Big Brother Canada 4 March 14 Evening Live feed updates

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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8:06pm MAddy and Dallas redroom CAm 3-4

Rasmey joins them

9:03pm CAm 3-4 Loveita and Christine HOH
Christine is seeking an alliance with Loveita, They agree Cassandra is really good at playing everyone in the house.

9:03pm CAm 1-2 Jared and Kelsey Hot Tub

Niki and Loveita back rubs (video quality poor sorry :L( )

10:20pm Loveita and JAred HOH

10:22pm Cassandra, Maddy, CHristine and Tim Cam 1-2

10:34pm CAm 3-4 Kelsey, Joel and Jared

10:34pm Mitch and Phil Pool table

12:30am Maddy and Nick under the covers

Joel Cassandra and Kelsey

Mitch and Raul

Tim, Phil and JOel

Talking votes

1:06am Phil and Cassandra

Video coming

Raul, Kelsey, Mitch and JAred before bed

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I prefer it when you guys write what happened instead of the videos but I’m sure the videos are posted when you guys are busy which is completely understandable! Very appreciative of what you guys do.


thanks alot for the videos!

loved the cass and phil chat


he doesnt have any better way of hearing them then we do


It would be pretty funny at this point if Maddy were to win an hoh, just to get a letter from her boyfriend. You know, after Ramsey was saying he is in like with her this afternoon and she’s doing whatever that was with Nick in the bedroom tonight.


wait… is Nick in bed with Christine now?
… what new fresh hell is this?


If I was Maddy, I would have left that room. Dallas, Ramsay and Phillip are very disrespectful . The things they say to her are horrible and she just laughs it off.

Sask fan

Philip is the worst, so immature and disgusting. I hope he gets some kind of reprimand from BB after the statement he made about getting Nikki drunk to make out with him. I really wish Loveita would have gone for the back door idea with them now because I can’t stand the brothers!


Which video is this?


phil is immature, but is smarter than he seems

the tough guy thing is a bit of an act, and he shows a fun side alot too

i think he is being most real when he chats with tim or cass…when he is talking with people calmly on an equal footing

im glad the 4 people with the best sense of humor in the house might work as a team…tim, cass, nikki, phil…with hopefully joel too, but they have to be wary of joel and nikki due to association with love, but they may jump from loves ship now her hoh is done

you could see early on that tim got on best with cass, phil and nikki and i knew it was those people he would want to allign with


she is the type that is not annoyed by that sort of thing, its a good mentality to have for the bb house

its like those guys are her brothers and she is cool with them being idiots


Tim s’ brand’ has always been to support the misfits and outsiders in BB and in life. It’s quite sad watching him talk so much crap about Loveita now. He has totally flipped and is sucked in by the mean girl Cassandra. I wish he would have stuck with the misfits Love and Joel and added Mitch and the brothers. It has all fallen apart now. He is known for being manipulative and Phil and majority are blindly following him. I like Tim always have, but to me he as the wildcard, and supporter of the underdogs he should have chosen differently.


i dunno about that because Lovieta is an outsider that tries to fit in with the cool group so much so that she changes attitude, I was a fan of loveita last week but when she got the power she completely became a different person. She has become a condescending person that thinks she is above others, in her conversations with mitch, kelsey, joel she is micromanaging their gameplay and even their personalities, she has been telling them that “this” is what they should do etc.

Caren In Canada

It is so very sad isn’t it! I have watched him in BBAUS and was quite stoked about him playing here, cause after week one we knew there were the mean people in the house, and that if Tim got in he would side with the outsiders! And to see him align with the meanies is quite dis-heartening! I had Cass picked as a fav when the game started but soon had a change of heart! I think it is great if Tim found an attraction with her and perhaps there may be something there and all the best to them if there is, but does that mean that they have to be so mean towards and about the other hgs?

