Cassandra who wants a landslide for security. Off goes Cassandra to Maddy. Emotional, angry, volatile,gullible, paranoid Maddy. And at the moment that 6-5 vote and declared sides don’t exist.
So, for all Tim’s hard work to start a war, at the moment the horse he’s backed has ensured a continuance to the stalemate.
So I’m giggling because this has been a bizarrely exhausting day and a half of machination, and unless Mitch informs Jared and Kelsey that Cass said they were just numbers to her but she wasn’t going to be on their team long, or Loveita spills to Jared that in front of Joel and Dallas and Nikki, Phil said Cass wasn’t staying with them she and Tim were forming their own team… all that effort will be for naught.


For anyone who doesn’t know everything Nikki’s been through you should watch Nikki Grahame on Jeremy Kyle on youtube


Sorry, but she is full of shit. If she was so fragile, she would not be competing on BB over and over. This chick is completely nuts in her attention seeking sickness. She should not be on this show.


The live feeds haven’t worked at all today for me. Is it from them or is it my computer? Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.