Cass can not tell the truth to save her soul, and Tim has now started to encourage her to do so! She was not joking when she made that comment about Love after her second HOH you only need to replay it there was no hahaha look on her face! Just makes me really sad that he endorses this behaviour! But I guess different country different game! I just hope neither one wins and a possible misfit takes it away from them! Sorry had to vent that! lol


It is also sad when i see the have nots sleeping in the have-not room on the floor. I do understand they are the “lowly” ones for the week, but i think that slop alone should be enough as a punishment and they should be allowed to sleep in a normal bed instead of sleeping in demeaning conditions on the floor.


tim knows that its loveita who is the mean girl

lets go through the list –

cass put more effort in than anyone else to help love stay and encourages her to campaign and is there for her when nobody else would talk to her last week…and then she throws cass on the block not only blindsiding her, but telling her minutes before she was safe to attempt to rickroll her, and relentlessly trash talks her all week, then repeatedly taunts cass with food when she is a have not 2 weeks in a row and with a sprained ankle lying on concrete…then feels the need to try to gloat that cass is going home, that type of behavior is not what loveita preaches she believes in

its classic mean girl behavior from loveita…and remember loveita said over and over she wants people on the block treated well…not only did cass treat love well when love was on the block, but now loveita is going out of her way to treat cass poorly when cass is on the block

cass calls all the girls in there a dumb batch and they laugh, its her humor, but love doesnt have a sense of humor

for future players of bb, especially females, study how composed cass has been facing alot of adversity early on and how to recover when the heat is on you…firstly, dallas trying to pin the hinkey vote on her, then being a have not twice in a row, getting an injury, having 2 tasks with joel that is production testing her reactions when her cage gets rattled, and most importantly a player in loveita who is basically doing anything they can to ruin her game and to try make people she is close to distrust her

sure she has made some mistakes in the game, but i like her emotional stability when she is under the pump…alot has been thrown at her early in the game and i think she has handled herself well


Cass’ stated strategy in her bio was to look for people that were at their lowest and then befriend them in order to make them indebted to her and use them.
When you flip the perspective and ask yourself one question, the true nature of Cass campaigning for Loveita her intentions become clear: Did Cass want Loveita to stay, or did Cass want Sharry to go?
Cass wanted Sharry to go because Sharry was the social player of the duo, and couldn’t be influenced by Cass. Getting rid of the socially saavy player in order to befriend and use the less social player was her stated intent to Kelsey, Jared and Raul.
Loveita is no saint. Neither is Cass.
I do think that Cass has acquitted herself well in campaigning to stay so far. The problem in Cass’ campaign is that she did make a lot of heat of the moment statements out of knee jerk reaction. She shouldn’t have told Loveita she’d be cool with Kelsey being the renom. She shouldn’t have told Loveita that she should back door the brothers. Yes, she’s been able to deny saying those things, but her own allies are questioning her statements more now and coming to the conclusion that subsequent statements are lies. This is problematic for a houseguest using the social manipulation strategy.


there is nothing wrong with any of her reasons for wanting to keep loveita in the game, its part of big brother…just as derrick did with victoria and dan with danielle and vanessa with steve etc…attempting to have some trust with someone that nobody would expect

game aside, the fact that cass was the only one that actually spoke with her regularly all week and tried to pump her up speaks volumes of her character – its what adel did 2 years ago…you would think for that alone that love would have been a bit more appreciative


Either she was befriending Loveita because it was a kindhearted virtuous thing to do, or she was doing it as part of her social manipulation strategy.
Her statements to the Jared team, and her own stated strategy say that she’s doing those things not out of virtue but as game moves because she doesn’t care about the people she’s all about the game / money. That’s HER bio answers.
There’s nothing wrong with using and manipulating people in big brother. That’s part of the game. But comparing the strategic move to Derrick/Victoria and then going on to extol the virtues of the kind heartedness is spin doctoring. The kindheartedness is the method to employ the strategic manipulation. If the empathy is completely strategy as she professed she would do before the game began, it cannot be held up as an exemplary character trait. Example: If a politician lies and makes a promise to help people in order to get elected and then breaks the promise, you can’t say the politician is caring because he made the promise without acknowledging the promise was made in order to get elected without the intent to fulfill it. This is Cassandra’s game. She is wrapping her dagger in pretty paper before she stabs her victim. If you acknowledge and endorse the wrapping job and paper selection, but disregard the knife you’re ignoring the substance and praising the surface.


well theres nothing wrong with keeping someone in the game for strategic reasons

at the same time nobody else was even talking to much to her

i just dont get that anything she did was so bad, especially in big brother, certainly not warranting such a heavy backlash

im certain its a jealousy thing – cass has good bonds with people and is very social


it is actually possible to keep someone in the game for strategic purposes but also be nice to them when nobody else was, it doesnt have to be only one or the other


Of course it’s possible to be nice while manipulating a player.
That’s not my issue.
My issue is that I’m questioning whether we should praise her for being kind if her intent is to be kind in order to manipulate. In stating that Cassandra was being nice to Loveita without also saying she was doing it to lull her into false security in order to use and disregard her later, we’re praising the act, but not measuring in accord with her stated intent.
I don’t have a problem with what she did. It’s a game move. But i’m not going to be blind to her motive to praise the action used in order to carry out the intent.
Friendship and kindness weren’t the motive, they were the means in order to control Loveita.


were talking in circles

i thought cass was being genuinely nice as well as helping her stay

i have no problem if you saw it a different way

Caren in Canada

You do make some valid points, however Cass only helped Love out last week cause she was the lesser of two evils! Cass knew the Sharry had her figured out and could not be swayed to work with her! Cass is only where she is right now thanks to Tim! If you recall first week no-one wanted to work with her, then Tim entered the house and aligned with her and others followed! As I stated earlier, I had her as a fav in the beginning but she is not this great player she is getting credit for! Example just last night on the live feeds Kelsey told her, you need to get Tim to work a little harder campaigning for you! Also, this whinning act, and the woe is me act just makes her look even worse! I have always been of the thought that the strong survive and are deserving of the win, she is not doing herself any favours playing the weak and helpless card, if anything she will piss people off! (ie. Jarod mentioning he is tired of her telling him to do things for her his words were she was demanding him to make her some dinner)


she has decent social game, its why loveita is so jealous of her friendships with third wheel, tim and joel


cass is tims tahan, someone to laugh and joke around with, they both have quirky humor

if you dont know who tahan is google her, she was in his bb australia season


he is not comfortable with love so why would he want to work with her?

he likes humorous people and love is serious with no sense of humor

she is an erratic power tripper and overly emotional, not good game traits


Tim knows that Loveita has made a deal with Jared and Kelsey, he’s not stupid and he said as much a few days ago that is why he’s helping Cass.


Wow BB casting sure missed the mark this year!! What island of misfit toys did they find some of these people on!!!


Loveita isn’t working with ‘us’, she’s working with everybody. Yes Kelsey that’s ’cause she’s smarter than you two boneheads who everyone should abandon. These two thought they were King and Queen yet now I see that put them on the outs (in my mind). Jared should leave Kelsey’s ass behind because she can’t play nice with girls. Her talent socially is rubbing hair.


She rubs more than their heads. Joel said he was uncomfortable with her because she rubbed between his legs, and I seen her do the same to Phil. She likes male attention, but she seems kinda skanky. If a guy was doing that to the girls people would be pi$$ed.


So Loveita lets Phil know she has his back, tells him of the backdoor plan that the third wheel and Cass want him out, and she’s the enemy – he wants her out. SMH. Tim thought Jared’s side of the house were bullies, and now he wants to join them, WTH. Can’t believe I want Dallas, Ramsey or Maddy to win next HOH.


the nice guy vibe of mitch is starting to get very noticeable in terms of creating a target

tim is wary of him and maddy said she would use him as a pawn as nobody would vote him out

another name

A couple of questions that have been bothering me, if anyone can answer, i’d appreciate it.
When talking about Phil’s birthday on the 17th, Nikki said oh good i’m not leaving until the 23rd, I’ll be here to celebrate. What was she talking about? I’ve heard her say she wants to leave, but i’ve never heard her give an expiry date before.
Amidst the whispering tonight before they went to sleep, Jared, Kelsey, Raul and Mitch seemed to be whispering about someone planting information and lying to them. Were they talking about Loveita or Cassandra feeding them false information? I really couldn’t tell which one they were talking about in whispermode.
Any chance Tim is attempting to form an alliance based on who hangs off his every word the most? He’s named Joel, the brothers, Cassandra and Loveita with maybe Nikki joining with him to form the middle ground. All of the people that seem to be his circle of acolytes. And nobody seems to question when he puts Loveita and Cassandra in an alliance together? I’m thinking this sounds very strange. Why aren’t they?


their mics suck..dont pick up much unless they talk loud